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Naruto - Ero war

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The Prince is with the princess Hinrietta  and Helga. The kingdom that they are coming from the two royalty home has just been destroyed not the three are on the run and they are on a mountain when tragedy struck. They were surrounded by a bandit chief and his minions.

The bandit chief has long  red hair a dark and muscular body and is the gang leader of these people.

With Naruto ...

Naruto was watching from afar as he entered this world. He saw the bandit leader and his bandits about to violate these two women and he decided to step in.

" Hey you bandits ,what are you doing ? " Naruto asked.

The bandits all turned towards Naruto and the leader scoffed at his question.

"Go away kid this doesn't concern you " the bandit leader said as his minions laughed and turned around.  Big mistake as Naruto looked at them and he began ducking and weaving against the hord of bandits and he was slicing and dicing them all. Naruto didn't care at all what they looked like human or monster all he cared about was that pussy.

Naruto was surrounded and he smiled as he then smiled and he engaged them all. Some had axes others had swords. Naruto dodged the strikes and then he countered attacked. He stabbed one in the stomach and 

Naruto saw that the bandit leader was long gone as he prioritized his life over his urges 

" Ah my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am here to help you , As you can see I took care of the bandit promblem.

" Why should we trust you ? " Hinrietta asked. Hinrietta wears plate armor and she has huge breasts and has pale skin and blue eyes. Her hair is blond and is in a ponytail and is In a braided crown.

" Hinrietta he has just saved us !! Why would he want to harm or kill us if he could do so already ? " Emilio asked. Emilio is the prince , he has blue eyes and brown hair and he is a kid and has pale skin he also a brother and wears a military uniform.

" The Prince is right of course , if Naruto wanted us dead we would be " Helga said with a stern expression.

Helga is a warrior with an axe she has Garnet eyes, big ass and breasts ,dark skin and horns as well as a scar, has a tattoo and is musclar. She wears an assortment of clothes.

" He right , how bout I show you what would happen if left you three alone and I didn't intervene when I did , then you will understand why " Naruto said as he took out a crystal ball and showed them was in-store for them.

The two busty woman were seen getting raped over and over again until their wills broke and Emilio was still there fucking Helga breast.

Emilio small cock cums all over Helga breasts.

The next scenes are both Helga and Henrietta get raped and cum on and in a lot.

they both where done

all three of them shivered in freight and were sad.

" Thank you for saving us from those bandits.

" Your welcome " Naruto said with a smile.

" Wow , thank you for saving all of us " Emilio said with a smile.

" No need I did what I thought is right now then lets go back to your castle and rebuild it " Naruto said.


The bandit leader was running away from the massacre his men had. He didn't know where that little boy came from but he swore revenge.

" Damn I had those two bitches but that infernal brat took what is rightfully mine , he got in my way !!

The bandit leader escaped Naruto wrath and he will go and get his revenge.

Back to Naruto 

Naruto and the trio are now at the rebuilt castle Naruto had his clones rebuilt it.

Inside the castle.

" Look Emilio , your a prince and I like you and all but I need to leave my work is done " Naruto said.

" Where are you going Naruto ?

" I have other things to do and save , a far away land " Naruto said.

" Why ? " Emilio asked.

" It is my mission , my theory is that the bandit leader and who ever destroyed your home is connected to bad people , I'm going to go so any way " Naruto said.

"Oh " he said.

As Naruto is about to leave he hears something and he sees Helga and Henrietta are naked.

" Um what's this about ? " Naruto asked.

" How would you like to have sex ? For thanks for saving us " Helga said.

" Sure " Naruto said with a smile.

Lemon warning 

Naruto took off his clothes and smiled as he saw the huge breasts women.

Naruto had his cock out and he then gentle placed his flaccid cock in between Henrietta breasts and he went slow and he went up and 

Naruto moans out in pleasure as he kept going as he went faster and faster. " I'm cumming !! " Naruto said as he orgasmed his white hot sperm all over her.

Naruto then placed his cock inside of Henrietta mouth and he kept going as he face fucking her and he smirked as his balls are slapping her face.

Helga was massaging his balls and sucking on them. Naruto balls clenched and he gripped Henrietta hair and she went faster. Naruto breathing was hard and he was bucking his hips.

" I'm cumming !! " Naruto roared as he orgasmed in her mouth.

Naruto then smirked and then he entered Henrietta pussy and he went slow at first. Then he went faster as he does he kept up the pace and now he grabbed her hips and fucked her hard as Helga moaned out in pleasure