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When my father announced the name of the next head of the family, my eyes turned red and my head burned white.
I clenched my fists tightly and bit my back teeth in an attempt to control my body, which began to shake slightly as I sat down in front of my father. My younger brother, who was sitting next to me listening to my words, bowed his head deeply without saying a word.
In the corner of my red-tinted vision, his red hair swayed.

His younger brother, who had the same hair color as the first generation of the family, was hailed as the second coming of the first generation from the time he was a baby, and he also inherited the name of the first generation, which had been sealed for a long time in the family, just because he had the same hair color.
There was no reason for him to be satisfied. He felt deeply foolish for those around him who worshipped his younger brother with such fervor.
There was no way to know if his brother was really the second coming of the first generation. However, the only qualification to serve as the head of a family is the ability to be worthy of the position of chief. Believing this, I have been training hard and bloodily since I was a child, and have devoted every spare moment to my studies.
I am the eldest child of my family. I cannot be defeated by my younger brother, who merely bears the shadow of the first generation.

He trained rain or storm, until he could not feel his arms and his whole body screamed. I read books from all ages and cultures, and continued to study to gain knowledge befitting the head of a family.
My efforts bore fruit, and the eyes of those who had been so meaninglessly glorifying my young brother began to change.
As I looked at my palm, which was covered in blood and stinging, and as I studied alone in the moonlight of my room, I always had only one thought in my mind: "I can't lose to the first generation. I will not be defeated by the name of the first generation. It is my role as the eldest child to bring peace to the family. ......
This was the belief that sustained me, a lonely man who had no friends or subordinates to share his feelings with.

However, my thoughts did not reach them.
It was not I who was chosen as the head of the family.
Why, why not me? Why not me? I am not inferior to him in swordsmanship, horsemanship, or knowledge of politics.
In the midst of my thoughts that burned white with anger and despair, I kept asking God and Buddha, "Why not me?
Why not me? Why was he chosen? ......

That night, with uncontrollable rage swirling like a storm in my heart, I rode my horse alone out of the pavilion.
I had nowhere to go. I didn't want to be in a place where a bunch of fools who didn't recognize my power and were trapped in the legends of the past were lining up around my neck.
I put the whip to the horse as if I was going to beat it, and I rode on and on and on and on.
It was at ...... time. Someone whispered into my brain.
I pulled back on the reins as hard as I could, stopped the horse, and looked around cautiously. There was no moon tonight, and the surroundings were dark.
Could it be the evil spirits of rivers and mountains? I put my hand on the sword at my waist and sharpened my awareness, searching for signs.

In the darkness, a bluish-white flame lit up in front of my eyes. The flames, blazing in the void, quickly grew in number, and began to circle in an arc on the spot.
You monster, you have the nerve to appear before me, the eldest child of a family that exorcises demons. I drew my sword from my horse and stared at the demon fire as it continued to circle.
Then, something strange happened again. The center of the circle of demon fire that continued to rotate around and around distorted and began to reflect a scene that was not here.
There was no sign of life, and only dust and sand blew across the desolate land. But at the end of it all, I saw something that looked like a crouching figure.
As if noticing my gaze, the dust faded and the details of the figure became clear.
Then, a moment later, I saw "it. I was speechless, and my heart pulsed violently.

"It" is, oh, no way.
"It" is, no way, in a place like this.
In a place like this.
Oh, oh, my God.
Oh, oh ......!

I dismounted from my horse, approached the whirlpool created by the demon fire, and reached for "it" with a frenzy.
It was unbelievable. I could not believe that "it" had appeared before my very eyes. And on the very day that the family head of the family was to be chosen.
I had already lost all wariness of the demon fire in my heart.
As I approached the vortex and reached out for "it," countless tentacles that had sprung from the vortex began to wrap around my body.
But none of that mattered anymore. A revelation had come to my mind. My father's judgment had been wrong after all. I was the true head of the family. God, the Buddha, had shown me the truth here.
He gave me the proof that I am the head of the family. ......

I was sucked into the vortex. Immediately, the space became distorted and my consciousness became distant.


In the darkness, glowing spectacularly as if gloating, was it a god, a Buddha, or an evil spirit of the mountains and rivers?
But I had no fear. I clenched my outstretched hand tightly.

I was chosen.
I must be the head of the family.
To bring eternal peace to my family.


As if in response to my resolve, something in the darkness glowed and stirred.


And the rest is ...... darkness.