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Bakugou Katsuki’s Porn Star Life

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Bakugou Katsuki had his whole life laid out perfectly for him. He would say he couldn’t believe it, but lets be honest, it was always how things were gonna turn out. He’d been top of his classes all his life, starting with grade school and middle school.

These on their own didn’t say much, anyone could be a big fish in those little ponds. Especially with some of the worthless quirks his “friends” had, or even a straight up quirkless nerd he remembers all those years back.

But eventually Bakugou put himself to the real test at the prestigious UA high school. The elite of the elite, performing top of his class there too and graduating as of last year with his hero career lined up. There was no getting around it in his mind, he was always bound for glory.

As soon as he put his hero license to work and made the rounds in japan, his popularity exploded for lack of a better term. Quickly making his way to the top of the charts, achieving a dream he always had of being the number One hero. A feat that he quite honestly didn’t expect to accomplish as fast as he did.

Of course he never would admit that, unrelenting in his pride, Bakugou would insist he always expected to be at the top in no time with his well trained explosive quirk, but truthfully he really did believe it would take longer. Villains were easily dispatched in his early career and he had built up a lot of shocking public admiration. To his even greater surprise, most of that popularity was from women.

His aggressive personality had earned him a lot of female fans, really magnetized by a perceived “bad boy” persona he gave off. He could not for the life of him avoid any of them either, its hard when you’re the #1 Hero. This lead Bakugou to realize something new about himself.

He had always been an extremely tunnel visioned guy, if he had a goal he went for it and for the past several years that had been reaching the top of the hero charts. But after being number 1 by the time he had just turned 19, he suddenly realized there was other things worth investing his ego in outside of hero work.

And it turned out getting pussy was his new ego rush. It didn’t take long before he was getting plenty of sex with so many female fans and even other female heroes. Something that held him back in school was he had always hated the idea of romance and still did, but after getting so many ladies into bed on his free time, he realized he sure as hell could take plenty of pride in fucking as much women as he can.

The biggest turning point for him was while he was at a party with one of his closest friends, Denki Kaminari, the sexy pink heroine Mina Ashido had showed up. No longer tunnel visioned by his aspirations (although certainly tunnel visioned on her figure), Bakugou couldn’t help but notice how damn good Mina looked. Brimming with confidence, he flirted with her and it wasn’t long till he had her legs up to her ears in one of the private rooms. A typical day for Bakugou Katsuki, but what wasn’t typical is Denki Kaminari recorded the entire thing.

Always willing to be his wingman and equally willing to see Mina without her clothes he took to filming their entire fuck session. Both Bakugou and Mina surprisingly comfortable with a camera on them.

It wasn’t long till the video was up online, topping the search engine charts. Bakugou made it to number 1 again and boy did it feel good. He didn’t have a single ounce of shame knowing millions of people saw him fuck mina’s brains out.

This is when Bakugou realized he had an opportunity. The immense popularity of his sex video with Mina probably means people would want to see more and he would have no shortage of pussy lining up.

With Denki as his camera man, he could explode onto the amateur porn scene. Of course this meant a battle with public relations and a lot of other issues but Bakugou didn’t care. With the same type of tunnel visioned aspirations he had before, he found something else he could enjoy.

And so began Bakugou Katsuki’s porn star life.


7 months later…

A glimpse into one of the peaks of his time making videos.


Chapter 1: Yoko Littner



A 19 year old Bakugou Katsuki stood tall, having matured into a 6 foot tall man of very lean muscular stature. A presence that was intimidating one of the new girls he had got into his bedroom. She sat on a couch, averting her eyes, a little shy about making eye contact.

Bakugou was eyeing her features up and down, noting the incredibly slutty outfit this busty red head had chosen to bring to the occasion. After placing a jacket she brought with her on one of the tables, all she had left up top was a bra with a fire design on the cups. Said cups barely containing her generously sized tits, some of the biggest he had ever seen. Moving down was a pair of extremely short shorts, so tight on her he could make out the shape of her ass when he got a look from behind as she walked in earlier. They covered so little as well, making him notice how thick her thighs were; perfectly accentuated by the cute pink thigh highs she was wearing. Bakugou knew this was a prize he would be proud of.

A red light glowed as Denki Kaminari turned his camera on; catching the attention of the red head who blushed slightly, still not sure of the choices she has made.

“So have you ever done anything like this?” Asked Denki, trying to open with a short interview to start. “N-no. This is my first time in front of a camera…” the red head said.

Yoko Littner blushed, unable to control how shy she is. She couldn’t believe she wound up in this situation. It wasn’t that long ago that she had a boyfriend suddenly pass away at a very young age, leaving her heartbroken and lonely. He had been such a confident man around her at a time when she needed support she could rely on. Perhaps she had gone about filling that void left over in some unhealthy ways.

Like for example developing a pretty big crush on a certain young top hero. Well young relative to other heroes; he was a year older than her still. Something about Bakugou’s overwhelming confidence on TV and his bold way of throwing himself into situations really caught her eye. It reminded her of the confidence someone special to her used to always have.  Plus she won't lie, she really liked his bad boy image too. Yoko had a big thing for confident and aggressive men, and well…she had seen his videos recently too.

She got to see how amazingly toned Bakugou was since he was naked all the time in them, he's handsome and not much older than her...and also she had seen how he treats the girls he fucks online; it very much fit the “bad boy” thing he was known for, the kind of guy who brings out an almost masochistic need for their attention in her. Getting flustered just thinking about all those videos she saw, yoko tried to compose herself.

Maybe it was stupid to have come here, but she couldn’t say no when her idol was at the same party as her. In no time at all, he approached her and suggested she come to his place. It had only been a few hours since then but she was fully expecting and ready for him to try to get into her pants. However one thing she did not anticipate was him talking her into being in one of his videos. She definitely isn't so confident she's being particularly smart right now by agreeing to it.  

“Relax ponytail, you look like a natural for this. Plus getting new experiences is a good thing.” He says as he walks behind Yoko from the other side of the couch and grabs both of her breasts, immediately caressing them. Yoko yelped in reaction; once again surprised by how bold Bakugou is. Putting on a show for the camera, he began to knead and squeeze her tits with a little more force in hopes of getting some cute reactions out of her. Bakugou was pretty certain she wouldn't mind, getting a good read on her from all the flirting they did at the party they came from. The massaging of her melons relaxing her a bit and helping her ease into it quicker. Certainly a plus for him as he is known for not being the most patient and he got to feel just how much flesh there was on her chest.

“Goddamn these tits are so huge ponytail!” Yoko started breathing heavily as he greedily played with her body. There was something turning her on already with how vulgar he was; he clearly didn't have much of a filter. 

“You like them?” Yoko asked between bated breath, looking up at him genuinely wanting to be validated.

“Are you kidding?” He grabs the left cup on her bra and yanks them both off freeing her breasts for the camera as they flop out and sway up and down from the sudden disrobing. “These are some of the best melons i’ve seen.” He says, trying to be as vulgar as possible. Yoko winces at the sudden exposure as Bakugou suddenly smacks one so the camera can see it jiggle more. 

“Ow! Hey-“ yoko yelps in surprise as he hit her titty so hard that it stung afterwards. They aren’t even that far along and he’s already getting rough with her. Bakugou not showing much patience immediately squeezes both HARD as he pulls her close. The mounds of flesh in his hands spilling out between his fingers, as he gets a good feel of just how big they are and man they are BIG. He can hear a cute moan escape her lips as he fondles them with both his hands prompting him to lean in and speak softly into her ear.

“You like that don’t you baby...getting them squeezed like this?” he softly breathes those words as he follows up by gripping them tighter. Yoko closes her eyes and bites her lower lip, already becoming aroused by this foreplay. "Look down at them." he says. Yoko’s breathing gets ragged as she peers down only to be greeted with the lewd site of her nipples being pinched. She winces, feeling very sensitive to the touch as he keeps grazing his fingers over them. It doesn't take long though till he feels the need to go back to getting a handful of her titties, squeezing them with more intensity than before.

“Ow!" She says as her body jolts a bit in response "Gosh Bakugou...calm down." She bites her lower lip, knowing full well he probably won’t listen. 

Yoko suddenly notices a light shining on her as Denki gets the camera closer, it finally really dawns on her that other people will see this after being lost in the moment. Feeling flustered at the thought of this she begins to shift around in her seat as Denki takes notice and tries to put her at ease. “You look great, a real natural.” He says from behind the camera.

She relaxes a bit, getting used to the feeling of having her breasts massaged and abused before Bakugou finally releases his grip and reaches for her chin, guiding her to look up at him before passionately planting his lips on hers. He puts his hand behind her head to let her feel he’s in charge, repeatedly mashing their lips together. She closes her eyes and lets herself be taken by him, almost forgetting for a moment he probably only wants her for sex. Sucking at her lips, Bakugou is fully intent on getting this girl soaking wet with a move like this. Only breaking away to hop over the couch and sit down with her before reconnecting their lips, now inserting his tongue gently caressing it on hers. She lays back, impressed with how good of a kisser he is as his tongue twirls arounds hers. His hands reaching down to her butt, grabbing both cheeks just so he can feel a part of her body during all this. 

As much as Yoko is loving this, internally Bakugou is just going through the motions he has to before he can finally fuck her, having developed a keen sense of how much foreplay a girl needs. He keeps up the make out session as long as he suspects he needs too before reaching down into her shorts and rubbing the top of her folds to signal he’s about to move to the next step. He can tell she’s ready and breaks from the kiss.

“Denki aim that camera over here” he says signaling to him to focus on her shorts as he reaches in and rubs his fingers along her pink entrance once more. Yoko starts to moan gently

“You are wet as fuck down here” he tells her, as she reflexively jolts a bit from his fingers starting to insert themselves inside her folds. Her sensitive bud making her move without thinking. She couldn’t help but notice that he’s still calling her “ponytail.” Does he even know her name? Is it weird to have sex with a guy who doesn’t know your name and on camera no less? She thinks to herself privately. Bakugou fucks so many girls in all the videos she saw; she probably means nothing to him. Something that would normally bother her but she blushes at the thought of being used by him.

Bakugou of course is paying no mind to what she might be thinking as he pulls her shorts down and the panties underneath. Revealing her most sensitive place to the camera, her glorious tight pink on display. "Pull your legs up onto the couch and spread them." Bakugou instructs her, wanting to give the camera the best possible view of the pussy he's going be demolishing later. Yoko of course complies, already so obedient to his demands and pulls her legs up spreading them wide as she hugs her knees. 

“look at this perfect cunt,” he says as he slaps the outside and starts to aggressively rub the folds, making sure to glaze her clit. "aaah..." she whimpers causing his mind to get sidetracked by a desire to make sure she makes an embarrassing face for him, inserting 2 of his fingers rather aggressively as he mixes up her insides. Making sure to stimulate her clit with this thumb at the same time, he's given exactly what he wants as her lower body is noticeably shaking and her eyes close tight, as her lips quiver. The feeling of her womanhood being on complete display for people she's never met washing over her as a shade of crimson across her face. 

Her eyes still closed tight, yoko was unable to notice Bakugou moving his other hand to wrap around her back. As she opens them back up, his other hand leaves her entrance and also snakes around her back as he pulls her onto his lap. He then proceeds to to undo her shoes and toss the remaining clothes still dangling on parts of her body. He now has her completely naked apart from her convenient sexy thigh highs, sitting on his lap.

Over her shoulder he looks at the camera, his arms snaking back around her back down to her ass cheeks.

“This is one fat fucking ass you have ponytail.” He says as he gives it a forceful smack that makes the skin ripple and jiggle, naturally leaving an incredibly noticeable red mark. Yoko gives out a loud yelp, that one really stung. She doesn’t want to protest though cause she loves the way he’s so aggressive. Plus if she's being honest with herself, having so much of her showcased like this…perhaps she likes her body being objectified by him so brazenly.

Bakugou can’t contain his own excitement anymore as he kneads and squeezes her ass cheeks. “Holy shit, you just have so much ass girl. How can you have the best tits and the best ass i’ve seen?” He says as she can feel his erection in his pants. A massive bulge definitely forming just below her where she sits. 

To any other girl its size might come as a shock, but Yoko has seen many of his videos online. She knows Bakugou is packing, but… actually feeling it is a bit different than seeing it in video. Getting excited herself she starts to move her hips a bit and rubs herself against his bulge before letting out a soft moan in his ear, wanting to be taken by him.

“Someone’s excited bro” Denki interjects, trying his hardest not to interrupt too often.

Bakugou can tell this girl is more than ready, and if his rock hard erection was any sign, so was he. He leans back and takes his shirt off noting that Yoko is staring. The sight of his toned chest and 6 pack makes her as red as her hair. Wanting to free himself completely, he has Yoko sit to the side as he pulls his pants down; his 9 inch cock pops out from under his boxers after sliding those down too. With Katsuki completely naked, Yoko takes in the full form of her idol, noting his defined V-line too. He’s so toned…before she knows it her heart starts to flutter.

Bakugou can’t help but feel good about getting a reaction like that but dwelling on something like that any longer is more waiting and he is done waiting. “Hey get on your knees ponytail” he abruptly demands of her. Yoko hears the command but it doesn’t register at first, hard to believe this is all even happening really. But as she is about to comply, Bakugou becomes impatient and reaches behind her head and roughly grabs her ponytail, yanking her off the couch.

“Heey! Oww...” she whimpers; It hurts being pulled so suddenly like that. She wants to say more in protest but he cuts her off.

“I said get on your fucking knees!” He yelled, pulling her downward by her hair and forcing her to slide down onto the hardwood floor of his apartment as she kneels before him, clearly not concerned at all if she's even comfortable down there. She looks up at him towering over her and realizes how intimidating he looks from this perspective. "all that muscle on him..." she thinks to herself, feeling her body heat up from the thought of how dominant he is. He interrupts these embarrassing thoughts though by using her ponytail like a handlebar to angle her face at the camera, intent on recording her submissive looking pose...a thought that feels kind of thrilling to her. 

“This is our promotional shot,” Bakugou says to Denki as he holds yoko in place, her face looking incredibly aroused as Denki moves the camera up and down to capture every inch of her completely bare naked body aside from her sexy pink thigh highs that Bakugou had no doubt intentionally left on. Being filmed in this pose has her breathing turn ragged. “God look at her massive jugs” Katsuki blurts out after watching them heave back and forth from her aroused breathing patterns. Yoko blushes once again over how much these two are ogling every inch of her. 

She’s seen the “promotional shots” he’s most likely talking about too. Denki Kaminari now officially had a website that catalogued all of Bakugou's videos, on it was plenty of edited trailers and photos that show the girl Bakugou fucks that day kneeling before him like this…

Its honestly how she stumbled on his videos in the first place. She found a picture online by accident of THE pink heroine Mina Ashido, her vibrantly colorful body completely naked with a fistful of her hair being manhandled by the infamous Bakugou Katsuki, forcing her onto her knees just as he's doing now with Yoko. As a quirkless girl, she was always outside looking in at the hero industry, it's not like she necessarily knew anyone. However, Mina never gave off the impression like she would just kneel for any man. Yoko couldn’t help but be curious, It drew her into a new perception of Bakugou. “He looked like such a stud” she thought to herself. And now that curiosity has gotten her here...being another one of the many girls that submit their bodies to him, fueling his ego. And yet for some messed up reason be it the way she just is, or just the things going on now in her life, Yoko had a deep satisfaction in the idea of giving him everything he wants. 

Yoko certainly wasn’t wrong about fueling his ego either, Bakugou was definitely soaking in the moment himself. He loved seeing chicks like her on their knees for him. But as much as he loved having Denki capture their submissive aesthetic he was way past ready for some action. Still gripping Yoko’s ponytail hard, he pulls her towards his dick.

“Start sucking” he commands

The redhead tries to nod in response the best she can considering his grip before he loosens it up for her to get started, keeping his hand resting on the back of her head only. Yoko has definitely had experience giving a blowjob before, but she wasn't entirely sure how she was going to approach such a long and girthy cock that was being held near her face. Bakugou looking at her very expectantly makes her feel pressured to figure it out quick so she decides the best place to start is the tip. She closes her eyes while she slowly rolls and caresses her tongue across top of his shaft, peeking one eye open to see his face. Hoping for some kind of reaction to her work. Before she could really get going though, the sound of Denki shifting the camera around becomes a bit disruptive. 

“Sorry I need a POV angle, you know how it is. People like those for blowjobs.” he awkwardly says, As he moves the camera near Katsuki's shoulder.

“Yeah yeah” the dirty blonde retorts, very obviously annoyed by Denki's interjection ruining the moment. Looking down at Yoko he sees her still licking around the tip and loses patience due to realizing he doesn't care for any prolonged build up anymore. He reapplies his grip with the hand that was resting on her head and he pushes her down further on his dick.

“I said start sucking already!” He callously orders at her.

Yoko is momentarily shocked by the girth of his dick and the sudden rough treatment, but its nothing she doesn’t expect from a man like him. Feeling it enter deep into her throat, she does her best to get to work by moving her tongue around the shaft now that the tip is burrowing deeper. As her tongue rapidly trails around his length, she begins to slurp and suck as hard as she can. Lewd noises emanating from her lips as she bobs her head along his impressively sized member. The slurping noises get louder as she reaches up with one hand to stroke the remaining length she can't fit in yet. 

Bakugou closes his eyes and soaks in the feeling of having a chick this good looking sucking him off. "fuuck" he grunts, as the stimulation gets more intense from her bobbing motions winding up to an increasingly faster pace. She’s definitely got some oral experience as the pleasure starts to hit him and he reflexively begins to piston in and out of her mouth. He opens his eyes back up so he can get a good view of her eagerly going to work slurping on his knob, but struggling none the less with something bigger than she's used to.  

Yoko tries her best to relax her throat and balance sucking and stroking all along his porn star sized dick, but it becomes difficult to maintain doing both as he starts to contribute his own thrusts to the blowjob. She decides to move her hands away and hold onto his thighs to let him do most of the work, getting a good feel of how toned his legs are as he uses all that muscle to thrust into mouth erratically. Normally a guy lets her work a little longer but she knows someone like Bakugou likes to have control. The whole experience making her legs shake a bit as she gets incredibly wet. 

Katsuki takes a deep breath, the feeling of his cock being engulfed further by her mouth was so fucking perfect. It pushes him to reposition both his hands to the back of her head as he begins to aggressively face fuck her. Expecting her to still put some work in though, he looks down at her with his eyes half closed. “Fucking suck that cock bitch ”, he softly commands with a demeaning emphasis as he slaps the back of her head. The degrading comment sending a shiver down her spine. “look at me girl, while you suck my dick." raising his voice for that one, Yoko immediately complies and stares into his fiery eyes as she takes another inch deeper. “Guuughhg!!!” She gags hard when that 7th inch goes in but she doesn’t stop. Desperate to satisfy him.

Denki tries his best to capture a good angle of Katsuki’s fat member going in and out of this busty redhead's mouth, genuinely always impressed a girl can take as much as they do. Although while watching this all unfold, he feels the need to throw some direction Bakugou's way for the sake of getting the best content out of her. “She needs to take that whole thing man” he says. Yoko eye's widen upon hearing that, not at all imagining she's ready for this.

Bakugou however doesn't really have much of an objection, as he's starting to crave the feeling of having his member fully engulfed. His sex drive overtaking him and ignoring whatever Yoko might be thinking, he grabs her head with both hands and stares back into her eyes as he flashes a cocky smirk at her. "You heard him, it's for the content ponytail" as he shoves her throat down every last inch of girth, not stopping till he feels her face pressed against his pelvis. A noticable bulge appears in Yoko's throat as it fills completely with Katsuki's dick; her amber eyes only express immense shock as he holds her down there. Tears forming as she struggles to breath let alone keep eye contact.

“That’s right, hold it in there. I want to watch you fucking choke.” He sternly stated to her, an intense glare stared her down making her heart race. Such forceful dominance makes her pussy start to drip. With a grip on her head that is so firm that she feels completely pinned, every sound she attempts to make muffled entirely as to be inaudible. It isn't long before she feels her chest heave and her throat begins convulsing intensely around his member, making an already tight environment cause of his size even tighter. The bulge in her throat jutting outward each time.

“Gyuckklughh ghhaaaacklgyuk”, Yoko’s gags are getting more forceful and louder but bakugou has 0 intent of letting her go; a chick choking on his dick is fucking music to his ears and the feeling of their throat tightening around his shaft gives him an ecstasy that only can be described as an adrenaline rush as kaminari records what looks like an outline of Katsuki's 9 inch monster protruding from her neck. He may not even know this girl's name, but he'll remember the look on her face while gagging on his dick.  “Get that camera closer to her face!” He yells at Kaminari, wanting to make sure any viewer can see the look in her eyes she has now. The electric quirk user lets his camcorder rest on bakugou’s thigh for an up close shot of her face.

Yoko feels herself getting dizzy as she starts to asphyxiate on his cock, her face turning a dark shade of red and tears begin to stream down her face. At this point, Yoko was coughing violently and her need to breathe was so overwhelming her entire chest was heaving, trying to force her to gasp for air but only his fat cock was there to be inhaled…her eyes flutter as she alternates eye contact with Katsuki and the camera lens. As she focuses on Bakugou, she saw a stare that was so intense it both turned her on and intimidated her…as if he’s willing to go till she passes out or worse. Just how far is he willing to go? her body quaking as she feels at his mercy.

Thankfully Katsuki realizes she's at her limit and suddenly yanks her off his cock. With a loud audible intense gasp for air followed by multiple coughing fits, Yoko leans back with her intense ragged deep breaths helping work herself out of this daze caused by what was by far the most violent blowjob she's ever endured. Still held in place by his grip on her ponytail, she was forced to look up at him and the camera as she slowly recovered. Who knows how many people will end up seeing her almost pass out on the infamous Bakugou Katsuki’s dick? She thought to herself, soaking in just how much of an aggressive dom he is. His expression had not an ounce of shame or guilt though, a guy like him probably doesn’t care. He simply looked down on her with his eyes half closed. Her breathing finally slows as one thought clouds her mind. 

She truly wants to give him everything he wants tonight. 

“Now suck on my balls.” He states, in a very commanding voice. 

“Yes daddy…” Yoko softly said without even thinking. she got close and took both his nuts in her mouth and sucked them hard as he jacks himself off above her. She’s committed to this role she’s fallen into as she goes to town on his balls, wanting to appear more eager than ever. 

Denki did his best to remain quiet for all that but after some footage like that he couldn’t. “Damn this is fuckin hot bro” he says as he pulls the camera back. Bakugou had to admit, despite his experience with a ton of other women, this redhead might have been one the better blowjobs he's had. Somewhere in the top 10 maybe? He'd rank it higher if she could've got him to cum but it's pretty rare for a girl to do that from just a blowjob. But she more than makes up for it with the eager she is as he appreciates the view of her on her knees sucking his nuts with such enthusiasm, he couldn’t help but think hasn’t seen such a committed slut since he last fucked Mina.

Trying to match that eager energy, he finally lets go of her hair as he pulls his nuts out of her mouth. Kneeling down, he places his hands under her ass and then lifts her whole body up "Up we go!" he shouts, surprised for a moment by how light she is despite all that fat in all the right places. Holding her bridal style, he turns to the camera and poses for minute for more potential promotional content. Yoko blushes intensely from being pressed against his abs as puts her arms around him, wanting to feel more of him. The moment doesn’t last long though as he quickly drops her on the couch.

“Aaah!” She squeels, not expecting to be tossed so callously. If there hadn’t been a cushion here that would’ve hurt. She looks back at him

“Spread those legs, im finally going to fuck that tight pussy of yours.” Yoko shivers hearing him say that as he looks in her eyes so commandingly. Not wanting to wait any longer herself she lays down and spreads her legs as he gets on the couch, jacking himself off as he readies himself in position. Another sign he’s impatient, as he’s trying to keep himself stimulated before he gets ready to enter her. Bakugou grabs one of her legs and pulls her slightly to the side making sure the camera has a clear view of her wet cunt. “Make sure you get a zoom in shot for this part dude” he instructs Denki as he puts his cock tip near her pussy folds. Slapping the tip on them repeatedly and rubbing the outside, he gets Yoko breathless with anticipation. After all that work till now, she needs his dick. 

Kaminari centers the camera to capture the moment of insertion as Bakugou keeps teasing her with more slaps from the tip. He glazes it near her clit making her jolt from the stimulation, Yoko only stares down at his twitching member, ready for it to resize her insides. Then tired of waiting himself, he lowers his shaft and pushes the tip inside. He slowly stuffs each inch in, letting himself enjoy the feeling of finally being engulfed by this perfect tight pussy as Yoko shakes beneath him with every progressing inch. He keeps a steady hold on his dick as he watches her suddenly cover her mouth with her hands, as if too embarrassed by what noises might come out. "God this chick is the perfect slut with the reactions she has" he thinks to himself as he pushes further in, only stopping about 6 inches in; 3 left to go still but can tell Yoko is already overwhelmed just by the girth. Her eyes wide from feeling so filled up.

“Oh…my…GOD...” she says softly as if struggling to speak, shaking relentlessly underneath him. He stops for a moment to let her adjust. “Damn look at her writhe around, think she can even take it all?” Denki comments, giving his friend a big ego boost. Although just watching this girl's body practically quake over the feeling of his cock being inserted is enough to make him feel on cloud 9 mentally. However Bakugou has waited for too long for this moment, he only brought the redhead down here so he could fuck her, so he's not going to settle for 6 inches. "Oh I’ll make sure she takes it all” Bakugou assertively reassures as he pushes forward another 2 inches into her folds eliciting another jolt from her body.

"Bakugou...please...ahhh!" Yoko has never had this much dick inside her and its not even all in. Her breathing races as she tries her best to adjust to its size. “Just…give me a sec” she says so soft it almost sounded like a whisper.

“No shot” he responds as he immediately starts moving his hips, desperate to feel the friction of her generously lubricated insides already. Yoko bites her lower lip and winces as she desperately hopes for it get easier. Meanwhile Bakugou finally gets to feel the tight feeling of her perfect cunt. He starts breathing hard feeling an ecstasy wash over him, his absolute addiction to sex manifesting in an intense energy when he fucks a girl. 

“Aaaaaagh..." Yoko whimpers from the discomfort. He’s just so fucking big, how do the other girls get used to it so fast in the videos she saw? She tries her best to at least focus on how much he seems to be enjoying this moment and powers through it as it seems the worst of it is over now that he's been moving for a minute. Suddenly she feels his hands clasp around her hips and proceeds to thrust at a moderate pace. He’s really pushing her, and while it might not look like it to some, not going 0 to 100 is his way of holding back. It wouldn’t be fun if she started complaining that it hurts too much after all. As long as Bakugou finally gets to relish in the feeling of pistoning in and out of some good pussy he won’t mind keeping at this pace for now.

“Shit..” he grunts as he fucks Yoko, starting to be overwhelmed by his own sexual high. He notices the discomfort on her side is finally starting to relent as the busty red head isn't whimpering as much,  she might finally be adjusting to having such a girthy shaft inside her. Correct in that assumption, Yoko is having some involuntary light moans escape her as all her nerves endings deep inside are increasingly being stimulated. Wanting to get into the moment with him, she can’t help but place her hands on his chest to feel his abs, taking in how impressively toned he is as he keeps thrusting. “God I love how hard these feel.” She thinks to herself, He’s everything and more from all the porn she’s watched. With that thought she remembered how rough he can be when he fucks; she wants him to not hold back but she appreciates him not tearing up her insides to start.

Suddenly the pleasure crashes into Yoko “Aaagh…AAAAAH” she jolts and moans as Bakugou’s cock grazes her G-spot. The feeling not being entirely foreign to her, just very rare for her to feel it this HARD. Her moans egging bakugou on as he really get set off as he pulls her hips closer, kneeling on the couch he lifts her butt up and slams her hips closer to his waist finally getting in every last inch.

“FUCK! Bakugou!” She yells his name, as he really starts to pick up the pace. He uses her hips like the pristine love handles they are starts really thrusting at an aggressive pace, taking notice of her massive jugs jiggling in front of him as he goes to work. Bakugou licks his lips at the sight, reaching down to roughly slap her right titty before squeezing it so hard she winces on reaction. He briefly lowers her butt back down while he leans in to suck on the nipple, all while he maintains a light pace of thrusts. 

“Ah! Ah Ah…Yes daddy…suck on them please” she moans. Yoko really settling into completely submitting to him, wanting him to play with every part of her body. “God these melons are fucking perfect!” He yells as he squeezes the other and starts to suck hard, making sure to lightly bite around her nip to leave his mark. Yoko pushes her chest forward wanting him to enjoy tasting them. Bakugou sucks hard with a force that is intent on leaving her nipples sore after. The audible moans and yelps from Yoko encouraging his aggressive actions. All Bakugou can think about is overwhelming her with his touch.

On a mission now, he leans back and pulls her hips towards him again, lifting her butt back onto his thighs and starts hammering into her cunt before he reaches over with one hand and starts to aggressively rub her clit. The stimulation proves too much as the red head writhes and arches her back. “Oh my FUCKING GOD” she cries as she already feels an orgasm coming. She wraps her legs around his waist while his hand is too preoccupied rubbing her sensitive bud to pull her hips closer. She can feel herself about to cum as his dick grazes her G-spot.

“Oh my….FUCK! Ah! Ah! AAAH!” Yoko wails as her back arches intensely. Bakugou slows his pace slightly as he looks over at Denki to make sure he’s recording this. He takes great pride in making sure he records a girl orgasming in every video and seeing Yoko have this intense of one needs to be documented. Denki of course is wasting no time recording every second. The rough jolts of her back arching making her massive tits jiggle and bounce wildy for the camera recording it in such a way that ogles those incredible mounds of flesh. Yoko doesn't even notice how close Denki is cause her eyes are welded shut from taking in one of the most intense orgasms she's ever had, gripping the cushions of the couch. The radiating pleasure causing a few more sudden jolts and convulsions which gave Kaminari some great footage of the incredibly hot lewd movements. 

As her orgasm finally starts to wind down and she begins to regain her composure, Bakugou wastes no time as he pulls out intent on dictating a certain pace to their sex, the sudden emptyness when his dick is no longer inside her gives a brief feeling of disappointment before she realizes they're changing position. He moves himself to her side against the couch and grabs her left leg to raise it up, causing her to lean on her side. He then Immediately takes his shaft and stuffs it back inside her resized cunt. The sudden re-entry causing her to moan again. With the remnants of her orgasm still going, it doesn’t take much stimulation to get a reaction out of her. 

“Look at the camera ponytail” He says after leaning close to her ear. “Millions of people are gonna see you get dicked down properly.” He softly states, her face turning red once again as she hadn’t even thought about the raw numbers of just how many people might actually see all this. She doesn’t have much time to dwell on that though before Bakugou uses his free hand to grab a fistful of her hair again. This time to position her head so that she can only stare at the camera as he starts to resume fucking her, clearly intent on showing off. 

Not wanting to lose any momentum, Bakugou thrusts at a far more aggressive pace intent on making this bombshell red head form some embarrassing faces that will be forever plastered all over the internet. His intense movements causing her whole body to jiggle and move in such lewd patterns. She quickly realizes he chose to fuck her in such lewd new position just to objectify her body for the camera.

Yoko may have always had the perfect figure fit for content like this, but she had never thought of herself as ever becoming a real porn actress. In fact she still doesn’t, doubting that she would actually pursue continuing work of this nature unless it was with Bakugou. She’s just so caught up in this moment with the #1 Hero, wanting to give her Idol everything. That being said, she’s not a natural actress nor one to have any instincts to fake her reactions for the camera. Her contorted facial expressions as her pussy is pumped by 9 inches of fat cock are genuine reflexive reactions. With no intention to do so, Yoko is putting on one of the hottest performances Denki has recorded since him and Katsuki started this project.

Bakugou continued to show off this perfect slutty body of hers, only freeing one of his hands to slap Yoko across the face without any warning. She is shocked at first but that quickly turned to arousal as she certainly knew what she was getting into coming here. But still, the balls on this hunk of a man to always just start being violent whenever he feels like it. Said balls currently repeatedly smacking her ass as he would NOT let up on the pace. The pleasure washing over her again, now that she's being fucked even harder.

“FUCK! Daddy….ah! AH! UHN! AAAAH! Daddy Katsuki! Aaah!” Yoko yelled loud right in front of the camera, completely unconcerned with having any dignity left after this. The waves of ecstasy making her only care about encouraging his rough behavior and boy was it working. “Daddy Katsuki” was a nickname he sure as hell could get used to.

To say Bakugou was riding an ego high would be an understatement. Immediately responding with flipping Yoko onto her stomach, he snaked under her waist and pulled it up jutting her ass out toward him while never letting go of her ponytail so he could lift her head, setting her up in a doggy style position. Staring at her fatass, Bakugou felt he hadn't given it nearly enough attention immediately grabbing a handful of each cheek and pressing them together before letting them go. "God it jiggles it so much..." he says out loud. Yoko feeling a rush of excitement, knowing he loves every inch of her body. 

Bakugou grabs his cock and pushes the tip up to her gaping cunt as he stares at her cheeks again, lifting his hand up and swings it down hard with a smack on her ass that was so loud anyone outside the room they were in could’ve heard the sound of flesh being slapped. 

“Auuuugh!” Yoko wailed and tensed up from the sudden stinging pain. All this leaving a red hand print that won’t go away anytime soon on her right cheek as the impact made her but ripple and shake giving Bakugou the perfect rush that increased the pleasure of reinserting his cock inside. Yoko felt like she couldn't be any happier, as she felt that perfect porn star sized dick re-enter her insides generating the waves of pleasure she needed once again. After that she sensed another feeling, Bakugou's hands moving up to her face as he grabs her cheeks slipping 2 fingers from each hand into her mouth, gripping both sides like a pair of fishhooks while stretching her face out. The result is a ridiculous looking facial expression meant purely to humiliate her, and she knew he wanted to humiliate her... Her mouth agape and her face stretched out as he fucked her in this absolutely degrading way. 

Denki still doing his best to make sure all the action gets filmed moves from keeping his camera fixated on her ass to a front shot of her face as Bakugou fucks this woman relentlessly with his grip on her mouth. “Damn she is getting manhandled” he blurts that out loud, trying encourage his friend's behavior for more content. Denki then looks at yoko and can't help but try to get her to say something. "Got anything to say to everyone watching?" 

Yoko stares directly into the camera, knowing exactly what would please the man dominating her so thoroughly right now "aaah!...dahddy kahtshushki is fuackin me shoo gooood." she says as best she can with his fingers in her mouth, fully invested in the idea of being made Bakugou Katsuki’s bitch for millions of viewers. "He deserves this" she thinks to herself, willing to throw away every shred of dignity to please him. She felt his thrusts get harder after that, while kaminari recorded Bakugou fucking her while smiling with one hell of a cocky smirk.

As amazing as this whole experience has felt, after a few more minutes pummeling Yoko’s G-spot like this he could feel he is getting close to his climax. However that didn’t mean it was over yet. Having gotten to be an expert at fucking like a porn star, Bakugou was remarkably good at holding in his own orgasm. He needed as much content as possible for them to edit after all. Intent on making sure yoko has more than 1 crushing orgasm to be filmed, he pulls out once again and guides her into laying on her back.

He then grabbed both her legs and raised them up as high as Yoko could manage, loving the convenient flexibility she had allowing him to get her legs all the way up to her ears. Folded in half, her butt slightly raised up, he grabbed his shaft and hovered over her before glaring intensely at Yoko. "I'm gonna pound this Pussy relentlessly and I'm not gonna stop till I see you squirt all over my dick."  Bakugou states with unrelenting confidence. Yoko nearly speechless at the intensity of that declaration. Somehow he always manages to make her whole body heat up with anticipation.

“Fuck me daddy…please.” She says to encourage him. Katsuki soaks in just how fucking hot she looks with those pink thigh highs on in this incredible position. Not wasting anytime though with a mission in mind and feeling his own desperate need to cum already,  he shoves his shaft back in and starts going to town. To say Yoko was overwhelmed would not be doing the feeling justice as Bakugou pistoned his cock in and out at such an intense pace, that the smacks of their flesh and his balls hitting her ass were echoing in the room and the couch was started to rock enough to move slightly around the hardwood floor. He was once again tunnel visioned with only one goal in mind, making this girl orgasm harder than she already has.

“Oh my god! Ohmygod ohmygod! Holy shit! BAKUGOU!” Yoko screamed as he she felt such massive girth move along her insides as the tip stabbed her G-spot repeatedly. She was once again shaking beneath him. Her body working up an orgasm that she couldn’t believe was possible.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Don’t stop! Fuck me daddy!” She yelled, feeling the pleasure tremor through her body. Bakugou was trying his best to balance both stimulating her G-spot and giving the camera a good shot of his cock thrusting into this perfect cunt. Denki’s camera work instincts kicked in as he started alternating from focusing on the crazy pounding Yoko was getting and recording her facial expressions while making sure to get good footage of her tits bouncing wildly throughout the process. Her body impressively lewd, almost made for getting dicked down like this. 

Bakugou was riding a sexual high he had never quite experienced before, reaching over and smacking her across the face once again. “You love my fucking cock don’t you!?” Before Yoko could respond with more praise, he smacked her face abruptly a second time as the busty red head only got more and more turned on.

“Yes! YES! Fuck my pussy! fuckmypussy fuckmypussy please…oh my GOD! Aaah!” She screamed jolting in pleasure again. Her back arching once more as her orgasm approaches and he relentlessly drives his meat into her for an amount of time she loses track of.

Feeling his goal almost accomplished, Bakugou wrapped his hands around Yoko’s throat. Squeezing lightly at first before progressively getting his grip tighter. With the leverage he had on her neck, he leaned in keeping her legs down with his weight and then pulled her face close to his, merely inches away so he could so those amber eyes of hers again while he thrusted into her. Feeling her pussy tighten around his cock the harder he gripped her neck, he was encouraged to keep applying more pressure. Her face contorting into such an overwhelmed expression as it gets so tight she can't even moan at him anymore, her mouth simply just agape without a noise. Her amber eyes widen, intimidated by how rough he's being but her body quakes and shakes none the less. 

The tension around Yoko’s neck and the stimulation from the roughest fuck she's ever had was just what she needed to be pushed over the edge. Her back arching and jolting as she writhes under him while Bakugou leans back a little to watch as she squirts all over his cock. The camera focusing on her wet pussy as he keeps his pace steady fucking her through her orgasm.

Yoko can barely think straight with how much is going on…the orgasm so deafening that she wouldn’t have been able to stop him from gripping her neck like this till she passed out if she wanted to. She lays there intent on letting him decide whether he should keep going and take her under. With her vision blurring she waits for him to be satisfied only to feel his grip relent.

She gasps for air as he stares at her. “We still got one last thing to film.” He says, grabbing her pony tail once again and yanking hard as she is forced off the couch.

“Get down on your fucking knees!” He demands in a tone that feels even more demeaning than the last time he said it. She kneels before him once again, as he jacks himself off in front of her. He relishes the sight of an exhausted and dazed yoko on the ground in such a submissive state once again…her breathing ragged from how much he has thoroughly used her. Denki gets the camera close as Yoko snaps out of her stupor enough to put the pieces together. They are probably setting up the money shot. How could she forget? The end of every video he always cums on the girl’s face. She gets a light blush once again thinking of how degrading that is.

Bakugou feeling that ego rush once again though decides to mix things up with her. He uses her hair like a handle bar once again to lean her back. She stares up at him as he then suddenly spits on her face.

Yoko couldn’t believe that he did that. She’s never seen him do that before and as she recovers from the shock of such an act, it dawns on her that it wasn’t just in her mind. He doesn’t have any  respect for her…she was nothing but another whore to fuck on camera. She’s strangely not upset as she always figured this was the case…

But to see it confirmed turned her on even more. Being used like this by him felt exhilarating. Filming the whole thing too was just another layer. He really was a “bad boy.” It wasn’t played up as a persona.

Suddenly his hand movements around his dick got faster as he clearly got closer. Yanking her head into a good position, he moved the tip of his cock to the center of her face. It was happening, she got hot with anticipation once again.

With the camera steady, Bakugou worked up to his orgasm taking in the sight of her perfect body one last time. Eyeing her melon sized tits and the edge of her fatass he could see at the angle she was kneeling at. His release was seconds away.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out!” He yelled. His assertiveness compelling her to listen, she closed her eyes and did as commanded wanting to finally see him fully satisfied.

And with that, he was finally pushed over the edge as he lifts his leg onto the edge of the couch to lean at a better angle while he stroked his shaft HARD. His cock practically exploded, shooting ropes and ropes of cum all over her features. “FUUUUUUCK”, he grunted loudly as he kept jacking off and watching more and more spurt out. Bakugou never had a cum shot like this before, his body tensed up and his breathing got intense as his sex drive reached its peak, relishing in the perfect sight of watching his seed cake her face completely, spurting ropes onto her cheeks, her forehead, her mouth, onto her tongue. Yoko's face wincing ever so slightly with each impact of the warm fluid splashing on her skin. It seriously wouldn't fucking stop...he had to lean her head back and start aiming at her tits as he watched his shaft explode all over those massive mounds of flesh while she instinctively moved her chest forward, wanting to feel his hot cum all over her. 

With her F cup sized melons plastered too, the ecstasy of marking her as his bitch took him to new heights feeling a high that probably won't be matched anytime soon. Meanwhile Yoko had been holding her eyes closed tight trying to not get any in there but was shocked at just how much she had felt cover her. With a few drops still leaking out of the tip, Bakguou pulled her face a little closer and pressed the tip to her still outstretched tongue. Slowly rubbing his shaft to make sure the last of it still winds up on her tongue. She wiggles it around to taste the last of it wanting him to know she needs every last drop, impressing him. "good girl." The phrase making Yoko feel so thrilled by how satisfied he sounds.  

“Holy shit…” Bakugou said between heavy breathing as he moved his leg down from the couch to stand as he did before. That REALLY took a lot out of him. Still gripping her red hair though, he composed himself and took this moment to appreciate how good she looked covered in his cum. Of course he had to turn her head towards the camera too so countless other viewers could get a good look too.

“Damn…you fucking covered her.” Kaminari said shocked, mainly cause he hasn’t seen his friend nut that hard before despite literally being his camera man. This was definitely going to be a hit online. He drags the camera up and down her body once again, thinking to himself that they can edit some amusing before and after pictures. “You look like a fucking stud man.” Those kind of suck up comments being why Bakugou likes having Kaminari around.

Yoko started to peek her eyes open carefully, trying not to get his cum in her eyes. She looks up at him as he grins at her with the cockiest smirk she has ever seen, looking so satisfied to have degraded her on camera so thoroughly. She can’t help but think to herself in that moment “he IS a stud…”

Yoko unsure of what to do next now that he’s finished simply wants to just know how he’s feeling. “Did…you enjoy that?” She asks.

He has a confused look on his face, before answering. “Obviously hell yeah. You were one of the best fucks I’ve had ponytail.” Feeling a little satisfaction of her own at that comment, she finds herself at a loss of words. The camera still rolling, his cum on her face, she tries to think of what to do. She knows he’s not the affectionate type, so cuddling after sex probably off the table. “So what…now?” She awkwardly asks.

Bakugou had an idea form in his head as he realized there’s one thing he always wanted to do. “Honestly ponytail, now that we got the footage we wanted I don’t see a reason for you to be here anymore.” He said quite bluntly. Bakugou had acted scenes out like this in the past with some regular partners for the camera, but the chance to do it it genuinely to some bitch he just met and degraded so thoroughly would be a perfect cap off for the night.  

Yoko was once again shocked by how blunt and uncaring he is. In character from what she knew about him up to this point but to go this far?

“Hey you can’t just kick me out after all tha—-“ she tried to protest for the first time but was interrupted by Katsuki yanking her hair as he dragged her to the door leading out his apartment. “No I really think you should get out now. It was fun but I got other plans later. Hero Work and all!" He assures her he opens the door and yanks her forward.

Yoko knew something like this would happen, but could he at least let her get dressed!?” She thought. Trying her best to resist she holds onto the door frame and begs “let me put my clothes back on at least!”

He pauses for a moment as he notices Denki still filming which gives him a smirk as one last idea forms in his head to cap this off. Wanting to deliver one last final humiliating request, he moves the grip from her hair to her throat and makes her face him as she kneels before him in front of the wide open door…the red head slightly worried someone might pass by and see her bare naked ass as she almost thinks she hears shuffling of other people down the halls making her feel desperate. On camera was one thing, but out in public was another.

“How about you beg “daddy katsuki” for them, then maybe.” He says to her.

Yoko Littner swallowed what little pride she had that wasn't already thrown away today, and looks at him one last time “please daddy…let me just get dressed…” she says with a whimper. 

Bakugou smirks that cocky smirk he gave her earlier and lifts her up off her knees by her throat, lightly choking her in the process as he holds her close and he gives her an answer by spitting on her her cum stained face a second time and watches her eyes widen in shock. After EVERYTHING she just did for him...He doesn't even have enough respect for her to let her leave with some clothes on, clearly trying to show the camera how little she matters after having used her...she quivers under his intense gaze, now accepting she's about to be discarded like a common whore as he puts her back down and spins her around kicking her ass with his foot as he shoves her outside the door. She stumbles out into the hall as Bakugou notes that her fat cheeks had some ample jiggle on the way out where he kicked and her massive jugs swayed around from the force, she turns beet red one last time as she attempts to cover herself with her arms. A nice Image for him to remember. Bakugou slams the door shut before she could say anything more and locks it.

“Bye bitch” he callously says. Bakugou feels like a king after tossing her out, and why shouldn't he? As nice as her body was, he could have another girl on his dick tomorrow if he wanted. He's got video proof of her submission so what does he need her for anymore? She's even quirkless of all things. The abundance of female fans and his growing ego having given him a habit of only caring about their willingness to get in bed with him. Denki finally stops recording and gives Bakugou a high five. “Brooo, she still has your cum on her face.” he says with a laugh. Genuinely surprised by how much of a dick his friend can be, though not one to question it cause of how well their project has been going.

“Yeah...she’s gonna have a hard time getting home like that probably. Oh well. What are you waiting for man? Get to editing that shit.”

Kaminari nods and takes his camera to the back intent on getting the footage out asap as Bakugou still naked heads to his room and lays back his bed thinking to himself how on earth will he top that girl next time? Not that he’s too worried, pussy finds him with his reputation.