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Debbie was not a morning person, not at all. But after almost 6 years in prison, with wake up alarms blaring through the cells at 6am every morning, her body seems to have settled into a routine that she found hard to shift. As her eyes pried themselves open as the sun began to rise, this was the first time Debbie didn’t want to get out of bed. Since she had been out she had welcomed the early mornings, taking the opportunity to go for a walk around New York before the hustle and bustle of work-goers filled the streets. But today, she woke up with no urge to move.

The brunette smiled at the weight of Lou draped over her side, one hand still rested on her stomach, the other hooked under her neck. Debbie took in the warmth of the very few beams that were seeping through the gaps in the blinds and laid as still as possible as to not wake Lou. The blonde wasn’t an early riser either, but she was a light sleeper, so when Debbie’s bladder started to betray her and she knew she had to get out of bed, she used every sneaking skill she had to get out of bed and out of the room without her even stirring.

“Slumber party?” Debbie looked down the hall to see Tammy stood at the top of the stairs, an eyebrow raised, “Thanks for letting me stay last night, I’m gonna get breakfast with Amita, then I have some more deliveries to pick up, I won't be back until afternoon,” she started making her way down the stairs.

“You’re always welcome here, Tim-tam, you’re family.” Debbie smiled.

“And you’re mine,” Tammy smiled back, “but if you get so far as to even getting close to hurting Lou in the way you did last time,” she shook her head, “just don’t break her heart, Debbie Ocean, she deserves to be happy.”

Debbie opened her mouth to reply, but clamped it shut again when the door behind her clicked open, and a ruffle haired Lou emerged from the bedroom. Instead, she settled for a silent nod, one that Tammy acknowledged with a small smile.

“Family gathering?” Lou joked, one of her eyes still clamped shut, guarded from the sunlight that was filling the loft.

“We were having the birds and the bees talk.” Tammy joked back.

“Don’t want to get pregnant.” Debbie nodded, laughing along with them.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it then.” Lou disappeared into the bathroom.

Tammy continued her way down the stairs, towards the front door and opened it, “I mean it, Ocean, no games.” and with that, she was gone.

Debbie felt her chest tighten. She knew she had done wrong by Lou, she knew she had hurt her, but she never really put thought into how hurt she would have been. She tried to imagine Lou doing the same to her, and her heart stung. Tammy was right, Lou did deserve to be happy, and Debbie was willing to give everything she could to make that happen.


Both of the women had spent a majority of the morning quite busy. Debbie had to instruct Tammy on what to do with the seating plan, as well as ensuring Nine-Ball had all of the cameras readjusted. Constance and Lou had been busy reenacting how the skilled pickpocket would slip the necklace off of Daphne’s neck and Lou had stuff to sort out ready for the club opening that night.

By the time all ladies came back together again, they were cramped in front of Nine-Ball’s computer, admiring the work that they had already done- and that’s when the seating plan flashed up.

Claude fucking Becker.

Lou’s eye scanned the plan again, making sure she definitely read it right, when she had the confirmation she felt her lungs grow tighter, a rage starting to creep through her veins as she stood up and made a bee-line for the beach.

“She looks pissed.” Nine commented as Lou marched out.

“She is.” Tammy sighed back.

“Hey!” Lou shouted out, getting Debbie’s attention, “We need to talk.”

Tammy excused herself for a minute, heading upstairs to the bathroom that had a window looking out to the beach. Her heart sank as she watched the look of hurt flash over Lou’s face, one that she had seen too many times.

“It’s just like last time.” Lou scoffed.

Tammy expected Debbie to pull the classic Ocean move of walking away from the argument at this point, but instead, she reached out her hand, grabbing Lou, “he sent me to prison, you have no idea what that’s like.”

Tammy moved away from the window then, she didn’t want to invade their privacy anymore than she had done already, but it wasn’t long until the door slammed again, both the women came charging in, Debbie following behind Lou as they both marched upstairs.

Debbie closed the bedroom door behind them, “Lou, please.” she almost begged, approaching the blonde.

“I wish, I really really wish, that you could just let that part of your life go.” Lou shouted.

“Let it go?!” Debbie matched her tone this time, “Lou, I was in prison for almost 6 years, that’s 6 years i could have spent with my family, 6 years I could have had left with Danny, 6 years I could have had with you!” the brunette’s eyes started to gloss over with tears, Lou’s shoulders had dropped a little, she didn’t seem so angry anymore, “Please, Lou. He took my life away from me.”

Lou sighed, walking over to Debbie and pulling her into a hug, “I don’t want to lose you for another 6 years.” she whispered.

“You won’t, I promise.”

Lou pulled out of the hug slightly to press a kiss onto Debbie’s forehead, “okay,” she breathed out, “then let's get the bastard.”

Debbie rested her forehead against Lou’s, “Thank you.” she pressed a small kiss on her lips, “you wanna go down first?”

Lou nodded, squeezing Debbie’s hands before leaving the room.


“Want some?” Baller held out a blunt in Debbie’s direction.

“No, Bob Marley, knock yourself out.” She laughed, wafting the smoke away from her face.

Nine-Ball shrugged, pressing the blunt back between her lips and turning back to her laptop, “your loss.”

“Right,” Debbie raised her voice, getting the attention of all the women, “you’ve all got your outfits and you’ve all got your plans, the Met is tomorrow night, tomorrow is going to be the night that will change our lives forever,” all the women were looking at her in almost admiration, “get some rest tonight, me and Lou have our phones on loud if you have any questions. You’ve all come so far in this, we don’t want to mess it up.”

“Debbie’s right,” Lou pushed herself up from her armchair, slipping her hands into the back pockets of her jeans, “don’t start celebrating too early, we need to have our heads screwed on, all of us,” she glanced over at the brunette, “she’s been planning this for almost 6 years, we owe it to her, and to ourselves, to get this right.”

Debbie flashed a small smile at Lou, the other women all talking over each other and saying their goodnights and goodbyes, “Amita.” Debbie called out, gesturing for her to come over.

“What’s up?” Amita asked, her coat half on.

“The other jewels,” Debbie said in a hushed tone, Lou joining her at her side, “We’ve worked out a way of getting them, are you still willing to work on them? I know it’s a bigger workload.”

“And it’s an extra $20 million each too,” Amita smiled, “of course I’ll do it.”

“We owe you, Ams.” Lou smiled.

“We’ll call it even when the $35 mil hits my bank account.” Amita winked, earning a chuckle from Debbie, “See you tomorrow ladies.”

All of the women left the loft, Nine and Constance linked arms, Rose, Amita and Tammy all spoke about getting some food before heading home, and it left Lou and Debbie watching them mill out.

As the door closed behind them, Lou wandered over to the drinks cabinet and pulled out a bottle of whiskey, grabbing two tumblers and pouring a shot each, dropping a couple of ice cubes into each glass.

“Here.” Lou held the glass out to Debbie, who took it from her graciously.

“What happened to not celebrating too early?” Debbie raised an eyebrow.

“You deserve it, doll,” Lou raised her glass in a toast, “to you.”

“To us.” Debbie corrected, knocking the glasses together and pouring the whiskey down her throat, Lou doing the same.

“One more night and you’ll have pulled off one of the biggest heists in history.” Lou smiled.

“We all would have pulled it off. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do this without you, Lou.”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, huh,” Lou placed the glass down onto the table, “no sentimental speeches until the money is in our pockets.” Debbie nodded in agreement, placing her glass down next to Lou’s, “I’ve got to get to the club, but I won’t be long. You should get some rest before the big day.”

“Oooh, am I getting married?” Debbie joked, winking at the blonde.

“To a big, beautiful, $150 million necklace, my darling.” Lou joked back, pecking her on the cheek.

“I’m gonna head out for a bit too, get some fresh air.” Debbie explained, walking over to grab her coat.

“Where are you headed?” Lou asked. Debbie shrugged, chewing on the inside of her lip as she looked at Lou, who already knew she was lying, “Do you want me to drop you off at the cemetery?” she offered, knowing that Debbie was already planning on going there anyway.

“Please.” Debbie smiled sincerely.

“Come on.”

Lou wrapped her arm around Debbie as they stepped out into the cold night’s air, unlocking the van as Debbie slid into the passenger’s seat, resting her head against the headrest and staring straight ahead.

“You okay?” Lou placed her hand onto her thigh, squeezing gently.

“He’d have loved this,” Debbie turned her head to look at Lou, “Danny.” she went on to elaborate.

“He sure would have.” Lou shot a sympathetic smile back, “Especially all the pretty women.” she laughed.

Debbie laughed back, taking Lou’s hand in her own, “will you meet me after the Met tomorrow? I want to take you somewhere.”

“Where?” Lou turned on the engine and started to drive.

“It’s a surprise.”

“It’s not jail is it?” Lou joked, earning a poke in the ribs from the brunette.

“No, it’s not jail, I’ll save that experience for myself.”

Lou laughed as they came to a red light, pressing a kiss on Debbie’s lips, “Of course I’ll meet you.”

Debbie smiled, leaning in for another kiss which Lou happily accepted, her hand making its way up to Debbie’s hair as it had done the night before. The brunette smiled against her lips, swiping her tongue over Lou’s bottom lip before biting it gently. Lou smirked then, tightening her grip in Debbie’s hair and moving her hand slowly up her thigh, coming closer and closer-


“Fuck.” Lou muttered, pulling away from Debbie and starting to drive again, she hadn’t realised the light had turned green and traffic was piling up behind her.

“Now who’s the cock block?” Debbie laughed, patting down her hair.

“Very funny,” Lou rolled her eyes with a smile, “I’ll pick you up on my way back.” she explained as they pulled into the cemetery.

“Thanks.” She pecked Lou on the cheek and slipped out of the van, waving goodbye as the blonde drove off, turning towards the entrance to the cemetery and walking in.

The tap of her heels on the marble floor echoed through the empty building, the sunset was starting to reflect off the gold lettering on each memorial plaque. Danny’s was positioned directly opposite the arch that opened up to the field, meaning his plaque shone the brightest of them all. It wasn’t very often that Debbie came here in the daytime. She liked the quiet times at night, when people weren’t milling around their lost loved one’s- good people who were taken too soon. Danny was her brother, and she loved him, but he wouldn’t always be considered a stereotypical ‘good person’. Debbie preferred alone time, because they were the outcasts.

“Still here then?” Debbie joked, stroking the lettering. She sat down on the bench in front of him and sighed, “This is the first all-women Ocean’s plan, I think,” she raised an eyebrow, “one not involving you for once.”

Even though Debbie and Danny had become estranged over the years, Danny was always the heart of the family, the brain behind the plans and the soul behind their characters. Danny taught Debbie almost everything she knew, and although it wasn’t the typical life lessons an older sibling could pass onto their younger sibling, she would always and forever be grateful for him.

“I might even go as far as saying that you would be impressed with me,” she tapped her foot on the floor, “if we pull it off.” She paused again, fiddling with her necklace, “You'd be proud of Lou too. I know you always liked her,” she smiled to herself, “She’s definitely got the mind of an Ocean.” her fingers stopped fiddling with her necklace and instead they clamped onto the bench now, “I think I’m in love with her, Danny,” she sighed, “Ocean’s aren’t good at being in love- look at you and Tess for christ’s sake.”

“Being an Ocean means a lot to me, Danny, so much to me. And a lot of the time I love it. I love it when I’m getting a free hotel room, when I’m conning my way out of a parking ticket, when I name drop my surname in a group of conmen and everyone starts to admire me- but when it comes to Lou, I hate it. Because I don't want to be an Ocean when it comes to Lou. I want to be a reliable person, somebody who isn’t hot-headed or constantly being strategic. I want us to just be.”

She let out a breath of relief- she didn’t realise how much she needed to get all of this out until now, “Tammy shouldn’t have to warn me about not hurting her. Lou shouldn’t be worried about me hurting her. But I’ve not got a good enough track record to expect that from her.”

“I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this anyway, I’m sure you’ve been watching it all unravel from your special spot in hell,” she laughed, “I’m going to change this around for us, Danny. I’m going to make the Ocean name one that is associated with people who love so deeply and truly. I owe it to her.”

Just as she finished her sentence, she heard a car horn and turned around to see Lou parking up in the van.

“I’ll make you proud tomorrow.” She kissed her fingers and pressed them against his plaque before walking towards where Lou had parked.

“You okay, love?” Lou asked as Debbie climbed into the van.

“You know how it is,” she sighed, “he wasn’t very talkative.” she joked, shooting a small smile at Lou.

“Now that’s a first.” she chuckled back.

Debbie hummed in response, her hand finding its way to Lou’s as they drove in a comfortable silence on the way home. Considering this was a whole new territory for both of the women, everything felt so normal. Debbie had never felt more at peace than she did now, even when they were planning on pulling off the biggest heist in Ocean history in just a few hours.