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You’ve Lost That Lovin' Feeling

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One of your favorite scene was the binary sunset in Star Wars: New Hope. While growing up, you could almost believe that the beach before your house was the desert of Tatooin. The sun would set and the colors would fade, and you could hear the Williams’ violons resonates within your soul. 

One of the best place to watch and a sunset and drink a decent bourbon in San Diego was that cool vintage bar on the pier, next to la Jolla Shores. Miramar was twenty minutes away from that beach and pretty much every navy pilotes were hanging around here on Friday night. Still today, you never succeeded to answer that dilemma of yours: did you hate to love them or did you love to hate them? 

Pilots were the worst kind. But the economy of Miramar and South San Diego relied on them. Even your job was connected to them. 

You were seated at the bar, eating French fries that were now too cold to bring any comfort. The glass was almost empty and if there were no sign for you to go for another round, then you should get back home. 

You slide off your stool and put on your favorite vintage leather jacket back on your shoulders. 

“Going somewhere?"

Bradley was standing right next to you - looking you down as he was a little bit more over 6 feet tall - a malicious smile on his dry lips. 

“Trying to be charming Rooster?” You asked with a tease.

He nodded and took off his sunglasses, revealing his bright brown eyes. In fact, there were glints of green in his eyes but you had to stare at him real close to actually see those reflects. And you knew the green of his eyes were like the Hulk: if you saw green, danger was imminent.

“I’m not trying, I know my way around.”

You burst out laughing.

“Oh Bradley, you trying to be cocky is the funniest thing I've seen all week.”

He chuckled too and reflexively put his hand behind your back, causing a sensation of intense heat at the point of contact. You sat up straight, taking a breath to contain yourself.

Penny Benjamin appeared behind the bar and offered Bradley a beer. He thanked her and leaned back against the bar, scanning the room. 

“I thought you didn't like this place” he said.

“I hate pilots. But I love the beer they sell here.”

Bradley burst out laughing.

“You sound like my Mom.”

“Your Mom?! Well, you know how to talk to women.”

“I got that from my Dad.”

He always made that face when he talked about his father. Your heart sank a bit in your chest. Even though he was smiling, a strange shadow crossed his eyes. His face fell on the piano that sat in the middle of the bar. The room seemed to totally disappear around him as he stoically walked towards the shining instrument. First, his fingertips brushed the orange wood of the old piano. His face closed a little more and his eyes were suddenly covered with a veil as he immersed himself in a memory. The palm of his hand rested on the top of the instrument and he remained for long seconds staring at the yellowed scores.

“He was a terrible singer, he finally said with a smirk. Awful, truly. But I loved singing with him. I loved having fun with him."

You didn’t say a word but came closer. Slowly, you put your hand on his arm and squeezed it a little. 

“He was my best friend, you know?” 

“I know, Brad.”

Hearing his nickname on your lips, he turned to you in a quick movement and grabbed your hand.

“Come with me” he ordered firmly. 

“What?! Where?”

“Do you trust me?"

You let a deep breath of air sink into you before answering. 

"I shouldn’t.”

“I can work with that” he said back.

He got up from his stool and dragged you behind him. A few stares followed you with interest but quickly returned to their own pints of beer. When you arrive outside, the sun had almost finished its course. Bradley's jeep was parked farther from the parking lot, just in front of the private dock overlooking the bay.

"Are you kidnapping me, Brad?”

He took the keys out of his pocket to hand them to you, tightening your hand a little more in his.

“It’s not a kidnapping if I can’t drive.”

“And they said you aren’t the bold one.”

He opened the door that led to the back seat of the car and helped you in before heading to the other side. Nervousness shook your body, which was traversed by small tingles of anguish. It wasn't the first time you had been alone with Bradley, and he had known you in more situations. Much more intimate situations, with less clothing and more warmth. But that back seat was something different. He wanted something different.

The sea was calm tonight. Its rollers glided over the horizon like a black immensity. No surfer was out, and a few boats in the distance were already returning to the port.

Bradley got into the car and let out a long sigh. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. The features of his face suddenly relaxed.

“I hate pilots too.”

You laughed way too loudly.

“So, you admit that you are an insufferable species.”

He nodded. 

"The worst.”

He reached out his hand to you again, as if he could only find peace with a physical contact with you. But he didn't know that for you, it was a form of infernal torture. 

“What you’ve been up to lately?” He asked, his thumb running over your knuckles.

“I've been waiting for you for days at this bar. I was ready to set it on fire.”

His jaw twitched slightly and he looked serious.

“Sorry I didn’t call you back.”

“Brad,” you said gravely, “I was joking. We never said that it was anything serious.”

He sat back with a grin. 

“But it was fun right?”

You gave him a nudge, amused and smiled.

“It was.”

Silence set in. Even if there had always been a complicity between you, shyness often took hold of you in the most intimate moments. 

“Is this why you wanted to bring me back to your car? To relive the past?”

“Just to watch the sunset with you,” he whispered.


The sun lit up the sky with its last rays, piercing the sky with a powdery pink. But for someone who wanted to watch the sunset, he was definitely not watching it. You tried to contain yourself, staring at a point in the distance to concentrate on it, but his breathing became heavier, noisier. His presence was even more overwhelming than gravity. 

“Can I ask you something?” He suddenly asked. 

“My skincare routine? Because you were starring at my face for the last three minutes.”

He smiled, releasing your hand to run his fingers through your hair. He tucked a strand behind your ear, and you felt the roughness of his skin against your cheek bone. You could see his lip quiver slightly as he suddenly seemed hesitant to ask you something. Bradley was brave, but he wasn't daring, as if something was still holding him back from being as spontaneous and crazy as he would dream of being. You looked up into his eyes and took a deep breath.

“If you want to kiss me Bradshaw, do it already.”

He slipped on the damaged leather and flowed towards you in a thirsty impulse. He wrapped his strong arms around your body, pressing you fiercely against the tense muscles of his chest. You couldn’t help to make a throaty sound when his lips met yours. Bradley was a feverish kisser and you knew it: he was about to take every single bit of air available in your lungs and swallow it. Your heartbeat was frantic and you felt your stomach drop as he slipped his tongue between your teeth. Everything suddenly became clearer inside of the car: the friction of his mustache against your lips, the bitter taste of beer on his tongue, the greasy texture of his hair between your fingers, the deafening sound of your moans. Your brain suddenly shut off, and your thoughts became blurry. Nothing mattered except him, and your irrepressible desire for him. Maybe the sun had set, you couldn't have known it because your eyes were now closed and time had stopped. 

You turned your head slightly to the side and opened your mouth to breathe. Panting, Bradley took the opportunity to continue his kisses along your jawline, down to your throat where he lingered. 

“You can tell me to stop, he murmured against your skin.”

“That feels so good, don’t stop Brad.”

His whole body hardened against you, shaking at your praise. His left hand left the back of your head to venture down your chest, brushing your chest. He lifted your shirt and pressed himself against your hot stomach.

“Did you miss me?”

You laugh at his question and push him away slightly so you get the full view of his face. You pursed your lip and your gaze lingered on the muscular bumps under his Hawaiian shirt. Your fingers started playing with the buttons, and you approached him to whisper what you've been thinking since the second he'd appeared next to you in the bar. “I missed those abs.”

He smiled and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his body. Even though the parking lot light was far, the moon was high and bright enough to shed light on every corner of his mighty chest. 

“I changed my mind, I love pilots.”

He grabbed your arm and pulled you towards him, wrapping his arm around your body to lift you up. He settled you on his lap, and he slid slightly on the seat so that his head rested back. You pulled your t-shirt over your head, messing up your hair, which made Bradley smile. His hands slid down your thighs, going up under the sides of your long crumpled skirt before lingering on your hips and chest. He sat up, covering the top of your breast with his burning kisses, leaving a trail of drool. He took off your bra with a gesture and he remained for a few long seconds admiring your chest. You felt against the heat of your panties the hardness of his cock, stretching the fabric of his shorts. The heat was beginning to be stifling, even though the sea air was beginning to seep through the cracks in the old jeep.

“This is definitely new… the car…”

“We’ve already explored my place and yours. I thought a change of scene would spice things up” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“I like your Jeep. And I definitely like the spice. Titanic vibe much” you joked.

Your trembling fingers were already fiddling with the button of his shorts to pull them off. “Impatient much?” He hissed in a murmur.


His mouth captured your hardened peaks in a furtive movement. His back arched a little more to lick every corner of your breasts, focusing on the nipples. Heat started pooling in your lower back while your hips jerked forward to elicit a reaction from him. 

“You’re driving me crazy” he moaned.

“Show me how crazy you are Rooster” you responded. 

In one quick motion, he lifted your hips and turned you completely, resting your ass on his thighs. You let out a small cry of astonishment as your whole body shook. You lay your back against his chest, and you realized you weren't breathing for long seconds. He slid his shorts under you, the fabric burning your ass cheeks with the frantic friction. 

Your whole body flickered with anticipation as you felt Bradley's warm breath against your right shoulder. When he moved your panties to the side, you both realized how hot you were in here. No, not hot. Infernal.

“Oh God,” he breathed out. “You’re dripping.”

“What are you gonna do about that?” You teased. 

His hand left your thigh to capture your neck; he turned your jaw slightly and then you saw your reflection in the mirror at the front of the car. He held your gaze for long seconds, your face was red with excitement and your forehead was already beading with sweat. He wanted to see every change in your face. Then, he leaned against your ear.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard baby. They’ll probably hear your scream at the bar.”

Your body clenched against him as you gasped. The trembling of your face amused him and he captured your lips in a feverish kiss. He used his arm to wrap it around your stomach and lift you slightly: getting under you, he grabbed his cock with his free hand, teasing the soaked entrance to your folds. You strengthened your balance by leaning your hand on the left window, your fingernails gripping his arm for stability.

He sank into you in one quick thrust and you nearly choked when a scream stuck in your throat. Immediately, he took care of pressing your swollen clit. Your head tilted against his shoulder and he continued to plant kisses against your back, alternating between his moist lips and his eager teeth.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he whimpered. “You can feel it right? You take my dick so well.”

Encouraged by his words, you took a deep breath before slowly riding his stiff length. The pressure made Bradley growled: in his position, you could easily take control of the depth and the pace of his thrusts. This sharing of power was intoxicating. 

You set a pace and undulate your hips following the rhythm of his panting. The fog had covered the window and now you couldn't see the outside. The heat had turned the inside of the vehicle into a sweltering sauna. You tilted your pelvis, forcing him to endure this languid and tender motion. Your fingernails plunged a little deeper in his skin while you leaned a bit forward against the diver’s seat to give you leverage. 

His voice trembled as his cock disappeared inside your body again, making your skin prickled. The ache between your thighs became insufferable, his finger still playing in circle with your clit. His kiss were greedier but you didn’t care for one second about the bruising he was leaving on your skin. 

“F-fuck Brad” 

“I know you’re close baby” he moved your hair, kissed you more “Keep going, please”

As the rhythm started to be more frenetic, your walls fluttered around his cock. It was too much. It was unbearable. Your two bodies were dripping, covered with each other’s sweat. The orgasm was growing inside you, forming a strange feeling in your stomach, like thousands of pieces of ice breaking. You were at the edge and a cry shook your face.

“G-od” Brad screamed out before coming inside of you. 

An intoxicating rush ran through your veins in response to his cry. You moaned, feeling his hot cum dripping down from your filled pussy. And in a final and powerful thrust, you convulsed. Your back arched and he put his arms around you to help you lie down against him. You tried to take up your breath, still panting with pleasure. Every single part of your body was pulsing, unaccustomed to being put to so much use in intense physical exercise.

“That was …” you stammered.

“I don’t know if I can drive” Brad gasped. 

You laughed “I still have your key… somewhere”

“I swear you’re way worst than a training at the base. How can you still talk?”

You shifted to the side, sliding off his thighs to settle beside him. You kiss her and retrieve your bra to the side, teasingly.

“Because I know how to be more enduring than a pilot”

“How?” Brad asked, still out of breath.

And you smiled at him.

“By fucking with one”