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It had been about a week since Minho last looked at himself in the mirror properly. Though there was a larger mirror in the bathroom and a full size in the master bedroom, he couldn’t get himself to walk past them. 


He was too thin, and his ribs were starting to poke against his skin, the scar on his stomach causing him to wince in remembrance. 


Six days. It had been six days since they were attacked again. Honestly, they shouldn’t have fought back so hard. If they’d succumb to the ravenous beasts outside the safety of these safe walls, maybe they’d be happier. 


Maybe they’d be happier dead. 


Minho tilted his head, looking at his stomach for a while before letting his loose shirt fall. Was this shirt always so loose on him? He didn’t think so. 


“You look divine.”


Minho shuddered, turning from the mirror to look at the man who hadn’t lost as much weight as he had yet—which was nice, Minho liked the weight on this man’s face. 


“I look like a skeleton. We have to go get more food soon.”


The other man inhaled before approaching Minho slowly, sliding behind him in the mirror and running his hand up Minho’s shirt, “it’s dangerous. Every time we try someone gets hurt.”


Six days ago Minho went out to get supplies. It didn’t go well, and he’d been bed ridden for the last few days. Today marked the first day he had been able to pull himself out of bed. 


“Do you think you’re up for it?”


Minho had to remember that he was just a cheap whore now. Yeah, he would get supplies and take care of the younger guys. But to them he was… a hole. Even to Jisung. 


It didn’t start off that way. Minho, Jisung, Hyunjin and Felix were schoolmates. Minho was a little older than them, but they had plenty of classes together so none of that ever mattered. 


When this darkness spread across the world and people started to become more and more… insane, things took a turn. 


The beginning wasn’t that bad. Once the four of them realized that all they had was one another, they worked together well. And for the last year they had managed to survive this sick world. But things got harder with time, and Minho feared the ravenous behavior had even started to taint their small group—just in ways he didn’t expect. 


They were always moody, and Jisung in particular was always horny. Minho being the only one who was into men at the time offered some relief for him, and maybe that was his mistake. Soon he was kinda tossed around by the three of them. Minho didn’t even mind it for a while, he was helping his friends. And in return they would go on more runs than he did. 


But then they got irritated. 


“You cheap whore. You reap all the benefits while we take the risks!” Felix didn’t mean that, and Minho knew that. It was actually Felix’s idea at first that Minho stayed safe so he could pleasure the other three—for some reason they didn’t dare touch anyone except Minho. For a bunch of straight guys, they truly enjoyed Minho. 


And Minho enjoyed them too. 


Even if they were all starting to feel the effects of this disease. Or maybe it wasn’t the disease, maybe it was just hunger. 


Minho stared at the room adjacent to the one he was in, his head hitting the headboard as he caught the sleeping face of Felix across the hall in the other bed. 


In a perfect world, Minho might have actually asked one of the guys to date him. Jisung was probably his first choice. He was the most considerate though he was awfully rough. Unlike Hyunjin, he didn’t yell at Minho, and unlike Felix there was at least some sort of connection. 


But that wouldn’t happen. Jisung was… Minho was just a place to warm his cock for a while. Jisung would sneak Minho extra food for his patronage. 


This world was doomed, maybe they were too. 


Minho let his eyes fall shut, remembering how just months ago they were working together and surviving. 


Now that all felt like a distant dream. 


When Jisung came he quickly pulled himself out of Minho, wiping his sweaty hands along Minho’s chest before sliding off the bed. 


“That was fun, I’m gonna go get dressed. Do you want anything to eat?”


Minho shook his head, raising up from the bed and sliding his hand over his painfully hard cock, “I’m okay.”


“You were right, you do look skeletal. I thought I was about to break you.”


“I’m okay.”


“Alright, I’ll see you in the morning then. Get some sleep.”


Minho nodded, waiting for Jisung to leave before sliding his fingers down to the mess beneath him, cringing at the liquid crawling from his hole. He wished Jisung was as considerate as he used to be. He didn’t even stay to help Minho finish himself off. 


But he guessed that couldn’t be helped. It didn’t matter anyways. 

Minho shamefully walked out of the room the next morning, ignoring the violet rays of the new sun shining through the window as he made his way to the table where the other three sat. 


He always felt like he was intruding on them in the mornings. Maybe he really was just a sex toy to them. 


“Morning.” Felix murmured as he picked at the small amount of canned beans he had.


Minho didn’t say anything back, instead he slipped into the chair before Hyunjin looked him in the eye. 


“Felix said good morning.” Hyunjin snapped suddenly, causing the other men at the table to look at him  


Minho inhaled sharply, looking up at Hyunjin before his eyes averted to Felix’s, “good morning.”


“We’re going on another run today, are you gonna be okay here alone?” Jisung interjected. 




“What are you talking about?”


“We’re going on a run. Felix says he saw something the other day and we wanted to investigate.”


“Something or someone?”


“Does it matter?“ Hyunjin sighed in annoyance as he picked at his own beans. 


Ah. They were going to kill someone and steal their supplies. It wasn’t the first time. 


“I can help,” Minho insisted before Hyunjin grabbed his jaw and turned Minho to face him. 


“You’re saying here. Nothing can happen to you.”


They were so possessive, but Minho learned to leave it be. 


“Okay, sure.”


And after they ate, the three of them left. 


Minho hated being alone, but he felt oddly safe in this house. It was in a small town and there were neighboring homes, but they were all empty now. Though Minho had an unfortunate run in with a diseased person last week, they hadn’t seen anyone else since then. Luckily after they had fought off the pack of ravenous creatures, they hadn’t seen anymore since. 




Minho's stomach grumbled, and he found himself clasping his hand over his gut and slouching over the table. He really did wonder if he was sick. He was so pale and he’d begun to shake every now and then. He hadn’t seen what the disease did to people in the beginning, he only knew that being bit transferred whatever they had. 


He hadn’t been bitten, but he had been scratched up pretty badly. 


Maybe he’d get the disease slower. 


Minho whined, his chin hitting the table as he pressed his hand against his stomach. He felt so sick, like he’d burst. 


Maybe death was okay. 




Minho’s eyes widened, his body tensing up as he scanned the dining room. He couldn’t tell where the noise had come from, but his feet moved faster than his brain, and as Minho turned the corner of the kitchen he was met with an unfamiliar face. 


Minho gasped at the feeling of a barrel pressing to his forehead, tears springing to his eyes and his lips wobbling in fear. He didn’t think he’d die like this. He thought he’d get sick and one of the guys would shoot him instead, not a stranger. 


“Are you infected?” The stranger was wearing a gas mask and goggles, and Minho could only see his wild dyed blonde hair, roots slightly grown out. He must’ve kept up with bleaching somehow. Not that it mattered. 


What mattered was getting out of this awful situation. If Minho even tried to fight back he knew he’d be no match for this mystery man. He was weak, and possibly diseased. He didn’t stand a chance. 


“I don’t know,” Minho admitted as he looked at the man shakily, “I don’t think so.”


The man watched Minho for a moment before lowering his gun, “who else is with you?”


“Three other men, but they just left. They won’t be back for hours.” Why would he say that? 


The man was quiet for a moment before raising the gun again, this time steadily over Minho’s chest, “they left?”


Minho nodded. 


“I’ve been watching you four for a few weeks now…” the masked man admitted, “you all seem to hold your own.”


Minho raised his hands defensively, “we’re just trying to survive.”


“You look sick.”


“I went out last week and got scratched.” Minho kept one hand up before tugging his shirt up with his other, revealing the numerous scratches across his stomach, “I don’t know if scratches carry the disease or—“


“They don’t. The saliva carries it. Unless they had saliva under their nails, you should be fine.”


“Then… I’m not infected, no.”


The man waved for Minho to sit in the living room, Minho obeying and sitting on the couch. 


“They seem a little crazy, why are you with them?”


“They’re just scared.”


“What’s your position?”


“We don’t have positions.”


“I saw one of them fucking you the other day on the porch,” the man snickered before lowering his gun, “they don’t seem to treat you very well.”


Minho grit his teeth, fear turning into annoyance, “what I do is none of your business. What are you even doing here? Are you going to rob us? We don’t have anything worth taking.”


The other man tilted his head before pointing his gun back to Minho’s chest, “those freaks you're with are on their way to attack my camp, so I figured I’d do the same to theirs.”


Minho's eyes widened, part of him wanted to play dumb, but with a gun pressed to his chest he felt that would only escalate things, “I can’t control them, but they’ll be pissed if they come back to find the place ransacked.”


The man got closer, “well then, maybe I should take their most prized possession. It’s awfully pretty.”


Minho swallowed hard, eyes frantically scanning the space around him for a weapon or a way out without getting a bullet to the chest.




The man moved back, gun firmly pressed as he slipped a zip tie from his jeans pocket, “give me your hands.”


Minho was fucked. He slowly moved his hands forward, the man holding the zip tie out as if he wanted minho to tie himself. 


“I can’t do it myself,” Minho whispered low, eyeing the man’s gun, “how will I tighten them?”


For a split second Minho had an opening as the man rolled his eyes. Minho grabbed the gun with both hands, moving it upwards as fast as he could as a loud bang rang through his ears. 




His ears were ringing, the feeling of liquid trickling down his neck. But he couldn’t focus on that, he needed to find out how he would get out of this situation first—even if he was sure he had somehow injured himself. 


Minho hit the ground hard, the intruder on top of him with their hands around his throat. He guessed he wasn’t much of a prize after all. 


Even if Minho was sick, he was glad he had enough adrenaline pumping to throw the man off of him and into the wall. Minho kicked the gun away from both of them, knowing he had no idea how to shoot it, but he couldn’t risk that man grabbing it. He couldn’t risk getting shot. 


Who would take care of those boys if he got shot?


Minho turned onto his stomach, ignoring the pain at his ear as he crawled to the counters, climbing up the rickety bar stool to reach for the knife block. 


As soon as Minho grabbed a knife from the block his head was slammed down on the counter, causing him to slide to the floor in pain, though he’d luckily grabbed a paring knife—not his first choice, but it would do the job. 


Once Minho was on the floor, the masked man hopped on top of him, ready to slam his fist down into Minho’s face before Minho swung his arm, paring blade hitting its intended target in the space under the mask, blood spraying across his shirt as the man wailed and fell to the side. 


Minho grit his teeth as he shakily pulled himself up, eyes watching the man clutch at his throat and gurgle blood. As Minho crawled over to the man he yanked the gas mask off with minor trouble, looking the man in the eyes. He wasn’t particularly handsome, and Minho could see scars on his face from possible burns. He wondered if that’s why he was wearing the mask to begin with. 




Please? Minho watched the man closely before sliding off the floor and grabbing the discarded gun. He didn’t know how to use this one, but he could learn. 


“N-no!” The man writhed, gurgling and shaking his head as Minho approached again. 


“You should have fucked with someone else,” Minho raised the gun to the man’s head, figuring out what he could in the limited time he had before pressing his finger over the trigger. And as the man started to wail for Minho to not shoot him, he pulled the trigger. 

Minho wiped his forehead, staring out the small window in the bathroom. He had nearly forgotten how cruel this world could be, and how mad everyone was. Maybe Minho was a little mad too, but maybe the other guys had made him this way. 


The front door opened, the sound of shuffling and laughing causing Minho to close his eyes and release a blissful sigh of relief. 


At least they’re okay. 


The laughing ceased after a moment, and Minho heard a panicked gasp from Jisung. 


“Minho?!” Was the first thing that left Jisung’s lips, and Minho was silent as he heard the men rush around the house until footsteps halted behind him. 


Minho turned slowly, looking Hyunjin in the face. 


“You’re hurt…” Hyunjin’s concern melted away as he approached Minho in the bathroom, “what happened?”


“That guy broke in and tried to take me. He’s from that camp you guys must have raided.” Minho spoke flatly, Hyunjin backing him into the sink. 


“Did he shoot you?” Hyunjin reached for Minho’s ear, pressing against the bandage Minho had taped there. 


“Graze. It’s just a graze.” Minho looked into Hyunjin’s cold eyes, “he didn’t take anything. I took care of it.”




Minho looked past Hyunjin to see Jisung, his eyes blown and wild with worry. 


“Oh god, is he okay?” Jisung asked as he set his gun down against the door, slowly approaching Minho and Hyunjin, “Minho?”


“He’s fine,” Hyunjin whispered, pulling his hand away and looking at Jisung, “he just made a mess of the kitchen.”




“The kitchen…” Jisung frowned before moving his hand to grab Minho’s fingers, “did you get hurt badly? Did that guy touch you?”


“I’m fine.” Honestly, he was fine. This wasn’t the first time someone had broken into a place they were staying, this was just the first time it had happened when Minho was alone. 


“How much water do we have?” Jisung asked as he looked at Minho worriedly, “did you wash that wound?”


“I only used a little to clean off my hands… I don’t know what diseases he had.”


“We can go to the spring,” Hyunjin suggested, sliding away from Jisung and Minho, “it should be safe.”


“We need to leave this place soon, Hyunjin.” Jisung whispered as he brushed hair from Minho’s forehead, “if that group was here… there’s no telling who else might come.”


Minho frowned, “I don’t want to hold us down but… I’m still not feeling that great—“


“You fought off and killed a man in the kitchen. You’re fine to travel.” Hyunjin shot back before leaving the bathroom. 


“He’s just moody again,” Jisung sighed before smiling at Minho, “let’s just pack up and head out. The springs should be safe so you can get some rest…”


“How long will we stay there?”


“Probably just the night… it’s better than here.”


Minho swallowed, “did you guys take care of his group?”


“There were four of them. Felix took out most of them. Hyunjin took out the last one. So yeah, we’re safe for now but… Hyunjin thinks there are ravenous ones nearby because of them. So we shouldn’t stay.”


Minho inhaled, pressing his hand to his bandage, “how is Felix?”


Jisung’s expression fell, “he’s the same as always.”


Minho rubbed his arms. He felt so cold, but he’d been feeling cold all week. 


“We should pack.”


Jisung nodded, pressing a kiss to Minho’s forehead before vacating the room. 


Minho stood in the bathroom for a while before turning to look at himself in the mirror. Fuck, he was so tore up. He wasn’t sure what the other three got out of him. Would they eventually tire of him? What if they hooked up with each other and realized Minho was disposable? 


He closed his eyes, trying to clear his thoughts as he heard the men shuffling around the house and gathering their supplies. 


Was he disposable? How much longer would they last?

The springs were a hike to reach, and Minho couldn’t help but stop every few miles to catch his breath and rest. Luckily the other three didn’t get upset with him for it. Whenever Minho proved himself, they were a lot kinder to him. Killing that man in the kitchen must have given him a day's worth of consideration and respect—but it wouldn’t last long. 


“Minho, we’re almost there.” Jisung sighed as he settled beside Minho on the pile of rocks, “then we can clean you up.” 


Minho hummed as Jisung ran his fingers through Minho’s matted hair. 


“Are we sure nobody else is there?” Felix asked. Minho hadn’t heard his voice since breakfast. He hadn’t even asked if Minho was okay. 


“Nobody knows where this place is. Everyone from this area is dead. We were lucky to find a local who told us about this place before they died.” Hyunjin replied, holding the straps of his book bag tight, “we only come at night too, it’s safe here.”


“Do you think the infected come up here?” Jisung asked, sliding his hand from Minho’s hair. 


“No. It’s too cold and too far.” Hyunjin sighed, “let’s hurry and get up there. I want to clean up… it’s been weeks.”


Minho pulled himself up shakily. He felt so sick, and so hungry. He needed to get proper food soon. 


Jisung slid Minho’s arm around his shoulder, “I’ll help you the rest of the way. You look like you’re gonna pass out.”


Minho parted his lips to speak before examining Felix and Hyunjin continuing up the trail, “I’m fine. Let’s just get to the springs.”


The springs were beautiful, and somehow a part of the world that hadn’t been completely tainted. The springs took a long time to reach since they were in the mountains, and the place was so hidden that unless someone gave specific instructions, no one could find it. 


As they reached the small building, Hyunjin quickly fiddled with the board that covered the entrance before they made their way inside. 


It was the same as they left it, which meant that no one else had been here since. 


Minho couldn’t remember how long it had even been since they were last here. 


“Okay, let’s just get to the spring. Felix, grab some towels.” Hyunjin announced as he slipped behind the counter of the spa, digging through the lower cabinets. 


“What are you doing?” Jisung asked, helping Minho to the counter as Felix went off to fetch the towels.


“Alcohol.” Hyunjin took out a bottle of alcohol from the cabinet as well as a first aid kit that looked untouched, “we need to clean that wound up before it gets infected.”


“Did you not clean it, Minho?” Jisung asked worriedly. 


“I didn’t want to waste the water…”




“It’s fine. I’m fine, really.”


Hyunjin shot Minho an annoyed look before glancing at Jisung, “get him to the spring. I’ll be there in a few minutes. I’m gonna look around a little more and see what’s here.”


They never took from the spring. Hyunjin told them that if they ever needed to vacate the town, they’d come here. Back then Felix and Minho thought that was stupid, but now it made sense. They at least had supplies here that would help out. 


The spring was just how it was when they’d last visited, though it wasn’t as clear as Minho remembered. 


But that was fine. 


The water was warm, and Minho couldn’t help but hiss as the water hit his skin. 


“Is this safe?” Jisung asked as he took one of the small towels Felix found to rub across Minho’s wounds from the previous week, “we usually stay pretty covered…”


“That’s because it’s cold when we get out. It should be fine,” Hyunjin whispered as he climbed into the spring beside Minho, peeling the bandage from his head to inspect the wound. 


“You’re so reckless, Minho… what would we do if you died?” Hyunjin frowned, dabbing at Minho’s wound with water he’d gathered from inside the building from water bottles. 


Minho didn’t know how to answer that.


“I asked you a question, Minho.”


“I don’t know, Hyunjin.” Minho sighed out before wincing at the stinging sensation of alcohol against his ear. 


“The bullet got your ear pretty good… you’re lucky it was just a graze.”


“I’m fine.”


“You’re not fine,” Hyunjin persisted as Jisung pulled away and lowered himself in the spring, keeping his face above the water. 




“I’m fine, Hyunjin. Let him relax.” Minho whispered, turning to face the taller man, “you should relax too…”


Hyunjin looked at Minho with an expression he couldn’t read before placing the bloody small towel onto some rocks before grabbing Minho’s face, “how can I relax when you keep getting yourself hurt?”


Minho swallowed hard. 


“You are my relaxation.”


Minho didn’t care that Jisung and Felix were there at the moment, he could see how pent up Hyunjin was. It had been a week since he’d had Minho, and besides Jisung the other night, Minho hadn’t really slept with the other two since he was injured. 


Maybe this was reckless, but he didn’t really care. He slid his arms around Hyunjin’s neck before crashing their mouths together, the taller man sinking in the spring with him and wrapping his arms around Minho’s waist. 


He had to take care of them, because he didn’t know how much time he had with them. He didn’t know if he’d die of an infection, get the disease somehow, or just… lose one of them. Maybe it was stupid to think about this, but he just wanted to make sure they were happy and safe. 


Minho pulled back, looking at Hyunjin fondly before moving one of his hands to graze his lips, “can I have all of you?”


Was that selfish? 


Hyunjin swallowed hard, his pupils shaky, “what do you mean?”


“It’s been…” he wouldn’t tell them he slept with Jisung the other night, “we’re all so down… I’ll be too tired later so can we just release some stress now?”


Hyunjin glanced behind Minho, “we’ve never…”


“Who fucking cares,” Minho whispered, “there’s three perfectly good people for all of you but you’re all so… frigid.”


Hyunjin’s eyes darkened at that, but it seemed to do something. Within moments Hyunjin was reaching past Minho. Apparently Jisung had been standing behind Minho, Minho just wasn’t sure for how long. 


Minho watched Hyunjin and Jisung kiss for a few moments, it was new and he wondered if they’d ever thought about doing that before. Maybe Minho was just that good, but maybe part of Minho worried if they fell for each other they wouldn’t need him anymore. 


But fuck it. Minho didn’t need to think about any of that right now. 


“Felix.” Minho waved over the youngest of the group. He had been keeping his distance, though Minho could see the tension in his face, “come here.”


Felix wasn’t like the other two, but he obliged. Felix was close enough to slide around Hyunjin to reach Minho, his lips soft and shaky against Minho’s own. 


Minho felt light, but maybe that was just the bliss from the water—either that or he was getting tired from his wounds. 


Did it matter? 


Soon Minho felt himself being pressed back against the edge of the spring, Hyunjin’s hand behind his head and caressing the back of his neck as Jisung pressed kisses down his chest. Felix seemed more hesitant to join. Minho wondered if Felix even liked having sex with Minho. There were times where Felix just… seemed to do it to do it. Half the time he didn’t kiss Minho, and he usually had Minho on his stomach. 


Felix didn’t really like Minho at all, did he? 


Minho gasped, the sudden feeling of Jisung’s lips on his chest causing his eyes to roll back. 




He opened his eyes, turning his head slightly to Hyunjin as Hyunjin leaned into him to press their mouths together, his tongue filling Minho’s mouth as his nipple filled Jisung’s. 




Minho writhed in place, the feeling of someone’s hand—who he presumed was Felix, started to stroke him slowly. 


He’d never been touched in so many places at once. It felt so different, and he felt like he was melting at all of the attention. 


Eventually Felix got out of the water to dig through one of their bags, returning with a bottle of lube that expired in a month—they may as well finish it off, right? 


Hyunjin helped Minho out of the hot spring, laying him onto one of the fresh towels before he filled Minho with his coated fingers. His body was definitely exhausted and it was cold out of the water, but he didn’t want to ruin this—whatever this was. 


Minho moaned out as Jisung’s tongue trailed down to his cock, causing him to lock his arms around Hyunjin—who just so happened to be the closest to grab. 


“You’re cold,” Hyunjin whispered as he peppered kisses along Minho’s jaw, which was definitely not something he usually did. 


“I’m fine.”


Minho didn’t know where Felix was, but when Hyunjin moved from his position and pulled his fingers out of Minho, finding Felix was easy. 


Felix wasn’t as large as Hyunjin, and he didn’t have as much length as Jisung. It was odd that Minho knew how to tell them apart that way. But he was just a plug after all. 


“Fuck…” Minho shivered, tightening his grasp around Hyunjin’s neck as Felix started to move inside of him. He wondered if they’d all take a turn and then go to bed. That’s what he assumed, anyway. 


Minho closed his eyes tight, Jisung’s mouth hollowing every few moments and causing him to whine while Felix thrust inside of him. 


He wouldn’t last long like this, at least Jisung was being considerate this time. 


“Warming up?” Hyunjin asked, his lips grazing Minho’s jawline. 


Minho nodded, biting into his cheek as the pleasure started to cloud his thoughts. 


He was thankful Hyunjin was keeping him in place, otherwise based on how rough Felix was being, he would probably smack his head against the floor. 


Hyunjin was being awfully sweet, and he wasn’t really doing anything anymore. 


Minho wondered if he just didn’t want to touch the other two, because Jisung and Felix didn’t seem to mind one bit. 


It was a little startling at first. Minho opened his eyes to see Felix looking away from him. He was focused on Jisung. Jisung had replaced his mouth with his hand moments before, and he was gasping and biting his lower lip while Felix’s hand pumped his own cock. 




Maybe Minho was right, he was disposable. Or maybe that was wrong. Maybe they were just testing the waters. They’d never touched each other before, right? 


Minho studied the two as Hyunjin nuzzled against him. The way Felix looked at Jisung wasn’t a look Minho had ever seen before. 


Were they…


Minho gasped out, his stomach tightening as he felt Felix cum inside of him. His body was so tight all over, and he felt like he was going to melt as Felix harshly pulled out of him and switched spots with Jisung. 


They were kissing. Felix and Jisung were kissing. 


Minho watched for a moment longer before Jisung patted Hyunjin away, Hyunjin crawling off of Minho reluctantly before Jisung pulled Minho onto his lap. 


The warm feeling of Felix’s seed leaking down his leg made him shiver, and the feeling of Jisung prodding himself against Minho’s rim had him closing his eyes tight in preparation. 


Jisung was always rough. He’d been rough the day before and tonight was no different. Jisung fucked Minho hard, and as he moved inside of Minho, Minho could feel Felix sliding behind him and grabbing Minho’s cock that would burst any second. 


No kisses though. The kisses were between Felix and Jisung. 


When did that start? Clearly it hadn’t started today, right? These kisses were so different. 


Minho was just a hole. 


Where was Hyunjin?


As Minho gasped and whined between the two, his eyes scanned for the other man. He couldn’t find him at this angle. 


Maybe Hyunjin really wasn’t interested in this—but why wouldn’t he be? He’s the one who initiated it. 


Minho closed his eyes, leaning his head back against Felix as Jisung slammed inside of him. 


Eventually Minho came, his sore body shuddering between the two men who were moaning and feeling each other up like it was the last night of their lives. 


Where was Hyunjin? 




Minho shivered, looking to the right to capture Hyunjin again. He crouched down, grabbing Minho’s face as his other hand moved to take Minho’s shaky hand and shove it down his underwear. 


Okay, maybe Hyunjin just needed time to jump in. Or maybe he really just wanted Minho. 


Whatever it was, it made Minho’s stomach fill with butterflies. He didn’t even mind that Jisung was ramming into so hard he wasn’t sure he’d be able to walk tomorrow. He didn’t mind that Felix’s nails were dug into his hip or even that Hyunjin’s teeth had sunken deep into his bottom lip. 


It was all so good. He was so intoxicated with the three men. 


Minho was just a plug. 




Minho’s eyes rolled back again as Jisung came, Jisung fucking Minho until he couldn’t any more. 


Jisung finally pulled out of him after a few moments, though his lips were still glued to Felix’s. That was cute. 


Minho supposed that even if he was shaking and overstimulated, that Hyunjin deserved a turn, right? 


Minho moved with the little strength he had, sliding his hand from Hyunjin’s pants and pulling his cock out with it. 


“Lay down,” Minho whispered as he lay Hyunjin back against the cool ground, crawling on top of him shakily. 


Hyunjin watched him for a moment before his eyes moved to Felix and Jisung. He seemed interested in them more than Minho. 


Maybe he was tired of Minho too. 


Minho sighed, turning back to look at Jisung and Felix sliding back into the spring, their hands all over each other as Felix sat in Jisung’s lap. 


They looked good together. 


Minho swallowed hard before looking back at Hyunjin and grabbing his face, “do you want me or should I let you join them?”


He wasn’t sure why he said that. 


Hyunjin’s eyes were dark as he gazed back at Minho before he pulled himself up, “just ride me.”


So Minho obliged. He was shaky and Hyunjin had only used minimal lube on himself. Minho wondered if he did that on purpose or not.


His body was screaming at him to stop, and as he rocked himself on Hyunjin he felt like he was going to pass out—but he offered to do this, he couldn’t stop now. That wasn’t fair to Hyunjin. 


Hyunjin watched Minho the whole time, one hand on Minho’s hip as the other lay behind his head. 


Minho was so tired, and Hyunjin hadn’t cum yet. Hyunjin also hadn’t bothered to touch Minho at all. 


He felt the most like a plug with Hyunjin at that moment. And as much as he enjoyed these men, and as much as he wanted to give them the stress relief they deserved, he kinda felt like crying. 


Minho wasn’t sure why all these emotions were bubbling up inside all at once. Their dynamic had been like this the entire time. Minho was their relief, and they took care of the heavy stuff. They protected Minho. Why was he so overwhelmed? 


Hyunjin’s expression changed after a while, and Minho quickly tried to change it as he pressed his hands to Hyunjin’s chest and rocked himself with as much energy as he could, body about to collapse from exhaustion. 


“You can stop,” Hyunjin whispered. 


Minho swallowed hard and shook his head, biting hard hard into his cheek as his stomach started to coil. 


“Minho, you’re tired.”


“It’s fine.” Minho winced, his chest heavy as he finally came, his nails digging into Hyunjin’s chest before he collapsed down over him, his body shivering from the cool air and the overstimulation. 


Hyunjin sighed, wrapping his arms around Minho before pulling himself out unexpectedly. He hadn’t even came. 


“Y-you didn’t—“


“It’s okay,” Hyunjin interjected, pressing small kisses to Minho’s face before rolling onto his side and helping Minho up off the ground. 


“T-they.” Minho turned, looking back to the spring where Felix and Jisung were still going at it. He assumed Felix was riding him hence the lube bottle being empty at the side of the spring. 


“They’re fine.” Hyunjin pulled Minho by his wrist after sliding the towel around him, making their way back into the spa area. 


Minho wasn’t sure when he collapsed, but when he opened his eyes again he was wearing fresh clothes and settled beside Hyunjin who had made a small fire in the center of the room. 


It was so warm now. 




Hyunjin turned, sighing as his eyes met Minho, “you’re sicker than you let on.” 


“I’m not sick…”


“You are. You’re probably not infected, but you’re sick.” Hyunjin dug into his bag and turned back to Minho, placing his hand over his forehead, “I have something I found earlier… just don’t tell the other two.”




Minho sat up, ignoring the harsh stinging in his back as he looked at the capsules in Hyunjin’s palm, “Hyunjin… where did you find those?”


“One of the receptionists who worked here must have left them in the drawer. They’re good for another year. You should take them.”


Minho glanced around the room, finding Felix and Jisung sleeping on separate corners. 


“You should save them.”




“I don’t need them, I’ll be fine. Save them for the younger ones—“


“You act like you’re not being affected by this madness, but you are.”


Minho swallowed hard, “I’m not…”


“You are. When we got back to the house that man you shot was still breathing.”


“I shot him in the face he—“


“Yeah, and I think you are aware of the state you left him in.”




“He was begging me to kill him. You shot half his face off and somehow… This world is affecting you too. Just take the damn pills.”


Minho shook his head, “no. I’m not wasting medicine that could be used for you guys.”


“Why are you being so stubborn?”


“Because I’m just a hole… I don’t do anything but… it’s just sex and apparently that sex can be found elsewhere. Don’t waste pills on some whore who—“


Hyunjin clasped his hand over Minho’s mouth, the feeling of the capsules hitting Minho’s tongue. 


Minho whined against Hyunjin’s hand in retort before the younger man grabbed the back of Minho’s head and tilted his head back. 


“Don’t wake the other two. Swallow the fucking pills, Minho.”


Minho shook his head, tears springing to his eyes as he tried to pull from Hyunjin’s grasp, only to whimper in pain at the stinging in his hips and lower back. 




Minho wanted to fight, but he figured it was useless. So he took them, shivering as he sobbed against Hyunjin’s hand before being lowered back down into the blankets underneath him. 


“You’re not a whore, Minho.” Hyunjin whispered before pulling the covers over Minho and turning back to the fire. 


Minho concealed his sobs as he struggled to sit himself back up, glaring at Hyunjin in annoyance, “why would you waste medicine on me… and don’t lie to me. I’m not stupid.”


Hyunjin exhaled before looking back at Minho, “you’re not a whore. You’re an asset to the team.”


“Ass for the team.” Minho would have laughed if it was funny, but it honestly wasn’t funny at all. It was painfully true. 


“I told you the disease was getting to you.” Hyunjin shook his head and poked at the fire calmly, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but you’re valuable and you know it. You take care of us…”


“You’d all be fine without me, Hyunjin.”


“That’s not true.”


Minho winced as he moved again, “it is.”


“Lay back down.”


“You did this to me. You all did this to me.”


Hyunjin snapped the stick in his hand in half before turning back to Minho with dark eyes, “lay down.”


“Or what? Are you gonna fuck me again?” 


“You’re insufferable.”


“And you’re a fucking asshole. All of you are.”


“You’re the one that’s been throwing yourself at all of us. Nobody forced you to do any of this so don’t you fucking dare try and call us—“


“I’m not calling you anything. I’m not…” Minho shook his head at those negative thoughts. He knew they weren’t true anyway, “I’m sorry.”


“I have ten pills left and you’re not going to tell the others about it. You’re going to take them until they run out.”


Minho shook his head, “please save them…”


“No. You’re taking them. We’re not leaving till you can walk properly and you’re healed up.”




“I don’t think we’ll come back here again, so we can loot the place. They had food and water. They have a lot here.”


Minho swallowed hard before laying himself back down, releasing a shaky breath at the pain in his back, “you should just focus on yourselves.”


“Too bad. You’re important to us.”


Us. Minho didn’t think that was true. 


“None of you treat me that way.”


Minho closed his eyes as Hyunjin moved over him. He was just a hole for them. That’s all he was. 


“I’m sorry.”


Minho peeked an eye open before parting his eyes to look into Hyunjin’s. 


“I’m sorry that we haven’t been good people. I’m sorry that I hurt you. I can only blame this disease for so much but…” Hyunjin reached over to press his hand to Minho’s jaw, “I care about you, and I just… I can’t lose you, okay? So just take the medicine and don’t die on me.”




Hyunjin sighed at that, “when you called me frigid… I just don’t want the other two. I never have.”


Minho swallowed hard, “none of you ever mess around… who cares if you’re straight or whatever it’s the end of the world—“


“You’re so stupid.” Hyunjin leaned down, pressing a kiss to Minho’s nose before nuzzling against him comfortably, “I’ve never wanted them, and I’ll probably never touch them. I just want you.” 


“You kissed Jisung…”


“You pissed me off earlier.”


Minho turned his head, looking towards where Jisung lay, “I’m sorry.”


Hyunjin exhaled through his nose before sliding beside Minho and wrapping an arm around him, “just go to bed. You need more sleep.”


“The fire—“


“It’s in a pot. It’s not going anywhere,” Hyunjin deadpanned before sliding a leg around Minho’s protectively, something he didn’t do often. 


Minho dropped it, looking towards Felix before closing his eyes again, “okay.”

Minho wasn’t sure if he believed Hyunjin or not, but waking up to a bag of chips quickly cleared his head. 


Minho struggled to sit up, his hand moving to cup over his ear that was irritating him, “where did you get chips?” 


Hyunjin took a chip from the back, moving it to Minho’s lips, “they have a vending machine, Minho.”


“Oh… stale?”


“They expired a couple months ago, but they’re fine.” Hyunjin admitted, “beggars can’t be choosers.”


Minho sighed at that, the salty taste of the chip causing his mouth to fill with saliva. It had been so long since he had anything like this. 


“Where is Jisung?” Minho asked as he caught Felix settled across from them eating a candy bar. 


“He’s in the spring again. He pulled a muscle last night.”


Minho glanced at Felix again before taking another chip from Hyunjin, “can I change this bandage?”


Hyunjin looked at Minho’s ear before setting the chips down, “I’ll go get the bandages. Don’t get up.”


Minho parted his lips to retort, but Hyunjin moved too quickly. It wasn’t worth fighting anyway. 


“How are you?”


Minho looked over at Felix, surprised he was even talking to him. 


“I’m okay.”


Felix handed Minho the candy bar, “I overheard you last night.”


Minho winced, “Felix—“


“I won’t say anything about the pills. You need them more than we do.”


“If you guys need them… please take them.”


“No, you need them. We’ll be okay… but I just,” Felix scratched the back of his head, “truthfully I don’t think you’re a whore.”


Minho bit into his lower lip, “you don’t really like me, do you?”


“Not like that… I like you as a friend. Like how we were. But not like… I don’t know. I don’t even know why we have sex.”


“I made myself available for it…”


“You’re a friend, and I'm sorry I haven’t been much of one lately.”


“Do you like Jisung?”


Felix nodded, “yeah. I think I do. I don’t know if he feels the same. When you say that you’re just… a hole for us, I wonder if that’s how Jisung saw me last night.”


“Was it your first time?”


Felix laughed at that, “have you ever topped me?”




“Then yeah, it was.”


“I'm sorry you heard what I said. I think this disease is just messing with my head.”


“One bite and we’d lose it entirely, huh?”


Minho frowned, “yeah.”


“I swear we’re all already infected… The bite just activates it. We’re not the same people we were a year ago. There’s days where I feel nothing.”


“There’s days where I feel too much,” Minho smiled weakly, “we’ll just keep going.”


“I'm worried about us. You said that none of us treat you well… and I believe that. We aren’t the same.”


“I was upset…”


“It’s okay even if you weren’t because… I feel the same way. When I’m with you, you don’t really seem to be enjoying anything despite throwing yourself at me.”


“I did not—“


“Yeah, you did. You offered and Jisung told me to do it so I did. I know you think you’re just a hole, but I feel like such a plug… and Hyunjin and Jisung don’t really talk to me much anymore. It’s all… just stealing and killing and fucking.” Felix took a deep breath, running his hand through his dark hair, “we just aren’t the same anymore. I want it back.”


“What should we do? If we all know something shouldn’t we just talk?”


Felix frowned, “it’s easier than it seems I guess.”


Minho shook his head before sliding the covers off and forcing himself upright, ignoring the pain in his back, “it’s easy. Let’s just talk.”


“Maybe it’ll work today, but we’re all so fucked up that by the end of the week it’ll be back to normal. My head is clear right now but… there’s days where everything is just cloudy.“




“There’s days where you initiate the sex. Out of nowhere you just kind of hop onto one of us… and we’re all so messed up none of us bother to stop it.”


Minho didn’t think he did that, but maybe he did. He didn’t know. He couldn’t recall. If what Hyunjin said earlier was true, Minho left that guy who broke in alive. Why would he do that? 


“We can try…” he left the room slowly, making his way to the patio where Jisung was laying in the spring. 


Jisung looked content. 




Jisung turned, dark hair curtaining his face, “hey Minho, are you okay?”


“I’m fine,” Minho whispered as he sat along the edge of the spring, sliding his legs over the side and into the warm water, “how are you?”


“Relaxed.” Jisung scanned Minho’s legs before leaning over to press a kiss to Minho’s knee, “did you come for another round? You passed out on us last night.”


Minho shook his head, “no. I came to talk.” 


Felix didn’t join him. 


“I wanted to ask if you… if you’ve been okay. If you’re happy with how things are.”


“Why wouldn’t I be happy?” Jisung asked as he leaned his chin on Minho’s thigh, “we’re doing well. We’re all still alive.”


“The disease… Do you think it’s affecting you?”


“No.” Jisung whispered flatly, “why are you asking that?”


“Felix and I—“


“Is something going on? I thought everything was fine.”


Minho shook his head, “we think the disease is… it’s affecting us, Jisung. We just aren’t seeing it.”


Jisung looked worried as his hand slipped from the water to cup Minho’s face, “I don’t think that’s true. Nothing’s changed, right? We survive. We’ve made it so long together without an incident.”




“I’m so stressed,” Jisung laughed under his breath, “I pulled a muscle last night and I honestly just can’t relax at all.”




“You’re stressed?”


Jisung nodded, “can you come in with me?” 


Minho inhaled sharply, “Jisung…”


“You’re freaking me out, Minho.“


“I’m sorry…” Minho slid his sweatpants and shirt off, laying them to the side as he slid into the water, directing himself over Jisung’s lap. 


What was he doing? This was exactly what they shouldn’t be doing. 


“Minho… can we just kiss for a bit? I know you’re sore so I won’t ask for… more.”


Minho swallowed hard before nodding, sliding his arms around Jisung’s neck before connecting their lips. 


Maybe Minho was a hole for Jisung. Maybe Minho didn’t care. Why didn’t he care? 


“We can do more, Jisung.”




As Jisung moved inside of him, Minho was gritting his teeth and burying his face into Jisung’s shoulder. They shouldn’t be doing this again, and Minho shouldn’t be stressing himself out so much, but Jisung was stressed. Minho didn’t want him to be stressed. 


Why was he doing this? 


Jisung wasn’t touching Minho at all, he was just chasing his own orgasm again, and Minho noticed. He always noticed. 


When Jisung came Minho was sweating bullets, his body shaky in the water that he shouldn’t have been having sex in anyways. Who knew what was in this water? It may have been a spring but… it certainly hadn’t been cleaned for over a year. 


When Jisung finished he pulled himself out per usual and climbed out of the spring, pulling a towel around his waist as Minho sat in shame. 


“Felix found shampoo last night, so I’m gonna wash my hair.” Jisung sighed as he looked down at Minho, “wanna come along?”


Minho shook his head before climbing out of the spring and hiding his hardened cock, ignoring the wet underwear on the side of the spring and quickly pulling up the sweatpants despite the feeling of Jisung’s cum running down his leg, “no. I should lay down.”


“Okay, I’ll get you some snacks.”


Jisung was so casual, but inconsiderate. 


As Jisung opened the patio door Minho’s face fell as Hyunjin stared back at him. He hadn’t noticed Hyunjin watching them, maybe he hadn’t seen—but the look on his face… Minho knew he had. 


Hyunjin didn’t say anything to Jisung as he walked past, instead he walked over to Minho and helped him get his shirt back on, “it’s cold.”




“You shouldn’t be doing stupid things out here like that. It’s cold and…” Hyunjin glanced at the obvious print against his sweatpants, “go take care of that.”


“I tried to talk to him…”


“I saw. You guys had a lovely conversation.”


Minho winced, “he was stressed…”


“He’s always stressed, Minho. And you always give in to it. We just talked about this last night and yet…” Hyunjin shook his head, “it’s whatever. It’s fine.”


“Don’t be mad… please don’t be mad.”


“I’m not mad. I don’t own you. I’m just… I didn’t think that you’d do this so soon. I didn’t think you were that far gone.”


“I’m not…”


Hyunjin frowned, turning Minho and pressing his hand against Minho’s sweatpants, “you’re bleeding… Minho you need to rest and stop. You have to stop.” 


He was bleeding? 


Minho felt like he was in a daze as Hyunjin dragged him inside, going past Felix and Jisung until they reached a small room in the spa that must have been for massages. 


Hyunjin pressed Minho down onto one of the massage tables, pulling his sweatpants off and sighing at the mess that Minho couldn’t see. 


“Is it bad…”


“Did he use lube?”


Minho shook his head, “spit… we didn’t really—“


“I hate both of you,” Hyunjin sighed as he closed the door and started going through the cabinets, the cool air between his legs causing Minho to hiss. 


“Hyunjin… I’m sorry.”


“Stop apologizing.” Hyunjin came back, wiping away the blood and cum carefully before a cool substance met Minho’s rim. 


“What is that?” Minho asked, gripping the bottom of the massage table, “what are you doing?”


“It’s ointment. It’s not expired, it has another year left.”


“Is it okay to go there?”


“It’s ointment.” Hyunjin sighed, “besides, you let someone fuck you dry, do you really care if this is safe?”


Minho lay his cheek onto the table in annoyance, “Hyunjin… I’m not gone. The disease… I’m not.”


“We’re all feeling it, Minho. You’re not special in this.”


“What are we going to do?”


“You heal and stop fucking everyone who asks. Even me.”


“I can’t help it… I want to help.”


“Then be the oldest and take charge.”


There wasn’t really a leader among them, but Minho knew it definitely wasn’t him. 


“That’s not fair.”


“Just shut up and heal. It’s going to be impossible to move if you don’t stop.”


“Who’s fault is…” Minho stopped and bit into his lower lip, “I’m sorry.”


After Hyunjin was done with the ointment, he took some oil from the cabinet and worked it over Minho’s back, massaging his sore muscles and wounds carefully. Minho didn’t say a word, he just allowed Hyunjin to do whatever he wanted before finally being helped off the table. 


“Let’s eat… you’re too fucking thin.” Hyunjin whispered worriedly before guiding Minho back to the group. 

Minho listened to Hyunjin for the next few days, even if it seemed to annoy Jisung a bit at first. Thankfully Felix had offered himself in place of Minho, and Minho could hear Felix telling Jisung if he was going to fuck him he had to finish the job or he wouldn’t do it anymore. 


Minho assumed Jisung listened. 


Hyunjin was… oddly compassionate. Every night he cuddled beside Minho, and he shared all of his food with him. Hyunjin really liked him, didn’t he? 


But day five and Minho was starting to feel useless. The others were so able to walk around and gather things while he had been bedridden. 


It felt wrong, and eventually Minho needed to do something. Anything. Because it wasn’t fair. 


“Hyunjin…” Minho peered into the room Hyunjin was looting. It looked like an employee lounge, “can I have more pills so I can heal faster?”


“They’re for tomorrow.” Hyunjin deadpanned, “you’re already walking better.”


“Okay… well can I help at least?”


“Minho… just rest. We’re leaving tomorrow.”




“Yeah… I figured it was the best time to go. We need to find somewhere safe.”


“Why don’t we just stay here…”


“On a mountain we’ll run out of food. It was nice to have somewhere to wash off but we leave tomorrow. If I were you I would take a bath.”


“Can you join me?”


Hyunjin exhaled, “Minho.”


“Felix and Jisung have been really close these past few days… and I don’t want to ruin anything by asking one of them.”


Hyunjin bit into his lower lip as he turned to Minho again, “fine.”


Minho sat at the lounge chair, watching Hyunjin dig through the cabinets, “do you think we’ll be okay?”


“I don’t know.”


“We’ve changed a lot… and I really can see what you meant by the disease, because I can’t stop thinking about one of you pinning me down.”


“It became routine…” Hyunjin turned and grabbed Minho’s face, “we’re gonna be okay. You’ll be okay. We just… we have to keep going.”


“What if one of us gets bit?”


“We’re cautious.”


“We haven’t had to move in a long time… and with the disease affecting us this badly…”


“Minho, we’re going to be okay. I’ll keep you safe.”


“I should be keeping you safe.”


Hyunjin shook his head, pressing a kiss to Minho’s nose before pulling away and continuing to shuffle through the cabinets. 


Eventually Hyunjin filled his backpack with what he thought was substantial before helping Minho back to the spring. Felix and Jisung were busy together, otherwise Minho would have asked them to join, but being alone with Hyunjin in the springs was nice too. 


Even if Hyunjin wouldn’t fuck him, it was nice. 


Hyunjin helped Minho clean himself off, Minho wondering if they were ruining the spring with shampoo and conditioners, but part of him supposed that didn’t even matter anymore. Nobody was going to come here again. 


“Hyunjin… if we die on the journey to a new place, while I’m in the right headspace can I tell you something?”


Hyunjin nodded, rinsing the conditioner from Minho’s hair with a bucket, “sure.”


“I love you.”


Hyunjin stilled for a moment before moving again, brushing his hand over Minho’s wet hair before sliding the bucket onto the edge of the spring, “I love you too, Minho.”


“I mean that… I do. And I’m sorry that I’ve been difficult. We’ve all been so…” Minho inhaled, “I just wanted to say that just in case something happens to us. We don’t know what’s down there or who…”


Hyunjin kissed him again, this time on the lips and so gently that Minho wondered if he would melt in place. 


It felt so nice. 


When Hyunjin pulled away, Minho released a shaky sigh. 


“Let’s survive, okay?”


Minho nodded. All he wanted was to live. All he wanted was for them to be safe. All of them. 

Leaving the springs was terrifying, mostly because Minho just didn’t know what was going on in their quiet area anymore. Once people showed up, so did the ravenous creatures. People like that group were especially prone to bring monsters about—it was inevitable. 


Minho wanted to go back to the springs. 


“It feels different.” Jisung whispered as he crept around the body that Minho had taken out early—well not exactly, apparently Minho didn’t finish the job, but who could blame him? 


“It’s just been a few days, it’s fine.” Felix sighed as he dug through the cabinets for food they left behind. 


Minho could see the worry all over Jisung’s face, and honestly he was worried too. It was awfully quiet, and they hadn’t seen any of those monsters since they got back. 


Was this place actually safe? 


“We’ll stay the night and then set out again tomorrow.” Hyunjin whispered as he brushed past Minho, looking over the items Felix was setting onto the counter. 


“Are you sure?” Minho bit into his cheek, crossing his arms over his chest, “shouldn’t we head out as soon as possible? It’s just so quiet…”


Hyunjin frowned as he approached Minho slowly, his fingers moving to cup Minho’s jaw, “it’s just one night. We’ll be okay.”


“Let’s just gather up what we can and head to bed,” Felix insisted as he opened one of their bags, shoving the cans inside, “just because it’s quiet doesn’t mean it’s that safe.”


“I can lock downstairs up before we go to bed,” Hyunjin replied before sliding away from Minho, “just get everything together. It’ll be fine.”


For some reason, he didn't believe that everything would be fine. The pit of his stomach said otherwise, but maybe that was just the disease talking. Minho wondered how long they could continue before they all snapped—or maybe they would turn into those monsters without being bit. That was always a possibility. 


“Minho, can you help me sort these medical supplies?”


Minho turned, Jisung offering a half smile that didn’t hide his feelings at all. 


Jisung was terrified. 


And so was Minho. 

Nightfall was just as quiet, and it didn’t make Minho feel any more at ease. Even if Minho was curled up beside Hyunjin and they were all in the same room, Minho just couldn’t get himself to sleep. He felt nauseous and nervous. He wasn’t sure why his thoughts were so scattered. He just wanted to sleep. 


Minho looked at Hyunjin fondly, running his fingers along the man’s lips before he slid himself away from the comfort and blankets, making his way to the door. He needed to move. Anywhere was better than here, and it wasn’t like he was going to sleep any time soon. 




He pushed the door open, closing it behind and making his way to the stairs, his fingers gliding down the banister. 


It was so quiet. 




Minho made it to the kitchen eventually, eyes falling onto the dead man from earlier. Why didn't they clean this up yet? He supposed it didn’t matter anymore. Did anything? Minho shook off his thoughts as he reached for one of the water bottles from the springs, taking a long sip. 


Did he think that they would survive much longer? No. 


Realistically, Minho was sure they would die on the journey. They’d gotten so comfortable and with this disease, would they be on alert like they used to be? They were reckless, and as Minho drank the water in the messy kitchen with the smell of rot filling his nose, he knew there was no chance. 


Maybe his brain was working for once. Or maybe he was so sleep deprived he could see through the bullshit guise of safety. 


Or maybe he was going crazy. 


Minho held the bottle tight, closing his eyes and tapping the counter absentmindedly. 


Where would they even go? 




Minho took another sip of the water before setting the bottle down, “I couldn’t sleep. I think this disease is really messing with my head.” 




Minho turned slowly, “sorry if I woke you up, I—“


Oh. Minho was silent as the figure staggered slowly in front of him. That wasn’t Felix. Or Jisung. It wasn’t Hyunjin either. 


Minho didn’t know who this was. 


Maybe he was dreaming. 


Minho examined the figure in front of him before his eyes widened with realization that this wasn’t a dream, and maybe he should do something. But he was frozen. He was frozen in fear. 


He was frozen in realization that there wasn’t anything he could do anyway. 


Within seconds the figure moved, and maybe Minho really was sleep deprived. 


Because he didn’t even move. 


Not even when he felt teeth. 

Maybe it was a dream. Minho didn’t really know what was going on anymore. All he knew was that he must’ve screamed, because Hyunjin was downstairs now. And the ravenous was on the floor being stabbed repeatedly. 


There was so much blood, more blood than made sense. 


Maybe some of that was Minho’s. He wasn’t sure where he’d been bit. He wasn’t sure what was going on at all. 


He really had lost it. Maybe this was a dream. 


Yeah, this was a dream. It had to be. It was—


“Minho, what the fuck?!”


Minho felt himself being shaken, his thoughts fading and his eyes focusing on the man in front of him. 


“What did you do?! Why didn’t you do anything?” 


Hyunjin was screaming at him, and Minho wasn’t sure why anymore. 






Minho’s eyes blew wide once he felt the slap across his cheek. Hyunjin had never hit him. None of them had ever hit him. It was enough to get his attention. 


“Hyunjin?” Minho was shaking, Hyunjin panicking in front of him. 


Maybe this was real. 


“What did you…” Hyunjin whimpered, cupping Minho’s face where he had just slapped him, “Minho…”


“I…” Minho finally felt it, and when he did he couldn’t help but burrow himself into Hyunjin before clasping his hand over where all of that blood was coming from. 


His shoulder. 


Minho could hear Felix and Jisung now, and he wished he could say something to them, but his focus was on the realization that he’d been bitten. 


He’d been bitten. 


“Did you not lock the fucking doors?!” Felix sounded pissed. Minho felt so bad. 


“Everything was locked, I don’t know how it got in here!” Hyunjin screamed back at him, his hand sliding into Minho’s hair as he rocked him slightly. Minho felt so bad. 


“What are we going to do…” Jisung sounded defeated. Minho felt so bad. 


Minho felt so… he felt so so bad 


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”


All he had done was go downstairs for water, right? 


Minho shivered, his vision fuzzy with tears as he tried to recall how that ravenous had gotten in. 




“Minho… Minho, did you let it in? Did you go outside? What happened?” Hyunjin was shakier than Minho was. 


Let it in? 


Minho looked at the water bottle on the table. 




“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” 


Minho remembered now. Just barely. He went downstairs because he heard a noise, not because he was thirsty. He heard a noise. Thud?


It wasn’t quiet. He remembered now. He closed the door so the others wouldn’t hear. He was going to take care of the noise. But instead he let the noise inside. 


The door was open. He opened the door, didn’t he? 


He didn’t even realize. 


“I’m sorry…” 


He blocked out whatever Felix and Jisung were saying. His focus was on Hyunjin now. 


“Hyunjin, I’m so sorry…”


“It’s okay, we can fix this.” Hyunjin was sobbing, Minho wasn’t sure he’d ever heard him sob like this. He hadn’t heard these noises since this all began. 


Minho didn’t like these sounds. 


“Okay… I’m sorry. Can you forgive me? I’m so sorry.” His shoulder was hurting. Minho could feel the blood between his fingers, and he could feel the teeth marks. 


“Of course… we’ll fix this.”


Minho couldn’t hear Felix and Jisung. 


“I love you, we’ll fix this.” Hyunjin whispered, sliding his hand from the back of Minho’s head, “we’ll fix this.”


Minho was so shaky, his stomach tightening and his limbs starting to make cracking sounds he couldn’t explain. 


“We can fix it…”


Fix it.


Minho could smell Hyunjin. He smelled so good. Hyunjin smelled amazing. His eyes shifted to Hyunjin’s throat. It was so pretty. He could kiss it. He could just kiss it a little bit. 


Fix it. 


Kiss him. 


Minho inhaled before pressing his lips to Hyunjin’s neck. Salty. Sweet. He loved Hyunjin. 


He loved Hyunjin. He loved him. He loved—