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Naruto - Ero war

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Naruto arrived at Buta Hime - sama country and he sees many monsters and demons as well. Naruto sighed and he pulled out his Scottish war blade and his armor and he now he sees monsters in front of him and he now is slashing and hacking away on the monsters - Dorumu the pig moster that is leading the charge...

Dorumu is looking out and he sees the carnage and he sees Naruto wrecking everything in his path.

Naruto - he has made it to the castle and he cut his way through.

He saw Dorumu with the queen - Irena. She had long blond hair with her green eyes and her huge breast and ass.

Then there was Tasha - a red hair bob cut and bangs with dark skin and amber eyes.

Naruto sighed and he saw what would unfold.

" Dorumu , you have been judged and you will die.