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OffGun June Drabbles

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In the few days that Gunn has been at Off's house, they had established some dynamics to try to explain to Gunn what human love was, and one of them was to watch different series that were broadcast on TV. Currently they were both sitting on the sofa in the living room, with a series that Off had not paid enough attention to before. The scene they were watching was about two boys who were jumping under a rainbow flag. They seemed very happy to Gunn and it reminded him of the way he could be with the people he loved at his planet, free and happy.

"This is how human love should be, free". Gunn said in his monotonous voice as he looked at Off "Love is so beautiful as to limit it by gender".

Those words echoed in Off's mind for a moment and made him think of his best friend, who looks strangely quite similar to the alien next to him. He remembered how he felt every time he spent time with him, and every moment they had shared together. And that was the moment when he made his decision: it was about time to live his life as he wanted and to love whoever he chose. So he made a mental note to talk to his best friend soon, while continuing to watch the TV with a small smile on his lips.