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Apologize Later

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Now, he needed to get home now. He didn’t have an explanation for what had been done to him, all he knew was that he needed Yor. A powerful need for his wife coursed through his veins like fire erupting down the halls of an exploding building.

His opponent seemed to think that whatever he was injected with would subdue or distract him, but it hadn’t kicked in fast enough before Twilight handed his ass to him on a silver platter. However, the moment his mission for the evening was complete and he had thought he could let his guard down just a bit, something flooded his system.

He had felt something like this before, but never this strong. He would have had to have been naive or in denial to not understand what it was surging through his body, sending scorching blood toward one spot in particular.

He thanked his lucky stars that Anya was sleeping over at Becky’s house that night. He knew he had wanted his daughter to kindle that friendship for the sake of the mission, but now it served a purpose that felt far greater in the moment.

He nearly broke down the door to find the common area of the apartment empty. Frantically, he called for his wife.

“Yor? Where are you? Yor?” His voice sounded crazed even to him, but he didn’t know how to settle down. He felt as though he may have bursted if he didn’t get to her.

“I’m in my room,” her voice called sleepily. He must have interrupted her slumber, but not an ounce of him felt any regret. He needed her to be awake anyhow.

He breached the threshold of her bedroom to find her lifting the covers away from her body and placing her feet on the floor. Her eyes held a certain amount of worry at his behavior, but he didn’t have the capacity to quell her concern.

“Loid? Is something the matter?”

His eyes turned dark the instant he saw her and his feet moved on their own.

Loid didn’t hesitate to push her to the mattress and dig his knees into the sheets on either side of her hips. Her face erupted into a blush as her pretty mouth began to stammer, no real words coming through to save her. A feral smirk took over his features.

“So, so pretty.” His hand stroked her cheek as his hips bucked involuntarily, their clothed cores making subtle contact. She gasped loudly.

“Yor, I need you.” His words came out like a growl, and her eyes only widened further and further.

She looked so gorgeous beneath him, even when she was confused beyond belief. Her wide eyes were cute even.

“N—Need me for what?” Her voice was unsteady, because she knew the answer to her own question, but perhaps didn’t want to believe it.

It was becoming too much. Whatever was coursing through his veins was moving away from need to something painful. As quickly as this feeling had come about, it took a turn for the worse. His brows scrunched together as the fire turned from a pleasant smolder to an inferno that burned. He let out a groan of pain and dug his face into the crook of her neck.

“Fuck, it hurts,” he grunted.

“Hurts?! Loid, what’s wrong? What hurts?”

He couldn’t answer, could only focus on the pain, and the theory he had of how to end it.

He needed to be inside of her immediately.

“Y—Yor, need it,” he slurred in her skin. His hips bucked against her center again and she stiffened.

“Loid, I don’t kn—”

Her own yelp interrupted her words as his hands yanked down her pajama pants. To his surprise and immense pleasure, she wasn’t wearing any panties. His heart thrummed even faster as his fingers swept through her folds.

Not wet enough.

“Loid, what’s wrong? Just tell— me !”

The last word was a squeal as he dropped down to his knees between her legs hanging from the bed. His arms hooked around her delectable thighs and pulled until her ass met the edge.

“Can’t— Just— Please let me.” 

Without waiting—because his actions couldn’t cease for anything in the world—his tongue connected with her exposed heat. Her hips jerked, nearly strongly enough to dislodge herself from his hold but coming just a hair too short. His grip tightened, his fingers digging into the meat of her thighs.

Yor’s hand clapped over her mouth as his tongue roved over her clit, back and forth in a relentless assault. Loid groaned at the taste dancing on his taste buds, and ventured down toward her quickly moistening hole to gather more on his tongue. It wasn’t long before she was soaking, even as he was stealing away her juices to sate his palette.

Thank god, because he didn’t know how much longer he could hold out.

He sprang to his feet, her legs still in his grasp. Her center was pulled against him and he felt her heat through the fabric of his clothes.

“Need, need, need,” he chanted under his breath, the voice that escaped him a lower, huskier impersonation of his own.

Yor seemed as though she wanted to say something but her hand was still clamped against her mouth, the other placed firmly atop it as though the moan she was attempting to conceal could have been strong enough to circumvent just one.

The effort was worthless. He would hear her, one way or another.

He was forced to release one of her thighs to rid his middle of the fabric that kept his length trapped. Perhaps she was too stunned to fight him because her newly freed leg didn’t move to try to shove him away as his cock sprang free. It would have taken too much time to rid himself of the article completely, so with his trousers dangling around his knees, he began to enter her sopping cunt.

The small part of himself that retained some amount of sense told him he should go slow. He had no clue whether Yor was a virgin or not, but at the very least she hadn’t done this in a while. He was also under the impression, given the reactions from past partners, that his size was particularly difficult to handle. It was muscle memory to take it easy, at first.

Her eyes were shut and eyebrows screwed as he moved into her. A low hum managed to rumble from her throat and his chest puffed with the challenge to get her to release more.

He was obscenely desperate for more.

Over halfway inside, his hips jerked forward until he bottomed out. Her eyes flashed open at the sudden intrusion, but whatever sound she would have made was contained yet again.

“Gonna get you screaming,” he bellowed. “Would make me so happy to hear you.”

Her eyes widened and held a note of confliction. He knew it was unfair, because Yor had an inexplicable and misplaced need to please others, so she would undoubtedly want to fulfill the request. She seemed to be thinking about it very hard, and he let her.

While her mind raced, his hips began to move. He increasingly forgot that he was meant to lessen his pace and found himself pounding into her within seconds.

Euphoria replaced the pain, and he was met with a feeling he had never experienced before. It was a pleasure so deeply set into his bones that he was beginning to feel drunk. His movements became erratic, and he knew there was no hope in attempting to hold out any longer.

Loid spilled inside of her, an animalistic groan ripping from him as he filled her. Finally , a moan escaped past her lips and even her fingers, only adding to his explosive bliss.

He released her legs and fell forward. Still buried inside of her, he laid on top of her panting.

“Loid,” she whimpered, slowly removing her hands from her mouth. His face dug into the sheets next to hers, so her quiet words were delivered right to his awaiting ear.

“What… what just happened?”

“Yor— I—”

I don’t know, he meant to say. Because he himself was still unsure.

But his thoughts were still muddled, and his cock was still hard. Loid still needed her. 

He turned his head and his lips grazed her ear. She shuddered in response.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, but his hips bucked in a clear contradiction to his words.

Her hands no longer covering her mouth, a moan was allowed to break free from her lips. Her cheeks reddened wildly, but his grin only deepened.

“Hmm, fuck yes,” he mumbled as his hips rolled forward and back, again and again.

“Loid, please,” she whimpered.

He lifted his head to look upon her face more clearly.

“Please what?” he practically purred.

Her eyes clamped shut and she appeared to be fighting with herself in her own head. He took a lock of her hair and moved it behind her ear.

“Yor,” he said firmly, and her lids flew open. “What do you want? Don’t listen to what your head is telling you that you should want.” 

All the way through his words, he gyrated gently. His body was screaming at him to move , but he just loved to see her tiny reactions.

The meager movements made her bite her lip just slightly, furrow her brows minutely, and inhale and exhale just a little harder. The pain was beginning to return, but he couldn’t stop when she was giving him this

“I— don’t— know,” she stuttered slowly, one word of each careful thrust. 

“You don’t know?” he said smoothly. He hummed in faux consideration. “Well, would you like me to stop?”

He held his breath waiting for her answer, because he knew he couldn’t stop, even if she wanted him to.


A sharper stab of pain cascaded through him and his body reacted. He plowed into her once, twice, thrice, until—

“No! I don’t want you to stop!”

There was no need to say any more.

Her inhibitions died with her declaration, because her moans were no longer restrained. Not in the slightest.

Each thrust yielded a new sound, a moan, a whimper, a keen, a growl. Every sound excited him more and more until his movements were bruising. 

With his arms holding him up on either side of her, he was able to look down on her and soak in every response. His eyes were fixed on her face, every gorgeous, sweet, rapturous reaction. He dropped down to one elbow and freed one hand for another use. When his fingers made contact with her clit, her own hips jerked.

“F—” she started, but bit her lip to contain the curse. His eyes flashed dangerously.

“What was that, Love?” he asked, his voice pure gravel. She didn’t answer.

“Yor,” he said and she flinched.

“I— nothing,” she said. She sounded like he would burst into sobs at any given moment. He would bet his life that she was pretty when she cried.

“Not nothing,” he said, as he pumped his cock into her with more force still. Her teeth pressed into her bottom lip.

“Wanna hear you, Yor. Don’t make me repeat what I want.” 

More, more, and more. He wasn’t sure how his body kept delivering, but all he knew was that he needed this badly. He needed to keep going, with more speed, more force. She whined loudly as his efforts doubled.

His fingers ground into the sensitive bundle between her legs faster and faster, until her hard breath and moans fought for dominance.

“I— Loid— I feel—”

“Cum, Yor. I want you to cum on my cock,” he demanded.

“But I—”


Her walls clenched around him as she finally let go, and the pressure was enough to burst another hole in his dam. 

Loid pumped another stream of cum inside her as she wailed. His fingers still on her clit kept a steady, fast rhythm for her as tried to writhe underneath him; his weight around her kept her from going too far. Her nails dug into the bicep of the arm that held him up and the light pain only added to his pleasure.

Yor’s limbs went limp when her orgasm was through, and they panted in tandem from the exertion of their releases. He never removed himself from her as they came down and one thing became painfully obvious as more and more time passed.

Loid was still hard.

“Why?” she whispered.

He gulped, beginning to feel slightly more like himself. Whatever was in his system was wearing off, but not completely. Shame began to flood him, but still he couldn’t stop.

His hips began to move again as he spoke.

“I was— Someone injected me with something,” he began to explain, finally finding the headspace to make himself clear. “I’m— fuck, I’m sorry, but whatever he put in me is making me need you. It hurts so fucking much, Yor, but you make it better.” 

He buried his face in her neck, unable to look her in the eye. “I’m sorry,” he repeated, never ceasing his tiny thrusts.

She was silent for a time, but he didn’t dare spare a glance. Until she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed with a surprising amount of force. He looked upon her as she intended and found determination in her eyes.

“I’m the only one that can make the pain go away?” she asked, voice even and commanding. He nodded. “All right.”

He didn’t understand how it happened, but Loid found himself pressed into the mattress in a matter of seconds, his trousers still around his ankles. Her long strands of raven hair dangled around his face as she looked down on him.

“If I can, then I have to help.”

Her thighs encasing his hips, she sank down onto his cock and the air escaped his lungs. He choked as she fucked him in earnest, bracing her hands on his chest to keep her relentless pace.

“Let— me— make it— better,” she said between bounces. 

“Yor,” he gasped. His hands found her plush hips and he gripped them with every ounce of energy he had left. He found himself thinking that he wanted to leave marks, so he dug even harder than he thought he could.

His third orgasm was coming on, and he didn't know how many more he had left in him. What if this ended too soon? He wasn’t ready, he wanted to pause and stay there forever. There was too much he hadn’t done to her body yet that he would never get the opportunity to again.

His hands found the small of her waist underneath her shirt and he yanked her down. With a squeal, her chest connected with his and he guided her mouth to his. If nothing else, he at least wanted to kiss her.

His mouth moved against hers ravenously, and she met his efforts with her own. Their tongues began to dance with one another, but when she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, he was done for.

“Fuck,” he grunted into her mouth as his hips ceased their movements.

They were still for a long while as they caught their breaths.

“I—” he began, trying desperately to get ahold of himself. “I think I only need one more.”

She didn’t hesitate. If his wife was anything, she was a go-getter, and any obstacle was laughable in her wake.

Her cunt popped off of his dick and he winced at the lost contact. The pain wasn’t unbearable any longer, but a sting still haunted him.

Her mouth found the head of his cock before he could complain, and a groan resonated through him.

This wasn’t fair, he thought. She was sucking him off expertly and he was already so fucking close, but it wasn’t fair .

“Yor,” he said weakly. Her pace slowed only slightly as she listened. “C’mere.”

Her brows creased in confusion.

“Give me— your fucking— cunt.”

He was so, so close, but he needed to get her off again. He wanted to hear those sweet sounds she made as she made him cum for the last time.

She released his cock from her mouth and looked at him with wide eyes. Before she could protest, he mustered every ounce of insistence he had left.

“Put your pussy on my mouth.”

She complied with a yelp of surprise, like her body moved on its own with the command.

Once in position, he slapped both hands onto her ass cheeks and pulled her closer. His tongue laved against her folds and she moaned loudly.

“Loid!” Hearing his name in the high, needy voice made precum spill from his tip. She lapped it up greedily.

He could tell she was close, just as close as he was. Two fingers found her cunt, still drenched from his ministrations. When he curled his fingers in just the right way, it was over.


Fuck, he needed to hear her say his name just like that for the rest of his life. He wouldn’t tire until he could hear it again.

Her cunt fluttered around his fingers as a mixture of her slick and cum dripped down his hand. 

At the same time, she choked around his cock as she shoved it deep down her throat.

He came in her mouth and she struggled to swallow it. He whispered affirmations to her, not even quite sure what it was he was saying but seeming to think it felt right. When he was spent, she came up for air and coughed. He stroked her thighs in an attempt to soothe her.

“Thank you,” Loid was able to muster. His eyelids were growing heavy, and he knew he didn’t have much time before he would succumb to slumber.

“There’s no need,” she said. She shifted to join him at his side, her shirt sticking to her from the sweat.

Why hadn’t he thought to remove it? Now he would never have the opportunity to see her breasts. He cursed himself.

“Loid,” she said, pulling him back to the moment. “I would do anything for you.”

His eyes widened as he looked upon her, sleep now far from his mind.


“Well… yes,” she said shyly. “If you… wanted to…” she trailed off, clearly unsure if what she wanted to say next was okay, but he gave her the most encouraging expression he could.

“If you wanted to do this again, I would be happy,” she finally got out.

His body stiffened as he took in her meaning. He felt the rise and fall of her chest cease against him; she was holding her breath waiting for his response.

“Fuck yes,” he blurted. He wound his arms around her waist and pulled her close. She melted into the contact.

He knew he would have to explain what had happened further in the morning, but he didn’t want to think about that now. For the moment, he wanted to feel her against him, and relish in the knowledge that she wanted to do this again.

Even with whatever had been injected into him worn off, he still found himself thinking that he was going to fuck her as much as she would let him.