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The Bell’s Hells had spent their last day of travel back to Jrusar obediently following the Honoured Trails, the journey going a lot more smoothly now that they did not allow themselves to be tempted by the curiosities off of the beaten path that had, in one particular case, literally lured them towards peril on their way towards the Heartmoor Hamlet.

They rode in a staggered line upon horseback, conversations mostly focused on the heist that they had somehow successfully pulled off against better equipped professionals and odds, most of them taking it as some small form of confirmation that maybe they had fallen into the company of the right people.

Imogen held the reigns of Heart in one hand, whilst her other sat at her waist, cradling the pouch at her side. She allowed her body to be calmed by the thrum of the stone, her mind fairly at ease from the only company around her being that of the party that she was growing accustomed to the buzzing of.

As much as she relished it out here in the unpopulated woods, she found herself eager to get back to Zhudanna’s, back into her and Laudna’s shared space with the thick walls burrowed out of the stone of the spire surrounding them.

She glanced behind herself and saw Laudna holding a conversation with Ashton, Imogen wondering for a moment if he by-passed getting thigh chafe from horse riding what with their skin being closer to rock.

“I will never trust flowers or fairies again, after a place like this” she overheard Laudna proclaim, watching her hips sway side to side on the saddle in tandem with Escargot as Ashton let out a gruff exhale in agreement. Imogen smirked to herself as speak of Laudna and flowers reminded her of one thing.

I don’t recall you havin’ an issue with flowers when I fucked you from behind on a bed of them in an open field. You had so many petals stuck to your skin afterwards, do you remember? Imogen turned her focus back ahead, after allowing herself to see Laudna tighten the grip on her reins and abruptly clear her throat as if she had choked on a sip of water. She could just hear Ashton ask if she was ok and if she needed a pat on the back as she continued.

You took my fingers so eagerly and slammed your ass back into me, I lost count of how many times you begged “please.”

 It was to tease with Laudna but in all honesty after so many days on the road and surrounded by the others company, it had affected herself just as much, not that it required much to tip her that way.

Imogen, don’t be cruel. Imogen threw a look back over her shoulder again, raised an eyebrow at Laudna before she assessed the width of the path as she gently tugged on Heart’s reins indicating for them to slow down.

She innocently leaned out over to Escargot, patting them on the neck through their wiry hair as her leg brushed up against Laudna’s. Her dimpled smile betrayed her thoughts.

The moment we get home I’m gonna absolutely ruin you. Imogen stared off ahead as the scarred hand she had pet Escargot with had Laudna’s eyes still locked on it. She made sure to slowly meander it onto the top of her own thigh under her close watch, her thumb ever so gently brushed at the delicate skin that fell on her inner thigh and she sighed, just loud enough to be certain Laudna would hear.

Is that so?  Laudna challenged, settling in to the game Imogen was playing. And what if I made you wait longer? We have so many threads to follow in Jrusar, why rush to pull the one that will unravel you?

Imogen shifted in her saddle. You know I don’t like to wait. She reached out across the small distance between the two of them again, this time to gently hold Laudna’s hand as she brought it back over to herself. If I have to show you… with her hand over Laudna’s, she guided it to the place she had previously rested her own at the top of her leg. In a manner she hoped only perceptible to Laudna, she ground down her hips onto her saddle with each bounce of Heart’s walk, the faintest of sighs falling from her lips before she finally rested the flat of Laudna’s hand against her centre. She felt the accelerated thrill of being around the rest of the group.

“Fuck, Imogen” she hissed as she found the wet gathering between her legs through her shorts.

I want you alone. If I don’t get your hands on me soon I’m gonna become non-functional. She turned to Laudna, all severity on her face.

Well we can’t be having that now, can we? What use will you be if you are so touch starved that you throw yourself at the next enemy we encounter? Imogen snorted lightly in response.

Not the type of goin' down I had in mind.

A flurry of images flashed into her head as Imogen witnessed pitch black being gently illuminated by a flash of toxic green before hands clawed outwards, splitting flesh as though digging themselves out of a grave of dirt as light filtered in. She felt the bile rise into her throat as she remembered the moment the music stopped.


Suddenly Chetney had piped up as they reached the edge of the forest, Orym motioning towards the plumes of smoke that raised into the sky in the not so far distance.




The two of them stand bare between their bed and their dresser. Laudna brushes Imogen’s hair over her shoulder, leaving it to cascade down between toned shoulder blades and along her spine as Laudna pivots on her feet and retrieves Imogen’s chest harness back off of the top of the dresser.

“Arms up-” she grazes her lips against a lilac framed ear as she guides one arm followed by the other into the loops made by the strips of leather, holding her hand over the top of Imogen’s, noting the feel of the lightning scars as she then glides her hand over the surface of the flesh up her forearm, transcribing the transition from the calloused bolts to the soft and smooth skin that wraps her biceps and shoulders, kissing Imogen’s skin where a denser cluster of freckles lies at the top. 

Laudna drapes herself over Imogen’s back as she holds her head against her temple and looks down over her torso, watches the steady rise and fall of her dappled chest as she feels out for the belt of the harness and she brings it around her hips, needle and threads the ends together and fastens the buckle.  She palms at the meat of Imogen’s hips, as she sways them together, kisses her neck behind her ear.

“So strong.” Imogen nuzzles her head back and into Laudna’s sharp cheek, raises her left hand up to cup Laudna’s jaw and unites their lips as a show of thanks for the praise.

(Imogen’s nightmares have been occurring with more frequency, the silence on more nights than not broken by her soft sobs as she blindly reaches for Laudna across the bed before her eyes have fully adjusted.

Imogen; daring, talented, passionate, and burdened. Laudna had quickly adapted to adding another waking routine to her repertoire in their early days together. Glasses of water, pads of fingers traced over cheeks and along jaws and into pastel locks as they carded through hair. Ushered words of affirmation, reverence of strength, and promises of a future with sovereignty Laudna truly believed in (at least for her companion.))

Laudna drifts her hands down over the outsides of Imogen’s thighs, rakes her nails over the supple flesh, her talons leaving canyons in their following as the pads of her fingers witness the strength of the muscle laying below the soft surface.

“You’ve tanned.” She states, as her index traces the lighter-coloured garter of skin circling the mid-point of Imogen’s left thigh, shielded by her holster from the sun’s rays as it sat in offer to the sky as they had been travelling on horseback for the past few days.

“Wonder how that would have looked when I was blue.” Imogen quips as Laudna playfully bites her earlobe.

“I still think it suited you…”  Laudna steps away from Imogen to retrieve something from the top drawer of the dresser. Imogen hears the sound of fabric being moved and gentle cluttering.  “…although I did miss your freckles and obvious blushes.”

“I’ll bet.” Imogen’s eyes fall on Laudna’s as she steps into her periphery, and she flushes as if on cue, her attention then being brought to the phallus casually held in Laudna’s hand, belts and straps woven around it.

“I’d meant to give this to you before we left. I found an artisanal leather worker in Elder’s Post, quite the formidable lady.”  She untangles the mass of leather and metal fixings, her usually expressive hands being occupied by the task.

“It’s not the fanciest. Did you know you can get these enchanted so they become an extension of the wearer? A literal magical cock.” Laudna laughs and Imogen blushes a deeper shade of crimson. “Maybe when we’ve amassed more gold.”

Imogen remains speechless as Laudna holds out the harness into its intended form between outstretched hands as if holding a cat’s cradle.

“I did my best to match the tanning to that of your harnesses. It should clip onto them with these brass loops-” Laudna started to bend down. “-here, lift your legs for me.”

Imogen obeyed as she steps one foot followed by the other through the gaps. Laudna sinks to her knees and drags the harness along with the cock up and over her thighs. She tightens the buckles whilst checking in with Imogen that it feels comfortable, clips the harness that falls low on her hips together with the belt of her chest one via brass clasps that attach to the leather belt loops. The cock itself sits in a larger brass O ring, and Imogen quickly realises that it does not have a flush flat back to it as a soft area of padding brushes against her clit. She lets out a small yelp.

“Honestly I’m quite impressed; you’d think they were part of a set-”  Laudna halts as she looks up at Imogen from the apex of her legs, her hands pulling down lightly on the belts crossing over the outside of her hips.

The look in Imogen’s eyes is heavy, her mouth slightly open as she stares down at Laudna, offering her services and knelt before her. She feels the arousal drip down her inner thigh. Laudna, perceptive as always, catches it and leans forward with her tongue out to lap at it, making a satisfied sigh as she maintains eye contact with Imogen as she then licks a deliberate line from the base of the cock up to its very tip. Imogen groans loudly at the sight, her hips instinctively rolling the cock against Laudna’s mouth. The warlock smiles before she hollows out her cheeks and takes as much of the length of it as she can into her throat as she hums around its girth.

“Laudna-” she starts, falling short on what to articulate as she’s thrown by a barrage of desires. She threads a scarred hand into onyx hair shocked by white, eagerly grabs a fistful of it and pulls upward; hoping Laudna will get the cue.

And she does, letting the cock fall out of her mouth with a small pop, rising again to her feet as her knees creak, her mouth pulled hungrily against Imogen’s as she makes a noise at the back of her throat that travels into Laudna’s own windpipe as they kiss, Imogen’s heart thumping against Laudna’s brittle chest.

“I take it you like it then?” she smiles into Imogen’s lips as the shorter woman pulls her flat against herself and she parts the two of them only slightly for air. They can both feel the foreign presence of the strap-on between them, and Imogen inadvertently lets out a moan as the push of Laudna’s thighs against her own causes the base of the cock to move against her centre.

“Are you sure you didn’t get one of the magic ones?” Imogen sighs out as Laudna palms the base of the toy against her, using the heel of her hand to periodically apply pressure to Imogen’s clit.

“Well I can’t lie when I say I took into consideration how responsive you are to grinding down on things, but this-” Laudna steps away from Imogen enough to allow for more space between them as she runs her hand up the length of the phallus and angles it parallel with the floor, pushing the contact point up and against Imogen proper as it envelopes her clit.

“Fuck, Laudna-” Imogen falls back against the dresser, her thighs shake as she loses strength in her legs for a moment, her ass just falling short of the surface of wood as her hands feel out and grip onto the edges of its top, her knuckles turning white.

Laudna sloppily licks a line up the column of Imogen’s throat and under her chin before sensuously kissing her as she continues to fondle the cock in her right hand, her left covering Imogen’s right on the table top.

“Can’t say it’s a gift just for myself now can we?” Imogen groans as the words remind her of what she had been distracted by all day. She halts Laudna’s motions with a hand clasped around her wrist, pushes her off herself with a movement of her hips as she guides them the few feet back into their bed with determination. The backs of Laudna’s knees make contact with the oak frame as her lithe body folds backwards and collapses onto the mattress, Imogen shortly following after as she straddles herself above her narrow thighs.

“Allow me to say thank you…” Imogen drawls as her hair falls onto Laudna’s torso as she kisses at the space between her breasts. Her fingers slot into the spaces between her bruise mottled ribs as her hands splay out under each of her tits. She grazes the front of her incisors over a peaked nipple before biting down on it with just the right amount of pressure.

“Anytime-” Laudna exhales as she pushes her chest up off the bed when Imogen soothes the bite with her tongue, latches a hand onto the back of Imogen’s head ensuring as much contact as the restraints of physicality would allow. 

Thinking again on when she had Laudna a crumbling mess for her on all fours in the wildflower field, Imogen sits back and moves towards Laudna’s knees as she wedges a hand between her ass and the mattress.

“Roll over.” She commands as Laudna immediately twists underneath her, guided by her hand and looking back at Imogen over her shoulder as she lays flush against the bed. Imogen runs her hands up the back of her slender thighs and gropes at her ass cheeks, brings them back down to spread her legs apart as she sits between her knees.

Imogen spits into the palm of her hand before rubbing it over the head of her cock, cheeks slightly flushing at the sight of the tendrils of spit tethering her hand to its tip as she withdraws, laying a hand by Laudna’s ribcage as she hovers herself over her back, she places a kiss to a prominent shoulder blade before looking back down between her own legs as she lines herself up with the meeting of Laudna’s.

She holds the base of the strap in her hand as she uses the tip of it gently to glide up and down the length of Laudna’s vulva. The older woman whines, burying her head into the fold of her arms as she lifts her hips away from the bed and needily rolls her clit in circles against the flared head.

“Imogen, I want-” she starts as Imogen drags the tip of the cock through her labia, teasing her and adjusting to the presence between them. Imogen can see Laudna’s slick gathering and adhering to the length of the strap, trickling onto the sheets. Her mouth goes dry.

“What do you want, darlin’?” Imogen grabs a handful of the flesh of Laudna’s ass as Laudna shudders and summons all of her strength to pull her hips out of contact with the toy and looks at Imogen again from over her shoulder.

“I want to see you when you’re inside of me.”

That. Imogen’s chest feels like it could burst. She knows Laudna enough to know that being taken from behind drives her crazy like nothing else and yet this woman just has to cause her heart to ache with all her sentimentality and caring. She is such a fool for her.

In the short time Imogen had zoned out, Laudna has turned over and is moving to kneel up opposite Imogen.

“Don’t think about it so much, I just want to see you enjoy yourself.” She purrs as she pushes on Imogen’s shoulder, motioning for her to lie back against the pillows. Holding Imogen down as she straddles her hips, Laudna whips the veil of her hair behind her back in one swift motion of her head as she looks down between her legs. She aligns herself with the strap-on before looking directly into Imogen’s eyes. They fall into a silent moment of intensity.

“You really do wear it well.”

Laudna’s eyes flutter shut as she takes the head of the cock into her cunt, lowers herself down slowly until she is full and flush against Imogen. They both hold still, the only sound is that of Imogen’s deep breaths as Laudna adjusts to the new stretch. An almost imperceptible “fuck” falls from Laudna’s mouth as she extends her right hand out, palm flat against Imogen’s soft belly.

Her eyes fall partially open again as she starts to roll her hips back and forth and around in circles, keeping the cock fully sheathed as her motions cause the back of the strap-on to massage Imogen’s clit. Imogen groans and Laudna shudders in response. Imogen stares at the point where the two of them are connected, cheeks in a constant low flush from the wet sounds of Laudna’s gentle movements against her. She sits forward, arms wrapping around Laudna’s back, holding her in her lap as she grinds down against her.

Imogen’s breath falls out hot against ice cold skin, her face flush against Laudna’s neck as her lips brush over her collarbone and her nose falls into the hollow space above it, breathing in that smell of fallen leaves she had insisted to Orym not so many days ago. Laudna hooks her arms under Imogen’s armpits, rakes her nails down her back from shoulder blades to the end of her ribcage, causing her to let out a groan before she gently bites at Laudna’s collar. Laudna grips on to the leather suspenders holding the harness over her back.

She turns her face as Imogen leans in to nip at her jaw, chasing her lips with her own and locking them together. She feels Imogen’s tongue lap at the back of a pointed canine.

(The first conscious movement Laudna makes each morning when she wakes is to run her tongue along the backs of her teeth. It is a habit born out of the necessity of anchoring herself back into her own body after a night of dreams that replayed the moment when her life was taken from it. Echoes suspended without a participating body, visions of fine silverware and heady charcuterie, slack ropes being pulled taught. There were less frequent times when the dreams were not even of her own; they seemed to come with a correspondence to her taking on her form of dread. Gut wrenching feelings of heartbreak, resolute bargaining. Visions of an eye set into the palm of a hand. That woman’s voice-)

And you were telling me to think less… Laudna hears in her head as Imogen tugs with just enough force on a handful of her inky hair to tilt her skull back. Has she been botherin’ you again? Imogen lays a kiss to Laudna’s temple as they both hold each other at a pause, Laudna still sat in Imogen’s lap with her legs wrapped around her waist.

No. Just feeling reflective. Laudna lies, suppressing the memory of Delilah’s appearance when she was swallowed up by that carnivorous plant, the brief control she held over her body as it startled from unconsciousness for what was by some sick joke not the first time.

Laudna visibly shook her head out of her thoughts as she weaved her talons behind where the buckles of Imogen’s harness lay over her chest. Imogen lets it pass, for now, as Laudna projects visuals of the many times she’s looked down at an enchanted Imogen below her, lavender hair fanned out and cheeks flushed as Laudna rode on her fingers. She pushes Imogen away from herself as she situates onto her knees and calves, gasping for a breath as the cock angles deeper into her, catching her off guard.

Imogen sucks at her own lips as she looks up at Laudna, one hand gently resting on a pale hip whilst she leans back on her right arm for support.

“This feels very different to the immovable rod” Laudna jokes between breaths, as she raises herself off of Imogen just enough so that the head of her cock is still inside her. At just as slow a pace she lowers herself back down onto it fully, rolling her hips forward at the end of the motion.

“Gods Laudna” Imogen’s head swims at the visual “explains why you didn’t want to let that one go.”

“A girl gets lonely on the road.” Laudna emphasises the statement with another rise and fall onto Imogen, setting a rhythm in motion as Imogen holds onto her waist.

All that stuff you got me to tell you about and you’d never thought to mention that one to me before? Imogen berates as she moves her hand and twists one of Laudna’s nipples, the older woman hissing and biting her lower lip.

Well I have to keep some things for myself- she exhales melodically - or it just isn’t fair now, is it? She pushes Imogen back fully against the pillows, fucking herself on the strap-on, always ensuring to deliver a devious roll at the bottom of each descent to ensure Imogen is enjoying it as much as she is.

“Gods Imogen, you feel so good inside me…fuck, I’m so full.”

Imogen lifts her ass in rhythm off the bed to thrust up into Laudna, picking up the pace. Both of her hands reach out to grab at a sunken waist, her dull fingertips feeling the slide of skin against bone. She watches as the spidery eyelashes of Laudna’s flutter each time she bottoms out, sees her start to drape her body inwards and over Imogen as she pants, stained and cadaverous hands grabbing at her own tanned and fleshy stomach. Imogen is totally enamoured.

She pulls her in again, cradling the spindly woman against her chest as she rolls them both over and lays Laudna down so gently, as if she would break (in all honesty, they both knew she fairly easily would.)

“You can lie down on me.” Laudna reassures, wanting to feel the full weight of Imogen bearing down on her. There are worse ways to have your ribcage cave inwards.

Imogen is timid, but she does as Laudna desires, settling herself between the taller woman’s legs and shrouding her delicate torso. She envelopes her arms around her riveted back and holds the woman she loves flush against herself, leaving no room for air as her soft skin fills the spaces made by all of Laudna’s harsh angles and absence of fat.

Laudna holds her there by the brass loops of the harness, kisses her lovingly as Imogen gently rolls their hips together. As Imogen breaks for air she can see the sweat starting to form on Imogen’s brow as the ringlets of her hair start to adhere to her forehead and neck. She rests her head next to Imogen’s as she looks down over the plane of her back, watches as each muscle carries out its work flexing under bronzed skin. She initially takes her hands to her back to massage the ligaments, but she is quickly enough drawing scratches into Imogen’s skin as she rakes her claws down her back. She hears Imogen’s muffled moan into the base of her neck.

She stares at her hands; takes in the skin almost made translucent, purpled veins and capillaries resting at the surface of flesh that held little meat behind it. Her fingers, so skeletal and straddling that borderline between passing as human and over exaggeratedly long- that wear a constant slight stain of black from the nailbeds of her talons down to a point between the first and second knuckle of each digit, betraying a pretence of common human mortality. 

(She would often stare at her hands, as she blinks the sleep from her eyes, or shakes herself off of the ground after having fallen in a fight. She would glare into the palms of them, flex and close them in a roll of digits as if mimicking some form of nightmare creature’s walking pattern.

It still makes her recall the first time she looked down and saw those hands, the first sight of herself that she bore witness to after waking from the big sleep. Foreign and unrecognisable, she would spend many a year following putting her hands to use under her own dictation, forming and creating and embellishing, building homes out of sticks and stones, laying down a fragile nervous system of roots for them to only be uprooted again and again. She had wondered how many times a plant could be pulled from the earth to be transplanted elsewhere before it lost all desire and function to acclimatise.)

Imogen hears this, her mind still running on carnal logic. Laudna’s nails have left scratches deep enough to draw blood, rivulets of it taking the path of least resistance and falling from the banks of Imogen’s ribcage, others gathering in the dimples that lay on her waist. Imogen grits her teeth and starts to jerk her hips more forcibly, thrusting into Laudna with a manic necessity so the cock massages her insides.

She snakes a hand down between the two of them, thumbs at Laudna’s clit that’s proud and aching. Laudna wails and holds Imogen firmly in place by the straps of the harness, after spreading the crimson over Imogen’s back in a fine sheen.  Imogen can’t differentiate between the sweat and blood trickling down her shoulders and waist, the exertion of her movements catching up with her as she grunts next to Laudna’s ear.

This is just for us. She absolutes, her thumb brushing back and forth over the sensitive bunch of nerves as the driving sounds of her hips create wet slaps. She removes her hand that’s tending to Laudna’s clit and grabs her face by the jaw, forcing her to look up at her.

Tell me. It’s just us. The whites of Imogen’s eyes start to glow subtly in her desperation, bargaining for peace of mind for the both of them.

“Just…us” Laudna pleads out for more reasons than one, her body now missing the attention on her clit as Imogen stays clenching her jaw in her hand as she rams her hips against her, the push and fill of the cock bordering on painful. She wails and lays a hand over the one holding her face.

Imogen…it’s all I want. She almost looks defeated, black tears gathering in the corners of her eyes, adding an oil-like sheen to already doll-like orbs.

Imogen’s own eyes soften, relaxing the grip on her face. She delicately runs her thumb over Laudna’s bottom lip before kissing her softly, her hips slowing down almost to a halt.

“I know…” she rolls into her repeatedly, lining her tits up with Laudna’s so their nipples brush over one another, Imogen sighs, sensitive in that regard as always. Laudna raises her hands above her head, fisting at the pillows through the masses of her black tendrils as Imogen seizes the opportunity to lap her tongue at her armpit. She inhales from the source of densely concentrated pheromones, the scent of frankincense and petrichor, but mostly earthy and born not-quite-of-flesh fragrances she wouldn’t be able to compare or describe, other than them being decidedly Laudna. She lovingly nudges her forehead there afterwards, as she places a kiss to the side of a breast.

Imogen can still feel the sting along her back, the dull thrum of it a reminder of the sharper, woeful form that her lover morphs into to protect herself. She admonishes herself for thinking of those hands stretched and made skeletal proper, raking down her thighs, her bright crimson blood marbling with ebony ichor as the veiled form tears her apart with her tongue. She feels the shameful desire between her legs. She increases her pace again to satiate it, thankful that Laudna can’t read her own mind.

She hears the woman below her starting to pant again, reunites her thumb with Laudna’s clit as she draws fast and tight circles around it.

How are you feelin’?

“I’m close,” Laudna replies, licking her lips as she swallows against a dry throat. Imogen watches the tendons in her neck rise and fall as she keeps her canter on a steady escalation.

Do you want to come? Imogen would draw this out for Laudna if she needed it, would let it be by her own resolve on other occasions, but the physical response of Laudna palming her ass to hold Imogen tight against herself as her thighs start to tremble answers the question for her.

“This good?”

Gods, “yes,” so good. “Fuck Imogen,” you’re always so good. Laudna found herself unable to coherently stick to one form of communication, her hips responding erratically to Imogen’s thrusts. In the moments as her climax approaches she can feel the blissful emptying out of her brain, the suspended vignettes of past lives both her own and otherwise forced upon her with no autonomy momentarily exiting, as she is left just with the feeling of Imogen filling her and brushing a thumb across her clit, so lightly it brings her a euphoric point to focus upon.

I want to see you come for me.

Laudna’s whole body pulls taut before it jolts at increments, a honeyed sigh parting from her lips each time she convulses. Imogen carries on rolling into her as she too is pushed over the edge at the sight, shuddering as she collapses fully onto Laudna, halting and grunting as her sensitive clit is finally given a reprieve, not possessing the energy to remove herself.

After she allows herself the moment and finally gathers her breath back, Imogen gently pulls out of Laudna - they both twitch - she places a kiss under her navel as she sits on the edge of the bed, undoing the various buckles and clasps.

She stands up, slipping out of the harnesses as she rests them on the top of the dresser again. Her eyes fall to the detached leather pouch (not the one used for her coin) and she gathers it into her hand as she glances at Laudna over her shoulder.

She clutches at the rock through the layer of bundled leather, her heart rate easing out as she considers the stone in her palm.

“Not tonight, but we should talk.” She makes her way back over to their bed, sliding the pouch underneath her pillow as Laudna stares up at the ceiling.

“Not tonight.” Laudna rolls over, holding the bed sheet aloft for Imogen to join her under. She kisses her forehead and drapes an arm over her waist as she lies next to her, tongue rolling over the back of her teeth.