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Underneath the Twilight

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Bella's pov:

We were reading another classic I had already memorized. I couldn’t even imagine how Jasper felt. I wonder how many times he’s had to write a paper on The Wuthering Heights. At least three would be my guess.

Jasper raises an eyebrow at me and whispers, “Is there something funny about my face doll?” Huh? Oh I guess I was staring.

“Um…No, I was just thinking.” Smooth Bella smooth.

Jasper looked unimpressed, “Thinking? About, what exactly?” Okay Bella, it’s not like it was anything bad. So why do I wanna lie? Why do I want to mess with him? What's the worst that could happen?

“Well, If you must know I was thinking about how nice it was to have my arms wrapped around your waist. Among other things that are none of your business.” God I’m really trying to make this man hate me.

He chuckles, “Interesting and here I thought you were still mad because of what happened on your birthday. Turns out you get off on being in danger. Right, darling?” He had moved in real close to say that. So no one would hear. His breath on my ear sent shivers down my spine.

I swallowed, “ Well BRiNGGGG…… BRrrrriNgggg!!!” The bell rang and ended our first class of the day. Also ending me and Jasper's conversation.

He smirked, “ See you at lunch doll. Try not to die before then, alright.” And then he was gone.

What a bastard. I didn’t even get to come up with a clever comeback. Not that I could have anyway, but still. The next few class periods went by relatively quickly, and now while walking to the lunch room all I could think about was who was I going to sit by at the table. Edward was definitely a no. So I guess Alice or Jasper. I don’t want to push my luck with him so probably Alice, but she would tell me to sit by her if she thought I should. Uggggg, I don’t know anymore. Whatever, it's fine.

I was about to grab some lunch when I looked over and realized there was an extra tray conveniently placed right next to Jasper. He noticed me looking over, and patted the seat next to him. How was he being so casual about this? Oh I see he was really playing up this game for Edward. He even got me lunch to make it seem like it was planned. Like we had been talking more, and I had asked him to grab me lunch.

Deep breath in deep breath out. Okay, time to face the music. I put my shoulders back and stood tall. I wanted to seem like I was confident, and fully aware about what was going on. I was a part of this game. I wasn’t going to be the one getting played for once. Buckle up Edward you have a storm coming.

I threw my bag into the empty seat beside me, and sat down beside Jasper. I could feel the anticipation coming off of him in waves. So instead of saying anything I grabbed his hand, and held it like it was completely normal. The table was silent. So I started eating the cold lunchroom pizza. I really didn’t want to be the first person to talk.

Edward looked like he was about to say something when Alice cut him off, “Isn’t it so nice that they are getting along now Edward. You always complained that Jasper and Rose never really tried to get to know our Bella.”

He looked unsure, “Yeah, it’s great Alice. I doubt Rose will ever come around.” He did not sound as though he thought it was great. More like he was trying not to show his ass in the cafeteria.

Alice got a glazed look to her eyes then laughed, “Oh you’ll be surprised. Her and Rose eventually come to an understanding.”

He raised an eyebrow in disbelief. Was it really so hard to imagine me and Rose getting along. Okay, so maybe it was. She absolutely wanted nothing to do with me, but she did come with Em to say goodbye. So maybe there's a chance after they get back for us to find some common ground. I really hope so.

I guess I should say something, “Hey Jaz, next time we have pizza will you grab me some ranch too. It’s tasting extra dry today.” Is that really all I could think to say? I mean the pizza was dry, but I could have been more creative.

He laughed, “Sure darlin, but you’ll have to forgive me for my lack of forethought. It has been a while.”

Oh yeah, he doesn’t eat food. Well technically he does, it's just not cooked or dead. Anyway, Edward is not happy I can see it on his face no matter how much he tries to hide it. He had never really offered to get me food. Let alone tell him my preferences. I wonder what he’s thinking. It would be nice to have his gift at this moment.

I need to reply, “My bad, If I had known we were having pizza I would have mentioned it. When I asked you to grab me something.” The look on his face was one pure victory. What have I walked myself into? Even Alice looked confused. I guess I picked the lesser option. Instead of replying right away Jasper let go of my hand, brought it around to sit across my shoulder now that I was done eating.

Oh fuck, “Thanks though, I am grateful I didn’t have to walk though the line. It always stresses me out.”

He rubbed my shoulder up and down and said, “No Problem darlin. I aim to please.” He ended the sentence with a kiss on the top of my head.

I am in for it now. I felt the blush go all the way down my neck. Edward was ready to kill. I’m guessing the only reason he didn’t leave was because he was scared he would do something rash if he moved. Alice was worried, looking back and forth between me and Edward. Waiting for something to happen.

Then Jessica popped up out of know where, “So you’re fucking him too. Leave some for the rest of us Bella Jesus Christ.” … You’re kidding me… before I even knew what I was doing I felt the crunch of her nose underneath my fist.

Shit I'm so fucked when dad finds out.

Well it's too late now.

She’s already screaming with blood running down her face, and the only thing I could think to say was, “Now you can get that nose job you’ve wanted so bad, and you can blame it on me. Maybe even if you’re lucky the insurance will cover it.” When did I turn into such a bitch.

“When did you turn into such a bitch Bella? Was it before or after you got all the Cullen's to gang bang you.”

I looked over to the side to see that both Alice and Edward were gone. Probably all the blood. It was apparently just long enough for Jessica to swing at me. Thankfully I moved at the last second and she just barely missed me. I wonder if that looked as cool as it felt. She huffed in annoyance.

Before she could try and hit me again I picked up the plastic tray on the table and swung. In seconds she was on the ground, and I was holding half a lunch tray. I had hit her across the shoulder. I dropped the tray in surprise. Did I really just do that? I need to get out of here. Moments later I feel cold hands pulling me away through the crowd.

I Look over and see Jasper. Thank god, I really don’t think I could deal with Edwards' condescending tone right now. It’s funny when you think about it, the ‘Cullen’ with the least amount of control around blood is the only one that could stay. I didn’t know where he was leading me.

Till I looked up and saw the principal wave us over, and Jasper started leading me in that direction. I’m sure I could have told him that I wanted to go home, and he would have made it happen. I would have but I know it would have only made the situation worse. I looked over and saw the nurse cleaning Jessica up at one of the lunch tables. While teachers were shooing everyone's else back to class.

She looked pretty bad. Did I take it too far? Yes, the answer is yes. Do I feel bad about it? No, she has been rude to me since I got with Edward. She had always been jealous if not because of Edward then because Mike also had a thing for me, unfortunately. I am so sick of people pushing me around. I am done with it starting now. No more will Bella Swan be everyone else's punching bag.

Just as I made that decision in my head we made it to the principal's office. We stood there for a second. I looked over at Jasper confused. He took a deep breath and said, “I honestly don’t know what the hell that was, but Bella, if you were trying to get me interested in you, it’s working.”

Is he…making a joke?

I gave a little chuckle, “You’re kidding right… man if only it were that easy.” He honestly looks pretty serious, but maybe that's just his face.

He smirks, “That’s up to you to find out, pretty lady. Now it’s time to face the music. I’ll come with you if you want me to, for support.”

Deep breath in deep breath out, “Please, I can’t do this on my own…. Okay, let's do this before I lose my nerve and puss out.”

Jasper opens the door for me, and we walk in together. Mr. Greene does not look impressed. Great, he's probably pissed. That’s fair I did beat Jessica up pretty bad.

“Take a seat Ms. Swan.” He moves his hand toward the chairs in front of his desk.

I quickly take my seat on the right, and Jasper instead of sitting just stands behind my chair.

Mr. Greene glares at him, “And can I ask why you are here Mr. Hale?”

He smiles which doesn’t really make him look any less intimidating. Jasper out of all the Cullen's is the most unnerving, maybe it’s the scars on his otherwise perfect skin. Maybe it’s the way his smiles never look real, always more like a grimace. It could be a number of things, but none of them matter when his words can make a whole army of people be under his control. His gift is both terrifying and useful. Depending on whos side he’s on.

Then he spoke really toning up his southern accent, “Well Mr. Greene my girlfriend here really needed the moral support. I sure wouldn’t want her having a breakdown over something as trivial as a little tussle in the cafeteria.”

Mr. Greene sighed, “Fine, as long as you behave you may stay. On the other hand Ms. Swan I am very disappointed in you. I have already called your father, and he is on his way. With another officer to get both yours and Jessica's statement. Plus some from your classmates who saw the predicament.”

He took a deep breath and continued, “Now, tell me what happened. I want your side of what happened before I make any assumptions.”

Oh okay Bella you totally remember what happened, “Well me and Jasper were talking when Jessica showed up out of nowhere. She said some really nasty stuff about me, and all of a sudden we were fighting.”

Mr. Greene did not look impressed, “And what did Ms. Stanley say?”

“She something about me fucking him too referring to Jasper. And that I should leave some for the rest of them. I don’t know it was stupid. I was just so sick of her always acting like I was a whore because guys like me, and I got with the one person she couldn’t have.”

He looked confused, “Care to explain that to me Bella. I don’t really keep up with the latest gossip.”

I swallowed, “Well, she always liked Mike and Mike liked me and I didn’t like Mike. So then she got with Mike, and was always mad because she wasn't the first pick. And then I started dating Edward last year and she was livid because he was the one guy she thought was out of everyone’s league. Then he left and she was all smug saying he never loved me and stuff like that. Then when they came back, me and Edward were still friends. I guess she couldn't handle it. I don’t know. Oh and I guess she saw that I was with Jasper, and decided to use that against me too.”

God she really wasn’t a good friend, and wait did Jasper say I was his girlfriend earlier. Ugggg dad is going to be more pissed than he already was going to be. Jasper leaned down a little, and put his hand on my shoulder. He sent some calm though the connection.

Mr. Greene rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed, “Why didn’t you come to someone in the staff earlier about this?”

I rubbed my arm anxiously, “Well, I didn’t really think anyone would care. It’s not like she was physically hurting me so I guess I just let it go.”

“Okay well Ms. Swan at this time I’m thinking your punishment won’t be too severe considering. Ms. Hammond did text me saying Ms. Stanley's nose wasn’t broken, and that her arm was just bruised. Probably just a couple days suspension. Now that could always change. I am going to talk to Ms. Stanley, and then her and your parents and come to a decision.”

There was a knock on the door and Ms. Hammond stuck her head in and said, “I’ve brought Jessica. She’s calm enough to talk now. She already gave her statement to the police officer. Speaking of which Ms. Swan your fathers here.”

Mr. Greene nodded, “Alright Ms. Swan you’re dismissed. Ms. Hammond will you please send Ms. Stanley in.”

Me and Jasper get up and just before we open the door to leave Mr. Greene says, “I know you’re a good kid Bella. Please, don’t get involved with the wrong crowd.” When he said that his eyes shifted to Jasper.

My eyes narrowed, “Don’t worry I’m a smart girl.” Then we left.