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Phi/Captain Hurt/Comfort

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He pulled Phi backward onto the bed, scooping her in again for a passionate kiss once they were settled somewhere in the middle. His hands- one cradling her face and the other caressing her neck and shoulder - were not large, but they were strong, soft, and lightly calloused as they pulled her in closer to him, holding her tightly like a drowning man to the last wreckage of anything above water.

Phi took the part of her mind raised on Astrarian politics, social niceties, and rules of conduct-- every sensible part that said this was a bad idea... placed it in a box... and shoved it into the dark where all her other anxieties were at the moment. She could deal with that later.

Right now his tongue was stirring things in her she hadn't felt at least since... probably since kissing Sabine that night in the club. Or the beginning of hers and Fen's friends-with-benefits arrangement. It was the thrill of something new and intoxicating and sent little sparks of curiosity, hunger, and delight all throughout her body.

In the moment, it felt absolutely, fundamentally necessary to climb into his lap until her thighs rested on either side of his hip bones and he had to tilt his head up to keep contact with her lips. He was making the softest mewling sounds unconsciously in his haste to taste her deeper and hold her to him.

She wasn't about to let him go.

He broke the kiss, gasping, then returned for more, fumbling to pull her shirt out of the flowy skirt-pants it was tucked into. He gripped her warm stomach and and hips hard enough to leave purple trails of blood vessels responding to the touch only to fade moments later.

"So. I guess it is time to even the playing field after all," Phi breathed heavily, prompting the Captain to leer up at her and grin with all his teeth.

"And ah... unless I'm wrong-- maybe uneven it a bit again."

Phi lost her impulse to respond either way as he lifted her shirt and placed an open-mouthed kiss on her stomach, dragging his teeth across her skin and licking-- from the tender skin under that primal paunch that never seemed to lay flat after puberty and her medication-- stopping only to swirl his tongue mischeviously in her bellybutton.

"AAH!" She lurched in surprised

"Stop that! That tickles!" She giggled.

He smirked wickedly and pulled her back in by the waist, kissing lightly on the surface of her stomach.

"My apologies," he said without a hint of sincerity, and slowly nestled his fingers below the waistline of her skirt and glanced up to hint to her his intention to pull it down.

Phi, not wanting to rush this, pulled back from him and smiled.

"Don't you know sex etiquette is to undress me from the top down? Otherwise I could interpret that you wanted this to end quickly."

"Not at all," he breathed, but shifted his sitting position higher against the bedframe and pulled her down into his lap again. This time their hips were flush together-- or as much as the could be with clothes on.

" 'Twould be a shame to give you the wrong impression."

Phi took hold of his neck and pulled him forward into a deep kiss, making him groan a soft " Mmph--" When his long ginger hair got in the way, she pulled it out from their teeth and lay it once more beside his face before returning for a swift peck.

Then she sat up and removed her own top unbottoning the front until he could see the purple expanse of her neck sloping down into the curves of her breasts.

Hormones has been kind to her. Helped along by medicine usually reserved for people who needed birth control, but in her case had given her breasts that, while not exactly as large as she would have liked, at least responded to gravity.

It was for this reason she had kept her brassier from her Grand Dutchess ensemble, ever since the portal fiasco, even though she'd discarded all the rest by now. It was no longer the color it once was-- stained from sweat and whatever else... but clean and still obviously high quality silk, lace, and wool.

The Captain whistled softly.

"Like what you see?" Phi's mouth quirked up as she fought the urge to roll her eyes.

"Surprised there aren't any jewels in there."

With a playful shove Phi pushed him back into the headboard.

"Oof-" he laughed softly.

Then, as if a cold wind had blown through the room suddenly, there was a short pause where his gaze went unsteady and his breath caught sharply in his chest. His eyes darted up to hers in a half-second of what could only be pure terror, before he shook his head and took a deep breath. Then another.

"You all right? " Phi asked, examining him closely.

He inhaled sharply again and responded " 'mFine!"

Then, when Phi waited with a soft-but-stern quirked eyebrow at him he amended, "All right, all right. I'm just..."

Seeking comfort, he pulled her hands to his , on either side of them.

"Just ah-- I don't want... "

He took a long moment, Phi thought, to choose his words carefully. But when they came out it was almost in a stream of consciousness.

"She tied me up. I mean. It's not like I mind being tied up in normal circumstances but... when it was her and I wasn't thinking clearly and-- when she was helping us find those that went missing-- and it became transactional, in repayment... "

Phi gripped his hands, suspecting she knew what was coming.

"I felt -- like I couldn't say 'No.' "

His voice broke a little when he said it.

Phi swallowed the sudden anger burning in her throat and chest, and nodded.

He rambled on as if only his words were staving off a repeat of the scene playing out in his memory.

"It's not that... it's not that she did anything out of the ordinary, like... it's just... She gets into your mind, Defiance. She gets in your mind and then that's all you can think and it's her calling the shots and then you don't even think until later that it was wrong. You didn't want to do that... Like it was all some horrible dream even if you can't tell exactly what was wrong. Only that you feel like you're not YOU anymore and--"

"Hey. " Phi interjected, pulling her hands up slowly to rest on either side of his chest, his hands still clenched in hers.

"Stay in the room. Stay with me, ok? Deep breaths."

The Captain obliged, taking several slow, deep breaths. Then, adjusting their hands so Phi's palms were open on his chest and his were crossed over them, alternating pushing each into his chest softly.

" Red blanket, white bedsheets, pretty girl, wooden floor, and a lantern... "

"What was that?" Phi asked, but he kept up the murmuring and the motions of their hands.

"Pretty voice... make that two. Creaking beams. Waves on the hull. "

Phi recognized what he was doing, then. It was a calming technique to stave off panic, counting down the five senses.

When he was finally done with the calming ritual, he sighed and looked up at her.

"Thank you for your patience, lass."

"Of course," Phi said, "You all right? Do you want to stop?"

"What?" The idea seemed to take him by surprise.

"No-- I don't want to stop I just ... Ah. Well. You get the idea. I just need--"

He thought again and then pulled up her hand to the side of his face and leaned into it. His eyes looked up at her and she could see the beginning of tears.

"I don't want it to be rough... not like that."

"Oh..." Phi cursed herself for how stupid she sounded, then added, "I understand. I'm sorry if I scared you a moment ago."

"'S fine." He sniffed sharply, then looked back at her with a sad grin.

"But... seriously though. If you need to stop--"

He silenced her with a thumb to her lips as he cradled her face again, bringing it to meet his.

"That's the last thing I want, lass."

He was slower and more deliberate this time, sliding his tongue in her mouth and pulling her in by her waist until she sighed and gave a contented hum.

His palms slid up her sides and after a brief hesitation, she guided him the rest of the way to start unhooking her bra.

He exhaled with bliss as it came off and Phi, having removed his own shirt, slid against his chest, making as much contact with their exposed skin as possible.

She could feel her pulse racing in her ears as he asked her to lay down beside him and he took up perch above her, continuing to kiss, nip, and suck ever inch of skin he could get his mouth on.

He made short work of her skirt , leggings, and underwear, then he did the same with his own clothes.

As they lay, now naked, on the bed together, they slowed to look at each other, their hands still running over their bodies like playful children.

Phi gave him a look.

"Well? What do you have in mind?"

"Ah-- nothing. Nothing at all at the moment."

This made Phi chuckle-- then groan as he leaned in to kiss and swipe a tongue behind her ear, making her toes curl.

"What are the ground rules?"

"Well..." Phi considered. "We've established nothing rough..."

The Captain hummed in her ear.

"And uh... I don't really feel like uh... being penetrated right now." That was an understatement. She hadn't had a bath in what felt like months at this point. And her body was not shy to have informed her that she was not getting the same type of food lately that it was used to.

" All right," the Captain replied, "Would you be interested in pentrating me?"

"Maybe," she considered. "Although... I-- its not like I can be erect for long... its more like a large clit than anything else. "

The Captain gave her a cheeky grin and tilted his head, "More than one way to penetrate."

Phi smiled "Of course."

"I like your smile," the Captain said suddenly, " This one, I mean... you and your brother have a few smiles. I guess it comes from being big important people... but I like this one." He poked a finger gently at the corner of her mouth.

"It's nice."

Phi felt a warmth spread from her chest outward..

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it."

Phi continued with her ground rules, for lack of what else to say to such tenderness.

"I uh... as you can see, I have balls, but ... I'm not that fond of that part of my anatomy. I've wanted to change it since... well. Since puberty."

"If that's the case, I'm surprised you haven't already, being the Grand Dutchess and all. Seems if it were what you wanted, you could wave your hand and well, " he gestured up at his chest, where his two horizontal scars contrasted with his skin, "toss them overboard as it were."

Phi laughed at that.

"It's not that simple."

"Why not?"

"Its that ah... running a country has its responsibilities to be upheld, for the sake of peace."

Internally, Phi's chest clenched, realizing again that peace was never her father's intention. And that her part was always just as an obedient pawn. Even when it came to this...

"The people of Astraria care that much about your balls, lass?"

"No. But my father did... " Phi said bitterly.

The Captain, with a creeping look of confusion bordering on disgust or concern, shook his head.

"What in Keeva's roiling tempest do you mean your father? He... He didn't-- "

"No! Nothing like that. It's just... Well probably the only reason he even agreed that I could start my medication was ... on the condition that I would still be functionally fertile if I stopped taking it for a while... Keeping the power in the family means ... I have to be able to produce an heir."

Captain shook his head again. "That's a bit fucked up if you ask me."

"Yeah well... I never said my family wasn't. "

"So then... keeping in mind your comfort, what shouldn't I--?"

"Just ah... don't play with them. I mean. I know they're there. You don't have to completely avoid them, but... don't pay them any extra attention. If that makes sense..."

"Seems simple enough... Anything else?"

Looking up at him-- his volumous, curly hair framing his face in the lamplight-- his soft, surprisingly delicate lips and smooth skin peppered in freckles from the sun-- his rosy chest scars and wide hips... she couldn't think of anything else to say but:

"I want you to make me come... and then I want to do the same for you."

"Aye. I can do that," he said giving her a lusty look.

"How do you want to come, lass?"

Phi took his hand gently and, to his confusion, guided it past her large clit, lower to beside her scrotum.

"I thought ye didn't want--"

" There's a--" Phi trailed off as she guided his finger to find the internal canal on one side of her.

"There's one on both sides, but I like... this one particularly.. "

"What am I looking for, lass?"

"It's behind the skin so it's not a hole... but there's a space there that-- "

She pressed his finger up into it, and felt the delicious stretching of the internal passage where her balls once passed through.

"It ah... it's supposed to feel like a vagina. I dont know if it does, obviously... but I like it. It's ... You just have to be slow at first. But once I'm warmed up... it feels soooo good."

"Fuck... ok."

The Captain shifted down along her body to get a closer look and begin a few test pokes and gentle fingerings.

"Yeah," Phi breathed. " That's where. You can go deeper."

"Like this?"

A few minutes of tests and adjusting, The Captain seemed to get the hang of it.

Then, with Phi's permission, he sucked on her clit as he continued with two fingers now. He rolled his tongue over and around her. He closed his eyes as he made little bobbing motions with his head, swipes of his tongue, moaning around her the whole time like he was enjoying himself as much as she was. Focusing most of his efforts on the head of her clit, sucking soft, then hard, then taking her deep into his throat to spasm around her-- Phi reached her limit fast.

She pulled his hair and lifted him away from her, gasping. "I-- IM!! Please give it to me harder before I come. Please!"

"Do you want harder, more, or both sides, love?"

Her heart did a little summersault at the endearment, but she was also very distracted.

"Aaa! Harder please-"

The Captain braced his weight around her body and shifted shifted allow his hand access to her, then increased the intensity of his thrusting into her internal tubing. At the same time, he dipped his head to lick, and suck at her inner thigh.

That brought her over the edge. Phi felt her self shudder with release as she let out a loud moan. Her clit let out a few spurts of thin, fluid cum, leaving a hot, wet puddle on her stomach.

The Captain licked her clean as she let out another satisfied moan. Then he crawled up to kiss her cheek and stroke her horns and hair as she floated on the aftermath of her orgasm, making the rocking of the ship feel like a part of her blissful daydream for a moment.