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take a look outside (i’m getting dizzy)

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-John Doe does not exist, so there’s no targeted conflict.


-Instead of an implant, they injected the moon children with some sort of hormone serum to keep them alive. This serum worked perfectly fine for Konoha and Touya, but the other moon children’s bodies rejected it so they died. Konoha and Touya do not have any left over effects from the serum, they’re both just physically weak from growing up in less gravity.


-This story is literally just how I would have the show go if the comet didn’t exist + they didn’t get attacked by the S pattern.

-Seven did not self-destruct; humans shut it down because it was making no sense to the point of uselessness. The Seven Poem also does not exist.





-Touya has a bad knee sometimes because I said so (and because it’s another reason for him to normally be in a wheelchair despite being in space).

-Taiyo is bisexual. Touya is big gay. Mina is straight. Konoha is bisexual. 

-Touya doesn’t think that 30% of Earth’s population needs to die, nor does he think himself as better than Earthlings. He just believes that he and Konoha do not belong in Earth and that they should remain completely separate. 

-Touya only removed a single intelligence limiter from Dakky. Think of Dakky as a very intelligence dog.


-Dakky is also similar to Konoha‘s AI in the sense that he works as a medical AI.