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I was a teenage johnny

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John was getting his daily exercise on his little wheel.

Max walks over. “Exercise time is over, Johnny.” he picks John up. “We don’t want you getting too thin.” he sets him down.

“Here boy!” Max says, holding up a stick. “Fetch!” He tosses it out the window and John meanders after it while Max waits for him.

He waits quite a while. He looks at his watch, then goes to sit on the couch and read the paper. (it was boring but he likes to imagine his name in place of the miss nyc pageant winner)

*many hours later*

Max had fallen asleep.

John finally comes back with the stick, dropping it at Max's feet. He makes a noise, which wakes Max up. “Huh?!” He looks down and sees him. “Good job john!”

He gets up and goes over to John, kneeling and petting him. “I love you Johnny!” John purrs happily as Max continues to pet him and say his name over and over.

John climbs on Max's shoulders. Max laughs. “Hahaha! Down boy! Hahahaha!”

Suddenly Sam walks through the door excitedly. “Max! Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?” he says while dancing around excitedly. “For what?” Max asks. “The annual weapons enthusiasts convention in New Jersey this weekend!” Sam says happily.

He shoots his toy gun but accidentally breaks a vase, causing him to blush in embarrassment. He hides it behind his back. “So you ready or what?”

“That was THIS weekend?!” Max says. “Aww, I can't go, I don't have anyone to take care of Johnny!”

Gs knocks on their door. Max opens it and gs was eye level with john. She looks down at max. “Would you please tell your careless boyfriend to stop leaving his ties outside my door?” she asks, handing a black and blue striped tie to him.

Max takes it. “Gs! Can you watch Johnny this weekend?” “What's a Johnny?” gs asks. “Not A Johnny, Johnny! My pet alligator!” He holds John up to her. “Say hello!”

John hisses at her.

Gs shudders. “Ugh, you actually care for that thing?” Max hugs john. “I love Johnny!” “Well I don't. Get someone else.” gs says, walking away. Max sighs, putting John down. “Well Sam, I guess we can’t go away this weekend…”

Gs stops, eyes going wide. “Go away?”

She smiles and walks backwards to them, turning around. “You mean, if I watch Johnny, you guys will be GONE all weekend?” Max nods. “Well, actually a 3-day weekend.” gs smiles. “As in, not here, for 3 days?” Max's face falls. “Yeah, but, you’ve already said you can’t do it. We understand.” Sam walks over to her. “Don’t feel bad, gs!” he puts his arms around her and max. “The three of us can have our OWN weapons enthusiasts convention over at your place!”

Gs pushes him away. “I changed my mind! You two deserve a romantic weekend away!” Max smiles. “You’ll do it!? great!” He takes her hand. “Lemme show you a little bit about alligator care.”

He leads her through the apartment. “You need to take John for a walk twice a day.” Max continued to talk but gs didn’t hear him over the sound of her saying to herself “Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… a three day weekend…”

He took her over to the cabinet. “Let me show you how to feed him. “ he opened it, and there were cans of alligator food. “I have All the cans marked. a can in the morning, and a can at night.” “Sure it’s enough?” gs asks sarcastically.

Outside, the bus to take them to the convention pulls up.

“THE BUS IS HERE! THE BUS IS HERE!” Sam says excitedly. He runs and gets on board. “Come on max!”

Gs pushes max out the door and onto the bus. “Well time to go, don't wanna be late, have fun bye bye!”

Max pokes his head out the window. “Now you won’t forget my instructions, will you?” gs smiles. “I have the memory of an elephant! I’ll take good care of Fred.” “Johnny!” Max corrects her. “Right, right.” gs says.

Max waves to gs as the bus drives away. Gs waves back. “So long losers!”

As soon as they are gone, gs laughs and cheers, running back into the building. .

John makes a sad alligator noise, watching the bus from the window.

*screen wipe*

Gs walks out on the roof in her bathing suit and sunglasses, spreading a beach towel on the ground. “This is gonna be the best three days of my life!” she lies down on it. “Ahhh… I'm gonna do all the things I can't normally do because of max.”

*three days later*

Gs hadn’t moved an inch, and she was as red as a lobster.

The bus drives Sam and Max back from their romantic weekend away and pulls up on the side of the road.

Gs spots it, groaning. “Well, thus ends the greatest weekend of my life… no Sam, no max, just me, myself and I.”

Suddenly, she hears some not-so-good sounding alligator noises coming from Sam and Max's apartment.

Gs instantly goes back to pale. “ACH! THE ALLIGATOR! I FORGOT THE ALLIGATOR!”

She instantly runs down to Sam and Max's door and opens it to see John practically dried up like beef jerky.

Gs picks him up and runs to the kitchen. “I gotta do something!”

She opens up the cabinet, getting all the cans of food out, then opening them and dumping them in his food bowl. “Okay okay here we go!” She tries to feed john. “Eat eat eat eat! You gotta finish this food!” but John couldn’t eat any.

“Okay, I'll see ya soon Sam!” Max says, waving goodbye to Sam who was going to restock on road snacks for their next trip.

Gs jumps, hearing his voice, then looks to john. “C’mon! Eat! Eat!”

Max gets his key and unlocks the door to their apartment.

Gs looks to the door, then the mountain of food in john’s bowl. She sighs, strained.

Max opens the door and walks in. “Johnny! I’m home!”

Gs goes to the kitchen doorway, looking nauseous. “Hi, max!” Max tilts his head. “Gs? What are you doing here?” gs gulps and breathes. “J-just checking up on ol’ Johnny for ya!” Max smiles. “What a great friend you are, gs.”

Gs starts speed walking out. “So uh, i guess I'll see ya later bye!” she quickly says while trying to exit quickly. Max waves. “Thanks gs, I can always count on you!”

John ambles to Max's side. He makes a noise. Max turns around, gasping in horror. “AHHH! JOHNNY!”

He picks John up. “Johnny! What happened to you!?” John collapses. Max turns towards the door. “Gs! Somethings wrong with Johnny! Gs!”

Gs feels guilty, turning back around. “Ohhh….”

Later, a vet was taking a look at john. “Yes, yes, it’s just as I thought.” she says. “What?” Max asks, worried. The vet looks at him. “This is definitely an alligator.”

Max gasps and cries. “I knew it! Oh gs, did you hear that?!” he says, shaking his shoulders. She gently turns him back around to the vet.

The vet holds up a syringe full of green liquid. “Therefore a shot of gator essence must be carefully administered.” She hands Max the syringe and john. Max looks to the vet. “Aren't you gonna do it?” the vet shakes their head. “Oh Nononono, I'm too squeamish.” they say, walking out the door and closing it.

Gs shifts her eyes to max, then to the door. She tried to leave too. “Uh, hang on, doc! Lemme help you with your bag-” “gs!” Max interrupts her. “I can’t give Johnny his essence! I’m squeamish too!” gs cringes. “Oh max, i don’t wanna-”

John’s coughing and upset noises interrupted her. “Johnny!” Max says, tears in his voice.

Gs sighs and walks back over. “Okay okay, I'll do it.” she says, taking the syringe. “Now don’t hurt him, gs!” He holds John up.

“Okay steady, steady…” Max says. Gs tries to stick John, but Max moves him. “Wait, that’s too hard!” he moves John back, his arms shaking. “O-o-okay, okay…try it again..” Gs focuses and tries to stick John again, but Max moves him again. “Wait wait!”

Gs keeps trying to stick john and max keeps moving him. “Wait! Wait! Wait!” “hold him still!” “no wait!”

Gs gets frustrated. “WILL YOU HOLD HIM STIL-” “OUCH!”
The syringe was stuck in Max's neck.

“Uh, gs, you’ve injected me with gator essence.”

Gs looks annoyed. “Well- you made me do it!” She pulls the syringe out and Max rubs his neck. “What’s gonna happen to me?!” he asks, worried. “Oh, nothing, it’s just a little gator essence!” gs says. Max’s eyes go sleepy. “I dunno, I feel kinda funny…” gs rolls her eyes. “I’m telling you, it’s all in your head.”

While they were talking, John ambled over to his water bowl and took a few sips. After gargling and swallowing, he makes a happy noise, good as new.

Gs stares at john. “he just.. Needed… WATER?”

Max smiles, kneeling down and petting him. “Oh Johnny! You’re better!” He cuddled him close. Gs cringes. “Oh, how touching. I'm gonna go home and puke my guts out. Goodnight!” she starts to leave.

Max looks worried, rubbing his neck. “Gs, what about the essence?” gs rolls her eyes. “Trust me max, nothing’s gonna happen to you. You’re FINE.” She slams the door.

John makes a questioning noise. Max turns to him, smiling. “Don’t worry john, gs says I'll be fine. She knows everything!” he kneels again. “So, ya hungry?” John's eyes widen and he jumps up, making an enthusiastic noise.

*screen wipe*

Max opens a can of food and pours it in John's bowl.

But suddenly, he had the urge to taste it.

He dips his finger in it and has a bite. “Ey, not bad.” he keeps taking more bites.

He then carried the bowl over to john. “Here you go, Johnny!” He sets it down.

Johnny notices the bowl was empty, and makes a questioning noise. Max notices too. “I-i’m sorry Johnny i… couldn’t control myself..”

He coughs, making an alligator noise. He then looks worried. “Why’d i just do that-”

He looks at his hands. “Am I going crazy?” John makes a worried noise. Max shakes his head, smiling. “No, no, I'm fine! Gs said I'm fine!” He rubs his arm. “I just worry too much, that’s all! I feel perfect!”

He starts to walk away, but he walks more slowly, causing John to amble in front of him. “Wow, Johnny, you’ve gotten a lot faaaaster…” he says, the last bit in slow motion.

He slowly walks to his bathroom, looking in the mirror. “Look at me! Never better!”

But his skin started to crawl, and his face felt like jello.

“I’m okay! Gs said I'm ok!”

Max’s eyes turned white and gained slitted pupils, causing Max to yell.

He looks at john. “Johnny, I'm FINE!”

John looks worried as Max's right arm loses its fur and turns scaly. “T-that’s alright! I’m a lefty anyway!”

Then his legs lost their fur and turned scaly. “Haha! Now I won't have to buy those new socks!”

Max was forced onto all fours as his tail grew longer, losing its fur and turning scaly. His hands and feet grew claws as well, and his muzzle lengthened, his nose splitting into two nostrils.

“I'll take it back, Johnny! Something’s wrong with me-” his voice turned into the sound of an alligator.

Meanwhile, gs was getting into bed. “I hope I never see another alligator again…” she said as she lay down.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. She sighed. “I wonder who that could be…” she gets up. “As if I didn’t know…”

She walks over, grumbling, and opens the door. “Max, I told you.. You’re gonna be fi-I-I-INE!?” she says in shock.

Max was a small smiling white alligator with rabbit ears. He makes a noise.

Gs screams in horror. Max keeps making noises at her.

Gs very cautiously leans down and touches one of his ears, which twitches.

She screams again, running back inside and slamming the door shut.

She leans against it, hyperventilating. “M-max…?” She looks scared. “Dear limos, what have I done?!”

She picks up the syringe, which still had gator essence in it. “It’s all YOUR fault!” she tosses it to the other side of the room.

She then hugs herself, rubbing her arms. “Okay, okay, get it together, gs…”

Max keeps making noise, causing gs to freak out and nail the door shut.

She then hears Max outside her window, running over and nailing that shut.

This was ineffective, as Max just squeezed through the cracks in the boards, making more noises. Gs freaks out again, trying to run away.

She tries to hide in the closet. “Oh, none of this would be happening if I'd only fed that gator!”

Max pokes his head under the closet door, making another noise. Gs screams and bursts through the door.

She runs away, being followed by Max, who was still making gator noises.

All the running and making noise resulted in lots of stuff being knocked over and the entire apartment looking like it had been turned upside down.

When gs gets up, she finds the syringe was now stuck in HER neck.

“Oh… no….”

*screen wipe*

Three alligators sat on a fence. John, Max, and gs, who was now a small aqua colored alligator wearing eyeshadow and a tiara, who looked less enthused than the other two.

All three of them were “singing” together, john starting a verse, max picking up the second line, and gs finishing it off.

They end up waking up Sam, who sticks his head out the window. “Will you CLAM UP?!” he says, throwing an old shoe out the window. (he has shoes to chew on.)

The shoe hits gs, knocking her off the fence and into the dumpster.

John starts the final verse, max assisting, and gs finishing, sounding pained.