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The intense pain in his right hand caused him to drop the wooden sword in his hand. The moon appeared out of the clouds and illuminated the area, and he noticed something reddish-black stuck to the handle of the sword. For the first time, he realized that his palms were covered in blood.
The night breeze rustled across the meadow, caressing his still-young cheeks. He exhaled heavily, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and sat down.
As his breathing improves, a long-forgotten ache returns, and he looks at his hand once more with a frown. His hand, covered in blood and beans, was not the hand of a young boy.

The dripping red blood reminded him of his brother. His younger brother, who was born with red hair like a burning flame, just like the first generation of the legendary family. For that reason alone, he was the heir to the first generation's name and was revered by those around him.
His face contorted, and he shook his head widely as if to shake something off. He takes a deep breath and looks up at the night sky. There, as if to watch over him in solitude, floated a large silver moon.


He was lonely. Despite being the eldest child of a well-known family. He was the closest to becoming the next head of the family. Now, not only his parents and his vassals, but even the people of the city were whispering that the next head of the family must be his younger brother, the reincarnation of the first.
He hated his blood brother. He hated him. In fact, he did not want to hate him. When he was younger than he is now, he loved his younger brother who called him "big brother" and went with him everywhere he went. But when did they begin to be compared to each other? They began to look at me as if they were trying to decide which one of us was more suitable to be the head of the family. ......

When did the difference in the way they looked at him start to become clear? When did the admiring glances that should have been directed at me start to be directed at my brother one by one? Not only the looks, but also the warm words and hopes for the future that were directed at him, all belonged to his younger brother.

He was lonely. And lonely. He wanted his father and mother to recognize his daily growth and to speak warmly to him, just as they had done before his brother came into the world. But his parents were more concerned about his brother's development than his own, and his presence seemed to be invisible to them.
So he vowed. Under the silvery moon, with tears of frustration, alone. To conquer the legend.
What is it about the first generation? I will not be defeated by legends. I will be recognized by something greater and become the most outstanding family head. If I continue to train myself both mentally and physically, learn various politics, and become a respectable person recognized by all, I am sure that everyone will recognize and praise me. I am sure that they will look up to me again. All of my subjects, my father, and my mother will also .......

A strong wind blew again, rustling the night meadow, which was empty except for him.
He was sitting in a sitting position, looking up at the moon, when he suddenly remembered his hands. The skin has been torn many times due to the harsh training as if he was punishing his own body, and the reddish-black blood stained palms look so painful that it is hard to believe that they are still the hands of a young boy of no more than a year.
However,The red blood that had been flowing just a few moments before had stopped.

He exhaled heavily, picked up the wooden sword that was still thrown out and stood up. As soon as he gripped the handle of the wooden sword, which was soaked in sweat and blood, he felt a sharp pain in his palm. He frowned for a moment, but quickly raised his gaze and looked up at the moon hovering overhead.
The moon, shining silver as if watching over him in solitude, had not changed at all since the old days. It was the same as that night when he looked up at it with his younger brother when he was still a young child who knew nothing about anything. That night when I rode a horse for the first time and was so excited that I could not sleep. That night when I looked up with tears in my eyes because I realized that my parents' expectations were not for me but for my little brother. ......

As he gazed at the unchanging moon, he made up his mind to never shed tears again. He would never shed another tear. He would use his own power to overthrow the red legend. It was he who would lead his family to peace and fulfill the duties of the long-lasting head of the family. You shall be the one to lead the family to peace and fulfill the duties of the long-lasting head of the family.

The wind blows and the clouds move. The silver moon stared back at the boy expressionlessly and hid herself in a robe of clouds.

The night wind whipped up a small whirlwind, rustled the empty meadow, and then disappeared.