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The Something of the Destiny

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Severus had rules. Like any guardian had. And Draco tried his best to follow every single one, whether the rule was to stay in his room, or don’t make a sound, he exceeded every one of them. But if he’d had no trouble at all following any rule placed in front of him then why in Merlin’s name was this one the hardest to follow. Albeit deep inside Draco knew the truth, the one reason he couldn’t keep to the rule was because of him. Harry Potter.



The day started normal, as Draco was licking a cone of French Vanilla ice cream and waiting for his Uncle Sev to finish up his meetings with the teachers. They seemed to be arguing about something and didn’t pay any mind to the small blond boy in the corner, they never did. He was of the quiet sort that never let his curiosity get the best of him. Why would he when his foster father would go home and complain about him anyway, there was no need. But this particular conversation did intrigue him a bit especially at the point when Uncle Sev had stood up slamming his hands on the table.


“Headmaster,” Severus started out gritting his teeth as if it pained him to talk, “I don’t see why it should be me who had to do it. I’m quite busy as it is.”


“Sit down Severus,” Dumbledore said, giving the man a pointed look gleaming with amusement.


Disgruntled Severus sat back down, but not before hesitating for a few seconds in a state of defiance.


“Now then, It’s because your son is starting this year, and as you know Mr. Potter has no other person to take him and explain about the world of Hogwarts. It’s not like it would be entirely out of your way, you’d have to go to Gringotts bank for a quick second, but in all, it would just be the start of term shopping plus an extra kid. That won’t hurt you now would it?”


“Would you believe me if I said that the notion of doing that in any way would cause me great pain?” Severus drawls out.


A few teachers surrounding the table stifled a laugh, honestly Draco - despite his previous animosity to having to sit around the conversation- had trouble stifling a laugh. He let a tiny squeak out that caused both Dumbledore and Uncle Sev to look over at him. He shrunk a little in his seat, ice cream was partially forgotten. Dumbledore gave him chills, especially now that his lips were forming a slow small smile. 


“How about we ask Mr. Malfoy what he thinks,” The white-bearded man said giving Severus a dazzling smile. It looked to be anything innocent but truly the man had found his way to win the argument, and everyone knew it.


“Don’t bring him into this, he doesn’t understand,” bites out the man pushing his hair back in place with a fury. “You know he doesn’t understand.”


“Oh, but I think he’s old enough, a fine young man of eleven is it not, Draco.”


Unbeknownst to his foster father mouthing don’t answer the grey-eyed boy nodded his head.


At this moment Professor McGonagall walked into the room. She’d been late as he was on holiday with her Brothers and their families. Draco tore his gaze away from Dumbledore and looked over at the woman.


“What did I miss?” the woman says as she sweeps into the seat next to Dumbledore.


“The Headmaster was trying to make me take that boy shopping with Draco and me for the start of term supplies,” Severus explains looking relieved that McGonagall had arrived.


“And you’ve been arguing over something as dense as that,” Mcgonagall concluded looking at the two in disbelief, “Albus I expected more from you, and in front of a child no less.” 


Draco who had gone back to his ice cream just shrugged, “Though most people in the wizarding world thought that the staff of Hogwarts were all high and dignified they were just normal people who had their arguments just like everyone else. It was quite entertaining to watch most of the time.


“I’ll have you know Professor Snape,” McGonagall continued, “ That Dumbledore and I have already come up with this idea, and this entire time he was just humoring you.” 


Uncle Sev’s face looked blank as he rolled a quill between his fingers.


“The choice was originally going to be Hagrid but I thought otherwise since you have a child of your own, the only professor in school to have one so you’d be able to take him.”


“That does make sense, “The man mutters smoothing out his clothing in a hush.


“So it’s decided?” McGonagall says with a sharp nod.


Severus gives one of his own before getting up and saying, “Say your goodbyes Draco,” and walking out.” 


After slowly getting up Draco gives a small smile and says goodbye to all of the teachers before scurrying after his foster father.”


“What was that about,” Draco asks feigning innocent.”


As he slows down to let the boy catch up to him, he says, “Harry Potter, we have to go and meet Harry Potter.” 


“When?” he says slowly not giving way to the excitement he was feeling. “The rule Draco,” He chided, “remember the rule.”


Severus eyed the child warily, “Tomorrow morning, midnight, that is when we will see him.”


“Okay,” Draco says absentmindedly


“And Draco,” Severus says suddenly stopping in the corridor.”




“Try not to like him too much.”


“Of course.”


If only it was that simple. Harry Potter it seems, proved to be quite large of a challenge. A challenge that Draco would struggle with for years to come.