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Naruto - Ero war

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Naruto Uzumaki is a broken boy, he is ostracized for be a Jinchuriki of the nine fails and without him the Biden leaf would be dead. All because the fourth decided to spare the village and now he is paying the price of it.

He saw people going about their day and scowl at them.

Naruto sighed and left his place ...

Little did he realize that an evil women will get him away from here 

A war broke out between the High elves and the dark elves it devastated the land and humans and many have lots their lives.

Little did they know that a great and powerful evil is behind the scenes plotting to take over ,however one problem that has arisen there is an even darker and ancient forces that will intervene and it will not be good.

Old ,malicious and evil forces are at work and they want a piece of the action. 

One such being is Alicia and she grins as she saw a young boy who had a lot of potential so she made her way towards Kohona - land of fire.

Alicia being a vampire can sense the evil that is in his heart and 

She was able to get past the security with ease and she founded his apartment.

She saw that he was alone and she smiled.

She knew she had to act and so she did.

" Hello " Alicia said.

" Who are you " Naruto asked as he looked at her.

" I'm Alicia , I'm from a far away land and I have come to talk to you , how bout you come live with me? " she asked.

" Why would I do that ? " Naruto asked.

" The reason is simple , you don't have anyone to take care of you " Alicia said.

" Fine I will go, isn't like I have anyone here " Naruto said.

" Excellent " Alicia said as she hold out her hand and Naruto takes it.

" Don't worry about the village I will take care of your absence " Alicia said with a smile.

A few minutes later 

" The original Naruto has gone with Alicia now which means I can dispel " the clone said and thwn then Kakashi and the group look on and saw  Naruto isn't their. Then they reported it to the Hokage

at the Hokage office

" What do you mean , Naruto isn't in his house ?! " The third Hokage roared.

" I'm say sir is that I lost him and I can't find him, my summons are doing everything they can to find Naruto

" You better find him Kakashi or else " the third Hokage said in rage.

" Yes sir !!" Kakashi said and leaving the room.

" I need to call Jiraya " The third Hokage thought.

With Naruto 

Naruto has grown up some what as a few years went by. As they do he learnt how to fight and also learnt how be stealthily and 

Alicia notices that he has a sexual attraction towards her and smirks as she does as well. Mother and son want to have sex with one another.

" It is time Naruto to go out into the Hentaiverse and conquer it " Alicia said. " You first mission is simple it is in the Buta no gotoki sanzoku no torawrete shojo o ubawareru kyonyuu Himekishi & Onna Senshi.

" I will mom " Naruto with a smile. " I will make you proud of me ,mom I promise you " Naruto said.