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Wavering Light

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In 2183, the heart of the galactic community suffered a devasting attack. The Citadel space station was invaded by a synthetic geth army, led by the Asari scientist Rana Thanoptis attempting to open a portal for the Reapers: enormous machines that eradicate all organic civilizations every fifty thousand years. Commander Aura Shepard and Spectre Saren Arterius led the defense. The Alliance fleet made a tremendous sacrifice to save the Citadel Council and earned humanity membership in their prestigious group. Now the Council is forced to respond. They have sent both Commander Shepard and Saren Arterius; along with the Normandy, to wipe out the remnants of geth resistance. But for those who know the truth, the search for answers have only just begun...


~~~~~~Terminus System, Planet: Alchera~~~~~~

Date: February 2nd, 2184

Saren and Shepard were overlooking the reports their Batarian operative, Cochise, had sent them while examining the galaxy map. The Normandy had just emerged from FTL and was currently drifting around a planet in the Terminus system. There had been several reports of ships going missing in the sector and no one understood why nor did they know what had happened to the crews of these missing space vessels. While the two Spectres continued going over their notes, the ship was bustling as always. Aura, on the other hand, was on edge. She nodded her head to Saren as he passed her a data pad on the latest ship that had gone missing before acknowledging Joker’s report on the ship’s stats.

“We’re wasting our time.” Officer Pressly stated after the Commander and the turian made their way downstairs. “Four days searching up and down this sector, and we haven’t found any sign of geth activity.”

“Well, three ships went missing here in the month.” Joker replied as his fingers danced across the screens in front of him, “Something must have happened to them.”

Pressly took his seat next to the cockpit turning towards his own screen. “My money’s on slaver or pirates. Terminus System’s crawling with them.”

The Normandy continued to drift through around Alchera’s orbit lazily as Joker continued to run the scanners searching for anything down on the ice planet’s surface. On his right, he heard a fellow officer inform the pilot that she picked up something on the long-range scanners. An unidentified vessel. Possibly a cruiser. But as Joker stole a glance, he cocked his head to the side in confusion. The ship didn’t match any known signatures. He was suddenly getting a bad feeling but continued to fly on as the unknown vessel slow began gaining speed on them, changing its course for interception.

“That can’t be.” Pressly stated in disbelief. “Our stealth systems are engaged. There’s no way a geth ship could-”

~JOKER! TAKE EVASIVE MANUEVERS NOW! ALL HANDS BRACE YOURSELVES! ~ Aura shouted through the intercom just as Joker immediately figured out their tail was not the geth. Reacting quickly, the Normandy shot forward just as the unknown vessel fired a golden beam of light that barely grazed the ship. However, the beam fired again only this time it shifted just slightly and nicked one of her thrusters and pierced through her hull, jostling the Normandy roughly. The impact of the hit caused Pressly to slam his head against the screen in front of him with a loud crack and he slumped out of his chair. Joker growled in frustration. The ship’s kinetic barriers were down! Alarms were blaring! Fires were roaring near him, as he read multiple hull breaches and somehow their weapons were disabled!

They were literally a sitting duck.

Again, the unknown vessel fired its weapons and this time hit the Normandy on her starboard, knocking her around violently.

Below the deck, Shepard was already activating the distress beacon while Saren finished clamping down his helmet. Once she completed her task, she too donned her helmet and nodded at the turian who tossed her a fire extinguisher while he pried away some debris blocking their way. Kaidan rushed over calling out to the Commander. Shepard glanced up at him once she put out the fire in front of her and informed him that the beacon was ready for launch.

“Will the Alliance get here in time?” Her lieutenant questioned her, concern lacing his voice.

“They’ll be here, Kaidan. They won’t abandon us. Now get everyone to the escape shuttles!”

“But Joker’s still in the cockpit! He refuses to evacuate.”

Saren growled through teeth. “How stupid is he?”

Shepard once again urged Kaidan to get a move on, reassuring him that she’d get Joker to safety. Without sparing a glance at the turian, Aura’s first instinct now was to get to Joker and she sprinted towards the stairs all while hearing the escape pods fire off one by one with her crew. Saren was close behind her stopping beside her when the doors to the CIC opened. There was a loud whooshing sound as the air pressure suddenly changed and they were surrounded by debris of the ceiling above them. With their magnetic boots allowing them to cling to the metal surface, the two Spectres slowly made their way towards the cockpit. Over the speakers and inside their suits they could hear Joker crying out while muttering to himself as he tried to get the ship away from their assailant. Muffled explosions outside caused Saren to stop and turn his head upward. All he saw was the bright icy blue planet staring back at him in an eerie light.

“Under normal circumstances, I’d find this view stunning through the windows.” Aura said through the comms. “Why’d you follow me? You should have taken the shuttles.”

Saren continue to follow her. “I wasn’t going to let you go alone.” He said bluntly.

They continued to inch their way slowly towards the cockpit where they saw a barrier was erected to keep the vacuum of space out. Joker was still trying to save the Normandy and the ship continued to limp away as best it could from the threat. Once the two Spectres were through the barrier, Aura was the first to get beside her pilot convincing Joker that they had to abandon ship. Saren hissed when another beam tore through the ship and he reached behind the seat and grabbed the pilot by the collar of his shirt. He hauled the human out of his chair with surprising care before following the commander to the last escape pod. As Aura helped Joker into the pod, a final golden beam ripped through the ship knocking the silver turian aside away from the escape shuttle.


Aura glanced at Joker as he screamed at her to get in the pod but all she gave him was sad smile. Shepard slammed her fist against the manual release and the doors to the pod slammed shut before it rocketed away from her. She reoriented herself, planting her on the metal debris behind her and kicked off of wall, propelling herself away towards Saren who shook his head in a daze, watching as the human managed to grab hold of him, nearly avoiding the searing plasma beam of their attackers. The two stared briefly at each other through their helmets before turning their attention to the ship they once called home feebly drift farther away, her thrusters still sparking in the futile attempt to escape. The vessel had become more than just a ship to them. It was a home for not just them, but for the crew. It survived a Reaper attack, planted a bomb on Virmire... there were so many memories of that ship.


What was that hissing sound?

Jerking their heads back, Shepard felt her breath catch in her throat. Atmosphere. Their suits were leaking atmosphere and from the steam leaving the tubes on their suits, the two could only deduce that when the last beam struck, parts of their suits got ruptured. Out of sheer instinct, the two Spectres clawed at their throats trying to reach around and clamp down on the leaks. No! Not like this! Aura screamed in her head. She didn’t survive this hell to get spaced. Saren was thinking the same thing but he was already feeling drained and tired. Pain had began to rack through them, their bodies screaming for what little oxygen there was to avail. Soon enough, the two stopped their thrashing, using the last of their strength to stay together.

If they were going to die, then at least they wouldn’t be alone.

As the sun peaked around Alchera, Aura Shepard blinked once. Twice. Then closed her silvery gaze. The silver turian soon followed as they plummeted through the ice planet’s atmosphere in a heartbreakingly beautiful silver white streak of light.