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Naruto - Ero war

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Naruto is in the Kyonyuu Princess Saimin 

Naruto sees a human male sitting on a throne and he smirked.

" I just defeated a young prick who thought he was big shit now 

" Oh you are the one who defeated Ingwell and bandit leader eh ?" Faran said. He is a human male and has short black bangs.

" Yeah and I now am gonna Kill you Faran " Naruto said.

" Really ?Why would you do that ?" Faran said.




Safina Tani Crusch - Is a human female with blue hair and green eyes and is 165cm tall.

Tamanna Crusch - A human female and 161 cm tall with brown hair and green eyes

" Protect your king attack this intruder " Faran ordered. Both women nodded and attacked him.

Naruto easily dealt with those two and he kicks both of them away.

" Your ran of terror ends now!! " Naruto said as he was in front of Faran and he began to pick up by the throat and choke him.

Naruto smiled as he closed him out the window. Not bothering to check if he dies from the fall.

" Now let's see of I can't break you from the control " Naruto said.

A few min later ...

Naruto broke the two women out of his control - However Naruto now had a new problem Farasha Awar Crucsh who is looking pissed.

Is a human female knight that is 165 cm tall and has blond hair and blue eyes.

" What is going on here ? Are you responsible for this mess !! " she said pointing the blade at him.

" No I am not " Naruto said.

" Farasha stop !! This man freed us from Faran " her mother said.

" You see Faran got an mysterious egg called Masir and he got from an assassin named Kuzuhana and it said the object can grant any wishes.It is a form of hypnotic suggestions - that affect the mind. Basically he wanted his home land to belong back to his people and with him as king all. According to reports he is the princely heritage that Burkan destroyed  he wants to overthrow the current king Burkan to quell the resentment from his homeland , he bought it as he wanted to exact vengeance on your people for his native land, by making you bear his children and become the king of this land. Naruto said. " Little did Faran realize that he was being played by Yuzuhan and the dark forces are at work trying to take down this place." Naruto said.

" I see thanks for the warning " Tamanna said.

" I want to have sex with you " Naruto said.

" I think there is a way to repay right mother " Farasha asked with a sexy grin.

" Oh I think there is dear daughter " Tamanna said.