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The Fighters

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the den, Hiro's place, Beika, Tokyo;

Rei and Hiro met up at Hiro's place. They hugged and sat down to talk.

"You still a PI?" Hiro asked.

"Yes, I actually have a case. Doing some minor background checking." Rei replied.

"It seems routine. However, I can say there is a lot of tough stuff in her background. Poor women." he finished.

"That's sad. Anything else?"  Hiro wanted to know.

"Nothing yet. Waiting for another contact." came the reply.

the lab, Agasa's residence;

The twins met with Harry, Ai, and Heiji. Agasa supervised the meeting.

"I don't trust Yuu," Ai said. "He is incredibly secretive on par with the BO."

"And we keep seeing him everywhere," Masumi said. "The first two times seemed like just crossing paths. Now it is getting scary."

"Well, if he is following us, we will return the favor," Harry added.

local brewery;

Wataru and Natalie went on a date. The couple went to a beer tasting at a local brewery. They sat at a table and were served four different beers. This tasting was a way to better understand their beer tastes as well as a test group for the brewery. It was a wonderful night and they learned quite a bit.

Sera homestead;

The Sera family plus Agasa and Shiho sat down to dinner. They had beef curry with potatoes and carrots. It had slowly cooked before being served over hot rice. Soda, juice, and water were served and they finished the meal with ice cream mochi. It was a great evening.

master bedroom, Jinpei and Hagi's place;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. After a long day of hard work, they rested in their room. The light glowed over them as they called up. They were warm and cozy, a happy couple. The air around them was calm and peaceful.


Rei was all set. The kids had met Hiro already. It was a matter of time befoire Hiro's disguise was seen through. Things were heading for a collision course. Sooner or later, Shuichi, Rei, and Hiro would have to come clean to their respective families and friends.

For now, they had to keep pushing forward. As long as he kept looking forward, things would work out.