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Chapter 53.A


Akira made his way down the school hallway, still shuddering from the traumatic experience he'd had at Yui's house. He struggled to remember his locker combination, because memories of their bath together kept poisoning his mind.

While Akira was fumbling with the lock, he heard a goofy voice from behind him.

"Oh, hey, it's Akira-chan~!"

He slowly turned his head to see that it was Naoya, who had a dopey grin on his face.

"...What did you just call me?"

"Don't be so cold, Akira-chan~!" Naoya took a wobbly step toward him. "That's no way to talk to your boyfriend!"

"M-my-," Akira pressed himself flat against the lockers, getting as much distance between himself and Naoya as possible, "My what?"

"You missed my call last night! I was worried sick about you, my love!" Naoya shifted in place, and made a dorky-looking pout with his mouth.

Sweat was pouring down Akira's forehead as he clung to the wall. "N-no! I didn't agree to this! Back off, you oaf! Y-you think I swing that way? I'd never date a creep like you!"

Naoya, however, continued to approach flirtatiously. "Ehhh? What's the matter, Akira-chan~? You were so cute and sweet yesterday~. Why are you hiding your feelings today?"

His advance was interrupted, however, when a voice suddenly cut through the air, "Leave Zakuro-san alone!"

Abruptly turning their heads, Naoya and Akira saw Yui Furumi stomping down the hall.

"Clearly she isn't interested, so buzz off!"

"But Akira-chan told me yesterday that he loved me! He's just being tsundere as usual!" Naoya argued.

Akira looked on with pure shock and horror as the two began to fight over him.

Suddenly, Yui grabbed Akira's hand and began dragging him down the hallway.

"Come on, Zakuro-san, I'll get you away from this pervert!"

Looking back just before they rounded the corner, Akira saw Naoya laying on the ground, sobbing.

Even when he's being a creep, he's still pathetic… Akira thought to himself, baffled by what had just transpired.

"Are you alright, Zakuro-san? I hope he didn't hurt you."

Akira turned forward again, and found himself face to face with Furumi-san, who had now taken his other hand and was staring at him intensely.

"GAHH!" Flush red, Akira jumped and pulled his hands away, his skirt swaying with his movement.


Looking down, Akira realized he was wearing their high school's girls' uniform. Blonde twintails brushed past his shoulders. She began shaking as she pushed down the hem of the skirt in embarrassment.

"It's okay!" Yui said in a calm and comforting voice. "You're safe with me, Zakuro-san."

Zakuro felt one of Yui's hands begin brushing through her hair, as the other wrapped her in a warm embrace. Although squeamish at first, Zakuro was too exhausted to resist, and she soon fell into Yui's arms. She felt so warm and loved as Yui held her so tenderly. 

"Come on, Zakuro-chan, let's relax with a bath."

As if struck by lightning, Zakuro opened her eyes only to see she was already in the bath, and she was looking directly at Yui's bare breasts.

Zakuro sprang up from Yui's bed, screaming. "AHHHHHHHHHH!" Her body shuddered uncontrollably, and her breathing was erratic.

Yui turned from her vanity, where she was styling her hair. "Zakuro-san, good morning," Yui greeted with care and concern, "is everything alright?" 

Zakuro was already collecting her belongings, and she used the Maniacal Girl app to change her outfit to her school uniform. "I-I need to get going!" 

"But… What about breakfast?" Yui offered graciously. "Our chef is making-"

"Thank you for your hospitality, really. But I have to leave!"

The fleeing demon lord slammed the door shut as she hurried out of the Furumi manor as swiftly as possible.

As she hurried out the gate to the driveway, she let out an exasperated sigh.

I wanna erase my entire memory of last night…