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Day by Day, Step by Step (I Want to Get to Know You)

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Morgan lingers awkwardly in the doorway, clutching a bag to her chest. Joseph looks up from when he is slouched against the back of a couch. “So,” he says, raising an eyebrow, “what did you need me for?”

Morgan shuffles her feet a little. Gathering her courage, she strides over and thrusts the package towards Joseph. “I, um. I brought these back for you. They’re the clothes you lent me the other day. I promise they don’t smell! I washed them and everything. Twice. Though I might have pulled one of the seams around the shoulders? Sorry about that.”

Joseph just tiredly rubs at his face. “Yeah. No worries. You know, you really didn’t have to come in just to give them back. You could have waited until our next team meeting.” 

Morgan blushes a little. “But they’re your clothes! I didn’t want you to think that I had stolen them or something. Or what if you needed them and they weren't there and then you didn’t have anything to wear?”

“They’re just clothes. Besides, didn’t you see my wardrobe here last time?” He gestures to the door behind him. “I’ve got plenty of replacements. But it’s still appreciated, I guess?”

There is a pause. Morgan bites her lip, fidgeting. “Well. I guess I should be going then?”

Even Joseph, who recognises that he is not the best at social cues, is able to see that Morgan doesn’t really want to leave. “Stay,” he says abruptly. “We can … put on a movie or something.”

Morgan’s shoulders relax and a smile spreads across her face. “Really? Are you sure that I’m not interrupting you?”

“Nope. Besides, if we are going to be a team, we probably should get to know each other a little more. Team building, and all of that.”