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Peter Parker meets Howard Stark and needs a hug

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Peter is working in the lab while waits for his dads to come from the avengers meeting. And knowing his dad he could come back by any second. So when the elevator dings he doesn't look up from the screenshots he just have to figured out what is wrong with that pice and then it's done.

"what hell are you doing in my office?" a voice yells making Peter freeze. He never meeted the person behind that voice but he knows you is, and he pray that is just a allusination.  But, when he looks up he see Howard Stark staring at him from the doorframe making his hand start trembeling. "Can you fuking speak or you are stupid?" complet the man angry.

"sorry" murmured the kid looking at the floor. " oh, he can speaks" says laughing. "So, you can answered me what are you doing in my office?" speaks coming closer. Peter bitts his tongue for not replied this is his dad office. But he is to terrified for that. And when he not give the man a answer he took his wrist strongly making him moan.

" I have allowance to be here" - says, hoping this will be enough for the older letting him go. He couldn’t be more wrong.

" you really want me to believe in that? " the man barks." are you think I'm dumb?" He continuous squeezing his wrist more. And then when he doesn't respond Howard look to the ceiling "Friday you the fuck is this kid?"

" Mini Boss has allowance to be here, Sir"the robotic voice replied. With that the older throw Peter against the room pressinto him in the wall. " what did you do? Do you hacked Friday? How do you entered here?" He yells.

"Dad let me stay in the lab." - murmured Peter, his heart has been beating so fast that he is suprised that he can't hearing and his head is fill whit dizziness. He just need this to be over.

" And your father is?" Inquiry

" y...your son." replied in a trembling voice. And then he recieve a slap across his cheek that makes him see black spots across the room.

" you really want me to believe that my son will have this as his kid?" The older Stark asks in a cold tone. " you want me to believe that" says giving a step back and watching the boy. " that is a Stark."complete crossing his arms. " you are not really my boy's  son are you?" Inquiry quirking an eyebrow.

" no" whisper thinkig aboute the adopt papers. He is not really a Stark.

" he adopted you." coment Howard. " you are his new charity case." complens with a smile that makes the boy eyes start to watterling. Peter will not cry he can't be weak in front of this man. "You are definily not a Stark becase Stark man don't cry. They are made of iron. Belive me when said he will kicks you when this is over so my creation here wouldn't be destroy by an orphan kid." He so focus on Howard words that he doesn't notice that are other person in the room until he hear a blast from the repulser. He look up and see his dad and pops at the door.

"stay away from my son." says Tony Stark in a cold tone irradiating angry. And Peter hopes it isn't directed to him.

" oh Anthony, I was taking a part of your plans." coment the older turning to his parents. "Very smart using a ophan to make a good look for the press..."

"Out" says his dad in a low voice. " I said out" repet. " or do you want Captain América here to kick you out by the window?" replied pointing to his pops who looks just angry like his dad, the knuckles of his hands are white. " Get the fuking out of my office." Yell Tony making Peter jump. But that makes Howard Stark to moving.

"you will regret this Anthony,  you are just a failure." Complens Howard before stepping out.

The room stay silence for a second until his dad start to speak " Shit. I can't believe what is he doing here? How did he fucking get in? I need to change Friday siste..." Tony stop rumbling noticing Peter is still looking to the floor.

"Pete? " Steve calls but his son is in his on head and didn’t listen.  So they step close. And when Tony touch his shoulder his boy jump in his feet and look with a terrified expression and then they see his red cheeck. Everyone froze for a second.

"i'm sorry" whisper Peter looking back to the floor. And that snapped then out.

" did he hit you?" Ask Tony in a cold voice. " Pete?" call. " hey look at me bambino" complens in a gentle tone. This make Peter look and when he took his head up he sees his dads worrieds face. " did he hit you?" repets Tony with a serious voice. Peter nodded looking back at the floor still fighting against the tears. " shit I'm gonna kill him, he will be dead befor...."

"hey buddy , can I touch you?" ask Steve. He wait until Peter shake his head and than he take his chin to look at his sons face. "It's ok to cry Pete." Adds in a calm tone.

"Stark man are made of Iron Starks man don't cry." He murmured. Tony sigh before level to Peter side.

" Not even a word of what he said is true." said his dad taking his hands gentle.

"He said I'm not a Stark and never will and I'm charity case and when you be tirei of me you will kick me out becase I'm not capable to run the industry." Peter says quickly without breathing.

" Not even a word of what he said is true" repete Tony taking his son in a hug. "And it's ok to cry, it's ok bambino" he kiss his sons head and is start to listening his sobs. 


" You are our son in every way possible the adopt papers says that and ours hearts says that because we love you Pete." Steve complete crashing in the hug too. They stay like that for a while until they all calm down a little
" guys, what do you think about we change the cuddling sesion to upstare my knees are really killing me." suggest tony making his husband and son laught. "Did anything hurt other than you cheek bambino?" ask standing up.

"my head and my wrist" murmured.

" Ok we gonna put an ice bag and take some medicines while we watch a movie." Tells Steve making a plan.

In the end they are all resting in the sofa cuddling watching Star Wars. " we love you so much Pete." dad says letting a kiss in his templer while pops is hugging him strong. And he fells so much safe and loved.