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The Fighters

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the bathrooms, seven years ago;

Hiro, Rei, Wataru, Jinpei, and Hagi were cleaning the bathrooms. They were all academy cadets. Onizuka had them cleaning the toilets as punishment for their recent stunts. Onizuka had found out about the high speed chase when he got a good look at the car Hagi had borrowed. They and given a bucket and tootbrushes. In an hour, they would get rags, but for now, this was their only tool.

"So worth it." Hagi replied before changing the subject topic.

"So, tell us about the guy with the tattoo that you're trying to find." he said.

"You don't need to help." Hiro protested, not wanting his friends to get hurt.

"We're offering." Jinpei stated with Wataru and Hagi backing him. Rei nodded his empathetic agreement, so Hiro sighed, before starting to speak.

"It started 13 years ago."

the den, Jinpei and Hagi's place, Beika, Tokyo, present day;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. The couple sat on the couch and enjoyed some shaved ice. It was a delicious treat as they relaxed. It was a nice break from the constant work and grind of getting answers and solving cases.

the den, Agasa's place;

The twins, Harry, and Ai were talking. They had all gotten an invite to Hokkaido. 

"Natalie invited us on the trip!" Ai smiled. The others beamed.

"I can't wait to soak up all the sun and good food!" Harry replied.

"Same," Masumi smiled. They were all ready for a big break.

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Kurama residence, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, Asia;

The plane touched down in Hokkaido and the group of Wataru, Natalie and all four kids filed off. They took the train down to the closest station near Natalie's parents' home. She was buzzing with excitement, ready to spend some time with her family and bring the love of her life and their dear friends along. 

"Mama! Papa!" she beamed as she ran into their arms. They caught her and spun her around. Wataru and the others stood to the side to let her be with them for a moment.

"You know Wataru, but meet all our dear friends!" she beamed.

"Welcome!" her mother smiled. "Please, let us get going. I have some curry ready at home for your meal." Everyone smiled and followed her, ready for some homemade curry.


A group of friends were also visiting Hokkaido. Donovan, Donna, Max, and Lacy were all military brats let out for the summer break. They were let off the base and immediately explored the island outside of their military-issued homes and supermarkets. They were so excited, but there was tension brewing.


Unknown to Wataru, one Yuu Midorikawa was also on the plane. He kept a careful watch on the group from a discreet distance. He couldn't afford to be caught. If there was anyone who could ruin his disguise, it was squad leader.

He watched them eat, watch movies, talk, and play games on the screens. He watched them the whole plane ride. He had to watch them, especially the twins. He wanted to know what kind of relationship the kids had with Shuichi. And if they could lead him and Zero to Shuichi...

a bakery;

Wataru and Natalie went on a date. After having lunch, they went out to their favorite bakery in the town. There was a large one that made fresh bread for hours throughout the day. They got some pizza bread and enjoyed it with some ice cold soda. It was a perfect date that reminded them of their very first dates.

outside Sapporo Tower;

The next day, the group emerged from Sapporo TV tower and went to eat lunch. They were trying to decide where to eat when they heard loud voices coming from nearby. They ran towards Sapporo Odari Park. The twins saw someone fleeing and got confused until they slid on something sticky and went sprawling.


"Ouch! What was that?!" Christie wanted to know. Conan froze as they saw something.


Right beside them was a dead body on the ground.

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Sapporo, Hokkaido;

Inspector Madoka Hayashi was primary. Wataru and the kids started their investigation into Max's death. Max had died of acute exsanguination. He bled to death on the pavement. They investigated and found where the stab wound was. It was right in his aorta, explaining the large amount of blood.


"He didn't have a chance." they sighed.

police station;


Max's friends Lacy, Donna, and Donovan were brought in for questioning. They were all asked about their alibis. They all seemed tk have an alibi with plenty of potential witnesses. Still, you can never be too careful. They would check every possibility.

restaurant, Beika, Tokyo;


Shukichi and Yumi went on a date. The couple had some tempura and soba noodles. They listened to the live band playing in the restaurant and bar. It was a nice break from work and other responsibilities.

Sapporo, Hokkaido;

The suspects were let go for now. While Wataru was filling Natalie in, the kids wandered away and encountered Yuu. Ai hid behind Conan Something seemed off about him and it scared Ai. Conan glared him, not wanting to risk anything. They kept it moving, ignoring him further, but keeping their guard up.

a bar, Beika, Tokyo;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. The couple went to a bar and got some drinks. They order two slices of pizza and watched the game on the TV. It wasn't their favorite baseball teams, but it was still a lot of fun. The energy in the bar made the date a lot of fun.

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Sapporo, Hokkaido;

Wataru and the kids were comparing notes. They went over the first sets of evidence. All of sudden, they found a vital clue. The answer hit them. There was a surveillance camera outside the building. They slowed it down and saw some a military shirt with a familiar last name.

conference room, police station;

Wataru got everyone together for the deduction show. Then he started going through every piece of evidence. The killer was outed. Lacy was pointed at. She was naive and wore her father's casual military shirt with their family name. She wanted to denied it, but the military police were already waiting. Her father stood there, horrified as they played the tape.

"You have to believe me, Dad!" She yelled.

"I don't know if I can ever believe you again." came the sad reply.

a hotel room, Sapporo;

Hiro and Rei talked over the phone. Hiro was trying to explain his run-in with the kids. 

"Then they just glared at me!" Hiro said. "Like I was evil."

"You are mysterious and the kids don't like mysteries they can't solve," Rei reasoned. Hiro sighed and wished he could reveal himself. Now was not the time.

Hokkaido Greenland;

Wataru and Natalie took the kids to a theme park; Hokkaido Greenland. There were roller coasters, a huge Ferris Wheel, a train, and many more kinds of rides. There was a large rose garden and a haunted house. There were booths selling food and other treats such as shaved ice, taiyaki, crepes, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakitori, karaage, and mochi. They had a ton of fun and enjoyed all the sights and sounds. It was a wonderful thrill with the perfect food and fun.


Wataru and Natalie went on a date. The couple enjoyed two steaks and roasted potatoes. They enjoyed it with some garlic asparagus and red wine. It was decadent and perfect. They loved it and loved the time together.

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a local park, Beika, Tokyo;

Rei and Hiro met up at a local park.

"Had a run-in with those twins in Sapporo." Hiro announced.

"Those twins again. They are sure everywhere." Rei commented.

"They seem to run in so many cases. That reminds me, the first time I saw them, they were with Shuichi." Hiro responded.

"Really? Tell me more," Rei said, genuinely curious.

the den, Kudo Manor;

Shuichi was talking with the unhappy twins. They were still shaken by the run in with Hiro in Sapporo.

"We saw that strange man again!" Masumi was venting.

"Shiho got black org vibes from him." Shinichi nodded.

"Are you sure you are not just overreacting?" Shuichi replied. "Not to trivialize your concerns but how did he give off black org vibes?"

"You weren't there, Shu-nii. You would have felt it." Masumi replied.

"Okay, that isn't solid evidence. But I'll take it." Shuichi sighed, while silently hoping that the man wasn't Hiro. Because if it was, then how could he get the twins to leave the matter alone without blowing their respective covers?

the twins' bedroom, Takagi's place;

Shinichi and Ran talked over the phone. Shinichi was using his voice changer. They took turns filling each other in. Shinichi talked about his cases briefly.

"And then he just feels menacing! So I'm stuck on this lead until it goes somewhere!" Shinichi exclaimed.

Takagi's place;

Takagi, Sato, and the twins went about their usual routine. They acted as normal as possible although they knew their secret. They also had to help them keep a low profile. They made their meals, cleaned, and handled all their chores.

the kitchen, Jinpei and Hagi's place;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. The couple ate some cut fruit and ice cold water. They talked and made plans for dates around their work schedule. They fed each other and shared soft kisses.

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a museum;

A few days later, Ran and the kids accompanied Sonoko to another Kid Heist. Jirokichi had received a notice from Kid promising to return three items owned by Ryoma Sakamoto; pistol, drinking cup, and a half written letter.  It was a shock because twenty years ago, the Phantom Lady stole those items. How did the Kid get them and why was he returning them?

"Only one way to find out," Ran said.

the bathroom;

'Harry' and the twins encountered Toichi in the bathroom. Toichi had outsmarted them and blocked the door of the stall so the kids were unable to leave even if they wanted to.

"Stay out of this and let me finish this," Toichi sighed. He got up and left them in the stall.

an Indian restaurant;

Shukichi and Yumi went out for a lunch date. The couple found an Indian restaurant near their place, and reserved a seat. They both ordered butter chicken and garlic naan, popular foods the owner recommended for people not familiar with the cuisine. They loved it and ate up every bit of the meal. It was a great dinner.

the museum;

Kid returned the items as promised and 'cleaned up' The clean up turned out to be Kid playing with matches and setting off the sprinklers. The entire crowd including Jirokichi and the Kid squad were soon drenched.

"Clean up indeed." Harry commented as he watched everyone exclaim from the doorway with Ran, Sonoko, and the twins. Sonoko and Ran spotted some signs and went to act on the instructions. The resulting outcome was the owner Shishihiko Tarumi and Masanosuke Hanamura being exposed as con artists.

Replicas of the items were made and sold as the real deal on the black market. Naive collectors obsessed with the status symbol didn't do their due diligence and paid for paintings mass produced using 10,000 yen worth of supplies.

While Sonoko, Ran, and the twins were discovering con artists in their midst, Wataru and Natalie went on a date. The couple rented bikes and rode around the town. They stopped for karaage from a food truck and ice cream and hot tea. They got to see their town in a new light. It was beautiful.

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the dining room, Takagi's place, Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia;

Takagi, Sato, and the twins sat down to breakfast. Takagi made a large pot of rice, miso soup, and grilled fish. They ate their portions while discussing today's plans. They hoped they could get some paperwork done.

Teitan Elementary School;

The detective boys were helping Kobayashi-sensei when they got their recent case. Chiba was searching for a video tape. 

"My first love made me a tape, but I never watched it. I just psyched myself out and never watched it," Chiba explained.

"We'll help you find it!" Conan smiled.

the kitchen, Jinpei and Kenji's place;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. The couple stayed in and made curry from scratch. They seasoned the beef and got it tender before pouring in the water and the curry base they made. The rice was hot and they ate the delicious comfort meal and enjoyed the beer. It was amazing.

the den, Agasa's place;

Shukichi met with the twins, Ai, and Agasa at Agasa's place.

"I have an offer for you," Shukichi said. "I have some tickets for a trip to London. Would any of you like to come?"

"Of course!" Christie smiled. "It's been so long since we went to the UK."

"Is Mama going to be there?" she wanted to know.

"Yes, time to make an itinerary." Shukichi smiled.

Hiro's place;

Hiro and Rei talked over the phone.

"Any updates?" Rei asked.

"Not much. There was a heist, but that's as much as I know," Hiro asked. "The kids were working on a case for Chiba, but I haven't been close enough to learn what."

"Don't scare them again," Rei warned. Hiro sighed.

"I didn't mean to, but fine. I will keep it quiet," Hiro promised. Rei then started up a new conversation about a recent shopping trip.

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London Airport, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe;

Shuichi, Shukichi, the twins, and Shiho arrived in London. They touched down and made their way through security. They collected their bags and pulled out their itinerary. They got their cab and set out for their hotel.

Akai family suite, a local hotel;

Ai and the twins talked with Agasa over skype. The group sat down and got their things put away. They were all excited to see the city and enjoy the vacation.

Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia;

Wataru and Natalie went on a date. The couple went out for grilled sets. They grilled steak and pork with many sides. They talked and caught up with each other. It was a wonderful and peaceful date.

the den, the Akai family suite, a local hotel in London, England, United Kingdom, Europe;

Mary sat down her kids and Shiho down for an overdue conservation. The conservation turned into a mini family reunion when the bombshells were delivered.

"We are cousins?!" the twins and Shiho chorused in shock.

"Yes, Elena Miyano was my sister. We are all family, so let us all come together." Mary responded. So they came together in a hug. Shiho was instantly swept up in a hug by Shukichi.

the den, Jinpei and Kenji's place, Beika, Tokyo;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. Kaito was with his parents. They laid among their duvet and cuddled up. It was quiet and they were happy and enjoying some one-on-one time.

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Paris, France, Europe;

Toichi and Chikage took Kaito to France for vacation. They toured around France, walking through tourist traps and local gems. They were staying with Toichi's friend, a magician that was happy to welcome them. They were so excited.

London, England;

The twins and Ai were touring London with Shuichi when they met Apollo Glass. Apollo was eight years old, a bit older than the twins. He was in an excited mood.

"A man just told me that someone will die and he gave me this!" he announced as he handed a piece of paper to the twins.

the den, Akai family suite, a local hotel in London;

Shukichi and Yumi talked over the phone. Yumi talked about her new work responsibilities. Shukichi would insert his voice sometimes, but for the most part, he just wanted to listen to Yumi talk. He loved hearing her.

London, England;

While the kids and Shuichi wandered London, they were watched by Yuu Midorikawa and a strange woman. Yuu took notice of the brunette wearing sunglasses. But he chose to keep his distance, he didn't want to get spotted before he could confirm he wasn't seeing things. Maybe they were right after all. If he wasn't delusional, he was sure Shuichi was alive.

Hiro's hotel room, a local hotel;

Hiro and Rei talked over the phone. Hiro now knew he was right.

"He's alive." Hiro announced. Rei gasped.

"Are you sure? Hiro, are you absolutely sure?" he wanted to know.

"Zero, it's him. It's really him." Hiro responded. Rei sat back in shock. This was a game changer.

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London, England, Europe;

Apollo, Shuichi, and the kids were traveling around London, solving riddles. The riddles had them running around many parts of London. They were trying to stop someone from dying, but it was hard work.

the kitchen area, Akai family suite, a local hotel in London;

The Sera family bonded. The family cooked some lunch together, rolling pasta, simmering a tomato pasta, and baking bread. It was all from scratch and they had the time of their lives making it together. It was wonderfully simple and incredibly delicious.

a local park, Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia

Takagi and Sato had some alone time. The couple went out to the park. They made some black pepper steak with fried rice at home and enjoyed it on the bench. They poured each other beer and happily ate. The squirrels approached them and were given small grapes as treats. They watched them eat and the date was made even better by it. It was a sweet, simple afternoon.

the twins' bedroom, AKai family suite, a local hotel in London England, Europe;

The Sera family compared notes. The twins were on Shinichi's laptop. They had a suspect; Hades Sabara; a serial killer. Hades was described as a good person that went bad when his mother died. Hades had taken revenge on one of his friends and killed both the man and his entire family via ripping out their hearts. Hades had also killed his debt collectors. Mary became alarmed.

"That man is very dangerous. So please let the police handle this!" Mary exclaimed.

"Mom, let them solve the case, gather evidence, and then we call the police. They will handle Hades then," Shukichi suggested. Mary groaned.

"Then you stick to each other like glue. One whiff of unnecessary danger and I will raise hell." she promised.

"We promise, mom!" The twins agreed with a shiver. She was scary when she was worried.

the den, Jinpei and Kenji's place, Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. The couple had popcorn and watched silly movies. It was a nice night with them just laughing and enjoying a fun night.

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London England, Europe

'Subaru', Ai, and the twins were walking around London when they ran into Yuu. The kids were freaked out , but kept their mouths shut and their faces schooled. Yuu pretended not to see any of them. They parted ways and went separate directions. The minute they were safely out of earshot, the twins flipped out.

"Why is he here?!" Shinichi wanted to know.

"Has he hurt you in any way?" Shuichi questioned as he tried to calm them down.

"No." the twins sheepishly replied.

"Then, we move on. Let's go."

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament;

The riddles led the twins to the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. They met Apollo Glass after the twins called on him.

"My big sister has been acting weird." Apollo said to them as he led them inside. Moments later, they watched the match from inside the stadium. Minerva's match was well underway. Minerva's playing was way off, resulting in several errors that gave her opponent leeway. The siblings were confused. Why would she purposely play badly?

"It's Morse code!" Shinichi gasped.

'We need to help!" Masumi declared. They sat in anticipation.

Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia

Wataru and Natalie went on a date. The couple went to a baseball game at the stadium. It was two local teams of salarymen that Wataru became friends with. They ordered American style chili dogs and beer. They cheered on both teams and cheered as it came down to the wire.

The couple jumped up and clapped as the last home run of the final inning determine a clear winner. It was an exciting evening.

London England, EUrope;

The kids approached Minerva. Conan waved to get her attention.

"I'm Holmes' Apprentice!" Conan chirped. Miverva perked up.

"Oh!" she smiled. "Well, hello! Finally great to me meet you."

Mary's hotel room, London;

Mary was thinking of her husband Tsutomu. She remembered the last time they had been together.

The couple was sitting on their couch while their children slept. Tsutomu was watching the news while Mary finished a book. There was no talking, but they were still communicating. 

Mary leaned into Tsutomu's side while he brushed her hair with his fingers. It was a testament to their care and affections.

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London, England, Europe;

The twins looked around the stadium using their binoculars. They were looking for Hades, but he was doing a great job blending in. However, when one of the duos gained a point closer to winning that set, he was the only one sitting.

They turned to Minerva and signaled using sign language. Minerva signed back to confirm the information, and they slowly trickled out the stands.

stands at tennis tournament;

The twins watched as Scotland Yard officers descended on Hades and took him in custody. Minerva sent a message to her colleague and plain clothes officers swept Hades away. None of the crowd was any wiser to the situation.

Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia;

Jinpei and Kenji went on a date. The couple ordered a mala hotpot set. They got an assortment of mushroom, beef, and pork slices to dip. They made their special sauce of sesame sauce, curry powder, and hot broth. It was a great meal.

London, England, Europe;

The Akai siblings plus Mary and Ai met with Yusaku and Yukiko.  

"I solved the riddle, but I couldn't follow through," Yusaku explained. "I recognized Hades from a bombing. If I was to approach him, he would have spooked."

"So you watched us," Shinichi said.

"Yes, I had already called the police when you spotted him. Great work."

the study area, Hiro's hotel room, a hotel in London;

Hiro and Rei talked over Skype. They were discussing their options. It was becoming more clear that the twins knew they were being followed. Now, they had to approach this in a different manner.

"Time for a new identity?" Hiro suggested.

"Too easy to see through. We'll have to do this another way. Call some sources and get a digital footprint on them," Rei said. "No one can totally be off the grid."

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Sera homestead, Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia;

A few days later, the Akai siblings and Mary returned to Beika from their vacation. They arrived home and immediately dumped out their suitcases. They sorted their clothes into appropriate washing piles and set the washing machine. They then set their toiletries in the bathroom and threw away the empties.

"Your friends will be over tomorrow. Get all the souvenirs from the kitchen and put them in the cabinets," Mary said, reaching for a carton of eggs and miso soup base to start dinner.

the den, Sera homestead;

The twins handed out souvenirs to their friends. They met the detective boys at Agasa's place. Agasa had some tea and cookies set out as they exchanged the gifts. There were large history books, miniature sets of landmarks, and shelf stable treats. They each enjoyed their gifts and had a great time together.

sushi bar;

Shukichi and Yumi went on a date. The couple went to a conveyor belt sushi bar. They got their hot green tea and some iced water. They ordered some of the sashimi pieces before moving onto the more unique fare. They had a hamburger steak bite on rice, curry chicken temaki, and karaage nigiri. It was a wonderful evening and a great meal.

the den, Sera homestead;

A few days later, Shukichi introduced Yumi to his family. She was a bit shy, but the family was quick to welcome her in. Mary was working on a pot of stew and freshly cooked rice. She talked about her work and her interests, and Shukichi breathed a sigh of relief. He was happy for them all to come together.

the twins' bedroom, Takagi's place;

Shinichi talked with Ran over the phone. Shinichi was using his voice changer. He talked about Shukichi bringing Yumi over. Ran wanted to raise the idea of her coming, but Shinichi kept interrupting that idea. He knew that Ran deserved to know the truth, but he had to protect himself at the moment. Maybe one day, he would bring her home and share how wonderful she was. However, he could not risk it now.

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Beika, Tokyo;

The detective boys got mixed up in a new case. They were playing hide and seek when they heard strange tapping sounds from a nearby cabinet. They also saw two strange men. The group listened carefully to the tapping before realizing it was Morse code. 

"2-5-2?" they whispered. What could that mean? They did not have an area code with that number and they could not remember any significant numbers with that sequence.

deserted building;

The kids decided to investigate the strange men. Sadly, they had stumbled upon something big and dangerous. The 2-5-2 was combination to a cabinet that they attempted to open before the kidnappers caught them. They were dragged aound with a knife to their throats. However, the whole thing turned around when an off-duty cop got suspicious and sent for backup.


Wataru and Natalie went on a date. The couple went out for a simple steak dinner. They ordered their ribeyes and had some wine. They talked about work, vacation plans, and even simple choirs around their home. It was a nice break from being constantly on duty and at work.

deserted building;

Luckily or unluckily, the kids were rescued by Okiya. He was the first to arrive on the scene and snuck into the room. He knocked out the kidnappers and got the kids out. Okiya opened the cabinet to reveal a tied up and gagged Agasa!

"Dr. Agasa!" Conan was shocked. After explaining everything to the police, the group ended up eating a curry dinner. Agasa slowly ate the meal, not entirely upfront about what happened to the group. At least the police had a statement about what happened.

the den, Jinpei and Kenji's place;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. The couple rested on their couch and watched a movie. They cuddled up close and enjoyed the warm and quiet in their home. The small things started to bring them joy.

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Ramen Ogura, Haido, Tokyo;

Shukichi took the twins to Ramen Ogura for dinner. The twins were introduced to Katsumata Ogura the owner and his waitress Sayo Ohashi. Their evening was brought to a halt when a murder case came up.  They got word on the phone and immediately headed out.

Ramen Ogura;

Megure and Takagi were primary. There were three suspects; Katsumata, Sayo, and a local business owner; Atsushi Taninaka. The group started at the crime scene. The body was covered, but they focused on the scene around them. They gathered hairs, blood, and dirt all around. Nothing went unturned.

Kaito's bedroom, Jinpei and Kenji's place, Beika;

Kaito talked with Aoko over the phone. Kaito used his voice changer. They talked about some plans for the week with Aoko planning to take a trip into the neighboring town. Kaito has plans to work on a creative project and bake. They were happy to talk for another hour before hanging up.

Ramen Ogura, Haido;

The suspects were about to leave when the deduction show begun. The killer was revealed to be Atsushi. He was caught when they were able to identified his hair based off his hair color. They looked over some records to show the victim was an affair partner that wanted more. It was sad and completely Atsushi's fault.

Katsumata sighed, "I think it is time to move from Haido to Beika."

a pizzeria, Beika, Tokyo;

A few days later, Shukichi and Yumi went on a double date with Takagi and Sato. The group ordered two pizza at a pizza place, getting the bacon pineapple pie and another teriyaki chicken pizza. They ordered drinks and some extra tomato sauce with it. It was a delicious evening of wonderful food and company.

Chapter Text

Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia;

Takagi, Sato, and the twins went about their usual routine. They took their laundry to a laundromat. The twins sorted out the clothes based on their color and wash type before starting the first cycle. They got the laundry done and had some lunch.

the den, Agasa residence;

Heiji, the twins, and Ai had a meeting. Agasa sat in. The group had their notes out and more writing pads. They didn't have outside intelligence so they worked with their own information.

"They are not moving weapons or any technology," Heiji said. "It's odd, but I have no information to back that up."

"They rarely use those weapons beyond large scale stuff. Are they not planning anything?" Ai asked.

Masumi thought it over, "Could they laying low? Things have not been going their way." The group thought it over. It was entirely possible, but they would not hold their breath.

dining area, Jinpei and Kenji's place;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. The couple had a big pot of roasted tomato and pepper pasta. They also enjoyed it with a garlic bread. It was delicious, and they fully relaxed. They had wine and tiramisu to compliment the perfect evening.

the kitchen, Sera homestead;

Mary and the kids got together. The group got together to bake. Mary found some lemon cheesecake squares. They mixed and rolled out the dough before baking it. While it baked, they folded together whipped cream cheese, granulated sugar, and nutmeg with lemon juice and a touch of baking soda. It baked together in the shortbread dough and was deliciously sweet and refreshing.

the den, Hiro's place;

Hiro and Rei were talking. They were discussing their next move.

"My turn." Hiro declared.

"What do you have?"

"We need to follow them less in person. They have a digital footprint like everyone else. Plus, cameras are easily hackable," Hiro said. Rei stared at him. "What?"

"I'll do it, but we are going to talk about how creepy that statement was."

Chapter Text

Mouri detective agency, Beika, Tokyo, Japan;

Kogoro and Ran were astonished when Yuu arrived at his office with a group of four people following him. There were three women; Sumika Nihei, Shinobu Yuchi, and Tamani Mitsui. A man; Isao Sawaguri was hot on their heels. He took them hostage and announced what he wanted.

"Sleeping Kogoro, I need you to solve my sister's death. The police ruled it a suicide, but I know one of them killed her!" While Isao was explaining the circumstances, Ran got a phone call from Shinichi.

Agasa residence;

Ai, Harry, the twins, and the detective boys had a new case. They went around and spoke with shop owner that were in the inn. They gathered their statements and used them to build a bigger picture of the murder. None of them were ruled out, so for now, they would have to keep an eye on them.

the kitchen area, Jinpei and Kenji's place;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. The couple had a pasta dinner of carbonara and a fresh salad. They enjoyed it with a toasted piece of French bread and white wine. They had a great night together.

Mouri detective agency;

Conan talked on the phone with Ran as Shinichi took center stage. Shinichi had Kogoro go over the clues Isao provided. They went through all crime pictures, background checks, and old leads. They were able to make sense of the crime scene; they just needed to make sure they could actually place someone at the scene.

While Conan was solving his new case, Wataru and Natalie went on a date. They got tickets to an all-women revue that told folk tales. They watch them tell the story of the first gods, the ancestors of the emperor. It was a beautiful and intense story of love, betrayal, and power. They gave the women a round of applause. 

Chapter Text

Mouri detective agency;

The police soon arrived with special forces. They took places on rooftops and windows of buildings nearby. A team was watching the situation in Kogoro's office from across the street. They used the camera that was there and was given access to the CCTV. They couldn't hear anything unless they called in.

Mouri detective agency;

Shinichi spoke with Isao over the phone with Masumi by his side. Inside Kogoro's office, Ran and Yuu listened as Shinichi explained his deduction via the phone. They used Miku's book to trick Isao in thinking Miku had committed suicide. Isao was distraught and tried to detonate the bomb. Luckily, Yuu and Ran managed to tackle Isao. 

He tried to fight back, but the officers had already forced themselves into the room. They took him from the group and handcuffed him.

a local restaurant;

Shukichi and Yui went on a date. The couple enjoyed grilled grade A beef and marbled pork at a restaurant. They were served delicious sauces and sides like cheese corn, potato salad, and pickled radish. They enjoyed the best sake in the restaurant and indulged in treating themselves. It was a great night.

Mouri detective agency;

The twins continued to explain their deduction. The killer; nicknamed as 'rat' was revealed as Shinobu Yuchi.

"If the police tests the pages, they should find Miku's blood on it." Shinichi narrated via phone. 

"The book was in her possession when Miku was murdered," Masumi added. "I would rush it before she gets away again."

Hiro's place;

After the show ended and everyone gave their statements, Yuu returned home, Rei showed up. Yuu and Rei spoke.

"Shinichi Kudo called," Yuu started. "The BO labeled him dead, but he has just been in hiding."

"Are you serious? Are they just feeding false intel?"

 "Highly doubt that. They saw it go down. He just needs to lay low." Rei nodded, feeling anxious.  He hoped this pays off.

Chapter Text

the den, Wataru and Natalie's place, Beika, Tokyo, Japan;

Jinpei, Kenji, and Wataru had a meeting at Wataru's place. They sat down with snacks and drinks for a lengthy discussion.

"Do we have information on our missing friends?" Wataru asked.

"I have a sneaking suspicion they are closer than we think." Hagi noted. They could guess all day, but it was no point until they got evidence.

While Jinpei, Hagi, and Wataru were discussing their missing friends, Mitsuhiko and Genta were on their way to Agasa's house from the food store when they encountered Yuu, Yuu had questions for the kids regarding the twins and AI. 

 They were vague with answers and avoided giving away too much. It was important they kept them safe. They could never know who was listening.

the twins' bedroom, Takagi and Sato's place;

Shinichi and Ran talked over the phone. Shinichi was using his voice changer. 

"He held them to get some answers. I understand, but he is still facing serious charges," Ran sighed.

"I just wished he didn't have to go to those lengths. Grief makes you do some strange things," Shinichi replied. "Hopefully, they will understand."

 Ran sighed, "I do too." They continued to talk about the coverage and how the police handled things. They talked for two hours before ending the call.

One day, Heiji got mixed up in another case when he and the twins ran into Camel at a restaurant. A man had been killed in the bathroom. Takagi, Wataru, and Megure were primary, The case had the usual three suspects. Wataru had front row seats to the twins and Heiji squaring off. They went through the victim's phone using the password a friend provided. They read threatening messages.

They reviewed the evidence before noticing one of the killer's speak.

"Wait, the killer said something in the Kansai-ban in the threatening messages ," Masumi whispered. She listened to the girlfriend speak and figured it out.  Before long, the police found a burner phone with all the messages right there.

That evening, Takagi and Sato went on a double date with Shukichi and Yumi.They went out for drinks at a bar and restaurant. They ordered different bowls of ramen and spicy chicken. It was an amazing night.

Chapter Text

the den, Hiro's place, Beika, Tokyo;

Rei and Hiro met up at Hiro's place. They hugged and sat down to talk.

"You still a PI?" Hiro asked.

"Yes, I actually have a case. Doing some minor background checking." Rei replied.

"It seems routine. However, I can say there is a lot of tough stuff in her background. Poor women." he finished.

"That's sad. Anything else?"  Hiro wanted to know.

"Nothing yet. Waiting for another contact." came the reply.

the lab, Agasa's residence;

The twins met with Harry, Ai, and Heiji. Agasa supervised the meeting.

"I don't trust Yuu," Ai said. "He is incredibly secretive on par with the BO."

"And we keep seeing him everywhere," Masumi said. "The first two times seemed like just crossing paths. Now it is getting scary."

"Well, if he is following us, we will return the favor," Harry added.

local brewery;

Wataru and Natalie went on a date. The couple went to a beer tasting at a local brewery. They sat at a table and were served four different beers. This tasting was a way to better understand their beer tastes as well as a test group for the brewery. It was a wonderful night and they learned quite a bit.

Sera homestead;

The Sera family plus Agasa and Shiho sat down to dinner. They had beef curry with potatoes and carrots. It had slowly cooked before being served over hot rice. Soda, juice, and water were served and they finished the meal with ice cream mochi. It was a great evening.

master bedroom, Jinpei and Hagi's place;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. After a long day of hard work, they rested in their room. The light glowed over them as they called up. They were warm and cozy, a happy couple. The air around them was calm and peaceful.


Rei was all set. The kids had met Hiro already. It was a matter of time befoire Hiro's disguise was seen through. Things were heading for a collision course. Sooner or later, Shuichi, Rei, and Hiro would have to come clean to their respective families and friends.

For now, they had to keep pushing forward. As long as he kept looking forward, things would work out.