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One Omega

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Tabitha heard the sirens first.

She stood motionless in her thin white slip, having just pulled her dress off with the intention to get ready for bed, when the blaring reached her ears. Tilting her head, she tried to identify what was going on outside, but it was just a steady vibration of a whirring town alarm and now shouting. Curious, and a little afraid, her bare feet brushed against worn rugs as she rushed to her bedroom windows.

Nothing ever went on in this wasteland town, landlocked with miles of desert scrub. If something were happening this late at night, it would be the town gossip for weeks.

Shameless, she rolled the blinds up and looked outside-

Only to find people running down the street. It was chaos.

“I wouldn’t stand at the windows dressed like that.”

Tabitha spun, knocking an arm into her dresser. Pain shot up to her shoulder, but it just helped her focus. She grabbed her hairbrush off the dresser and wielded it in front of her, looking for whoever had spoken.

"Over here, lovely,” he helped.

Then she saw him. The stranger leaned in the shadows behind the bedroom door. He nudged it shut with an elbow, the soft thud knotting her stomach. She stared at the closed exit … not that she had much of a chance to escape when he blocked her only way out.

“Why are you here?” She tried to sound furious rather than terrified. She squared her shoulders, hating how his eyes trailed down her neck to her breasts. The silk clinging to her body did little to cover anything. The attention, even unwanted, did something to her. She felt her nipples harden under his eyes and he hummed in appreciation. She swung the hairbrush to draw his attention back to her face. He smirked like he thought it was funny. “What do you want?”

“Is there a mob outside yet?” He ventured closer, and Tabitha realized just how big he was – easily over six feet. “Have they figured out where I’ve gone?” The sweat soaking his white t-shirt made it sheer, showing carved muscles that looked tense, like he was ready for a fight.

Though, he may have already been in one.

She caught the smear of blood along the left side of his shirt and wondered if he had only just escaped the people screaming on the street.

Tabitha stuck her hairbrush farther in front of her, as if that could keep him away, and he paused near the bed. The curve of his mouth said he was amused, but then his eyes lit like light catching in a mirror. They burned silver just for a moment before cooling, shadows hiding his face again. The single lamp on the bedside table didn’t illuminate much of his expression except the flick of his tongue across his lips.

She pushed herself against the window.

“Well?” He took another step closer. “How many people are outside wanting to catch me?”

“Why … what have you done?” she asked, hating that her voice shook.

He studied her, serious now. His disheveled hair was dusty, and some strands tumbled forward as he drew near. She could see him now and even road-weary, he was beautiful. His face was almost angelic, and the way muscles bunched as he moved made her uncomfortably aroused. She ignored that though, pressing her thighs together.

“What have I done?” He was gentle as he pushed her hand gripping the hairbrush aside, moving into her space. Up close, he radiated heat and … something else. Tabitha didn’t understand the chills that broke out on her arms. “I’m just guilty of looking for you.”

“What?” She leaned harder against the glass as he slid a hand under her jaw, rough fingers tracing along her throat. Her heart skipped and she wondered if she could break the window behind her and just fall out. She was only on the third floor. The drop would likely not kill her, though she’d probably break something.

His other hand gripped her hip and his touch burned her through the thin silk of her slip. She hissed and tried pushing him away. He laughed at her again.

“You’re not even trying,” he said.

Was he teasing her?

If he was, it didn’t feel playful. Terror froze her. She stared into his chest, urging her body to fight back, but knew she couldn’t escape or stand a chance against him in a tussle. What more was there to do?

He gripped her by both elbows, his mood shifting to … pleased?

“You don’t know?” His voice was soft, but the way he pushed his hips against her was both aggressive and a little arousing. Yes, she was petrified, but something about him was warm like the sand outside. His movements were liquid and the way he caged her against the window, pressing his body to hers, had her rubbing her thighs together now.

“So others haven’t come for you yet?” he asked, hot breath brushing across her cheek.

“I don’t know what you mean.” She braved a glance at his face to glare, but it quickly became an unabashed stare. He was stunning, even covered in red dust and days-old scruff.

“You’re an omega, love.” His rumbling voice was soft, almost gentle.

Tabitha found enough of herself to snort at him.

“Omegas are all dead,” she said.

He raised one brow and laughed at her again. His hands traced up her arms, across her collarbones, and rough fingers touched the sides of her neck. It sent a jolt through her body, and she gasped. The sudden intake of air shocked her, not because his touch felt so good when she should just be afraid, but because he smelled … delicious? He smelled like sunbaked stones, and it made her feel almost safe. Entranced, she ran a hand up his chest, barely touching him, not wanting to hurt him since she could already see blood. She wondered if she should ask him to take this shirt off so she could tend to him.

“That’s it, beautiful,” he purred, hips grinding against her again. Her heart was racing. “Surrender to your alpha.”

That caught her.

“Alphas are rare….” She watched his eyes light up silver again, just for an instant. “They’re hunted.”

And suddenly the sirens and the running outside made sense. The church had held crusades decades ago to wipe out both omegas and alphas, calling them sinful and dangerous. Betas were purported as the only ones strong enough to rise above the temptation of sinful acts. She largely didn’t care for how domineering church was in the nation, let alone this tiny town, but never had she met an alpha before, and it hadn’t broken her heart. Alphas were supposed to be dangerous, would rape beta women to death looking for the release that only omegas could give them. Alphas were supposed to be inhumanly strong, more attractive….

Tabitha jerked her hand away from his chest and tried to press against the window to put space between them. He ran his hands down her sides, finding the edge of her slip and pushing it up, exposing her thong. She trembled in both terror and arousal, not understanding why her body was almost excited, preening under his attention. She should be screaming for help.

He leaned in and kissed her ear. She felt the sand on his lips.

“There are alphas racing here to take you,” he whispered. “You’ve been hidden so well. But your heat is coming soon. It’s calling for us. For an alpha. No amount of suppressants can hide you anymore, omega.”

“Suppressants aren’t manufactured anymore,” she argued. “I’m a beta. I don’t have need of suppressants anyway.”

“Was it your parents who hid you?” he asked. “But that would mean they are omega and alpha too, to give life to someone as precious as you.”

She studied his curious frown, not wanting to tell him that she was an orphan of the church and living in a foster home – the one he broke into. If she really was an omega, the church would have burned her at the stake when she was still a child. Never would they have allowed her to reach an age where she could be mated and bred. The thought choked her.

“It doesn’t matter,” he decided. “I’m going to get you out of here. This town isn’t safe for you. And do you know why?”

Tabitha pushed against him again as he traced the edge of her thong, making her shiver.

“You’re the first mate I’ve smelled,” he said. “Other alphas are coming for you, I guarantee it. It will be a bloodbath to mate you, to bond you, and to keep you.”

He was crazy. It was the only thing that made sense. She was 20 years old. If, by some nightmare, she was one, her heat would have arrived when she was 16 years old. At least, that is if the history books were right.

She watched the burning in his eyes. The silver melted through the iris like ichor from the gods. It was mesmerizing and inhuman. He held her face and leaned down. At first, she felt his breath on her lips and smelled that intoxicating scent again. It brought a whine from the back of her throat.

Then his mouth was on hers. His lips were soft, but his tongue demanding. She gasped as he entered her mouth, filling the space and slipping back out. Her fear mixed with arousal again and she melted against him. His hips moved and she felt his erection straining in his jeans.

The moment she relaxed, she felt him smile

He pulled her away from the window, one large hand reaching down to grab her ass under the slip. He dug his fingers deep, stroking the thong, following it into the wetness clinging to her thighs. She groaned as his fingers sank into her smooth folds.

The pressure had her dizzy. It surprised her when she felt him push her onto the bed, not sure when they had crossed the room. She bounced and looked up at him, her legs spread wide and trembling with want and fear.  She watched this beautiful man pull off his shirt, exposing a chiseled chest and abs. There was a wound on his side, but it didn’t look terrible. At least, not enough to stop him as he undid his pants with a growl, gaze raking over her body like a starving man about to finally eat. Something in her loved his neediness, the animalistic way he threw his pants aside and knelt between her knees panting.

Then she saw his penis.

It was easily bigger than any man’s she had seen before. It looked almost inhuman by its size, and she suddenly understood the stories of how alphas could rape women to death.

Mesmerized, she reached out and ran her fingers under it, lifting the heavy erection. Veins pulsed along the shaft, the head swollen and dark with the need to release. An ache between her legs had her bringing it to her cunt, wiping the tip across the juices soaking her thong. What was she doing? She didn’t even know this man. He was probably going to rape her to death just like all the other betas that were unlucky enough to be in this situation.

The man gripped her legs to steady himself and his eyelids fluttered.

He opened his eyes, which looked like pools of silver in the shadows, and pushed her down by her neck.

“Greedy omega,” he purred. “So eager to be fucked by her first alpha.”

She gasped when he slipped a hand between her legs. Everything told her to scream, to fight back, but the pressure was too intoxicating. He moved slowly. First, he dragged one finger along her slit, then massaged his palm against her.

Her breathing stuttered and she had to grip the sheets to stay focused.

“Sex with me won’t be anything like you’ve experienced before,” he whispered, rubbing so tenderly it hurt. She needed him… She couldn’t believe that she was trying to decide if she should make him put on a condom… No. She wanted his sperm. Something in her needed it. She took a deep breath, but all she smelled was him. It made the ache worse.

“You need a mate,” he said. “You need to be mated. To be filled. To be protected. Everything inside of you is screaming for it. I can smell it.”

She looked at him and his eyes were on fire. He pushed her thong aside and she heard lewd wetness when he touched her.

“I can help you feel better,” he offered. “I’ll take you, make you safe.”

He sank a single finger into her folds. Feeling his skin on hers, feeling him circle her entrance but not penetrate it … it all felt like she was losing her mind.

Then she heard a crash downstairs at the front door. It startled her, but he pushed her back down and lined the head of his penis with her entrance. It was sinfully smooth and the tip so big she knew she would feel him for days after this, if this didn’t kill her. She sighed in satisfaction, in defeat, as he pressed into her.

He only penetrated her with the tip, but she saw stars. Its thickness gored her entrance like a horn, so hot that she struggled to pull off and make sure she wasn’t burned.

But he held onto her, forcing her to spread wider. She clung to his chest and looked up at him, feeling like a deer in the jaws of a wolf. He held her gaze and thrust slowly into her, pushing deeper. She arched her back at the sensation and the pain. He was too big and, amazingly, she wasn’t wet enough. Even though she could hear herself sloshing around him, his penis was so thick it made her hips ache.

She moaned, surprised by how good he felt.

“That’s it,” he whispered against her ear, mouth dropping to a spot on her neck that made her moan again. He licked that spot with a growl and pulled what he had shoved into her back out, only to thrust in again.

She reached down and felt the lower half of his penis, gasping. He wasn’t even all the way in. Not even close. It terrified her, but she realized that she didn’t want him to stop.

There was shouting somewhere in the house. A rational part of her mind knew she should call out for help, but instead she clenched around his dick.

“More,” she growled.

The burning in his eyes lit brighter and his lips curled.

“I will pound into your womb over and over again until you can’t hold any more of my semen,” he said against jaw. “Is that what you want?”

Womb fucking? She realized that he might be big enough for that and she had heard it wasn’t pleasant. But a part of her wanted to feel him that deep, to feel his sperm cling to every inch of her insides.

Rather than answer him, a whine escaped her throat and she bucked her hips, sliding him farther into her vagina. His whole body trembled.

“I said, more,” she ordered.

His canines glistened in the dim light as he smiled wider, his hands adjusting to hold her ass steady, lifting her for a better angle. And then he thrust hard enough to drive more of his member inside.

She felt him in a place she had never felt anyone. The tip of his penis touched it and she shuddered, not able to tell if it hurt or was so pleasurable that she was about to pass out.

“You like your cervix touched, then,” Evander said, pulling back and thrusting again.

He hit the cervix this time and Tabitha just saw light.

He had thrust past it. She was so full of his penis that she knew no other would ever be enough. With him still that deep, she rolled her hips, needing more stimulation.

He kept his thrusts shallow, not leaving her womb, but giving her body delicious friction. She appreciated that he didn’t want to break her, not totally. She reached down and rubbed her clitoris.

“This won’t be enough for me, to have you just once,” Evander said and it sounded like a warning again.

Tabitha held his gaze as she touched herself and he humped her womb. It didn’t take much before she came and her muscles clenched around him so tightly that they both bit back screams. She watched the sweat roll down his straining neck and relished the fullness of his huge cock, the beauty of him humping away, losing all control. His thrusts jarred her now and almost hurt.

He thrust faster and his testicles slammed against her ass. She could feel his erection was straining, about to release everything, and clenched around him, strangling him until he let out a delicious moan.

Her bedroom door burst open, crashing against the wall. She jumped as deputies from the county sheriff’s office stormed in with guns drawn, along with men from town who had no business being there. She glared at their store-bought guns as they pointed them at the man who was womb-deep inside of her.

The alpha growled, but was too focused, too close to his orgasm. The rational part of her watched the deputies, all of whom she knew because the town was too fucking small, but the part of her that spread her legs for his stranger clenched around him again, wanting his seed spilled, wanting to give him babies.

A loop of plastic fell around his neck, a tool used to catch loose dogs. The man growled and reached up, ripping it in half, eyes glowing silver.

The display of strength shocked her. There was a second of silence in the room, except the wet thrusting as he chased his release with her body.

But then something hit him in the sides of his neck and his thrusts slowed. His eyes slid shut and he would have dropped on top of her if it hadn’t been for gloved hands reaching out to pull him backwards.

“Tabitha.” One of the men who had barged into her room leaned over her as if to block her view of the alpha still deep between her legs. She studied this new face and recognized it after a moment. It was William, her on and off again ex. They were currently off.

She knew she should be embarrassed, and a part of her was, but another part of her wanted the unconscious man to continue fucking her. She squeezed herself around his still hard member, wishing she could coax him back to his desperate thrusting. Her womb ached for his seed.

But then there was pulling as the deputies hefted him off the bed. The sliding sensation of his erection leaving made her gasp. It hurt leaving her womb and passing her cervix, making a lewd popping as it exited her vagina entirely.

“He is a monster,” one man said as he watched. “Get her to the hospital. She might have internal bleeding.”

She wanted to laugh, but then she felt William touch something on her thigh. When his hand came back, she saw blood.

 “Put Evander in a cell below the church,” William said. “The alpha can’t be allowed another chance to rape someone else.”

Tabitha shook her head. It hadn’t been rape.

Had it?

It had felt so good. She wanted it. She still wanted it. With his penis gone, her womb absent of his sperm, she wanted to cry. Her emotions were scaring her.

Then William was there again, rubbing circles on her cheeks. She recoiled from his smell. He wasn’t an alpha.

That made her freeze.

Since when could she smell alphas versus betas? She was a beta. She shouldn’t care about those things.

“You’re safe,” William said softly. “EMTs are on their way, okay?”

She pushed him away, sitting up. She felt fine. When she looked around the room, everyone was gone. She heard deputies in the hallway still, but her alpha was gone.

“His name was Evander?” she asked.

William sat next to her, rubbing a hand up and down her back. She didn’t like it.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “The priest will burn him.”

Tabitha stood and felt the path his penis had opened up inside of her with each step. It felt good. The idea of him burning stopped the pleasure though.

“I don’t want to press charges,” she said. “It wasn’t rape. And I’m fine. Cancel the ambulance, William.”

“But he set off the town’s alarms.” William still spoke to her like she needed him to be calm and gentle, like she had just endured some kind of trauma. Maybe she had, but right now her skin was burning and she felt empty and she wanted Evander deep inside of her again. “He’s an alpha, Tabi. He was going to rape you to death. Let the priest handle this.”

She rounded on him, not caring that her nipples were still hard and her juices ran down her bare legs. She’d figure out how to get Evander, but she needed everyone else to leave her alone.

William must have seen her about to shout at him, because he raised his hands to hold it off.

“At least let us put you in a hotel,” he reasoned.

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William spared no expense. He paid for the best room in the best hotel in town.

Tabitha surveyed her bedroom from the bathroom doorway, bare naked from her cold shower. Still, she felt too hot.

She toweled her hair and paced into the room, bare feet clapping on the hardwood floor. At least she would be comfortable enough here, surrounded by enormous mirrors, a comfortable living room, and a king-sized bed. There were floor-to-ceiling windows, but she had drawn the curtains on those, needing privacy to think.

As she paced, the cool air felt nice on her skin. It also turned her on, which made no sense. She wanted to focus on breaking Evander out, simply because no one deserved to be burned alive. The church was archaic. Not to mention she didn’t feel like he raped her. Yes, he broke into her home. Yes, he only wanted one thing, but she did too. In the very least, she wanted him to escape. If they happened to fuck again, great.

Before she had ditched William in the hotel lobby earlier that evening, she asked him if other alphas had broken into town. He said it was unlikely seeing how rare they are and tried to comfort her that what happened with Evander would never happen again.

But if Evander was right and she was an omega, how would she handle other alphas who wanted to mate with her?

She shivered at the thought, dizzy. It wasn’t rational for her to be excited by an unknown number of men who wanted to breed with her. Some might not be as gentle as Evander.

That sobered her. Above the lingering lust Evander seemed to have ignited, she started to shake. If she was an omega, who would be able to help her? If she was an omega, she wouldn’t have much of a defense against however many alphas were there to take her, let alone what the church and her own friends and neighbors would do if they found out.

No. She couldn’t be one. If she had been, Evander would have been able to climax inside of her.

But he didn’t.

She threw the towel into the bathroom, letting her damp hair cool her back and breasts. Still too hot, she grabbed the thin blanket off the bed and draped it across the hardwood floor. She switched off the light, plunging the room into darkness. Snatching a pillow, she laid on the blanket nude, enjoying how cool the floor felt. William said it would be a few days before Evander burned, so she had some time to figure this out.

Tabitha wasn’t sure when she fell asleep but awoke to an orgasm. She moaned, back arching off the hard floor, fingers tangled in the sheet beneath her. The orgasm twisted inside of her, unrelenting until she screamed.

Gasping, she looked around. It was still dark, too dark to see absolutely anything, but she felt someone. A hot, wet mouth ate out her pussy, slurping at her juices, while enormous hands slid up and down her legs.

Afraid, she reached a hand down. Thick curls met her fingers. It wasn’t Evander then, but someone else.

As if sensing her fear, this person released her clit with a deep hum, making her body shudder. The man kissed her stomach, licked between her breasts, and mouthed that same spot on her neck that made her come undone with Evander. She tried to ignore how good it felt, trembling.

“Hello omega,” a honey-rich voice all but growled above her. That voice sent shivers down her spine and made her clench her pussy, which felt achingly empty.

“Who are you?” she asked, eyes wide as she searched the darkness for a face, anything. But all she got instead was a whiff of moss, trees, so safe and arousing she opened her mouth as if needing more of it.

The man must have felt her catch his scent, because he hummed in approval and stroked one of her breasts. A thumb strummed her nipple and her heart raced.

“An alpha who has found an omega on the brink of her first heat,” he said and pinched her nipple. “Hungry for an alpha’s seed, for an alpha dick.”

His words scared her, but it also scared her how they made her even wetter. She whined and he chuckled.

“I smell that an alpha was in you already.” There was a note of anger in his voice, and she cowered from it. He squeezed her breast possessively. “But he left you wanting and alone.”

A big part of her still ached for Evander, not pleased that he was being criticized. This new alpha shifted a large, muscular thigh between her legs. She shocked herself when she tried to rub against it.

“What is your name?” she asked, needing to distract herself, to think this through. She should probably try escaping.

The alpha’s hand released her breast and stroked that spot on her neck. She opened her legs wider and lifted her hands to grip his shoulders. They were enormous and flexed with muscle. She wanted to see his face.

“Tell me your name, my delicious omega,” he purred, adjusting between her legs. She felt the tip of his penis and her heart stuttered. The rational side of her brain was being drowned out now by a thrilled, excited piece of her all but begging to be fucked senseless.

“T-tabitha,” she stuttered, breathless. The tip of his penis hovered at her hole, but from what she could feel it was thicker than Evander’s had been. She desperately wanted to see it.

“Tabitha,” the alpha echoed, mouthing that spot on her neck again. She moaned, gripping his shoulders for dear life. “I want to hear you scream my name.”

“What is it?” she asked, running a leg over his ass to try pulling him closer. She felt him shiver this time and grinned, pleased with herself.

“Waylen.” He forced the tip of his penis into her, and she groaned at the sudden intrusion, the pleasurable pain of his size.

“How do you like to be fucked, omega?” The way he asked it sounded less like a question, more like an exploration. His hand circled her neck and held tight as he sank into her hard and fast. She strangled on her scream. “Do you like it rough?”

She tried to push him off her, but he was impossibly strong. His penis was huge, much like Evander’s. If he was of similar size, she knew he wasn’t even halfway inside of her. Part of her preened at that, eager for more, while part of her wanted this to stop.

He sank further into her, filling her until she felt him at her cervix.

His hands eased up on her neck, stroking that sensitive spot he and Evander kept focusing on. She shivered, hating herself for enjoying any part of this. Was she being raped this time? Was she in danger? The answer felt like a resounding yes, but she couldn’t stop the moan as he licked her nipple and thrust past her cervix.

“Waylen,” she groaned. He was in her womb. It hurt, but it felt good at the same time. She shivered, clenching around him, needing him to fuck her.

"I can smell what you need, omega,” he purred into her breast, gripping it and biting the side of it. She stared into the darkness as her other senses were overwhelmed, wet and aching for more and wondering if she had any other option but to let this alpha try breeding with her. If she was even an omega. Evander hadn’t reached his climax. Alphas could only orgasm with omegas. Her head fell back, and she wondered how long it would take to be raped to death.

"You were calling for an alpha to help you,” he whispered against that spot on her neck, making her shiver. “I answered. So how do you like to be fucked?” He thrust deeper, then pulled out only a little, not existing her womb, and thrust again. “Do you like it slow?” He was agonizing in how slow he moved in and out, grabbing her ass and lifting her so her clit rubbed against his groin. She writhed, gasping as her body responded to his administrations, the gentle way he ran his hands over her skin and breathed against that spot on her neck. She clung to him now, her orgasm so close.

“So you like it many ways,” he said and sucked at her neck. She whimpered and then heat exploded in her veins, snapping her body, and she did scream his name.

He milked it out of her, grinding against her clit and sucking at her neck, his penis somehow even harder, splitting her like a rod.

Suddenly it felt bigger at the base, expanding to the point of near pain. She dug her nails into him, not sure what was happening. How could his penis be getting bigger? Rather, it almost felt like it was sealing her shut, muscles knotting at her opening, locking them together. Nothing had ever felt more intimate.

Then he shuddered and she felt his penis pulse just before a stream of boiling hot liquid filled her womb. She gasped, clinging to him just as he gripped her tight, holding her still as he spilled his sperm into her body. After a moment, Tabitha relaxed, impossibly pleased to have made this alpha reach his orgasm, to make him come undone like he did for her, but then horror set in.

She brought this alpha to climax.

"Shit,” she breathed.

And then she realized his sperm was still coming out, still filling her to the point of discomfort. It was too much sperm. She felt her womb expand and suddenly was afraid she would get pregnant. There was just too much of it.

But then it stopped, and his penis quivered inside of her, still hard, pulsing at random with aftershocks. The knot keeping them locked together remained in place, and she understood why it was there. To keep the sperm from spilling. She shifted, wanting it to end, wanting to be free of this experience now that the pleasure was over. But Waylen still clung to her, his knot painfully commanding that she stay still.

“Omega,” he moaned and sucked at that spot on her neck again. “Omega.” It sounded like a worship. She laid under him in the pitch dark, full of his sperm, not sure how long this would last.

After what felt like forever, his knot began to deflate. His penis was still so big, there was nowhere for the sperm to go. But slowly, uncomfortably, Waylen pulled out. She winced and he stroked her head, planting kisses on her breasts. The moment his penis was removed, sperm sank out of her. He reached down and ran his hand across her cunt, making her shudder, still sensitive. He smeared his sperm around her clit and up her body, bringing it up to her neck and then he kissed her. It was suffocating and delicious, his tongue slow and coaxed another moan out of her.

“That was amazing,” he breathed against her lips. “The last omega. Mine.”

Tabitha pushed against him, wanting up. He allowed it and once he let go of her, she lost track of him. It was too dark. She stood, wincing as sperm gushed out of her, and fumbled for one of the bed lamps.

Soft yellow light flooded the room and she turned to get her first look at the alpha who fucked her and filled her completely. Waylen leaned against the dresser, naked and gorgeous. While Evander had been beautiful, Waylen looked dangerous. His body was more muscular, broader, littered with scars, his smirk dusted with dark scruff. Ebony curls hung in front of eyes that glinted red in the lamplight and she gasped at how electric the air became between them. Oh, she liked the fear he gave her.

His penis was erect again, somehow. It was indeed thicker than Evander’s, but not quite as long. Not that she noticed since both were impossibly huge, by far bigger than what was normal for beta men. His penis twitched at her attention, slick with both of their orgasms.

Before she knew what she was doing, she crossed the room and straddled him, a whine in the back of her throat as she caught his plump lips in a kiss. He hummed approval, reaching down to line his penis up with her cunt again, slippery from sperm still coming out of her.

With a sudden need, he grabbed her hips and shoved her down onto him. His penis gored her, huge and pushing her walls from all sides even though he had just been inside of her. She doubted that her body would ever be used to the size of any alpha dick, let alone Waylen’s.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful, omega,” he said, bouncing her on the tip of his penis, abs strained tight at the pleasure she gave him. She arched her back and gripped his hands holding her hips, enjoying how his red-burning eyes watched her big breasts bounce. Then he sank her down further on his penis until the bulging tip kissed her cervix.

She leaned forward and kissed him again, squeezing around him as he let her adjust to his erection and what he was about to do next.

Waylen growled and broke the kiss, burying his face into her neck, sucking at another sensitive spot with such force she knew the hickey would last for days. His hands squeezed her breasts and wandered down, a thumb finding her clit. He circled it slowly, then pulled her with his other hand even further down.

She shuddered, coming and squeezing around him as his penis breached her womb. She screamed his name, the pleasure so intense it hurt.

“Good omega,” he growled and she smiled, loving that he was pleased with her, lost to the sensations he was giving her. “Such a good omega for me.”

When she felt the bulging of his penis at the base, it wasn’t such a surprise this time. It hurt, but she liked how possessive it felt, like she belonged to him. She leaned back as his knot sealed them together and opened her eyes, meeting his lust-fueled gaze, loving how he bit his lip as he held her stare through fallen curls.

He shut them as his orgasm hit again, spilling molten sperm into her womb. She kissed his face as he came into her, running her hands along his chest, loving how his muscles flexed as he released seed.

Waylen shuddered as he came down from his high, dazed, looking at her like he owned her. He lazily circled her clit while his knot kept them linked, forcing her to orgasm again. She collapsed against him, and he hummed in pleasure at seeing it.

His knot began to shrink, but he didn’t remove his huge dick from her. Instead, he held her gently, stroking her back and sweat-dampened hair.

“My Tabitha,” he purred.

She rolled her hips, brushing her clit against him and orgasmed again. He held her tight through it, his fingertips leaving goosebumps.

After who-knows-how-long, she felt some sanity seep into her head. Her eyes flung open and she realized she was straddling an absolute stranger, his dick inside of her still, sperm covering both of them, in a hotel room he broke into.

She leaned back, trying to ignore how good his half-erect penis still felt. He was still far larger half-aroused than a fully aroused beta.


 Waylen caught her concerned glance and brushed hair from her face.

“I take it this is new for you,” he guessed with a smile that put a dimple in one cheek.

She nodded.

“I’ll be honest,” he said. “I never read much on omegas since there weren’t supposed to be any left. This has been all instinct for me too. But I’ll try to fill in some blanks.” He thrusted playfully and she frowned at him.

“How could you tell I’m … an omega?” those words felt foreign in her mouth.

He took an exaggerated inhale, nostrils wide. His smile was ridiculously attractive, and she ignored how it made her slick again, as if he wouldn’t be able to notice while still inside of her.

“It started out like something pulled at me.” Waylen circled his hands around her waist, admiring her body as he spoke. “Like I had a string tied around my … dick.”

She rolled her eyes and he laughed.

“It’s true, gorgeous,” he said. “The closer I got to this shit town though, I started to smell something I never smelled before. Like sugar, everything that makes a home warm and full. Some alphas got into fights on the way here.”

She thought of the blood on Evander’s shirt.

“I came across the town’s wall fine though and sniffed you out here.” He palmed her breasts and bit his lip, staring at them. “I just walked into the hotel until I heard you moaning for an alpha.”

"I was really moaning to be fucked?” she asked.

"Look, I don’t understand it either,” he said. “I was trying to live my life in a secluded mountain house in the middle of fucking no-where. I’d spent some years fucking with betas trying to come, but just left them satisfied and took out my frustrations on splitting logs and flipping off city-folk who cut me off when I wandered into town for supplies.” He shrugged and she understood why his muscles were so huge if he was cutting down trees and firewood.

“You didn’t rape betas to death?” she asked, not liking that he had ever fucked anyone else, though her jealous made no sense.

He snorted and ran his hands down her thighs, giving her another thrust.

“No, dear,” he growled and his eyes lit red. She felt his penis twitch inside of her. “Alphas get desperate, but I didn’t take it out on anyone. Why would I? It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Those women just wanted a good time. I wasn’t about to ruin that for them.”

She smiled and traced a finger down the side of his neck.

“And how was it?” she asked. “Coming finally?”

He captured her hand and kissed her finger, then bit it playfully. His eyes were still lit red and his penis was getting hard again.

“I may be addicted to you, my omega,” he breathed. “I’m going to want to fuck you like that every second of every day.”

She leaned forward and kissed him again. He tasted like her, plus whatever scent she kept breathing off him that was all forests and moss. Before he could deepen the kiss though, she pulled herself off his dick. It squelched and they both winced at the soggy sensation.

“I need to shower,” she said and then hurried to the bathroom. Sperm ran down her legs in thick streams.

“Tease!” he shouted after her.

She shut the door and locked it behind her. Tabitha looked into the mirror, flushed, and examined her body. She had a hickey on the side of her neck, the spot these alphas seemed fascinated by, and bite marks on the side of her left breast. Her nipples were raised and rubbed red, and it was just a mess between her legs. A mix of slick and sperm smeared from her groin to her ankles. Her hourglass frame was interrupted by the bulging of her womb, still full of his seed. She pressed against it and more gushed out.

With a sigh, she stepped into the shower.

Chapter Text

After scrubbing herself thoroughly and shaving everything south of her head, not wanting Waylen or Evander to touch stubble, she praised herself for having put her suitcase in the huge bathroom. She dug through it for a toothbrush, her makeup, and enjoyed how normal it felt getting ready for the day.

When it was time to get dressed, she stared at what she brought along. When she had packed, she was still sex-crazed for Evander and had only brought lingerie and her sexiest clothes. Which she was fine with, wanting to see Waylen’s expression when he saw her for the first time not half-asleep or sticky from fucking.

God, she felt like a slut.

As she picked out the lacy black thong and sheer black push-up bra, she tried to remember what she knew of omegas. When she was a kid in school, she recalled being jealous that omegas were supposed to be stunning creatures, like sirens. She had wanted to be beautiful enough to drive men crazy.

Tabitha looked in the mirror and saw some subtle changes. Her lips were fuller, eyes larger. If that wasn’t enough to make her panic, even just a little, she noticed that her breasts struggled against the bra. She was already well-endowed, but her boobs seemed to have grown. Turning, she saw that her ass had gotten perkier too. The rational part of her was scared, not sure what this meant, while the horny part was giddy and wanted to show Waylen how fuckable she was.

Rolling her eyes at herself, she tried to find clothes and think past what made a much younger Tabitha jealous of omegas.

She remembered reading that they were biologically driven to have babies, more than just the average baby fever that betas sometimes had. And alphas were attuned to all of an omegas needs, not just wanting to breed.

Of course, the church also taught that omegas were on the planet to trip up men because that was always their excuse. Women were always to blame in their twisted reality.

She cursed the church under her breath and looked into the mirror one last time. She wore a thin white dress that hugged her curves. She liked that her underwear could be seen through the fabric if one looked long enough, having done it on purpose before for dates where she was ready to go all the way. With the lingerie she picked out, if one looked closely, she could spot her nipples too. Yes, she wanted Waylen’s reaction, fully expecting him to rip it in half and fuck her brains out on the bed. She’d find something more sensible when they grabbed breakfast.

Tabitha unlocked and opened the door, but instead of Waylen waiting for her naked and ready for round three, she found him dressed and peeking past the curtains outside. He looked over at her and pressed a finger against his lips for her to be quiet.

That’s when she heard it.

More sirens blared through town.



“There are alphas trying to get into the hotel through the back,” Waylen warned her softly. “I can probably sneak you out the front if we hurry. I can grab us a car off the street and get us the fuck out of here.”

“No,” she heard herself say and he dropped the curtain to look at her. She shifted, fiddling with the short edge of her dress. “There’s someone jailed at the church. I can’t let them burn him alive. He doesn’t deserve it.”

Waylen’s eyes flashed red at her and he hummed in disapproval.

“Is it that other alpha, the one I smelled on you earlier?” he asked.

“His name is Evander, and yes.”

Waylen ran a hand over his scruff and paced the room, kicking the pillow she had used that night across the floor.

“Alphas aren’t supposed to share, right?” he asked her, angry, confused, maybe a little hurt.

She hated how strongly she felt all of his emotions and stood her ground.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t know how this is supposed to work. I just know that Evander can’t be burned at the stake, just like I wouldn’t be able to let anything happen to you.”

“Fuck.” Waylen hung his head, curls bouncing.

“I also know that we can’t leave the room with it like this,” she realized, taking in the sperm-soaked sheet on the floor and the smeared sperm on the hardwood nearby, even a fucking trail to the bathroom. “They know I stayed here last night.”

“They?” he asked.

“The town,” she said. “William.”

"And who is he?” Waylen sounded fed up with these other men and she didn’t blame him.

“Deputy,” she said. “And I’m not going to leave this town without Evander, or you,” she added at seeing his snarl, “but I can’t stay if they realize I really am….”

“An omega?” he helped out. She nodded. “You’re going to have to admit it to yourself eventually. Also, I can smell your heat. It won’t be long and I may not know much about how these dynamics or relationships work, but I do know that omegas need an alpha to fuck her and protect her when her heat arrives.”

Tabitha remembered that part too, but not the details. Maybe she could find some textbooks while she tried breaking Evander from the church.

“I’d say let’s stay and clean up, but I mean it when I say there are alphas about to break into this building to get you and everything inside of me is screaming, clawing at me, to make sure that doesn’t happen.” He looked desperate, eyes wide, sweat glistening at his temples.

“Then I’ll get out of here now and you can clean up after us,” she said.

“And let you walk out of here alone?” A vein bulged on Waylen’s forehead like an angry worm. She wanted to soothe him, to calm him down, but they didn’t have time.

“I know this town,” she insisted. “I will find a place to hide. Find me as soon as you can, okay?”

Waylen chewed on a lip, bouncing a leg as he considered their very bad situation. It must have dawned on him what she was wearing because his eyes burned red again and a very noticeable tightness pushed at the front of his pants. She approached him slowly and rubbed her palm on his erection. His eyes rolled back at the pleasure, though the muscles in his jaw clenched.

“You really think you can walk out of here looking that damn sexy and not have any alphas snag you?” He kissed her, his mouth burning. It was like he had a fever. She didn’t want him to stop, whining as he pulled away to press his forehead to hers. “Go before I throw you on the bed. If cleaning this fucking room will protect you before anything else, promise me you’ll find a place to hide. Let me come to you.”

She nodded, leaning forward to kiss his neck, nipping at the skin. He groaned and pushed her gently to the door.

“Before I rip off that sheer fucking thing off you,” he said.

She laughed and watched him rake his hands through his hair, somehow painfully attached to him already. As she unlocked the door and stepped into the hallway, looking around if anyone was there, she promised herself to stop. Just stop. It usually took her months, if not a full year, to feel like this and here she was emotionally invested in two strange men. Granted, they gave her the best sex of her life but that was beside the point.

Her heels sounded soft on the carpet as she hurried, glad that she ran into no one at the elevators. The lobby was virtually empty aside from a freckle-faced kid she recognized as a recent high school graduate, having endured pictures of the small class on the lampposts through town a few weeks back. She ignored his open-mouthed stare as she gave him a small wave and exited the large sliding glass doors.

Now to find a place to hide. She considered her foster home when she spotted the town’s new priest moving across the parking lot toward her. Tabitha pivoted, hurrying in the opposite direction now and cursed. The part of town she headed towards now was mostly tourist shops.

“Tabitha Lord,” she heard the priest call after her.

She cursed again and worked to put a smile on her face, turning just as he caught up to her. She blinked at him, taken aback by his height and handsome face just like when she first met him a month ago at the foster home. The home was church run, so the town’s priest was obligated to check in on things and meet with the tenants. When they met, she was surprised by how young he was, maybe a little older than her, and wondered why someone as attractive as him chose the celibate life. It couldn’t be for lack of interest from whichever gender he wanted.

“Priest Callum,” she greeted.

He took in her outfit with raised brows and a side-smile that she rather enjoyed and then quickly ignored. No, she was not going to fantasize about a fucking priest, especially the one that was going to burn Evander in a couple days.

“You’re looking very nice this morning,” Callum said and it seemed like a huge effort for him to meet her gaze again. “I was on my way to check on you. William told me you could maybe use comfort from the gospel or a confession.”

She seethed. That told her all she needed to know about where William sat with things- torn between what she said and what he saw. “Comfort from the gospel” probably meant he wanted her to have counseling after the rape, but since she told him it wasn’t rape then of course he must have assumed she needed to confess. As if she hadn’t told him a million times that she would never follow the church’s archaic teachings again.

“Either way, we can talk about it more at the church,” Callum said, filling the sudden awkward silence.

Tabitha almost rejected him, but then thought of Evander. If she could sneak down to the cells and free him, the sooner all of them could escape this town for good. From there… She couldn’t think about what would happen next. It was too terrifying. She had never left town before anyway. She didn’t know what the world was like out there.

Callum didn’t wait for her answer, putting an arm over her shoulders to turn her around. The church wasn’t far, but he pushed her into a brisk walk.

“What’s the rush, Cal?” she asked, leaning back against his pushing, suddenly not so sure about going anywhere with him alone. She was an omega after all. If he caught wind of that somehow, she’d be burning right next to Evander.

“Oh, just don’t want to run into any other alphas on the street,” he said.

“William said Evander was the only one,” she said. “I mean, I heard the sirens this morning so maybe there is one more? But that’d be a little weird, right? There’s not supposed to be many of them around anymore.”

“Certainly, certainly,” he said. “Except, we both know that’s not true. There being just one in town.”

She stopped and stared up at the church, the doors arching far above their heads, considering what it would take to run away.

“I mean, I can smell one on you now,” Callum said, reaching out to heave one of the doors open. He kept a hand on her back, not so gently pushing her inside now. She stumbled, head spinning. The cool church air made her shiver as Callum steered her to the confessional. He opened one of the doors and leaned down to whisper in her ear, “It’s so strong. Almost like there was a successful mating.”

She shivered, but for a different reason now. His breath smelled of incense, making her dizzy. He nudged her inside the confessional and shut the door behind her.

Tabitha fisted her hands on her knees, looking around the dark space, heart racing. He knew. He knew.

She was going to burn.

She listened to him step into the other side of the confessional. He was inches away from her now, hidden by the wooden screen. All she could see was his shadow, if that. But she smelled him and it was intoxicating. She wasn’t sure if this was a panic attack or if she was already burning for having stepped into a church as a sinful omega.

“I believe you have some confessions to make,” Callum said softly, his voice warm and heady.

“What do you expect me to say?” she asked, hating the tremble of fear in her voice.

Callum leaned closer to the screen, as if she needed him there, as if he wasn’t the source of her fear.

“I just pulled you off a street that was moments away from being filled with alphas,” he said. “Few would dare enter this place, so you’re safe. Now tell me everything. Every detail.”

“You want to hear how Evander stuck his dick inside me?” Tabitha gasped for air, needing to get away from this place. She wondered if Waylen would barge into the church to free her. “Or do you want to hear how I woke up to being eaten out by another alpha, then fucked senseless by him? How it felt when he knotted me twice and filled me with his sperm?”

Callum got up, throwing his door open. She braced herself on her small bench, listening to him step to her door. He slid it open and closed it behind him, crowding against her. There was barely enough space for the two of them. She felt the tremors in his arms as he caged her, tried to ignore that smell rolling off him.

“I have a confession too,” he whispered into her ear. “I’m an alpha.”

Chapter Text

When Tabitha looked up at him, she saw his eyes burn gold, all but molten as they took her in.

“Please don’t be scared,” he begged, kneeling in front of her. She had to open her legs to make room for him and realized that she was already wet. God, she had to get this omega thing under control.

“Why are you with the church then?” she asked. “Do you have a death wish?”

He was shaking his head and pushed his hands harder against the wall behind her, as if it took all his strength not to touch her.

“I realized what you were the second I met you a month ago,” he said. “This is my fault.”

She felt the panic returning and he touched her then, shaking his head as he rubbed her arms. His hands were burning, but soft.

“Your omega was in hibernation, having been under strong suppressants for decades,” he said. “I could smell it. But your omega felt me, felt an alpha, and started to wake up. Now you’re on your way to a natural heat, your first one, and you’re not bonded, not claimed by an alpha, and your body is screaming. These alphas are here because I woke you up. And I’m sorry for that.”

His hands remained on her arms, his breathing heavy. But he seemed to have himself under control. Tabitha felt the struggle though, felt the lust and his sanity fighting against each other. She thought back to the past week, wanting to be near him, finding excuses to go by the rectory where he lived nearby, hoping to spot the new sexy priest without his shirt on, at least. Actually attending on Sunday and walking down the aisle for the sacrament, keeping her arms crossed over her breasts, letting him place the bread into her mouth, his fingers lingering on her lips. She remembered vividly how she closed her mouth on his fingers, cushioning them between her lips and held his gaze as she darted her tongue against the digits. He had pulled away, breathing hitched, and she pretended that he was as turned on as she was. But beneath her forwardness and fantasies, she thought she was just slowly going nuts, nurturing a crush for a man who had taken a vow of celibacy.

“The moment I heard you were attacked last night, I wanted to set myself on fire,” he said. “I did this to you. I was glad to cage Evander, but then William didn’t seem so sure this morning about what happened and I had to find out. I had to also save you from the alphas flooding our town. You are not safe here.” Callum somehow got closer, nose brushing her cheek, breath puffing at her hair. “So tell me, sweet one, did any of these alphas hurt you?” There was a growl in the back of his throat, a protectiveness that she melted into.

“I enjoyed having sex with those two,” she whispered. “I enjoyed how they touched me.” She reached out and stroked his neck. He shivered. “I enjoyed how they rubbed my clit.” He clenched his jaw, head bowed, like he didn’t want to hear it. “I loved how they put their dicks inside of me, fucked me until I came. I loved how last night I made the alpha orgasm.”

Callum shuddered, face turned away as if he hated what she was saying. She scooted closer to him and his hands moved to her hips, stopping her from trying to grind on him. Fingers dug into her and he was breathing heavy. She ran her hands along his chest, up his neck, pulling him in. He was shaking and she hated how he struggled, how he didn’t want to give in. Their lips brushed.

“No.” He shoved her back and she gasped. When she met his gaze, it was burning gold. She reached for him again, achingly wet, but he pinned her arms to her sides. “Your heat is on its way. You’re not thinking straight. And these alphas will take advantage of that, probably already have.”

“I want you though,” she whispered, opening her legs wider, letting her dress bunch up around her waist. He looked down and his jaw clenched. She knew he saw her slickness, how her thong dug into her folds. “I want you inside of me.”

One of Callum’s hands ventured down. She didn’t move, not wanting to startle him, just let herself be on display, to be explored. He hesitated, then slid a thumb over her slit, catching in her thong. They both groaned.

“Not here,” he breathed, sliding his thumb off her again.

“Are you sure?” she asked and pulled at the top of her dress, yanking it down so her breasts popped out. His mouth hung open as he took her in, legs splayed open for him, sheer black bra barely able to hold her tits together, her dress tangled around her waist.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

She reached down and slid her thong aside, then slipped her fingers into her labia to spread them open so he could see her hole. It ached, desperately needing to be filled. Her muscles clenched and she knew he could see how it tightened against itself.

Callum touched the hole with his fingers, muscles straining along his neck. He sank his middle finger into her and she bit her lip, enjoying how thick just his finger was.

“Do you like that?” he asked and she nodded, arching her back against the wall. She heard his belt clink and then a zipper roll, but she didn’t open her eyes, wanting him to indulge in her as she was.

His fingers explored her pussy, slipping her juices up to her clit. She gasped as he rubbed it, sliding on the smooth nub and back to her entrance. He kept on that track, drawing out her pleasure until she shuddered.

“Look how wet you are,” he breathed and she whined as her orgasm twisted through her veins. “You are perfect. I’ve wanted to see you come on me the moment we met. I’d dream about it, rock hard, wanting to tear the door off your room and pound you until you did this.” His hand rubbed on her, and she came again. He moaned with her, as if the sight of her like this was torture and pleasure all at once.

His finger slid from her cunt and his hands grabbed her ass, lifting her off the bench and into his lap. She opened her eyes then, finding his face buried between her breasts and the head of his penis straining at her entrance. Her slick was dripping onto him and she couldn’t help but squirm, needing him to fuck her already. She had fantasized about this moment since she met him, had wanted him inside of her since she first felt his eyes slipping over her body.

The head of his penis pushed past her entrance and she gasped, gripping his arms. He was enormous, wide like Waylen. Callum emerged from between her breasts and took one of them into his mouth, biting softly at her nipple. He pushed her down further, making her take in more of his dick. She felt veins along his penis, more desperate than the others. She hummed and rolled her hips, sinking down even more. His hands gripped her ass and then she heard a tear. Startled, she looked around until she felt his tongue on a bare nipple. He had ripped the thin fabric off her breast with his teeth like an animal.

She took in more of his penis, shuddering when it brushed her cervix.

"Wait.” Feeling the resistance must have woken him up a little, because he seemed a bit panicked. She felt him look at her, taking in one exposed breast, her cunt swallowing most of his dick, slick ruining the front of his pants. She stroked his cheek and kissed him, rocking her hips and rubbing her cervix along the tip of his penis. He groaned.

“I’m so much bigger than you’re able to take,” he said against her, humping up into her. She took the thrust with a whine, needing another. He gave it to her, giving her shallow humps.

Tabitha gripped his shoulders and bounced on his dick, loving how he watched her breasts move. Biting her lip, she let herself come down harder, pushing his penis into her womb. She clung to him, trying to hold back her scream.

“Do you like this?” he asked, panting.

She responded by rolling her hips, her clit brushing his pubic hair. She rotated around his penis, enjoying how it filled her so perfectly, so commandingly.

“I should have used a condom,” he breathed and she kissed him, not liking his doubt. She felt him trying to hold back his orgasm and lifted herself up and down his dick. The sensation of him sliding inside of her brought her over the edge. She leaned back through the tremors, enjoying how he stroked her breasts as they jiggled.

“Come in me,” she whispered and he groaned. “Come in me, Callum.”

“If you get pregnant,” he said. “I should have thought this through. I-”

She kissed him again, sliding her tongue along his, grinding down on the penis straining inside of her. She felt his knot start to spread her and he panicked, breaking away from the kiss to look down.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked, voice cracking as his knot sealed them together. His head fell back, the intense pleasure taking over him again.

She squeezed around him, ignoring the pain as he mated with her.

“Just enjoy me,” she begged. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me like this for so long.”

His eyes flashed gold and then sperm gushed from the head of his penis, filling her womb. She watched his face as his body trembled, loving how he came undone to his desire. She relished how a month ago, this would have just been a fantasy – him fucking her in a confessional. She squeezed herself around him, not surprised anymore by how much sperm an alpha emptied into her.

Their heavy breathing filled the dark confessional, the smell of sex strong in the confined space. He placed gentle kisses on her breasts, licking the one exposed nipple as his knot began to deflate. But they stayed in place, touching each other, indulging in having their bodies entwined finally.

Chapter Text

Tabitha enjoyed their heavy breathing, how hot Callum's hands were as they explored her body, how his eyes burned gold as his fingers brushed between her ass. She clenched around his half-erected dick, still nestled inside of her, as he played with her anus. It was slick from how wet she was and the sperm finding its way out of her cunt.

"Do you want to be in that hole too?” she whispered.

He started to get hard again and that seemed to snap him out of it. He grit his teeth and pulled her up, setting her on the bench. She felt hot sperm sliding from between her legs and her vagina ached from being pounded by three huge dicks within 24 hours. Still, she wanted more.

“I want you.” He brushed hair from her face, straightening her dress so she was covered again. “God knows I want every inch of you, but you’re on the verge of your first heat. I shouldn’t have given in.”

“Enough of that,” she said, hating to hear the self-hate lacing his words.

He pulled the hem of her skirt down and then froze.

“You’re bleeding,” he said.

"What?” She looked down too and saw some blood on her thighs, droplets staining her dress. It wasn’t much.

But he was moving quickly. She wasn’t able to think much past the haze of lust that still held her captive, just watched as he opened the confessional door and lifted her into his arms. She glanced around the church, but it was empty. Part of her wanted Evander to be there so she could drag him out of there, but she closed her eyes against the ache between her legs when Callum began hurrying forward. She wondered if he was taking her to a hospital and hoped he wasn’t. He was overreacting.

Warmth pressed on her and she realized they were outside. She peeked at Callum, and he was stern-faced, marching quickly. The lust made her skin burn and she let the ache to be filled consume her. Tabitha reached out and stroked the side of her neck, loving how his eyes half rolled at the sensation.

He kicked at something and then the sun was gone. She continued to run her fingers along his neck as he carried her through a house and kicked another door open. Then he was throwing her on the bed, backing away from her like she was dangerous.

Tabitha gasped, confused.

She studied him as he steadied himself against a dresser, shirt untucked, belt undone, her slick on the front of his pants. Sweat ran down his neck and she could see his enormous erection strain against his zipper.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I can smell your heat coming,” he said, glancing at her with burning gold eyes. “It’s making it almost impossible, but I can’t do that again. I hurt you.”

“No, you didn’t.” Tabitha surveyed herself and the little bit of blood between her legs. Callum nodded as she touched the blood, as if her body was sending him some signal she couldn’t hear.

“Can you explain this?” she asked, sitting up on her knees, reaching for his hand. “I don’t understand what’s happening.”

He pulled away from her.

“You know enough,” he said. “You know that alphas and omegas are more advanced, smarter, but when it comes to mating – they’ve got blinders on. It is almost all instinct. That’s what makes them seem like animals. Omegas go into heat, a hormonal cycle once every three months, where they need to be bred. And if they aren’t bonded, every alpha can smell their need. It’s dangerous.”

Tabitha was hot. She got off the bed and peeled her dress off, throwing it in the corner.

“What are you doing?” Callum asked, putting his back to her.

“Keep talking,” she insisted. “I just need to cool down.”

She could see him shaking, but he didn’t turn around. She went into his bathroom and pulled her thong off, wetting a washcloth to clean up. There wasn’t much blood at all. In fact, it almost reminded her of when she lost her virginity to William. Just a bit of spotting.

“Alphas have ruts,” Callum continued, and she looked up, making eye contact with him in the mirror. He looked away. “It’s the same, just reversed.”

“What, so unbonded omegas throw themselves at an unbonded alpha when they’re in a rut?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“So would it be a huge orgy?” she laughed.

“Sometimes,” he said.

“What about a heat? Could an omega have an orgy or would the alphas just try to kill each other?” She thought of how attached she was to Evander and Waylen already, glancing back to Callum and feeling a similar tug. It was both lustful and possessive.

“Sometimes,” he said again. “An omega could have a harem, same as an alpha. Back during the culling, when the church was trying to kill us all, omegas were hunted more aggressively. Because there were fewer of them towards the end, there are documented harems of one omega and multiple alphas.”

Tabitha’s body screamed at that, and she undid her bra, throwing it aside, loving the air conditioning on her naked body. She tossed the washcloth aside too. All it had done was get rid of the blood. She was slick again though. It dripped down her thighs, her cunt throbbing to be filled.

She left the bathroom and walked up to Callum, who was still turned away. She reached for him, but he shook his head. She could see the muscles in his back straining. Something radiated from him, whispering of his crippling arousal. It coaxed her own lust and she felt it consume more of her. It felt animalistic, just like he said. It was both terrifying and intoxicating.

“You didn’t hurt me,” she said. “But I have … a pain. It goes away when you’re in me. Please?”

“You don’t need to beg me for help,” a man said.

They both jumped, looking at the doorway. She smiled when she saw Waylen, though Callum stepped between them. She caught the red flash in Waylen’s eyes just before he threw a fist, knocking Callum to the ground.

"You touched her,” Waylen said, breathing deep. “How fucking dare-”

Tabitha pulled on Waylen, reaching for the front of his jeans. She felt adrenaline strumming through him, protective and furious. But her body just wanted to be filled, and the idea of Callum watching left her dripping. Waylen got the hint though, leaving Callum on the ground to openly gape at Tabitha’s naked body and the desperate way she stripped him down until his penis was sprang free.

Waylen’s hands burned on her skin as he groped her, gripping her ass as he kissed her. She whined at feeling his penis rub between her legs, devoured by the need to be fucked.

“It hurts,” she breathed between his kisses.

But Waylen just shoved her against the wall and sank down her body, gripping one breast and licking her hard nipple. Tabitha looked over at Callum, who was still sprawled out on the floor, eyes wide as a bruise blossomed on his cheek.

Waylen pressed kisses down her stomach and bit her hip. She locked eyes with him just as he shoved her legs open, hooking one of a muscular shoulder. He exhaled on her clit just before taking her whole groin into his mouth. She gasped as his tongue shot out, wide and flat against her cunt. Her head fell back against the wall and she rolled her hips against his face, needing him to make her climax.

He slurped at her, going slow. She whined when he snuck a finger into her, curling it, and then putting another inside. Tabitha groaned, digging fingers into his thick curls as he circled his tongue around her clit, so slow it was agonizing. She glanced at Callum, biting her lip when she saw him all but panting as he watched. His penis pushed hard against the front of his pants and he bucked against the air as he took in the two of them.

Her orgasm was molten, warping through her body slowly at first like Waylen’s tongue, until it snapped her body forward and she screamed, sweating.

Waylen moved fast then, throwing her onto the bed facedown. She raised her ass as he climbed onto the bed after her, eyes rolling as he sank his penis into her cunt hard and fast. His hands lifted her up, hands palming both breasts, and sank her farther down his penis. It was huge, but she still ached. She spread her legs open even more, straddling Waylen’s lap backwards, her ass smashed against his pelvis. She reached down, indulging herself by rubbing her clit with a shudder, before stretching her fingers to stroke Waylen’s penis. Half of it was inside of her, goring her open, while more worked its way in with each languid thrust.

Tabitha watched Callum stare at the penis inside of her, looking feverish. Waylen growled and Tabitha squeezed herself around him, knowing what she wanted, knowing they both knew what she wanted.

As if in a daze, Callum unbuttoned his shirt. She circled her hips around Waylen’s dick, eliciting a moan from him. Callum looked even better without a shirt on than she expected. He might not be as ripped as Waylen, but muscles lined his lean body beautifully. He held her gaze as he undid his pants, dropping them. She watched his penis strain for her, long like Evander’s and almost as thick as Waylen’s. She reached for it, pulling him closer.

The absolute hunger from both alphas strummed the air, rippling it like a heatwave. She basked in it, drinking in Waylen’s feverish need to just fuck her and Callum’s amazement at how beautiful she was to him.

Waylen thrust harder and her head fell back against his shoulder. He purred and kissed her neck, penis so deep it pressed against her cervix. She looked at Callum now as he settled onto the bed in front of her, lust having overtaken him, watching Waylen fuck her from behind, her breasts being squeezed in his hands, like he had never seen anything so erotic. Tabitha loved it, reaching for his hand. He let her take it this time, mouth open in awe as she brought it to her clit.

“Touch me,” she said, moving his fingers slowly around the nub of flesh.

He followed her direction and she clenched tighter around Waylen, grinding down on him until he groaned. Callum kissed her, rubbing her, and she came right there, her moan muffled in his mouth.

Waylen held her against him, keeping her upright, as her muscles got weaker from the orgasm. He nibbled at her ear, strumming her nipples.

She watched Callum now as he sat back, eyes wide as Waylen pulled her down further. She shuddered as his penis pressed past her cervix, chest heaving. Her cunt screamed for more and she smelled her insistent need, head spinning. When she opened her eyes, she found Callum kneeling in front of her, dick in hand. Waylen tilted her back against him, growling, muscles tight, but she smelled his own need, which was to fuck her senseless and so long as he fucked her, he didn’t care if another man did at the same time. Waylen was lost to the beastly need to thrust, and she was giving that to him. She could almost hear the alpha in him moaning at how good her body took him.

Tabitha watched, eyes wide, as Callum touched his penis to her clit and rubbed her juices over the straining tip. She whined, squeezing around Waylen until he groaned and humped hard into her womb. Callum touched her pussy, fingers finding her stretched hole and Waylen’s enormous penis spreading her open. Waylen hummed at the sensation, humping again.

Callum pushed his penis against Waylen’s and Tabitha bit back her cry of pain as he pushed into her vagina. It was uncomfortable and her body writhed. Waylen reached down and circled her clit, fingers tangling in Callum’s pubic hair. She clung to Callum’s shoulders, looking into his wide, unbelieving eyes as he pushed deeper inside of her.

It was fucking hot. She never imagined that she’d be having sex with two gorgeous men, let alone have both of their penis’ shoved into her vagina at once. The sensation of Callum humping gently ever deeper, rubbing on Waylen’s engorged member, was foreign and intoxicating. Waylen’s strong, slow fingers on her clit drove her over the edge and her orgasm hit harder than any she had before. The scream it elicited from her was loud, begging, and wild.

As her body shuddered between the two alphas, Callum pushed his huge dick into her womb as well. The pain notched higher as he did, but the pleasure that followed left her dazed and weak. She fell back against Waylen’s sweaty body, hitting another climax as he played with her clit. The smell of moss and pine trees filled her head as he licked her neck, sucking at her delicate skin.

Callum’s hands began exploring her body as he and Waylen humped her together, slowly, exchanging groans as their penises rubbed against each other deep inside of her. Callum held her hips and panted as he watched her breasts move with their slow thrusts.

“More,” she begged, squeezing around their dicks and panting.

Callum kissed her, smothering her gasps with his trembling lips. Waylen’s fingers were relentless on her clit, tipping her into another orgasm.

She could barely think anymore. Her body felt like it was on fire, lungs full of incense and forests, pussy packed tight with pulsing, thrusting dicks, hands roaming her body, mouths pressing kisses on her skin. She lost track of who touched her where, kissed her where, driven to another orgasm. She held onto both of them, riding their erections, her long hair clinging to chests and hands.

As she rode her high, she drank in the sounds of their bodies fucking. It was wet, heavy, full of gasps and pants and wet slaps. Callum and Waylen’s moans blended together and she loved how it sounded, tangling her fingers into both their hair, bringing them closer.

In one moment of clarity, she watched in fascination as the two men kissed over her, tongues invading each other.

A bulging at the base of each penis made her gasp. It was painful.

Waylen was there then, rubbing her clit again, capturing her mouth in a heated kiss as he knotted her. She pulled away as she climaxed again, and watched with lidded, lustful eyes as Callum knotted her too. He stared at her, veins bulging in his neck, jaw clenched. He hummed and gripped her breasts.

The sensation of two knots in her pussy was both exhilarating and painful. She squirmed but the knots were firm against each other and inside of her. Moving up to give herself some relief wasn’t an option.

She felt Callum cum first, spilling hot seed into her body with a grunt. Waylen followed, his hips jerking hard up into her. Feeling both alphas release sperm into her at once made her moan. Hands rubbed her sides, she didn’t know from who, and lips kissed her sensitive neck. After a couple seconds as both alphas filled her, she felt almost too full. It was uncomfortable, verging on painful. And their orgasm continued, squeezing sperm into her. She clung to Callum’s shoulders, skin sticky with sweat.

But then the sperm stopped emptying into her and the three settled, two knots locking them all together. It was warm and intimate. She squeezed herself around them, eyes rolling.

As their knots began to shrink, her pussy ached. Waylen pulled out first, pressing kisses to the back of her neck before he retreated to the bathroom.

She and Callum stayed connected as the sound of the shower turned on.

Chapter Text

“How was it?” she asked softly, running her hands over Callum’s neck, making him shudder.

He kissed her, wrapping his arms around her and rolling her onto the bed. His penis was still deep between her legs and getting hard again. Tabitha rocked her hips, enjoying how erotic it was to feel him start thrusting again.

“If I knew this is how it felt to be with an omega, I would have taken you on the kitchen table when I first saw you,” he said, eyes burning gold.

She bit her lip, imagining how much she would have loved that, remembering how she burned to have him fuck her the moment she laid eyes on him. When they first met a month ago, she was lined up in the foster home’s entry hall with the other girls. They ranged in age, only moving out once they could support themselves. In a town this small, it didn’t happen for years. Tabitha had been preoccupied with not wanting to be there at 50 years old like her foster sister, Josette, when Callum opened the door. They greeted him with baked goods and went around introducing themselves. But Tabitha was choked up by the sight of him. She remembered how his body moved, so elegant, as he approached her and took her hands. One of her foster sisters had to tell him her name because all she could do was stare up at him, at his freshly shaved face and the cleft in his chin. He smelled like incense and burning, like sin, and when he kissed her cheeks in hello she thought her legs were going to give out from under her because she wanted him so badly.

Having his penis deep in her now, sliding through his sperm and Waylen’s sperm, made her slick thicken. Lewd sloshing filled the room as steam fell from the bathroom. Her and Callum’s panting started again as they fucked, her legs spread wide as he had his way with her again.

Tabitha held his blond head close as he sucked on one of her breasts, grinding her pelvis against his groin. The friction made her orgasm again and he leaned back to watch her squeal and shudder. As she came down from it, she grinned to see him mesmerized by her breasts as they bounced with each of his thrusts. She touched them, pushing them together, but he grabbed her wrists with both hands and pinned them over her head.

“Don’t,” he panted. “I want to see them move for me.”

She stretched her torso out so he could see her tits jiggle around and writhed as the base of his penis thickened, locking himself inside of her. She watched him now as he came again, falling forward onto her as he emptied himself. She was so full that her abdomen distended, but she enjoyed it, loving the idea of his and Waylen’s sperm coating her in thick, white sheets.

Callum held her face between his hands, studying her.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” he asked and then kissed her again. His breath was hot, his tongue sweet as he filled her mouth. He deepened the kiss and she ran her hands along his back, locking her legs around his hips.

“Not sure how I feel about this,” Waylen said.

Tabitha broke the kiss to look at him as he stood in the room, bare naked, toweling his curls dry.

Callum’s knot began to shrink, and he pulled out, looking at her pussy as he did. She felt the wave of sperm sink out of her and tried to close her legs. He didn’t let her, hands holding her thighs open as he stared at her sex.

“You’re beautiful,” he breathed.

Waylen disappeared into the bathroom again, emerging this time with a hand towel. He climbed onto the bed and put it between her legs, starting with a warm, wet corner as he cleaned up their mess before using the dry end to finish cleaning her up.

“It’s my turn to shower now,” she said, taking the towel from Waylen and kissing him. He grabbed her, intensifying the kiss. Her body ached with every move she made, but knew if he wanted to fuck her again, she would eagerly let him. Instead, he pressed his damp forehead to hers and smiled, showing off his dimples.

"I brought your suitcase,” he said.

She looked around and sighed with relief when she saw it there in the corner.

Chapter Text

Tabitha wasn’t sure about leaving Callum and Waylen alone as she took her suitcase into the bathroom, but it couldn’t be avoided. She needed some time alone and to clean up.

She looked into the mirror and wasn’t surprised by the love bites or hickies on her body. But she was surprised by how her curves looked more accentuated. Her body was definitely changing as she neared her first heat, as she let these alphas fuck her. It was almost like her body wanted to be as enticing as it could be, to draw in more alphas, more attention, more mating possibilities. She was turning herself on just looking at herself. It was more than a little terrifying.

After showering and doing her makeup, she didn’t bother looking into the mirror. Instead, she went through the clothes she had packed, amused again that she didn’t bring anything sensible or modest. She thought to how much she still wanted Evander, locked away behind bars under the church, and the idea of him there turned her on. She had never been into bondage before, but everything was so heightened at the moment that everything sounded good.

She took a steadying breath and tried not to imagine having sex with him and the two alphas waiting for her. She was fairly confident that her pussy wouldn’t accommodate three dicks at once and didn’t want to consider using any other holes in her fantasy of having all three men at once.

She paced the bathroom, trying to get control of her urges, her thoughts, all while ignoring the mirror.

Finally, she pulled a red silk bra and thong on. The thong touching her pussy both hurt and felt good. She’d been so well-fucked in the past few hours that it was insanely sensitive. She considered taking it off but didn’t want to go bare-assed into town. All she had were dresses.

Tabitha considered the dresses she brought, already getting lustful again. She picked out her clingy black dress made of thin lace. She could see her skin through it and her underwear. It wasn’t as subtle as earlier today and she found she really didn’t care. Having had two huge dicks in her pussy at once, she felt like she could look like the town slut and be proud about it right now. She knew once the lust dissipated, she’d regret her clothing choice, but didn’t have many options anyway.

She glanced at herself in the mirror, hair damp and clinging to her. She looked absolutely amazing and now that she had Callum on her side, she wanted him to take her straight to Evander. Once they were all together, then they could figure out how to get out of town.

As she exited the bathroom, she felt her breasts and ass jiggle and it turned her on. Waylen was dressed and grinned at her from his spot on the bed as she came in. He licked his lips when he saw her, eyes flashing red.

Callum, surprisingly, was still naked and standing against the wall on the other side of the room. When he saw her, his mouth fell open and his dick twitched. He shook himself and pointed to the bathroom, muttering something about it being his turn before he disappeared inside. She heard the door lock.

Waylen pulled her onto the bed with him, making her straddle his lap as he leaned against the plain wooden headboard. His eyes were lit red as he slapped her ass and fondled her breasts. She felt his penis under her and grinded down on him.

She wanted to talk to him about what happened, and about this whole situation, but then his fingers found her clit through her thong and began rubbing. Something boiled inside of her, stronger than her desire to talk to him, begging to be rammed.

“That fucking priest told me about reverse harems,” Waylen said as he toyed with her. She ran her hands along his arms, admiring his muscles. “Is that what you want? Him and I to fuck you together, to make it just the three of us?”

Tabitha leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. His sudden intake of air made her smile.

“Right now, all I know is that we need to free the alpha jailed under the church,” she said and gave him a soft kiss. “Then we can get out of here, go somewhere safe, and figure this out.” She ran her hands up under his t-shirt, grazing his abs with her nails. “I can’t think straight right now and we have a lot to learn when it comes to all this.”

Waylen reached under her thong and hooked a finger in her slick hole, and she whined. His smile was dark and indulging.

"Sounds good to me,” he breathed. “So long as I get to keep you.” He kissed her, nipping at her lips. “Because you’re mine at the end of this. And if you want the fucking priest, he’s alright, I guess. So long as he knows his place is secondary to me.”

She pressed her mouth to his, loving how possessive he was. She didn’t need to make a decision now, and her body just wanted to enjoy him. Both of them. All three of the alphas who had fucked her in the last 24 hours. And if Waylen wanted to figure out the harem dynamics, she would let him.

Harem dynamics. God, how strange her life had become and so quickly too.

Waylen’s tongue dominated hers, pushing it down. Suddenly, he pulled her hips up and she found herself straddling his face. His fingers yanked her thong aside and he buried his nose and mouth into her pussy. She gasped and gripped the wooden headboard for dear life as he lapped at her with a flattened tongue, drawing a fat line from her entrance to her clit and back down. The sound of slurping turned her on even more and she moaned as he drove his tongue into her, twisting around.

“Waylen,” she breathed.

A knock on the door made her freeze.

“Brother Callum?” a man called and knocked again.

The bathroom door opened, and Callum was dressed in his priest uniform again, hair gelled into place and panicked as he looked at Tabitha straddling Waylen’s face on the bed, Waylen’s fingers and mouth buried in her pussy. Callum waved for them to stay put and left the room. After a moment, they heard the door open.

Waylen sucked on her clit. When she tried to climb off him, he held her in place and tongued the nub of nerves, eyes bright red. Her breathing stuttered as he led her closer to an orgasm.

“Patriarch Adams,” Callum greeted, his voice floating back to them. “I didn’t realize you were scheduled for a visit.”

Chapter Text

Tabitha put a hand over her mouth, biting her fingers as Waylen ate her out. She couldn’t stop from humping his face, chasing the pleasure he was putting her through.

“Well, you’re still new to this town,” Adams, apparently, said. “One week here and suddenly we have an alpha to burn. This will bring many blessings to you and the congregation, brother.”

Tabitha wanted to listen, but Waylen curled fingers into vagina, and she shuddered. She grinded against his mouth, needing release.

“I heard that another alpha was captured over in the city about an hour from here,” Callum said. “He was a serial killer. I would think that would require your presence instead, but we are grateful for your visit.”

If Waylen wasn’t working her so effectively, what she just heard would have turned her off and dried her up. But Waylen’s eyes reflected red up at her, tongue rolling gently around her clit. She fell forward as her orgasm ripped through her and she strangled on it, swallowing down any ounce of sound.

“Well, the church president will be in the city for that burning,” Adams said. “We want someone here to see this one as well, so you’re not alone.”

“Thank you,” Callum said. “Would you like to meet me in the church this evening to go over the ceremony?”

“We could do that, or I can come in and we can talk about why the town sirens keep going off – twice now, is it?”

“Let’s take a walk instead,” Callum insisted, suddenly firm. “I want to return to the church house and check on our fosters. It was one of our young adult fosters who was attacked by the alpha last night, and I want to make sure they are all safe since they are our responsibility after all.”

Tabitha was impressed with how easily Callum redirected the church official. Waylen stopped playing with her and had gone tense, hands on her hips as if ready to throw her aside and hide her if the patriarch decided to come inside. She scooted down his body, straddling his waist again. Waylen watched her, his face shiny with her slick.

There was a long moment of quiet.

“Yes, I am curious about the girl who was … attacked,” Adams said, thoughtful. “Tabitha is her name, yes?”

Callum made no sound. He must have nodded because Adams huffed and suddenly footsteps echoed in the living room as if the patriarch had just shoved his way inside.

Waylen moved Tabitha off him slowly and quietly, tucking her behind him on the bed as he stood facing the open bedroom door. Tabitha didn’t hear the front door shut.

“Patriarch,” Callum called, displeased. “Let’s take that walk.”

“No,” Adams said. “What we have to discuss isn’t for anyone to overhear. I have suspicions about that girl. The alpha in the city keeps talking about an omega, a pull on him to find her. He said that pull is coming from this little town.”

The front door shut hard, and the sound of a kitchen chair being pulled out made Tabitha tremble. Waylen glanced back at her, eyes glowing red. She stared, entranced by him through her fear. The danger coming off him was palpable and she melted into it.

“That’s impossible,” Callum said, and she heard him crossing the room. He sounded louder, as if he was putting himself between the patriarch and the bedroom. “Omegas are dead.”

“Well,” Adams said.

“Well, what?” Callum was angry. She felt it, smelled it. She shook herself, not used to feeling other people’s emotions this strongly, especially as if she could smell it.

“Unless you climb the ranks of the church, you’d never hear this, never know this,” Adams said. “But I have been given permission to tell you in case the situation here devolves like the church fears.”

The scrape of another chair being pulled out made Tabitha lean forward. Callum must have sat down to listen.

“Not all omegas are dead,” Adams said.

Callum’s quick intake of air masked her own. Waylen stood like a wall in front of her, muscles wound tight.

“The church decided to keep some,” Adams said. “It’s not a proud thing that the church has done, but it is a steady source of income. We call the program The Fund.”

“The Fund?” Callum’s anger notched higher. Tabitha’s stomach lurched and she pressed a hand to her mouth.

“We keep some to breed more omegas,” Adams said. “Any alphas that are born get … thrown out, since some betas can give birth to alphas, rarely, we don’t need to keep them. They aren’t that special. Omegas though, can only be born from another omega. So rare. All but extinct, except for those in our custody.”

Callum was silent. She felt his fury strumming in the air, matched only by Waylen’s.

“Why,” he gritted out and she clenched her hands into fists. Somehow, she knew he did too and in front of her, so did Waylen. “Why would you want to have omegas?”

“People pay very well to have one,” Adams said. “I know, I know, it’s not ideal. But some betas want to see what these temptresses look like, how it feels to bed them, while some alphas would give away their fortune for one. Either way, the church makes very good money on it, and it means we can run our orphanages, foster system, feed the hungry, run our hospitals. Tithing only takes us so far.”

“That’s human trafficking,” Callum whispered, as if too angry to speak louder than that. Waylen’s shirt tightened as his muscles flexed. She felt his burning need to hitch her over a shoulder, throw her into his truck, and drive the fuck out of this town. The only thing keeping him rooted to his spot between her and the door was not wanting Adams to see her. Tabitha’s head began to hurt, spinning with being able to see, feel, portions of his thought process. It wasn’t natural.

“Are omegas human though?” Adams asked. She flinched. “You’ve never seen one. I have. They … they are sinful, brother. Demons. And power like that needs to be controlled for the good of the world.”

Waylen was shaking. Tabitha rested a hand on his back to calm him. She could feel him holding his breath, as if restraining himself from killing the patriarch out there. Her touch only settled him a little.

“Anyway, about seventeen years ago one of the children was taken from The Fund,” Adams said, and Tabitha’s eyes burned at hearing him call it The Fund again, like she was just money to him. Her hand gripped Waylen’s shirt, holding back tears. “We looked, scoured every place looking for her, but she was gone.”

“And you think she’s here,” Callum said.

“Yes,” Adams said. “If she is here, she’d be 20 years old, and the town is small enough that you would have met her. Trust me, you would have noticed her. She’d be a stunning creature, would tempt you terribly.”

Callum was silent again.

“No?” Adams laughed. “If you bedded her, the church would look away. Betas are understandably weak when it comes to an omega. The real madness begins when an alpha is near it. Alphas turn into monsters, transformed by an omega to match evil for evil. If alphas are coming here to find this siren, you can’t imagine the chaos about to begin. We need to find her.”

“And what will you do with her if you do find her?” Callum asked.

Tabitha stood slowly, pressing closer to Waylen.

“We burn the alpha in three days,” Adams said. “We will cleanse the town and take her back to The Fund. She is of a breedable age now, so we would auction her off. She will go at a higher price if she is a virgin, but since she has been outside of The Fund for some time, I imagine she isn’t. In which case, she will still go for a high price. The church will still find use of her and move on from this situation before it gets worse.”

“What happens if you don’t find her?” Callum asked.

“More alphas will come here, and people will die. Alphas will be desperate to have her, and innocent betas will be collateral damage.”

“What if an alpha takes her?” Callum asked, suddenly thoughtful.

“If she gets bonded, she is useless to the church,” Adams said. “We’ll kill her quietly and what a waste it will have been. If an alpha bonds her and tries to run away with her, the church will eventually catch up. We can’t have omegas being born outside of The Fund.”

“And why is that?” Callum asked.

Adams huffed, frustrated. “Then the church loses money, brother. It devalues The Fund and we will also see a return of the sinful omega and alpha population. Betas will be secondary again. The innocent must not suffer for this.”

Callum took a slow, steady breath.

“So,” Adams asked, waiting. “You must have seen her. Think.”

Callum said nothing.

“I’ve seen an omega once,” Adams offered, trying to be helpful. “Even to me, a beta, she smelled like heaven. The deceit.” He scoffed. “She was painful to behold, more beautiful than any angel. The hospital gown she had on did nothing to hide her sinfulness. You must know what I mean. You’ve had to have seen her.”

“No,” Callum said sharply. “She must not go to church, and I’ve not been here long. I haven’t met everyone yet.”

Adams huffed and slapped the table. “Fine, lets go on your walk.” The chair scraped as he stood.

“I’ll meet you outside,” Callum said. “Let me just grab my coat.”

Adams huffed as if he didn’t care, and the front door opened and closed. Tabitha held still, gripping Waylen from behind. He made her feel safe and she nuzzled closer.

“The fuck was that?” Waylen growled. Tabitha looked around him and saw a flushed Callum, his anger boiling.

Callum shook his head, reaching for her. She fell into his arms, gripping his waist tight. He buried his face into her hair.

“You and Waylen need to get out of town,” Callum said.

“Not without you and Evander,” she snapped, looking up at him. He stroked the side of her face.

“They can meet up with us,” Waylen said, already going into the bathroom to collect her suitcase and wiping his face off with one of the discarded towels on the floor. “He’s right, we have to get you out of here.”

“No.” She held onto Callum tighter, not willing to let him go. The idea of him being discovered as an alpha and burning beside Evander… The tears were hot as they fell. Callum thumbed them away, gentle.

A siren blasted, shaking the windows. Tabitha winced and Waylen stepped out of the bathroom. He ventured into living room area, as if he could see invading alphas from the windows there.

The front door burst open, and Waylen froze as he stared back at Adams. Tabitha and Callum gripped each other tight, still hidden in the bedroom, the sirens suddenly all they heard. Callum nudged her into a corner, motioning her to stay put, and stepped into the living room.

“Who is this?” she heard Adams ask.

Tabitha crouched, terrified, listening.

“Don’t tell me,” Adams laughed. “Is this man why you haven’t noticed … the woman?” He laughed some more. “I’ll pretend like you don’t have this relationship so long as he joins us on our walk through town. More eyes on the lookout for this girl, the better. And with these new sirens going off, it looks like he can help us capture any new alphas that might have joined this circus.”

“No,” Waylen said.

“No?” Adams shot back. “No? That must mean we can hang Brother Callum here for breaking his celibacy vows?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Waylen shoved a chair over and Tabitha stood back up, tempted to join them, but she would just make this worse, she knew that.

“Not kidding,” Adams said. “So, either help us find this omega I know you heard us talk about, or your lover gets hanged tonight.”

Waylen cussed some more before she heard him and Callum follow Adams outside, closing the front door and leaving her there alone.

She was shaking. Now she had to worry about Waylen being discovered as an alpha too. And it was her own fault.


Chapter Text

Tabitha paced the bedroom, unsure what she should do or where she should go. If she wasn’t so afraid of leaving and being seen by the patriarch, she would go back to her apartment at the foster home and find better clothes. She did regret her wardrobe choice but even if she wanted to change, her suitcase was full of other ridiculous outfits. She looked through Callum’s drawers and closet, but it was just more of the priest uniform, none of which would fit her or help her go unnoticed.

And she was scared of staying. If they came back and Adams saw her, that was it for all of them. And the longer she stayed, the sooner another alpha was bound to find her.

She had to keep moving.

She had to come up with an actual plan to get them out of this.

Tabitha put her heels on and brushed her hair, heart racing. Her apartment was a good five-minute walk and that was if she stuck to the main path through town. If she cut through the park or people’s yards, she’d get there faster. Either way, she was going to be seen by her neighbors, people who knew her. She searched her things for a cell phone to call William for a ride but she must have left it at the hotel. She tried to use the rectory phone, but it was dead.

The idea that someone cut the line put a chill through her.

Knowing she needed to move, she took a deep breath to steel her nerves, glanced out the windows, and walked outside. The afternoon heat slammed into her and though she wished she wore something else, at least it was lace. The fabric let the dusty breeze cool her. She squinted against the sun as it worked on bleaching the stone and dirt and just about everything else in this town, looking for Waylen’s truck. She hoped she could drive herself, but it wasn’t nearby. He must have parked where it wouldn’t be so obvious. Smart.

She started in the direction of her apartment, using the sidewalk along Main Street. People passed her and she felt their eyes, some said hi and she didn’t pay attention. A whistle startled her, but it was just a passing deputy with his window down. She knew she should have smiled and joked around with or scolded whoever it was, depending on who it was, but all she saw was that it wasn’t William.

The cop car did a U-turn and parked on the sidewalk next to her. She could barely breathe through her rising panic attack but bent to deal with whoever this was.

She didn’t recognize him.

“Hey, honey,” he said through the open window, leaning toward her to pop open the passenger door. “It isn’t safe. Let me give you a ride.”

“Why isn’t it safe?” She took a step back and the town sirens went off again. She jumped at the noise, looking around the street. Those who were out walked faster.

“We’re trying to get everyone to the town shelter,” the cop said, pointing upwards at the noise around them.

“And who are you?” she asked. “I know everyone on the force, and you aren’t familiar.”

“State sent me in,” he said.

She frowned and took another step back. Something told her no. “I’ll be fine.”

But the cop was already stepping out of his car. He was tall and the dark uniform cut a striking figure as he approached her. She ignored it and put distance between them. He stopped, looking frustrated.

“Look, the name is Finlay,” he said, raising his hands.

Tabitha looked at the car again and saw the state police symbol emblazoned on the side. So maybe he wasn’t lying. Feeling paranoid, she allowed him to get a little closer. She still wanted to go on without him though.

As he closed in, she smelled warm leather. The width of his shoulders, the shadow his body threw across her, felt sturdy. His smile was nice, the hand he put on her lower back warm as he guided her to the car. She didn’t realize she was sitting inside until he joined her, back behind the wheel, windows up, pulling into the street.

She blinked, head fuzzy. Her body was boiling, and she felt sweat peak at her temples. Her hands trembled as she slowly buckled herself in.

“That’s a good girl,” Finlay praised, reaching a hand over and squeezing her thigh. She stared at it then looked up at him. His jaw was clenched. He was beautiful, dark scruff highlighting his sharp chin. He glanced over at her and winked. His hand stayed on her leg. His palm was hot.

“So where were you heading?” he asked.

It took her a moment to reply, distracted by his heavy touch, the way his fingers brushed across the soft skin of her inner thigh. It was slow and carefree, but he moved it higher, rubbing her leg as if to comfort her. Each swipe took his fingers further and further up the edge of her lacy dress. She didn’t want him touching her. She didn’t know him, but then again, she hadn’t known the others either.

“Um.” She gripped the seatbelt at her hips, his whole hand disappearing under her dress. Her breathing hitched and she squirmed.

“Do you like that?” he asked, voice low. A pinky finger reached out and rubbed her crotch. He hummed when he felt her silk thong, finger catching her slick. “Oh, you like that.”

“What are you doing?” she asked, grabbing his wrist to stop him. She had to think straight, come up with a plan to get Waylen, Callum, and Evander out of here, not collect more … what was Finlay? Another alpha or just a horny guy pushing his limits?

“Oh, finally enjoying an omega,” he said and when she looked at him, she caught an eerie green flicker in his eyes. So, he was an alpha.

She pushed at his hand, but he didn’t budge. Instead, he shoved his hand right up against her groin, gripping her pussy hard. She gasped and pushed at his arm, but he was strong. His fingers plunged into her cunt, curling inside of her. She was soaking wet, her body reacting well to his attention, but she wanted it to stop. She didn’t have time for this.

“Finlay,” she breathed, and he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her vision blurred and her body felt like it was on fire. “Please, stop. I have people I need to help. We need to get out of town together, okay? We can’t stay.”

“Oh honey,” Finlay purred. “I’m going to fuck you senseless before we do anything.”

“No,” she said, pushing at his arm again, but his fingers slurped through her juices, loud in the car, making her whine.

“That’s it, honey,” he coaxed, his voice smooth like cigar smoke, filling her head with lust. “You’re made for this. Just let it happen.”

“I said no.” She hit his shoulder, but his thumb just kept making slow, competent circles around her clit through the silk. Seeing his hand move under the black lace was arousing, seeing his ridiculously attractive smile as he drove them through town made her even wetter, and the lewd sounds of his fingers in her pussy was too much. Her orgasm hit her hard and fast, and she hated it. She hated that he forced her over the edge when she needed to focus on helping her alphas.

Her alphas? Fuck.

As she came down from her high, she looked out the window. He had driven them to a dirt road that was shaded by a warehouse. She knew this place- the warehouse was abandoned. It used to be a scrap yard until it got moved to a bigger spot farther away from downtown. She looked around, seeing no one else.

“Listen, you’re hot and all, but I’m not interested.” She tried pushing his hand away from her again, finally succeeding. She watched as he lifted his fingers, which dripped in her slick, to his mouth. His eyes flashed green as he sucked at them, smiling. She rolled her eyes, undid her seatbelt, and reached for the door handle.

The locks fell into place. She tried to undo the lock on her door, but it wouldn’t budge.

“What, child locks?” she asked.

“You don’t know what I’ve done to find you,” Finlay said, tucking some of her hair behind an ear. She smelled herself on him. “I was fine, living my life a few states away, running my own business. Sure, it wasn’t legit, because I’m an alpha, but it was good work.”

“What kind of work?”

“Oh, good for me, let’s put it that way,” Finlay laughed and she tried the handle again. “But when I felt your body calling to me, I knew securing you wouldn’t be easy. So, I prepared.” He gestured to his uniform. “You like it? It belonged to some beta sucker.”

“What, you stole it from him?” she asked.

“You could say that,” he said, the glow in his eyes dark and she understood that he probably hurt the cop he stole the uniform and car from. She didn’t want to think that he went so far as to kill someone just for a chance to fuck her. She swallowed hard.

Chapter Text

“I knew you’d be worth it,” he said, unbuckling his seatbelt. Tabitha tried the handle again. He grabbed her hand and she screamed. She was suddenly in his arms, being lifted over the center console as he climbed out of the car. She kicked out, hoping to break him or a window, but nothing happened. She looked for a taser, a gun, anything to stop him, but nothing. He didn’t need those things.

She flailed as he pulled her. She grabbed the steering wheel and he grunted. A rough hand slid under her dress again, finding her pussy. Fingers captured her clit and he grinded against her ass. She tried ignoring how good it felt, how absurd they must look, but no one was around. She was alone with this alpha and he made it clear that he only wanted to rail her. She didn’t have time, didn’t want him. It was more than just needing to focus. Something about him didn’t smell right. It wasn’t like the others, but she couldn’t exactly figure out why.

Another orgasm rippled through her and her muscles went weak. She rested her forehead on the steering wheel just as he pried her hands from it, lifting her into his arms like she was his bride. Her head lolled back and he laughed.

Finlay set her on her feet after just a few steps and she felt a warm metal wall behind her. She looked up and saw the warehouse.

“The church has someone here to find me,” she said. “They are burning an alpha in three days too. I don’t know how long you want to hide me here, but they will find us.” She thought of Callum and Waylen, hoping they could sense where she was and drag her out of here.

Finlay caged her against the wall with his arms, pelvis hard against her. She could feel his erection through his pants and hated how much she wanted it.

He leaned in and his kiss was sweet. It melted her a little, breathing in leather, his scruff scratching her chin. She whined as his tongue plunged into her mouth, coaxing her to kiss him back. She obeyed, shivering.

"You taste good,” he whispered in her ear.

She studied him, resenting how on a normal day she would be trying to flirt with him at a bar and if she had met him this morning she would have probably fucked him happily. A rumble vibrated through him as if he knew and he slid a leg between hers, rubbing her slick over his pants as he massaged her cunt with his thigh.

Her breathing picked up and she shook her head, trying to clear it.

“Look, later,” she said, pushing against his chest.

He ignored her, capturing her lips again. She turned her head and pushed him away. When she looked up at him, his eyes were bright green and she felt his anger. It was directed at her and she wanted nothing more than to run.

She tried, but his leg was still between hers, his hands still on either side of her. He caught her easily, bringing her hands together as she struggled. Warm metal slid onto her wrists and a snap made her look down. He had her handcuffed now.

“I like you like this,” he said, fondling her breasts as her arms squished them together. “They will too.”

“They?” She leaned away from him as he took one of her arms and dragged her along the warehouse. “No. Whatever this is, stop it. Please.”

Then she saw a rusted door leading inside. Finlay yanked it open and it screamed with age and disuse. She blinked at the darkness inside and the cooler air, trying to calm her panic as her eyes adjusted the further he dragged her. Mumbling reached her ears before she could see much of anything. The wide, dusty space was full of men. Maybe a dozen. Her pussy got wetter, horrifying her. If this is what it was like to be an omega, she didn’t want it. Any of it.

A big table had been put in the middle of the warehouse, a yellow, buzzing light flickering over it. She saw eyes flash different colors in the shadows outside of the struggling dimness, moving and restless as Finlay yanked her closer.

“Honey,” he coaxed, stopping by the table. “You’re going to like this.”

“No,” she said just as he picked her up and threw her on the table. She resisted, but he pulled her arms up, hooking the cuffs around a metal latch on the table. She fought but her arms were trapped over her head. She tried to twist her body, to get on her knees and unhook the cuffs from whatever held them down, but Finlay pressed a knife to her chest, making her freeze.

It wasn’t just any knife, but huge and curved. It looked wicked and like it was meant to kill someone. She watched him lick his lips as he looked her body over, dragging the knife until it hooked on the neckline of her dress.

“No,” she begged, realizing what he was going to do, but he laughed and sliced the top of her dress open. She closed her eyes, feeling her breasts bounce and Finlay touch her bra, running fingers between her cleavage. Whistles filled the room and she fought tears.

Finlay made quick work of cutting the rest of the dress open, leaving her splayed on the table in her underwear, legs pressed together. She hated the slickness soaking her thong, hated how she heard Finlay sniff the air and hum like he knew her body enjoyed being on display like this. He brought the curved knife between her breasts and she opened her eyes to glare at him, wondering if he was going to kill her and just rape her corpse. He clicked his tongue as if she disappointed him and cut her bra in half. She flinched.

He plucked the silky cups off her breasts and she heard a “fuck” whispered somewhere in the group. Finlay flicked a raised nipple then palmed her tit, squeezing it. She kept glaring at him. He grinned in response before bending down to set the knife on the ground. It clacked against the concrete. When he reappeared, he reached for the straps of her thong, snapping them apart like twine. He pulled them off and she watched in horror as he threw them to the crowd. Whooping from the men put a lump in her throat and she blinked back tears.

“Look at those boobs.” Finlay slapped the side of one, making it jiggle. She closed her eyes. “Anyone ready to see her pussy?” She battled to keep her knees together, but multiple pairs of hands forced them open now. She didn’t dare open her eyes as fingers dug into her labia, spreading her lips and exposing her hole. Lustful groans of approval spread and she bit her lips as a few fingers penetrated her. She whined, hating it, but hating the responding lust in herself. Fingers curled inside of her, while others explored her anus. It hurt, but it also made a moan creep up her throat.

Their violation didn’t last long though, the hands suddenly disappearing. She snapped her legs shut, shivering, eyes still squeezed shut.

“Remember the deal, boys,” Finlay said. “I’ll fuck her first, then you pay me for a turn. I’ll tell you if the orgasm is as good as the drugs I’ve been making for you.”

She realized as he climbed onto the table that she was going to be nothing more than a sex slave to him, bartered to other alphas. And he must be a dealer too. Fuck.

“Don’t do this,” she begged as he forced her legs open again and began unbuckling his pants. Her legs trembled and she pulled at her cuffs, straining to look up at them to see if she could unhook the metal.

The warehouse door screeched as it opened. She wondered if more alphas were joining to watch the show.

The tip of his penis pushed at her hole, and she sobbed. Finlay grabbed her hips, lifting her for a better angle. She looked up at him then with her jaw clenched, glaring with everything she had.

“Fuck you,” she hissed.

“Oh honey, you’re about to.” Finlay shoved his dick into her, and she screamed. She could have sworn that she heard someone else scream, but she was lost to Finlay as he raped her. She screamed in horror that this was happening, but also screamed because her body was betraying her. It felt good. It felt so good. He rammed up into her hard and fast until he touched her cervix. She couldn’t help but squeeze herself around him, his penis pulling at her slick walls, so big she groaned. Her pussy clung to him, eager and burning for more.

She watched Finlay thrusting rhythmically and it turned her on. He was fluid and his eyes mirroring green as they devoured her exposed body and bound hands. He pressed her legs wider and looked down at his dick sliding in and out of her. She hated him.

“That’s it, honey,” Finlay purred and humped into her, loud wet sounds echoing through the warehouse. She thought she heard something else, thought maybe she saw people falling down, but couldn’t focus on anything but the penis slamming into her hard enough to make her breasts bounce. She wondered what Callum and Waylen would do if they saw this, if they would be disgusted with her or angry.

“Enjoy it,” Finlay coaxed. “Enjoy these alphas watching you get railed.” He grunted as he pushed on her cervix and she knew it was because of how tight she was around him, how much the resistance felt good on him. She loved that her body was satisfying, a part of her mind taking over to do as he said and enjoy it, even as the tears fell.

Finlay bent over her, humping hard, rattling her cuffs. He reached between them to flick her clit, making her orgasm so hard she screamed again. He shoved deeper, penetrating her womb.

She screamed at the violation now, biting her lips as the scream turned to moans. He sucked on her breasts, flicking his hot tongue over her sensitive nipples, humping harder and harder. The drag of his penis on her walls felt amazing and she couldn’t stop herself from humping him back, needing the pleasure he forced on her. She tried not to think about it, tried to float away in her mind. The weight of his body made it hard to breathe and she stared over him at the buzzing light overhead, wondering when he would be done.

He kissed her then, forcing her to stay focused on what he was doing to her body, tongue rolling against hers, making them rub. She felt her slick drip off her ass onto the table, so turned on it hurt. She moaned, arching her back so her breasts were smashed against his chest.

“That’s it,” he groaned into her mouth, kissing her again. “Your omega pussy wants alpha dick any way it can get it.” He thrust hard into her and she squirmed. He seemed to like that, thrusting more violently. “You want dick, honey. And you’re about to have a lot of it.”

Then she felt the bulging at the base of his penis and winced, hating the knot that sealed them together. Finlay grunted as the knot caught, but suddenly hands wrapped around his throat from behind, yanking him off her. The force of him being pulled away ripped his penis out. The sound of his knot leaving her pussy was quiet, but she heard the tear. The pain was excruciating, and she screamed again, feeling blood instead of sperm. She couldn’t stop screaming, black dots swirling in her vision, head spinning as the pain took over.

Chapter Text

Slowly the pain faded to a dull, warm, and wet lapping at her cunt. Tabitha relaxed on the table, spreading her legs open more to let whatever this was helping her feel less pain.

After a few moments, she blinked the darkness back and looked down.

A huge man had his face buried in her pussy, licking at her hole, blood all over his face.

She screamed again and he stopped immediately, jerking to look up at her.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” he shushed, wiping his sleeve on his face as if trying to clean it up so he wouldn’t be so terrifying. “I’m here to get you out of here, okay?”

Tabitha’s whole body trembled, confused, and scared. But her cuffs still held her in place on the table, so she nodded, hoping that this new alpha wasn’t going to just rape her too. She twisted to try freeing her hands, but the cuffs just clinked. As she moved, pain ricocheted through her, and she sobbed.

Suddenly, the warmth returned between her legs, soothing the pain. She looked and saw this strange man licking at her again and let him since it seemed to help. The rational part of her mind said it made no sense, he was just getting off on this, but she didn’t know what else to do. The licking turned to kisses, soft lips pressing on her clit, making her moan. His hands stroked her legs, his tongue returning to her vagina, rolling her pain away, turning it to pleasure.

He kissed the inside of one thigh and wiped his mouth again, smiling at her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think he knotted you already,” he said.

Tabitha studied this man. He had long hair, pieces of it braided, all of it wild. He was stunning, his flimsy t-shirt leaving his collar bones exposed. His chest was covered in tattoos, one line of script climbing the side of his neck. He was physically strong, muscles and frame larger than any of the alphas she encountered yet.

“My name is Zale,” he said. “Let’s get you out of here. The alpha that was raping you ran off, but I took care of the rest.”

Tabitha turned and saw bodies strewn throughout the warehouse shadows, what remained of the faceless alphas watching Finlay use her. A strange, giddy surge rose up her throat at seeing them, knowing many had violated her with their fingers. She was glad this alpha had killed them. At least, she hoped they were dead.

She shivered as Zale unhooked her cuffs from the metal clasp on the table. He fiddled with the cuffs, and she heard them snap like he simply broke them to pieces.

“Are they dead?” she asked.

“What answer would scare you the least?” Zale asked, brushing some of her hair from her face.

She looked at him and a wave of dizziness made her grateful that she was still laying down. He sniffed the air and frowned.

“Your heat is very close, doll,” he said. “Let’s get out of here.”

He produced a jacket, she wasn’t sure from where, and draped it over her body, covering her. He moved her so it wrapped around her like a burrito and then scooped her into his arms, lifting her off that table.

“Keep your eyes on me,” he said. “Don’t look around, okay?”

She obeyed, studying his dark mane, the ends of some of his braids tickling her cheeks. The shrill cry of the door being kicked open startled her, and then she squinted against the boiling sunlight. He pulled at the coat to help shield her eyes and she loved him for it. She breathed deep, taking in his scent of cigarette smoke and blood. Mindless lust washed through her, and she pulled at his shirt, kissing his tattoos. Zale grunted and somehow ignored her, moving quickly to wherever he intended to take them next. She just hoped it was to Callum or Waylen, but she knew that was just wishful thinking.

She was vaguely aware that he climbed some stairs, heard his boots clomp on a porch, and then he put his shoulder into a door, cracking wood and snapping more metal. Then there was more darkness and she listened to him kick the door shut. He moved them around and suddenly she felt cushions. She opened her eyes, not sure when they dropped closed, and realized she was on a couch and Zale was nowhere in sight.

Panic set in and she sat up. Pain came next and she gasped.

Then he was there, pulling at the jacket until he could get between her legs. She kicked at him, terrified, and he stopped. She tried to curl away, but the pain was too much.

“Let me help,” he said.

“How?” she asked.

He squinted at her, wiping a hand down his mouth. “I studied the alpha and omega relationship. I studied the hell out of it. I shouldn’t have forced that alpha out of you after he knotted. You’re hurt. And as crazy as it sounds, an alpha can help you heal. I’m sure there are better ways to do it, but this is just what … felt right. It felt like it would work.” He watched her and she caught a flash of purple in his eyes. “It’s instinct at this point, doll. It helped earlier, didn’t it?”

She had already experienced so much that shouldn’t be possible, and her head was so fuzzy as it was, she just spread her legs and decided to trust him not to hurt her.

Zale immediately put his face to her pussy and spread his tongue flat against her hole, lapping up to her clit and down again. She sighed as it helped, no longer surprised by these things. A wave of warmth strummed through her body and sweat rolled down her neck.

Zale froze.

“Your heat is almost here,” he said.

“What the fuck!”

She and Zale jumped. Tabitha spotted William standing with his work bag across the room. She sat up and took a closer look around and realized they had broken into William’s condo. Fuck.

She felt William’s eyes on her body, then on Zale and the blood smears on his face and hands. William dropped his bag and drew his gun, pointing it right at Zale whose eyes flashed violet.

“Get away from her,” William shouted.

Zale leaned back on the couch and smiled, the picture of ease.

“Or what?” Zale asked. “You think a bullet will stop me? Do you know anything about alphas, especially ones in favor of an omega near her heat?”

Tabitha was about to ask what Zale meant when William fired his gun, the sound deafening. Tabitha winced, covering her ears, but Zale was on his feet, grabbing Williams hands and twisting the gun out of them.

“Stop it!” She leapt off the couch to intervene, but the pain between her legs had her crumbling to the floor.

Zale was next to her almost instantly, pulling an Afghan blanket over her shoulders to give her some dignity. She looked up and saw William seated in his recliner, a bruise blooming under one eye as he watched the two of them.

“What the fuck is going on, Tabi?” he asked, breathless.

She looked at Zale and saw a bullet hole in his t-shirt, but only a little blood. When she pulled at the clothing to inspect it, there was just a bruise. Zale lifted his fingers to show off a bullet, glinting in the sunlight coming through the front windows.

“I’m fine,” he said, eyes flashing violet again.

“What the fuck,” she whispered.

Chapter Text

Tabitha stared at herself in the mirror, having scrubbed her body at least half a dozen times to get the smell of Finlay off. It had worked, mostly. Her hair dripped down her back, and even though she was tired and confused and had been crying, her eyes were wide and bright. She was overly aware of Zale leaning against the wall outside of the bathroom, staying close in case he was needed. His smell of cigarettes was a strange comfort.

What confused her was that she also could sense William moving through the room outside of the bathroom, but she was oddly indifferent to him. It was strange because she had known William for most of her life, the two having grown up side-by-side, and after everything over the past 24 hours she was more relieved to have Zale nearby than someone who she knew far better.

She heard the two argue quietly and sighed.

“Zale,” she called. “You can bring me the clothes.”

“Tabitha,” William scolded, angry and full of distrust.

She unlocked the door, knowing Zale would come in and leave William behind. She watched the huge, muscular alpha slip into the bathroom and shut the door behind him with a smirk, locking it with a chuckle. She knew he was amused that a lock could keep the beta out, when it was just a social signal for him and not a real deterrent. He had made that clear when he snapped her handcuffs to bits and kicked in a deadbolted door while carrying her in his arms.

Zale glanced at her then, keeping eye contact with her rather than taking in her naked body. Granted, he hadn’t seen her in clothes yet at all.

She sighed and sat herself on the counter, leaning back against the mirror, enjoying the cool tiles on her skin. She heard Zale set the folded clothes next to her, ones that she had left behind in one of William’s drawers months ago. He leaned against the wall across from her, legs brushing against hers.

"How is it that I barely know you, but I know … that I want to keep you?” she asked and met his sharp gaze.

Zale lifted a brow, hair damp from his own shower. It had fresh braids in it, framing his face, still wild. He adjusted himself to place hands on either side of the counter, not quite invading her space but getting closer so he could breathe her in.

“You’re an omega,” he said, voice low and soft like velvet. “You know what people want from you, especially alphas. I can smell it on you too, how the other alphas were able to bed you already.”

She blushed but couldn’t look away from his piercing gaze, the occasional flicker of violet fascinating. It was like the gaze of a lion at dusk, lights reflecting off wide pupils.

“The first one, that didn’t get to … finish,” he smirked, “you liked how desperately he wanted you. You could tell it wasn’t dangerous. And you wanted him. You liked how he made you feel. Instant attraction.”

That was true. She nodded and his small laugh sent a burst of air against her face, the smell of him intoxicating.

“The second one is good at meeting your needs,” he went on. “He gives you exactly what you want without you even having to ask. And you like his attitude.”

God, she missed Waylen.

“And the third one,” Zale paused. “You’ve wanted him for a while. You can feel yourself falling in love with him already.” He sounded distant, distracted by that.

She reached up and touched his sharp chin, eyeing the way his lips bent under his tongue as he licked them just before they turned hard.

“The one who … raped you,” he growled, and she caught the light of fury in his eyes. She brushed her nose against his jaw, needing to be closer. “You could tell that he was going to hurt you.”

She kissed him under his ear, tangling her hands in his hair. “And you?”

“Tell me,” he said.

She smiled and tried to kiss him. He moved away just enough for her to look at him again.

“You make me feel safe,” she whispered.

He hummed in acknowledgment, pressing his forehead against hers before leaning back against the wall. He looked at her body then and she felt herself get wet.

“How would you feel if I wanted all four of you?” she asked.

“You want to get married, and we just met,” he joked, his smirk making her roll her eyes. “Doll, I’m afraid your bigger worry is how to get yourself and the four of us out of here together.”

And that was the crux of it. She needed a plan.

“I can disable the alarm at the walls and break that jailed alpha out,” he offered. “I just need to hide you somewhere, and I’m not sure I trust leaving you alone. Especially with that rapist still out there and church officials prowling around.”

Tabitha slid off the counter and ran her hands up his chest, removing his shirt. He let her, watching, curious.

"What did you mean when you told William that I make you stronger?” she asked.

“I’ve read that an omega isn’t actually a weak object to breed,” he said. “You’re smart, you’re strong, and when your defenses fall apart near your heat, you rely on alphas to protect you. If an alpha gains your favor, they get stronger as you get wetter.”

She rubbed her thighs together, feeling herself drip.

“How were you able to kill all those alphas?” she asked, studying his tattoos. She traced them lightly, making him shiver. His shoulders and chest were huge, carved with thick muscles. She ran her hands up his abs, following the divots and curved lines, mouth watering as she brushed down those lines that disappeared into his pants. She stopped, going back up his chest.

He let her explore him, looking at her down his nose with that smirk and flickering eyes.

“I’m a mercenary,” he said. “I do this for a living.”

She looked up at him, feeling very small. Not just by how big he was compared to her, but by the haunted look in his eyes.

“Still want me forever, doll?” he asked.

Tabitha ran a thumb over one of his nipples, enjoying his shiver. She bit her lip, holding his gaze, as she reached down and unbuttoned his pants.

“You make me feel safe,” she said, shoving his pants to the floor. “Why would you want to stay with me?”

She touched his hips, ready to admire the stretching tattoos on his huge thighs, when she looked down and saw his erect penis. It was far larger than any she had seen, easily the width of both Callum and Waylen’s combined. She pressed her legs together as she remembered having both of them inside of her at once.

“Oh doll,” he rumbled. “I’d follow you anywhere for every reason in the book.”

She got on her knees in front of him, feeling like a worshipper on a Sunday. She ran her hands under his penis, gasping at how heavy it was. The hard muscle strained, his skin pulled tight against it. The head of his erection was swollen, needy. She kissed it softly and his whole body shook in response. She heard herself dribble on the tile floor, but kept going, darting a tongue out and sliding it in a slow circle over the tender flesh of his tip. He groaned, head falling back on the wall behind him.

Pleased, she pulled him gently into her mouth. Her mouth was so small in comparison to his alpha dick. She managed to put the head of his penis in, all of it, but it strained her jaw.

She looked up at him, her mouth stuffed, and saw his burning violet eyes staring at her, as if committing this to memory.

“Look at you,” he breathed.

He pulled himself out of her mouth with a lewd pop. She started to protest, wanting to satisfy him, but he lifted her off the ground and sat her back on the counter. He opened her legs and looked at her sopping wet pussy. His penis twitched.

Tabitha spread her legs open even further, arching her back, wanting nothing more than to be split open by him.

“Are you sure you’re ready?’ he asked.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

He lifted his penis to her, sliding it around in her juices before lining it up to her tiny hole. She watched him, feeling the thick, swollen tip start to push.

“Will you fit?” she asked.

Zale kissed her then, lips just as soft as they looked. He ran his tongue through her mouth as he shoved the tip into her vagina. She gasped at the intrusion, dizzy by the size.

“You feel good,” he moaned and humped gently into her. There was a tinge of pain from Finlay’s knot being ripped out, but it wasn’t bad. She wrapped her legs around Zale’s waist, trying to pull him in even more. He resisted, running a hand down her side. “Slowly, doll. I want to keep you, not break you.”

She shivered and let him have control, gripping his huge shoulders for stability as he pushed another inch in. Fuck, he was thick like a horse. He dragged at her walls, giant and commanding as he thrust in even more. Her hips felt like they were opening to him as he carved his way into her body.

“You’re so tight,” he breathed against her neck, kissing down her throat and chest, lifting one of her breasts to his mouth. His hands were rough and huge, his mouth burning as he slurped at her nipple, pulling on it with his teeth. She squeezed around him and pushed farther onto his penis, loving the groan she elicited. His hips snapped and he was even deeper, his eyes half lidded and burning violet. A part of her mind was buzzing, lighting her skin on fire. Every panted breath puffing from his mouth floated across her neck and breasts like velvet. Her nipples ached, hard and raised, straining for his attention. But he just watched them heave as she gasped. The tiniest brush of his fingers on her lower back and ass put goosebumps across her whole body. She squeezed her cunt around his enormous penis until it hurt, pushing down even more. He didn’t stop her this time, just watched her pussy eat up more of his dick.

She felt his smooth tip against her cervix, stuffed full. He gripped her hips, lifting her off the counter. He slid down the wall and sat on the tile, guiding her into rolling herself around his dick, making them both moan. There was so much slick it was dripping down her legs and soaking the rest of his penis that still wasn’t inside of her. She needed all of it, going deep on each roll of her hips. But he had control, rubbing her cervix, every inch of his penis massaging her from every angle.

“You’re fucking stunning,” he said, voice rough and felt good in her ears. “Look at you taking me like a good omega.”

She moaned, bathing in the praise, leaning into his touch as he dragged his fingers up her sides and palmed her breasts. He pinched her aching nipples, rolling them as she rolled her pussy around his member. The sound of her juices lubricating their bodies was loud against the bathroom tiles.

Zale mouthed at the lower side of her neck, the spot that felt deliriously good. She held onto his head, tangling her fingers in his wild mane, and pushed farther down. As he sucked on her neck, all she felt was white hot pleasure as the tip of his penis penetrated her womb. She knew he was huge, but having just his smooth tip inside of her made her mind go blank. All she could feel was lustful burning, turned on by how vulnerable it felt to have him so deep inside of her body.

He pulled her down even more with a long groan, burying himself slowly inside. She gasped as she felt his erection plunge into her and feared he really wouldn’t fit. His penis touched the end of her womb and she clung to him, feeling speared and full and somehow still wanting more. He kept mouthing that spot on her neck as he sank deeper, bottoming out finally. She felt the impossible stretch on her organ, dizzy and satisfied, holding still.

Zale held still too, letting her adjust. She watched him release her neck and lean back against the wall to evaluate her. A sheen of sweat made him glisten, his eyes bright violet as they took in her nakedness and where they connected. He touched her lower abdomen and she followed his attention to a long bulge in her skin.

She touched it too, amazed. It was his penis inside of her, so large that it made an imprint on the outside of her body. He shuddered as she put pressure on it with her fingers. It felt strange and wonderful, making her even wetter.

“I want to live inside of you,” he breathed.

Tabitha circled her hips and they both moaned. Her clit rubbed on his groin as she moved, knocking her over the edge into another orgasm. It was such a hard climax, it hurt. Her body tightened around him and there was already no spare room. It must have hurt him too because he winced, but once she was done, it was like an animal took over him. He lifted her and stood, supporting her in his arms without ever taking her off his penis. He balanced her horizontal to the floor, and humped. The sound of their skin and her juices was lewd and it felt primal. She watched his muscles strain with holding her and with the pleasure of fucking her.

He lifted one of her legs and turned her around, spinning her on his dick. The sensation was amazing, but she was disoriented. When she opened her eyes, he had maneuvered her onto all fours on the floor, ramming into her from behind. She heard a drawer open and remembered the dildo she had left behind in this house. She looked back but felt it first as Zale smeared it against her thigh where her lubrication was dripping steadily from her cunt.

She moaned as he pressed it to her ass. She reached between her legs and flicked her clit as he pushed it in, another orgasm buckling her to the floor. He held her ass up by her hips, fucking away, and buried the sex toy into her anus. She had never felt so full and groaned at the pressure of his huge dick and now the vibrating intrusion in her other hole.

“Good omega,” Zale praised.

She humped him back, chasing the pleasure he was giving her. A bulge grew at the base of his penis and she bit back a scream as she stretched. He left the vibrating dildo in her ass and reached around to rub her clit. She orgasmed fast and hard just as his knot sealed them together.

And he came. His penis twitched as sperm jetted into her body. She groaned as his seed emptied, hot and insistent. She felt her womb stretch to accommodate his load. It was uncomfortable.

Zale leaned over her from behind and kept rubbing her clit, bringing her to another orgasm. The pleasure was intense, her vision going dark. He pulled her up against his chest, manipulating her pussy as he kept coming into her, another hand squeezing her breasts. She gripped his wrist for support, head thrown back on his shoulder as his own orgasm continued.

She listened to their soft, jolting moans, heavy breathing, and her slick dripping off their legs. She was sweating, trembling from the intense pleasure he put her through. The soft buzzing of the vibrator still in her ass made it even better.

After being coaxed through his orgasm with more of her own, the sperm stopped. His knot held, keeping it in her body. She relaxed against his chest and let him indulge in feeling her up, his big hands slow and loving as he enjoyed her breasts, her waist, and brought her to even more orgasms. It was exhausting coming so much. Her bones felt like they were made of lead, weighing her down against him.

He ran his hands along her lower abdomen, pushing against the lines of his penis still locked inside of her. He gently touched the bulging that his sperm created, an approving growl in the back of his throat that she loved.

She reached down and massaged his balls as he massaged her clit, loving that they were both pawing at each other now. And to be heavy petting each other’s groins turned her on. She touched his knot and he shivered.

“I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life without doing that until now,” he growled against her ear.

She smiled and breathed in the heavy smell of sex. His knot began to go down, but he didn’t pull out. Sperm slid out around him though, making a bigger mess. She stroked the base of his penis through their combined juices, slipping a finger inside of herself as his erection began to go down as well. She shifted as he slid out of her womb.

With a regretful sigh, he lifted her out of his lap and pulled the rest of his penis from her vagina. She winced, feeling empty, as sperm followed his exit. He bent her over and pulled the vibrator from her ass as well, turning it off.

She was weak and shaky as he picked her up and carried her into the shower again, turning the water on warm. He leaned her against the wall as water rained on them both. She admired his tattoos through sleepy eyes as he washed her with gentle hands. He would pause to kiss her, his tongue sliding deep into her mouth.

Tabitha let him enjoy her as he washed her, kissing him back, humming as he tweaked her nipples, falling into his arms as he brought her into another orgasm by rubbing his thigh between her legs. She was vaguely aware when he dressed her into pajamas that she recognized as her own, also left behind from her days of dating William. He carried her out of the bathroom and she sighed in relief as he tucked her into bed.

She heard him arguing with William, but was too tired to care.

Chapter Text

A burning between her thighs woke her. She wiped sweat off her forehead as she blinked in the darkness, not understanding why she felt like she needed to be railed again after the best sex of her life last night and especially after the trauma from … yesterday? Fuck. Her life had changed dramatically in just a matter of one day, full of great sex, gorgeous men, and then some less than savory bits that she shied away from thinking about.

She groaned, feeling wet and dripping. She pulled her pajama bottoms off, tossing them across the room, legs spread open.

A lamp flicked on, and she saw Zale sitting up from the other side of the bed. He looked delicious, his shirt nowhere to be seen and his muscles and tattoos on display for her to devour. She ripped the blankets off him and grinned when she saw he was naked and his penis was hard and straining as if it knew that she needed it.

“Fuck,” Zale breathed. “I can smell your heat. It has to be a matter of hours away.”

“This isn’t it?” Tabitha asked as she lifted his penis into her hands and licked the underside of it from base to tip. His hips bucked.

“From what I’ve read … no,” he gritted out. “You’ll be next to incoherent, and you’ll have pain that will need to be calmed by an alpha.”

She knew if she wasn’t so crazed with lust that would bother her, but instead she pulled off her shirt and climbed on top of him. Just straddling his lap stretched her, his thighs muscular and his frame just so much larger than hers. She ran her hands up his chest, admiring him. He smirked and brushed the backs of his fingers up her thigh.

“How much do you want me, doll?” he asked, bouncing her playfully as he bucked his hips beneath her.

She bit her lip and studied him before pressing her chest on his, brushing the lightest of kisses on his mouth. She reached between her legs and caught slick in two fingers, bringing them to his growing smirk. She pressed them past his lips and the soft tissue of his tongue licked her juices. He sucked on her fingers, not breaking eye contact.

“Touch yourself again,” he whispered.

She leaned back, lifting herself on her knees so he would have a better view of her dripping pussy. The violet sparking in his eyes fanned her lust, but she went slow, dragging her hands over her breasts, pushing them together. She pinched her nipples and then drew her hands down her waist. She had to balance herself on one hand behind her just before sinking her index finger into her folds. It was soaked, juices slurping as she pulled her finger along her slit and circled her clit.

“Can you fuck yourself with those pretty fingers?” he asked.

She did as he asked, fingering herself with a sigh. It turned to a soft whine though because she knew his fingers were bigger, and his penis shoving at her ass cheeks was the biggest penis she ever saw. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine his penis carving inside of her again, spitting her in half. The wet sounds of her hand between her legs became the only sound in the room, apart from her heavy breathing and Zale’s pleased hum.

“Don’t make yourself cum,” he ordered quietly. “Keep playing with yourself, but only I can bring you an orgasm.”

She looked at his burning violet eyes and fought against her climax, moving her fingers away from her clit. It was too tempting though. She drew another circle around her clit, knowing her juices were soaking his crotch and she whimpered, aching for him to help her.

A burning in her veins told her that her release was close. As if he knew, Zale grabbed her hand and flipped her off him, climbing on top of her. He pinned her to the bed, hands on her wrists, penis still too far away. She squirmed and humped at the empty air.

“I said don’t cum yet,” he said with a grin.

And then his penis was there, but didn’t penetrate her. Instead, it rubbed along her slit, dragging through her arousal and putting delicious, slow friction on her clit. But Zale was going too slow, even stopping every few seconds as her climax neared. She rolled her hips, needing more, but he was in control. And she loved how much more that turned her on.

But it frustrated her too. As he denied her from another orgasm, a small scream escaped her lips. He smothered it with his mouth, drinking in her squirming whines as he held her down. His penis twitched against her, a log that pulsed against her pussy. He broke the kiss to look at her, holding her gaze.

“I’ll fuck you, doll,” he breathed. “But I want you to mark me while I do.”

“What?” Tabitha blinked to clear her head, or try to, but the lust was loud in her veins. She rocked her hips against his erection, needing friction, needing to climax on him.

He brushed hair from her face and pulled his hips away, removing his penis from between her legs. She wanted to cry, but fought to focus on what he was asking. She felt it then, his absolute need for her to do this for him.

“A bond is when we mark each other,” he said. “You’re not clear enough for that right now. But you can mark me. Make me yours forever.”

“What does it do?” She braced herself by holding his face, tracing his sharp cheekbones. “And are you sure?”

“You mark me by biting my neck.” He touched the lower side of her neck, where all the alphas seemed obsessed with mouthing or sucking. “Bite me here. Leave a scar. I’ll be yours. I’ll feel everything you need like you’re inside of me, even if we’re miles apart.”

“Why do you want that?” she asked.

“Getting you out of here won’t be easy and if something happens, if we’re separated, I’ll be able to find you a lot faster.” He pressed his forehead to hers. “I’ll be able to keep you safe. Or … safer.”

She studied him, tried to focus through the pulsing between her legs. It was hard to imagine biting him hard enough to break skin, let alone marking him as hers forever, giving him insight to her needs and location until she died one day. She thought back to how he saved her from a roomful of alphas already and found herself nodding. Yes, of course she wanted him close forever. She had already asked him, essentially.

“Say it,” he commanded.

“I’ll make you mine,” she whispered.

Suddenly his penis was back between her thighs, the tip shoving inside of her. It gored her, huge and dominating. She arched her back at the sensation of him sliding into her body, every nerve on fire as he slowly pushed more of himself into her with each thrust. Watching him move made her wetter, how smooth he was with every hump. He was huge above her, his tattoos smearing in the dark.

He pulled out and flipped her around. He was so strong, and her body so pliable to his desires, that she didn’t fight him. He pulled her up against his chest and she realized he made her face a floor length mirror leaning against the wall at the end of the bed. His frame hulked around her, muscles bunching as he moved her hair off her breasts.

“Look at you,” he whispered into her ear. His big hands trailed down her neck and then hefted her breasts, one in each hand. Her mounds were big enough that their softness bulged between his fingers. He squeezed them, then gently circled her areola with his fingertips. She shuddered and whined, so wet between her legs that it hurt.

“You are stunning,” he breathed, hands sliding along her ribs, down the hourglass curve of her waist. She watched, spellbound, as his enormous hands gripped her thighs and pulled them open, exposing her pussy to the mirror. It glistened in the dim lamplight, dripping with need. The air-conditioned air made her shiver, cold on her juices.

Zale slid a hand into the pool between her legs, dipping two fingers between her folds. She writhed under his touch as he spun his digits. But then he pulled them away and her head fell back in frustration. Zale wasn’t done though, pushing his wet fingers into her mouth.

“Taste yourself,” he ordered and she obeyed, licking his fingers slicked with her arousal. It was sweet and heady. “Do you want to see me fuck you now?”

She nodded, desperate, and tried to close her legs against the chill of the room. But Zale kept her spread for him and the mirror.

"Say it, doll,” he purred into her ear. “Let me hear your pretty voice say dirty things to me.”

She locked eyes with him in the mirror, slick shining on her mouth. He was smiling like a devil, waiting.

“Please, alpha,” she begged. “Fuck me raw.”

Zale tilted his head back, biting his lip, as he lined his penis up to her tiny hole again. She watched in the mirror as he forced the huge, bulging head of his member inside of her. Juices slurped as the intrusion pushed. It felt both painful but hot. She was addicted to the feeling of being split open like this, by something this big and this hard. Splayed as she was, she could see how strained her cunt was just around the tip. A whine keened in the back of her throat, needing more.

She reached down and smeared her slick along his enormous dick, eliciting a moan from him. He humped up and more of him filled her. She gripped his arms for dear life as he plunged deeper, goring her open, coaxing her body to accept his large erection. She squirmed around it, chest heaving.

“That’s a good omega,” he purred. “Getting soaked for me so you can take me in.”

His voice was like a drug in her ears, deep and reverberating, strumming her bones.

“Zale,” she moaned and wrapped her hands around the back of his neck as his penis brushed her cervix. He bent down and mouthed the spot on her neck that was already covered in bruises. It sent a jolt through her and she humped up and down his length, burning for him to consume her.

One of his hands gripped her jaw, forcing her back to the mirror just as he plummeted past her cervix. She saw white, then stars as he worked her clit with his other hand, dragging her into an orgasm. She was at his mercy, shuddering around his member, coming apart in his arms. He hummed his approval and she caught him smiling in the mirror when she came back to her senses.

“Good omega,” he praised softly, breath brushing the edge of her ear. “Coming for me so beautifully. Look at our bodies together, doll.”

He still held her jaw, forcing her to look into the mirror. She took in the sight of them. He was glazed in sweat, muscles flexing as he controlled her. Her body was so small in comparison, surrounded on all sides by some part of his stunning body. She took in her glistening chest, nipples hard, then down to his hand stroking her clit.

She reached down too, but to stroke his testicles. He groaned in response and she massaged his balls gently, smearing her juices around the hanging sack. He moved his hand from her clit and she watched him trace her abdomen where his penis bulged from within. She drew her hands up to do the same, fascinated and aroused.

His body was strumming with the need to fuck, and fuck hard. She squeezed around him, encouraging him to have his way with her.

“First,” he breathed, shuddering with constraint, “omega, tell me what I feel like inside of you?”

Tabitha pressed on his member spearing her body, his hands groping her breasts now, kneading them as his arousal grew wilder.

“Tell me, omega,” he growled.

“You feel dominating,” she answered. “I’m dominated by you.”

“Good omega,” he purred and lifted one of her legs, turning her to face him. She straddled him, panting, dizzy with the sensation. “I’m your dom.” He rolled them onto the bed, pinning her beneath him.

“Say it.” Zale thrust hard and jostled her whole body. It took her breath away. He thrust again, harder, and she moaned, clinging to his sweaty shoulders.

“You’re my dom,” she said.

He kissed her then, rewarding her with the stroke of his tongue. Hot breath filled her head as the wet muscle slowly circled her own. He lifted her ass and rammed her hard and she gripped the bedsheets. She closed her eyes, savoring the slip of his body in hers, the overwhelming smother of his heated mouth. His pelvis rubbed her clit and she shuddered down on him with a scream. The orgasm hit so hard it hurt, his body almost too big for hers to clench on him like that.

His knot split her wider and as it did, he flipped one side of his hair aside, placing his neck in her view. Panting, unsure, she licked the juncture between his neck and collarbone. Something under his skin smelled like him on steroids, all cigarettes and blood. So dominating. So fitting. She followed that scent until she found where it was strongest. Her licking turned to sucking.

Zale’s penis pulsed and sperm jetted into her. As it did, she bit down on him, latching herself to this piece of him. His smell flooded her senses just as much as his semen. The smell of blood intensified, and she drank it down, lapping at the tiny wound she inflicted. He gasped through his orgasm and pain, holding her close as if his knot wasn’t already.

Her administrations on his wound took her focus, not bothered by how full she was becoming as he soaked her walls. As strange as it was, she understood the instinct he mentioned when he licked her wound, how something whispered that it would make it better faster. As she licked him, she felt the bite turning smooth. The ripped skin cooled to scar tissue under her tongue and she leaned back to touch it, to verify that it had indeed become a scar in the matter of moments that passed.

White, thick tissue reflected back at her, surrounded by blood. She gasped. No wonder betas thought alphas and omegas were animals.

“Good omega,” Zale purred, stroking the tips of his fingers down the side of her sweaty face. “You feel satisfied.”

She studied him, unsure what he meant. Then realization hit. He said that mark would make him privy to her needs.

“And wants,” he said. “And desires.” He kissed her sweetly with a groan deep in his throat. “Somehow, you’re even more beautiful. Little omega needed her alpha very badly, didn’t she?”

She trailed fingers along his scar with a nod, and he shivered. The knot holding them together was starting to hurt and before she could say anything, as if he heard her, it shrank. Zale gave her body a lustful grin, raising her brow at whatever he liked about her sweaty tits, and pulled his dick out.

“William, it’s rude to barge into a room without knocking.” Zale hid her nakedness from the door. Startled, she stretched to peek around the hulking bulge of his shoulder and spotted William looking sucker punched.

“How long have you been watching us?” she all but screamed at him.

“Shortly after your latest orgasm,” Zale said. “He shouldn’t be shocked though. Did you ever make her cum like that when you were lucky enough to have her?”

Tabitha blushed fiercely and pushed at Zale for being a pest, but he just laughed and touched the scar she gave him.

“So, the answer is no,” he said in an exaggerated whisper that she knew William heard.

"Were,” William stumbled over his words, bracing himself in the doorframe. “Were you sucking his blood?”

Zale laughed again and she gasped, hands flying to her face. First William found Zale eating her out, mouth covered in her blood, and now … fuck. She watched him hurry away, disappearing into the hallway.

“Thanks for the help,” she said to Zale as he rolled off her, eyes sliding closed with a very satisfied smile on his wet lips.

“It’s fine, doll,” he said. “He’s just jealous.”

“Of you or me?” she asked with a laugh, and he opened one eyelid, smirking.

Chapter Text

Tabitha got up and rushed into the bathroom, her levity dissipating once she looked in the mirror. Zale’s blood spotted her lower face. The sight horrified her, but the smell was intense. It was him and she slowly licked her lips, tasting the blood now. His smell exploded in her senses again and she got dizzy. Horrified by herself now, she shook her head hard and lifted chunks of her hair that had blood in it too, matting pieces together in a mix of sweat.

“Oh, I’m a mess,” she told her reflection.

She stepped into the shower and turned the water on cold, hoping it would help her get control of her approaching heat. She felt it coiling in her bones, a dormant animal that was just starting to scream.

Shivering, she scrubbed herself clean, rushing so she could escape the icy droplets. Once done, she looked at herself in the mirror as she dried off, evaluating how her body changed even more. It was subtle, but there. Her curves were more accentuated, her tits larger, heavier, sensitive like they were around her period. Her hair sat perfectly, every strand as if she had styled it there intentionally. She thought about what Patriarch Adams said, how omegas were sinful temptresses She saw it now. It made her uncomfortable, but at the same time she grinned, wanting to go tempt Zale again.

Resisting that urge, she pulled her old silk robe from the closet and walked back to Zale slowly, something in her softening when she saw he had fallen sound asleep. She smelled him still, smelled how exhausted he was, how relieved he was to be marked by her, to protect her forever. A whine escaped her throat as the desire to suck his dick until he woke up gripped her. But she just leaned down and brushed a kiss to his forehead, then retreated to find William and try to patch things up.

Or, at least, make sure he wasn’t going to turn them in.


Tabitha didn’t have to search long. As usual, whenever William was upset, he took to the kitchen to huff and puff with folded arms, glaring out the window above the stainless-steel sink. He had stress cleaned until the room was spotless.

“Hey,” she said, tightening the robe around her, not wanting to give him the wrong idea about why she was there.

William glanced at her, then looked back at her for longer. His eyes were rimmed red.

“How did I not see it before?” he asked.

“See what?” She slid onto one of the counter stools, leaning her elbows on the cool granite. God, this felt familiar. Her in her robe at this exact spot and him upset in the kitchen, crying. Usually, it was because he was jealous, and she couldn’t stand it. He had gotten jealous over every man or woman who looked at her for too long, or hit on her, or even just paid for her lunch because they saw her across the restaurant and were either being nice or wanted an excuse to wink at her. Every single fucking time, he would rampage the condo, cleaning endlessly, teary-eyed, and then beg her to not leave him or scream at her for flirting back with some stranger when she never did or scare her because he would tell passively mention how he wanted to tie her up somewhere so she wouldn’t ever end things.

But she did leave him.

Multiple times. Not just for how he took his own insecurities out on her, but because at the end of the day she wasn’t good for him either. He wanted a wife to bake brownies for the office and she wanted to finish up her degree and maybe see something outside of this old, dusty speck of the map.

“What didn’t you see before?” she prodded, shaking their trainwreck dating history out of her head.

William leaned on the counter across from her, really staring hard at her. It made the air between them awkward.

“You’re an omega,” he whispered, and she flinched, as if she didn’t already know. “I never had a chance, did I?”

“Really?” She shoved away from the counter, angry now. “You’re going to blame us not working out that? Me being this doesn’t change how fucked up we were together.”

He huffed and shrugged, pursing his lips in disagreement and she wanted to squish his face to make him stop it.

“I keep thinking I’m going to be able to save you from this,” he said. “Heard you scream, and I went running, but there you were drinking that guy’s blood.”

She rolled her eyes. “I wasn’t drinking his blood.”

“Then what the fuck was that?”

“It’s complicated.”

“It’s always complicated, isn’t it? Fuck. I just don’t know what you want, do I, Tabi? Or what you need.”

She studied him now and thought of her four alphas, which alone made her feel so slutty. But Evander, Waylen, Callum, and Zale had just … fit. It wasn’t difficult with them. But it was always difficult with this sad boy in front of her.

“If it makes you feel better, I don’t think I’ve ever known what you want or need either,” she said, and he hissed like she slapped him. “But I still care about you. I still appreciate what you’ve tried to do for me, like letting us hide here.”

“Us,” he echoed and pushed away from the counter too, folding his arms.

“We won’t be here long,” she said, trying to change the subject, to get away from him trying to rationalize why they never worked out. “Zale has a plan to get us out of here.” She refrained from saying anything about the other alphas, not entirely trusting William with that information. Especially about Callum. William was a Sunday attendee. He may not follow the rules during the week, but he was still a regular, even if he just played pretend for a day.

“Fine,” William relented. “But I have to say one last thing.”

She waited and watched him gulp.

"I’m scared for you-” he began, just as the kitchen window shattered.

Tabitha leapt to her feet screaming as William was knocked to the floor by whatever object broke the glass. He dropped like a bag of sand, and she scrambled to reach him. Hands grabbed her from behind and a sack shoved over her head. The last thing she saw was a dark, shimmering ripple of blood on the kitchen linoleum from around William’s skull.

She hoped he was only unconscious.

A hand covered her mouth over the cloth sack on her head, muffling her screams for Zale as she was lifted and carried at a run through the back door. The thud of a van door opening had her flailing, terror gripping her just as tightly as these men, but she couldn’t stop them from shoving her into the vehicle. The seats had been removed and she rolled across the carpet just as everything jolted forward. Whistling wind as they sped off silenced as the door slid shut again.

She reached to yank the sack off her head, but hands pulled her wrists behind her back, nestling her against a hard body.

She gasped for breath, struggling, but whoever had her was too strong. She begged for Zale to feel her absolute panic through that mark, or however it worked, and find her.

“Honey, I like you in silk.”

Tabitha froze. The voice came from in front of her and she wanted to throw up at hearing it.

“Finlay,” she gasped.

Chapter Text

Whoever held Tabitha’s arms behind her back, and flush against their body, didn’t move. She held just as still, too scared to try escaping when she couldn’t see anything through the fabric of the hood and Finlay’s breathing was so close in front of her.

His hands brushed along her robe, the backs of his fingers grazing one of her nipples through the silk. She knew they were raised and when he grazed the sensitive nub, she pressed her legs together, both terrified of what she knew he wanted from her and that her body was already betraying her. Her breasts felt huge and heavy, just as her cunt clenched at the thought of another dick. The heat coiling through her bones was getting hotter, making her sweat.

Finlay took a deep breath, as if he could smell it.

“Crimson is a beautiful color on you,” he said, slipping a hand into her robe. She flinched but couldn’t get far thanks to whoever held her from behind.

Finlay’s big hand lifted her left breast, squeezing it. He pressed a thumb over her hard nipple and pinched it. She grunted, breathing faster as he opened her robe to reveal her breasts to the van air. The man behind her gave a small groan and she felt something hard growing beneath her ass. She tried to wiggle away from it, making Finlay laugh.

“Is it possible for you to get more enticing?” he asked, throwing open the rest of her robe, flinging the silk tie that had been around her waist to the side. The open air chilled her heated skin and her pussy clenched, so wet that it made an audible sound. The man behind her grinded his pelvis against her ass, digging his clothed penis between her cheeks. She whimpered and Finlay shoved her legs apart.

“No,” she begged.

“I’ll do what I want with you, honey,” he said sweetly. “And this time, no one is going to stop me from having you, or stop me from pimping you out. You want this.” He touched her soaked pussy, her juices loud in the confines of the van. She bit back a moan, the heat in her bones singing. “You’re practically screaming for it.”

The man behind her was rubbing himself against her in a steady rhythm now, making her body slide with each desperate stroke.

“Soon, Sawyer,” Finlay promised. “You know the arrangement.”

Tabitha fought tears, fought the urge to scream, as the man – Sawyer apparently – passed her to Finlay. She kicked out, but he had her wrists above her head, back pressed against the floor of the van before she even realized what he was doing. She squirmed, blinking against the black hood that blinded her, not sure why he wanted her face covered.

The clink of a belt being undone put chills across her skin. At least two people gripped her legs, yanking them wide apart. She whimpered as Finlay leaned over her, tying her hands together with something smooth. She realized, with horror, that it was the tie from her robe. Someone else then took her bound wrists, holding them in place.

“I want your face bagged because, as beautiful as you are, I want you to understand something,” he whispered into her ear through the fabric. “You are this.” He gripped her pussy hard, holding onto it with rough fingers. “You are my ecstasy, and I will loan your cunt out to the right price as I see fit. Do you understand yet?”

Tears ran down her cheeks and into her hair, dampening the bag. A sob escaped her as she shook her head, begging for Zale, for anyone, to stop him.

“I’ll have to convince you, then,” Finlay said, and she felt his dick against her opening. She writhed to get away from it, from him, but hands held her limbs in place and then Finlay gripped her hips so hard she knew he would leave bruises behind when he was done.

He shoved his penis in, and she screamed, struggling to get away from the fat member thrusting deeper and deeper. The fabric of the van’s floor scratched the sensitive skin on her legs, though thankfully the robe protected her ass from being rubbed raw. Not that it mattered. Not that anything mattered except Finlay’s relentless assault.

She tried to focus on anything else, but then he was touching her clit, slowing his thrusts now that he could feel her cervix. Pleasure flowed through her body, morphing her screams to embarrassing moans. The men in the van moaned with her, liking what they saw apparently. Finlay massaged her small nub of flesh as he rubbed his penis along her walls. Her muscles fluttered around him as he forced her to orgasm, the whimpers of her climax joining the medley of Finlay stroking himself with her clenching hole.

He lifted her hips and thrust hard, penetrating her cervix and entering her womb. She gasped and hated herself for gripping his penis with every inch of her pussy. Her arousal dripped off her ass, puddling on her silk robe below. Not being able to see anything except feel him fuck her was uncomfortable and the sounds of their bodies that much louder, the feel of his hot, hard flesh that much more demanding. She couldn’t focus on something else to escape. He rubbed their sexes together, grinding his pelvis on her clit until she came undone around him again.

“Finlay,” she groaned, and heard laughing, but the heat in her bones was hot and thrumming and she stopped caring. Her body burned and she found herself humping against him.

One of his hands grabbed a breast, pinching the nipple until she squealed.

"I told you that you were made for this,” he panted, shoving into her again.

Her head lolled back as his knot caught, locking them together. It was huge and painful. His mouth found a nipple and he rolled his tongue across the hardened nub. She was sweating, feeling full, and winced as his orgasm hit. She whined, squirming again, but his knot was firmly in place, holding her to him.

Finlay groaned as his sperm emptied into her womb, burying his face between her breasts. He squeezed them together, cushioning his gasps as he shuddered into her body.

His sperm jetted out for another moment before his penis just pulsed with small aftershocks and they laid together as his sperm soaked into her.

The sack on her head ripped off and she took a deep breath, hair sticking to the sweat on her cheeks. She didn’t have long to breathe though before Finlay kissed her hard, sucking her bottom lip between his teeth, nipping her. He gripped her jaw, forcing her mouth open so he could touch her tongue with his. The wet, vulgar noise of him kissing her was loud in the van. She realized the men holding her in place were panting and trembling. She smelled their arousal, their animal need to fuck her, and tears slipped down her cheeks.

Finlay rubbed the tears away as his knot began to shrink, finally.

“You were a better than I expected,” he said against her lips and the men laughed, one whooped. She just stared up at him, adrenaline and shock making her shake. “You’re worth much more than I expected, honey.”

He rubbed himself along her insides again, and she cursed herself for tightening around him in response to the friction. He pulled out with a gross pop and fingered her labia open, looking at her hole and his semen slipping out of it. The men holding her legs apart leaned forward to look too, one of them licking his lips and the other began running his hand down her thigh, stoking her skin.

“We’re almost to the motel, boys,” Finlay announced, glancing out the window now. He stood and tucked his penis, still dripping in both of their orgasms, back into his pants. “Now time to make money.”

Chapter Text

It was Sawyer who manhandled Tabitha out of the van, robe hanging from shoulder and having fallen down the other. The silk billowed in the warm night breeze, wide open. A crowd of alphas packed the cheap motel lobby, at least two dozen, and she cowered from them and their greedy hands. Fingers pinched her nipples as Sawyer navigated her through the whooping men, her hands tied in front of her. But she couldn’t shove all of the groping aside, gasping as her robe was torn. She would have tripped if not for Sawyer holding her by an elbow.

More hands grabbed her robe, ripping the rest of it to shreds. Sawyer laughed with them as she lost the only article of clothing she had, which wasn’t much. Hands slapped her ass, hard. Others shoved hands between her legs for a quick touch. Someone pulled her hair.

She was crying by the time Sawyer marched her down the hallway. There were still alphas there, as if waiting in a fucking line. She shivered, needing to find a way out of here. She searched for employees but found no one. The idea that Finlay killed them just for this made her want to be sick.

Sawyer shoved her into a room, the door already open. At least six alphas filled the room, beers in hand and rowdy. They cheered when she stumbled into view and her attention zeroed in on the king bed. It had the bottom sheet on, but the cover sheets were kicked in a ball in front of the closet.

“No,” she begged and dug her feet into the dirty carpet. “Please.”

Sawyer faced her, smiling, beautiful like all of the alphas hooting around her. She hated them. She hated being an omega. As he stared down at her, his dark eyes mirrored an eerie blue just before he picked her up by her waist and threw her onto the bed. This was met with more cheers, so much that her ears hurt.

“Tie her up.” Finlay joined them then, wads of cash in hand.

She curled in on herself, but strong hands had her stretched on the bed in seconds. She screamed at them as they took her bound hands and pulled them over her head again, wrapping rope around her already bound wrists and securing her to the headboard. She tried to crawl up the bed and press herself against the chipped wood, but grinning alphas yanked on her ankles, dragging her to the middle of the mattress.

Her legs were pulled apart, rope tied tight around her ankles and secured to the bedframe. She struggled, testing the bindings, but she was trapped. Tears slipped from the corners of her eyes as she realized she was about to be gang raped by who knew how many alphas.

Finlay raised his hands, quieting the room. Some green and orange bills slipped from his stuffed hands, and she saw they were stacks of hundreds. She spotted three black cases at his feet, bills peeking out the edges. Fuck.

“Remember the rules, boys,” Finlay said. “She’s mine. You’re just borrowing her.”

The room laughed and she stared up at the ceiling. Finlay said something about Sawyer being first in line. The hooting started again, joined with the loud conversation about what they thought about her body, and then Sawyer climbed on top of her.

She met his reflective blue eyes. They made him look inhuman in how they mirrored turquoise back at her, overtaking his pupils, and she understood the church’s initial lie that all omegas and alphas needed to die. If they hadn’t kept The Fund going, she might consider going back to church. But no, they were still greedy bastards. No better than Finlay.

Sawyer knelt between her legs, bare naked. His engorged penis was huge. She didn’t bother staring at it for long, not interesting in comparing it to other alpha dicks anymore, especially not her four.

The fire in her bones hummed loud in her ears, almost tuning out the raucous around her. She tensed as Sawyer bent over her, kissing her more tenderly than she expected. She kept her eyes open, staring at the ceiling through her tears. Her whole body was trembling.

Sawyer didn’t seem to care. He panted kisses down her neck, fondled her breasts, and she felt his penis. She didn’t look at him, just the pitted ceiling and its peeling white paint. His swollen member pushed into her, and she hated herself all over again as she felt her soaked pussy welcome him. She was so wet that there was hardly any resistance. Finlay’s sperm was still coating her insides too, helping lubricate her. Not that she needed help. Not with her heat on the edge. She felt it bubbling and here Finlay was, about to breed her during her first cycle.

“Zale,” she whispered, though no one seemed to hear her begging over the cheers.

“Fuck, she feels good,” Sawyer groaned, the tip of his penis finding her cervix. She held as still as she could, jostled only by his thrusts. But her heat coiled, sweat dripping between her breasts. She shook her head and struggled, the sensation of Sawyer’s member slipping through her too dizzying.

Rapid pops startled her, not sure if there were fireworks nearby or shooting. When she opened her eyes, Sawyer was studying her closely and there was a sudden tension in the room. She saw people moving as if heading for the door, but he just stared at her. His eyes were cold. Empty. He seemed to decide on something, gripping her by the throat and pinning her flat on the mattress, as if she had any chance of moving as it was. His hand was heavy under her jaw, cutting off her blood flow. Her panic notched higher and she thought she heard screaming, but it could have been coming from her. A roaring in her ears made it hard to tell.

Her eyes rolled and she fought to breathe. Nothing existed except the burning, painful need to get oxygen.

Hot liquid splattered her chest and suddenly she could breathe. She gasped, twisting against the ropes, tears soaking her hair and the sheet beneath her. A sob wracked through her, and she fought to drink in air again, shuddering.

Hands were on her and she shook her head.

“Please.” Her voice was rough, and her throat hurt. “Please don’t. No more.”

Fingers wiped at her tears and then she heard something, a voice through the fog.

“No more,” Zale promised, his hair falling around her, shading her from the glare of disinterested motel lights. She opened blurry eyes and tried to focus on him but couldn’t. The smell of him though, all blood and cigarettes, was a relief so powerful that another sob raked through her. She trembled violently in his gentle hands, only realizing now that she wasn’t tied up anymore. She held her arms against her bare chest, curling her legs up, wanting to hide. He adjusted, letting her find shelter under him.

“No more,” he promised, and she sobbed again. He held her for a moment, and she started to wonder if he was really there or if her mind snapped and she was just wanting him to keep her safe so badly that she was hallucinating.

A low chuckle rumbled up Zale’s chest, reverberating around her. It was warm, comforting, and soothed her tremors a little.

“I’m real, doll,” he said against her hair.

She nodded, leaning into the kiss he pressed on her temple. But then….

“What,” her throat caught her words, terror drying up her mouth. “W-what about the alphas?” She gripped his biceps and tried to peek around him at the room, but he blocked her from looking.

“I got a little mad at them,” Zale said softly. “But I got you something.” He pressed his forehead to hers, urging her to look into his face as he reached into his jacket. She held his sharp gaze, noticing blood splattered on the side of his cheek. Before she could ask about it, he grinned and handed her a piece of cloth. At first she recoiled from it, remembering the hood Finlay made her wear, but then Zale opened it up and it was just a shirt. A big one.

“Let’s get this on you.” His tone was light and soft, and he made sound effects as he pulled it over her head. “One arm at a time,” he coaxed, lightly tugging at one of her wrists. She kept her arms crossed over her chest, not able to move them.

Zale paused to give her a tiny smile.

"You want to know where they are, don’t you?” he asked and then his face blurred. It took her a moment to realize she was sobbing again. Zale nudged one of her arms and helped her slide it into the shirt as he spoke, his voice calm even though she felt a rage from him, a frothing, angry wave that he kept nicely in check for her. “I felt your panic, heard the scream, came running. William is at the hospital, as far as I know. Called an ambulance for him as I went after you.”

She watched his face, the straight and long lines of his nose, the scrunch of bound up emotion between his dark brows, the long shadows from his lashes as he brought her other arm into the shirt.

“They moved you fucking fast,” he continued and then cleared his throat. She had heard the anger in that sentence, saw the quick curl of his lips. But he controlled it. For her. “I pulled out some of the big guns and just razed the lobby, doll.” He said it so pleasantly and she made a small gasp.

“You … you killed them?” she whispered.

“About twenty-five fuckers in the lobby,” he said, tugging the shirt down her body to cover her up. It was big and smelled just like him. It had to have been one of his. “Just cut them down. Right through the windows.” He lifted her hips gently and pulled the shirt the rest of the way over her. It was so big that it covered her down to mid-thigh and stayed baggy. It made her feel safe and warm. It eased her shaking.

“Then a handful in the hallway, though some made a quick escape.” The curl of his lips reappeared, but he wiped it away with a swipe of his hand.

“And … here?” she asked, feeling the tremors pick up again. It was like her bones were trying to rattle out of her skin.

“It’s really messy in here,” he said in a matching whisper. “The fucker on you was trying to kill you, doll. You were passed out.”

She blinked at him and shook her head. She hadn’t passed out.

“Listen,” he said. “We gotta move, okay? I was loud coming in here and we need to get going before people come running. Like the cops. Or the fucking church.”

She had her arms over her chest again. Warm liquid that had been on her skin was soaking into the shirt. She glanced at her forearms and saw blood.

“Not yours,” he assured. “Now I’m going to carry you.” He pinched her chin between his thumb and index finger, calling for her focus. Muscles jumped along his jaw as he held her gaze. “You’re going to keep your eyes closed, won’t you?”

She felt the shift from his calming gentleness to a man down to business. It tasted of the dom side of himself that she experienced just hours ago. Had it been just hours?

Wanting to please him, knowing he was there to protect her, she nodded. He rewarded her with a wicked half smile.

“Good girl,” he purred. “Now. Close them.”

She obeyed, arms over her chest again, fingers digging into the shirt.

Chapter Text

Zale’s arms were solid around Tabitha and protective. She kept her eyes squeezed tight, face buried in his chest. The buckles on his jacket were cold on her skin but that helped keep her grounded. He carried her like she weighed nothing, moving fast. She felt him stop occasionally to step over something and she knew it had to have been a body.

The sound of his boots on the carpet was wrong. Though sometimes his footfalls thudded as they should, other times they squelched. He took her through what she assumed was the hallway and she made herself as small as she could, mostly to hide from the memories of being dragged down it by Sawyer naked past a line of alphas who paid to rape her.

But they didn’t. Zale made sure they didn’t. And if she hadn’t gone downstairs to check on William, she would have been right by Zale when Finlay broke in. Zale never would have let him touch her.

“Not your fault,” Zale whispered to her, and she started. He pressed his lips to the top of her head. “You are allowed to go where you want and be safe, okay? We’re just in a bit of a situation in this dusty ass town. I’ll get you out of here.”

She listened to his angry, ragged breathing, so glad she obeyed him when he asked to be marked earlier. He was already intuitive when it came to her, as all her alphas were – or any alpha, but now Zale understood her emotions without her needing to say a word.

“Thank you,” she breathed.

Zale kissed her head again, lingering, and she realized he wanted to say something but was trying not to.

“What is it?” she asked.

“I love you.” He said it so quietly, so quickly, she almost missed it.

Before she could respond, before she could think, shattering glass made her jump and open her eyes. She opened her eyes to look ahead and saw, entering the lobby-

“Waylen!” Tabitha grinned at him, excited and relieved to see his mess of dark curls hanging over burning, furious red eyes. The danger exploding off him made her almost wish he had some more alphas to kill for her, if Zale hadn’t been so effective.

Speaking of. She looked down and saw the bodies, torn to shreds by the rain of bullets from an assault rifle. Maybe even a couple assault rifles. It was appropriate. She made sure to get a good look, glad to see faces blasted apart and necks or chests split open, which surprised her. She hadn’t ever been one who could sit through a gory movie, but this.

She liked this.

“Let her fucking go.” Waylen drew her fragmented attention back to him and she spotted the sledgehammer in his hands, and he must have used to break down what remained of the front doors. Glass still settled around him, the metal frame swinging in his wake. He rolled the tool around one-handed and stepped through the shards carpeting the floor like sand under headlights in the dark. His boots crunched and she heard his angry puffs of air, muscles strained as he lifted his makeshift weapon.

Tabitha put a hand in the air to settle him while Zale grumbled, unamused.

Waylen hesitated, sledgehammer half-raised as he studied her lifted palm and then her face. The red smolder of his alpha eyes flamed brighter with the realization.

“He’s one of yours, is he?” Zale asked her in another one of his too-loud whispers. Of course, he already knew. He had smelled Waylen on her when they met and called him the alpha who always gave her what she needed. Whatever that was. Without her asking for it.

Until now. She turned and slid her fingers under Zale’s jacket collar to touch the mark she gave him. He knew what she needed, even wanted, now without her asking.

She caught Zale watching her with a tiny smile.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “If you mark him, he’ll be even more intuitive with your needs. I’m still your best protector, doll. Not trying to replace him. I know how you want to keep all of us.”

Tabitha was taken aback by her sudden thrill at the idea of marking Waylen too. Making him all hers forever, just like Zale.

“What the fuck are you talking about, you giant dick?” Waylen asked and Zale snorted.

Waylen tilted his head at her. She watched him actually took in the context clues finally, how she clung to the front of Zale’s shirt and jacket, how tenderly he held her close.

Waylen hung his head, then peeked at her from under his curls.

“Really?” he asked. “Another one?”

“And a better one,” Zale grumbled. When Waylen’s mouth fell open, Zale spoke louder. “Took you long enough to figure out where she was.”

Waylen swung the hammer again and then clenched his jaw against whatever impulse he had to smash Zale’s smart mouth. Tabitha watched him, wanting to have him close too but not willing to climb out of Zale’s firm hands and the steady thump of his heart. It was racing. He was stressed, not willing to put her down either. She could feel it.

“Fuck.” Waylen beckoned Zale now, turning for the doors. “We have to hurry.”

“No shit,” Zale said, rushing forward. “About five got away.”

"Even…?” Tabitha couldn’t say Finlay’s name, but Zale knew who she meant. He snarled at the thought of her rapist, and she leaned into him.

“No, doll,” he admitted, regretful, ashamed. “Slimy bastard ran like a fucking coward again.”

“So, he’s?” She couldn’t finish that question either, not wanting to think about him circling back for her again. He hadn’t waited long, maybe a few hours, before regrouping and trying another tactic, one that was much more successful than his first one. She didn’t want to find out what a third attempt looked like from him opening shop on her body.

“I’ll find him,” Zale promised. “But first we need to get away from this motel, okay?”

Tabitha felt Waylen’s worried eyes on her as they stepped into the warm morning, the sun a grey whisper in the dark. She met his attention, wanting to reach for his hand, to say she was going to be fine, but she wasn’t ready to move yet. She watched as realization of what happened to her sank in and she was surprised by the tears, having expected fiery anger. He turned away with a furious snarl.

“Church officials are on their way,” Waylen said, picking up the pace. She heard sirens coming from the sheriff’s station and saw the flashing red and blue lights in the dark sky, moving toward the motel.

“Where’s Callum?” She snuck a glance around the paling night, hoping to spot the priest. But it was empty.

“He’s keeping Patriarch Adams distracted,” Waylen said. “I managed to slip away when that fucking patriarch brought in reinforcements. He isn’t messing around.”

She felt Zale tense, felt how badly he wanted to ask a million questions, but he kept silent and stopped at a black SUV.

“Get in,” Zale told Waylen.

Tabitha felt panic rise through her body as Zale opened one of the back doors and tried to slide her in. The idea of him letting her go made things start to go dark again and the shaking returned. She wasn’t sure what happened next, except he was suddenly passing her off into Waylen’s lap, slamming the door.

Waylen said nothing, just breathed deep and squeezed her close, as if their few hours apart had left him anxious and empty. She nestled against his chest, inhaling his mossy forest scent and kept her eyes shut. The vehicle jostled as Zale got behind the wheel. Tires spun before finding purchase on the sandy pavement and lurching forward.

“The church is coming down on this town hard,” Waylen said quietly, as if not wanting to scare her. She didn’t mind, wishing she couldn’t hear him. “About two hundred priests are here to find her. The walls are packed with soldiers. We need to hide and figure out how to escape now. Callum has a plan to get Evander. They’ll meet up with us away from here.”

“She’s not going to want to leave without the other two already with us,” Zale warned.

“We don’t have a choice,” Waylen said. “We need to bunker down and figure out how to get her past the walls.”

Tabitha tried to think where they should go to bunker down, but the town was too fucking small. They’d be out of options soon but remembered some shops on Main Street had recently boarded up. Most of them had apartments upstairs with the people who lived in them having moved out.

“Got it, doll,” Zale said, and she wasn’t sure how to feel about him picking up on that so fast, but decided she was glad. She didn’t want to speak. Her throat hurt enough as it was.

“Got what?” Waylen asked.

“I know we just met, but my term of endearment for you isn’t fucking ‘doll,’” Zale snapped.

“Then what do you plan on calling me?” Waylen was sarcastic.

“Pain in the ass,” Zale said.

Chapter Text

The bathroom was small, tucked away in a corner of an equally small apartment. Tabitha had sort of known the previous tenants who moved out, having been pleasant with them in passing when she’d walk through the shop on occasion, and they had left everything behind, even items in the shop downstairs. Last she saw them, they said they’d come back for what they didn’t take, but Tabitha couldn’t remember how long ago that was. Maybe a couple weeks. She forgot their reason. Something about a family emergency out of state, she wasn’t sure.

Either way, she was glad. Zale had broken in through a window and boarded it back up behind them. Waylen carried her in and tried to get the story about what happened since they last saw each other, but she just wanted to clean herself and retreated here. To the bathroom.

It felt familiar. She had done this just hours ago but in William’s condo.


The anger came then. It bled into her chest, the awfulness of being raped three times in a matter of fucking hours and that it would probably happen again. The only thing that calmed her were the two beautiful alphas outside. Though they weren’t holding her at the moment, and she couldn’t see them, she felt their warmth radiating through the walls, felt their burning need to lay her down and bury their cocks in her but also wrap her up like a burrito and just … love her.

Love. She remembered then. Zale had said he loved her. She turned on the shower and watched the water, thinking about it. She thought about it as she stepped in and proceeded to scrub herself at least six or seven times, using the shampoos, conditioners, body washes, bar soaps, and skin rubs left behind.

That Zale loved her distracted her from what she was washing off and she was glad. And the idea that the tattooed god, with his long hair knotted with braids and his quirked little grin when he thought he was being funny, that he loved her blew her mind. She wondered how he knew he was already in love, when they hadn’t known each other long, but she was also possessively glad. That he was hers in both body and heart made her wet. And she didn’t think she’d be wet again, not after what Finlay did.

That sobered her.

The thought of Finlay.

Now, she just stared at her naked self in the mirror. She expected to see some drowned-looking girl, some washed out version of the Tabitha that usually looked back at her, the raped version, the one that was just used as something less than a fuck toy. And she did see some of that, from the finger-bruises on her hips to the bruises on her wrists and ankles. The worst was the black and swollen handprint on her throat.

But beyond that, maybe even in spite of that, she was this beautiful omega. Nothing about her was faded or ruined. Rather, she was perfect, even to her. In fact, the subtle changes she had been noticing were just increasing. She hardly recognized this face or body now.

If she woke up this way two days ago, minus the bruises, she would have loved it. Flaunted it. Fuck. She had.

Now, she just wanted to hide it.

A sudden knock on the bathroom door startled her. She stared at the yellowed paint for a moment until she felt that it was Zale on the other side, his giant body pressing safety through the wood.

She heard the rustle of something placed on the handle and waited for him to step away before unlocking and opening it enough to take whatever he left for her. She held his heavy, thick jacket.

God, he knew everything she wanted.

Tabitha bit her lip and thought about asking him to mark her. They’d be bonded then and she wanted to know what that felt like, to belong to him too. But she also wanted Waylen marked. Maybe he’d agree? Then she’d know all of their deepest desires instantly, just as they knew hers.

She slipped on Zale’s big jacket and zipped it up to her chin. It covered her down to her knees, hands lost in the sleeves. She smiled a little at that.

Nervous for once, she stepped into the apartment. Waylen and Zale lounged on the floor where the couch should have been, and she realized the family that lived there previously did take some furniture. A lot of furniture, everything except the dining table and some chairs.

The two alphas had lit candles, keeping the lights off and the windows boarded, blocking out the dusty blue morning trying to shine in. Smart.

In the flickering orange, they were beautiful and ethereal. Waylen’s dark curls threw shadows over his eyes, which smoldered red. He looked like a devil, the muscles of his body rolling under his clothes as he turned to reach out a hand for her to join them.

Zale had taken his shirt off, which was no surprise. She knew it must have had blood on it. He looked clean though, as if he had used the kitchen sink to wash up. Either way, his enormous frame made him look like some tattooed Greek statue, except with smooth skin that went taught as he flexed just taking a sip of water from a bottle. His long hair hung across his collarbones, throwing shadows across half his face.

Tabitha took Waylen’s hand and let him pull her close. She sat between his legs, back to his chest, and leaned her head against his big shoulder. He felt safe and cozy. The familiar smell of moss and trees filled her senses, and she closed her eyes, letting him wrap around her. The thump of his heart was gentle, reassuring that he was there to protect her again.

He pressed a hot-breathed kiss to her ear.

“Ow!” Waylen’s mouth jerked away from her, and she looked up. She was startled to find Zale’s huge fingers tangled in Waylen’s dark curls, pulling his face from hers.

“Your dick is gonna stay dry,” Zale growled and wrapped his free arm around her waist, pulling her from Waylen’s lap. She obliged but didn’t nestle against him either, instead sitting away from both of them on a blanket spread over the floor to watch.

Zale tilted Waylen’s head to the side, exposing his throat to him. Tabitha could see the pulsing artery and rather enjoyed seeing Waylen writhe under Zale’s dominating hands. She smiled, knowing Zale wasn’t going to hurt one of her mates.

God. Mates? Tabitha didn’t think she be calling them that so soon, even to herself.

“She was just raped,” Zale growled into Waylen’s ear. “She isn’t looking to open her legs to anyone, even us right now.”

“That’s fine,” Waylen said, and she could see he was starting to get angry from being manhandled, the muscles in his neck flexing as he resisted. He threw an elbow into Zale’s chest, breaking his hold. Waylen swung a first at Zale, but it just went through the air.

Zale had leaned away, a purple reflection in his eyes.

“And how fucking dare you think I’d force her,” Waylen snarled, standing over Zale now. “Or are you just mad because she sat with me instead of you. Obviously, she has a favorite.”

“Come on,” Tabitha interjected, spotting the hurt in Zale’s brief squint. Then he was on his feet too and she wasn’t so sure he wouldn’t hurt Waylen now.

But rather than showing her how easily he could kill someone, Zale just moved his hair over one shoulder and revealed the mark she gave him.

“I belong to her,” Zale purred. “Do you?”

Waylen’s face was almost as red as his eyes now. “What is that?” he asked.

“You don’t know?” Zale teased and Tabitha gave him a look, but he just winked at her in response. The nerve. “I’m a marked alpha now. Hers.”

Somehow, Waylen’s face darkened to a new shade of crimson. He looked between her and Zale, put out. Tabitha felt his encroaching panic of not wanting to be left behind or not needed and she rushed to him, smoothing his hair back.

“Do you want one?” she breathed, shivering at how he leaned into her, how he held back from pulling her closer. He kept his hands feather light on her elbows, hesitant to even do that. His eyes flamed as she brushed her nose against his and traced the sharp lines of his jaw down to his neck. She found his pulse point and drew closer to it, breathing in the strong scent of him. Her mouth watered and her slick starting to drip along her thighs.

“Do you want to be mine?” She pressed a kiss to his neck, having missed his smell, his powerful hands. She thought of his thick penis and panted against his skin, waiting for an answer.

“I’m already yours,” he said, the sweet nearness of his body making her tingle. “But mark me. Let’s make us official... Does this make me your boyfriend or husband? Do I mark you on the ring finger?”

She laughed and the tension broke. When she looked up at him, his dimples were on display.

“How do we do this?” he asked and pulled her close. “Do you vampire bite me? Do we do it now or do we need to be fucking?” He playfully humped against her, but not for long.

Zale grabbed Waylen by the hair again, yanking him back.

“If you need to fuck something, there’s a turkey in the fridge,” Zale whispered in his ear.

Tabitha laughed as Zale released Waylen with a shove. The big alpha then hooked an arm around her waist, lifting her like she weighed nothing, and plopped her in a chair at the table. He bent to press a warm kiss to the bruise on her neck, then leaned to whisper in her ear.

“When you’re ready to be marked, doll,” he said. “I’m claiming you first.”

“Like fuck you will.” Waylen joined her at the table, dragging his chair closer. The scrape of chair legs on the wood floor was loud, making Zale grumble at him.

Tabitha listened to the two argue as Zale began to rummage around the kitchen to get them food. Waylen hooked his pinky finger around hers on the tabletop and she studied their hands, feeling warm. It felt like home. And she hadn’t ever felt that before. Having been in the church foster home her whole life – or most of it, turns out – nothing ever felt permanent. And, not once, did she ever feel like she was surrounded by family.

She looked up to the boarded windows as Zale began frying eggs and lecturing Waylen on how to be useful in the kitchen – to which Waylen steadfastly ignored as he stayed seated holding her hand. Though this felt nice and strangely normal, she knew it wouldn’t be perfect.

Not until Callum and Evander joined them.

Chapter Text

Tabitha screamed. Hands were on her, pulling her open and holding her down. Sweat dripped from her hair, burning her eyes. She fought to hide herself, struggled to yank free, but the men were too strong. So, she just kept screaming.

That scream woke her with a jolt. Disoriented, panting, she sat up and looked around. Sweat stuck her hair to her cheeks and neck, and a sharp pain shot through her. It was like period cramps on steroids, making her fall back down.

“Doll.” Zale hovered near, hands lifted above her shoulders but not touching her. Her tried to focus on his face, spotting what looked to be pain of his own and she wondered if he felt this too, whatever it was. She remembered Callum panicking when he saw a little blood after they made love and she worried that he would take her to a hospital. Now, she hoped Zale would.

“It’s your heat,” he said. “It’s very close.”

“This isn’t it?” Waylen asked from behind him and she saw that Zale kept him back with an arm, which she was glad. She didn’t want to be touched. Not after the dream, not with this much pain radiating inside of her.

“I’ve read that the first heat comes in waves,” Zale said. “From what I can smell, the actual heat will be here soon.”

“Will it be worse?” she asked, realizing with horror how wet she was between her legs and recognized the excruciating pain as the rawest, loudest arousal she ever experienced. Even so, she kept her knees pressed together, wincing as her slick slid down her thighs, making them slip against each other. Sweat made Zale’s huge jacket stick to her but she clung to it, not willing to be naked again, not yet.

“You need to move your arm.” Waylen’s voice wasn’t as jovial as normal, but rather low and threatening. She knew he smelled her screaming need to be bred, to be fucked until she was just a boneless mess, but she also knew that Zale felt the need to protect her, aware that she wasn’t interested in sex again at the moment, not with echoes of her rape still shuddering in her mind.

“What do you want to do?” Zale asked softly, ignoring Waylen and the dangerous embers glowing in the shadows of his eyes.

She looked between her two alphas, wishing she could just let them feast on her. The thought alone sent another surge of agony through her and she clenched her jaw against it, uncomfortable by how tightly her cunt clenched on itself too. It gripped at nothing but itself, squirting her juices out and she groaned.

“I’ll only tell you once more to move,” Waylen warned Zale.

“Doll.” Zale urged, daring to brush some of her hair aside. His touch was electric, making her shiver and moan.

She pulled away from him and looked at the two again, remembering how much she enjoyed watching Zale manhandle Waylen. She also remembered how fascinated she was watching Callum and Waylen kiss when they shared her pussy. As she considered this, Zale nodded.

Without saying a word, he turned and captured Waylen’s mouth with his, startling the other alpha. Waylen opened his mouth as if to yell at him and she saw Zale’s tongue invade, lapping at him like he did to her cunt. It drowned out whatever he was about to say. Waylen’s eyes were wide open, surprised and unsure as he looked over at her. She gripped the jacket boiling her skin, heart pounding. The two were so beautiful and being able to watch them kiss did things to her she didn’t expect. Her cunt contracted, pulsing in anticipation as Zale pressed Waylen’s hips to his.

As if realizing this was helping her, Waylen closed his eyes and began to relax. He kissed Zale back, running his hands around the larger man’s bare waist. The sounds of their breathing getting heavier filled the room. Tabitha watched, mouth open, as the two explored each other. Hesitance melted and then fully disappeared as Zale reached down and slipped a hand between their pressed bodies. He palmed Waylen’s erection through his pants, massaging it until the alpha broke from their kiss to gasp for air.

Zale took the opportunity to keep working him, growling as he moved his kiss down his neck. Waylen grinded into his hand, panting and looked at Tabitha over Zale’s head, which was buried in his neck, sucking at his throat. Waylen’s eyes mirrored a smoldering crimson, holding her gaze as he humped up into Zale’s merciless fingers.

Tabitha began unzipping the jacket, too hot for it now. And wanting to please Waylen’s burning gaze, to get him even more riled up. She wanted to see him beg for release.

She wanted them both to beg for it.

Waylen’s breath hitched as she exposed herself to him, letting the jacket fall to the floor beneath her. She sat up from her spot on the floor and brushed her hair back so nothing obstructed her breasts. When she looked back at him, Waylen was biting his lip, openly staring.

Zale had other ideas, rough as he pulled Waylen’s shirt over his head. Waylen’s curls bounced. Zale didn’t stop there, reaching to unbutton the front of Waylen’s pants and pulling out his thick penis. Tabitha’s mouth watered as she saw it again, not realizing how much she missed it. Seeing Zale’s huge hands engulf it, squeeze and massage it, made her touch herself. Her cunt was sopping wet, making her fingers slip.

Waylen pushed away and stepped out of his pants, eyes burning as Zale did the same. Tabitha hummed, pleased, as Zale’s enormous dick sprung up. The two men knelt in front of her, and she caught Zale’s smile at seeing her massage her clit.

“Good girl,” he praised, yanking Waylen towards him with a hand on one of his hips. Their groins pressed, both dicks touching.

“Fuck,” Waylen grit out, grabbing Zale by the back of the head and kissing him again.

Tabitha watched, turned on, as her alphas rubbed against each other beneath their wet mouths fighting for more intimacy. Waylen grunted as he grinded harder, finally reaching down and gripping Zale’s penis. Zale leaned his head back now at the pleasure, humping gently as Waylen rubbed the heads of their members together.

They wanted to orgasm. She felt how badly they wanted to come just by rubbing themselves together, the pain of their arousal bleeding into hers.

She stood on shaky legs and knelt with them. Zale’s eyes mirrored purple at her, humming at seeing her join them. He pulled away from Waylen briefly to slide her between them, making her put her ass to his pelvis.

“Good omega,” he purred in her ear, making her shiver.

Waylen’s hot mouth pressed against hers, the smell of Zale loud on his breath. She fell into it, drinking in his moans as Zale positioned them both. He nudged her legs open and pulled Waylen’s penis up to rub along her slit. Zale’s dick pressed against them next. The two members dragging along the outside of her pussy drove her mad, her slick wetting them both in moments.

"That’s our girl,” Zale praised, brushing fingers up her sides, enjoying the swell of her hips. “You take care of us, don’t you?” He moved her hair and kissed her neck gently.

She knew he was putting her in a position of power, not wanting her to be overwhelmed, and she appreciated it. But also, she needed this. Her body was raging to be railed by them, nipples so hard they hurt.

Waylen and Zale humped her slowly, dicks rubbing her lips and clit.

“I saw you touching yourself,” Zale whispered. “Did you come?”

She shook her head, breaking Waylen’s deep kiss to breathe. Waylen wrapped an arm around her waist, yanking her against him even more so her big breasts pushed on his chest and her back arched against Zale.

"Beg for it.” Waylen grinned, flashing dimples at her and she knew he had sensed her wants earlier, how she wanted them to beg. She mewled as Zale pushed his hands between her and Waylen, cupping her breasts in his hot palms. Seeing his fingers manipulate her nipples and also brush over Waylen’s while he did sent a new jolt of painful arousal through her.

“Beg for it, doll,” Zale breathed against her neck.

She humped along both of them, desperate for release. She felt her orgasm near and whimpered.

“Fuck me,” she begged, caving to her alphas. “Fuck me hard.”

Zale dragged one of his hands from her breasts and down to her groin, tangling fingers in Waylen’s pubic hair as he found her clit.

“Good girl,” he praised. One rub from his fingers sent her over the edge. It drove lights across her vision and Waylen’s tongue dipped into her open mouth, muffling her screams. Her body shuddered between their tensed abs, squirting more slick on their rubbing erections.

Before she came down from it, Zale removed his penis from between her legs but dipped a hand in from behind instead. Waylen lifted one of her legs around his waist just as Zale guided Waylen’s dick to her hole. The familiar kiss from the bulging, mushroomed head of his penis made her come again, moaning wildly into Waylen’s steadily lapping tongue. Zale pushed Waylen’s penis into her. She felt her hole struggle to accommodate the swollen head, gasping as it stretched.

“Let him in,” Zale coaxed from behind. “He’ll make you feel so good.”

Her pussy was stuffed with the tip then and she felt his penis pulse, needing to shove in the rest of it. Waylen’s whole body trembled as he held back from fucking wildly into her. She felt his animal need and somehow her cunt got wetter.

Zale’s hand retreated and she broke from Waylen’s heated kiss. She watched Zale grip Waylen’s hips, fingers putting dents into his sweating skin as he guided the alpha into a gentle thrust. Tabitha’s head fell back onto Zale’s shoulder at the sensation of Waylen’s thick penis dragging at her walls, entering so slowly she could scream. Of course, Zale wanted Waylen to fuck her slow. He wanted to draw this out.

She couldn’t help the whine in the back of her throat as Waylen reached between her and Zale, fingers digging into her ass. They slipped further, spread her cheeks open and she held her breath. Waylen’s fingers found her other hole and brushed against it, making her cunt squeeze.

“Do you want this filled?” Waylen asked and she nodded, his penis so far into her now that it was slowly and gently pounding her cervix. Each soft hit put dots of white light in her eyes, making her dizzy.

“God,” she breathed as Zale kissed down her back, leaving Waylen to fuck her pussy on his own now. She wanted Waylen to fuck her harder but he was holding back, playing along with Zale’s game to drive her insane.

Zale’s hands joined Waylen’s at her ass, but not for long. Instead, he startled both her and Waylen as he licked up Waylen’s penis to her aching hole. They both shuddered as he did it again, slurping at her juices dripping down the thick member. Zale caught up the excess slick and spread it to her asshole. He licked her there too and she groaned.

Waylen hitched her leg higher up his waist and grinded his pelvis against her groin, brushing her clit. She came again, falling back. Waylen caught her with an arm around her waist again, backing her arch her back. She knew her breasts were shaking with her orgasm and felt Waylen watch them.

His thrusts grew harder for a moment, breaching her cervix. She saw stars and moaned, squeezing around him until he grunted at how tight she was.

“Fuck, you feel good,” Waylen growled, humping in a steady rhythm. The way he slid through her body made her come again, her nerves on fire.

Then she felt Zale’s penis press at her from behind and she gasped, forgetting how enormous he was. Zale kissed her neck, reaching down between her and Waylen to play with her clit again. She gripped Waylen’s arms around her, jostled by his thrusts, and fell apart to another orgasm. It split her open, twisting at her body.

After a moment of riding Waylen’s humping penis, she realized Zale penetrated her from behind. His huge tip rested just inside of her ass, letting her stretch and get used to his size. She squeezed and both alphas groaned.

Zale tilted her chin back, making her kiss him, as his fingers expertly drove her to another orgasm. It was almost too much, her pleasure making her weak, surrendering to both men as the fucked her senseless. Zale’s tongue rubbed against hers, his groan echoing in her head.

When the ripples of her climax subsided, she realized Zale was hilt-deep in her ass, holding still. Waylen’s penis rubbed Zale through her body and it was such a strange sensation, like the were fucking each other through her while also fucking her. She felt full, stuffed to the brim. The horrible pain she felt after waking was itching at her insides, but sedated for now, purring up at her for giving in to it.

“You hold us very well,” Zale whispered to her. “Squeeze us now.”

She shivered at his order and obeyed, making Waylen gasp.

Zale grunted again, then kissed her ear in approval. His hands held her hips as he began to fuck her. She held onto Waylen for dear life as they both thrusted into her holes, stretching her to the max. She heard their testicles slap against each other and pulled Waylen in for another kiss. Zale buried a hand in her groin again, rubbing another orgasm out of her.

Tears slipped down her face, the pleasure almost too intense. Waylen squeezed her breasts, thumbing her tender nipples. His knot began to swell and she whimpered at the stretch. Zale wasn’t far behind, his huge knot almost painful.

“Mark me,” Waylen breathed and she caught the burn in his eyes, mesmerized.

“Yes, alpha,” she said and immediately fell against his neck. It didn’t take long to find that spot at the base on the side, the pulsing point where his smell was strongest. She didn’t wait, just sank her teeth into his skin. He gasped and her sinuses were flooded with forests, the smell of rain and moss.

His orgasm was powerful, jetting sperm into her womb. His cry was smothered by Zale, who pulled him in for a deep, furious kiss. She licked at Waylen’s wound, the blood sharp on her tongue.

She shifted her hips as Waylen kept filling her, penis throbbing against her insides. Zale’s hand dragged another orgasm out of her and she collapsed between them, wincing as Zale emptied into her from behind. It was a different sensation, but just as erotic. She squeezed and squirmed, sperm stretching her out.

Finally, both were satisfied. Their sperm stayed locked inside of her, knots still firmly sealing them together.

“You did so good,” Zale said, flicking her clit. She strained against the orgasm, fighting another round of intense pleasure, but her body succumbed.

She was dizzy and felt like she might pass out. Zale and Waylen held her tenderly between them, pressing kisses to her skin, massaging her breasts and thighs. She saw they touched each other too, a new attraction between them that she fully enjoyed.

After a few moments, their knots began to go down but they didn’t move.

“I can … almost hear what you’re thinking,” Waylen said, amazed. "And you really like to watch. What a dirty girl." She grinned at him and fingered the dimples in his cheeks until he laughed.

Chapter Text

Tabitha winced as Zale pulled from her anus, the drip of his semen spreading between her legs and along Waylen’s groin as he kept his own dick deep in her pussy.

“I’m going to clean up,” Zale said, squeezing a breast. “Oh, and,” he paused to pat Waylen on a shoulder, “welcome to the harem.”

“I was here first,” Waylen argued.

Zale only laughed as he retreated to the bathroom. Waylen grinned at her as the door shut and then hugged her. Startled, she hugged him back.

“I missed you,” he said like it was the most obvious, simplest thing in the world. She held him tight in response

“I missed you, too,” she said, and he laughed.

“You missed my dick,” he corrected, and she shoved him playfully. He took the opportunity to bounce her with his hips, dick sheathed inside of her still. It felt good and they both laughed until they felt it get harder, swelling to fill her again. Sperm squelched out of her as he reclaimed the space and she groaned, rocking her hips.

She enjoyed how he stayed still, watching her work up and down his penis. His hands traced her body as if memorizing every curve and weight of her breasts. The pads of his fingers were rough, eliciting a gasp from her as he touched one of her nipples. His fingers pressed on the raised, red nub, rolling pressure on it and her pink areola. He caught the nipple between two fingers and pulled. The pinch started slow, and he rubbed a thumb on the tip. It sent a new wave of arousal straight down her body to her clit, her cunt spasming around his thick erection.

He thrust once, breaching her cervix again and she clung to his muscular shoulders through the pain of intrusion. Waylen breathed along her neck, holding still again. His penis twitched inside of her, eager, but she and him didn’t move. Just felt each other, soaking in the pleasure their bodies provided.

Tabitha leaned back to watch his beautiful face as she grinded her hips forward and back. Muscles strained in his neck as she gave him some friction.

He gripped her by the back of the neck and pulled her close as she rocked herself on him. His lips pressed against hers and the moment she opened her mouth to him, he moaned. Their kiss was just as slow as their fucking, relishing how each other felt. She let him penetrate her mouth, sliding along her tongue.

Her rocking grew more fervent, an orgasm so close she started to sweat again.

“That’s it,” he purred into her mouth, holding still now so he didn’t ruin her pending pleasure. “Come for me, omega.”

She obeyed, shattering apart in his lap with a sharp, drown-out moan. Her head tilted back, and the moan became his name, like a worship.

His hands ran along her body as she returned from the high and she was acutely more aware of his penis spearing her in place. It was erotic, hard and huge. She fucked herself on it, enjoying how it spread her open.

She ran her hands along his body now, fingers tracing his taught abs and thick cords of strength around his arms and chest. As she moved higher, she spotted the fresh scar on his neck and hummed at seeing it, at seeing him belong to her officially.

Curious about how well he could hear her private thoughts, she focused on his smoldering gaze. He was softly thrusting up into her now, his breathing heavy.

Quietly, she ordered him to come.

It happened fast. His knot sprang wide, startling both of them. She cried out at the sudden pressure but watched in amazement as his orgasm hit him just as fast. He collapsed against her now, fighting for air as his pleasure gutted him. He held her tight against his body, shuddering as his load emptied into her womb.

She kissed his neck as his shuddering continued, shifting herself as much as she could to adjust to the amount of semen planted inside of her. His knot was unyielding though, trapping her in place as he painted her insides again.

Slowly, his penis stopped gushing and Waylen was left shaking in the intense aftershocks.

He leaned back and studied her face, wiping sweat from her cheeks. A tiny frown pressed on his pillowy lips, and she spotted a crease in his brow under his chestnut curls.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” he said very seriously, but then rewarded her with an enormous grin.

“I liked how hard you came,” she laughed, relaxing as his knot began to go down.

“Came so hard it almost hurt,” he said and kissed her.

She stood slowly, his penis sliding from her body through his huge loads of sperm. She watched the white threads drip from her cunt as they separated, but he didn’t seem bothered. One of his hands reached out and caught the drippings. He stood with her and put his fingers in her mouth. She licked at the thick fluid. It tasted strongly of both his and Zale’s musk, their seed tangled together in a sweet, slightly salty mixture.

Bigger hands pulled her from Waylen, and she realized Zale was back from his shower, long hair damp and smelling fresh. She caught the glow of purple just before he kissed her, tongue sliding through the sperm in her mouth, sharing it with her. He slid his hands between her legs, dipping a finger into her cunt. She was so full of sperm and her own juices that the lewd slurping was loud.

He walked her backwards, kissing her, his finger pumping in and out of her. She whined at the slipperiness, the increased sensation of his huge digits fucking her. Suddenly he was lifting her and she realized he laid her on the dining table, fingers still driving into her. She watched the purple reflection of his eyes as he surveyed her body spread out in front of him and a thrill of lust made her reach for his straining dick. He stepped out of reach, hand buried in her cunt still, and reached for the nearby counter.

Tabitha looked over saw Waylen watching, penis twitching, already hard again. Fuck. She was excited, even though she already had sperm leaking from both holes.

Something warm and viscous dropped on her left nipple. She started, looking down to see Zale dripping honey on her breast. The thick, shiny stream coated her mound before he moved to layer honey on her other one. He didn’t stop fingering her as he set the bottle away somewhere, she didn’t bother watching where, and then lowered his mouth to one of her breasts.

His tongue smeared the honey along her nipple and areola, dragging at her sensitive flesh. His teeth trapped her nipple and she moaned.

Waylen approached and reached out to smear the honey around the entirety of her soft skin.

“God, you’re sexy,” he breathed and then his other hand joined Zale’s between her legs. Waylen’s fingers rubbed at her clit, making her gasp. Then they found her slippery hole and pressed in, tangling with Zale’s pumping fingers. The stretch of their hands working her cunt together made her moan.

Waylen mouthed her breast while he finger fucked her. She couldn’t believe it- both alphas suckling at her tits, hands sharing her pussy, smearing her body with honey and their mixed semen. She came right there, back arching against the table, driving her breasts against their faces.

The heat from their mouths made the nerves in her breasts tingle. She panted, shaking as her orgasm curled away through her veins, and twisted her hands into their hair. Waylen’s curls were thick, dark locks twirling themselves around her fingers as he sucked at her honied tit. And Zale’s damp hair was flipped over one of his shoulders, small skinny braids already back in place throughout the shadowy mane. Some of his long tresses fell across the breast he devoured, trapped in the rivulets of honey dripping down the long curve of her tender flesh.

The sounds of their mouths eating at her and their fingers twisting inside of her was pornographic. Zale’s thumb flicked her clit and she screamed as another orgasm hit.

She was vaguely aware of Zale moving away from her breast, his hand retreating, as he went to stand between her spread legs. The straining head of his penis glistened up at her as he rubbed it on her clit. He used his dick like a toy, smearing the creamed juices soaking her groin to lubricate himself and circle her swollen nub. Seeing his erection play with her like that was hot, how he dwarfed her, how her tiny clit almost fit into the slit at his tip.

Her orgasm was intense. She twisted on the table, gripping onto Waylen to ground herself. Waylen responded by cupping her other breast as he continued to lave at her tit, her shaking making them jiggle against his cheeks.

Zale plunged into her in one thrust, making her writhe and scream. He was much bigger than any other alpha she laid so far, and to have him fill her so suddenly made her head spin and her hips ache under the pressure of him stretching her cunt open. Her muscles fluttered against him, both drawing him in deeper and trying to squeeze him to oblivion. He groaned as she clenched, strangling his dick.

Waylen rose off her nipple and climbed onto the table, kneeling around her head. His rough fingers tilted her chin up and she gasped at the sight of his engorged member being held in front of her face. He rose up and positioned himself so the tip of his penis weighed heavy on her mouth, which she opened to let him in. The tip of his penis, though smaller than Zale’s, was still bigger than anything she had been used to before all of this began. The bulbous head tasted of her pussy and his semen. It turned her on even more, smelling the two of them together.

The head of his penis stuffed her mouth and she relished in it, sliding her lips around the hard, smooth skin. The sensation of her tongue gliding along him, lubricating him with her spit, made him curse. She savored the texture of him, the divot underneath that made him shiver with each swipe of her tongue. The slit at the tip was delicious as she swirled around the huge member.

Waylen humped into her mouth and she was surprised that she could take in more of him. As he entered her though, Zale’s member began to slid through her wetness. The slip of him made her clench and moan, gasping around Waylen’s penis.

Waylen bent over her, hips working slowly to move himself deeper into her mouth. She watched his balls swing, wondering what he was doing, when suddenly she felt him lick her clit.

The orgasm was powerful. The softness of his mouth on her bundle of nerves, mixed with Zale fucking her, was almost too much. She felt Waylen lick at Zale’s pumping penis as he gorged himself on her stretched pussy, tongue tracing her straining hole.

Zale humped harder, pushing into her womb. Waylen worked her clit as he did, and she screamed around Waylen’s dick. The scream allowed him to go deeper, filling her throat. She breathed deep through her nose, swallowing around his huge member.

Zale’s knot gripped at her pussy and she came again to Waylen’s licks. To her surprise, a knot began to swell at the base of Waylen’s dick in her mouth. Panic surged, not sure she would be able to accommodate it, but then something feral in her mind said she could, to take it, to let them fill her from both ends.

As if they heard her, her alphas came together. She tasted Waylen’s hot semen, but mostly it was shot straight down her throat since he was so deep. She focused on her breathing, coaxing him through his shudders.

Zale’s sperm made her squirm. There was nowhere for his semen to go except to stretch her womb even further. She realized he kept Waylen’s head at her groin, and soon he was licking at her and Zale again.

She came and saw black dots in her vision. They were gentle and as they began to dissipate, as she blinked herself down from her high, she realized her alphas had already pulled from her body.

Waylen was kissing her neck, massaging her sticky breasts, while Zale wiped up the mess between her legs with a hand towel.

“How are you doing?” Waylen asked, smiling down at her. From her view on the table and how he sat, he was upside down.

She felt drunk from how often they made her come, vision blurry and her body boneless. She grinned back at him and Zale laughed.

“So pretty good, huh, doll?” he asked, leaning over her, bumping heads with Waylen.

Tabitha looked down at herself, taking in her honey-smothered boobs to her distended abdomen. She felt sloshy, so full of sperm that she already looked a little pregnant. The thought startled her and she touched the bulge of their semen in her body, excited by the thought that their seed was mixing and trying to take root with an egg. Maybe being pregnant wouldn’t be so bad, not now that she had both of them marked as hers.

“That’s the heat talking,” Zale said. “Let’s clean you up and get of town before it really his you like a fucking train and we screw our brains out.”

He slipped hands under her body to lift her, but she pushed them away, shaking her head. She wanted to lay there a bit longer and give their sperm a chance to breed her.

Chapter Text

Tabitha stood in the apartment’s single bedroom, though there wasn’t much left behind. Her damp hair felt nice on her bare skin, cooling her against the stifling afternoon heat that pressed around the wooden slats nailed over the windows. She studied the clothes left behind by the previous tenants as she listened to Zale and Waylen discuss their exit plan from town.


Tabitha had dreamt of leaving this rusty, flat piece of dust that rarely earned a mention on maps, but to actually be about to do it… She was excited.

And also didn’t want to go.

Tomorrow was the day the church was going to burn Evander. She had to get him and Callum out too. And even though Zale promised to come back for them, the idea of leaving them behind put a wrenching pain in her chest.

One thing at a time, though. First, before she could decide what to do, she needed to get dressed. Unfortunately, she didn’t have many options. There were winter jackets, which weren’t practical even here. Winter was really just warm monsoons. Then there was an oversized nightgown, which she already tried on. It was like wearing a sheet. Besides, once she saw the stains in the back she refused to put it on again.

All that was left to her were some pieces of lingerie still with the tags on and shoved unceremoniously into the plastic delivery bags that they arrived in. The previous owner must have forgotten to return them, since they were obviously not the woman’s size.

They were barely Tabitha’s size, but they fit. Now she just stared at them spread out on the floor, wondering which one she could pull off as an actual outfit.

She settled on the dark crimson lace chemise. It was tight around her body, squeezing her breasts together until she was convinced they’d spill out. It was sheer at the top and bottom, though thankfully it came with a matching thong. Not that it helped much, especially when it came to her nipples. Her areolas were smashed against the sheer red lace, her nipples tender from all the attention they had received over the past two days. She knew passing this as a dress was impossible, running her hands over her decorated breasts. Just that felt good.

Tabitha studied herself in the closet door mirror. It was no longer a surprise to see how stunning she was, even without her makeup and with a neck marked in bruises. At this point, she didn’t really see herself, just an omega with blown pupils and a heat coiling in her veins again.

“And we’re going to take care of your heatwaves as they come.” Zale appeared behind her, big hands stroking down her arms. Her breathing shuddered at the touch and her breasts jiggled. He was beautiful hulking around her, clothes back on and cleaned up again. Purple reflected in the mirror as he eyed her body slowly, a growl in the back of his throat. She knew he smelled her strengthening need to be fucked and was fighting against filling her some more.

"But you need to get out of town,” he pressed, as if he knew she was considering making a run for it to get her other two alphas to leave with them, as if she had any chance of doing that without shoes and half naked and burdened with crippling arousal.

Zale bent down and moved her hair aside, breathing against her ear.

“Now,” he purred softly. “Are you going to be a good girl and do as your dom says?”

Tabitha shivered again and bit her lip. She didn’t agree, though desperately wanted to.

Zale hummed in disapproval and pressed a thumb on her bottom lip, pulling it from between her teeth.

“I didn’t tell you to do that, doll,” he whispered, and she felt her pussy clench in response to the gravel in his voice, the nearness of his huge body. “Lift your … dress. Show me your pretty lips.”

Tabitha felt the lust in her veins roil in response and she felt weak. Needing to hear more of his soft commands, she obeyed, shimmying the hem up enough for him to see the silky bit of thong covering her.

“Open your legs,” he breathed.

She did, shifting them apart so he could see the string sink into her lips and disappear up her ass. His breathing got heavy as he studied her soft pussy, as if he hadn’t already been balls deep inside of her earlier.

"Slide one of your little fingers over your clit,” he ordered.

She ached now and saw the dewy glisten of slick cling to her thong. A whine choked her as her middle finger made contact with her swollen clit over the fabric and she tried to lean back into Zale, but he stepped away. A punishment. Damn him.

“Show your hole to me,” he said.

Tabitha was panting now too as she pushed the thong aside and spread her lips apart. Glistening strings of her arousal dripped and she knelt, leaning back so he could get a good look at her clenching entrance. It looked puckered and needy, so tiny that she wondered how she managed to have so many alpha dicks inside of her already.

Zale crouched around her and she spotted something pink in one of his hands. Before she could really see what it was, he pressed the bulging end of it to her exposed hole and shoved it in. She gasped, flinching, but he held her still with his other hand.

The drag of this foreign object felt sudden and strange, but also good. It was thick enough to give her pussy something to clench on, sucking it deeper. She whined when it didn’t go deep enough, humping at his hand that held it in her body.

"That’s a good girl,” Zale whispered and she jumped when she felt something on her clit, opening her eyes to look down at herself as Zale moved his hand from between her legs.

It was a toy, plugging her pussy and curling around to rub her nub. She groaned, reaching down to press it harder against herself, but Zale held her hands to her chest, leaving her pussy to grip the toy uselessly on its own.

“Don’t you look beautiful like this?” His eyes glowed purple above her in the mirror. “I love seeing you helpless for me. Fucked but not fucked.”

“Zale,” she begged and he breathed against her jaw, close enough to kiss her skin but didn’t.

“You’re going to let this toy stay inside of you,” he said. “If you’re good for me, I might reward you.”

He lifted her to her feet and straightened the “dress” back down her hips. Tabitha stared at her reflection, mouth watering for how big he was behind her. As if she didn’t already know how much she needed his penis, she saw her pebbled nipples pressing hard against the lace now and slick running down her thighs.

“My god,” Zale breathed. “Look at you drool for me.” He wiped a finger on her thigh, catching slick, and stuck it in his mouth. His eyes fluttered closed as if she tasted delicious to him. Her pussy clenched hard around the dildo stuffed inside of her in response and she desperately wished it was his huge erection instead. “Once we get out of town, we’ll fuck you good, okay?” He stepped toward the door, adjusting himself in his pants. “Now, let’s go.”

She followed on shaky legs and his lips curled, eyes bright again.

“Good girl,” he purred and a buzz flicked through the toy hugging her cunt. She grabbed at the wall to stay upright and the buzz stopped. She gasped and Zale was already moving through the apartment.

“Come on,” he called.


Tabitha sat between Zale and Waylen in the truck. Her skimpy “dress” was too short to cover her ass on the leather seats, making the smell of her slick very strong in the cab. She bit her lip, subtly rubbing her cunt on the dildo curling out of her hole and up around her clit. Her body screamed for an orgasm, and a small part of her mind knew this is exactly what Zale wanted to have happen. It was very distracting. In fact, so distracting she fought to think around it for a way to bring Callum and Evander with them.

As if knowing she was fighting the ache between her legs, Zale pressed on the small control in his hand. A soft buzz rolled through the toy inside of her and her head fell back in relief, hips bucking up on nothing as it gave her a moment of pure pleasure.

He stopped it before she found her release and she turned her attention to Waylen, who was already staring at her with his mouth open. His pants had been tight as they drove through town, watching Zale torture her as if she was some porno just for his entertainment.

She kissed him, tangling her tongue with his and sliding a hand to the giant bulge in his pants. He hissed and pushed her away, plucking her hand from his erection with a shaky huff.

“We are driving through town,” he told her, keeping her hands to her sides. “I’d love to fuck the brains out of your head right now, but pretty sure that’s going to draw some unwanted attention.”

Waylen studied her face as if not spreading her out somewhere physically hurt him. His eyes burned red as he took in her breasts for the gazillionth time and he winced as if his erection was starting to hurt. Tabitha whined, wanting to help him now, but his hands were too strong, keeping her in place.

“Couldn’t you find something better for her to wear?” Waylen asked Zale desperately, as if it wasn’t too late to turn back. “She looks … way too fuckable.”

Zale grunted, hands tight on the steering wheel as he kept his attention on the road.

“You think she looks good now, wait until her heat ends,” Zale said. “The suppressants will have totally burned off and she will just be her omega self.”

“I’m right here,” Tabitha told them.

“And you’re half out of your mind with the heatwaves,” Zale said. “Your heat will be here in a matter of … an hour, maybe?”

Tabitha sobered at that and looked through the windshield. They did need to shelter somewhere far from here. The idea of going through a worse arousal surrounded by strangers, if this escape went sideways, terrified her.

The town was full of people. It looked like it did on festival weekends, full of the ranchers that lived throughout the county and their employees and all their families. Except these weren’t dusty ranchers in their cattle clothes or as close to business attire as they could get. These were priests. Hundreds of them. All dressed the same.

And soldiers. Tabitha draped her hair over her breasts, hiding how sheer the fabric was, as some soldiers watched them drive by.

“What is the plan, by the way?” she asked and put one hand on each alpha, gripping their thighs. A sudden need to protect them washed through her and she started to sweat.

“Just have to get through the main part of town,” Zale said. “There’s an underground tunnel that goes under the wall. We’ll use that to get out.”

“There’s a few tunnels,” Waylen said. “But when I looked at the maps that Patriarch Adams had out, they didn’t show this one.”

“And after that?” Tabitha asked.

“We won’t have a lot of time before your heat,” Zale said. “We’ll have to get as far away as we can and then ride it out in a cave.”

Tabitha stared at him, waiting for the joke. He glanced at her, braids swinging as the truck jostled over a pothole.

“What?” he asked.

“A cave?” she echoed.

“What about it?”

“We don’t have caves.”

“You do outside of town,” Zale said. “It’s canyonland past the walls.”

Tabitha looked at Waylen then, who nodded confirmation, and she sat back, bewildered. Never once had she thought that there was anything but flat scrubland for miles, just more of the same that she was used to seeing day in and day out. She tried to imagine what canyons would look like with the red dirt she knew so well, or if it was brown or green or if there was a river running through it.

As she pondered, a cramp took her breath away. It bunched her over and she bit down hard to stop from screaming. Waylen’s comforting hand rubbed her back and suddenly the toy between her legs began to vibrate again. She sat up, gripping Waylen’s leg as the dildo worked her cramping muscles, easing her through the buckling arousal. She panted, sweat rolling down her neck.

“That’s it,” Zale softly urged. “Enjoy the toy, omega. Let it help you through it.”

Tabitha leaned into Waylen’s neck, feeling his whole body strain against the instinct to rip the dildo out and shove his dick in. Instead, he held her gently as she rocked her hips against the vibrations.

But it wasn’t enough. She wasn’t reaching her orgasm and the pain was getting worse. Slick ran down her legs, puddling beneath her on the seat. She groaned as another cramp hit, biting against a sob. The pain became all she could feel and clenching around vibrating plastic wasn’t enough.

She sighed when it was pulled from her but then fought a scream when hands lifted her into a lap. The jostle hurt her tensed muscles, so tight she felt she was going to break.

The swollen, mushroomed head of a penis kissed her hole. Big hands pulled her hips down and the enormous, burning dick penetrated her fast and hard. The erection pulsed with the need to fuck her, spreading her cunt wide as it tunneled inside. She moaned as that silken head met her cervix, rocking her hips so she fucked herself up and down the hot length. But those hands pulled her down further, forcing his dick deeper inside of her.

“That’s it,” Waylen breathed into her ear, making her sit still in his lap as his penis twitched in her body.

“Alpha,” she moaned and he made her close her legs, tightening her around him even further. He groaned into her shoulder.

"I’ll fuck you slow,” he promised. “But you need to hold still.”

Tabitha looked around and saw the crowd on the sidewalk, but the penetrating force of Waylen’s rod holding her in place was more important. It eased the tension, pressing on her cramping muscles so it was bearable.

“You’re so big,” she breathed, leaning back against his chest, head resting on his shoulder. Zale moaned and she looked at him, took in how uncomfortable he looked with his member trying to escape the confines of his pants.

Waylen brushed her hair forward to cover her breasts again and she let him take control. For now, he held her motionless in his lap, spearing her deep. Her slick dripped down his member as he made home in her womb and she sighed.

His fingers slipped up the inside of her thighs, his breathing heavy. She held still like he commanded, watching as he dipped a hand between her legs. He rubbed her clit and explored her stretched pussy.

“Yes,” she moaned, rolling her hips forward to create a tiny bit of friction.

His hands stilled her.

“Don’t move, doll,” Zale ordered through gritted teeth. “Just let him fuck you. Let him take control of you.”

She obeyed, sighing in relief as Waylen’s hand found its way between her closed legs again. He rubbed her slow, slick coating both of them.

“Come quietly,” Waylen ordered against her ear.

She obeyed again, the orgasm like fire in her bones. She stilled her shudders, shaking once, then twice, before easing back against him.

“Good omega,” Zale praised and she smiled at him.

The relief didn’t last long though. She watched as Zale suddenly moved to pile his jacket and gun case on the middle seat, hiding the slick she left behind. Up ahead, she saw a checkpoint for traffic. Soldiers manned it, stopping vehicles long enough to look around inside.

“Fuck,” Zale muttered and rolled down the windows. She knew it was to air out the smell of sex. The truck slowed and waited. Four cars sat in front of them. Tabitha squirmed, nervous, and the erection penetrating her effectively distracted her. She focused on sitting still on top of it, letting Waylen adjust her hair again to cover her.

The stop and go as they moved forward jostled her around Waylen and they both fought against moaning each time. His penis pushed at her walls, somehow harder than before. She squeezed around him, taking a chance to rotate her hips once as they approached the checkpoint. His hands stilled her, rough.

The truck eased to a gentle stop as a soldier lifted a hand to halt them. Tabitha knew Zale wasn’t about to give them a harder stop and risk them losing control. Though, with how hard Waylen held her still, he wasn’t about to. That, or he just liked how it felt to soak inside of her.

Soldiers leaned into both windows. Tabitha smiled at the man who appeared in front of her, not sure what else to do. He smiled back.

Chapter Text

Tabitha broke eye contact with the soldier, uncomfortable the longer he stared. Even though the weight of his heated attention made her want to squirm, she held still. Waylen’s hands soothed her, protective even as his dick was buried inside of her. His member twitched and she bit her lip against a moan.

“People in town are supposed to go to the community center,” the other soldier said, the one at Zale’s window.

“There’s a few not listening then.” Zale waved at the line of cars behind them, bristling. The braids in his hair outlined the frown pulling at his soft lips. Tabitha wanted to lean forward to kiss him, dizzy with this new heat wave. Instead, she squeezed herself around Waylen, working her muscles to grip his penis. His breathing stuttered but he didn’t move. Neither did she, though massaging him in plain sight made her even wetter.

“Can’t really blame them,” the soldier said. “The church has already caught a dozen alphas. Who wants to be around monsters like that? They’re supposed to be rare, my ass.”

"Wouldn’t mind seeing an omega though,” the soldier staring at her said and reached out to flick a strand of her hair away from her face. “Want to sit in my lap, sweetie?”

“Come on,” Waylen said, and Tabitha heard the strain to not sound furious. She kept flexing her muscles around his penis in response, turned on by him, and he squeezed her arm for dear life. She knew he was close to knotting her. “We’re just heading to our ranch out of town. My girlfriend shouldn’t be here with this going on.”

A thrill went through her at the mention of being his girlfriend, though she was sure they were much more than that. He bore her mark, after all. He belonged to her.

“Girlfriend, huh?” the man at their window said and Tabitha heard his grin widen, the spit on his teeth popping as his mouth spread. “Yeah, she’s a little too pretty, isn’t she?”

Tabitha kept her eyes lowered, afraid that looking at him again would make him do more than wag his jaw about her. As it was, she felt his stare take in her body, followed by a lustful grunt of approval.

“I mean, I don’t know what an omega is supposed to look like, but I’d say it would be a lot like her,” the other one joined in, leaning down to try and get a better visual. “I mean, as it is it does look like you’re fucking her right now. That slutty thing she’s wearing would be perfect if you want to shove into her pussy while on the road. It’s enough to cover any fun you’re having.”

“Want to show us, honey?” the soldier near her touched her leg, sliding it up as if he wanted to touch her pussy and find out if it was full. Waylen caught his wrist and shoved him back. The soldier laughed.

“Not saying there is an omega here,” the soldier said. “They’re extinct, right? But damn. It would make sense.”

“You’re here to find alphas.” Zale’s voice was steel now. He wasn’t hiding his anger like Waylen. “You’re not here to harass the locals. Let us through.”

The soldier next to Tabitha reached out again, this time sliding his hand under her chin to force her to look at him. Waylen moved to grab him, but Tabitha held his arm down. They needed this to not escalate.

“My question is why is a girl this fuckable hanging out with two dudes,” the soldier asked. “Are you sharing her?”

“Really?” Tabitha pushed his hand from her face, and he laughed. “I can hear you.”

“So, if that guy is her boyfriend, what does that make you?” the other man asked, both of them ignoring her. She glared at the soldier nearest her, spotting his last name on his uniform: Kipton.

“I’m a friend.” Zale’s jaw was clenched, and she wondered if she would see him in action this time and witness how he could kill so many people at once. She studied his profile, how his long hair draped over his shoulders and threw shadows around his clenched jaw. Her pussy clamped hard on Waylen, and she couldn’t help the gasp of how good it felt. He was impossibly hard, her body eager for him to fill her with his release.

As if he heard her need, his knot split her, tying her to him. It sent a fresh wave of vertigo through her, the knot stretching her pussy wide. The pain felt good and she ground herself down on it, desperate for friction.

“You okay, sweetie?” Kipton reached out and ran his fingers down bits of her hair, following strands to her chest. He brushed his knuckles over the pebbled nipple pushing at her lingerie and she shuddered. That emboldened him and he gripped her breast in a tight squeeze. She flinched, and this time Waylen did grab him. Strong fingers curled around Kipton’s wrist, and she heard the snap before watching it go limp. Kipton gaped at his dangling hand a second before he started shouting for help.

Waylen didn’t let go of him though, something feral in his eyes as the red embers flared to life in his pupils. Tabitha watched the soldier’s face pale as he looked into Waylen’s predatory gaze and she moaned as Waylen’s sperm filled her. He came hard inside of her, and he gripped Kipton’s arm tighter as he did. She heard another snap, a loud one, as bone in Kipton’s forearm cracked.

Kipton was screaming now, but the truck barreled forward before more soldiers converged. Still, Waylen didn’t let him go, dragging the soldier along the side of the truck as Zale hit the gas.

Tabitha squirmed as the truck jostled them, Waylen’s knot an unrelenting force keeping her in place as he emptied inside her womb. Somehow, as he held onto the soldier screaming at the window, Waylen reached between her legs with his free hand, and he gripped her clit hard. He rubbed the nub between his thumb and index finger, and she screamed with the soldier, her orgasm snapping her forward.

She was lost to the pleasure, to how she tried rocking her hips along Waylen but his knot wouldn’t let her move. It commanded her, solid and pulsing as it laid claim to her.

Tabitha leaned back against his chest, twisting so she could press her mouth to his. His tongue was gentle even as his knot refused to let her go and she whined, turned on even more by him, needing his sperm as it stretched her womb.

“Good girl,” Waylen whispered and his knot went down. She whined again, needing more, needing to be fucked.

But the truck jostled and she looked around. The soldier at the window was gone and Zale barreled the truck down a dirt road. From the back window, through the cloud of dust billowing in their wake, she saw the soldiers.

“We’re not going to make it,” she realized.

“I’m going to get us to the tunnel,” Zale said. “You two will go on. I’ll hold them off.”

“No, you aren’t,” she argued, terror tamping down her lust. Waylen lifted her off his penis and she ignored the wave of his seed spilling down her thighs. He set her on the set between him and Zale, zipping himself up with a wince and she knew it was because of how drenched his member was in both their orgasms. She watched the muscles flex in his arms as he straightened out his clothes and the pain of her heat was back. It flared between her legs, her vagina clamping down hard on itself until she gasped. She was at the mercy of another heatwave already, tears burning at her cheeks.

“She’s not going to last,” Waylen said.

“We don’t have a choice.” Zale was furious. She looked at him, hating that she couldn’t think straight long enough to be helpful. “You’re going to carry her until you find a place to hide.”

Tabitha shook her head, not willing to leave Zale behind, or Callum or Evander, but couldn’t come up with alternatives either. Before she could fight through the haze of her heat, metal screeched and then the world spun. She felt Zale’s arm holding her down in her seat as the hollow thud of their truck rolling filled her head.

She smelled dust. But in this town, she always smelled dust. And it was always hot dust, scalding the inside of her nose and mouth. She coughed and listened to voices, to shouting, to glass tumble and crunch under boots.

She fought to open her eyes, reaching out for Zale or Waylen and finding no one. Panic set in and then realization made it worse. She sat up and the windshield was gone, the truck nestled onto its side in a stunted sand dune. Creamy brown sand blew over the hood in waves, pulling at her hair as she grabbed the steering wheel to pull herself up. There was blood on it. Her heart raced when she smelled that it belonged to Zale.

“Zale!” her scream tore at her throat. “Waylen!”

Someone appeared at the top of the truck. A soldier.

“Your alpha is on his way to the church,” he said.

She stared up at him, catching that didn’t say “alphas.” Did that mean Zale or Waylen got away?

“Is he okay?” she asked.

The soldier reached into the cab, pulling her up by her arms.

“Unconscious,” was the reply.

She let the man maneuver her from the wreckage and looked around. Priests and solders dotted the desert scrub, large vehicles surrounding where the truck had met its end. She spotted another vehicle with its front end smashed in and realized that’s what sent them rolling.

“Was there another one with you?” the soldier holding her up asked, hands moving over her, evaluating any injuries. She felt fine, except for the total fear making her freeze.

Waylen wasn’t caught then… She wasn’t sure if she should be glad. He must have been thrown. He might be seriously injured.

“Hey.” The soldier moved into her eyeline, making her focus. “Was there anyone else with you?”

She shook her head and he palmed his radio. She listened to him report that an injured alpha was captured and heading to join the rest at the church.

“He had a woman with him?” came the reply, laced with static. But she knew that voice. Patriarch Adams.

“A half-naked one,” the soldier said. “Pretty.”

“Is she hurt?”

“Maybe a little shaken up, has some bruises, but fine otherwise.”

“Good. Bring her to the church too.”

Chapter Text

Tabitha put a hand to her head, trying to steady the dizziness. The soldier passed words with Adams and then lifted her into his arms. She didn’t fight him, not sure she could have walked wherever he was taking her. Soon enough, the blaring sun disappeared and the smell of gun oil and sweat hit her. She felt herself be passed into the lap of another soldier, the buckles his uniform almost too hot. The door shut and she tried to ignore why she was being held by another man, why his hands were moving up her legs or why it felt so good.

His breath on her neck made her lean away from him. He didn’t smell like an alpha, just some horny beta.

Another door shut and she opened her eyes to find the soldier who pulled her from the wreck sitting in the driver’s seat in front of her, looking at her in the rearview mirror.

“They want her right now,” he said. “Not sure why. She’s not one of them.”

“Maybe she’s an omega.”

Tabitha turned and saw another man sitting next to the one breathing on her neck. Before she could do anything, his lips were on hers, tongue invading her mouth.

She felt numb, her heat making their assault less terrible. She turned away though, not wanting to taste him, tortured by the thought of Zale hurt and Waylen flung somewhere in the hot sun. She whined as a hand found her wet pussy, fingers taking their time exploring her lips and clit. A bristly mouth found one of her breasts and pulled at her tender flesh.

Tabitha let them, hoping they would ease the cramping inside of her and help clear her head. Their heavy breathing filled the car and she listened to the slurp as a finger dipped into her. It curled and she wondered if he knew that he was playing with Waylen’s sperm.

“I want to fuck her,” the soldier holding her moaned, slipping another finger into her. “God, she’s being so good for us.” His thumb rubbed her clit and she tensed, catching the eyes of the driver watching her in the rearview. He looked feverish.

“Make her cum,” he ordered. “Don’t fuck her. Just make her cum. We don’t have time. I want to hear her scream.”

Tabitha wined, squirming now. The soldier pulling at her tits lapped at her nipple now, squeezing her soft mounds almost painfully.

“I can make her scream faster if I fuck her,” the man holding her argued.

“The church was happy that she wasn’t hurt,” the driver said. “Just keep playing with her, got it?”

With a grunt of disapproval, he slipped in a third finger. She panted, gripping at his thighs as she grinded into his hand, desperate for release. Sweat dripped down her neck between her breasts, pain increasing deep inside her body.

“You like that?” he whispered into her ear, nipping at her lobe. “You like being used?”

She bit her lip to stop from saying something snide, not wanting them to change their minds about raping her. Instead, she worked to hold back a groan of pleasure. The vehicle jostled forward and Tabitha closed her eyes, tried to imagine the groping hands as belonging to any of her alphas. The man holding her grinded into her ass, while the other hanging on her tits forced one of her hands to his clothed member. It was small. She forgot how big alpha dicks were compared to betas. Fuck.

“Make her cum already,” the driver ordered, sounding frustrated.

The wet sounds of fingers in her pussy mixed with the needy groans of the men pawing at her, but even if she pretended they were Zale and Waylen, her body wasn’t fooled. The pain in her vagina increased as the next heatwave rolled over her, demanding to be fucked by an alpha. These betas were just making it worse.

“Stop,” she whispered, pulling her hand away from the soldier’s straining penis. He kept a hold of her wrist, forcing her to endure his grinding. “I don’t like this. Please.”

Fingers ignored her pleading, instead stretching to reach deep and curl against her g-spot, forcing her to shudder. She whined, needing to orgasm but not wanting to be touched any longer. It didn’t matter. Her body was just something hot for them to play with for a few minutes, and simply torture for her. The pain hitched another notch and she grit her teeth against crying out for Zale, Waylen, Callum, or Evander.

The man holding her shifted and she heard the roll of a zipper. She opened her eyes when she felt his penis and it was so small, she laughed. Her amusement shocked her, but the pain rioting inside of her made her not care about much at the moment.

“What’s funny,” the soldier behind her demanded, his dick sliding in her juices, not anywhere near her hole.

“You’re just so small,” she said and laughed again. The driver and other soldier snorted.

“Too late,” the driver said just as the vehicle stopped. “We’re here.”

The soldier trying to fuck her hand hauled her off the other man’s lap before he could retaliate. By the shocked and hurt look on his face as she was lifted outside, it might have been a while before he decided whether to punish her or cry.

Tabitha’s head spun as she stumbled into the blinding sunlight, bare feet burning on the pavement. The driver took her from there, guiding her up the church stairs.

She pulled against him, her terror and painful arousal making her tremble now. Priests lined the stairs, watching her. She searched their faces for Callum, but none of them were him.

“We’ll take her from here.” Standing in the open double doors was Patriarch Adams. His church uniform was dusty and his pale eyes furious as they fell on her.

Tabitha didn’t bother watching the soldier walk away, didn’t bother looking at the two priests who took her arms and pushed her into the church. All she knew as the cool shade of the marble building swallowed her was that she was alone. None of her alphas were with her. Two of them were injured. Two already captured. Two missing. And now….

Patriarch Adams looked at her, taking in her bare feet, the slick on her legs, to the sheer fabric barely containing her breasts, to her tangled hair and dirty face. She knew she must look a mess and flinched when he reached out to tuck hair behind one of her ears.

“Look what the world has done to you,” he said. “You don’t belong out here with the common folk, with the savage alphas. They’ve turned you into a wild animal.”

“And how do you see omegas in The Fund?” she asked, surprised she had the focus to challenge him. Adams raised a brow, apparently surprised too.

“Domesticated, my dear.” He then sighed, as if sad, before waving a hand. “Clean her up.”

Chapter Text

Tabitha was barely aware of being scrubbed down by tight-lipped priestesses. The clenching need of her heat made her lightheaded and every time she tried to touch herself just to ease it a little, or attempt to, someone stopped her and it was always followed by a slap.

“You’re meant to be bred and sold, not indulge in sin,” some sharp woman scolded, her face lost to the black dots weaving in and out of her vision. Tabitha spat at her though and wanted to ask her how human trafficking wasn’t a sin, but another slap took the words out of her mouth.

She wasn’t sure how much time passed, but soon enough she found herself cleaned, dried, and naked again. Her hands were bound and linked to a hook on bars behind her. She was stretched along the outside of some kind of jail cell, though it was empty. The bars were warm against her skin, the heat from outside seeping into this dark place and its flickering orange lights.

She felt exposed and dizzy. Juices ran from her pussy down her thighs. Every time she moved her legs, her wet vagina squelched. Pain between her hips made her moan and squirm to escape the agony, but nothing helped. Tears burned her cheeks at the thought of Zale hurt and held captive, and Waylen hurt and laying alone in the desert somewhere, but also because three days ago she was fine. Three days ago she just heard sirens and went to the window to see what was happening. She wasn’t an omega and life was boring and her biggest concern was whether to accept a dinner invite from William. She only dreamt of the world beyond the town’s confining walls, hoped to one day escape, and not be forced to run if she wanted to be free.

Thinking of the night that changed everything, standing at the window in her slip, made her remember Evander. He looked like a dusty, bloodied angel, so cocky for having reached her first. She wondered how he managed to do that.

The bang of a door startled her. She looked up to see priests entering, all carrying equipment. The only thing she recognized though was a camera, a large one. She had seen similar on bonus material for movies. The priest began setting it up near her, but at waist level.

Tabitha wanted to kick it and knock it over, but it was just out of reach.

Patriarch Adams entered next. He stared at her for a while, listening to the wetness between her legs as she shifted.

“You’re going to sell for a lot of money,” he finally said. “If you hadn’t been smuggled out, you would have been our most prized virgin. Probably would have sold for more than any other omega. That’s how beautiful you are. It’s a real shame.”

Tabitha glared at him as he sat down on a creaky wooden chair. She saw his member pushing at his pants and cringed at the thought that he wanted her.

"Do you know how you ended up in this far-flung place?” Adams asked, gesturing to the dank space around them, but didn’t wait for her answer. “When I heard that alphas were flocking here to breed you, to capture themselves a proper seductress, I wondered if this wasn’t where that stolen omega landed. At first, when you disappeared, we thought it was someone who wanted to raise you for themselves and fuck you once you were old enough, beautiful enough, to take a dick.”

Tabitha had to look away from him, disgusted by how he spoke of her and right to her face no less. Not that she should be surprised anymore.

“But here you are,” he continued. “A foster child. Under the care of the church itself. Protected all these years.” He clicked his tongue as if he could never understand. “And that’s when I realized what happened.”

She had to look at him now. The wrinkles in his face deepened as he smiled and nothing looked more sinister, not even Finlay’s flashing green eyes.

“How close were you to Brother Augustine?”

Tabitha pressed herself to the bars, chains clinking above that held her hands. That was the pastor before Callum. Augustine was sweet and watchful over all the fosters though. She never felt singled out.

“You have him to thank,” Adams said. “He was visiting The Fund that summer you disappeared. He filed a complaint about the operation and declined participation in the grooming. So he came back to his post instead of accepting his relocation, his promotion. Of course, we investigated but found nothing. You had simply disappeared.”

Adams adjusted his pants with a grunt of disapproval. Tabitha wasn’t sure if he disapproved of his pathetic beta erection or of Augustine.

“He provided food to the foster house. All laced with suppressants. Once he died, no one was around to make sure you stayed hidden.”

Tabitha fought tears for a new reason now. Augustine passed away just a couple months before Callum showed up. She hadn’t been close with the old pastor, but now she wished she had been, that she had learned more about why he saved her and not some other poor omega.

“Well, time to fix Brother Augustine’s sins.” Adams nodded to someone in the room and she heard another door open, but behind her. She tried to look but couldn’t see anything. After a moment, she smelled him. An alpha.

He smelled like stones baked beneath the summer sun, like dust and wind. He smelled free, which made no sense since he was in the cell.

“Because you’re not a virgin, we’re going to do some studying,” Adams said. “We are going to document the breeding. Specifically, the knotting.”

Tabitha looked at the number of people watching her and shook her head. She felt a hand from behind, soothing, steadying … up to no good. Her body thrummed at the touch, begging for help, to be stuffed and to be brought to an orgasm finally. Her heat fogged her mind and screamed to be satisfied.

The alpha breathed on her ear softly, the bars wide enough for him to access her as he pleased. He didn’t seem bothered by the audience, or the sudden green blink on the camera that told her it was recording. She shifted, uncomfortable, until he slid a hand between her thighs and big fingers dipped into her lewd wetness. The sound was loud as he slowly pushed a finger up to her folds. His breathing got heavier, and the finger pushed in, seeking her hole.

Her head fell back against the bars, seeing stars. One of his other hands came up to feel one of her breasts, squeezing. God, he was taking his time. He was going to enjoy her.

“That’s it, lovely,” he purred into her ear before nipping it gently.

She knew that voice.

“Evander,” she breathed.

Chapter Text

Evander’s finger found the entrance to Tabitha’s vagina but didn’t penetrate. He rubbed it slowly as it clenched, drawing along her lips until he found her clit. She humped his finger, needing to orgasm, dizzy and in pain and sweating and relieved he was with her but distressed because they weren’t in a good situation. Not with a camera filming how he played with her, the priest holding the cinematic equipment moving in gradually as Evander swirled his finger around her tiny nub once, twice, and she tipped into bliss.

Her orgasm washed away her fear of the situation, how gross it was to have Patriarch Adams watching her be touched like this, his eyes hooded with his own arousal. The heat in her bones coiled tight before relaxing again, the pain a little less now. She looked around the room and realized all the priests’ attention were glued to her pussy and what Evander was doing to her.

“Evander,” she whispered, voice lost to the slippery wetness filling the room. She saw one priest try to subtly palm himself through his pants as he watched the live porn.

Evander penetrated her then with his finger, eliciting a loud moan from her.

“Don’t worry,” he breathed against her neck, kissing the back of it. “I always have a plan. Just trust me and do as I say.”

His finger disappeared and she groaned at the loss. But his huge member slipped in her juices from behind, hands lifting her hips for a better angle.

“And right now, let me work you through this heatwave.”

Tabitha’s hair stuck to her arms and chest, panting as Evander’s huge tip kissed her hole. He teased her, making her whine in desperation as he moved it around her wetness and rubbed her clit with it. She watched the camera tilt to adjust for the new angle and heard the priest behind it panting.

A cramp hit her, eliciting a scream. The chains holding her hands and arms up clinked as she tried to double over, a wave of slick seeping down her thighs. Her vagina gripped on itself, clenching so hard it hurt. It needed to stop, to relax.

Evander quit messing around. She felt his attitude switch, hands gripping her hips firmly, swollen penis lined up. He shoved into her body, rocking himself through her aching muscles in such a commanding, authoritative way that her screams turned to needy groans, begging for more. He answered her need, thrusting forward, driving himself deeper into her dripping heat.

“Fuck,” he gritted out.

Her vagina gripped him harder than it had before. She shuddered as her heat coiled, dragging his penis even further inside. Something in the back of her mind was moaning wildly, until after a moment she realized it was her. The sound of being pleased and stuffed echoed through the room, but it wasn’t loud for Tabitha. She heard it, but faintly through the throbbing pulse of her heart, pounding hard as it sent ripples through her entire body.

Evander’s penis carved deeper, shoving his way through gripping muscles.

“Good omega,” he purred and reached around for her clit again. “Open up for me now.”

Her body immediately obeyed, muscles relaxing. He wasted no time burrowing deeper, the hot flesh of his member pulling at her walls, splitting her in two. His smooth, bulbous tip pushed on her cervix and she humped back on him, needing full penetration.

“Greedy omega.” Evander was smiling. She could hear it in his voice. Knowing he was pleased with her, she eased into his persistent squeeze on her clit. He was gentle, rubbing the tiny piece of flesh between two fingers. Her breathing stuttered and just as her heat intensified, bursting into another orgasm, he thrust hard, breaching her cervix. His penis plunged into her womb, so big it burned.

“Please,” she begged as his hands wandered up her body now, gripping her breasts and squeezing hard. “Please, fill me.”

“My good girl,” he breathed. “So desperate for my babies.”

His knot began to grow, pushing at her hole. It didn’t hurt this time, but fed her need to be thoroughly fucked. Feeling him lock their bodies together turned her on even more and just the flick of her nipples sent her into a small orgasm.

He came with her, hot ropes of semen jetting straight into her womb. Tabitha closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of being filled. She had wanted Evander to come inside of her that first night, achingly disappointed when they had been interrupted. Though she hated that they had an audience now, that he was in a cell and she was strapped to the bars like a piece of meat, it was nice to finally have him, to please him.

His orgasm continued, stretching her womb, filling her so full that it became uncomfortable. She groaned, satisfied. Her heatwave faded, fed for the moment.

She opened her eyes and looked around the room, his knot still tight in her body. She felt him focused, her chains rattling. The priests in the room were blurry-eyed, and one had the audacity to have his dick in his hand.

 Adams, however, had more composure. His jaw clenched, zeroed in on her and only her.

“You’re animals,” he said. “Domesticated or wild, it doesn’t matter. You are just animals.”

Evander’s knot went down faster than any others had. It made her feel cold.

“And you’re about to see the alphas die like animals,” Adams said with a sudden venom.

Chapter Text

Suddenly Tabitha’s chains released, and she dropped to the ground in a heap. Commotion exploded around her, or rather above her, as priests shouted and Patriarch Adams leapt from his chair. Even though the bars separated them, Evander stood over her with middle fingers held up to the room just before he stomped – hard – on the ground.

Dust skyrocketed and Tabitha screamed. The floor gave out beneath her, and she tumbled in a shadowy mess of rocks and debris. Her stomach flipped while she fell, not sure how long she would plummet.

But arms caught her, and a sudden warmth shielded her from pelting pebbles and rolling dirt.

Muffled shouts shot down from above and she looked up, eyes burning in the dust. But Evander was already moving, navigating her further into the dark. She clung to his carved and sweaty chest, gripping tight as he stepped confidently through the deepening shadows. He knew this pace very well, slipping into a tunnel and then nudging his shoulder into a piece of stone wall.

Rock grinded on rock and she felt him pull her through a small opening before it slipped shut again.

“Where are we going?” she asked as he set her on her feet and a light flicked on. She winced against the sudden onslaught of brightness, though after she adjusted she realized it wasn’t very bright. In fact, the string of bulbs near the top of the tunnel flickered and some decided to dim down to nothing after a few seconds.

“Welcome to the catacombs. I’ve been down here a lot these past few days.” Evander had that sly smile turning up the side of his lips, dusty just as he was when they first met and just as beautiful. He towered over her, everything about him large, even his half-erect penis. Looking at him got her wet again and her limbs began to tremble as he leaned down and pressed her against the wall.

His kiss was sweet, tongue lingering against hers before he pulled away.

“Hi,” he greeted, voice soft. “I missed you.”

Her mouth went dry. All of her alphas were gorgeous, but Evander was so pretty that it hurt to look at him. And having him in her space, looking that damn attractive, left her speechless. She remembered the night they met so clearly, especially as he trailed a hand down her bare hip with a slow sweep of his fingertips. She couldn’t blame herself for falling into bed with him then and a rapidly growing ache told her to do it again.

He leaned back, frowning. Before she could ask why, she felt the tenderest of touches on her neck and knew he saw her bruises.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

Tabitha lowered her head, letting her hair hide her face, not sure how to respond. As if knowing not to say more about how she got them, he passed her a stack of folded clothes… Priestess clothes.

She took them and the silence spread. She was nervous, realizing just how little she knew about him. He raised a brow at her, as if he felt her awkwardness or heard her brain trying to come up with the courage to ask him something, anything.

“So, fun fact about me,” he said, grinning.

“You’re a priest?” she guessed, not believing her luck if it was true.

His laugh was explosive and unexpected. He coughed to hide it, failing miserably, and glanced down the tunnel.

“You’re funny,” he pointed at her, then began unfolding his own clothes. Priest clothes. God, she missed Callum.

“Not a priest,” he said, pulling up pants – to her great disappointment. “No, some call me a thief. Depends how you look at it, but I just make the most out of an opportunity. And I’m good, if you don’t mind me being humble.”

She snorted and then covered her mouth, surprised she made that sound. She cleared her throat and looked through the clothes he gave her before asking, “What, have you robbed banks?”

“Once or twice,” he admitted, his smile so bright and stunning she wondered if she wasn’t standing with an angel, regardless of what he was saying. “Only the very, obscenely wealthy. I don’t pick on just anyone. What I’m saying is, I know how to sneak in and out of a place. And escape. Been arrested a few times.”

“How many is a few?”

“Well, broke out of four different prisons, ten jails, thirty-seven prisoner transports-.”

“So you get caught a lot and I shouldn't have been worried about you this whole time?"

"Oh, I think I love that you were worried." His grin turned seductive and she had to look away, heat rising through her body. She couldn't look away for long though, peeking at him as he shrugged, hair tumbling over his face as he managed to button up his shirt. “Sometimes I let them catch me. Just for fun.” He donned his jacket with a wink. “Speaking of, and in full disclosure, I usually have a few bounties on me.”

“Bounties?” Tabitha got to dressing now too, huffing at the itchy fabric and wondering why what he was saying didn’t bother her. If he only took from the uber rich, she actually kind of admired him for it.

“Let’s just say, mercenaries hate me. If they manage to catch me, it’s not long before they have to do it all over again. I’m a slippery one.”

She froze.

Mercenaries. Like Zale.

"They all know me as Jode though,” he snorted, finishing his costume by brushing off some dust. “Or Duncan. But mostly Jode.”

“Is Evander your real name then?” she asked, feeling stifled in her skirt and sweater.

His amusement sobered and he reached out to cup her cheek, silver reflecting in his eyes. It was mesmerizing, like staring into polished mirrors. They trapped her attention.

“I have no reason to lie to you,” he said and chewed at his lip, suddenly looking vulnerable. “I want you. Lies will make me lose you.”

Tabitha couldn’t stand how scared he looked, wide-eyed and needy. She rose onto her toes and kissed him hard, sinking her lips against his. Another heatwave rolled through her and she collapsed into him, panting.

“We need to keep moving before we hump like rabbits again,” he said, guiding her down the tunnel.

She breathed deep through her nose, sweat dripping down her neck.

“Then keep me distracted,” she begged.

“Do you want to hear about the mercenary who I believe is in love with me?” Evander sounded wildly amused. “He would fight you over me, lovely. I drive him crazy. In all seriousness, he is fairly nice aside from the fact that he wants to kill me.”

“Let me guess,” she said, wondering if she’d be right. But that’d be too big of a coincidence, so it couldn’t be… “Is his name Zale?”

The Zale Cassidy Fangio.”

Her stomach dropped. But then….

“His middle name is Cassidy?” She couldn’t wait to tell Zale that she discovered this.

“I call him Zassie for short,” he said. “If I wasn’t so good at what I do, he’d already have my head turned in somewhere for a great deal of money.” Evander paused, touching her arm so she’d look at him. “Wait. How do you know about Zassie?”

Tabitha blushed, not sure how to explain. But the longer she fidgeted, the more Evander seemed to understand.

“Well, fuck.” Evander stared off into the distance, the sound of shouting and running echoing somewhere far behind them. The rock wall that was a hidden entrance muffled the priests searching for them. He didn’t seem worried at all. But then a line pressed between his brows and he clenched his jaw. “At least tell me that my dick is bigger than his.”

Tabitha’s mouth fell open and she hurried to snap it shut, eyes wide. No, she wasn’t going to say that Zale outmatched all of her alphas in that department.

Evander head fell back. “Fuck!”

Chapter Text

Evander led Tabitha through the tunnels until they reached a small cavern that he had obviously made home in for the past few days. She spotted the tossed aside blankets, neatly piled food tins, and a few caveman-style drawings of … boobs.

She pointed at them.

“Yours are better,” he promised with a flirtatious smirk. God, he was so beautiful that just looking at him made her mind go blank. But he was also absolutely ridiculous. Even so, Tabitha made a concerted effort to close her mouth and turn away, trembling by just thinking about his lips, the curve of his hip bones down to-.

“Here, you need to eat something.” He passed her a tin of emergency ration food. She checked the label: A complete meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, and peas.

“Looks delicious.” Her sarcasm was heavy.

“Been luxury all day, every day,” he joked, grabbing one for himself before settling on his makeshift bed in the corner. She surveyed him for a moment, suddenly nervous again, which made no sense. They’d had sex and she worried after him for days. Now to finally have him with her again … she felt intimidated. She didn’t know if it was because he was so painfully attractive, or because she already had conversations with her other alphas about keeping him forever too when she hadn’t even had that talk with him.

All of it was moving too fast.

All of it.

Evander patted the blankets next to him, head tilted like a dog trying to figure something out.

“Over here, lovely.” When he wasn’t joking and being the silliest thing in the room, his voice was velvet. It put a purr in her bones, turning them on vibrate.

She approached him and settled with a wince.

“Are you hurt?” he asked, dropping his tin to cup her hands.

“No, I just,” she hesitated. God, why was she being so shy? “I can feel you when I sit down.”

Evander’s eyes flickered silver as he laughed, delighted, and grabbed his food back up, peeling back the lid.

“What are you eating?” she asked.

He tilted it to read the label. “Four-course dinner with chicken, broccoli, and rice.” He shook his head as he grabbed plastic spoons from a bag and handed her one. “Could be worse. There’s some in here made with mountain oysters.”

She stared at him, trying to understand what he meant, when it finally donned on her and she rolled her eyes.

“Bull testicles,” she corrected him as he laughed, scooping his fork into the tin. “And somehow I don’t believe you.”

“May as well have made some of these with bull balls,” he said. “For believing in an eventual apocalypse, the church really said ‘fuck you’ to doomsday prepping.”

Tabitha began to relax, laughing along with him as she tried her own food and promptly gagged. He patted her back through it and they both choked down the bad food, as much as they could stomach, talking about nonsense. And laughing. God, she couldn’t remember the last time she laughed this much or this hard.

She learned more about him though and he was lonely. Just like Waylen, and Zale, and Callum. All of them alone and discarded or in hiding all because they were alphas. And it made her angry. They deserved better.

She watched Evander go on about a drunk cabbie who picked him up once from an airport in some foreign country had only seen on maps, soaking in the gentle curve of his smile, the flexing muscles of his jaw. His eyes were bright, even when they weren’t flashing silver at her. She knew she would love him forever if he let her.

His fingers on her cheek startled her and she blinked, taking in his curious smirk. He was closer to her, his body sending delicious warmth through her. Heat curled between her legs and a wave of dizziness made her lean her forehead against his.

“So, we could probably head out of my trusty hiding place,” he whispered, breath puffing hair off her neck. “They’re looking for us, but I have a way out. These tunnels head straight out of town and to an abandoned monastery in the canyon.”

“If you knew that, why did you stay here?” she asked.

“I’m not leaving you.” His hand slid down her arm, making her shiver.

Tabitha gripped the front of his jacket. “And I don’t want to leave you.”

His breathing grew heavier just before his lips found hers. She opened her mouth to him, breath hitching as his tongue massaged hers. He sucked at her bottom lip, a growl in the back of his throat.

“Then why do I have the feeling you want to stay?” he asked.

Her dizziness had intensified, and she clung to him. She could hear his heartbeat. It was beating faster, moving blood down his body. She swallowed as pain ignited in her vagina. To fight it back, she pushed her legs together. The wetness between them made her gasp.

She focused through it, keeping her breathing steady.

“There are … others,” she admitted. He held still.

“I know about Zassie,” he grunted, tilting his head again. “More than him then?”

“Two more. And I can’t leave without all of you with me.”

“Tell me why.” He leaned away from her and she realized in that moment she might lose him. He truly might not be willing to share her and as much as he joked about Zale, she wasn’t certain that Evander wanted to share a mate with him forever.

“It’s hard for me to understand,” she said. “Everything has been moving so fast and I’m not clear in my head right now. But I know that of all the alphas I’ve come across since you and I met that night, the four of you are the ones I can’t be without.”

He studied her, a worried line between his brows again. She touched it, pressing it gently, hoping he wouldn’t leave.

“Do you know where omegas come from?” he asked softly, a glint of something she didn’t recognize in his eyes.

“You mean The Fund?”

Those words seemed to physically hurt him. He flinched when she said them and he leaned back against the wall with a huff.

“My mother is – was there,” he said. “They don’t just sell omegas. They breed them. She was in the breeding program to produce more omegas. But whenever an alpha is born, they’re just tossed.”

Tabitha rested a hand on his thigh, a new hate for the church igniting inside of her. Imagining him thrown to the streets made her see red and she felt angry like Waylen, wanting nothing more than to stomp out of the catacombs and rage at the priests. Especially Patriarch Adams.

“I grew up on the streets,” he said. “Figured out how to break into well-protected places because I had wanted to save her. My mom.”

Tabitha knew not to ask if he succeeded. Not when he stumbled over her once being in The Fund, not when he squinted against whatever memory danced in his head.

“They caught me,” he said. “They put me in the breeding program. I was used to impregnate omegas.”

Shit. Tears burned her eyes and she tried not to imagine what that must have been like for him or the women. No matter how it was sliced, that meant he was raped too.

“I fell for one of the omegas there,” he went on and his words stabbed Tabitha straight through the heart. She choked and tried to hide the flare of jealousy. It was irrational. “I tried to free her and my mom after a few months of learning the layout, sneaking around, planting what I needed to get us out.”

He ran a hand through his hair, pulling it off his face.

“I was too inexperienced for that kind of job,” he admitted in a flat voice, as if he’d come to terms with it already but still fucking hated it. “They caught us. Burned my mom at a stake and skinned my love. Just flayed her. They said they didn’t want to risk my mother having another one like me, said she wasn’t worth the problems I caused. And they killed my omega just because they were angry that I tried to take her from them.”

He took her hand from his thigh, holding it like it was the most fragile thing in the world. Tabitha wanted nothing more than to hold him, to fix what happened, but didn’t know how. She didn’t have that bond with him yet and couldn’t erase history.

When he looked at her again, tears had piled in his beautiful eyes. They made them look bright.

“My point is.” He cleared his throat. “I fucking hate the church, I want to burn down The Fund, but more than that.” He leaned in again, lips so close she could almost taste him. “I didn’t think I’d feel this way ever again. Never thought I’d have a second chance at something like this.”

He kissed her. His lips were tender, gentle, and pleading. She cupped his face.

“And I understand how quickly unbonded alphas and omegas’ hearts tumble into each other.” He leaned into her hands, turning his face to kiss her palm. “So if you insist on me living forever with three other alphas, they better be as fun as I am. Except for Zassie. I already know he’s a stick in the mud.”

“You aren’t bothered?” Tabitha asked, still unsure.

Evander pulled her hands off his face and toyed with her fingers. “I’m bothered that you felt the need to try saving me. I’ve been poking around here preparing for outcome Adams through Zassie and biding my time until you showed up. I’ve been terrified they were going to try taking you to The Fund.”

"What’s Plan Zassie?”

“Blow this shit to Kingdom Come. I’m sure you’ve seen his ‘fuck it, I’m killing everyone’ side?”

Tabitha nodded and Evander suddenly scooped her into his arms. She squealed as he laid down with her so they could spoon.

“But did you know what I’m better at than Zassie?” he asked, his voice dark and purring again. “Cuddles.” He flung a leg over her hip, and she laughed.

Chapter Text

Tabitha enjoyed being held by Evander. He was encompassing, body large and firm against hers. She knew they needed to talk about what to do next, but for now her heat demanded that she stay wrapped in his arms. And by the increased burning between her legs, it wouldn’t be long before it demanded more.

Evander must have known because he didn’t seem hurried at all as his hands slowly trailed up her sides. He made her feel like they were lazy lovers on a Sunday morning rather than hiding in catacombs with a whole town after them. Evander’s presence slowed things down for her, keeping her attention on the sparks his knuckles left behind as he followed the swell of her hip to her small waist.

The warm exhale of his breath on the side of her neck made her shiver, which drew out of a groan from deep in his throat. That sound alone sent another heatwave through her, driving her to submit to him as she pushed her ass against the erection.

"Evander,” she gasped.

The hand that had been memorizing the outline of her body crossed the front of her hips and pulled her hard against him as he rubbed his huge member on her. Even though they wore church uniforms, the press of his stiff penis made her embarrassingly wet already.

His hand shifted down, gathering her skirt to cinch the front of it up around her waist. She helped him, gathering the cloth in her hands so she was exposed as he wanted. The air on her slick pussy was cool, making her realize she was even wetter than she thought. His fingers took their time tracing the edges of her labia. He drew up and down the peaks of her lips like it was his first time touching her, like he wanted to memorize every centimeter of the cunt. Her pussy clenched, flexing around itself in anticipation.

Evander kissed her neck, tongue laving over her skin as he sucked at her. She gripped his hair, keeping him locked in place.

His hand stilled and then pressed down, sliding fingers up between her soaked lips. He lingered at her vagina, pressing gently on its puckered entrance but not fucking her with his huge fingers yet. The pressure drove her mad, making her heat riot. Sweat peaked at her temples and she panted through the pulsing pain.

“What do you need omega?” he whispered against her skin, voice a soft prayer, all but begging for her to order him to fuck her.

“You,” she breathed. “I need you.”

"To do what?”

“Put it in me,” she was begging now.

He hummed against the outer shell of her ear and she felt the sweetest of smiles on his tender lips. “Put what in you, lovely?” he asked

She gasped as his fingers gave her clit the barest of brushes. He circled her engorged nub slowly before retreating back down. Her muscles trembled with anticipation, arousal so intense she saw blinking lights in her eyes.

“Your penis,” she managed. “Please.”

But he didn’t. Her plead only made his grin widen as he teased her twitching pussy, fingers sliding wetness around her clit and across it. She whined, back arching against his chest. He held her firm, grinding against her ass in slow, steady strokes. She could feel how strained his erection was, how desperately it needed to empty into her body, but he denied both of them. Fingers slipped back along her sex, circling her hole.

She ached for him so badly that tears sprung to her eyes. He kissed them away as he massaged her clit again. He lingered there, as if finally having mercy on her. Her heat sprang to raging life, coiling in her womb, tensing in her bones, on the edge of an orgasm.

But he stopped.

Evander withdrew those delicious fingers and sank them down her slit again, a deep chuckle rumbling through his body like he knew exactly what he was doing to her.

His hand moved away from her pussy, eliciting a gasp of protest until she realized he was moving the rest of her skirt up. She lifted her hips to help him, gathering more of the cloth in her hands.

He pulled her leg up to her chest and she felt it. Him. The eager, bulging tip of his member pushed at her tight entrance. He jerked his hips and forced it in. The strain and stretch to accommodate him made her gasp. Even though she’d had him before, even though she’d had Zale, her pussy seemed to forget each time. He grunted as her muscles worked him in.

Evander moved torturously slow. The tip of his member speared her and she whimpered as he took a languid thrust up, shoving more in. The swollen, fat middle spread her wide and she squeezed down on him, tried to thrust back onto him but his arms held her tight, as if he liked her right where she was.

The tip of his penis met her cervix and she moaned.

But then he pulled out.

Dizzy, she reached for him but he wasn’t behind her any longer.


Hands gently pushed her onto her back and lifted her sweater. She caught sight of his beautiful face just before he dived into her cleavage. His hands worked her breasts like a ravaged man that had never seen a pair in person before. He licked up one slope and caught her aching nipple into his mouth, catching it with his teeth just as he made eye contact with her.

Evander’s eyes burned silver, the brightest things in the room. She stared into them, feeling hypnotized almost, entranced as he sucked at her tit. Finally, he let go with a pop and moved down her body, spreading her legs.

He caught her eyes again, the flickering yellow lights above giving him a halo. God, he looked like a fucking angel.

With the flash of a grin, he buried his face into her pussy. He sucked at her clit with the same intensity as he had her nipple. It was too much, but before she could tell him so, he moved his attention down, laving his tongue from her hole to the clit and back.

Her head fell back in bliss. The moans escaping her mouth filled the room, blending with the pornographic wet laps of his mouth on her cunt.

He rubbed his tongue around her clit slowly, once, twice.

She came undone. Her moans hitched into screams, muscles in her torso forcing her to sit up. Evander worked her through her orgasm, silver pools watching her from between her legs like he was transfixed.

Tabitha fell back and he kept working her pussy with his mouth, the wetness dripping along her ass. His tongue penetrated her, fat and hot. She gasped as it curled into her spongy g-spot. Her breathing stuttered as he rubbed it, nose against her clit.

Her orgasm carried her away again, more intense this time. It twisted her in his blankets, which she gripped for dear life. She lost track after that as his mouth fucked her over and over again, slowly taking his time to lick up her orgasm and whatever sperm remained from when he fucked her through the cell bars earlier.

By the time he lifted himself between her legs again, she could barely think. She just watched him smile down at her, line himself up, and push in.

He didn’t go as slow as before, but still didn’t rush it, as if in no hurry for the sex to end. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him down to kiss her.

His face was heady with her juices, soaked from nose to chin. His lips slipped over hers and the lubrication dripped along her cheeks.

The pull of his penis inside her body drew another moan from her, though it came out muffled as he kissed her. It pushed on her cervix, making her heart race.

He rubbed against it, siting up to look down at her. He bent her legs and she hooked her arms behind her knees to hold them alongside her chest, sweater pushed up. She knew she must be a sight, bent in half, breasts rippling with his measured, steady thrusting.

Evander snapped his hips forward then, groaning as his member finally penetrated her fully, breaking into her womb.

“Come in me,” she begged, desperate to see this stunning man empty is semen inside of her. God, just the way he pumped her body was perfection, movements liquid and confident. Those silver eyes devoured her as he claimed her, and his stamina impressed her. He kept humping, trailing fingers from her breasts to where they connected.

He bit his lip and tweaked her clit until she came again, shuddering around him.

That was what did him in. He fell forward onto her, knot catching in her hole, stretching her further. He moaned into her neck as sperm released into her, jetting hard into her womb.

Tabitha held him as his orgasm continued, squeezing her pussy around his member as it pulsed.

After another minute, the hot spray ended. She hummed, satisfied, as they held each other, his knot still possessively sealing her shut.

But instead of his knot going down, she felt his penis twitch, hard and insistent again.

“Evander?” she asked.

He lifted his face off her chest to kiss her. “I just…,” he kissed her again, grinding against her until she came again. She clung to him through the orgasm, body exhausted and muscles sore from how many times he drove her over the edge.

When her head cleared, he brushed his nose against hers.

“I want to get you pregnant,” he whispered his confession.

She laughed. “Well, we haven’t been very careful.” She didn’t mention that no one had been careful over the past few days and the very real possibility lingered in the back of her mind.

“Fuck.” Sperm shot from his penis again, as if just the thought of her breeding with him was enough.

She was uncomfortably full of seed now, shifting as his knot went down and he pulled out. He held her, touching the bulge of her womb that sloshed with sperm.

They laid like that for a few minutes before she had the courage to ask… “Do you have any children?”

Chapter Text

Tabitha watched Evander’s expression closely as he settled in beside her on the blankets. He sighed and helped her wiggle her sweater back down her chest.

“I was at The Fund for about 10 months,” he said, reaching for a pile of folded towels nearby. He opened it up and started wiping the mess between her legs. She took it from him so he could continue.

But instead of speaking, he watched her clean and eventually toss the towel aside. She straightened her skirt and sat up, leaning against the wall, waiting patiently. By how the muscles in his jaw flexed as he chewed over his words, she wasn’t sure if she should have asked.

Finally, he found a way to say whatever came next.

“I got about fifteen omegas pregnant,” he admitted, sitting up as well and pulling a blanket over his lap.

Tabitha gasped. She couldn’t help it.

“I saw two of them go to term. But when they did, it was around the time when I tried to get my mother and my omega out, who was also pregnant.”

A chill went through Tabitha. The woman he loved, who was flayed by the church and murdered, was pregnant. And they didn’t fucking care, the fucking hypocrites.

"After they stopped us and … I was the only one left of us, they had me watch them killed the pregnant omegas. Said they were ruined, the fuckers.” He had his head down. His voice had become lifeless. “The two who gave birth, the babies were alphas. The church forced me to watch all of them be killed too. It was fucking murder.” Tears jumped off his chin and Tabitha threw herself forward, wrapping arms around him, pulling him into her.

She felt his tears soak into her sweater. She looked around the room and its desolation, realizing just how on his own he must have been for so long, not just these past few days. Suddenly she was glad to be an omega, to have him and the other alphas. For the first time, she could envision a happy life for them somewhere. Maybe at the cabin where Waylen lived, far away from everyone.

After a moment, he sat up and turned his face to wipe his eyes, forcing out a laugh.

“I only got away because I’m the bad fucking penny that they apparently can’t get rid of. You’d think by now they’d know not to lock me up. I just keep getting out.”

Tabitha kissed him, lingering on his trembling lips, ignoring the pull of her heat. She cupped his face as if he were the fragile one now and looked into his sad eyes.

“One day, I’ll give you a baby,” she promised.

He leaned his forehead against hers and they stayed there a while, just breathing each other in. She wasn’t sure how much time passed before he squeezed her shoulders and stood.

“So, you want to stay and find your other alphas before I smuggle you out of town, is that right?” he asked, finding his pants and stepping back into them.

“Yes, but I have no idea how we will do this.”

He winked at her. “I’ve been planning for every scenario since they tried locking me up down here. Who do you want to find first?”

“Zale.” She was certain about this. “He was hurt when they took him. We got into a car accident. I didn’t see him, but there was blood and I heard them say he was unconscious.”

The blood left Evander’s face and she realized all the teasing he did about Zale was a layer to a relationship she didn’t know much about, one that made him look genuinely concerned. But then that smile was back and he shoved his hair out of his eyes.

“Oh, he’s gonna hate that I’m the one helping save him.” The light returned to his eyes and he hauled her to her feet. “He will never live this down.”

“You sound a little too excited,” Tabitha observed, grinning with him now.

He led her out of the hideaway and into another tunnel. She followed closely, sweat gathering under her itchy church clothes. If it wasn’t for Evander as a guide, she would have easily gotten lost in the maze. After a while, she noticed the floor slope upward and Evander was suddenly lifting a ceiling block just enough to look into whatever room it led into.

Suddenly he shoved it up and across the stone floor above, motioning for her to join him. He lifted her by her waist into the opening and she saw a row of jail cells.

They were all empty.

She helped Evander up and they moved the stone block back in place with a thud.

“I thought they had dozens of alphas locked up,” she said.

Evander wasn’t smiling anymore.

“What is it?” she asked.

Then she heard it. A voice over loudspeakers. Patriarch Adams.

“We gather here this evening to rid the world of sin,” Adams voice rang out across the town, filtering down even to this underground cell beneath the church.

She and Evander passed a weighed look. And suddenly she realized. The church was burning any alpha they had at the stake, and they were doing it now.

Chapter Text

Tabitha raced up the stairs to the main floor of the church, no longer concerned about hiding. Though it didn’t matter. The church was empty.

Evander raced after her, catching up as she flung herself to a window.

“Slow down,” he warned.

She ignored him, flinging the stained-glass windows wide open and exposing them to the street, which was eerily calm for how crowded it was.

And for how macabre it looked.

Two rows of a dozen pyres threw gruesome shadows over the church. Each pyre had a metal pole with a man tied to it. Alphas.

In the street, right in front of the church, was a crowd of maybe two hundred to three hundred priests alone that she could see. All lined up in grey robes that left her deeply unsettled. Outside of the priests were priestesses in black robes, and after them were soldiers. The soldiers looked prickly in the streetlight, armed and outfitted for a fight.

By the distant chatter, she knew the town was gathered too. Maybe past the lines of soldiers.

“Shit.” Evander pulled her down so she wasn’t leaning out into the cooling desert air. She could feel him shaking and knew he was having flashbacks of when they burned his mother. And maybe the other omegas. He didn’t say how the church murdered them.

“Stay low. Don’t move,” Evander whispered in her ear before darting off. She watched him slip into one of the closets set by the front doors. As he rummaged whatever was in there, she searched the pyres for Zale, half hoping not to see him, that maybe he got away.

But no.

Her heart caught on itself, congested by shock, and she fought for her next breath. Zale was tied to one stake front and center of the group, as if the church wanted her to see him, maybe even draw her out. And he looked dazed, head lolling to the side, hair swinging in the dusty breeze. She spotted blood glistening on one side of his face and gripped the windowsill to stop from running out to him.

“This town has been plagued by the vilest creatures to walk this world.” Patriarch Adams’ voice broadcasted through speakers through town, likely the ones used as sirens when alphas crossed the town walls. “We begin our cleanse tonight, reigniting our crusades against alphas who rape and murder the innocent.”

Evander slid next to her, startling her. He wore one of the gray priest robes. She stared at him, hating it, until she realized.

“Where’s mine then?” She went to stand and head to the same closet, but he held her by her waist, keeping her in place.

“You have to stay here.”


“We don’t have time to argue.” Evander checked through the window only to face her again with silver eyes and jaw clenched. “I have a plan.”

“You always say that.”

He smirked. “Because I always do.”

Tabitha frowned at him, unamused, and went to stand again. He held her in place and she struggled.

“If you think I’m letting you go alone, you’re insane,” she hissed, squirming until suddenly sweat peaked at her temples again and the swell of intense arousal stole the strength from her body. She collapsed to the cool wood floor, a gush of slick wetting her pussy. She groaned against the heatwave twisting through her veins.

She was lost to the pain, the agony of her powerful arousal, but was vaguely aware that someone else had burst into the church. She turned on the floor, trying to focus her eyes just as she saw Evander punched in the chin. When he fell, she saw Waylen huffing and puffing above him, eyes burning crimson like the devil had finally arrived.

Waylen grabbed Evander by the front of his robes and pulled his fist back, ready to beat the living hell out of him.

“Stop,” Tabitha begged.        

Those bright red eyes found hers, a wild anger in them that her heat craved. Her heat grew hotter in response, vagina clenching harder than it had before, squeezing itself until she had to fight back a scream.

Arms encircled her, lifting her to an insistent, soft mouth. The smell of moss and forests filled her head and she melted into Waylen, body opening to him. She moaned as he rubbed his tongue against hers and pushed a commanding hand between her legs, rubbing her skirt against her sex. The fabric slipped through her wetness.

Waylen’s heady kiss suddenly broke and Tabitha gaped up at Evander who held their faces apart. His eyes still burned silver and she smelled his own need to fuck her, a lust he fought against with everything he had.

“I’m going to get Zassie,” Evander promised her, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“Let me guess,” Waylen growled, sounding almost like a lion upset about another predator in its territory. “You’re the Evander that needed saving.”

“But I didn’t need saving, did I?” Evander turned to Waylen now, amused. “Zassie does.”

“Zale is going to hate you.”

“Trust me. He already does.” Evander pulled Waylen forward then, kissing him. Tabitha watched, amazed, as Evander drove his tongue into Waylen’s mouth. When he pulled away, Waylen looked a little breathless, and then fucking furious. Not that his glare stopped Evander from giving him an order. “Keep her here. Keep her safe. I’ll be right back.”

Evander winked at Tabitha. “Glad you picked the sexy ones.”

He was gone before Waylen got words back, though they came out scrambled. Her heat twisted her body, drawing his attention again. She squinted up at him through sudden tears, spotting a gash on his head and scrapes across his face and neck. He had been thrown from the truck when it rolled, then. She kissed him, tangling fingers in his hair and tasting Evander on his mouth. It fanned her heat and he rubbed her pussy, soaking the piece of skirt keeping his fingers from feeling her.

“Are you okay?” she managed through kisses, panting. When she looked at him again, the wounds on his face looked … better. She remembered Zale being shot, but not hurt and how he said she made them stronger during her heat.

“I’m fine,” Waylen growled and set her on her back against the floor. “Been scared shitless for you.” He gripped the waist of her skirt with both hands, ripping it open. Her heat coiled and she whimpered, sweat sticking her sweater and hair to her skin. He leaned over her, catching her mouth with his again. His kiss overtook her mind, only able to focus on how he licked her lips before tasting her mouth, curling his tongue through the open space and out again. She shuddered and moaned as she felt his member finally rub between her legs, sliding through her slick but not entering her.

She bucked her hips, needing him, needing to be filled. It consumed her, but he only rubbed their sexes together, catching her clit with his huge member with ache stroke. She was overly sensitive from her heat and his forceful grinding threw her over the edge. She came hard, body arching back against the wood floor, a scream lifting past her lips.

Waylen scrambled to cover her mouth, swearing. She knew she needed to be silent, but her heat didn’t care. She cursed it too, cursed that this was happening right now.

The sound of something ripping filtered into her mind, but she was floating between finally tasting another orgasm and the demanding call to be properly fucked. Before she could beg for Waylen to fill her up, he gagged her with a piece of her skirt. She blinked up at him as he put the balled-up fabric in her mouth, muffling her, and tied the rest of it around her head.

“I know you can’t help it.” He looked so sorry, lifting her to her knees so she could peek out the window. The sight of Zale tied to the stake sobered her, and so did the many lines of church priests. “But look outside. If they hear you, we’re all dead.”

Tabitha fought her heat, fought the raging lust with every inch of logic left to her. She gripped the windowsill as Waylen opened her legs. She focused on Zale, shirtless and helpless, as Waylen finally penetrated her from behind.

Chapter Text

Tabitha’s heat enveloped Waylen’s erection, dragging him in deep until he bumped her cervix. She groaned at the absolute force of it, the sound muffled by her gag. She wiggled back onto his dick, panting around the fabric tied into her mouth and leaned her head on the windowsill that she clung to. Waylen’s penis pulled at her body as he drew out, jarring her to her bones as he thrust in with a snap, slamming into her cervix again, causing ripples of both pain and pleasure.

She focused on breathing through her nose as he railed her, trying to be quiet. Not that it mattered with Patriarch Adams still lecturing the town in some kind of self-righteous, boastful tirade.

“For any alphas in earshot that haven’t been caught yet, we will find you. That is a promise.”

Waylen spread her cheeks and she drooled at the press of his thumb on her anus, loving how he worked her body.

An orange flicker from the window made her look up, biting down on her gag as Waylen pushed his thumb inside. If Waylen wasn’t already fucking her, she knew her heat would have subsided by what she saw. A row of hooded priests held lit torches, bright against the deepening night. She searched the crowd for Evander, but he had blended in too well. Nothing looked out of place.

She focused on Zale again. He seemed to be gaining some of his senses back, head lifted and panting through whatever pain he was still in. She fought against the urge to run out to him, grounded by Waylen as he pressed through her cervix.

“Touch yourself,” he commanded quietly, almost in a soft breath.

Tabitha didn’t look away from Zale, how his muscles tensed against his bindings, as she obeyed. Her fingers found her clit, juices clinging to the tiny nub. Firelight glinted off Zale’s strained abs, emphasizing his carved and tattooed chest as he began to struggle in earnest. Something about his vulnerability made her heat flare again and she realized she liked him tied up. Watching him strain against his ropes, how Waylen pounded her womb, and her own fingers on her clit, sent her over the edge. Her orgasm exploded through her and the gag was barely enough. Waylen reached forward, covering her mouth with his hand.

“And so begins the culling,” Adams declared.

Her excitement over her new kink dissipated as the priests with the torches marched to the pyres, lowering flames to the pyres as they went. She looked for Evander, breathing hard around Waylen’s hand and the gag as he continued to fuck her into the windowsill.

Not knowing where Evander was or what he was up to, Tabitha watched Zale. He kept an eye on the priests as they, one by one, lowered torches to his pyre. The mound of kindling caught and smoldered beneath him, deep orange and green igniting at his feet.

She sobbed from behind Waylen’s quieting hand and through the fabric in her mouth, her heart pounding in agony as she watched Zale catch her gaze. He looked resigned now as the smoke billowed between them.

Waylen’s knot caught, feeding her heat even as tears burst from her eyes. She shuddered as his sperm filled her, tormented that Zale watched a different alpha breed her while he was about to burn.

She pulled Waylen’s hand down, horrified, as the flames caught faster at his pyre than any of the others. Screams from the other alphas descended on the street, but Zale didn’t join them. He held her attention, calm.

She struggled now, screaming for him. Waylen covered her mouth again, fighting her to stay low so she didn’t jump into full view of the street. His knot helped keep her in place, demanding that she take his seed and not run.

The flames at Zale’s pyre suddenly exploded, sparks shooting into the night sky like fireworks. The crowd flinched and smoke billowed.

He was gone.

He was fucking gone.

Waylen’s knot went down and she collapsed to the floor, sobbing. He caught her, quickly untying the gag around her face and pulling it from her mouth.

“We have to get out of here.” His voice was strained. She looked at him and saw that he was crying too, even though a furious red light burned in his pupils. She wiped at his tears, hating that this hurt him too, not realizing that Waylen had his own budding relationship with Zale.

Cheers erupted from the priests as the screaming from the alphas intensified. She refused to look outside, refused to see if the smoke had cleared and if Zale’s burnt corpse was visible now or if he was one of the ones screaming as he burned alive.

“Evander is out there,” she said, fighting against Waylen as he tried to pull her up and away from the window.

“He’ll catch up.” Waylen won, dragging her to her feet and running into the dimness of the church.

The side door burst open, startling both of them. Waylen pushed her behind him, a growl in his throat, but it died with a choke.

Evander hauled Zale inside, struggling to hold him upright.

“Did you like the fireworks show?” he asked, just before Zale’s weight sent him tumbling.

Chapter Text

Tabitha’s vision tunneled onto Zale, who groaned on the floor shirtless and sweaty. She watched her hands reach for him, and once they slid over the firm bulge of his shoulders, she felt a shock run through her bones. She didn’t stop touching him, gentle as she helped him turn to his back and brushed his matted braids from his face. Logically she knew that he needed his head wound treated, but instead of ripping her sweater to pieces she kissed him.

It was the most chaste kiss, sweet and loving. He tasted of blood and cigarette smoke, familiar and safe.

When she pulled back and forced herself to focus on his injuries, she watched the last of his head wound stitch itself together.

Dumbfounded, she just sat there. Gaping.

His eyes flicked purple, amused, and she remembered him licking her wounds, remembered William shooting him and not being injured. And he said it was because she made her alphas stronger at her heat, so they could protect her.

He sat up, fingers brushing her naked hip, and she shivered. New wetness slipped between her legs where Waylen’s sperm still gushed from her hole.

“As much as I’d like to sit back and finally see your dick, we should go.” Evander was leaning against the wall, head tilted appreciatively as he checked Zale out.

Tabitha watched Zale morph from gentle and horny to a thundercloud. His expression dropped into a frowned glare, purple flaring like shields across his pupils as he stood with the grace and stealth of a predator, placing himself between Tabitha and Evander.

Waylen pulled her up and she smelled his lust for her, responding to her rushing heatwave. They were hitting closer together. She felt the pull to fall under the intoxicating arousal and spread her legs for her alphas to breed as they pleased.

Her knees grew weak at the thought. Waylen’s breathing grew heavier, as if filling her again was his only purpose. She shivered as his hands trailed down her sides, tingling as they passed over her uncovered ass.

“You fucking set me on fire!” Zale’s hands were fisted, muscles rippling down his tattooed back. Tabitha watched, amazed, as Waylen buried his face in her neck, tongue dabbing at her quickening pulse.

Evander didn’t see the urgency to move, still running his eyes up and down Zale before shrugging.

“So, you got a little singed,” Evander admitted. “But you’re welcome. Without me ‘setting you on fire,’ you’d be a handsome but roasted man.”

"Don’t you fucking start.”

“You like it when I flirt.”

“You realize I’m here to kill you.”

“Tomato, tomato.” Evander’s cool impressed Tabitha, making her release a tiny gasp as Waylen slid his fingers between her cheeks, pressing on her anus again.

Zale breathed deep and seemed to catch more than the smell of Waylen’s seed in her body. He turned, wide-eyed, to gape at her now, unconcerned by Waylen groping her. When he turned back to Evander, his fist was swinging.

"You mated her!" Zale more growled than roared, as if aware there were hundreds of priests outside watching alphas burn. The morbidity of the situation sent a chill through her, which Waylen warmed with a hand between her legs, fingers large and insistent at her twitching pussy.

And again that night, Evander fell.

“Tabita, lovely,” he said from the floor, a hand to his chin as if to give it some support as he tested it. She spotted a red welt where Zale's fist hit. “That’s two of your alphas now. Please tell me the fourth’s a lover and not a fighter.”

Callum. Dizziness made her sway in Waylen’s arms, but before she could even say that they needed to find him before escaping, Waylen was tearing her sweater open at the front. Her breasts jiggled free and he pulled the rest of the sweater off her body, leaving her naked there in the church, available for him to properly touch. She mewled as he circled around her and palmed her breasts.

Her heat sang, rising to consume her. Slick dripped off her pussy and her nipples grew hard under the rough pads of Waylen’s fingers.

“Jode is a piece of shit.” Zale focused on her now, swallowing hard as he watched Waylen’s hands work her soft mounds. Still, his anger was stronger. “Jode is a fucking criminal.”

“It’s Evander, not Jode.” Evander was back on his feet, brushing hair out of his face.

“I’ve known you for ten years. It’s Jode.”

“You should have asked about me instead of just wanting to tie me up.”

Tabitha whimpered, her heat raking up her body like a blaze. She felt like the one strapped to a pyre burning. Her knees began to give out under the tremble of her blazing lust, but then Zale was there. He pulled her into his lap, capturing one nipple in his mouth. She leaned into the wet graze of his tongue, his dexterous muscle strumming her swollen bud.

Then she felt Waylen’s fingers spread slick up to her anus, soaked fingers penetrating her from behind.

She gasped as Zale’s mouth left her breast and he laid down, pants undone. His purple gaze devoured her from his new position on the floor, giant penis held up to her dripping lips.

“Damn.” She watched Evander examine his huge erection, a muffled part of her amused that he seemed to like what he saw, but her heat was too heavy. She ached. Every part of her ached. Pain pulled at her muscles, screaming into the ether to be fucked.

As if hearing her, Waylen’s penis pushed at her from behind. She felt hot tears in her eyes, tortured by the sensation of them rubbing their tips against her entrances. She squirmed, head thrown back, focused on the bulge of their members.

They entered her slowly, together- Zale pushing at her vagina, Waylen at her tighter hole. She gripped Zale’s hands on her hips, his biceps flexed as he balanced her and fought against railing into her in one stroke.

Instead, they took their time. Two swollen heads penetrated, her holes straining to accept them. When the huge mushroomed tips pushed in all the way, she heard a pop as her body swallowed them and squeezed. Her head fell back, the twisting torture of her heat muffled at the promise of breeding. She felt her breasts almost swell at the thought, as if being planted by one of her alphas and potentially growing their baby was enough to make her prepare to lactate.

Zale and Waylen worked together to drill deeper, strong hands lifting her and lowering her on their dicks ever so slowly. She listened to their heavy breathing, the wet sloshing of her juices around their intruding members. She groaned as they worked deeper into her body, dicks massaging each other through the skin separating them. The bulge at the center of their erections strained her again, making her whine and gasp.

But a mouth caught her struggling noises, soft and insistent all at once. The scent of sun baked sandstones filled her head, warming her into relaxing again, opening up to the gradual fucking of her tight spaces. Tabitha moaned into Evander’s mouth, gripping him now and realizing he was just as naked as she was. She trailed her hands down his lean muscles, to the curve of his beautiful hips, realizing he straddled Zale to get to her.

When she breathed, she could smell how little any of them cared to share her, feeding their animal drive to fill her body with sperm, to ease her heat with pleasure. At least, until Evander’s erection bumped Zale’s and she heard a bit back curse.

Tabitha kissed Evander, distracted as Waylen buried himself balls-deep into her ass. Waylen stopped moving, letting her adjust to his large intrusion. But Zale kept easing himself into her with shallow, even thrusts that bounced her chest into Evander’s.

Her heat coiled and she broke away from Evander to catch her breath, wincing against the onslaught of a cramp more intense than ever before. It screamed at her, tightening her body around Zale and Waylen until they groaned. Zale’s fingers dug into her thighs for dear life as her cunt strangled him, dragging him up against her cervix.

Her head was spinning, lost to the heat, barely aware that Evander rubbed his member between her thigh and the rest of Zale’s dick. She felt the slip of her juices catch, soaking him, just before he positioned at her straining vagina. She vaguely heard Zale curse at him, threaten him with something bloody and terrible, but words were lost in the buzz of bliss and horror. Zale’s member was so fat, she was sure there wasn’t room.

But Evander’s other hand found her engorged clit. The moment he touched it, she tipped into an orgasm so forceful that it shot colorful lights behind her closed lids. She watched the new firework show, Waylen’s quieting hand smothering her scream as Evander thrusted his way inside of her already stuffed pussy.

It was painful like when he first pushed past her cervix, and just as addicting. It wasn’t like when she was railed by Waylen and Callum together, not with how big Zale was. She looked down and saw the thrusting bulge of their penises in her vagina, working deeper like her womb was sucking them in.

Waylen’s other hand gripped one of her breasts, pinching her nipple as he began to slid in and out of her ass. She looked at Evander over Waylen’s hand pressing across her mouth, his eyes burning silver as if she was the most attractive creature he ever saw. His thumb flicked her clit and she came again, bearing down so hard on their three erections that the four of them moaned together.

Her head fell back against Waylen’s shoulder, jostled by his rutting, just as Evander’s penis rubbed her cervix. His bulbous head stroked against Zale’s deep inside of her.

Evander kissed Waylen’s hand on her mouth before lowering it so he could properly kiss her. She melted into the warmth of his lips, slipping her tongue against his. Waylen’s hand joined Evander’s at her clit, fingers working her nub together now. Knowing they weren’t afraid of being intimate like this, she fell into another orgasm, her scream swallowed by Evander’s greedy bites.

Zale and Evander penetrated her womb together.

The pain and pleasure stretched. Her orgasm wouldn’t let her go, or them. She shuddered between Evander and Waylen, struggling against their giant intrusions now. It was so much to take, so much for her tiny holes to accommodate. They were too big. But Evander’s kiss eased her momentary panic, eased her down from the painful orgasm.

“Good girl,” Evander whispered, humping her carefully now with Zale. Her eyes rolled as their penises created friction against her, against each other, against Waylen thrusting faster into her ass.

She preened under Evander’s praise, shuddering as he and Waylen tipped her into another orgasm. She was so overworked that her shudder was accompanied by a silent moan.

Tabitha’s heat squirted her juices down around Zale and Evander, spurting cream across their groins. She jostled, enjoying the strange sensation of being so full, of having three stunning alphas fuck her together. Mesmerized, she watched Evander pull Waylen in for a kiss. The two men’s lips slipped against each other, tongues pressing and caressing. Evander broke the kiss to suck at Waylen’s neck.

Waylen’s eyes smoldered red as he caught her gaze, his sopping fingers circling her clit again. She fell into the orgasm, looking heavenward to the vaulted ceiling. Carved faces from scripture stared down at the four of them indulging in each other’s bodies and Tabitha smiled at them. She had never felt as close to paradise as she did now.

Waylen’s knot caught first. Evander captured his lips again, just as his knot caught too. Zale grunted at the force of it, teeth grinding as his expanded and fought for dominance in her opening. Tabitha fought a scream as she was stretched further.

As if knowing she was at her limit, Waylen and Evander worked her clit again, forcing her to succumb to another orgasm. She trembled violently, Evander’s forehead pressed to hers as she was twisted in their arms. Their knots held her firm though, keeping her captive to their impending release.

Waylen’s sperm shot up her anus, hot and molten. Evander and Zale came together, semen jetting straight into her womb. Thick ropes clung to her, filled her, stretched her.

Tears fell down her cheeks as her body was seeded, falling against Evander’s neck. She saw an old scar over his pulse point, dark and cold to the touch. She knew it belonged to his murdered omega.

As if knowing what her heat demanded, he bared his neck for her. Not able to think further, except that she needed them to fuck her again, she bit him. Right over his old scar. His blood filled her mouth and then she was licking his wound shut.


Chapter Text

Tabitha swayed between Evander and Waylen, still plugged by both them and Zale. Their knots kept them intimately linked. She teetered on the brink of unconsciousness as someone’s hand, she wasn’t sure who it belonged to anymore, stroked her clit. She tumbled into her countless orgasm, spinning between the dark dots swirling in her vision. Lips pressed on her skin, her breasts were squeezed, and still the knots held her tight to them.

Zale’s knot released first, followed next by Evander’s. They slipped themselves from her body, making her shudder. Their combined sperm flowed from her vagina, and she wondered who the baby would belong to if she were to get pregnant.

“You’re scum.” Zale was zipping himself up, eyes flared purple as he took in the white scar bonding Evander to her. The same one that he and Waylen shared. She wondered if she should have done it, if maybe she should have spoken to Zale first to make sure he was okay with being bound to someone he seemed to hate, but her heat took the thoughts away. She fell back against Waylen, who still knotted her deep from behind.

“She’s not in the right state of mind to have given that to you.” Zale seemed to know to keep his voice quieter now, the frustration of doing so making veins bulge along his tattooed neck.

Evander sat naked on the floor, evaluating him as if he was being ridiculous.

“We already talked about forever, Zassie,” Evander said, and Zale fumed.

Waylen’s knot came down and he kissed her shoulder as he pulled out. She sat on the floor, too shaky to trust her legs. Her holes hurt from being so used, from being so stuffed, leaking sperm stinging in the tiny rips the stretching made. Waylen sat beside Evander, interested in the back and forth between him and Zale. Curly hair tumbled over his curious gaze as he looked between them.

Zale focused on Tabitha then, a pucker between his brows. Concern consumed him.

“I’ve hunted Jode down for years,” he said. “He’s a thief and he’s gained a lot of enemies.”

“But you’re my favorite,” Evander promised, scooting closer to Waylen.

Zale flipped him off without looking, pleading with Tabitha as if she could take back bonding him to her. “These are people with deep pockets. They will keep sending mercenaries after him and now that means they might try using you to get to him.”

Zale put his hands on his head, panicking. She tried to stand to comfort him but was still too wobbly. He came to her, crouching beside her and taking hold of her shoulders. Fingers rubbed her skin, as if that helped him ease his anxiety.

“I followed him here because he took several hundred million dollars. Just smuggled them out of the Laurier family mansion. The Laurier family is one of the wealthiest, most powerful families in the world. The fucking church even answers to them.”

Tabitha felt his anxiety now, but not in the same way that he did by feeling trapped with someone as infamous as Evander. No, she felt it because she wanted to protect Evander from the Laurier’s. He was her golden retriever, even if Zale couldn’t see that side of him yet.

Or maybe he did.

Zale looked over and saw Waylen tense up just before Evander caught his lips again. Seeing Waylen nervously return Evander’s lust made Tabitha sway from another heatwave, muscles clenching on themselves. Her pussy gripped itself, uncomfortably tight again even after being so stretched. Evander’s hands roamed Waylen’s body, pausing at his taut nipples before dipping fingers along his wet penis. Waylen’s breath caught at being touched so sensually by another man, his member twitching and engorging.

“Stop that.” Zale ripped Evander from Waylen, leaving the red-eyed alpha dazed and roused. “He’s not yours to fuck.”

“But Zassie, we all already fucked.” Evander was amused, that smirk pulling at his lips. “Sharing an omega will be a lot more fun than I thought, especially if she lets me rub dicks with you again.”

Zale lifted him to his feet just to shove him back. Evander caught himself on some pews, looking a little sorry now.

“Come on,” he reasoned, his smirk replaced by something more serious for once. “You’d have killed me by now if you didn’t want to fuck me.”

Anger ignited in Waylen’s burning eyes and he stood, jaw clenched, putting himself between the two.

“If it makes either of you feel better, I hate both of you.” Waylen seemed to ignore Zale’s raised brow and Tabitha said nothing about his grief when they thought the bigger alpha was dead. “But none of us will figure out a way to make a life with her if we don’t get out of this fucking place.”

Waylen walked away and Evander slapped his ass. Waylen paused, apparently decided to ignore that too, and snatched his clothes from the floor. Tabitha caught his glare, and perhaps even a blush before he pulled his shirt over his head.

Zale and Evander stared at each other- though Zale more glared. As if not able to stand not cracking a joke every five seconds, Evander reached for him.

“Give me a kiss, boo,” he teased.

Zale put a hand on Evander’s face and shoved him back into the pew, turning his back on him to crouch before Tabitha. He studied her naked body, a purple glow in his eyes as if he smelled her heat. She leaned toward him and he kissed her. It was hard for her to understand why her body needed them again, so soon after and when her organs were so full of sperm, but a deep humming in her head kept her from worrying about it. The hum pulled her into the hot current, drowning her in painful, needy arousal. She gasped for breath, clinging to Zale.

“We need to get out of here first,” he growled and suddenly someone was lifting her arms and slipping her into one of the church robes. She immediately moved to shed it, sweat drizzling down her body, but then Zale tied it up in the front.

When she looked at him, his eyes reflected violet at her and she caught the hammering of his pulse under the scar she gave him. He wanted to bury himself in her again, she could smell it.

But he wiped a hand down his face, as if trying to focus, and picked her up. She was passed into Waylen’s arms, which she was fine with, moving her mouth to kiss along his neck. He cursed and she felt the strain not to slam her down on his dick.

“Okay, Jode-”


“I don’t care.”

“Well, if you’re going to make love to me, I want you calling out the right name.”

A beat of silence passed, as if Zale fought against killing him this time. Instead, he released a long, even breath, struggling with his patience, and tried again.

“You’re our escape artist,” Zale said, monotone now with the effort.

“Yes, boo.”

Another silent pause. Longer.

“Then what’s the grand plan?” Zale said it through his teeth.

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Chapter Text

Tabitha was dizzy, fading in and out of consciousness as Waylen carried her. His smell was like a drug, filling her head with moss and forests. She breathed him in, kissing his neck and licking the shell of his ear. He smelled like lust, and she knew by his racing heartbeat that blood had gathered in his member, straining in his pants as he walked.

She didn’t understand why he wasn’t fucking her though. Something in the back of her mind was hurt by his resistance to her heat and she fought against the despair it wanted to wash over her. Instead, she focused on the humming drone in her ears, strumming through her bones, vibrating in her blood. She could feel it radiate away from her like a heavy perfume, eager to reel in alphas to stuff her with seed.

Tabitha ran her fingers along Waylen’s tight jaw, tracing bone and muscles and the cut of his cleft chin. His curls sent shadows across the hollows of his cheekbones, red eyes smoldering in the dim. When she first saw him, he looked dangerous. He still looked dangerous, and angry, and she wanted to watch his firm mouth fall open with an orgasm. She kissed under his jaw, breath shaky.

She heard Evander share his plan about the catacomb tunnel that went under the town’s walls and straight into an abandoned monastery, smiling at his cleverness, head falling back as cramps took her breath away. She heard a thud through the humming, followed by shouting, but the hum was so loud.

“Did you see them?” she didn’t know who screamed it. “You can smell what they did in here!”

She wasn’t sure when she passed out, but when she opened her eyes, her alphas were silent and rushing. It was dark aside from the blur of a torch in Evander’s hands ahead of her and Waylen. Over Waylen’s shoulder, she saw Zale bring up the rear of the group, hair swinging in the gripping shadows trying to consume him. His purple eyes glinted as they met her gaze and she realized he was slightly hunched as they moved through a tunnel.

Zale pressed an index finger to his plump lips, urging her to be as silent as them.

And that’s when she heard it, past the incessant hum.


And footfalls.

They weren’t alone in the tunnel. But how did the church find them? She struggled to sit up in Waylen’s arms and felt slick dripping from her cunt. Her pussy ached, demanding them to help her through the cramps. But she knew they couldn’t stop.

“How did they find us?” she whispered to Waylen.

His arms squeezed her, and she smelled his fear now that he would lose her, his erection gone in the panic.

“We were too fucking loud arguing,” he grit out, just as soft. “We should have just run away with you as soon as Evander and Zale came in through that door.”

She felt his fury now, his absolute anger at the two other alphas. And himself. But it wasn’t their fault. Their dynamic was new, her heat was calling to them and their bodies were responding. She cursed the church under her breath, wondering what it would have looked like to go through a heat the way omegas used to. She remembered reading about it, how they would be locked away in a room until it passed after a few days. Often they’d select an alpha to help them through it, nesting together in the space, just the two of them.

Not hunted as if they were nothing but beasts. Not forcing them to deny their urges to satisfy the heat.

Tears dripped along her cheeks as another cramp hit. Her body tried to curl in on itself and she barely held back the scream.

“It hurts,” she begged.

She heard Zale cuss now and tasted his desperation to help her. She reached for him over Waylen’s shoulder.

“How much farther?” Zale demanded.

Before Evander could answer, gunfire ricocheted off the stone walls. They ducked, Waylen shielding her by curling himself over her.

“Give her up.” Patriarch Adams. “She is church property. Jode … Evander, whichever you’re going by now, you have a bad reputation of not outwitting us.”

Tabitha looked at Evander, who didn’t slow down, didn’t look back, just pushed forward. But she noticed the tightness of his shoulders and knew the taunting hurt him.

“We have people already vying to purchase her, especially after the raucous she caused in this town. The world is watching. Waiting.”

Waylen’s arms tightened around her and she held tight to him, a shiver chattering her teeth at the thought of someone wanting to buy her just to say they fucked an omega. The tears on her face weren’t just from pain now.

“Evander, you know how the church wins. Especially when all eyes are on us.”

Evander reached back now, grabbing one of Tabitha’s arms and yanking her from Waylen’s clutch. She heard the bit back argument in Waylen’s mouth, scrambling to catch her feet and rush to keep up. Evander yanked her ahead of him. She stumbled over an uneven rock, but he held her steady.

“I have a plan,” he promised her, and Zale must have heard because he swore again.

“No,” Zale called ahead. “Whatever it is, no.”

“I need you to put some distance between us.” Evander pushed her forward, but her cramps made it difficult and she didn’t understand.

But Zale must have because he hit the wall in frustration, or maybe realization.

"The fucking fireworks,” Zale said. “That’s where you put Laurier’s money. In the fucking fireworks you stole from the-”

He didn’t get to finish, another gunshot echoing like an explosion down the tunnel. Tabitha saw them then- fireworks under Evander’s stolen church robe. She didn’t know if it was the heat, trying to focus on almost running now, but she still didn’t understand.

Evander pressed a kiss to her head and pushed her forward. She ran, fighting through the pain of her heat, legs tangling in her robe. She checked over her shoulder in time to see Evander using the torch to light a string of large fireworks together and pass them back to Waylen, who passed them back to Zale.

The dancing fire on the fuse was then hurled deeper into the tunnel, disappearing into the dark.


Evander hurried, lighting and passing more.

She slowed down. No.

Evander was going to collapse the tunnel. Obviously, he was trying to collapse it behind them but it was too risky. The tunnel was too fucking old.

She screamed at him, but the sound of her protest was lost in the deafening blast. The concussion lifted her off her feet, throwing her away from her alphas.

Chapter Text

Tabitha coughed. She felt a thick layer of dust on her skin and robe, matting her hair in gray sheets. She reached out and felt rubble, a cramp from her heat making her scream up at a sudden light overhead. She moved away from it, eyes blurry, the hum loud in her head along with a high-pitched whine. Her alphas. She had to find them. She felt them, but they weren’t with her.

She touched the rubble, crawling over rocks until she felt a wall of tumbled stone. She ran her hands over the sharp edges, panic sending a wave of dizziness through her. This couldn’t be happening. She had three of them. Callum needed them to find him, but she almost had them all.

Another scream tore from her throat and she pulled at the stones, managing to free one and roll it away. She would dig them out.

“Waylen,” she cried. “Zale! Evander!”

Hands grabbed her arms, forcing her to stop. She struggled against them, not sure who they belonged to and not caring. They didn’t smell like her alphas.

But the hands were stronger than her heat-ravaged body, lifting her from the ground. She kicked out but the pain of her heat took her mind again. She was vaguely aware of being lifted from the tunnel, of smelling unmoved dust and dried-out wood. The monastery. They were so close to freedom.

No one touched her after she was set into the backseat of a vehicle. She wanted to fight back, to return to the tunnel and save her alphas, but she could barely manage to lift her head. The car ride went on and on, and whoever drove ignored her begging to take her back or her pleas to find her alphas.

She woke when the vehicle stopped, rocking her back to consciousness. Tabitha blinked hard, still unable to focus her vision but could see enough that it was orange and red outside. Sunset. They had driven most of the day then.

Hands lifted her from the vehicle, soon replaced with cool, gentle ones. Women. Not the priestesses who had been rough when they cleaned her, but different. Warm water rained onto her body, which she realized was naked again, the robe removed. Those sweet hands scrubbed scentless soap across her body, unflinching at her pussy and ass. She whined, held up by others, as fingers scrubbed her holes, as if intent to remove the musk from her alphas.

Exhaustion pulled at Tabitha’s emotions, numbing her. She felt so helpless in the grip of her heat, which made her cry again. She had thought she was safe. They did what they could, they did keep her safe for as long as they could. A sob fell from her trembling lips as the women toweled her dry and cream was smoothed over her limbs. She let them shave her, razers sharp along her flesh. She didn’t struggle now as they opened her folds and shaved her pussy clean.

She just wondered what fresh hell she was in now. At least they weren’t hurting her.

“She’s so beautiful,” one girl said, soft and amazed. “I know they say omegas are the most enticing, but I could never imagine this.”

“Be grateful we have her,” said another, just as softly. “Our master won’t keep raping us betas to death anymore. Or, at least as often. She saved us.”

Tabitha’s body fell cold now. She opened her eyes as oils were rubbed into the ends of her hair. The woman surrounding her were pretty, all dressed in sheer but colorful fabrics. Adorned to perfection.

One smiled warmly at her as she bent close to apply makeup.

“He likes a smoky eye,” she said.

“Who?” Tabitha managed.

The women passed looks but didn’t answer. Tabitha just watched them as they decorated her from expensive, dangling earrings to a thin diamond body chain. The dainty link was hooked around her neck. From the front, the chain passed between and under her breasts, draping along her ribs before connecting to a chain tracing her spine. That chain went even lower, the women making her stand now.

Someone opened her cheeks and she felt the cold press of metal at her anus. The chain ended in a plug then, wincing as it was pushed in. It was large, the head big enough to keep her cheeks partially spread. Tabitha turned to look at herself in one of the bathroom’s wall length mirrors.

She was stunning. It hurt to look at herself, her heat making her nipples stand and harden. Her bruises were faded, leaving her skin mostly perfect. She turned and saw the biggest diamond glinting from her ass, the gemstone sitting atop the plug like it wasn’t the most expensive item she wore.

Slick spread from her vagina, the hum of her heat making her legs weak. She wobbled and the women caught her.

“Does she have a concussion?” one woman asked.

“Maybe, but that’s not our concern. He wanted her prepared and now she’s ready.”

“Almost.” Fingers smeared a bit of cream on each nipple. Tabitha’s head spun, her nubs and areolas tingling. If she wasn’t already turned on to the point of agony, the chemicals in whatever the cream was would have forced her into arousal. She groaned as the tingling warmed up, the skin squeezing itself almost like one of her alphas stood before her, pinching her breasts.

She tried to maneuver away from the women’s hands as they moved between her legs, but others held her still. Fingers rubbed that same cream over her clit, taking time to smear it in.

“She’s already so wet,” the girl said, amazed.

“That’s what the cream is for,” someone else said, unimpressed.

Tabitha stumbled as they moved her through the bathroom, panting now as the cream squeezed and tingled against her clit. She was barely aware of the expansive bedroom she was led into, sighing as they lowered her onto silk sheets.

She felt the handcuffs before seeing them, velvet protecting her wrists as they were brought over her head and locked to the bronze headboard. She admired the beauty of the bed now, from the crimson sheets to the cool bars curling along the ivory wall. She watched the women leave her there alone, panting, chest heaving.

Who was she so decorated for?

Chapter Text

Tabitha’s heat stroked her body and she understood why omegas were often called sirens. Her body begged for an alpha to satisfy her. She panted as her slick wet her lips, sinking down her ass and onto the beautiful sheets. Her juices slipped along her diamond plug, making a mess of the intricate gifts.

Even though she appreciated being treated well, aside from now being tied to a bed, she ached for her alphas. Something told her they were alive, their link to her still radiating. She pulled on that link, urging them to find her.

The tingling cream on her nipples and clit made her heat worse, torturing her as waves of pleasure rolled through her buds, but not enough to bring her to orgasm. Instead, she watched as her areolas and nipples swelled, puckered and overly sensitive. More sensitive than her heat already made them. She felt her clit was in the same drooling condition. She tried rubbing her legs together to bring herself over the edge, but it wasn’t enough.

The door opened and she immediately smelled an alpha, all but purring at one answering her rippling pleas. She was hit with the fragrance of cigars and leather. She breathed it in, eager for him to help her, when her heart stuttered.

She recognized the smell just before she saw him saunter into the bedroom.


Tabitha pulled at her cuffs now, flashbacks of when he first raped her shooting through her mind. The handcuffs, being displayed on the table to a room of faceless alphas, clothes sliced from her body. She panted through her heat, trying to ignore the arousal responding just to his genetic presence, and squirmed, seeking an escape from the bed.

“You’re magnificent,” he observed, closing the door slowly behind him.

Trapped. She was fucking trapped. A sob was all that could escape, the rest of her squirting juices along her thighs and the sheets. Her muscles clenched around the plug and drew out an embarrassing moan. Sweat dripped down the sides of her neck, hair clinging to her skin.

She looked at him then, the tingling of her buds torture. She tried rubbing her thighs together and pulled at the cuffs fruitlessly, wanting to very different things.

Finlay wore a black and green patterned lounge robe, the satin fabric emphasizing his sculpted body. Though he was a monster, he was still stunning.

She hated that her mouth watered as he untied his robe, green-lit eyes not leaving hers. He took his time, hanging it on an elaborate wooden hook mounted to the wall.

It was the first time she saw him naked. And he was breathtaking, one tattoo of a panther spread from the back of his right shoulder, along his ribs and hip, and down his thigh. Muscles flexed beneath his skin and the intricate line work and blacked out spaces, his testicles visible even from behind.

When he faced her, his penis was hard and ready. The tip strained a deep color, insistent for the pleasure her body was about to give it. The penis was huge, as all alpha dicks were, veins giving texture and neediness to it. It flexed up, drawing her attention along his abs and to his now bright green eyes, the pupils erased to the eeriness of his want. He had shaved the dark scruff from his face, leaving it smooth.

“Do you see what I could have given you sooner had you just cooperated?” he purred, voice deep and rumbling. Nothing about him was rushed as he paced the expensive rugs to stand at the end of the bed, devouring her body and vulnerable state with his eyes. “Yes, I might loan you out, but you won’t ever lack what you need or desire. I’ll give you everything, so long as you give me everything.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks, trembling in pain of her heat and fear of what he was about to do. The cuffs tying her to the bed rattled against the bars overhead.

He watched her body quake, a wicked little smile on his lips as if he liked her fear.

“This is my home.” He gestured to the room, but also out the balcony doors. She followed his sweeping hands and saw, for the first time, canyonlands. The world beyond the walls of that dusty town.

The landscape was all reds and purples, which reminded her of Waylen and Zale. It was beautiful, having never seen plateaus span the horizon. The suns last rays washed over the barren rocks and scattered sand, throwing long and ominous shadows across the vista.

Warm hands ran up her smooth legs, squeezing her calf muscles. She was so small compared to him, shuddering as he kissed her closed knees.

“We’re very remote, if you’re curious,” he said against her skin, hands trailing her thighs now. She shook violently, weeping continuously now, hating how wet her pussy was for him and that he was about to discover it. “None of your selected alphas will find you. And the church won’t either. I’ll give credit to your alphas for getting you out of town, though. That was a difficult task.”

He straddled her legs, kneeling over her, looking down at her as if she was a prize he finally won.

“But what I mean is that you’re mine,” he said, hands following the diamond chain under her breasts, up between them, before gripping her by the throat. She whimpered, body sore from both sexual tension and her incessant trembling, braced for too long for safety, for release. His hands were gentle though, as if just reminding her that she had no control.

“You belong to me and only me,” he said, breath puffing at her hair and against the tracks of her tears. “I get to do whatever I like to you. And having you for your first heat is a fantasy of mine.”

Chapter Text

Tabitha sobbed as Finlay kissed her. It was suffocating and intoxicating all at once, filling her head with the smell of him: cigars and leather. His chin and upper lip were smooth, arousing as he slid his mouth against hers. The kiss was passionate and wet, the slurp of their saliva loud in the room.

He kept his hands on either side of her face, chest held just above her breasts. His chest hairs grazed her nipples and she squirmed under him, the hard tip of his penis just out of reach.

God. She was glad it was out of reach. She wanted to get away from him. The logical, aware bit of her mind, whatever was left of it, screamed to be free of Finlay and his plans for her. But the larger part, the raging heat in her womb and bones, begged for more, for babies, for pleasure, for everything carnal.

He moaned into her mouth as if he heard that animal part of her plead for his help, plead to be ripped open and fucked hard.

But he broke off and leaned back to evaluate her again, green-lit eyes scraping over her bareness. She hated that his now swollen lips turned her on, that kissing him like that made him even more attractive.

Finlay touched the diamond body chain again, following it to her chest before squeezing her breasts in both hands. He squished them together, lifting himself and shoving his penis between the soft mounds. Tabitha winced away from his strained member as it dragged at her tender flesh, the bulbous tip swiping along her throat with each thrust.

Dizziness made the room sway. Her heat wanted him thrusting lower, inside of her, wanted her to open her mouth so she could lick his head as he thrust up her breasts, but she fought it. She fought to ground herself, gripping the cool metal bars that she was handcuffed against.

Finlay stopped breast fucking her, but didn’t remove himself from between her pressed-together mounds. Instead, most of his penis was still buried in her flesh and the tip bumped her chin.

“Kiss it,” he commanded.

She felt her juices squirt at being ordered and couldn’t stop herself from obeying. She bent her head down to press her lips against the engorged tip. It felt good, the skin velvet and smooth, enticing as she went so far as to lick it. He tasted clean, though the tiniest flavor or precum wet her tastebuds. She swirled her tongue along the tip, circling the tiny hole and enjoying how he groaned at the pleasure.

A cramp forced her to stop, squeezing tears from her eyes and she strained against her cuffs and Finlay, pinned by both.

He moved, releasing her breasts, letting them jiggle back in place, and knelt in front of her tightly closed knees. Her legs shook with the effort to keep them that way and she panted, moving her head side to side.

“Please,” she whispered, begging, as he forced them open. He looked down at her cunt, at the absolute mess her arousal had made of the bed. His eyes glowed brighter and she swore that his penis swelled even bigger. “Please, don’t.”

“But you need it.” He reached out and touched her pussy. It was electric. Her whole body arched back and the moan that rose from her lungs was like it came from someone else, someone trained to pleasure a man like Finlay. He chuckled and stroked her sex, sliding fingers easily up and down the sopping slit. The sound was lewd, wet, the smell of her heat overwhelming now that he split her legs open. “I’m going to bed you, omega. And you’re going to thank me for it.”

She sobbed again and struggled anew against the handcuffs, twisting her body to escape his touch.

He wasn’t playing anymore though. Finlay’s eyes radiated anger as she fought him, grabbing her hips and slamming his dick in with no pretense. She screamed, screamed at the violation, at finding herself at his cruel mercy again in so many days, but also screamed because finally. His penis filled her well, pumping in and out of her ready body, jarring her against the pillows and into the mattress. The tip of his member slammed her cervix again and again, drawing it out for both of them.

“Stop,” she managed to beg. “Please, stop!”

He pulled out, shocking her, only to flip her over. Her wrists crossed over themselves against the metal frame and her head swam, disoriented.

Finlay lifted her hips into the air and slammed back into her pussy, hard. It jarred her bones, rattled her teeth. He held her up higher than she could kneel, having no way to brace herself from his onslaught. He just held her at the perfect angle for him to fuck her.

It felt good.

It felt amazingly good. Her heat coiled, forcing her to squeeze around him. The cream that had been smeared over her sensitive buds burned now as sweat dripped off her tits and clit. She screamed against the building orgasm, moans gathering in her throat.

She turned to breathe, to not suffocate against the silk pillows, and spotted a wall-sized mirror. The image of Finlay raping her was both horrifying and arousing. She was helpless to both him and her heat, the diamond plug glinting in the setting sun. He watched that plug as he fucked her body, biting his lip between pants.

Then he breached her cervix with a harder thrust and she screamed again, black dots swirling in her vision at the pleasure. She could see the bulge of his penis in her body's reflection, see as he shallowed his thrusts so he didn’t exit her womb.

He lowered her so she could at least kneel, and reached for the diamond chain trailing down her spine. He pulled on it, forcing her head up and for her to arch her back. He hummed at the view, other hand trailing under her hips.

The moment he touched her aching clit, she came. Hard.

Her screams were a mix of moans and curses, grinding back on him.

“Please,” she begged. “Please, Finlay.” She wasn’t sure what she was begging for anymore, confused and lost in the bliss he forced on her.

His swirling fingers were unrelenting, shoving her into another orgasm. She twisted, fighting the diamond chain around her throat and her cuffs, gasping.

“That’s it,” he said, giving another rough thrust. “My bitch.”

She hated him. She hated him with everything inside of her soul and struggled to pull off his dick as it began to swell at the base.

"No,” she sobbed. “Please, don’t.”

But his knot spread her pussy wide, pinning her in place around his member. He played with her clit, bending over her now, breathing against her neck.

She came again, falling into the pleasure he rubbed out of her. The pleasure swelled as he bit her on the side of the neck, his tongue lapping at her blood.

It was instant. She felt … him. His thoughts were obsessed with her, his dreams of raping her endlessly flooding her mind, her screams his favorite part and the desperate way she struggled and failed to escape him. He was depraved, possessive, and she was his now.



She screamed and hated that she felt his joy at the sound, hated that it was like a choir of tormented angels as he spilled his sperm into her womb. She fought him, fought his knot, not caring that separating from him would rip her again, but she wasn’t strong enough. His knot was like an anchor, his hands burning on her skin, heavy and commanding that she stay in place.

And she obeyed. Not because of her heat, but because she belonged to him now.

His desires were her desires.

“I don’t want this,” she sobbed as he continued to empty into her, somehow still shocked by how pleased he was by her distress. He palmed her breasts, licking her wound closed.

“You will,” he promised.

Chapter Text

Tabitha wept as Finlay’s knot kept her locked to his body, wept because he was imagining raping her multiple times that night, envisioning her pregnant with his offspring, breasts heavy with impending motherhood. Worst of all though, he also wanted to see her be violated by men who paid the right price, which – in his mind – just went up.

She was priceless to him. By far his most valuable possession.

She shuddered, despising how he thought of her as a thing and not a fucking human being. Everything inside of her called for her alphas, hoping they could find her soon and save her from this monster. Finlay was the one who needed to be hunted by the church, not her four men.

As if knowing that she wasn’t thinking about only him anymore, Finlay twisted her nipples until she screamed. They were too sensitive for rough play.

“Such a slut,” Finlay berated, fingers now stroking her nipples, easing the sharp pain he caused. “Allowed herself to be fucked by so many others, without my permission. How should I punish you?”

She shook her head, not wanting to engage in his sick four-play, horrified that she was trapped with him, isolated. His penis twitched and more sperm filled her body, hot and burning. She sighed as his knot began to go down, eager to get away from him.

“I think, to punish you, I won’t let you sleep.” He pulled out of her body, sperm sliding from her pussy. She wanted to go shower, but his words suddenly made her cold.

Not that she should be surprised. She was his and he was enjoying the spoils.

Finlay flipped her onto her back again, eyes blazing like radiation. She closed her legs, realizing he was already fully erect. His emotions were victorious, turned on by having been the alpha to secure the only available omega in the world.

Apparently, he didn’t know about The Fund. Tabitha was almost grateful.

She saw herself through the bond, saw that he focused on the fear in her big eyes, heart racing as he watched her breasts rise and fall with her rapid breathing. He loved he way the diamond body chain glinted as the sun finally set and he reached to flip on the lamps on either side of the bed. But most of all, he loved the slight bulge in her abdomen from his huge load.

Tabitha shuddered as he zeroed in on that, shoving her legs open and plunging his face into the wetness between her thighs. She struggled, not ready for more, but he enjoyed her little whimpers. She tried to stop, but then his mouth was on her pussy, licking up her slick and his own semen.

Her head fell back, her heat coiling inside her again, puckering her holes for more pleasure. She groaned, lost to the bliss of his tongue as it penetrated her and swirled their combined orgasms. He pushed on her plug, driving it somehow deeper until she yelped. She felt his grin against her lips, nose rubbing intently on her clit.

“Finlay,” she moaned, pulling at her cuffs, gasping to catch her breath. Feeling him eat her out was overstimulating, but to also have his pleasure bleeding into her from the scar on her neck made it feel like she was about to explode. He loved how her body fought the way he made it feel, loved how beautiful she looked on his sheets being forced to open herself to him.

But he denied her an orgasm, breaking his mouth off her vagina with a pop and positioned himself at her entrance again. His cock was ready, pulsing and glistening still with slick and semen.

She panted, watching him, eyes heavy with lust now. How badly he wanted her again and again was hard to resist, what fragment of her logic remained but an echo of protest though he encouraged it to come out. So she let it, since he wanted it.

“Finlay,” she said, and the sound of her own voice woke her up a little. She shook her head and blinked, panic setting in again. She ignored his purring pleasure at hearing it, at seeing it, as he pressed his tip at her tight opening and waited. “Please let me go.”

That was all he needed from her as far as begging. He penetrated her again and she clenched her jaw against the scream that wanted to rip from her lungs. It took her breath away, feeling how much he enjoyed her pussy, how good it felt squeezing around him like a slippery vice. She gave herself away to her heat then, let biology ease the assault as he fucked her senseless, let herself take whatever enjoyment she could from what she had no choice but to endure.

His penis pulled at her walls, ramming her cervix as he panted over her, hands on her knees as he watched his thrusts jar her breasts. She flinched at seeing what he enjoyed, that he liked seeing her plowed and surrendered to him. Fuck, she couldn’t win. Fighting him turned him on, giving into him turned him on.

He rubbed her clit with his groin and her orgasm began to gather again, bunching in her veins like magma. She clenched around him, needing the pleasure, but then he leaned farther back, laughing. Tears fell from the corners of her eyes, tortured.

“Tell me what you want, omega,” he commanded and she winced, hating the force of his will on hers. She shook her head, hair catching in her mouth, sweat slicking between her breasts.

“Please,” she couldn’t stop the words. “Make me come on you. Make me-”

He didn’t let her finish her request, knot splitting her body faster this time, catching in her wet hole like a stone. He looked at his knot inside of her, touching her clit then.

Her orgasm was instant. It hurt, it was so intense. She floated in the ecstasy, lost to time and to the rape. She soared away from her cuffs and the room that was weighed down with humidity from their active bodies.

His sperm brought her back, filling her, stretching her.

And so it went through the night. Finlay raped her over and over again, never letting her exhausted, satisfied body rest. She cried, having lost count of the number of times he penetrated her, forced her to orgasm with him, filled her with his seed. The only benefit was that her heat was satiated, the pain of arousal watered by his fountain.

It wasn’t until she saw the first rays of the new day that he turned her on her side and held her, bodies sticky with their pleasure and exertion. Her hands were still cuffed, arms twisted uncomfortably, but at least he wasn’t fucking her anymore. That was something.

When she drifted off in the cage of his arms, she was aware of his dreams. There was no escape as his subconscious imagined her being filled with his seed until she looked pregnant. Tabitha fell past his dreams into her own dark abyss, numb, and wondering when her alphas would find her and worried if they were all right.

She wasn’t sure how long she slept, but when she woke – thankfully – Finlay was gone. But the women were back in their colorful sheer outfits, perfectly groomed as they undid her cuffs and marveled at the remnants of a night filled with sex – nonconsensual, but Tabitha didn’t know their thoughts, just that they gaped at the mess.

“You’re alive,” one girl breathed, staring wide-eyed at Tabitha as she helped her sit up.

Tabitha winced, sore from Finlay’s fucking and having a plug still in her ass.

“Of course, she is,” one of the other women scolded, stripping off the sheets. “She’s an omega. He’s finally nutting, thanks to her. Count your blessings, beta.”

“Are you okay?” the sweet girl asked, helping her swing her legs off the bed.

Tabitha studied her see-through gossamer outfit, wondering if Finlay was going to require her to wear something just as sexualized. “How did you all end up here?” she asked instead.

The woman balling up the sheets snorted. “The master has been chasing release for years. His people are on orders to collect the most beautiful women and bring them here, but we never lasted long. He’s tried to spread us out, so he doesn’t waste us, but at least once a week he has picked one out and tried to finish. All he’s gotten was a dead beta in his bed and lots of blood.”

“Oh my god.” Tabitha watched the other women fall grim-faced.

“Not now,” the woman continued, reaching out to grip Tabitha’s chin to look her in the eyes. “Now, with any luck, we’ll just be entertainment and your ladies in waiting.

Tabitha didn’t know what to say to that, allowing them to pull her up and back into the bathroom. She listened to them chatter aimlessly about some drama among the beta harem, someone who wasn’t fitting in well with the group, as they scrubbed her. Tabitha wondered if she would ever be able to bathe herself again, or if she’d always have the company of these tittering women. Not that she minded them, really. It was kind of nice to be around people who didn’t want to hurt her, who even understood her situation.

She cooperated as they removed the diamond body chain and redid her makeup, this time adding in a crimson lip stain and piling her hair up on her head, accentuating her thin neck. New elongated earrings draped from her lobes to her collarbone.

She only groaned in resignation when the women made her stand so they could put on a new body chain, this time with embedded rubies to match her lips. It draped her body the same exact way, complete with an even larger plug and glittering hulk of ruby. She sighed as they eased it into her ass, opening her up even further.

“Call for us if you use the bathroom,” one beta said. “He wants you to be always prepared.”

Tabitha’s anxiety twisted her gut, knowing exactly what that meant.

“What’s your name?” she asked the girl who seemed the friendliest and most eager to offer advice or see if she was okay.

The beta pursed her lips, considering, but then said, “Mindy.”

She was rewarded with a slap upside the head by the uptight beta who seemed to disapprove of getting attached to Tabitha. Mindy shrugged but the other woman said nothing, just rolled her eyes. The other women left to put new sheets on the bed, leaving Tabitha alone with her new friend.

Mindy lifted the arousal cream again and Tabitha backed up a step.

“He wants you extra sensitive,” Mindy said, apologetic. “We know. It hurts.”

Tabitha relented, letting Mindy smear it across one nipple and areola, then the other. Her fingers then went to her clit, taking her time again to rub it in. Tabitha had to grip her shoulders for support, her heat responding to the attention, recognizing lust for what it was.

“I like women,” Mindy whispered, horrified as she continued to touch her gently, before shaking her head to escape whatever daze she had been in. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Tabitha tucked hair behind her ear, not offended, just wet. Mindy hesitated, then returned her hand between Tabitha’s legs.

Tabitha let her, feeling sorry for the beta who was trapped with an alpha that may rape her to death one day, knowing the young woman was probably sucked in by her beauty and singing heat, just like everyone else it seemed. Mindy slid her fingers around Tabitha’s clit, the cream igniting her own arousal, making the nub swell.

“Don’t play with her.” The strict beta was back, sharp and reminded Tabitha of the priestesses.

Mindy jumped and recoiled from the temptation of Tabitha’s pussy, capping the cream with cheeks flaming of embarrassment.

“We’re in this together,” Tabitha told her, wanting her to know she’d much rather be touched by Mindy than Finlay.

“Well, he wants you to wander the mansion now.”

Tabitha hesitated. “Like this?” And then she remembered … he was a fan of putting her on display.

Chapter Text

Tabitha was nervous to leave the room wearing nothing but the ruby chain around her body and clearly plugging her anus, a pair of black strappy stilettos making her move carefully. But at least Finlay was letting her roam. She wanted to find a way out, a way back to the monastery where the tunnel had collapsed. She cussed though, frustrated that she had been mostly unconscious during the drive to this … place.

It was beautiful. She didn’t know that Finlay was this successful at his disgusting practices of human and drug trade. It made her feel oily, dirty, and she crossed her arms over her stomach, not wanting to touch anything.

The halls were gaudy marble, enormous windows thrown open to allow the slow breeze to pass through. Gold-threaded curtains were tied back, giving space for the beautiful vistas to decorate the hallways instead of art. From what Tabitha could see, the mansion was atop its very own plateau. She spotted a green yard surrounding the mansion, and gardens, which she had never seen before. Grass was something she read about and seen photos of, but to be even this close was unimaginable for her. And to see flowers that didn’t blossom off a cactus made her eager to make a detour, to smell them, to touch the petals.

She knew Finlay must waste precious water for such luxuries, and hated him anew for it, but wanted to experience what it felt like to walk on grass. Even just once.

But she didn’t know how to get down from the level she was on, realizing soon that she was walking in a circle.

Now she looked for someone to ask, trying to be brave about her nakedness and the lascivious sex toy in her ass.

A tall double door cracked open, and she caught a whiff of alphas. She froze, feeling like a deer near a lion, afraid to move and gain their attention. Her heat responded though, tensing through her from her pussy up. The cream that Mindy massaged over her sensitive bits raged to life and she wobbled on her skinny, tall heels.

Her heat had her in its grips again, the momentary break from being thoroughly fucked now gone. Sweat dampened her temples and she swayed again, caught only by hands on both arms. She smelled mint and leaned back against the alpha, heat calling to him.

The alpha steered her through the now wide-open double doors, and she caught Finlay’s cigars and leather fragrance with a whimper. It overpowered the rest and she knew it was because he bonded her to him. The alpha moving her closer chuckled, rubbing palms up and down her arms.

“She’s stunning, Fin,” he called over her head and she opened her eyes, horrified to see a large, polished conference table surrounded by seated alphas. Finlay was the only one at the end and he beckoned her to join him.

The mint-smelling alpha released her, if reluctantly, and she focused on not stumbling on her weak knees as she obeyed. She didn’t take Finlay’s hand immediately, which waned his patience. He grabbed her hand, yanking her toward him. She tripped against him and the scar he gave her warmed, bleeding his thoughts and emotions into her. She gasped at his insatiable need to fuck her, impossibly attracted to every inch of her body as he leaned back to appreciate the ruby decorations he requested.

He also smelled her heat, pleased that she was wet for his dick even if she still fought him. Tabitha was taken aback by how satisfied he was from last night, having finally had his fill of her body – of any body – for the first time in his life. He was in a good mood. A generous mood.

It scared her.

“I don’t think you’ve described her well enough,” the minty alpha teased as he took his seat near the middle of the table. Tabitha actually studied him this time, from his shaved head to the pink iridescence reflecting back at her from his pupils. He was handsome, like all alphas, but something about him seemed more detached than even Finlay.

“What do you all think?” Finlay asked, grinning around at the alphas. “Is Dion right? Want a better look?”

An agreeing exclamation made Tabitha step back, which Finlay stopped. He stood and his hands circled her waist, lifting her to stand on his chair and motioning for her to step onto the table.

“Have a walk for us,” he ordered, and she shivered, not wanting to be shown off.

But the scar burned, and she agreed it would be good to show off what was his. She stepped onto the table, feeling dazed, not herself, as she regained her balance and took a step down the polished wood.

Alphas leaned forward, as if they couldn’t already see every inch of her naked self. She flinched as men stood as she took measured, terrified steps.

As she put distance between herself and Finlay, she caught something else. A smell like forests and moss. She gasped and looked around, desperate, not believing what was clearly filling her senses.

But then she spotted him. Waylen.

His eyes raged crimson from beneath his curls, jaw flexed tight in an anger she had never witnessed from him before. He truly looked like the devil in the room.

Chapter Text

Tabitha gaped at Waylen, turned on just by his rage at seeing her paraded like this. She felt a huge wave of safety fall over her in his presence, so intense she fought against a sob.

Fingers pinched her ass and she yelped, recoiling from the unwanted hand. Her heat-ravaged muscles were trembling, and her quick movement almost sent her tripping into eager alphas. She barely caught herself from falling, spinning to face the bald alpha, Dion apparently. His pink-mirrored eyes studied her dripping sex and up her body.

She shivered at the coldness in his stare, trying to think through her heat-addled mind for a way to just get into Waylen’s arms. She knew if she could manage that, everything would be fine.

They had to be fine.

“Have a taste, Dion,” Finley invited and suddenly hands gripped the back of her thighs, and the bald alpha was face-deep between her legs before she had a chance to figure out her next move.

Tabitha leaned back, panic closing her throat, wanting him to stop, mortified that this was happening in front of Waylen. Dion’s tongue moved from her plug, between her slicked lips, and flicked her clit, easing her heat. Her knees wavered and she almost collapsed.

Dion’s mouth suddenly yanked from her body and his hands were forcibly removed. She would have fallen if not for Finlay appearing behind her, steadying her like he fucking cared if she got hurt. Then again, he probably did. She was worth a fortune for him.

She opened her eyes, Finlay’s laughter in her ear and rumbling against her back. She saw Waylen wrestle Dion to the floor, eyes like pools of fresh blood. The room flinched though when Waylen stomped on Dion’s face and a sickening, splattering crunch echoed.

“Thank you,” Finlay said, and she felt him waver in his showmanship, trying to keep cool. “Dion shouldn’t have taken more than a sip from the well, am I right?”

The men in the room gave nervous laughs.

Tabitha watched Waylen as he stood over Dion. Dion’s face was a crushed mess of blood and she realized suddenly that Waylen had killed him with just the heel of his boot. She knew he was capable but had always associated this sort of thing with Zale.

Waylen slowly looked over his shoulder to Finlay and she couldn’t stop her grin when she felt the ripple of Finlay’s absolute fear. Waylen’s gaze was truly terrifying. None of the alphas she had seen so far had eyes that almost looked like they were on fire. His roiling temper made his blazing eyes look like the pits of hell, light overtaking the shadows of his face as he stared – wide-eyed – at Finlay. She could feel the weight of Waylen’s attention as he took in how Finlay held her, as if each area they touched was being bookmarked for later when he could touch her in those places himself until no trace of Finlay remained.

Finlay, unfortunately, wasn’t blind to it. She felt his dark acknowledgment of needing to get her away from Waylen but also to show him that she wasn’t his.

Panic set in, knowing what Finlay wanted to do. She suddenly struggled to get out of his arms, fighting against shouting for Waylen to help her. Her alpha moved forward though, not needing her to yell for him.

He only made it one step forward before doors along the walls flung open and security marched in. Tabitha almost panicked for a different reason, at first just seeing the soldiers that the church used. But no, after a beat she smelled them. All alphas. And all almost as large as Zale.

They had guns raised, faces covered with balaclavas. She tensed as they converged around the table, barrels pointed at Waylen.

The tiniest of sobs melted between her lips and she subtly shook her head at Waylen. She would endure Finlay a little longer if it meant Waylen wasn’t murdered.

Waylen didn’t seem to care about dying but obeyed her anyway. He fisted his hands, muscles tensed. She stared at him as Finlay yanked her to the middle of the table again and noticed scrapes and bruises along Waylen’s face and arms. She hoped he wasn’t more injured, and that Evander and Zale weren’t hurt either from the tunnel collapse.

“Don’t mind security,” Finlay said, bravado still heavy in his intonation, as if Waylen hadn’t just killed one of his customers and Finlay was scared to be next. “But, as promised, I’ll prove to you that she can be knotted.”

Waylen took another step forward, only stopped by the press of guns against his head and back. She smelled his anger, how it was growing. But before she could focus on it any longer, Finlay forced her to her knees and the sudden stench of hunger boiled through the air from the other alphas, including his security.

She smelled their envy and knew Finlay could too.

And he liked making them jealous. She gasped as she felt Finlay’s penis touch her hole from behind, a hand at her throat to keep her upright against him. She was wet from her heat and a pain went through her at the nearness of pleasure. She held Waylen’s burning eyes, needing to cling to something safe even if she hated that he was seeing this. Tears fell down her cheeks, trying to convey how sorry she was, guilt smearing through her like spilled grease.

Waylen held her gaze as if desperate to give her peace, even just a little, even if it was from seeing his face. A muscle jumped in his jaw, and she saw his tears then too.

“She’ll get you there, boys,” Finlay promised and bucked into her.

She screamed at the sudden intrusion, writhing her hips to get away, clinging to his hand at her neck. His other hand caught one of her arms, pinning it to her side. If she wasn’t in her heat, and already slick, she knew he would have ripped her from vagina to cervix from zero preparation. As it was, her cramps weren’t eased but worsened by the abrupt, careless invasion.

Gunfire tore through her horror, plunging her back to the conference room. She looked for Waylen, spotting him snapping the neck of one of the security guards.

“Stop him!” Finlay held himself inside of her pussy, terrified and furious as Waylen turned to climb onto the table. She felt his scared confusion, not understanding why bullets weren't stopping this alpha.

Tabitha spotted spots of blood on Waylen's shirt then and then remembered… William had shot Zale what felt like a lifetime ago, and Zale only had a bruise. Said something about alphas being stronger after gaining favor of an omega.

None of it sounded real, but here Waylen was, being fired on and still moving towards her. Devil, indeed.

But just as he reached for her, a wire fell around his neck, yanking him from the table. She saw blood spurt from his neck and screamed so hard that she tasted iron.

Security pulled Waylen to the ground, a hook around his neck like he was nothing but a feral dog. He panted and she saw blood trailing from a wound in his head and realized he had been fired on, point blank, into his skull. How he was still alive mystified her and she sobbed, scared he would die right in front of her. Zale had only been shot once. Waylen … it was countless. He panted as he looked up at her, eyes still ablaze as if he could still tear Finlay to pieces with his bare hands, if only he wasn’t being held down by the wire around his throat.

“Let them see you, darling,” Finlay growled against her ear, unmoved and victorious again. She felt his pride swell and his penis responded, twitching along her insides. “Let them see your beautiful body as I fuck you.”

Tabitha struggled, whimpering as he pulled out slowly only to thrust up again, ramming her cervix. She saw white, gasping at his huge erection pounding through her. If it wasn’t for her heat, she knew the pain would have been too much. For that reason, she was grateful for her heat as she drifted in her head, away from being violated again and in front of a group of alphas sharing eager erections, wanting a turn with her.

She couldn’t stop the tears, gasping as he jostled her with his thrusts, breaching past her cervix.

Tabitha opened her eyes, sobbing at the pain and found Waylen again. He had more guns pressed against him, as if he had tried to move toward her once more. Trails of blood and sweat dripped down the sides of his face and neck, staining from trying to hurl himself forward anyway.

When she caught his gaze though, his anger softened, as if he didn’t want her to see his glare. Brows went up, tears spilling from his still ignited eyes, and she sobbed because she realized that he felt everything she felt. He was bonded to her, just as she was bonded to Finlay. Waylen felt everything.

There was some pleasure, finally, when Finlay slowed down, massaging her with his penis instead of plummeting through her. Her heat clung to it, spinning her focus as it made her squeeze around him, made her try to please him so he would keep pleasing her. She closed her eyes again, embarrassed by her body welcoming any sensations Finlay created, hating that Waylen knew it felt good now.

But she flinched as he knotted her. She was so sore already that it hurt, and she struggled against it.

“Come for me, omega,” Finlay ordered.

She shook her head, not understanding. He hadn’t stimulated her properly, just chased his own desire. But the scar burned, and her body obeyed his command, an orgasm slamming into her as quickly as it had when she ordered Waylen to come too, shocking by its immediacy.

The orgasm gripped her tight, making her shudder, before releasing her. Her body tingled as she came down from her high, barely aware that Finlay spilled his sperm into her, his moans loud above the staring alphas and their heavy breathing.

She looked back at Waylen, worried about the blood still slipping from his head and neck. The hook looked like it had been tightened and he struggled to breathe. But he held her gaze, even as the crimson light in his eyes flickered. She wanted to call out to him, to keep him awake, terrified what would happen to him if he passed out.

Finlay stopped coming into her but his knot stayed sealed and his hands began to roam. She whimpered as they did, sensitive and bloated with his seed.

“You know the price,” Finlay said, breathless, before he kissed the back of her neck.

As his knot began to go down, she heard the other alphas shout higher bids, outdoing each other to get to her next. She tried her best to ignore them, trying to keep Waylen’s attention.

One of the side doors opened and closed again just before the mansion’s electricity cut off with a thrumming thud. She felt Finlay’s spike of fear and his hands tightened on her arms.

“Stay calm,” he called out, though she knew he was speaking to himself. “This happens in the desert. Write your higher bids to get in line and I’ll be back for them. Just taking the omega to clean up.”

She struggled, not willing to leave Waylen behind, but Finlay just lifted her into his arms. He didn’t care what she wanted to do. She looked over his shoulder as he hurried off the table and saw, from behind the standing alphas and guards, the barest flash of purple.

Chapter Text


Tabitha didn’t realize she was screaming his name as Finlay rushed from the conference room until he rammed her head into a wall to get her to shut up. She saw stars, her heat sapped as she fell back in his arms while he ran. She jostled against him as he hurried on silent feet. She tried to focus on the faraway ceilings and their gold-painted leaves coiling across white marble. She managed to turn her head, not sure now if she was dizzy from being hit in the head, her heat, or Finlay’s painful rape only moments ago.

The conference room was out of sight. Gone. She thought she heard screaming, gunfire, but her heat’s constant humming in her head muffled whatever was happening now far behind them. Or maybe that was a concussion.

And she remembered. Each time Zale saved her from this monster, Finlay always managed to run away and avoid harm. Every. Fucking. Time.

She didn’t want to disappear with him. Adrenaline offered her strength and she hit Finlay with a fist straight in the jaw.

He dropped her with a shocked gasp but recovered faster than she did. Tabitha was still trying to get off the ground when he grabbed her and shoved her through a single blue door. She stumbled, heel catching on a thick rug that sent her toppling. Her bare knees scraped on the fabric and she hissed.

The door slammed shut behind her and she heard him lock it.

Soft hands brushed hair from her face, not what she expected.

“Are you okay?” It was Mindy, crouched in front of her with a mix of terror and worry on her face.

Tabitha looked around and saw all the rest of the beta harem, many of whom she had never met. Not that she should be surprised.

Before she could answer, Finlay took a handful of her hair and lifted her off the ground. She kicked, trying to make him release her, but he was red-faced and furious now that he wasn’t in the process of running away.

“You fucking bitch!” he shouted, spit flying.

Tabitha managed to set her feet on the ground so he wasn’t just holding her up by her hair. He decided to let her go then, only to backhand her across the face.

Pain exploded against her mouth and an ottoman caught her fall. She barely had time to open her eyes, blood dripping from her lips onto the tan fabric, before he grabbed her legs and dragged her across the floor. Beta women screamed, fleeing for the far corners of the room.

“I treated you so fucking well.” Finlay yanked at a tray of shaving tools, toppling knives of different sizes across the carpets. Tabitha kicked him in the chest, twisting to try crawling away. He was on top of her then, a curved knife in hand. Its blade sliced at the sunlight pouring in through the open balcony doors, large and threatening.

Tabitha screamed but he had her pinned, hand to her throat, knife raised. His eyes were rolling from dim to bright green, as if his emotions were all over the place, as if he wasn’t stable.

"I gave you a beautiful home,” he snarled. “I gave you fucking servants!”

He swung the knife and she raised her arms to shield her face. The blade cut deep across her forearms and she felt the hot blood spill.

“Zale!” she screamed for her alpha, knowing he was somewhere in the mansion, knowing he’d take one look at her bleeding and crying and Finlay would be finished. She smiled at Finlay just thinking about it, doing her best to escape the reality that she had no one to help her in that room as blood drenched her arms and part of her chest.

Finlay held the tip of the knife to her cheek, pressing harder on her neck until she couldn’t breathe. She hit at his wrist, but he was unmovable.

“Is that his name then?” Finlay sneered. “The one who keeps massacring my fucking customers?

He yanked her from the floor by her throat, hurling her onto one of the beds filling the room. Tabitha scrambled through the silk blue sheets, terrified, but he caught her by the ruby chain still around her body. It tightened across her throat as he pulled her back to the middle of the bed.

Glass shattered and Tabitha saw shards catch in the sun from around his head. His eyes flared and he spun, catching Mindy by her jaw, squishing her cheeks.

“Stop it!” Tabitha flung off the sheets and lunged for him, not sure what she would be able to do, but he sliced out at her. The blade crossed her chest, right between her breasts, and knocked her away.

“Ungrateful bitches!” Finlay didn’t spend time tormenting Mindy like he was with her. Tabitha screamed as he ran Mindy over to the balcony and unceremoniously threw her over the railing.

Tabitha caught Mindy’s tear-filled gaze before she fell, squinted with terror, mouth open in a shriek. Tabitha heard that shriek as the beta fell the fourteen stories down, sobbing when the screaming ended abruptly. She was vaguely aware of the beta women unlocking the door and fleeing into the hall, leaving her alone. She couldn’t blame them though. Mindy tried to help. Look what it got her.

Finlay was crossing the room again, straight for Tabitha, knife still in hand. Tabitha got up, intent on throwing herself off the balcony too just to end it, to stop him from taking whatever else he wanted from her. But he caught her ruby chain, throwing her back to the bed.

She bounced and flailed, putting up as much of a fight as she could.

He subdued her quickly, knife back at her throat.

“The one with the red eyes was yours too, wasn’t he?” Finlay asked, his other hand undoing his pants. “Did you know I tried with you? I fucking tried to be nice to you. I took my time to make you enjoy this. I was going to protect you. Me.

He kicked off his pants and his erection never scared her as much as it did now. She sobbed, tears falling freely down her face. The hot press of the knife on her throat cut her skin just a little. A new rivulet of blood trickled past her shoulder, sinking into her hair that had been knocked from the clips holding it up.

“When I fucked you, I was so fucking gentle.” Finlay leaned in over her, nose-to-nose, a wild, hateful look on his face. “Now I’m going to show you what I’ve wanted to do to you. I’m going to cut you up when I’m done. I’ll throw your pieces at your precious alphas and see if they can fuck you then.”

Tabitha felt how much he meant it through the bond, saw his fantasy of tossing chunks of her flesh at Waylen and Zale while he laughed.

She pushed at him, blind to her panic, as he used his knees to force her legs open.

But instead of shoving his penis into her, his whole body flinched and she suddenly screamed with him. Pain unlike anything she felt before radiated through their bond.

When he stopped screaming, so did she, panting under the weight of him. He panted too, staring down at her. As if deciding on something, he started to lower the knife and Tabitha knew he was going to kill her.

“Stop that.” A cool voice ordered.

Tabitha strained to look past Finlay’s shoulder. Evander stood at their feet, a bloody knife in his hand and something dark and gory in the other. Whatever it was, blood soaked his fingers. Silver eyes made him look inhuman, cold, but she felt the rawness of barely contained rage there.

“Let her go.” Evander’s breathing was quick, the only obvious sign that he was upset. Seeing him so emotionally dead, so flat, made her nervous. If only Finlay knew to be afraid of whatever this meant.

“Another one of yours?” Finlay ignored Evander, breathing across her face. His breath stank of cigars, filling her head. When she didn’t deny that Evander was hers, he spat in her face. She flinched.


Tabitha turned again and saw Waylen stumble into the room and she reached for him. The absolute joy at seeing him alive made her cry. He looked worse for wear, blood was coming from his nose, but he was alive.

And taking in her situation.

“Don’t move,” Waylen told her gently, reaching for her too even though an entire room separated them. He looked at Evander, trying to catch his breath, and she saw him pause at seeing the other alpha so stone-faced.

“She’s mine!” Finlay screamed at them, the knife pressing hard against her throat again. Tabitha stretched to get away from it, but it was slicing at her some more. “I’ve fucked her. I’ve bred her.”

Suddenly he was moving to kneel on the bed, dragging her up in front of himself, knife still at her neck. She felt it trace the scar he gave her.

“I bonded her to me.” Finlay laughed and she felt him sway, his hold not as tight as before. She tried to get a better look at whatever Finlay held, but it was too wet with blood.

She saw Waylen’s crimson rage, saw him stomp closer like a bull, but Evander stood in his way with one liquid step. He looked down at Finlay with his mirror eyes and tilted his head.

“Are you feeling cold?” Evander asked softly.

Finlay shivered and swayed again.

A shadow slinked in from the balcony, so large the sun seemed to dim. That shadow, more than anything else, seemed to wake Finlay up. She felt his adrenaline as he readjusted his hold on her.

“Reaper!” Finlay screamed as Zale stepped into view, then looked at the door to the hallway as if help was going to come. “Security!”

Zale was as cool and collected as Evander, but not nearly as clean. Tabitha gasped at the sight of him. Blood dripped from his braided hair and mess of loose strands, from even his chin. His clothes were dark with it, but he moved forward with swift precision, as if the death clinging to him was just rainwater.

"Come closer and I’ll slice her open, cunt to throat,” Finlay promised, then screamed at the door, “Security!”

“They’re not coming.” Zale didn’t stop moving, the purple in his eyes flashing as he took in how Finlay held her captive.

Finlay swung his knife down, intent on stabbing Tabitha in the stomach, but Zale was faster. He caught his arm and the snap of bone made Finlay scream. Zale pushed Tabitha into Waylen’s eager hands as he pinned Finlay to the wall.

Tabitha let Waylen grip her tight, dragging her across the room, but looked back.

Zale didn’t take his time as he sank the knife into Finlay's stomach. Zale’s muscles bunched under sheets of dripping blood as he heaved the blade up through Finlay’s body. The knife caught at bone, maybe the sternum, which made Zale pause only to lean forward with his elbow and snap the bone under his weight. Whatever air was in Finlay’s lungs was knocked away, only a squeak sneaking up his throat.

Tabitha felt it though, felt the pain, and collapsed into Waylen. He landed on the floor, cushioning her fall, holding her tight.

Tabitha breathed in the comforting smell of moss and forests, being rocked back and forth, just as an icy wave washed over her. Darkness ripped at her vision.

“Stay.” Waylen was crying. Sobbing. “Stay.”

Chapter Text

Tabitha felt her face being cradled, tears that weren’t hers cutting through the stiffness of blood on her skin.

She struggled to open her eyes so stopped trying. Instead, she leaned into the warmth of the sweet hands on her face.

“You ruined my plan.” Evander didn’t sound so cold, so scary anymore, but back to his jovial self wherever he was. It wasn’t immediately near where she was laying, but almost across a room.

“I ruined nothing.” Zale sounded frustrated with him. She liked that things seemed normal, or what was normal for them for now.

“Everything was going so well.” Evander paused. “Mostly well.”

“How was it going well? What was your plan to get Tabitha away from that rapist?” Another pause. “What is in your hand? What are you trying to show me?”

Tabitha remembered then the bloody blob in Evander’s hand as he stared with those detached mirror eyes down at Finlay. She struggled to open her eyes now, managing to squint, surprised to find that they were still in the beta harem’s quarters, she was still in Waylen’s arms on the floor, and Evander and Zale were across the room….

Evander was holding up that gory chunk, gripping it by an edge so it dangled.

He turned to grin at her and wiggled it, turning back to Zale.

“I’m not doing the guessing game with you.” Zale was bored, done, then took a deep sigh as Evander did a little dance. “Let’s see. Is it a piece of his ass? He’s pretty bloody down there.”

Evander stopped his shimmy, offended.

“No?” Zale raised his brows. “Did you cut off his dick?”

Evander looked at the piece of bleeding meat then slowly back at Zale.

“I’m glad I’ve seen your penis, or else I’d be worried for you,” he said.

“I give up!” Zale threw up his hands and Evander haa’d at him loudly. “What the fuck is it?”

“I took his purse.” Evander wiggled it again.

Zale leaned forward, as if he didn’t hear him right. “You … did … what?”

“Mountain oysters.” Evander was facing Tabitha again and jiggled the wad of flesh at her. It made a grotesque slap against itself and the sudden realization of what he was holding woke her up with a jolt.

"You castrated him.” Zale itched his chin. “You opted for a slow death.”

“I always do.” Evander spun the sliced testicles around, spattering blood. Tabitha was stunned. “You know I do these things. And here you waltz in to ruin it.”

“He had a knife to her.” Zale gestured to Tabitha and Waylen, defensive. “He made a move to eviscerate her. What did you expect me to do?”

“Oh, I don’t know, keep the car warm for us?” Evander tossed Finlay’s testicles are Zale, who batted them away, cringing.

“We’re in a desert, dumbass.”

“Then keep the AC running. I hate hot cars.”

“I don’t care what you hate. I’m not your maid.”

“You’d be my chauffeur if you drove me around, not a maid. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing you in a sexy little maid outfit. Can we make this an arrangement?”

Zale growled and Evander nodded at him.

“Your Neanderthal is showing, lovely. Not that you needed to growl at me to remind me. Look at you. Look at the mess you made.” Evander gestured to the bed and Zale looked behind him. “If you didn’t ruin my plan-”

“-it would have been a slow and clean death? When I got here, it looked like he shit blood. There was nothing clean about it.”

Tabitha sat up, amused by their arguing, not realizing just how much she missed them. All of them.

She leaned her head against Waylen’s. He was quiet, just holding her as the other two went back and forth about nonsense now. The tiniest of trembles shook him and she frowned, taking a closer look. He was pale, bruises dotting his neck and face from bullets. Traces of blood outlined each bruise. Dried blood had sank over his lips and chin, and now Tabitha could see he had blood coming out of his ears.

It hurt to feel panic again, but he wasn’t okay.

“How many times did they shoot you?” She gripped his curls to lift his gaze, but his eyes were blurry.

“Zale!” She touched Waylen’s cheeks with the backs of her hands. He was clammy. “Something’s wrong.”

The banter or flirting or whatever was between the other two stopped abruptly and then they were there. Zale gripped Waylen by the back of the head, tilting him back. Evander pulled her from Waylen’s lap and she felt her own wounds now, black dots filtering through her eyes.

Evander gripped the ruby chain around her, snapping it like it was twin. Precious gemstones scattered and Tabitha looked down at herself. There was so much blood.

“Evander?” She didn’t know if she should be worried about her blood, not when Waylen was staring up at the ceiling in Zale’s hands, unresponsive.

She shuddered as Evander pulled the plug from her, barely registering that he had peeled off his shirt and slid it over her head.

“Zale?” She needed someone to say something, to let her know it was going to be okay.

Zale was ashen when he looked at her. “He needs a hospital. How many bullets did he take?”

She shook her head, hating Finlay all over again, turning to pummel him with her fists. But then she saw him.

His corpse.

Zale hadn’t stopped at breaking his sternum. He had ripped open the alpha’s entire chest. Rib bones curved outward, his heart speared on one of them.

“Did he suffer?” she asked.

Evander studied the body and then her. She knew what he was thinking. The answer was yes, Finlay suffered. But none of them believed it was enough.