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Naruto - Ero war

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Naruto is now Kyonyuu Elf Oyako Saimin series 

Naruto sees now the high elves know how to breed and they have known how to do so for a very long time however their is a human male who is about to change that...

Naruto sees a human male named Ingwill and it is at shoulder length as he hypnotized the queen and her daughter to have  his way with them both.

Naruto shook his head... While his mission was to free them he had had a choice , does he free the elves and dominate the species under his rule or does he let this play out ?

Naruto the pulled out his crystal ball and he summoned Alicia, she came and was seen in front of Naruto.

" So Naruto my dear 

" Well here it is my question is simple , do you want me to take this place over ? 

" Well give me a rundown of what is suppose to happen sweaty " Alicia said with a smile.

" Okay " Naruto said and so Naruto told her everything that is supposed to happen.

"While I would like to not get involved I think I will personally get involved , he is enslaving women here and I am going to fuck this place up " Alicia said with a evil grin.

Alicia is Agraliel and she sees the lush trees and mountains surrounding the castle.

Alicia scowl is on her face when she sees Ingwill is having the time of his life getting his dick wet.

" What the hell is going on here ?" Alicia asked as she appeared a few feet away from 

" Who the hell are you ? Never mind you big breasted bitch how bout you suck on this cock " Ingwill said as his hand glowed pink.

Naruto smirked as he appeared in the room and sighed and he stabbed him with a kunai.

" Ow !! My hand !! What the fuck ?!

" Oh now you can't hypnotize women eh ? Now than why shouldn't I kill you ? " Naruto asked with a sick demented grin.



Naruto then proceed to slash his head off and kill him.

The elves where all freed from Ingwill control.

" Thank you , I don't know how we fell under this humans control "Emphildis Agraleil said. She had shoulder length blond hair and has green eyes.

" No problem 

" Now what do you want as a reward ? Almia Agraleil   asked the pair. She had Blonde / yellow hair that is chest length and has blue eyes.

"We could have sex ? " Naruto said.

" Fine , to say thanks come daughter lets do this " Emphilidis said.


Alicia is going to watch the fun...

Naruto smirked as he pulled out his cock. Not the biggest in the world but placed it in between the two elves breast.






Naruto now was in a cave and he meet Dinelynd - she has yellow eyes and purple hair that is chest length .

" Ah 





Naruto placed his cock inside her asshole and he begins to move 

" Oh my god , you are tight Dinelynd !! " Naruto yelled out and he kept moving inside and out of her ass.

"Keep up going !! " She responds. 

Naruto went faster as Dinelynd breast went up and down Naruto was feeling the walls of her asshole clench tight as Naruto kept going.

His balls were slapping her ass hard and he then he fled it.

" I'm cumming !! " Both said together .

Narrus Linhen is a dark elf and she has white hair that is to the waist of her and brown eyes.

Lady Narrus -  running down into the town square were there are female elves.

Dinelynd and Naruto are also here as well. With the other human dead ,Naruto has plans to take over this place.

Naruto finds out were the princess and Queen is - in the throne room....

Naruto then begins to fuck Narrus...


Naruto grabs a hold of Narrus and he placed his big cock inside her pussy and he then went in and out.Naruto showed no mercy as he pounded the dark elf pussy. Naruto was smiling as he kept fucking her.

" Do you like it Narrus me fucking you in the street like a whore !!? " Naruto asked the dark elf bitch.

" Oh !! " Narrus screamed in pleasure on the ground as she was getting pounded.

Naruto smirked as Narrus cunt was tightening around his cock and Naruto was grunting in pleasure. 

Naruto sighed as he speed up faster."Now tell me Narrus where is the queen and the princess 

" Why should I tell you?" Narrus asked.

" Do you want to feel this pleasure again ? " Naruto asked.

" Yes , I do " Narrus said.

" Then tell me where 

Narrus grit her teeth in anger "In the throne room , in the castle " she said.

" And now you may cum " Naruto said as he sped up and he  said " I'm cumming !! " Naruto yelled and he orgasmed 

End lemon 

Dinelynd and Naruto both are walking towards the castle.

" A human ? " Ephildis said.

"What are you doing here ? " Amia asksd

" Oh I'm here to fuck both of you and breed you " Naruto said.


Naruto smirked as he queen as she bent down and she was sucking Naruto cock. Naruto smirked as 




Naruto then saw her daughter pussy and he smiled.Naruto then slammed his balls and he entered her pussy and blood came out.

Naruto kept going as going as he felt the girls pussy clench and he kept going as he felt the pussy walls. Naruto sighed in pleasure as he kept going

" I'm gonna cum !!" Naruto said as he does.

Naruto cream pie in her pussy.

"Thank you " she said.

" What is going gone ? " Narrus asked as she runs inside the throne room and she is hold in place. "What are you doing ?! " Narrus said.

" Oh bitch , you to are going to do if you want my human sperm.