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Looking for a Future

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Previously on Love & War;

In a world filled with alphas, betas, and omegas. Shuichi Akai, Hiromitsu Morofushi, and Rei Furuya found each other as kids. They met again as adults and got to know each other all over again. Eventually, they came together as a mated triad. The triad found and saved Shuichi's cousin Akemi Miyano. Akemi's kid sister Shiho joined them later.

Sadly, with the good comes the bad. The dangers of BO were revealed when Shuichi's youngest siblings had a run in with Gin and Vodka. They lost ten years, and Shinichi ended up losing his present day memories too as well. Eventually, his memories returned. Now the detectives are working to defeat the BO and the twins are hell bent on getting a cure to their condition. And this brings us to the present day.

the den, Hiro, Rei, and Shuichi's place, Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia;

Hiro, Rei, and Shuichi had some alone time. The trio scented each other and relaxed. They were in their own little bubble, a necessary moment in their bonding. Everyone knew that they needed alone time. They all stayed away and let them be. It was nice.

the den, Wataru and Natalie's place;

Rei and Hiro got together with their friends Wataru, Jinpei, and Kenji for a poker game. The group laughed as they played, trying to throw each other off. It wasn't long before they started to drop out one by one. They were finally at the end when Kenji held up a full house and shared the loot.