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King Phillip II

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“I saw you looking at me,” Ben said, the costume and makeup still on, the shirt opened revealing his chest.
“I mean who wouldn’t?” You say, sitting on the edge of his hotel bed as he paces the room, tidying his things.
This experience is surreal, it not sinking in at the time.
Ben laughs, “A lot of mums like King Phil,” He pauses, “And well you,”
You freeze as he locks eyes, you feel your cheeks begin to blush. Immediately, you break the eye contact, his stare dominating.
“Now now, you couldn’t take your eyes off me before,” He says, clutching your jaw with his hand, forcing you to stare him in the face, “What has changed all the sudden?”
You don’t respond, a shudder of pleasure overwhelming your body.
“I- um, well,” You mutter, his grip still firm on your jaw, he tilts his head slightly smirking, awaiting your response.
“Come on, use your words,” He urges. “Tell me how hot you find King Philip,”
“You know what you’re doing,” You manage to say, “I’m not going to give in that easily,”
“Oh, you’re going to be like that?” Ben growls. His tone immediately taking you aback, “You’re going to regret those words,”
Ben pins you against the wall smirking as he grips your wrists tightly, "I think somebody needs to be taught their place,”
“I-” You try to fight back but you know this is already a losing battle.
Ben removes your shirt and bra before whispering “Shhh,” gripping your wrists tightly against the wall, the feel intoxicating. His lips make their way to your jaw then to your neck. He sucks hard against your tender skin, circling his tongue as he does, the sensation of his moustache adding to the pleasure. You try to fight back, pushing your weight towards him trying to not let him win you over this quickly, yet at that, he sucks on a sensitive spot causing you to whimper in pleasure.
“Stop trying to fight it, you’re such a desperate bitch for me,” Ben growls into your neck.
With the teasing and his words you crave to be touched, crave more than these kisses. He knew that, however, he also wanted to push you to see how far your stubbornness would go. His hands make their way down your body, his other hand still around your wrist. He cups your breast, smirking closely to your face as he does so. He begins to play with your nipple between his fingers. You close your eyes, the desperation getting tantalisingly close to ignore. By surprise, his lips make their way to your other nipple, him licking and swirling his tongue around it, as he continues to play with the other. You can’t help but moan in pleasure, your pussy aching for attention. His hands make their way down your body, caressing you before they make their way between your legs. He leaves it there for a while, as you squirm desperate for friction, he laughs, gripping the one wrist he has in his grasp tighter "Come on be a good girl now, I might let you cum if you are. I know you're a desperate bitch but I'm sure you're able to control yourself better than this,"
You gulp, trying to stop your body from moving without your consent, eager for his touch. You feel your legs begin to shake, the beating between your legs prominent. Ben exhales, before leaning close to your ear, “Bad girls get punished,” You feel the hot air of his breath, the hairs of his moustache. With surprise, he clutches you, throwing you onto the bed, immediately crawling between your legs. In this position, his jacket opens more, revealing more of his bare chest. He removes your trousers and pants, exposing your wetness, the air making you shiver. “Wow, look at how wet I’ve made you,”
“Okay, shut up,” You say, attempting to take back control even though he was on top of your naked body, fully clothed.
“Still trying to take control?” Ben smirked. His head made his way between your thighs, him kissing and sucking, teasingly close to your desperate pussy, his moustache hairs tracing the marks he causes.
“If you want me to go further, you’ll need to beg,” Ben says, continuing to tease with his lips.
“Wha-,” Your words were cut off by him briefly brushing over your clit with his tongue, replaced with a loud moan.
“Beg,” He muttered, the vibrations and feel of his moustache so close to you adding to the pleasure.
“I-” You try to think of a way around it, desperate for him not to win, yet your mind fell blank, unable to comprehend anything.
“Go on, tell me how much a slut you are for me,”
“I want you, okay,” you say, his lips trailing closer to your pussy, the pleasure unbearable.
“Fuck. Please. Please. Please. I want you so desperately. I want to feel your lips on me so badly,” You say, giving up all control.
“Good girl. That wasn’t so hard was it?” He growls into you before he rolls his tongue over your aching clit, licking your wetness. Your whimpers turn into loud moans as he picks up speed. “I know you’re desperate but we don’t want to wake the whole hotel do we?”
You sigh, trying to stifle your moans yet you struggle and as he hits a spot, you moan louder. He pulls away, grabbing your shirt and shoving it in your mouth before he returns to your pussy. He hits all the right spots, curling his tongue at the right speed, dipping his tongue in and out of you, building you quickly to the brink.
“Now, ask for permission,” Ben says, sending vibrations into you.
“I- please, sir, can I?” You ask muffled through the T-shirt
“Only when I say so,”
You try to protest it but with the shirt in your mouth and you shaking with pleasure, you were unable to. As you feel that knot in your stomach, the climb to your climax, you move your hips to his rhythm. He pulls away, immediately your pussy aches desperately for his tongue to return. He slaps your thigh hardly, making you moan. “Did I say you could move?”
You shook your head.
“Remember what I said bad girls get punished, so now,” He returns to your pussy almost instantly, his grip tight around your thigh.
Immediately, your climax builds again, you try desperately not to buck your hips, yet your body acts on its own accord, desperate to reach climax. Ben pulls away once again, giving your thigh another smack as he gazes into your eyes, admiring your desperate state. You felt yourself desperately and painfully close. You tried desperately to hold it, wanting to shut your legs to try and aid yourself yet you were unable to.
“I know how close you are,” Ben muttered, “One touch and you’ll cum,” He trails his hand down your shaking thighs, making you shudder. “I’ll allow it, if and only if, you you admit what a desperate slut you are for me,”
He removes the shirt from your mouth, wanting to hear every word aimed for him.
“I am such a desperate slut for you, sir, please, please finish me,”
“Good girl,”
As soon as the tip of his tongue hit your pussy, you exploded into orgasmic shock, moaning his name loudly. He took off his jacket, rolling over, lying next to you on the bed, allowing you to calm down from your intense orgasm.
“Come here beautiful,” He says, pulling him so your exhausted state collapses onto his bare chest. You put your head onto him, his smell overwhelming you, his arms around your back.
“This isn’t going to be a one-time thing,” he says.