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Underneath the Twilight

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Bella pov:

The day started out like any other despite the fact that it was actually not freezing cold outside. Thank god for summer except for the allergies and the rain. The humid rain. Well I guess beggars can’t be choosers. I did all my normal morning routines, and got dressed in a forest green top, flannel, dark skinny jeans, and some doc martens. I knew it was going to get chilly once the sun sets so the boots and flannel are a must here in forks. I grabbed my school bag and homework off my desk and made my way down the stairs. Where Charlie was making breakfast?
“Hey dad are you trying to start a fire or something.”, I say, trying to make light of the past couple days. See me and Edward have been fighting since I dragged him back from Italy. Mostly about what I can and can't do and it’s been pissing me off.

“Oh hey sweetheart I was just trying to make you something nice. I know you’ve been stressed with that boyfriend of yours lately.”, Charlie is always trying his best to make up for lost time.
Honestly I almost cried at that moment. Charlie was doing his best to make me feel loved and supported. Even though we have a hard time talking to each other.

“Oh umm thanks dad I really appreciated it, but me and Edward aren’t quite back together yet. The eggs look pretty good and the toast isn’t even burnt this time. I’m proud of you.”, He always likes to act like he didn't almost burn the house down making spaghetti.


Charlie laughs, “Well Bells you act like all I ever ate before you came here was fast food and the diner.”

Bella scratches her head,”Oh my bad, I just assumed.”

“Don’t worry baby, I'm not offended that you think I'm a helpless old man. Now eat up. The roads are kinda wet and I don’t want you hydroplaning in that heavy truck.”

“Speaking of which dad I think I need new tires soon mine are looking kinda bare.”

Charlie waves his hand, “I already got you some new hybride road wheels coming in soon. They will take some time to come in because the trucks got a different diameter than most. Let me know if they start giving you problems and I can always drop you off or have Jacob come and get ya.”

“Awesome thanks dad you didn’t have to do that. I could have paid for it and I am working now. I didn’t want to put you out.”

Charlie checks his watch “ Shit, I’m running late I'll see you later sweetheart. I’m working a double tonight so don’t wait up.” He wasn’t running late, he just didn’t want to talk about money with me. We both know that he doesn’t make as much as he should, But he can’t really ask for more in a small town like forks. He is right though I should probably leave soon just in case.
As soon as I walked out the door I felt bliss and soon after fell on my ass.
“Fuck!”Dad was right when he said it had rained last night. “God damn it. Now my jeans are wet and I don't have time to change.” Ugggggggg this sucks whatever. I tie my flannel around my waist to cover the muddy parts and jump in the truck. “Okay all we have to do is make it in one piece baby.”, I put the keys in to start the car and turn…. Okay and turn…. And turn…. Nothing, okay time to call someone. I pick up my phone and start scrolling through the contacts. So we have Edward but we aren’t on good terms right now. Jessica I don’t want her to ask why I didn’t call Edward. Jacob but he’s on partrole till noon. Alice but if I was supposed to call her she would have called me first right? Rose and Emmet are a no go because Rose hates me and I'm not getting Emmet in trouble. Carlisle is probably working. Esme is on call at someone's house till 2:30. So that leaves Jasper, but I don’t really know Jasper like I do the rest of the Cullens/Hales.
This could be a mistake, but anyone is better than edward. So here goes nothing. I tap the contact and let it ring.
“Ringgggg….Ringingggg…..speaker noises…. Hello?” Oh shit he actually answered.

“Uhhh hey yeah I kinda need some help and wait is Edward there?”I really hope he isn’t because that would be weird shittttt.

“No why what's the problem darling. Did he do something?” Oh no I was hoping he wouldn’t ask. I could deflect. Yeah, good plan brain.

“Uh yeah I’ll tell you later. Right now my Truck isn’t starting, and I think the battery is dead or something. I really don’t want to see or talk to Edward right now…. Could you help me out? Please, I’ll owe you one.” I really hope he will help me. I need to get to school on time or Charlie will be upset with me.

I could hear him thinking on the other side of the line, “Why didn’t you call Alice?”

“Well if I was supposed to call her she would have called me right.” At the time that made a lot more since. Now I'm not so sure.

I heard a deep breath, “Okay, I guess you're not wrong. I’ll be there in 20. Make sure you’re wearing a jacket. You're gonna need it.”

Still unsure but not willing to puss out now that I have a way I said, “Sounds good I’ll go throw on one real quick. Tha.. click.” Did he just hang up on me? Alright then once again beggars can’t be choosers. I gather all my stuff I just threw in the truck. I stuffed all my homework in my bag that fell on the floorboard. I run inside and decide that I probably have time to put on some not gross jeans.
As soon as I am getting my boots back on I hear a loud engine. I start running down the stairs and as soon as I'm gonna leave I remember I need a jacket apparently. I turn and see Charlie's brown leather jacket hanging on the hook and snatch it up.
As soon as I walk out the door I see why. Jasper in all his glory is on a motorcycle. Fuck Charlie’s going to kill me if he finds out. If is the key word.
Jaser shuts off the motorcycle, “You coming or not darling. We are runnin late.” Dang I never realized how nice that accent was.

Anyway, no time to think about that, “Coming! Sorry I had to change my jeans. I fell.”

Jasper laughed like actually laughed. I’ve never seen him ever smile or laugh. He’s always just quiet and hiding behind Alice. It's kinda nice. A breath of fresh air one could say.


“No problem doll.” He grabs something out of the seat. “Now I'm sorry to do this, but you do have to wear a helmet. Here.” He just turns and puts it on for me. I’ve never been this close to him. It has never been this hot in forks. After he’s got me ‘protected’ he throws his leg over the bike and stands it up. “Just jump on behind me Doll and hold on tight.” Oh fuck I really didn’t think this through like I thought I did. Okay Bella you got this. You’re just getting on your ex-boyfriends really hot brother's bike, and having to hold him the whole way to school. It’s totally fine.

“Yeah I can do that.” Do I always sound that breathless? I walk up to the bike and throw my leg over, and proceed to almost fall. Thankfully Japer caught me with his arm. After almost dying I settled in and put my arms around his waist. Uh oh he’s ripped. I can feel everything through this stupid thin shirt he’s wearing. Almost like he wore it on purpose to mess with me.

“You ready?”

“Of Course I’m always ready.” Where did that come from? What a liar. I fall when I’m ready to walk out the door. Let alone ride a motorcycle.

“Of Course darlin, I should have never asked.” I could feel the massive smirk on his face. “ Well hold on tight because we are runnin mighty late.” and we shot off.

Remind me to never provoke Jasper again. We almost died like a hundred times on the way here. Honestly and I hate to say this, that was the most fun I’d had in a while. I just couldn’t stop laughing from the adrenal.

I step off the back and take off the helmet shaking my hair. “ That was awesome Jasper, we have got to do that again. Pleaseeeeeee!!!”

Jasper put the kickstand down and got off the bike. “Of course, doll. I’m always down to have a pretty lady on my bike.”

…Blushing was an understatement. I was bright fire engine red. Which was only made worse because Edward had just pulled up in his volvo beside us.

“He’s mad isn’t he?”

Jasper flinched, “That’s an understatement darlin.” He put his arm in between my shoulder blades and sent me a wave of calm.

“Thank you Jasper, but I’ll be fine.”

Instead of taking his hand away though he put it fully around my shoulders.

“What are you…”

“SHhhhhh do you wanna make him jealous? It'll be fun.” that I wasn’t so sure of, but by the look on Jasper's face. It would probably be pretty funny, or blow up in my face. Either way, who doesn’t love a good shit show? Just as I was about to respond everyone starts to get out of the truck starting with Rose and Emmet. Aren’t they supposed to be in Panama by now?

Emmet being my favorite new big brother said, “Long time no see what it’s been like three whole days. I’m going though Bella withdraws. Who else can actually give me a challenge when I want to play Halo. Come on Jasper’s no good.”

I felt Jasper bristle at the jab, and lean into me a little more, “Well you just lucked out Em Bella here loves me more. She called me this morning because she wanted a ride on my new bike. Isn’t that right Darlin?” New bike no wonder it was so shiny. Just as he said that Alice and Edward decided to get out and stand with the rest of us. Edward was just looking at me confused. Alice just looked excited as usual. Maybe she liked shit shows.

“No way my sweet Halo playing Bella would ever want a ride on your new toy.” Emmet always going the humor route trying to make light of the situation.

Deciding to play along, “Yeah, Jas here was telling me about it the other day, and since I was having some car problems. I thought today was as good a time as ever.”

Jasper rubbed my arm and pulled me in a little more, and man do I wish we would do this more often.
“ You were just telling me how we should do it more often. I could start picking you up for school till you get that truck of yours fixed.” Okay now is the time to panic a little. What do you even say to that? Go with it. Yeah that was the plan as long as I don’t change how I’m acting now we can write it off later or something. I felt Jasper rub my arm and send some good vibes my way. I looked and saw Edward waiting for my response like this wasn’t just us messing with him. Like what I was about to say actually meant something.

I took a deep breath and casually mentioned, “ Yeah sounds good to me Jas. I had already assumed we were going to be doing that considering you're my favorite.” I did laugh a little at the end even though I was trying not to.

Emmet thought it was hilarious and busted out laughing, “ Man and here I thought you liked Edward. I should have known Jasper, and his southern charm could blind side ya.” Oh man am I going to get an ear full from Edward later. Totally worth it. I looked up after laughing to find that he had already left.

Alice turned to me, “ Come on, that was a little far guys.”

I turned and glared at her, “ Nothing is too far after what he did to me Alice don’t even start. He left me to rot here so I can have some fun messing with him.”

She sighed, “I guess you’re not wrong. On another note, when did you guys start getting along?” All of the sudden she looked very excited. I turned and looked at Jasper expecting him to have an answer, and all I found was a blank face. Then he lightly gripped my arm then let go.

Then he said, “ It doesn’t matter when only that we have, right Alice.” Well that was weird anyway.

“Let's get to class guys, it’s starting in like 10 minutes.”, I said.

Emmet looks at me and says, “Sorry that me and Rose won’t be around as much since we are technically graduated. I just wanted to say bye before we left. We won’t be gone too long though.” He then scooped me up in a big bear hug and then they were off. We and by that I mean me and Japer because Alice ran off. Started walking up to the school to go to our first class together. Me and Jasper have 1st period and 7th together. English and history, so fun. I could tell today was definitely going to be interesting.

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Bella's pov:

We were reading another classic I had already memorized. I couldn’t even imagine how Jasper felt. I wonder how many times he’s had to write a paper on The Wuthering Heights. At least three would be my guess.

Jasper raises an eyebrow at me and whispers, “Is there something funny about my face doll?” Huh? Oh I guess I was staring.

“Um…No, I was just thinking.” Smooth Bella smooth.

Jasper looked unimpressed, “Thinking? About, what exactly?” Okay Bella, it’s not like it was anything bad. So why do I wanna lie? Why do I want to mess with him? What's the worst that could happen?

“Well, If you must know I was thinking about how nice it was to have my arms wrapped around your waist. Among other things that are none of your business.” God I’m really trying to make this man hate me.

He chuckles, “Interesting and here I thought you were still mad because of what happened on your birthday. Turns out you get off on being in danger. Right, darling?” He had moved in real close to say that. So no one would hear. His breath on my ear sent shivers down my spine.

I swallowed, “ Well BRiNGGGG…… BRrrrriNgggg!!!” The bell rang and ended our first class of the day. Also ending me and Jasper's conversation.

He smirked, “ See you at lunch doll. Try not to die before then, alright.” And then he was gone.

What a bastard. I didn’t even get to come up with a clever comeback. Not that I could have anyway, but still. The next few class periods went by relatively quickly, and now while walking to the lunch room all I could think about was who was I going to sit by at the table. Edward was definitely a no. So I guess Alice or Jasper. I don’t want to push my luck with him so probably Alice, but she would tell me to sit by her if she thought I should. Uggggg, I don’t know anymore. Whatever, it's fine.

I was about to grab some lunch when I looked over and realized there was an extra tray conveniently placed right next to Jasper. He noticed me looking over, and patted the seat next to him. How was he being so casual about this? Oh I see he was really playing up this game for Edward. He even got me lunch to make it seem like it was planned. Like we had been talking more, and I had asked him to grab me lunch.

Deep breath in deep breath out. Okay, time to face the music. I put my shoulders back and stood tall. I wanted to seem like I was confident, and fully aware about what was going on. I was a part of this game. I wasn’t going to be the one getting played for once. Buckle up Edward you have a storm coming.

I threw my bag into the empty seat beside me, and sat down beside Jasper. I could feel the anticipation coming off of him in waves. So instead of saying anything I grabbed his hand, and held it like it was completely normal. The table was silent. So I started eating the cold lunchroom pizza. I really didn’t want to be the first person to talk.

Edward looked like he was about to say something when Alice cut him off, “Isn’t it so nice that they are getting along now Edward. You always complained that Jasper and Rose never really tried to get to know our Bella.”

He looked unsure, “Yeah, it’s great Alice. I doubt Rose will ever come around.” He did not sound as though he thought it was great. More like he was trying not to show his ass in the cafeteria.

Alice got a glazed look to her eyes then laughed, “Oh you’ll be surprised. Her and Rose eventually come to an understanding.”

He raised an eyebrow in disbelief. Was it really so hard to imagine me and Rose getting along. Okay, so maybe it was. She absolutely wanted nothing to do with me, but she did come with Em to say goodbye. So maybe there's a chance after they get back for us to find some common ground. I really hope so.

I guess I should say something, “Hey Jaz, next time we have pizza will you grab me some ranch too. It’s tasting extra dry today.” Is that really all I could think to say? I mean the pizza was dry, but I could have been more creative.

He laughed, “Sure darlin, but you’ll have to forgive me for my lack of forethought. It has been a while.”

Oh yeah, he doesn’t eat food. Well technically he does, it's just not cooked or dead. Anyway, Edward is not happy I can see it on his face no matter how much he tries to hide it. He had never really offered to get me food. Let alone tell him my preferences. I wonder what he’s thinking. It would be nice to have his gift at this moment.

I need to reply, “My bad, If I had known we were having pizza I would have mentioned it. When I asked you to grab me something.” The look on his face was one pure victory. What have I walked myself into? Even Alice looked confused. I guess I picked the lesser option. Instead of replying right away Jasper let go of my hand, brought it around to sit across my shoulder now that I was done eating.

Oh fuck, “Thanks though, I am grateful I didn’t have to walk though the line. It always stresses me out.”

He rubbed my shoulder up and down and said, “No Problem darlin. I aim to please.” He ended the sentence with a kiss on the top of my head.

I am in for it now. I felt the blush go all the way down my neck. Edward was ready to kill. I’m guessing the only reason he didn’t leave was because he was scared he would do something rash if he moved. Alice was worried, looking back and forth between me and Edward. Waiting for something to happen.

Then Jessica popped up out of know where, “So you’re fucking him too. Leave some for the rest of us Bella Jesus Christ.” … You’re kidding me… before I even knew what I was doing I felt the crunch of her nose underneath my fist.

Shit I'm so fucked when dad finds out.

Well it's too late now.

She’s already screaming with blood running down her face, and the only thing I could think to say was, “Now you can get that nose job you’ve wanted so bad, and you can blame it on me. Maybe even if you’re lucky the insurance will cover it.” When did I turn into such a bitch.

“When did you turn into such a bitch Bella? Was it before or after you got all the Cullen's to gang bang you.”

I looked over to the side to see that both Alice and Edward were gone. Probably all the blood. It was apparently just long enough for Jessica to swing at me. Thankfully I moved at the last second and she just barely missed me. I wonder if that looked as cool as it felt. She huffed in annoyance.

Before she could try and hit me again I picked up the plastic tray on the table and swung. In seconds she was on the ground, and I was holding half a lunch tray. I had hit her across the shoulder. I dropped the tray in surprise. Did I really just do that? I need to get out of here. Moments later I feel cold hands pulling me away through the crowd.

I Look over and see Jasper. Thank god, I really don’t think I could deal with Edwards' condescending tone right now. It’s funny when you think about it, the ‘Cullen’ with the least amount of control around blood is the only one that could stay. I didn’t know where he was leading me.

Till I looked up and saw the principal wave us over, and Jasper started leading me in that direction. I’m sure I could have told him that I wanted to go home, and he would have made it happen. I would have but I know it would have only made the situation worse. I looked over and saw the nurse cleaning Jessica up at one of the lunch tables. While teachers were shooing everyone's else back to class.

She looked pretty bad. Did I take it too far? Yes, the answer is yes. Do I feel bad about it? No, she has been rude to me since I got with Edward. She had always been jealous if not because of Edward then because Mike also had a thing for me, unfortunately. I am so sick of people pushing me around. I am done with it starting now. No more will Bella Swan be everyone else's punching bag.

Just as I made that decision in my head we made it to the principal's office. We stood there for a second. I looked over at Jasper confused. He took a deep breath and said, “I honestly don’t know what the hell that was, but Bella, if you were trying to get me interested in you, it’s working.”

Is he…making a joke?

I gave a little chuckle, “You’re kidding right… man if only it were that easy.” He honestly looks pretty serious, but maybe that's just his face.

He smirks, “That’s up to you to find out, pretty lady. Now it’s time to face the music. I’ll come with you if you want me to, for support.”

Deep breath in deep breath out, “Please, I can’t do this on my own…. Okay, let's do this before I lose my nerve and puss out.”

Jasper opens the door for me, and we walk in together. Mr. Greene does not look impressed. Great, he's probably pissed. That’s fair I did beat Jessica up pretty bad.

“Take a seat Ms. Swan.” He moves his hand toward the chairs in front of his desk.

I quickly take my seat on the right, and Jasper instead of sitting just stands behind my chair.

Mr. Greene glares at him, “And can I ask why you are here Mr. Hale?”

He smiles which doesn’t really make him look any less intimidating. Jasper out of all the Cullen's is the most unnerving, maybe it’s the scars on his otherwise perfect skin. Maybe it’s the way his smiles never look real, always more like a grimace. It could be a number of things, but none of them matter when his words can make a whole army of people be under his control. His gift is both terrifying and useful. Depending on whos side he’s on.

Then he spoke really toning up his southern accent, “Well Mr. Greene my girlfriend here really needed the moral support. I sure wouldn’t want her having a breakdown over something as trivial as a little tussle in the cafeteria.”

Mr. Greene sighed, “Fine, as long as you behave you may stay. On the other hand Ms. Swan I am very disappointed in you. I have already called your father, and he is on his way. With another officer to get both yours and Jessica's statement. Plus some from your classmates who saw the predicament.”

He took a deep breath and continued, “Now, tell me what happened. I want your side of what happened before I make any assumptions.”

Oh okay Bella you totally remember what happened, “Well me and Jasper were talking when Jessica showed up out of nowhere. She said some really nasty stuff about me, and all of a sudden we were fighting.”

Mr. Greene did not look impressed, “And what did Ms. Stanley say?”

“She something about me fucking him too referring to Jasper. And that I should leave some for the rest of them. I don’t know it was stupid. I was just so sick of her always acting like I was a whore because guys like me, and I got with the one person she couldn’t have.”

He looked confused, “Care to explain that to me Bella. I don’t really keep up with the latest gossip.”

I swallowed, “Well, she always liked Mike and Mike liked me and I didn’t like Mike. So then she got with Mike, and was always mad because she wasn't the first pick. And then I started dating Edward last year and she was livid because he was the one guy she thought was out of everyone’s league. Then he left and she was all smug saying he never loved me and stuff like that. Then when they came back, me and Edward were still friends. I guess she couldn't handle it. I don’t know. Oh and I guess she saw that I was with Jasper, and decided to use that against me too.”

God she really wasn’t a good friend, and wait did Jasper say I was his girlfriend earlier. Ugggg dad is going to be more pissed than he already was going to be. Jasper leaned down a little, and put his hand on my shoulder. He sent some calm though the connection.

Mr. Greene rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed, “Why didn’t you come to someone in the staff earlier about this?”

I rubbed my arm anxiously, “Well, I didn’t really think anyone would care. It’s not like she was physically hurting me so I guess I just let it go.”

“Okay well Ms. Swan at this time I’m thinking your punishment won’t be too severe considering. Ms. Hammond did text me saying Ms. Stanley's nose wasn’t broken, and that her arm was just bruised. Probably just a couple days suspension. Now that could always change. I am going to talk to Ms. Stanley, and then her and your parents and come to a decision.”

There was a knock on the door and Ms. Hammond stuck her head in and said, “I’ve brought Jessica. She’s calm enough to talk now. She already gave her statement to the police officer. Speaking of which Ms. Swan your fathers here.”

Mr. Greene nodded, “Alright Ms. Swan you’re dismissed. Ms. Hammond will you please send Ms. Stanley in.”

Me and Jasper get up and just before we open the door to leave Mr. Greene says, “I know you’re a good kid Bella. Please, don’t get involved with the wrong crowd.” When he said that his eyes shifted to Jasper.

My eyes narrowed, “Don’t worry I’m a smart girl.” Then we left.

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Bella’s Pov:

As we were leaving the office I saw Jessica coming. God she looked worse that I thought she would. Her nose was bruised all the way across, and it made her have black eyes. Her shirt was also rolled up where I hit her with the tray, and damn, I didn’t think I could do that kind of damage. It was purple and green all the way from her shoulder to her elbow. I bet it went up a little onto her upper back too.

As we passed she gave this smug ass smirk. All I could do was smile a big smile. I wanted her to know I didn’t regret a damn thing. The last thing I saw before she walked into the office was her face dropping and her hand going around to hold her arm. I guess she was trying to be brave in front of me.

As soon as me and Jasper walked out into the foyer Charlie got up, “What are you smiling about young lady? You’re in big trouble. I don’t know what that principal is going to give you as punishment, but I’m going to triple it.”

“Are you even going to hear my side of the story, first dad?” Did he not even care that she harassed me first?

He got a calmer look on his face and sighed, “Bella, although it does matter, and I will always be on your side in the end. You did beat the hell out of that poor girl.” He took a deep breath and rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Hey, Brent get over here and lets get her statement. Before I go completely grey.”

Brent laughs, “All right chief. I didn’t know your daughter was such a troublemaker.”

“Yeah well neither did I.” He’s really disappointed in me. God today has been a shit show since I walked out the door this morning. I should have known better than to think today would be a good day.

Brent got his notepad and looked at me, “Alright whenever you’re ready little lady.”

I spilled everything that I did moments ago in the office.

“Alright, is that everything Bella?”

“Yep, that should be everything. All I can remember anyway. After I had taken fall last year my memory has been a little blurry at times.” Maybe, I can gain some sympathy points. I mean it wasn’t a complete lie anyway. My memory has been a little weird since Phoenix. Better actually, maybe it has to do with the bite. Both Charlie and Brent flinched when I mentioned what happened in Phoenix.

“Alright chief, I'm going to go get statements from the rest of the students. You deal with your little troublemaker.”

Charlie smiled, “Good luck, with the other kids Brent. They love to exaggerate.”

Brent laughed as he left. Now all that was left was me, Charlie, and Jasper. Everything should be fine as long as I stay calm. I’ve been feeling a panic attack under the surface since Jessica showed up. Maybe Jasper was helping me keep it under control. I guess we’ll never know. Was the room getting smaller or am I just going crazy. Just as soon as I had that thought. I felt Jaspers’ arm wrap around my waist, and a wave of calm come over me. Oh, so he was definitely helping.

Charlie sighed, “So Bella other than the fact that you’ve been hiding the bullying Jessica has been doing. Is there anything else you want to tell me?” He looked over at Jasper very non discreetly.

Well here goes nothing, “Well dad this is Jasper. He’s my… Boyfriend?” Jeez, Could I sound any more unsure of myself? Charlie did not look amused. Jasper on the other hand looked like a cat who got the cream. Oh no, what have I walked myself into?

Jasper smiled and laid on the southern charm real thick, “Nice to meet you Mr. Swan. I’m sorry we had to meet at such an unfortunate time. Bella here has been trying to get me to come down, and see ya for a while now. But with Edward being a right asshole. We decided to put off mentioning it. Till we knew if we were going to be taking the relationship seriously, or if we needed to just stay friends. See I also just got out of a long relationship. We were hoping to find out if we just needed someone, or if we actually wanted to be together.”

Charlie looked like he was considering it. Then, gave a huff, “Well I guess that makes sense boy. Now tell me what are your intentions with my daughter? As you stand here today.”

Jaspers’ arms around my waist tighten a little. Then I felt him write the word sorry into the skin of my hip. Sorry for what? What was he about to do? What was he sorry for? Getting us in this situation in the first place over a little prank on Edward, for lying, for telling the truth. How could I know? I really wish things made more sense.

I thought I loved Edward, but with Jaspers’ arm around my waist. All thoughts of Edward left my mind. As if he never mattered in the first place. Did he? If all it takes is a little attention from someone else. Do I just like Jasper? I mean he is handsome. But what of Alice? I heard Jasper mention they had ended their relationship. I had just assumed she was in on the joke, but what if she wasn’t. What if they aren’t even together anymore, and Jasper just wanted something fun to get his mind off the breakup.

Would that really be so bad? I am using him to feel better about me and Edward fighting all the time. Being with him is the most fun I’ve had in a while. Even though we aren’t together, I’m going to enjoy this. I’m going to take everything Jasper gives me in stride. I want to feel what it feels like to actually live. I want to be on the edge. To jump and feel the wind on my face, and the splash of the water when I hit. To feel the fear of the possibility of drowning in the depths. That's what I want and that’s what I’ll get. No more baby Bella Swan. I’m going to make life what I want it to be, and enjoy every second of it. The good and the bad.

Then I hear Jasper raspy voice break though my internal monolog, “Well Mr. Swan if I’m being completely honest. Bella here has made me happier than I have been in a very long time. I will do whatever it is that she wants. Whatever it takes to make her happy, and as long as she’ll have me I’ll be there.”

Jeez, is he trying to make me fall for him on purpose? If it wasn’t for the fact that his arm was still around I’d probably be a little puddle at this point.

Charlie looked intrigued, “Well I’m still not sure about you boy, but as long as Bella trusts you. I’ll trust her judgment. Now if you hurt one hair on my little girl's head. I’ll find you. Mark my words.”

Jasper looked amused, “Of course sir. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Then the doors to the foyer opened, and who I could only guess to be Jessica's mom walked in. She seemed really exhausted. Like she was going to kill over at any moment. She looked over at us and sighed, “I honestly don’t know why that girl thought she could pick a fight with the chief of police's daughter and win. It’s beyond me.”

Charlie laughs, “You must be Jessica's mother.”

“Yep, that’s me. Now I’m sorry for all of this Jessica's mouth always gets her in trouble. I knew this was going to happen one day. Maybe it’ll teach her a lesson.”

I was definitely not expecting her to be on my side at all. Huh, the doors to the office open and then a crying Jessica comes out.

Her mom does not seem like she wants anything to do with this, but she straightens up and says, “Oh baby are you okay?” The rest is just Jessica blabbering into her mom's chest. Damn, when did she become such a baby?

Soon after Mr. Green comes out, “Alright I've heard what I needed. Mrs. Stanley and Chief Swan please join me so we can determine their punishment.”

Charlie eyes me, “Can Bella go ahead and drive home? She’s quite tired.”

Mr. Greene looks at me then to Jasper, “Yes, you’re both dismissed. You as well Jessica. Go home and get some rest. Your parents and I will determine your punishments. Then, they will relay them to you.”
Mr. Greene motioned for my dad and Jessica's mom to enter, “Now let's get down to business.”

After that door closed everything seemed to shift.

Jessica glanced over at me and sneered, “It seems I was right you are screwing him. What a shame that you had to settle for the least desirable out of all the Cullen's. You’d be better off getting with Tyler.”

I could feel Jaspers feeling through the hand on my waist. I’m not sure if he knew of that fact or not, but I wasn’t going to tell him just in case he moved it. So… insecurity. That’s not something I thought vampires could feel. They are all so beautiful. Perfect to an extent. Jasper was the most unusual of the Cullen's. That’s for sure.

He had scars. Somehow the perfect skin of a vampire wasn’t so perfect. I wonder how that worked. Maybe his scars are like mine from Phoenix. Made by other vampires. I did hear he was in some kind of vampire war. I’ll have to ask him.

I wonder why Jessica hates him so much. Maybe it the same reason Mr. Greene didn’t like him. I had to admit it Jasper was kinda off putting. I’ve never been afraid of him, but I could see how one could be. He definitely has and air of don’t fuck with me, or I'll kill you and enjoy it. You know? Anyway I had a bitch to respond to. Jasper looked at me expectedly.

Here goes nothing, “Well you know Jessica not everyone likes boring ass guys. Who don’t even know how to fuck, but thanks for the concern. I’m sure you’ll be very happy in a relationship where he can't ever get you off.”

Jessica looked confused, “What are you talking about Bella? Mike does just fine.”

She seemed very unsure of herself, “Really? I guess I misjudged him then, but maybe you just like the attention he gives you. So you just let the fact that he’s a dud in the sac go. I could never. It’s not very fun if you ask me.” No one was asking Bella!!! Not like I’ve ever had sex before either. Why am I like this? The worst part is based on her face. I'm not wrong. Poor mike.

She stammered, “Well well… How is that any of your business?”

What? She started this, “It’s not. So maybe you should have kept your nose out of my business in the first place. Try it again and I won’t just bruise you a little.”

Then, I shoulder checked her on the way out. On her bad side of course. Jasper pulled me in real tight laughing on the way out. There were a couple of people standing around the office. I guess that they wanted to see if I was going to be left in handcuffs or something. They all looked pretty shocked when we came laughing. We were leaning into each other. I sighed, this was nice. I could get used to having Jasper around. Just as I thought that he pulled me to face him. Then he slowly inched his face closer to mine.
In a deep quiet voice he whispered, “Do you trust me?’

And without thinking I said, “With my life.”

He smirked then pulled me in so that if you looked at us from a certain angle it would seem like we were kissing. Fuck, his lips were so close to mine. I could feel my heart racing. Before I could even try to move forward and complete the kiss Edward came over and pulled Jasper off of me.

I couldn’t stop myself. I yelled, “What the fuck are you doing!?”

Edward has the ability to at least look a little ashamed, “What am I doing? What are you doing? Bella, he could hurt you. He has no control.”

Oh… I didn’t even think about that. Jasper did have a harder time around blood then the rest of them. Although if that were the truth then why did they run away when me and Jessica fought and Jasper stayed.

I’m so tired of this, “I’m done Edward.” Huh… I actually said it. Edward got a really angry look on his face, and I looked over and saw Jasper standing there like a smug little bastard. Oh no, what is he thinking about?

Edward spoke, “I see how it is Bella. He could give you things I couldn’t. Honestly I’m impressed you could control yourself Jasper, considering what you are.” Does he think me and Jasper… fucked like for real fucked. Like not just some joke to make Jessica feel bad or Edward Jealous. Edward saw something in Jaspers mind that has him convinced that we’ve fucked. Dear god, if you are out there please make Edward not freak out in the middle of the school.

I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could Jasper butted in. This should be good, “It’s really not that hard when you’ve had practice.”

Uh oh… “So anyway guys, let's take this somewhere else okay. The middle of the school is definitely not the place.”

Soon after I said that Alice came running at a fast human pace around the corner. She started to pull Edward away from us, but before he left he said, “I won’t let him win Bella. You’re mine.”

And he turned his back to leave, “I belong to no-one but myself, Edward.”

He just kept walking as if he didn’t hear me. Jasper pulled me to him, and we walked out the other door going toward his bike. Well I was right, today was definitely interesting.

Chapter Text

Bella Pov:

Jasper was holding my hand as we left. I looked over to where we were going. Edward and Alice were already standing by his Volvo. Why couldn’t they just leave already. Jasper and I slowed down to a walking pace. Hoping that by the time we made it over there they would be gone. Alice was clearly arguing with Edward even though I couldn’t hear them.

Jasper flinched and I felt something I couldn’t quite define though our connection. Sad maybe, but it felt more like when someone you love is disappointed in you. Like you messed up and they all the sudden don’t want anything to do with you.

Suddenly Jasper spoke in a low voice, so they wouldn’t hear over their shouting, “We don’t have to do this anymore if you don’t want to. I… I didn’t mean for it to go so far. Edward he’s… well, upset would be an understatement.”

To say that statement pissed me off would be an understatement, “Well, it’s too damn late for you to take it back now Jasper. You’re stuck with me and my bullshit till I say so. We got into this mess together, and if we get out of it. It will be together. Got it cowboy?”

Stunned yeah, that’s the word I would use to describe Jasper right now. We had come to a complete stop in the middle of the school parking lot. He let go of my hand to run it through his hair. God why did he have to look like that. It made it so hard to argue. No Bella, snap out of it. Stand your ground you promised you wouldn’t let pretty boys tell you what to do anymore.

He sighed, sounding tired, “I don’t know if you would feel the same if you knew how Edward felt.”

Oh so that’s how it is. If only he hadn’t let go of my hand maybe I would be able to tell how he was feeling, “What does Edward have anything to do with my decisions? Last time I checked him and I are over.” After the way Edward has treated me it’s in my best interest to just stay away from him. At best I could be his friend, but only if he could respect my boundaries.

Jasper looked unsure, but winked and spoke, “I didn’t mean it like that and you know it Bella. I was just considering him as something that could possibly hold you back in our relationship.”

Our relationship? Oh, I glanced to the right, and saw Edward in his Volvo with the windows down. With Alice pouting in the passenger seat. I see, he’s testing me. He wants to see if I'm serious about this, or if Jasper and I are messing with him. Maybe, It’s what I say when I don’t think he’s around that interests him. I’m not sure, but last time I checked this was none of his business. So I'm going to make him regret being nosy.

I took a step towards Jasper, and placed my hands on his chest. Okay Bella, what would fuck with Edward the most? He really didn’t like when he caught me and Jasper ‘kissing’. I wonder if Jasper would even be okay with kissing me. Only one way to find out. If not I’ll make it up to him later. Right now I need to prove a point.

I looked up at Jasper, “After what we’ve been through together. I’m not going to let some past crush get in the way of us Jazz.”

I moved my hands up to the back of his neck, “Now kiss me like you mean it cowboy. Prove it to me that you’re not going to leave me.” There was an unsaid like Edward at the end of my sentence.

He slowly slid his hands to rest on my waist. Then he leaned forward till just our noses were touching, “Are you sure darlin? After this there’s no going back. You’re stuck with me, and I mean it. No more games. Just you and me”

Fuck that voice is going to put me in an early grave. I took a breath, “Please, make me yours Jasper.”

Jasper's eyes darkened considerably, and his breathing became uneven. “Lord Bella, you have no idea what you’re doing to me. I might just take you right here if you're not careful. Make you one of us, and steal you away forever.”

… Fuck… I’m so screwed. I opened my mouth to say something back, and before I could let out a sound. He leaned down and kissed me. Fuck, It should be a sin for how good his mouth feels on mine. It felt so unrestrained, wild even.

Nothing like how it felt when me, and Edward kissed. It always seemed like we couldn’t stop kissing fast enough for him. Like he was just doing it to appease me, but with Jasper it was like he was trying to show me that he didn’t think I was just a fragile human.

I leaned into the kiss, and as I did I felt a rumble in his chest. God that is hot. He soon pulled away, and when he did I took a big breath of air. He brought a hand to my face and rubbed his thumb across my cheek. I closed my eyes and leaned into it. Damn, I could definitely get used to that everyday.

I heard him let out a little chuckle, “You know. If you really want.” He leaned down and put his face on my neck. He slowly started trailing kisses down my neck, “I’ll change you whenever you’re ready. I know you were considering it for a while. Bella I..”

Before he could finish his sentence Edwards Volvo stopped right behind where Jasper was standing.

Edward spoke, “I see how it is Bella. You definitely moved on while I was gone. Only you got with someone even more dangerous than I. Jasper, we will be having a talk when you get home.”

Then he drove off. Well that was more pleasant than earlier at least. I’m guessing it had something to do with Alice being in the car with him. She probably told him doing anything other than just talking would end badly, or maybe he saw it in her head. No-one knew but him and Alice.

I turned and looked at Jasper, “Let's get out of here, please.”

He nodded and threw his arm over my shoulder and we walked over to his bike. He got the helmet back out of the seat for me to wear. Then, he straddled the bike and started it without saying a word. Oh no, I hope I haven't done something wrong. I put on the helmet and slowly stepped onto the bike behind him, and wrapped my arms around him. Soon after he felt me get settled he backed out of his spot, and we were on our way back to my house. I found myself thinking the whole way home.

Did Edward really care if I was with Jasper because he loved me, or because he felt like he owned me. It’s not like me and him ever really saw eye to eye. He always thought I was getting into things that were too dangerous for me to handle. I wonder if he saw me more as a pet than a lover. Not that it really matters now considering that he and I are over.

When we finally got home Jasper parked his bike and stepped off. I followed soon after. I took off the helmet and handed it to him. He placed it back in the seat. He leaned over the bike for longer than necessary. He ran an aggressive hand through his hair. Then, he turned around and looked at me. Like really looked at me. Honestly, it was starting to make me feel self conscious. He suddenly turned and walked toward the house. Okay, what was going on? I followed him over and unlocked the door. Opening it and following him in.

I locked the door back, put my keys on the hook, and then felt Jasper walk behind me, “Here let me help.”

He immediately helped me shrug off my jacket, or well more like Charlie's jacket. Afterwards he hung it on the hook for me. What a gentleman. He walked over, and placed a hand on my cheek.

Eventually, he looked down and sighed, “Bella, we really need to talk about what happened today. Before….. Before… I…”

He looked up at me, unable to finish his sentence, “Bella, please just tell me what you want from me.”

…Oh, what do you even say to that, “I… I don’t know anymore, Jasper. All I know is that I want to be happy, and the time I spent with you today was the best I’ve felt in awhile.”

I put my own hand over his, and the other on his chest. As I did so I felt a little rumble come from him. He moved his other hand around and placed it on my waist.
He seemed unsure of what to say, “I know we didn’t talk a lot before, but god do I regret not getting to know you sooner. There’s something about you that I just can’t place. Something that pulls me to you, and I promise it’s not because you smell like a tasty treat.”

I snickered at his little joke, “Okay, but what do you want from me Jasper. Was today all apart of our stupid prank on Edward or was it real?”

He went completely still, “Was that what you thought? That it was just something to get Edward riled up. Well I hate to tell you sweetheart, but that little game ended before you even knew it began. When you asked if Edward was there this morning I lied. He was in the kitchen talking to Carlisle on how to fix your relationship, and something about the way he was talking about you made me furious. So when I got your call I saw it as a great time to put Edward in his place. God you should have seen his face. He was so mad that you called me for help, and not him.”

He took a deep breath and continued, “But after I saw you there this morning. All swallowed up in your dad's jacket. You were trying so hard not to seem scared, but I could feel everything you felt. Don’t ever forget that you can’t hide your feelings from me Darlin. The one that confused me the most was when you felt lust looking at me. Now that was a surprise. So I decided to push my luck and see what you could take. You always manage to exceed my expectations. Nothing fazes you, and by lunch you had me wrapped around your finger. Nothing could compare to the way I felt when you got in that fight. Lord, you’re absolutely breathtaking when you’re angry.”

He took a step closer to me. I could feel his breath on my face.

“And now I can feel that you want me darlin.” He moved in just slightly closer, “But I can also feel all the different emotions that you feel around me. I’m definitely interested in you Isabella, but I’m not willing to pursue someone that isn’t sure. We can act for your dad and school. Maybe even when we are alone we will just get to know each other better. Then, when you’re ready let me know, and if you never are I’ll accept that.”

Finally I spoke, “Okay that sounds good to me, but how do I know you’ll wait for me?”

He moved to where his mouth was just ghosting over mine, “You won’t Isabella. So enjoy me while you can.”

Suddenly he kissed me. This wasn’t like the other one. This one was proving a point. It was hard and intense. The hand that was on my cheek slid to the base of my neck where he carded his hand through my hair. Using that as leverage he pressed me to him harder.

Soon after he pulled my head back by my hair. “Jesus, Jasper!”, I whispered. I felt his chest move with laughter. He ran his nose down the side of my face down to my neck. Which he started kissing hungrily. Not gonna lie, it worried me a little bit. Considering that, it just turned me on more. Maybe he was right earlier, maybe danger does get me off. He ran his tongue down the side of my neck till he got to the spot where it meets my shoulder. Immediately he started sucking on it.

“Oh fuck, Jasper!”, Shit was that me? The hand that was on my waist moved to my lower back. Where he used that as leverage to pull us closer together. I gasped as soon as I felt what he was packing between us. Jesus if I don’t get some kind of friction soon I might cease to live.

When he was happy with what I’m guessing is now a massive hickey. He pulled off my neck and started kissing me again. Slowly we began to back up to where the couch was. When the back of my knees hit it. Jasper pushed me down. Holy fuck I could cum just by the look on his face.

Although that voice could do so much more, “Oh Darlin aren’t you pretty all defenseless and flushed.”

He had a feral grin on his face. I could see his fangs sticking out slightly. He started to inch toward me. Slowly he got on top of me. Sliding his knee in between my legs. Giving me some much deserved friction. He ran his hand under the edge of my shirt. Feeling my skin and stopping at my waist.

He bent down and hovered right above my lips, “Tell me what you want me to do Isabelle. I want to hear you say it.”

On God I could have died right there, “Kiss me Jasper.”

I didn’t even stutter. Damn I’m getting better at this. Just when I was starting to feel more confident he leaned in and kissed me. Just as he was told to. He put one of his hands underneath my head so he could deepen the kiss. Deciding to be more proactive I nibble on his bottom lip. Bringing it ever so slightly into my mouth.

Jasper pulled back and started running kisses down my throat, “Fucking hell Bella. I don’t know how Edward ever was able to stop himself around you.” While groaning into my neck he moved to where he was completely in between my legs. Grabbing one and hoisting it around his hip. Then, grinding into me.

Just when I was about to say we should probably take a minute to readjust. I heard the door open and Charlie’s key jingle. “What the hell is going on in here!”

Good question dad. I had been so lost in it all. That I hadn’t even realized what I was actually doing. Well what we were doing. Even Jasper looked shocked. How did he not hear Charlie come home? Was he as lost in it as I was? Jasper slowly sat up. I slid back and sat up and pulled down my shirt. Thank god we didn’t get any farther.

Charlie looked at me expectantly, “Well Bella, what has gotten into you today? First, the fight, then, the boyfriend that I didn’t know about, and now I find you messing around on the couch.”

Well when you put it like that, “I…. I don’t…I’m sorry to disappoint you dad.”

“You’re damn right I’m disappointed. Now I know you’ve been having a hard time, but that doesn’t mean you get to act out. You’re not on drugs or anything are you?”

I’m not going to lie, I'm a little hurt, “No dad. Come on. I’m just trying to be a teenager for once. I’m tired of being an adult all the time. I’m sorry that this all happened at once, but I’m not going to regret it.”

Charlie ran his hand over his face, “You know Bella. I’m too tired for this right now. Get your boy out of here now. I need a beer.”

That was the end of it I guess. I heard the fridge open in the kitchen, “Okay Jasper lets get you out of here before he blows a gasket.”

Jasper looks at me a little startled, “Sorry yeah.”

He gets up and I walk him out. After I close the door. I’m caught in a kiss. He soon pulls away, “I’m sorry Bella I didn’t hear him pull up, or I promise I would have said something.”

I sigh, “I know Jasper. Although it is a little hard to believe. Like how distracted does a vampire have to be to get snuck up on?”

He hummed, “Very, you just felt so good I never wanted it to end. Let alone us never touching skin to skin.”

I could feel the heat in my cheeks, “Well when I’m finally ungrounded when I’m thirty we can do it again some time.”

He laughed and said, “I have a feeling it will be sooner than that.”

He sighed while running a finger down my cheek, “Well I bid you farewell my love. If I should be so lucky to see you in my dreams. Then God is surely smiling upon me.”

I giggled. When have I ever giggled, “You don’t sleep silly.”

He grinned, “Oh, but you forget about daydreaming my love.”

He smirked and threw his leg over his bike. Turning the key and sped off into the distance. Oh man, I got it bad.

Chapter Text

Jasper Pov:

What the hell were you doing Jasper? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! God Edward is going to be such a bastard when I get home. With reason this time. I almost fucked Bella. Holy shit! I almost fucked Bella. She almost let me. I don’t know which is worse. Probably the fact that her dad walked in on us. I’ve never been so lost in lust that I wasn’t aware of my surroundings.

God, she felt so good underneath me. Okay, take a deep breath Jasper. Everything is going to be fine. She wanted it to. It’s not like you were taking advantage of her. You felt that she wanted it. Also you didn’t almost fuck her. Both of us were completely clothed. Well, if I had it my way we wouldn’t have been for much longer. Thank god I chose not to wear a helmet while I rode. It really helped me cool off after what Bella and I just did.

I wonder if this is why Alice ended things between us. After Edward made us all leave. Alice had sat me down, and said we would both find our true soulmates soon. So that we wouldn’t be in each other's way we ended things between us. It has been a lot more normal than I’d like to admit.

We’ve been through so much together that I thought I would miss our intimate relationship more. Honestly it’s like breathing now that her and I have decided to just be friends. Considering we aren’t really soulmates. Maybe this is how we were always meant to be.

Uggggg, why can’t I stop thinking about her lips on mine. I turned down the driveway. Okay Jasper get a hold of yourself. You can’t let Edward see anything. God, the thought of Edward seeing her like I just did makes me want to burn the world. I parked my bike in the garage. I took a moment to steady myself, and then headed inside.

When I walked in I noticed everyone, but Emmet and Rosalie home and at the dining table. Of course they would be there. Considering this does require a family meeting I guess. Although I don’t know why it’s any of their business who Bella or I are with.

Alice stood as I came in, “Jasper, have a seat we have a lot to discuss.”

I rolled my eyes, and she gave me a glare, “I really don’t think we do, but I’ll entertain the idea. That is unless you’re going to tell me what it is I can do. Then don’t bother.”

I saw Edward bristle at the slight, “We are going to talk Jasper. Make it civil for once, would you.”

What a bastard. Yeah I hope you heard that Edward. He gave me a glare. I smirked and sat at the chair that had no one next to it. Apparently Alice was not happy with my choice. Maybe I should have sat next to her. Maybe that had a better outcome, but I’m feeling very attacked already. I want to be able to leave whenever I feel the need.

Carlisle sighs while pinching the bridge of his nose, “Okay tell me why you thought it was okay to mess with someone else's soulmate, Jasper?”

Soulmate my ass? Bella wasn’t Edwards' mate. Right?

I raised an eyebrow, “Last time I checked she wasn’t his, and even if she were. Everything I did with her she wanted and asked for.”

Carlisle ran his hand down his face, “Even if that is true.” Edward looked like he wanted to interrupt, “Do you really think it appropriate?”

Before I could respond, Edward cut in, “I can’t believe you would go to such length to make everyone else as miserable as you are. Just because Alice doesn’t want you doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me. This is ridiculous Jasper. She is mine!”

I laughed hard. Some people may say this is when I finally lost it. Honestly this is the first time I’ve felt completely in control. Bella does that to you. She helps me feel strong, and able to take anything on. Her teenage rebellion is definitely starting to rub off on me.

I smirked, “It’s funny. You know the fact that you think see’s yours. It’s a joke that you think you can compete with me. I don’t have to own Bella for her to want me.”

Edward stood up and slammed his hands on the table almost hard enough to break it, “Liar! She would never want you. She’s my soulmate, and you can’t have her! You’re a liar! I bet you’ve never even really kissed her. This is just some game to you.”

I let some of what we were doing earlier slip. I reeled it in as quickly as possible, but it was too late. He had already seen it.

“Edward It's not…”

He interrupted me, “You could have killed her! How could you? She isn’t yours too..”

Carlisle stood, interrupting Edward, “Edward lower your voice. I know you’re upset, but it is not a reason to act a fool. Now sit down.”

Edward listened and sat back down looking ready to start shit again. Carlisle sighed and turned toward me, “Now Jasper I’m sure I speak for everyone here in asking what it was that Edward saw.”

I cringed, “Well I’m not sure It’s appropriate.”

Carlisle glared at me, “I’m sure whatever it is pertains to what we are talking about. Am I correct?”

I swallowed, “Yes.”

He smiled, “Then it needs to be said. I’m sorry to pry, but this is an extremely sensitive situation. Now tell us what it is exactly you were thinking about to set Edward off.”

Carlisle sat back down and gestured for me to explain.

What a bastard, “Well unlike what you may think Carlisle I don’t think things on purpose. Just to provoke Edward. Maybe he should keep his nosey self out of my head. He just said something that made me think of Bella. If I’m being completely honest I wish he wouldn’t have seen it at all.”

Edward growled, “Like I would want to see Bella like that with you of all people. I wasn't in your head on purpose.”

He crossed his arms like a child. I did feel a little bad. Edward was not doing well right now. The emotions coming off of him mostly consisted of self loathing and betrayal. Jesus, he is so dramatic. Carlisle gave me the sign to continue. I really didn’t want to talk about this with the whole family.

I groaned, “Fine, I’ll tell you. Before I came here today I had dropped Bella off at home. Well her and I have been getting mighty close lately, and one thing leads to another. The part that Edward saw was…” I cleared my throat and took a deep breath. Everyone was completely silent.

I knew they knew what I was getting at, but this was some sort of strange and unusual punishment. “When I had pushed her onto the sofa, and soon after I was between her legs. She then asked me to kiss her, and I’m sure you can figure out the rest.”

Edward looked absolutely ready to kill, but before he could yell at me again Carlisle spoke, “I had a feeling.” He sighed looking much older than he should considering his eternal youth. “Jasper I’m not going to stop you from seeing Bella, but from what I’ve heard you haven’t been a very good influence on her. I’ve been told Bella got into a fight today. Now that doesn’t sound very Bella like to me. I do know that you have a violent streak, and that maybe you have been influencing her.”

Damn and here I thought Carlisle didn’t have any favorites. I see how it is. Don’t worry I’ll make sure this is the moment you live to regret old man. Edward gave me a confused look.

I smirked, “You know you’re right Carlisle, maybe I’m no good for her, but that’s not my problem. Last time I checked as long as no one dies, no harm, no foul, right.” I stood, “Bella and I are not going to change to make anyone more comfortable. Now if she all the sudden is going through a rebellious stage, and doesn’t want me once she’s done, that’s fine. It’s her choice and unlike some people I will not take that away from her.”

Alice got up and spoke about the situation for the first time, “Jasper, I’m sorry if I hurt you, but I promise it’s for the best. There’s no need for all this hostility.”

Are you fucking kidding me, “You know Alice I honestly don’t give a fuck about any of this any more. Our relationship ending was mutual. Now stop holding it over my head like my only reason to live was for you. I’m so tired of everyone walking around on eggshells around me. I’m fine I’m just not having to change myself to make you happy anymore. I can finally just be myself.”

Alice looked on the verge of crying, “I know Jasper. I’m sorry that I restrained you for so long. I just… I just thought it was for the best. We were so happy I hate to think you had to change yourself for me. Maybe this is all for the best.”

I ran my hand through my hair, “Alice I was never unhappy with you. I just couldn’t be myself. You’ve always just been so sensitive. I hated getting you upset after one of my episodes. It’s not your fault that I need more in life than a white picket fence and a nice happy family.”

“I know Jazz. I had just hoped that we could possibly be each others end game, but then I saw you meeting your soulmate. Everything changed after that. I can’t see anything properly anymore. Both you and Bella don’t make the decisions that are the most likely. Sometimes I don’t even see anything because the both of you are just acting. Neither one of you is thinking about anything. It’s so frustrating.”

“Alice, don't beat yourself up both Bella and I are going through some stuff. It’s just easier not to make decisions sometimes. Have you seen anything else about my soulmate? Have I met her yet?”

Everyone looked shocked. Oh yeah I forgot we never told them. Edward looked even angrier if that's even possible.

Alice scrunched her eyebrows together, “No? I still can’t see who it is. The visions have changed though. Sometimes I can see you with someone, and sometimes their future completely disappears. I don't understand. I can’t see much of anything on Bella anymore. The few jumble things I do get are her with you Jazz or it’s completely black. Maybe she’s blocking me somehow.”

The only things that could block Alice’s visions are the wolves. Why would Bella have anything to do with them? Oh, Jacob, how could I forget.

“Hey Alice, I would bet money that she’s probably going to be spending a lot of time with Jacob soon. It’s the only person Charlie would trust to look after her while he’s at work. You know while she’s probably on suspension.”

She looked pensive, “That would make sense. What a relief. I was starting to think I was broken.”

I chuckled, “Alright are we done here guys. I’m tired, and I need to hunt.”

Esme gestured to Carlisle. He sighed, “This conversion isn’t over, but we can finish it another time. Go hunt Jasper.”

Edward was about to say something when Carlisle turned toward him and nodded up to his study. I see so he’s going to try and talk some kind of sense into him. Edward grumbled but followed Carlisle up the stairs. God, I’m tired of this. I started to walk toward the door when Alice grabbed my sleeve.

“Do you want company?”

Why did she have to look so sad, “Honestly Alice I need some time to think. I promise next time we’ll go together, alright.”

Her eyes looked distant. Then she smiled sadly, “Yeah next time.”

Oh no, I’ve upset her, but before I could say anything. She was gone. Ugggg now I feel like shit. Whatever I need to feed. It’s been far too long, and I’ve been much too close to a human's throat today. When I thought that I heard Edward yell something upstairs. Served him right. I grabbed my keys and jacket as I left. I think I'm going to go somewhere different than usual. So I hopped on my bike and went north.

Chapter Text

Bella’s Pov:

Okay, so saying Charlie was mad was an understatement. I was suspended from school for five weekdays. Which means I’ll be going back next Tuesday. That’s a whole week. Charlie said I can’t see Jasper till then either. Then, after I’m back at school only under supervision for the next two weeks. Well that or until he trusts Jasper around me. So never.

He was more upset about me and Jasper than the fight. He was going to just let me off this once. That is till he walked in on Jasper and I humping on the couch. What is wrong with me? A hot guy gives me attention for a day, and I let him do that. Jeez Bella, what has gotten into you? Maybe dad was right. I probably need to slow down, and take a look at what I’m doing. I just really don’t want to.

Yesterday with Jasper was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. Since Edward left. Maybe even before that. Being with Edward was easy, but only because he did everything for me. I never really had to make any decisions. Not that I wanted him to. It’s just that he did.

With Jasper I felt alive. He let me do whatever I wanted to, and just tagged on for the ride. He was having as much fun as I was with our little game. Not to mention everywhere he touched set me ablaze. I’ve never felt like that with anyone else. He definitely seems to feel the same. Considering that he didn’t hear Charlie pull up. I could tell it threw him off when Charlie walked in on us. Wonder if he’s ever had that happen before.

I could hear Charlie starting the shower. Which meant I needed to get ready. You see he thought it would be a fair punishment. While he’s at work. I go stay with Jacob. He’d rather me be locked in the house for a week, but he’s scared I would sneak Jasper in while he was gone. Honestly, I probably would have.

So this is probably the best thing he could come up with. Not that having to stay with Jacob for a week would be a punishment. I missed him. It had been a while since I’d been down to the Rez. Gosh the last time I’d seen Jacob was right before I got Edward from Italy. So like two, maybe three weeks.

I wonder what dad told Billy. Probably that I’m going through a phase, and have a dangerous boyfriend. What if I am? I’ve never really gotten the chance to be a teenager, and after trying to get Edward to change me I realized something. I'm never going to live this life again. Even if I’m immortal. This is the only time I get to be the original Bella Swan. After the change I feel like it's a whole other existence. Everything is different so, why would you be the same?

Not that it really matters anyway. I need to get dressed. Hmmm, what to wear? Considering I’m going to see Jacob. Nothing crazy, we'll probably just mess around in the garage till we find something better to do. I put on some dark wash jeans, black docs, an old black and red tie dyed t shirt with holes, and a flannel. So nothing I’m attached to. Just in case it gets messed up. Jacob and I always seem to get into some kind of trouble when we’re together.

Maybe I could convince him to teach me how to ride our motorcycles again. Last time I wasn’t in the best place mentality. I could do it now. I know it. Especially after riding with Jasper. The way he moved to make the bike do what he wanted, and with what Jacob had said made everything make a lot more sense.

On another note. I slide a hair tie on my arm for later. Just in case it gets hot. Like that ever happens. I grab my bag and start on my way down stairs. When I get to the bottom. Charlie is putting on the jacket I had used yesterday.

He turned around when he heard me step off the last stair. “Hey, bells if you use my jacket again could ya not put on so much perfume. You’re gonna make me smell like a girl.”, He chucked.

Smiling, I said, “Sorry, dad I didn’t want to be late finding another jacket.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Why did ya even need a jacket Bells. It wasn’t raining? You didn’t get on that boy's death trap did you. I don’t have to remind you how many young men I’ve had to scrape up, do I?”

You know sometimes it sucks having a cop as a dad, “No of course not dad. I just wanted it in case it got cold after school. I had worn it all day so that’s probably why it smelled like my perfume. I’ll try not to grab it again.”

“I don’t mind you wearing it kiddo. Just trying to lighten the mood.”

He looked so tired I had really put him through the ringer, “I know, I’m just tired dad.”

I went to grab my keys to head to Jacobs. When I turned around Charlie had his hand out. You’ve got to be kidding me?

He looked at me expectantly, “Keys Bells.”

God the tantrum I wanted to throw, but instead I just puffed, and dropped the keys in his awaiting hand.

He smiled and shoved them in his pocket, “Now I know you’re not happy about this Bella, but you need to learn that actions have consequences. Now get your stuff. I’m driving you over to Jacobs, and you will stay at his house until I come get you. No going into town or sneaking off. Do you understand?”

I sighed grabbing my bag at the bottom of the stairs, “Yes, dad I understand. Can we get this over with? You know how much I hate riding in the cruiser.”

He laughed, “Well get used to it kiddo. Because till I think you aren’t gonna pull some more shit. You aren’t going to be going anywhere I don’t take you.”

I crossed my arms, “Fine but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.”

He grabbed his keys, and started walking to the door, “True but you might get out early on good behavior. So let's keep the sass to a minimum alright.”

I didn’t say anything to that. I didn’t have to. I already know that if I wanted life to be like it was before. I just needed to act like Bella, old Bella. Well she can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause she’s dead.

By the time we got to Jacobs I was so deep in thought that when Charlie tapped my shoulder. I almost jumped out of my skin, “Jeez Bella, I was just trying to get your attention, but you were so spaced out. You had me worried there for a minute. Thought you were going back to how you were last summer.”

I rubbed the back of my neck, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you, but I do miss Jasper. So I was just thinking about him. Could I call him tonight if I get a good note from Billy?”

Charlie looked hesitant, “Bells you know I want you to be happy right?”

Great here we go, “But do you really think this guy isn’t just some rebound to make Edward jealous?”

Reason number two on why I hate having a cop as a dad. He always calls me out on my shit. Whatever, I rolled my eyes, “Well it kind of started like that, but I don’t know. Jasper Makes me a happy dad. So does it really matter?”

Charlie rubbed his forehead, “You’re being safe right?”

Oh my god he did not just ask that. Haven’t we had enough of this talk when I was with Edward. Well he never did walk in on me and Edward together in his defense.

I sighed, “Yeah of course dad. So can I call him tonight please. I’ll be good at Jacobs, I promise.”

After my answer he seemed to get more stressed. I wonder why? Oh….. I implied we were… Oh shit he’s never going to let me see him again now.

He looked up and put his hands on the wheel, “Alright if Billy says you weren’t a menace you can call him for 30 minutes. For every bad comment from Billy you get an extra day added onto your sentence. This Jasper guy is not allowed at the house till that's over. Do you understand?”

Well this was a kind of shitty bargain on my side, but beggars can’t be choosers. “Yeah, sounds good dad. I’ll see after you get off work. I love you.”

His eyebrows pinched together, “Alright, love you too Bells.”

I hopped out of the car and walked up the driveway. When I was almost at the porch Jacob came running around the side. He tackled me in a big bear hug and spun me around.

While laughing I said, “Jacob, Stop spinning, I'm gonna barf.”

He set me down in one fluid motion. I felt a little wobbly on my feet.

He chuckled, “Damn, I didn’t know you had such a weak stomach Bells.”

I finally got my balance, “Screw you! You overgrown lap dog.”

He put his hand over his heart. Like I had shot him, “Bella my love you wound me. If words could kill. I would be no more.”

I shook my head in disbelief. He always could cheer me up. No matter what. He smiled and took my hand. We started walking to the shed. Falling right back into our old routine. He slid open the door for us to go in. Then closed it behind us. I went over to the rabbit, and took a seat on the driver's side like usual. Jacob pulled over an upside down plastic bucket, and sat in front of me.

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, “So we have a lot to talk about.”

He’s right. Before Alice took me to Italy I had been considering Jacob as a possible end game. I wonder what he thinks is going on?

I crossed my legs, and played with the edge on my shirt, “Yeah we do. So what do you want to know? I promise to be honest, and not lead you on in any way on purpose. You deserve that at the very least.”

His eyes widened a little, and he bit his lip, “Bella why did you leave. I… I thought I made you happy. So why? Why did you need him?”

I figured, “Jacob I… I didn’t need him, but I couldn’t let someone die because of me. It would have been at least partially my fault. Now whether or not you agree doesn’t matter. Because, at the end of the day I couldn’t live with the thought that it was my fault that someone died.”

He nodded looking thoughtful, “Okay that’s fair. I don’t agree, but I understand why you needed to go. Okay for my next question. Are you and Edward back together? I just need to know before I ask anything else.”

Predictable Jacob, “No he and I are no longer together, and probably will never be.”

He looked shocked to say the least, “So you’re saying you’re single.” He ended it with a little eyebrow wiggle.

Jesus will this man ever give up. I chuckled, “Not exactly. It really depends on who you ask.”

He raised his eyebrow confused, “What the hell does that even mean?”

I sighed, “Ummm... it means that it’s complicated.”

He started rubbing the inner part of his hand where the thumb and forefinger attach, “But you said you were done with Edward so how is it complicated?”

I started scratching the nail polish off my nails, “I am done with Edward.”

“Then how is it complicated?”

I rolled my eyes, “There are people other than Edward.”

He suddenly stood up, “What the hell Bells? I have been trying to get your attention for months, and I haven't seen you for three weeks. All of a sudden you have a crush on some other dude.”

“I’m sorry Jacob. Him and I aren’t really dating. If that helps. Well Charlie thinks we are, but it’s not really any of his business anyway.”

“Who is it? So I know who I’m up against. You can’t win a fight if you don’t know your opponent Right?”

I smiled sadly, “I did promise to be honest didn’t I?”

He nodded very seriously and I said, “Fine but you can’t be mad at me, or hold it against me.”

“Who the fuck is it Bella. They can’t be that bad? The only thing that would be that bad was if it was another vampire somehow.”

I stayed quiet, “It’s not another vampire right Bella?”

I looked at the ground, “I’m sorry Jacob.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. When will you learn your lesson Bella? Why can’t you just do what's good for you?”

I felt a tear run down my face. When did I start crying? “That’s what Charlie said.”

“Well maybe you should listen.”

I shrugged, “Maybe I’m just broken. I can never do anything right. I know that you would be the most reasonable choice Jacob, but that doesn’t really mean anything. Just because I know something doesn’t mean it's what my heart yearns for. Maybe, I get off on danger.” I snickered at the end remembering what Jasper said.

He rolled his eyes and took a deep breath, “So you never answered my question. Who is it?”

I looked up at him, “Jasper Hale although you might know him better at Jasper Cullen.”

Now let the shit show begin, “You’ve got to be kidding me? Which one even is that?”

I laughed, “Ummm the tall blonde that always wears cowboy boots.”

He got a real concentrated look on his face, “You mean the weird one. With all the scars and shit. I thought he was with the cute pixie chick.”

I stood up and rolled my eyes, “He's not weird. Just different is all, and he and Alice aren't together anymore.”

He threw his arm over me. I don’t even think he knew he did it till he went to talk, and had to look down at me. “Sure sure, just different. So are you guys just rebounding with the closest person or something?”

I slipped out of his arms, “So what if we are? How is that any of your business?”

He scrunched his eyebrows, “Holy fuck, are you guys boneing to get back at each others ex? That’s fucked Bella. No wonder you smell weird. You’ve let some leach be all over you.”

I am getting fed up at everyone thinking I’m fucking Jasper, “For you’re information Jacob. I haven’t fucked him.”

“So then why do you smell sour? I had just assumed it was because you hung around them so much, but it’s never been this bad. Don’t lie to me Bella.”

“We just messed around a little. That’s the reason I’m here in the first place. Charlie walked in on us drying humping on the couch.”

Jacob had the audacity to laugh, “Are you serious. A vampire got snuck up on. Dang, it must have been a pretty intense make out session.”

He was still laughing when I pulled down the collar of my shirt and showed the massive hickey that Jasper left on my neck. Yeah he stopped laughing real quick. He walked over to me and ran his thumb across the mark.

“Do you really think it’s safe to have a blood sucker that close to your neck?”

I shrugged, “Probably not but I wasn’t really thinking about that when he was between my legs you know.”

He grabbed his eyes, “Jeez Bells I really did not need the image of that in my brain.” He rubbed his eyes trying to get rid of the thought.

I giggled, “Hey, man you asked for it.”

He sighed, “You’re not wrong. Are you hungry? We’ve been here a while.”

I shrugged, “I mean yeah I could eat.”

We walked up to the house and Jacob made sandwiches for us. As I sat waiting all I could think about was how that could have gone so much worse, and as soon as I thought that Billy wheeled into the kitchen to ruin everything.