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Really Gay Thoughts

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“Cat got your tongue?” Lou teases as she crosses over the sidewalk in a few strides.

Debbie swallows, and says the first thing that comes to mind: “I’m so gay.”

Lou’s look of surprise is quickly washed away by her laugh, “If I had known this would make you react this way, I would’ve worn this all day every day since Tam-Tam got it for us.”

Her eyes darken with something that looks like lust as she rakes her eyes down Debbie’s black and gold number, and she mumbles, almost too quickly for Debbie to hear, “On second thought, I wouldn’t have been able to control myself if you looked like that every day.”

Debbie shakes herself, “I just want to say I refuse to be a child.”

“Oh?” Lou’s eyes focus on her lips.

“I refuse to be a horny teenager, and–” But she doesn’t get the chance to finish, because suddenly, lips are crashing on hers, and Lou is softer than she ever was before. Debbie moans, the sound reverberating in Lou’s bones, and suddenly all Debbie wanted to say is tossed out the window.

Lou breaks away first, a mischievous glance in her eyes, her lipstick mussed around her lips. “You were saying?”

“I,” Debbie stammers, probably for the first time in her life, “I was just…” She throws her hands up in the air, “Oh, fuck you, Lou.”

Lou chuckles, the sound making Debbie’s head spin. “Maybe at home. C’mon, now, darling. We have a refrigerator full of jewels to tango with at home.” She intertwines her hand with Debbie’s and holds her other hand out to hail a taxi.

It’s dark in the car, but Lou’s profile is lit up by the New York lights outside and Debbie wants to turn her around and kiss her again so bad, but then her hand traces over the pink scar on Lou’s right hand, and she blurts instead, “did the kiss really make it heal faster?” The kiss definitely killed Debbie's brain cells, Debbie decides.

To her credit, Lou doesn’t ask Debbie what she’s talking about. Instead, she lifts her hand for Debbie to inspect herself.

“We really need to talk like adults before we do any of that teenager stuff, by the way.”

Lou’s grip on her hand tightens just a little bit, “We will.” She pulls Debbie in for another kiss, and smiles something tender at her, “I promise.”

Of course, when they walk hand in hand back into the loft, everyone immediately notices, and then there is a lot of exchanging of money and Lou and Debbie protesting weakly about why they weren’t included in the bets (“Because Tammy told us to butt out, duh,” Constance goes, and Tammy shrugs. “I bet on after the heist. There was no way I was letting any of them goad you two into cheating me out of my 50 dollars.” “Dirty, dirty Tam-Tam,” Debbie clucks her tongue.), so it’s not until a lot later that Debbie gets to ask Lou.

She tangles her legs with Lou as her breath slows down. “What did you ask the magic eight ball?”

Lou strokes her hair gently, and smiles, happiness almost glowing on her. “Do I have to tell you?”

“You promised.” She pulls the cover around so it covers both of them a bit more, and Lou sighs.

“I asked if we were meant to be.”

“And what did the magic eight ball say?”

Lou’s eyes are dark again, and Debbie wants to drown in them as she pauses a few inches away from Debbie’s face, her breath warm on Debbie’s lips. “Without a doubt.”

Debbie smiles, and leans forward.“Sap,” she murmurs into Lou’s lips.

Lou pulls away for long enough to frown at her, and Debbie almost whines at the lack of contact. “Stop talking and let me kiss you.”