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Looking for a Future

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BO headquarters, Haido;

Rum faced off against Tsutomu. They had unfinished business. They kicked and punched each other. They were set on killing the other and ending this once and for all. They both gave as good as they got, drawing blood and bruising.

BO headquarters, Haido;

BO agents faced off against the alphabet agencies agents. They fought and threw everything at each other. As the bullets ran out, they started to fist fight their way out.

dance studio in Beika, a few days ago;

Kaito and Shinichi had some alone time. The couple went to a dance class. The instructor was teaching the class how to salsa. They carefully watched the steps and posture. Before long, they were moving with ease. It got them excited for more classes.

BO headquarters, Haido;

Gin and Vodka faced off against Hiro, Rei, and Shuichi. Gin and Vodka tried to attack Shuichi but Hiro and Rei forced them back. Gin fought with Hiro and Rei had Vodka on the ropes. Gin rushed to hit Rei, but Hiro took out a knife and stabbed him in the abdomen. 

Gin coughed up blood and crumpled to the ground. His eyes glazed over.

the den, Jinpei and Hagi's place, Beika;

Jinpei and Hagi had some alone time. The couple kissed and loved on each other. After a romantic steak dinner with red wine. They also enjoyed tiramisu and shared kisses. They ran to their room, excited for the end of the night.