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“And, cut!” the director called out as a collective sigh of relief filled the room. Glances were shared and expressions were an indication that everyone was exhausted, it being the longest shoot yet. However, not everyone in the group shared the same opinion. Mat, Jim, Larry and Ben had really enjoyed this shoot, them all being more upbeat when filming, plus the scenery was beautiful. There was a rush as cast and crew began moving and packing things away, the cast heading to their respective trailers to change from their Viking costumes back to their normal selves. As the four walked back, Larry caught up to Ben.

“Hey Ben, wait up!” Larry shouted, unable to keep up with Ben’s fast strides.

“Hey Larry, what’s up?” Ben responded, turning back to allow Larry to catch up

“The sky…” Larry broke out in giggles whilst Ben stared at him blankly trying not to laugh, stifling his giggle at such a bad joke. “No no seriously though, I left my bag in your trailer earlier, mind if I come and grab it?”
“Yeah sure,” Ben said as they both walked back to ben’s trailer. As they stepped up the narrow stairs, Ben opened the door, gasping.

“What's wrong, Ben?” Larry asked.

“Oh ha, nothing, just didn't expect y/n to be here” Ben responded.

“Y/n?” Larry looked passed Ben confused, “Oh, hello y/n” Larry smiled, realising who it was.

“Hi Larry! And hello Ben,” I responded, taken aback by how they both looked unexpectedly hot in their Viking outfits. I never really understood people with things for facial hair or men with long hair, but looking at those two just hit differently. Their appearance made my heart rate increase slightly. I hid it behind a smile.
“You both look weird in your outfits,” I said, contorting my face into a disgusted expression, facading that, in reality, it was secretly turning me on.
Larry and Ben shared a glance, eyeing up each other costumes.
“I thought they were kind of hot,” Larry said.
Ben raised his eyebrows, “Hot?”
I laughed, “Well, I mean-”
Ben looked again back at himself and Larry, not quite sure what was hot about leather and fake hair and beards.
“Are you sure mate?” Ben looked at Larry, with a little confused smirk.
“Well I mean, you can pull off any outfit Ben, but for once, I look pretty good in this,” Larry responded in a smirk, stroking his leather torso.
“Seriously? I don't think my caveman is much of a looker,'' Ben laughed.
“I’m with larry here,” I quickly responded. I agreed, Ben did look sexy in everything.
“You find me hot as a caveman, wow, you guys need to up your standards,” Ben said jokingly, laughing a bit, waiting for Larry and y/n to join in, yet they continued to glare at him, smirks on their faces.
“Wait, you’re being serious?”
“I have to say mate you looked very hot as a pirate,” Larry said, “It even-”
“Even?” Ben asked oblivious to why Larry stopped himself talking.
“Nah, it’s nothing,” Larry said, hiding his face with his hands, which were quickly building in colour.
“Come on, tell me,” Ben said, getting close, curious to what Larry was keeping from him.
“Ben-” Larry objected.
His words were cut off by Ben clutching his wrists to move his hands away from his face.
“What are you hiding?” Ben smiled, realising the situation. Larry looked away, unable to look Ben in the eyes.
“Honestly mate, it’s-”
Larry tried to ignore his growing erection, Ben’s grip tightening around his wrists.
“Do you find me intimidating Larry?” Ben continued, a dominating tinge to his voice.
Hearing Ben say his name as he did excited him even more.
“O-of course not,” Larry said, still looking away from Ben.
“Then why aren’t you looking at me?” Ben clutched Larry’s jaw bringing it close to his face. “Why is your face so red?”
“I, um-”
Larry’s mind had gone blank, all he could focus on was Ben’s eyes, which he was being forced to look into. They displayed hunger. I sat in my chair, watching the interaction happen. I could feel my pool of arousal forming, watching bens dominance over Larry made me want them even more. Ben glared into Larry's eyes, his pupils blown and breath heavy. Ben could see through Larry, he knew that his actions were causing this reaction from him.
“Tell me, Larry,” Ben asked in a deep tone, holding eye contact with him.
“It turned me on, okay,” Larry said, defeated.
Ben was slightly taken aback but held his dominance, “Did you do anything with those thoughts?”
Larry's eye’s widened, shocked to hear those words come from his friend’s mouth.
“Ben?!” I said, his words causing a flutter of pleasure to overwhelm me, adding to my already growing arousal.
“Well, answer me, Larry,” Ben growled.
“What if I said that I did?”
Larry was attempting to sound sarcastic yet instead, his words came out high pitched, more of a squeak.
“Then I suppose I’d be flattered,” Ben said, “But also, I feel a punishment is in order,”
“A what?!” Larry muttered. He heard exactly what Ben had said yet his mind was unable to keep up and fully comprehend it.
I felt myself gulp, anticipating which way this situation will go. They knew I was sitting here. The situation was turning me on more than I realised it would, especially since they both remained in their costumes.
“Might be easier to show you,” Ben smirked, “Strip for me,”
Larry stood still, his face bright red.
“Don’t make me ask twice,” Ben continued.
As Ben glanced at me, he pulled the same smirk. My heart rate suddenly picked up speed, the flutter overwhelming my clit prevalent.
“And you y/n, I want you to watch us and-” Ben turned his head to the table, clutching a tie from a previous shoot, before approaching me. “Hands behind your back,” He demanded.
Immediately, I did as he instructed, allowing him to tie my hands together with his tie.
“I want you to watch us and suffer the torture of not being able to touch yourself,” With those words, I craved Ben’s touch, Larry’s touch, just some friction to make my growing aching clit satisfied.
“I told you to strip,” Ben growled, spanking Larry’s ass, taking Larry evidently by surprise.
“Sorry, I-” Larry mustered, slowly taking off his costume.
“Sorry what?”
Larry gulped, “Sorry sir,”
As Larry pulled down his boxers, his hardness sprung free, as it twitched from what I could only I assume was a mix of the cold and desperation.
“How pathetic,” Ben said, “You’re already this fucking hard for me,”
Again, Larry’s cock twitched as he stood naked, desperate for Ben to do more than stand beside him degrading him. Without warning, Ben clutched Larry’s dick tightly, giving it one firm stroke, causing Larry to moan loudly due to the surprise and sudden simulation.
“Christ, you moan like a girl for me,” Ben gives Larry another firm stroke, as Larry tries to stifle his moan. Ben gives a large slap to Larry’s ass, causing him to whimper. “I want to hear you moan for me, like the desperate bitch you are, don’t hide it,”
Larry frantically nodded as Ben continued to jerk him off, smirking as Larry moaned loudly for him. I was also moaning, desperate for friction. I had tried to move against the floor however how I was sitting, I couldn’t do so. So, I was left to watch, adding even more desperation to my aching clit. As Larry began to reach his brink, he buckled over, leaving on Ben’s shoulder, the pleasure overwhelming. Ben slowed his strokes, using his other hand to grab Larry’s hair and force him to look up at him.
“Getting tired are we?”
“Just close,” Larry mumbled, desperate for Ben to continue his quick pace.
“Look at y/n watching you,” Ben forcefully tugged Larry’s hair to face me. His desperate but shameful look added to my pleasure.
“Please,” Larry muttered.
“What?” Ben continued.
“Please let me cum,”
Ben spanked him hard, causing a bit of pre cum to ebb from his dick.
“Now, don’t cum, I haven’t said you could, have I? And also what do you refer to me as?”
“Sir,” Larry strained, putting all his effort into holding back the knot in his stomach, his climax on the brink.
“Good boy,” Ben said, causing Larry to whine.
Ben continued going at a slow pace, Larry gripping onto Ben’s shoulder.
“This is your punishment,”
Larry opened his mouth yet nothing came out by whimpers. Suddenly, Ben picked up the pace, taking Larry by shock. After a few quick strokes, Ben stopped, leaving his hand around Larry’s dick.
“Don’t you dare cum,”
“Ah,” Larry said, buckling over, his dick twitching in Ben’s hand, desperate to finish. His orgasm was right there, one simple touch or word would send him over the edge but without permission from Ben, he was left to wait and endure the torture.
“Please sir,” Larry muttered, “Please let me cum,”
He was unable to make eye contact with Ben since he knew that one glance would do it.
“Look at you shaking, desperate for my touch, desperate for those words, you’re such a slut for me,”
Larry shook more, Ben’s words toitering him over the edge.
Ben came close to his ear whispering “Cum for me and moan my name like a good boy,” He bit down on his ear lobe, the hot breath and feel of Ben’s facial hair against his face added to the stimulation.
Larry took a deep inhale of air, releasing the restraint he had over his body.
“Come on then,” Ben said, spanking his ass hard. Immediately, Larry came, screaming Ben’s name as streaks shot from him. Larry stood there, shaking, unable to hold his own weight. Ben smirked, enjoying the sight of larry coming down from that torturous orgasm. As Larry came round slowly, ben was made very clear of how tight his boxer had gotten. He was so hard and waiting for attention.
“Was any of those thoughts like that?” Ben asked, hunger and lust oozing from his tone.
Larry could barely remember how to form words, “M-mhm,” is all he could get out.
Ben went around and moved me from my viewing spot in the chair.
“Get on the sofa,” Ben commanded.
I quickly followed the instruction, desperate to see what he was going to do to me. I sat down, my body was now shaking, my wetness prominent and my desperation was pushing against my pants. I've never seen this side of him, it was hot. As I got in position, Larry made his way to the chair I was in, needing to give his tired legs a break. Ben glanced over, smirking at Larry and then back at me, he was enjoying this too much.
"Tired are we Larry?" Ben asked in a bratty tone.
"Not at all," Larry said in a hushed voice, feeling back together again now that he had sat down.
"Good, why don't you come and help me show y/n how Vikings treat misbehaving girls," Ben commanded, watching my face gleam, excited to see what is going to happen. Larry quickly, as excited as me, got up and came over, still stark naked. I could see his cock slowly start hardening, anticipating the events about to occur. Ben came up to me and removed my restraint, letting my arms loose. I stroked away the red marks from the tie but before I tried to move, Ben swiftly grabbed them in one hand, moving them above my head, pinning me to the sofa. Ben looked over at Larry, giving a lustful, smug look, hinting for him to go in and attack.
"So, y/n, do you know why we are punishing you?" Larry whispered lowly into my ear, the hot air tingling my ear canal.
"N-no," I replied, but it was clearly the wrong answer as I was quickly greeted with a harsh slap on my thigh from Ben making me whimper, the sensation going straight to my clit.
"Well then, let's jog that memory," Larry whispered again, nibbling my earlobe and placing hickeys down my jaw and neck. All I could do was moan back in response. Ben saw the chance to tease me, knowing how desperate I was. He pushed my t-shirt up to my neck, leaving my bra covered tits free. Ben started placing kisses over every aspect of my chest and stomach, making sure every inch of skin was touched. The sensations of both mouths were too overwhelming, I wanted the contact, I needed friction. I started grinding, trying to find something that wasn't there, until, my thrust came into contact with Ben's crotch. I could feel his length, begging to be freed, from his costume and boxers. Ben groaned, the friction reminded him again of the layers he had, he looked over at Larry, who was taking full offence on my neck, bare naked and solid again, gently thrusting into the air looking for non-existent friction. Ben couldn't help himself, the hunger took over him, he swiftly removed his costume and boxers letting his dick spring free after an eternity behind layers.

Now that my hands were free, I took the chance to reach down and take Ben into my left hand and larry into my right, having both very unique cocks in each hand. Both of them give a deep groan at the sensation. Desperate for me, they both grinded into my hands at different rhythms. Larry fought the urge to grind further but stopped himself, grabbing my wrist, and holding it up. Ben wanted to do the same, after all, they are punishing me but he was so desperate, so eager to cum. Larry shared a glance with me, both thinking the same thing, thoughts entwined. I sped up my hand, sending Ben into pleasure heaven, his head tilt back and his groans slipped out with no holdback. Larry took that chance of Ben’s vulnerability to get behind him and whisper the words Ben wanted to hear.
"Think you can fuck us over and not get payback?" Larry said with the devious smirk Ben gave him earlier. Ben moaned in response. I got up and removed my hand, leaving Ben open and empty, a whimper was given to express the disappointment. The missing hand was soon replaced with my hot, wet mouth around his dick, sending Ben into overdrive. Ben could help himself but grab my hair and start fucking my mouth like a horny teenager. I groaned around his cock, sending vibrations through him. Ben was so close. Larry quickly grabbed Ben’s throat and pulled Ben back to look at him. Ben's pupils were blown, his breath heavy, he was so close and needed release.
"God, you don't shut up do you?" Larry said and quickly started kissing Ben passionately. Ben's groans vibrated down Larry's throat as I sped up, swirling my tongue around the head of Ben’s throbbing dick. Ben broke the kiss, feeling the knot in his stomach about to burst. He gripped my hair harder, causing some strands to snap, the grip made me whimper around his cock sending the last sensation he needed to cum.
"F-fuck y/n," is all Ben got out before he came aggressively into my mouth. I promptly removed myself and swallowed all of Ben, not missing a single drop of the warm liquid. Ben and Larry groaned at the sight.
“Enjoy that loverboy?” I wittily spoke as I took the last gulp, my smug face oozing with my ego.
“Y-yeah,” Ben responded through his breath, coming down from his orgasm as Larry did mere minutes ago. I sat watching him, still in my clothes, Larry behind him naked with his second hard on. I shared glances with them, trying to hint but all I got was blank stares in return.
“So, my turn?” I asked the room, my hints clearly not enough. My clit was aching for attention at that point, I couldn’t wait any longer. It was as if I flipped a switch in Larry with those words. He kicked drowsy Ben out the way onto the second chair, grabbing my shoulder and pushing back down to the laying position I was in previously. I grunted from the harshness but I didn't mind. He swiftly removed my jeans and soaked pants, smirking at my glistening, soaked pussy before him. The cold air sent a shiver down my spine, evident by a little shiver.
“God, you’re so fucking wet for me,” Larry groaned, he couldn't hold himself back. He went straight in and started signing circles around my sensitive clit making me moan his name. He smirked knowing how desperate I am.
“L-Larry... P-please,” I moaned out, I wasn't sure what I was asking for but I needed to cum so badly and yes, this was good but I needed more, I craved more. Larry removed his face and lined himself up, he looked at me, asking permission with his eyes. I quickly nodded back, desperate for anything. He penetrated me, seething his throbbing cock into my pussy, I moaned at the sensation of being filled, being full of Larry. He slowly starts thrusting into me, managing to hit my g-spot every time. My moans and his grunts molded into one in the sounds in the room.
“You’re so w-wet for me,” Larry groaned out, feeling his second orgasm on the horizon. I reached down and frantically started rubbing my clit, needing the extra sensation. My moans increased velocity, Larry grabbed my hips, holding down too hard, moving my hips against his thrusts to push in deeper. My moans increased even more, overhwhelmed with the many sensations, I was so close.
“Y/n I’m s-so c-c-close,” Larry mustered out through his grunts and moans, I whimpered back in response. His thrusts became more erratic and off-rythm, he was so close and so was I, I just needed a little push. My eyes were shut, trying to untie the knot inside of me, until I felt hot air travel down my ear.
“Cum for me baby,” Ben whispered sensually into my ear, and just like that, I came instantly, screaming both of their names. Larry was close behind, desperate for his release. Ben walked over and grabbed Larry's jaw and pulled his face towards his own.
“And you, moan my name you deperate whore,” Ben groaned into Larry's ear. Larry instantly came undone, moaning mine and bens name as he filled me up, making sure I took every last drop from him.
“Fuck that was hot,” Ben said, we both nodded in agreement.
“After all of this, I still dont know here my bag is,'' Larry said as he got up and put his viking costume back on, his ordinary clothes in his own trailer. Ben giggled as he changed into his normal ben clothes. I got up and changed too, knowing that they will want to shut the site down to go home and yet, us three are in Ben’s trailer redressing after fucking eachother senseless.
“Someone definitely heard us,” Ben said with a smirk, Larry suddenly had a panic plastered on his face.
“I dont care, it was hot,” I said in response, trying to calm larrys sudden nerves. Ben zipped up his fly and abruptly said, “I hope this isnt a one off,” a smirk on his face.
“Oh dont worry, I’m happy to prove your outfits are hot anyday,” Larry said, smirking back at Ben.