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It's all very Danny Ocean

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5 years, 8 months and 12 days was a long time to be in prison. The endless sleepless nights out of pure fear of not waking up in the morning because somebody had it out for you, the shit, unidentified food, often peeing in front of 8 women because somebody broke the door off again- and, worse than anything, no Lou.

The brunette had already earned a name and status for herself by the time she had served two years, so the fear wasn’t as persistent, but that created a new sense of danger- the fear that somebody else would want to earn a name for themselves too, and who better to shank than Debbie Ocean, the infamous Danny Ocean’s sister?

Around that time, she also got a bunk mate. Usually they’d switch out every few weeks, but Jess was her bunk mate for a whole year, and she was the closest Debbie had got to a friend for the whole time she was inside.

Jess struggled with sleep too, and, to begin with, would read books she had been sent from her family, even in the pitch black cell. But eventually, she started to notice that Debbie was awake too, and they’d have little chats.

At first, they were just small talk chats, talking about their prison life’s, which guards they liked and didn’t like, but not long after they started their talks, Debbie started to talk about her life on the outside, and Jess would too.

Reminiscing on the old times, especially the old cons, always led to speaking about Lou.

“Were you two like- a thing?” Jess asked one night.

A thing? Debbie almost scoffed at the thought. Her and Lou had been friends for years, they did everything together, they looked after each other, they lived together, sometimes shared a bed. Lou wouldn’t watch shows that Debbie wanted to watch in case she got ahead of her, Debbie wouldn’t eat until Lou came home so they could eat together…

Shit. They were a thing.

“I don’t know.” Debbie admitted, almost silently.

And that night, she laid awake for a different reason- she was in love with Lou Miller.

Debbie wasn’t the only one to have sleepless nights. The first night that Debbie got sent to prison, the news spread insanely fast and Lou knew she had been arrested in a matter of minutes.

“Are you sure?” she asked Tammy, “She isn’t stupid though, Tam.”

When Tammy confirmed that she had definitely been arrested, Lou felt restless.

She felt as though she had to go to the station and say something, or go and see Claude and see what the slimy toad had done to get Debbie into this mess. But she had no right to do any of that, not anymore.

Instead, she twisted the lid off her bottle of vodka with a satisfying crack, and tipped it down her throat.

And that became a tradition every time she thought of Debbie (which was a lot). Tammy had noticed that Lou sounded drunk every time she called, so she told her husband she was going away to visit a friend and came to stay with her for a weekend.

That was the night when Lou admitted everything. Every feeling, every moment they had shared, every heartbreak she felt.

Tammy had never seen Lou cry, not in all the years she had known her, “Lou, if you’re in love, you need to say something.”

Lou scoffed, taking another swig of vodka, “and get my heart broken again?”

So the night where Debbie was the first to kiss her, Lou panicked. She had been dreaming of that moment for so many years, and when it happened, she was worried that it would never happen again.

But now, after the heist, as Debbie flashed a small smile at her from across the street, she knew she would keep kissing her for the rest of her life.

“You did it, jailbird.” Lou smiled as she crossed the street.

“We did it, Miller.” Debbie corrected her, her arms wrapping around the back of Lou’s neck.

The blonde smiled, resting her forehead against the brunette’s, “now, where are you taking me?” she asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Debbie teased, raising an eyebrow and taking Lou by the hand, leading her.

They reached a parked mustang and came to a standstill. Lou opened her mouth to ask why they had stopped, but Debbie had opened the car door and gestured for her to get in.

“Are we stealing a car right now?” Lou asked, but slipped into the passenger seat anyway.

“Louise Miller,” Debbie said with a fake gasp, “I would never do that,” she winked, putting the keys into the ignition, “I’ve only rented it for the night.” she explained, pulling out of the parking space and beginning to drive.

“It suits you,” the blonde remarked, leaning back in her seat, “It’s almost like you have expensive taste.”

“I remember plenty of times where we would find the cheapest, shittiest hotels, knock-off vodka and leftover chinese and we would have an amazing time,” Debbie smiled at the memory of those nights, “and don’t even get me started on the karaoke.”

Lou laughed, sitting up a little, “Can you remember when you tried to get out of paying your bar tab at Lockie’s by singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ to him?”

“You laugh, but it worked.” Debbie grinned, flicking her eyes over to Lou before looking back at the road.

“Only because he threw you out before you put the other customers off their drinks,” Lou smiled, “Then we ended up breaking into our own apartment because you left the keys at the bar.”

“No, YOU left the keys at the bar,” Debbie raised an eyebrow, “I will take the blame for many things, but not that.”

“I never lose anything.” Lou said sternly, but a smile still danced on her lips.

“Lou,” Debbie laughed, “you lost Tammy’s son in the park that time- for like three hours.”

“He doesn’t count,” Lou shook her head, “He’s related to Tammy, she runs off all the time too.”

Debbie hummed, pulling the car to a halt, “Come on.”

Lou looked up, eyebrows furrowing into a frown as she stepped out of the car, water was glistening in the moonlight ahead of her, and behind her was an old bar that she knew Danny used to have connections with, “What? Are we going fishing?” she asked.

“I don’t think we are in fishing clothes, do you?” Debbie asked, locking the car as Lou slammed the door shut. She took the blonde’s hand as she had done before, guiding her down a slope and closer to the docks, “Wait there.” she scurried off out of sight before Lou could resist.

The blonde looked out at the water. The last time the women were at the docks together was after a bingo con. They’d gone to Danny’s bar and managed to swipe a couple of bottles, drinking on the pier until the sun came up and laughing together. She told Debbie that she loved her that night and Debbie replied ‘Who wouldn’t?’ with a wink- Lou never brought it up again.

“Your chariot awaits.” Debbie called out.

Lou looked around for where the voice was coming from, scanning down the dock with no sign of the brunette. As she cast her eyes over to the boats, she saw her, standing on the deck of a gleaming white small yacht, holding up a bottle of expensive champagne and two glasses, “well, come on then.” Debbie urged, laughing.

Lou narrowed her eyes, smirking at Debbie as she neared the boat, “you rent this for the night too?” she asked, stepping onto it.

“No,” Debbie shook her head, pouring two glasses of champagne, “this is- was- Danny’s.”

Lou nodded, taking a glass from Debbie, “it is very Danny Ocean.” she laughed.

“Well, now it’s very Debbie Ocean.” the brunette smiled, lounging out on the deck and pulling off her wig, her brown locks falling against her shoulders.

Lou laid beside her, taking a sip of her drink before placing it down, “Thanks for talking me into the heist.” she said quietly, looking straight up at the night sky.

“Thanks for not talking me out of it.” Debbie chuckled, “I couldn’t have done it without you, Lou.”

Lou didn’t say anything, she just kept staring up at the stars. Debbie entwined their fingers and they laid in silence for just a few moments before, “I love you.” Lou’s head dropped to the side as she looked at Debbie, a look of surprise plastered on her face, making Debbie’s stomach flip a little, like she had made a mistake, “Shit, sorry, I-”

“Do you mean it, Debs? Really?” Lou asked.

“With my whole heart.” the brunette whispered.

Lou’s look of concern turned into a smile then as she slipped her hands into Debbie’s hair and pulled her into a deep kiss- one that had more meaning than any other of the kisses they had shared. Debbie shifted, rolling onto her side and pulling Lou in closer, the kiss growing hungrier than before as Lou pulled the brunette on top of her into a straddling position, her hands gripping onto her waist. Lou pushed herself up so she was half sat, removing her mouth from Debbie’s lips. Debbie was about to complain when she felt the blonde attach her lips to the column of her throat, sucking gently on her skin, but for a long enough time to leave a dark purple mark.

Debbie let a small moan escape her mouth, earning a smirk from the blonde who was working at Debbie’s zip, pulling it down and sliding the fabric down her shoulders, exposing her bare breasts. Lou took her time to take in what she was seeing- something she had dreamt of for so long.

“Lou?” Debbie broke the silence, feeling a little self conscious now.

“You’re so beautiful, Debs.” Lou whispered, her hands tracing down Debbie’s sides before cupping her breasts, crashing her lips back onto the brunette’s.

Debbie gasped at the sudden contact, her back arching slightly as Lou removed her lips from her mouth and attached them between her breasts, before kissing each one individually, flicking her nipple with her tongue. Debbie’s hands got lost in Lou’s hair as she watched the blonde work, occasionally pulling her up to kiss her lips.

Without removing herself from Debbie’s body, Lou gripped onto Debbie’s back and laid it down on the deck, leaning over her as she used one hand to remove the rest of her dress, and underwear, tossing them to the side. Debbie had unbuttoned Lou’s blazer, the outline of her breasts being highlighted in the moonlight as she pushed it off her shoulders, Lou finishing the job by taking it all the way off. Debbie smiled into their kiss, cupping Lou’s breasts as Lou’s hand made its way down her body, nudging her thighs open as she dragged her finger through Debbie’s wetness.

The brunette couldn’t hold in her moans. She had not been touched like this in her life. All of her other experiences had been fast, over and done with as quickly as they could be, but the way that Lou was touching her now almost had her begging to be tasted.

“You’re soaking.” Lou rasped, earning a blush from Debbie, “It’s hot.” she added.

Debbie was about to protest when Lou slipped two fingers into her, her thumb already circling her clit expertly, causing the whole of Debbie’s body to jolt. Lou smiled at the sight below her. Debbie’s tanned body was arched almost in half with every touch that Lou inflicted on her, her hair was spread across the deck of the yacht, every single one of her features was outlined by the moonlight- she had never seen anything so stunning in her life.

“Fuck.” Debbie managed to mutter out as Lou picked up the pace, kissing down her body until she met her hand, removing her thumb from her clit and replacing it with her mouth, “Lou.”

The way that Debbie moaned her name was something that Lou took an oath to hear as often as she could- there was nothing in the world like that sound. She pushed Debbie’s legs up higher so she had more access, her fingers still working along with her mouth, one hand was pushing Debbie’s hip down to stop her from moving so much, the other hand Debbie had gripped in her own.

More moans and whimpers escaped Debbie’s mouth until she drew closer to orgasm. Lou felt Debbie begin to tighten around her fingers as she removed her mouth from her clit, replacing it with her hand and crashed her lips back onto the brunette’s, her body shaking from her orgasm.

“Shit.” Debbie breathed out, her body no longer arched and, instead, laid fully relaxed against the deck. Lou had laid next to her, also out of breath.

“I love you too.” Lou said, picking up one of Debbie’s floppy arms and planting a kiss on the back of her hand.

Debbie turned her head to look at her and smiled, Lou turning onto her side too, their foreheads resting against each other, “good.” the brunette’s hands slipped down to Lou’s trousers, unzipping them slowly, “Now let me taste you.”


The yacht might seem small, but inside was big enough for a double bed and a cooler (very Danny Ocean), and the women had tangled their limbs up in it somewhere between sunset and sunrise, but it was all a blur.

Debbie was the first to wake up. They hadn’t shut the curtains when they fell into bed after numerous rounds of sex, so the light was beaming directly into her eyes, causing her to groan and squint as she readjusted her position, trying to escape the sun.

Her movements woke Lou up, who opened one eye and had the same reaction as Debbie, “I beg you close those curtains.” she grimaced, planting her face into the pillow.

“Comfy.” Debbie grunted back, earning a sigh from Lou who dragged herself out of bed, her bare body almost shimmering from the escaped sequins that had come from her outfit the night before. She guarded her eyes with her arm as she yanked the curtains closed, throwing the cabin into a shaded darkness, and then quickly made her way back to the bed, diving back under the covers and yanking them around her body, “Do you mind?” Debbie laughed as the covers were dragged off her body.

“Nope,” Lou laughed back, sitting up slightly and gazing at Debbie, “especially not when your tits look that good.”

“Well, I’m flattered,” Debbie stretched her limbs out, “but give me some of the covers before I freeze to death, Miller.”

Lou jokingly rolled her eyes, throwing half the sheets over Debbie’s naked frame, “Covering up a good view, just saying.”

Debbie hummed before sitting bolt upright, “What’s the time?” she asked.

“Uhh,” Lou reached onto the floor, grabbing her phone and tapping the screen, “8:05, why?”

“Shit,” Debbie muttered, sliding out of bed and grabbing her dress, “I said I’d meet Amita at the loft at 9 with the other jewels, so she could work on them.” she explained, yanking last night’s clothes on.

“A criminal never stops working, huh.” Lou winked, also sliding out of bed and grabbing her clothes, “I’m driving that mustang back to the loft, though, I’ve called it.”

“Fuck, I have to get that back to the depo by 10 too.” Debbie moaned, slapping her hand to her forehead.

“Hey,” Lou finished pulling on her clothes and wandered over to the brunette, “I’ll drive you back to the loft to meet Amita and then I’ll drop off the car,” she took hold of Debbie’s hands in her own, “who would have thought that pulling off one of the biggest heists in history would be so stressful.” she smirked, pecking Debbie on the cheek.

“Thank you,” Debbie sighed, pecking her back, “Daphne should be leaving Claude’s soon too.” she avoided eye-contact with Lou when she uttered his name.

“Did she send you the picture?” Lou asked, no longer feeling so tense when she heard the man’s name, but still not liking the sound of it.

Debbie looked around the cabin for her phone, finding it tossed on the dresser next to the car keys. She unlocked it, scanning through her messages until she came to Daphne's contact. She opened the notification and smirked when she saw the image. A big lump of diamond sat on his tie. Debbie held the phone out to Lou who took it from her, also smiling at the image.

“Let’s get the bastard.” Lou winked, handing the phone back to Debbie and instead picking up the car keys. Debbie was already forwarding the picture to John Frazier as they spoke.


During the drive back home, Debbie had to make phone calls to a majority of the team of women that they had been working with for the past few months. Some of them asked where she had been the night before, when they dropped by the loft to try and find her, but Lou and Debbie had already come up with an excuse- they had hit Danny’s old bar to celebrate- nobody asked any questions.

By the time they had arrived at the loft, they had barely spoken a word to each other.

“I know you’ve got a lot on today,” Lou said, pulling up to the front of the building, “but let’s try and get dinner at some point.”

“I’ve always got time for you, Miller, even when you are a pain in my ass.” Debbie winked, pressing a kiss on the blonde’s lips.

“See you soon, jailbird.” Lou smiled as she left the car.

Debbie gave her a quick wave before disappearing into the loft.


Lou had tried to fill her day with meaningless tasks, dropping off the car, going to the club to arrange another shipment, taking her bike around the outskirts of the city- but eventually she had exhausted all the things to keep her occupied and instead called home, took the women’s order, and went to pick up some chinese for them all to share.

By the time she arrived, most of the women were lounged out in the living area of the loft, “Dinner is served.” Lou called out, hearing various responses coming from the women. She handed each one their cartons, one by one, until Debbie’s was the only one left in the kitchen, “Where’s the boss?” She asked, leaning her head into the living area.

“Bedroom.” Lou was able to make out from Constance’s mumbles, her mouth rammed full with chow mein.

Lou nodded her thanks and headed towards the stairs, carrying Debbie’s food in one hand and her chopsticks in the other. She reached the brunette’s room and knocked twice before calling out, “Room service.” and pushed the door open.

“Hey.” Debbie greeted her with a smile, pushing herself out of her bed, throwing a notepad on the side and walking towards Lou. She pressed a kiss on her lips before taking the food from her hands, “I missed you today.”

“I missed you too, doll,” she smiled as Debbie started tucking into her food, walking back over to where she had tossed the notepad and glancing down at it, “what’s that?”

“Off-shore account details,” Debbie mumbled, not taking her eyes off the paper, “God, this is going to take a while.” she sighed.

“Want me to leave you to it?” Lou asked.

Debbie looked over at Lou sympathetically, “I’m sorry, I’ll be down soon.”

“I’ll forgive you when I’m a millionaire.” the blonde chuckled, pressing a kiss against her forehead, “But don’t work yourself to death, jailbird, take a break.”

“I will, I will,” Debbie smiled, blowing her a kiss, “20 minutes, tops.”

Lou nodded, retreating from the room and making her way downstairs.


It was actually almost an hour before Debbie appeared from her room, apologetically smiling at Lou who beamed back at her, she knew Debbie had a lot on her plate and she wasn’t going to hold that against her. Tammy, Amita, Constance and Rose had all left by now, Nine-Ball was just laying out plans for shifting money, sitting opposite Lou. Debbie said her hello’s before wandering off to the kitchen to get herself a drink.

“You got a bar right?” Nine asked, lighting a blunt.

“Depends who's asking.” Lou laughed back.

Nine smiled, “I’m thinking of opening my own when I get this money.”

“Oh yeah?” Lou asked, leaning forward in her seat.

“Yeah,” she paused for a moment, “you got any tips?”

“Watered down vodka still tastes like vodka when the punters are drunk,” she smiled, “I might not have a lot of tips, but there’s something else I can give you.”

Nine-ball raised an eyebrow, dragging her sunglasses down her nose a little to see Lou, “Go on.”

“Take my bar.”

“For real?” Nine asked, closing her laptop.

“It’s all yours, I can write the paperwork out tomorrow.” Lou said flippantly, as though she was just lending her a dollar.

“What will you do without a bar, Miller?”

“I’m thinking of travelling down the West Coast, California way. Get a new bike and I’ll be gone.” Lou explained.

“I’ll make sure to hack you from time to time, see how you’re doing.” Nine laughed, starting to pack her equipment away.

“You could always just call.” Lou laughed back, standing up to walk Nine-Ball out.

“Where’s the fun in that?” She winked, “I’ll swing by tomorrow about those papers if you’re sure.”

“I’ll be here.” Lou nodded, waving her off and closing the door behind her.


Lou spun around to see Debbie standing by the kitchen door, nursing a martini.

“I was thinking about it.” Lou nodded, walking towards Debbie.

Debbie nodded back. She didn’t have to say anything, Lou could read every expression and thought she was having. Lou had always been able to read Debbie. One look across the room and she knew that the brunette was about to pull off a con, one glance and she knew that Debbie was putting on a fake smile, one glimpse and she knew that she was angry. But this time, Debbie didn’t look mad, mischievous or false, she looked broken.

“When?” The brunette eventually asked, just above a whisper.

“I’m not sure,” Lou admitted, Debbie was avoiding her eye contact, but Lou approached her anyway, “Whenever you’re ready.” It took Debbie a moment to hear the words that Lou said and when she did, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion and she met Lou’s gaze, “If you want to come, that is.”

“Are you asking for me to ride off into the sunset with you, Miller?” Debbie smiled.

“No,” Lou shrugged, “Just to California.” she smiled back.

“I won’t be able to go anywhere for a while yet, this money is going to take me weeks, if not a couple of months to sort.” The brunette sighed, putting her head in her hands, but Lou grabbed them in her own, pulling them down.

“Well,” she met her gaze again, “I can head out in a few weeks time, find us a place to stay, then, whenever you’re ready, you can join me.”

Debbie thought for a split second, “You’re sure about this?”

“More sure than I’ve ever been about anything.”

“Then you have a deal, Miller.” She smiled, holding out her hand for Lou to shake.

The blonde looked down at Debbie’s hand before knocking it away, crashing their lips together instead, “Never shake hands with a con.”