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Naruto - Ero war

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Naruto is in a strange world , a new part of it as he explores he notices humans and demi humans exist side by side and he notices that there is one human that stands out. 

Naruto looks around and sees many people and he sees his target a young boy who name is Amona Tachi , he is a third year in high school and he wanted to profess his love for the demi humans but was turned every time however thanks to certain events he is now valued and his semen has turned into a elixir and now he will fix three sexy women. 

Basically in order to produce the sacred milk from there breasts , Amona Tachi has to have sex with them.

Naruto snickers and he shook his head. Some guys have all the luck

I'm not gonna write the lemon here 






















In the end it turned into a seven some orgy. I the end his essence was milked dry.

Sorry but I'm not gonna do the sex scenes if Naruto isn't going to fuck.