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You, Me and the Colorful Shades of My Love for You [a one- shot request book special]

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Hello dear readers! Rei here, the author of this fic. This will be the request page for this one-shot book.

"Hey Rei, are there any rules according to this fic?"

That's a great question Anon-chan! In this part of the book we will discuss those aspects.

"Are there any limitations we should know about?"

In this book? Not so far. Although there are chances of me not doing a specific request for any of the following reasons:

  1. I don't have spare time.
    -I have school (although ending) so I can't be 100% active here although I will try to be.
  2. Something came up
    -I may have my device taken away or an emergency happened.
  3. Author's block
    -Yeah...These things hit me so bad I swear. Please bear with me haha. But I'll most likely do the request once I put my self back together.

"Possible sensitive topics?"

Believe me, even if this is a happy wholesome romcom manga, that will not stop me to turning it into a angst material over the slightest thing. Yes, you can suggest. I will give warning if there are highly triggering moments that may happen. (But I think there's like zero chance since y'know my mind is just built different and we have a dead fandom.)

"What genres of fics are allowed?"

Anything! To help you decide here are some types of fics:

  • Alternate Universes (AUs)
    -AHHH I LOVE THESE! Reincarnations, Halloween au's and others galore!
  • Angst
    -A fellow angst enjoyer huh? I got you brother. Major character death, possible separation, or just torturing and breaking the characters in general? Got it. I'm all free.
  • Fluff
    -Warm and nice.
  • Smut/Lemon
    - Aged up characters for this. Not so sure about these especially on this manga but as long as you give me a guide I'll go work on it.
  • Time lapse/Time skip
  • Crossover
    -Quick note about this one. I'll probably only do the one I'm familiar with. Sorry in advance but still request! You never know if I do know or not!
  • Canon divergence
  • Past timeline and etc.


Grammar definitely. English is not my mother tongue but I'm not bad at it (right?). Just a few spelling, punctuation mistakes that's all. Also the 3 reason I mentioned earlier can cause the delay of a chapter. This is also my very first fanfic posted online. I do share it sometimes but it's most with my online friends. I'm still learning so please bear with me! I also don't have a scheduled release per chapter (lmao like the manga itself) so yeah. 

"What other things may happen?"

Y'know there are times where a requester's prompt stuck so good to me and I don't let it go that easily. Hence, a one-shot can turn into a series so do be minded!

"Beta readers? ✍️(◔◡◔)"

Hmm...Maybe in the future. I mean I never had and there's a possibility...~

"How to request?"

First state the genre, the ships, a plot or prompt, timeline, and an AU if there is one.

Ex: A canon divergence but instead of Imari being Usami's rival she's actually Uchimaki's rival while Usami still sees her as her love rival and friend like in the manga. In short Imari and Uchimaki fight over Usami. (lolz this is actually one of my aus)

"Is there a chance you will abandon this book and its fandom"



This was my very first anime and it has a special place in my heart. The manga is my home. The characters are absolutely stuck in my brain especially the two lovebirds. I think about them everyday and search google for like a new chapter or content that it's not even funny anymore. Even if I go an hiatus and break on writing they'll still be stuck in me. [tldr: Im obsessed]


Sorry if it is long hehe. Expecting yall soon~ <3