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Three’s a crowd

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Debbie didn’t sleep much that night.

By the time they had got in from the club it was already 3am, so morning rolled around quickly when she had been laying in her bed, staring at the ceiling with a grin plastered on her face for 3 hours, one that wouldn’t shift.

She couldn’t believe that she had actually kissed her back.

Debbie had considered following Lou up the stairs and climbing into bed with her, just to press their lips together over and over again, but she showed some restraint. The moment they had shared was enough to satisfy her for a while longer. If she could wait this long just for a kiss, she could wait even longer for whatever else followed- although she hoped it wouldn’t be too far in the future.

When she did eventually drift off to sleep, the birds were already singing outside, becoming white noise to her as she fell into a slumber.

Lou also didn’t sleep much that night.

As soon as she left Debbie and reached her room she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face, until it finally set in about what had actually just happened.

She was drunk.

What if when she sobered up she couldn’t remember anything? Or she regretted it? What if the kiss didn’t really mean everything she thought it meant? There was never any telling with Debbie, she was just a beautiful enigma that Lou seemed to follow wherever she went.

She eventually drifted off to sleep a little while after Debbie, her hand holding her head in a constant facepalm.


The pair hadn’t been asleep for long when they were suddenly awakened by a loud bang.

Lou sprung out of bed, grabbing the baseball bat that she had under her bed, and slowly crept out of her bedroom door. When she reached the landing to look at what caused the noise, Debbie was coming out of her room, but she was holding a heel as a weapon, also looking for the offending sound before locking eyes with the blonde.

“Was that you?” Debbie mouthed.

Lou shook her head before gesturing for Debbie to stay behind her as she walked down the hallway, taking near-silent steps down the stairs. Debbie followed in her wake, peering over her shoulder as she went.

“Finally!” A voice exclaimed, causing both of the women to jolt.

They both let out a sigh of relief when they saw the crew standing in the main area of the loft, Tammy tapping at her watch, “You said meeting at 10am. It’s almost 11.”

“Remind me why we gave you all a key?” Debbie groaned, walking into the kitchen and turning on the coffee machine.

“Because we are planning on stealing a $150 million necklace together.” Tammy said matter-of-factly, “It’s not like you to sleep until this late anyway.”

“Busy night.” Lou chimed back, faster than she usually would, as though she were trying to cover their tracks.

“Oooo, doing what?” Constance piped up, shoving a subway sandwich into her mouth as she did so.

“Or who?” Nine-ball wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“No one, and none of your business.” Debbie replied, taking a sip of her coffee, her eyes flicking over to Lou who was staring right back at her.

Constance sighed dramatically, ramming the last part of her sandwich into her mouth and rolling her eyes at nine-ball.

“Don’t worry, I can always hack the CCTV round here if we get too curious.” Nine-ball winked, earning a jab in the ribs from Tammy.

“Right, let’s talk business.” Lou announced.


The team had been planning way into the evening, meaning Debbie and Lou hadn’t managed to have a moment alone together, until now.

Lou’s back was pressed up against the brick wall, a cigarette between her lips, taking a long, slow drag. Her eyes were watching the waves drift in and out at sea, oddly calming and ominous at the same time. Debbie had decided to slip outside for some fresh air, the women had been non-stop all day and the brunette was still nursing a hangover.

As she pushed open the door to the loft, she sighed a breath of relief to have a moment of peace.


“Shit, Lou,” Debbie jumped, “Fuck, you scared me.”

The blonde just laughed in response, maintaining eye contact with Debbie as she took another drag on her cigarette.

“I wish you wouldn’t smoke.” the brunette grimaced.

“I wish you wouldn’t nag.” Lou winked back, laughing at her own joke.

Debbie narrowed her eyes at the blonde, scanning her up and down, making Lou’s stomach do flips. She knew that the cliche saying was that they give you butterflies, people you love, but if that was the case, Debbie gave her a stampede of bulls. The blonde was suddenly hyper-aware of Debbie slowly beginning to close the gap between them, her heart crept into her throat as she took another drag on the cigarette, about to pull it away from her lips when Debbie lunged at her, swiping the packet of cigarettes from her pocket before pulling away again, holding them behind her back.

“Hey!” Lou called out, approaching Debbie.

“Nope, no smoking. Dirty habit.” she started to back away further towards the loft, the blonde still following her.

“Oh, so now you’re lecturing me about dirty habits, jailbird? I feel like you might have a few more than me.” She smirked.

“I couldn’t even begin to imagine what you are talking about, Louise Miller.” Debbie feigned innocence as her back hit the wall.

“You’re impossible, Debbie Ocean.”

Lou was almost completely pressed against Debbie now, having already tossed the cigarette onto the floor just a few moments ago. Debbie felt her heart start to slam in her chest, feeling Lou breathing against her lips, as she parted her own slightly.

Lou’s eyes flicked down to Debbie’s lips before dragging them back to her eyes.

Debbie was certain this would be the kiss of a lifetime.

And then the loft door swung open.

Lou sprung away from Debbie at the sudden sound, Debbie busied herself with looking at the beach, silently hoping that her flushed cheeks would go back to their normal, pale, colour before the women noticed.

“Hey, Deb,” Nine-ball appeared from the building, “Tim-tams got the printer.”

“Let’s see how good this thing really is.” the brunette replied, following Nine back inside. She tried to shoot Lou a look before she walked in, but she was staring ahead now.


Lou had kept out of the way of Debbie and the other women for most of the day. They had gone over everything they needed to go over as a group, so the blonde busied herself with vodka shipments for the club, checking everybody was in order, and giving them their pay packages before riding around the city.

She figured that if she could get out of the loft for a while, she might be able to clear her head. Instead, the alone time seemed to make her more confused than she was before.

There was absolutely no doubt that she had feelings for Debbie, but they were long, drawn-out feelings, ones she had felt for years and managed to keep pushed down deep inside her, only letting them slip out in flirtatious banter and a cheeky wink. After the kiss. she felt like all of those feelings had exploded like petrol on an open flame- but Debbie hadn’t said a word about last night, even though she was 98% sure that they were going to kiss again earlier today, she didn’t want to read in between the lines and instead focused on the facts.

Debbie was drunk and kissed her.

She didn’t want to read anymore into it.

By the time she pulled back up to the loft, the sky had turned golden from the sunset, the only light coming from the loft was from the kitchen, the place where Debbie sat each night, going over the same plan over and over again, until she felt it was absolutely perfect (which it was, every time).

When Lou reached the door, she felt her body urge her to freeze, as though she was about to make one of the worst moves possible, but she squashed the feeling down and took a deep breath, pushing the door open.

As soon as Lou stepped into the loft, Debbie lifted her head and greeted her with a smile, “Hey, houdini, where have you been?” the brunette joked.

Usually, Lou would make a saracastic remark about how it was audacious for Debbie to call her Houdini when she disappeared to prison for 5 years, but that wasn’t how today was going to go.

Lou placed down her bike helmet and started to pull off her jacket, walking in the direction of Debbie, “Debs, we need to talk about what happened last night, it’s no good burying our heads in the sand when this is a big deal, we can’t-“

“No.” Debbie cut her off urgently.

No? Lou was pissed.

“Debbie we kissed, and it wasn’t just a casual kiss. Not for me anyway, so what do you mean-“

She was cut off again, but this time, not by Debbie

“You two kissed?”

Lou’s head snapped round to see Tammy stood in the hallway, then she dragged her eyes back to the brunette who was now standing awkwardly at the end of the table, all of them in silence.

“Lou, Tammy couldn’t find a hotel to stay in this late at night, so I offered her a spare room.” Debbie explained, gesturing towards Tammy, but not taking her eyes off Lou.

“YOU TWO KISSED?!” Tammy exclaimed again, scurrying into the kitchen now.

“Tammy.” Debbie said sternly, shooting her a look.

“What happened to not running a job inside a job, no distractions?” Tammy asked, ignoring the look Debbie gave her.

“This isn’t a job, Tammy. It’s us.” Debbie flustered, gesturing between her and Lou.

“Oh, so there’s an ‘us’ now.”

“Tammy. Not helping.” Debbie snapped back.

Lou had been silent for their whole conversation, just looking between Tammy and Debbie in shock.

“Well,” Tammy’s stern look began to falter and turn into a smile, “I’m messing with you guys, I’ll leave you to it and pretend I didn’t hear anything when I'm with the other women, but don’t just shove this down like you did last time.” and with that, she was grabbing her coat and heading out the door.

“Last time?” Debbie shouted after her. Once the door was slammed shut, Debbie looked back over at Lou, who was staring at the door. “Lou.”

“What the fuck just happened?” the blonde almost whispered, finally looking back at Debbie.

“Sorry,” Debbie started to walk around the table towards Lou, “I was meant to text you.”

Lou just nodded in response, seemingly still in shock at what had just happened, and began walking towards the main living area of the loft.

“Did you mean what you said?” Debbie called out after her, following her into the room. When she earned a confused look from Lou, she continued, “that it wasn’t just a casual kiss for you?”

Lou sat down on the couch, resting her head in her hands and sighing, “I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.”

There was a silence that neither of them were used to, it wasn’t a comfortable one, it wasn’t a concentrated one, it was just a tense one. Lou started to feel more uncomfortable than she could cope with and lifted her head to look at Debbie, who was already staring right back at her.

“Good.” Debbie said quietly, “Because it wasn’t casual for me either.”

At first Lou looked shocked, but then her expression settled into a small smile.

“Good.” she said quietly back. They fell into another silence again then, this time looking directly at each other, more calm, “do you want to order takeout?”

“No.” Debbie replied simply, closing the gap between her and Lou gradually.

Lou didn’t know what to do, say or how to act. She had been dreaming of this moment since they first met, and now it was actually happening, her body was paralysed.

The brunette was just inches away now, settling on the sofa next to Lou and sensing how anxious she was, pulling her face back and giving the blonde some space, choosing to slump back onto the couch instead.

“What did Tammy mean when she said last time?” Debbie asked, Lou slumping back beside her.

The blonde let out a deep breath before she opened her mouth to speak, “When you left,” she paused for a minute, feeling Debbie tense next to her, “me and tim-tam got some drinks, and I had a few too many vodkas and admitted more than I should have.”

“They weren’t watered down vodkas, huh?” Debbie joked, jabbing Lou in the ribs, “you should have spoken to me, Lou.”

“Well, you were a bit busy with lover-boy Becker.” Lou raised an eyebrow, earning an apologetic look from the brunette, “I couldn’t just reappear in your life confessing that I had feelings for you, when you were with a man who could give you so much more than I could ever give you.”

“I never loved him, you know that right?” Debbie replied, “I was running a job inside a job, it got out of hand,” she paused, sitting up, “I was stupid, Lou, for leaving.”

“Well, you weren’t leaving much. About 45 bucks, a shitty one bed hotel room and some bingo cons.”

“I was leaving you, Lou.” Debbie took Lou’s hand in her own, “That was the worst mistake I have ever made.”

Lou squeezed Debbie’s hand, “Even worse than when you conned our way into that hotel room and it was full of bedbugs.” she joked.

“Even worse than that.” Debbie smiled.

“Shit,” Lou sighed, “You must really like me.” she winked.

“Mhm,” Debbie nodded, “I must really like you.”

Lou smiled then, a wide smile, one Debbie doesn’t recall ever seeing before, but it suited Lou and she wanted to make her smile like that every day from now on.

“Wanna know a secret?” Lou asked, receiving a nod from the brunette, “I really like you too.” she winked.

Debbie smiled then, leaning in closer to the blonde, sensing that she wasn’t as tense this time, and closing the gap between them. As their lips were millimetres away, Lou pushed forwards, crashing them together and bringing her hands to Debbie’s hair, tangling her fingers in her curls and massaging her scalp. Debbie smiled against Lou’s lips as she stroked Lou’s thighs, her heart thumping harder than ever in her chest. She raised her hand to Lou’s chest and felt it was doing the same, her smile growing.

As they pulled apart, Lou rested her hand on Debbie’s cheek, “do you want to take this slow? Until the job’s over? Tammy was right, you said no distractions.”

“Lou, I’ve been in prison for almost 6 years, fuck taking it slow.” The brunette managed to breathe out.

Lou smirked, pulling Debbie onto her lap into a straddling position and resting her hands on her thighs, “I was hoping you’d say that.” she pressed their lips back together, squeezing Debbie’s thighs before letting her hands travel to the brunette’s ass.

“Wait.” Debbie blurted out suddenly.

“Shit, sorry.” Lou removed her hands from her ass, raising them above her head.

“No, not that, that’s fine, that’s more than fine,” Debbie lowered Lou’s hands back down to her ass, “Tammy will be back soon.”

“Cock block.” Lou muttered.

Debbie laughed, resting her forehead against the blonde’s, “Come on.” She pushed herself off of Lou and stood up, holding her hand out for the blonde to take and pulling her off the sofa too, leading her up the stairs behind her.

When they reached Lou’s room, Debbie stopped. She hadn’t been in Debbie’s room since they had been in the loft. They’d shared so many rooms in the past, even single beds, but this time, Lou’s room seemed a lot more private.

“It’s okay.” Lou said softly, as though she was reading her mind, pushing open her bedroom door.

The room was so, totally, Lou. There was a drinks trolley in the corner, a bust on top that was adorned with a variety of necklaces, Lou’s rings were tossed next to it. There was a record player on a cabinet, records lined up beside it, her bed was messy, unmade, her sheets crumpled and her clothes tossed on the floor.

She didn’t apologise for the mess, she didn’t need to. Debbie had seen rooms in much worse conditions, and she knew how messy Lou was already. Instead, she led the brunette into the room before letting go of her hand, Debbie made her own way over to the bed and threw herself onto it, laying on her front.

“Oh, well, make yourself comfortable I guess.” Lou joked, throwing herself into bed next to her.

“I intend to.” Debbie winked, rolling onto her back, “I’m gonna go and get ready for bed.”


By the time Lou had finished getting ready for bed, Debbie was already back in the bed, she had helped herself to one of Lou’s oversized t-shirts and was wrapped up in the sheets.

“Move over.” She shoved Debbie as she slid into bed next to her, earning a disapproving grunt from the brunette, but she shifted up anyway. Once Lou got comfortable, she pulled Debbie in closer, spooning her and sliding her hand up the tee to rest on her toned stomach. “Night, jailbird.”

“Shut up, asshole.” Debbie poked Lou in the ribs, before moving her hand to cover the blondes on her stomach.

“I was being nice.” Lou laughed.

“Be quiet, i’m sleeping.” Debbie whined.

“Okay,” Lou whispered, Debbie’s shoulders sank into a relaxed pose as there was finally silence, “don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

“Louisa!” Debbie pulled the pillow out from beneath her own head and started to jokingly beat Lou with it, both of them laughing now.

“Okay, okay, you win.” Lou managed to say between her laughter.

“Thank you.” Debbie rolled back over, they summed their previous positions and this time Lou stayed quiet, “night, Lou.” she whispered, and Lou responded by squeezing her hand.

And just like that, it was as though they fell in bed together every night.

They felt like home.