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Harley and Peter come out, Steve is stuck in the past.

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The alarm went off at 4 am like every night recently. Harley groaned and shut it off going back to sleep. Peter poked him, ''Babe, you gotta go.'' Harley sighed and sat up.

''We need to tell him soon baby.'' Peter looked away but nodded. Harley gave him a forehead kiss before sneaking out of his boyfriends room. He collapsed in his own bed but couldn't sleep anymore because all he could think about was his boyfriend. Eventually, he fell asleep and he was being awoken again a few hours later by Tony.

''Breakfast is ready squirt, move your butt.'' Harley got up excited to see his boyfriend. He opened the door quickly surprising Tony who knew he was not a morning person but wasn't complaining. Tony was going to the bathroom before he went back down so as Harley walked over to the kitchen he grabbed Peter's arm as he was also entering the kitchen and pulled him round the corner planting a kiss on his lips. They began to get carried away but after hearing Tony come back down the stairs they parted and prepared to act like friends again. 

They sat down opposite each other and Peter avoided eye contact with Harley knowing he wanted to tell Tony but he was scared. ''Did you kids sleep alright?'' Peter paused thinking he knew for a second before he realised he was just being paranoid. 

Harley nodded, ''Mm yeah I slept alright.'' He yawned as he said it causing Tony to chuckle. 

Tony looked at Peter expecting an answer but he was staring off into space. ''Peter?'' Silence. ''Pete?'' Peter looked up finally registering Tony's voice.

''Hmm?'' Tony chuckled ruffling his hair.

''Don't worry about it, you get some food into you.'' Harley stared at his boyfriend with a concerned look but Tony put it down to Peter not being a morning person. Once they had finished eating they went to Peter's room to watch a film, a good excuse for being close. Harley noticed half way through that Peter wasn't paying attention, he paused the film but Peter still didn't look up.

Harley lightly held his hand and kissed his cheek causing Peter to smile and look over at him. ''What's going in that head of yours baby?'' Peter sighed and leant into his boyfriends comforting arms before speaking his mind.

''I want to tell Tony... Today, but I'm scared. What if he hates us?'' Harley smiled and pulled Peter onto his lap and peppered kisses all over his face.

''He would never hate you baby, I might have to prove to him that I'm worthy of your love but he would never hate you, he loves you no matter if you are straight, gay, cis or trans.'' Peter smiled and nodded. 

''Let's finish the movie and then I want to tell him, what are we even watching?'' Harley laughed shaking his head, he pulled Peter in for a kiss and then another one. Safe to say they didn't finish the movie. They walked downstairs and found Tony in the kitchen preparing a cup of coffee no doubt already on his 5th one. ''Hey dad.''

Tony turned around to see his anxious looking son and his other kid. ''What's up kiddos?'' 

Harley tried to comfort Peter while standing next to him. ''Um Peter and I want to talk to you. Can we go sit?'' Tony nodded becoming a little concerned at what his kids were so worried to talk to him about.  They sat on the sofa, Tony on one of the arm chairs while Peter and Harley were on one of the love seats. Harley gave Peter a questioning look but with no response he began to speak. ''So-'' Peter cut him off.

''No... I. I want to say it.'' Harley nodded with a small smile.

''You guys are scaring me a little, spit it out.'' Tony didn't like this, he didn't know what to expect. 

''So I want to tell- We want to tell you that uh...'' Peter sighed feeling like he was about to cry. Harley rubbed his knuckles and gave his hand a little comforting squeeze. ''We're gay. Or I'm gay. Harley's Harley. But uh yeah we are dating...'' Peter sighed with relief, he didn't care that he stuttered the whole way through telling Tony he was just glad it was out there, now to wait for Tony's reaction.

Tony got up and walked over to Peter and gave him a hug , ''Oh buddy. Was that what you were so scared to tell me? I'm happy for you although Harley doesn't deserve you-''

Steve burst through the living room doors followed buy a panicked looking Bucky. ''What the actual fuck Tony! You are just going to let them think this is right?! Being gay is wrong and they need help!'' Peter was crying in Harley's arms.

''Wtf Rogers! You might have been alive in the 1940's but wake up already!'' Steve scoffed and stormed out slamming the door leaving Bucky behind. Tony went over to comfort his kid.

''I'm really sorry Tony... Peter I don't- I didn't know he still thought that. There's nothing wrong with it okay, you guys are perfect for each other.'' With that Bucky left leaving a still crying Peter and a livid Tony and Harley.

Bucky went straight to the gym knowing Steve well enough that he would be getting out his stress and anger. ''Steve!'' Steve looked up but continued punching the bag.

''Bucky! Can you believe that?! Tony just acted as if it was okay!'' Bucky couldn't believe what he was hearing.

''That's because there is nothing wrong with it! We are in a different century Steve you need to realise that. You don't know everything now and if that makes Peter and Harley happy then why is it so bad? Plus if you are going to hate them you need to hate me too...'' Bucky was also close to tears. 

''No stop. You don't mean that, you aren't one of them... One of those...'' Bucky scoffed and left leaving Steve to his own thoughts.

Steve eventually left the gym and went to his room to do a lot of researching with the help of Friday. She brought up many webpages explaining things for the older generation. It talked about the Stone Wall riot and the pride parades. It showed the different statistics for people of the LGBTQ+ community and showed a lot of sad news stories. Steve left his room a few hours later looking for Bucky first. He found him reading in the library. ''Buck... I'm sorry, I've been researching. I didn't understand before but know... I still don't get it but I'm not going to hate you or Peter and Harley. You guys deserve to love who you want.'' 

Bucky smiled sadly, ''You are getting there, now go tell that to the kids you just terrified.'' Steve nodded and left to find the youngest members of the avengers.