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S07E17: The Vigilante

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Opening monologue


[Scene starts with a parody of the "The Batman" monologue from the movie. The camera is traveling through the school hallway. The hallway is seemingly empty as the ceiling lights are flickering and none of the students are seen. Gumball starts narrating.]


Gumball (Narrating) : Exam week... A holiday for the teachers, but a massacre for the students.


[Leslie is seen walking by.]


Gumball (Narrating): It's a week that determines your future – Whether you'll become a corrupt businessman for Chanax Inc. or clean the toilets at Joyful Burger... Either way, they're both equally bad...


[Camera cuts to Leslie as he opens his locker. He looks behind him to see that no one else is there with him.]


Gumball (Narrating): The pressure has made the students grow more and more desperate, resulting in them doing bad things behind the shadows...


[Leslie then opens his backpack and takes out a piece of paper. On the paper, it says "CHEATING PAPERS".]


Gumball (Narrating): ...But what they don't realize... is that I AM the Shadows. And I am always watching them.


[As Leslie is about to put the piece of paper in his locker, a shadow figure runs by, startling him.]


Leslie: AOH–!!


[Leslie turns and looks worriedly around. Even though he isn't seeing anyone else, he has a feeling that he isn't alone.]


Leslie: (Nervously shouts) Umm, I'm sorry for bothering you! I-I'll just throw this away now!


[Leslie crumples the cheating paper and puts it in the trash can. He then closes the locker and runs away.]


Gumball (Narrating): And who am I, you might ask yourselves? ...


[The camera continues traveling down the empty hallway.]


Gumball (Narrating): My name is Gumball Tristopher Watterson. I am a young, handsome man who is devastatingly beautiful...


[Camera stops by the door to Miss Simian's classroom.]


Gumball (Narrating): ...And this is my story of how this disaster all started.


[Monologue ends.]

And the results are in!


[Darwin walks into the classroom carrying some books with Tobias and Masami behind him. He notices something and stops.]


Darwin: (Confused) Um... you seem relaxed?


[Gumball comes into the picture. He is lying down in a vegging position on top of his desk.]


Gumball: (Relaxed) Ah! Hi dude! I'm trying out a new position that prevents you from getting back-trauma in school.


[Gumball lifts himself off the desk and jumps into his chair.]


Gumball: (Lifts his shirt, smirking) How does it look so far?


[Gumball shows his back to Darwin. It appears to be glowing and is formed into a six-pack. Angelic music is also playing as he shows off.]


Darwin: (Beat) Dude... it looks like a bag of hamburger buns with blue food-coloring...


[Darwin takes a seat by the desk next to Gumball.]


Darwin: How can you even be so calm today? Isn't this where we get our first exam test back?


Gumball: (Checks his nails) Well, one might say that I used one special trick up my sleeve! Care to take any guesses?


Darwin: (Thinks) Hmm... (Clicks tongue) Well, I'd guess that you studied alot, but I already know that you're too unintelligent to do something like that!


[Gumball now frowns, clearly offended.]


Darwin: (Ponders) I'm gonna guess... did you make someone else do your test!?


Gumball: (Smiles) Nope!


Darwin: Hmm... You made Penny do the test for you!!


Gumball: Nope!


Darwin: Aha!! You made ANAIS do the test for you!


Gumball: Nopety nope!


Darwin: (Sighs, defeated) Fine, I give up! Tell me what you did...


Gumball: (Bluntly) I cheated!


[Darwin's eyes widens in shock. He lets out a scream.]




[Darwin's scream is so loud that Carrie, Tobias and Teri sitting behind him has to cover their ears.]


Gumball: (Whispers loudly) Dude!?Calm down! You're gonna get the teacher to come over here!!


Darwin: (Whispers angrily) There's one thing to cheat on a video game or cheat on a board game with your family, but cheating on an EXAM TEST!?! What is wrong with you!?!


Gumball: (Aside) Look, can we take this discussion after the lesson!? You're gonna reveal to Miss Simian that I CHEEEEAAA– (Acts pleasant) Good morning, Miss Simian!


[Gumball hesitates when he sees Miss Simian now standing by his desk with an unamused expression, having his test with her.]


Miss Simian: Hmph! Well, I looked through your exam papers Watterson, and I have to say...


Gumball: Yes?


Miss Simian: Well, I didn't expect much from you, but...


Gumball: (Grows more excited) Yes!?!


Miss Simian: And I have to say, this is pretty "Unusual" from you, but...


Gumball: YES!?!?


Miss Simian: (Holds up the test) Well, to sum it all up, you failed horribly! Better luck next time!


Gumball: UH–!!


[Miss Simian puts the test paper down on his table and walks away. The test paper is marked with a red "F". Gumball screams in anger.]


Gumball: (Inhales) WHAT THE WHAAAATTTT!!!???




[Cuts to outside. His yell is so loud that it manages to break all the windows in the classroom. Back in the classroom again, a ringing is heard as all the other students has lost their hearing.]


Carrie: (Inaudible talking)


Tobias: Whaat?? What did you say?


Carrie: What did you say??


Teri: What did who say??


Tobias: What did she say??

Gumball was scammed!


[Next scene starts in the corridor, showing the door to Miss Simian's office. Gumball is heard talking from inside.]


Gumball: (Muffled) What do you MEAN I failed the test!?! Clearly you must've read the paper wrong!!


[Cuts to inside the office. Gumball and Darwin are standing by Miss Simian's desk which she is sitting by. She is resting her head on her hand in boredom.]


Miss Simian: (Unamused) No. I saw what I saw. End of discussion.


Gumball: (Cocky) Pshh! You probably just read it through quickly before putting it in the garbage pile, because you're used to me not (Air quotes) "TRYING" on the exams!


Miss Simian: (Slightly annoyed) Well actually, smart guy, I read the test three times! The last two times was because your test was so utterly terrible that I had to convince myself that I wasn't hallucinating from my prescriptions!!


Darwin: (Raises eyebrow) "Prescriptions"!? What do you need medicine for??


Miss Simian: Well, I've had this really irritating rash on my backside lately, so I need tablets in order to get rid of it.


[Miss Simian proceeds to stand up and starts lifting up her dress.]


Miss Simian: If you take a close look here on my left cheek, you can see–


[Gumball and Darwin covers their eyes.]


Gumball: (Panics) AHHH, STOP!! It was already bad enough with the description, you don't need to show it to us directly!!


[Miss Simian sits back in her chair again.]


Miss Simian: (Bluntly) So are we done here, now??


Gumball: (Irritated) Yeah, sure!


[Cuts to the corridor. Gumball and Darwin exits her office.]


Gumball: (Thinks) Hmm... I think I just understood why I failed the test...


Darwin: (Sighs, relieved) Finally you understand that cheating is bad!


Gumball: (Sceptical) Clearly someone here set me up to fail on purpose!


Darwin: (Bewildered) I–I'm sorry, what??


Gumball: Just think about it, dude! I bought cheating papers which was gonna help me on the test, but since I failed on the test, that means that the cheating papers were wrong! So I think some mad genius out there went on to sell them to students like me, with all the answers being wrong intentionally! (Confidently raises his fist) That means it's gonna be MY job to bust this case open before any more students falls into the same trap as me!!


[Gumball runs down the hallway into out of frame.]


Gumball: (To Darwin, distant) Follow me, my brave friend!!






Darwin: (Baffled) Wait -- Wait a minute, you bought cheating papers???


[Darwin walks after Gumball. End of scene.]

Transformation sequence


[Scene starts in the Children's room at the Watterson's house. A parody sequence to the show "Power Rangers" shows Gumball getting different pieces of armor on him, looking similar to Batman's armor. First he gets a black chestplate, then leggings and lastly his mask.]


[...Then suddenly the transformation gets interrupted by Darwin throwing the utility belt right at Gumball's head.]


Gumball: OW!! Why would you do that for!?!


[It shows that Gumball's outfit was actally just some regular jeans and a black sweater as the scene switches to normal. Darwin is also seen wearing black suit pants and leather shoes.]


Darwin: S-sorry, dude! But with the whole dramatic posture and transformation, I thought it felt right to throw it at your head... (Annoyed) Could you at least tell me why you need a superhero outfit for this??


Gumball: Because, dude! If I'm gonna bust open one of the biggest cases in school's history, I need to look the part!


[Gumball puts on a black balaclava over his face.]


Gumball (Continuing): (Intimidatingly) And I've decided that I, Gumball Watterson, am gonna be the greatest vigilante the school has ever seen!!


Darwin: (Aside) Apart from the fact that you look like a burglar... (Normally) But why do I have to wear suit pants and leather shoes for??


Gumball: 'Cause you, are gonna be my young servant! You're gonna be the one who gives me moralic advice, despite the fact that I am too busy in my own thoughts to give a darn!


[Gumball puts on his cape and starts running.]


Gumball: Now follow me, Pennyworth! We have a job to do!!


[Gumball leaves the bedroom. Darwin looks at the camera in bewilderment.]


Darwin: ... "Pennyworth"???


[Scene then transitions with a parody of the classic Batman (1966) transition, except the Batman symbol is switched out with Gumball's face.]


Back at school


[Next scene starts with Gumball and Darwin, with their new attires on, now walking through an empty corridor back at Elmore Junior High, lighted up by flickering ceiling lights.]


Gumball: (Cautiously) Look around dude, they're everywhere around us!


Darwin: What? Flickering ceiling lights??


Gumball: No-- the suspects! They could lurk anywhere in the shadows!


[Gumball and Darwin walks past Rocky, mopping the floors.]


Darwin: (Unamused) Really? Because the only one I'm seeing here lurking around is Rocky working the night shift...


[Suddenly, out of nowhere, Gumball jumps in front of Rocky, startling him and makes him drop the mop.]


Gumball: (Triumphed) Aha!! Perhaps you're right, my servant! Maybe YOU'RE the criminal that we're looking for!!


[Beat. Rocky stares at him, perplexed.]


Rocky: ...What??


Gumball: Stand still! I'm gonna do a  body search!


[Without warning, Gumball climbs up under Rocky's t-shirt and starts crawling around.]




[Rocky responds in panic by dancing around, flailing his arms in all directions while trying to swat Gumball. Darwin stares at them in shock.]




[The chaos ends with Rocky running right into a locker, knocking himself out. Gumball appears again, standing on top of the passed out janitor.]


Gumball: (Dusts hands off) Nevermind, he's clean. Let's continue!


[Gumball and Darwin walks away from Rocky.]


[It cuts to further down the hallway, where Gumball and Darwin are strolling by.]


Darwin: Dude, for the last time, you're not gonna find anyone here! It's 6 PM in the evening and everyone's at home!


Gumball: (Tuts) Tsk! Tsk! Darwin, my naive servant~ That's exactly what they want you to think! But when the school falls asleep, the criminals awakens!


Darwin: (Rolls eyes) Sure...


[Suddenly, they hear some screws loosening and comes to a halt.]


[Down the hallway, they see a vent cover in the ceiling opening and the end of a rope gets thrown down from the vent shaft. Penny, who is dressed in a balaclava (with holes for her antlers to stick out) and a black latex suit, comes sliding down the rope.]


Gumball: (Smirks at Darwin) See? I told you that I was right about criminals lurking around!


Darwin: You see your own girlfriend as a criminal...??


Gumball: (Apathetic) Well, in an investigation, everyone could be a perpetrator... (Finger gun points) A-Anyways -- I'll go interrogate the suspect, and you go look for clues in the meantime!


[Gumball runs away, down the hallway in the direction where Penny is.]


Darwin: ... (Sighs, reluctant) Why did I agree on doing this...?


[Darwin walks off-screen, in the opposite direction.]

Apprehending Penny and the Eggler


[Scene cuts over to Penny as she puts a toolbox on the floor. She opens it and takes out a stethoscope. She looks cautiously around herself, then puts the stethoscope chestpiece against one of the lockers and carefully starts rotating the combination lock.]




[After the click from Penny turning the dial, the lockerdoor opens and she checks inside.]


Gumball: You're pretty good at that...


Penny: AHHHHH!!!


[Penny gets startled by Gumball standing right behind her. She turns around to face him and sprays him right in the face with a can of pepper spray.]


Gumball: (In pain) AHAHAHOUWW!! IT BURNS!! IT'S– (Returns to normal, and tastes the pepper spray) Hmm, actually doesn't taste that bad! What's in it?


Penny: Mm, just regular chili spices and chemicals..


Gumball: (Smiles) Oh! Well in that case... (He falls to his knees and returns to being dramatic) IT STINGS!!! IT'S LIKE A VOLCANO IN MY EYES!!


Penny: (Unsurely) Well I'm sorry, but you really shouldn't have sneaked up on me like that... Are -- are you okay??


[Gumball stands up again, now with his eyes reddened.]


Gumball: (Acts cool) Meh, I barely felt anything! ... (Seriously) But of course I have to sneak up on you if you're going around dressed like a crook! What are you even doing here, anyways!?


[Penny sighs in defeat and reaches into the locker she opened. She takes out the "Cheating paper" that we saw in the beginning of the episode.]


Penny: I came here for this...


Gumball: (Gasps in shock; his red eyes goes away) You're the one who's behind all this!?!


Penny: Wh--What!?! No!! What I tried to say is that I also cheated on the test, and since I'm trying to catch the one behind this, I went here to find evidence!!


Gumball: Oh... (Shrugs) Well, it's a good thing that me and you, mysterious person that I just met, are the only people who has fallen victim so far!


Penny: "Mysterious person"?? Um... Gumball it's me, your girlfriend...


Gumball: (Scoffs) Pshh! Don't be silly! My girlfriend Penny is so beautiful and innocent, that she would never do something as dangerous as breaking into a school! Now follow me, random stranger! We're gonna be partners now!


[Gumball walks away. Penny sighs in annoyance over Gumball's blissful ignorance.]




Penny: (Gasps) Wait! Gumball, look!


[Penny grabs Gumball's hand and pulls him back into frame. She points at where the static is coming from, which is from a flatscreen hung up on the wall. They walk up to it together and stares at it confusedly.]


Gumball: That's odd... When did the school get the budget to set up a TV?


Penny: (Peers) I don't know... And why is it only showing static?


[The TV suddenly gains signal again. An egg-shaped student wearing a green ski-mask and glasses appears, recording himself in a classroom.]


???: Is it on...? Oh! Okay, it's on! (Clears throat; Speaks in a dark, distorted voice from a voice changer) GUMBALL WATTERSON!!


Gumball: (Gasps) That's my name!!


???: (Pleasant) A little bird told me that YOU have been trying to disrupt my business... One small advice from me is that you should try to stay out of it... (Sinister) OR THERE WILL BE MAJOR CONSEQUENCES!!


[Gumball grows even more horrified.]


Gumball: (Frightened) He knows about my investigation... He's probably gonna hurt me really bad!! (To Penny) I'm scared, random stranger!! Please hold me!


[Gumball hugs Penny around the waist to seek comfort. Penny frowns in annoyance and caresses his head in response.]


The Eggler: (Evily) Ah! It's a shame that this video is pre-recorded... I would've LOVED to see your frightened face. Because everyone should FEAR me: THE EGGLER!! Kneel before me, The Eggler, or your DOOM will be near!!


[Gumball and Penny goes over to getting confused expressions.]


Gumball: "The Eggler"?? What does that stand for?


The Eggler: (Normally) Y'know, the word "Egg" and "Riddler" put together turns into "Eggler". It makes perfect sense!


Penny: (Suspiciously) Wait a minute, didn't you just say that this video was pre-recorded?? Howcome you were just able to hear what we said?


[The Eggler realizes his mistake and starts sweating nervously.]


The Eggler: (Stammers) Well um... It's that uh–... Well... (Irritated) Okay, fine!! I am sending live right now, you got me! But I still think that "The Eggler" is a good nickname!! EGGLER OUT!!


[The recording glitches, as the signal goes away. The screen then returns to gray static.]


Penny: (To Gumball) Quick!! I saw the person being in a classroom! Let's go get this guy!!


[Penny and Gumball starts running. Right as they do, the TV gains signal again back to The Eggler's recording, making Penny and Gumball halt.]


The Eggler: Oh! And one more thing... Just to distract you guys in order to plan my escape, I may or may not have triggered a bomb for your little fish-friend lurking in the building right now if he falls into the trap! Toodles~!!


[The flatscreen goes back to static once again.]


Gumball and Penny: (Together) WHAT!?!

The Trap


[Scene starts with a juxtaposition. We see Darwin as he's walking up to the door to Principal brown's office.]


Darwin: (Unenthusiatic) Well, since I'm here I guess I should do some searching...


[Darwin makes it up to Principal Brown's door and puts his fin on the door knob.]


[And as he does, camera cuts over to Gumball and Penny, now sprinting down the corridor.]


Gumball: (Pants) We need to warn Darwin!! He's walking right into a trap!!!


Penny: (Sarcastic) Uh, duh!? That's literally what the guy on the flat-screen said a few seconds ago!


[Meanwhile, Darwin opens the door and gets met with a dark office. He switches on the lights and sees that Principal Brown is absent.]


Darwin: (Walks around) Principal Brown!? Hello?? Is anyone in here??


[Camera switches back to Gumball and Penny again running. They halt next to the door to the Janitor's closet.]


Gumball: (Exhausted) Dude... We've been running for like five minutes now... Where is he!?


[Penny checks her watch, which has a map on the screen of Elmore Junior High with some sort of thermal filter over it.]


Penny: According to my thermal signal, a heatpoint is coming right here from this closet.


Gumball: (Looks over at the door) Maybe that's where Darwin is...?


???: (Muffled) MMPH!! MMPH!! MUFMP...!!


[Gumball and Penny goes over to shock as they now hear muffled screaming coming from the Janitor's closet. Gumball kicks the door open and gets met with none other than...]


Gumball and Penny (Together): (Gasps) Principal Brown!!


[...who is tied up to a chair and has his mouth covered with silver tape.]


Principal Brown: Mmph... mfph...


[Gumball and Penny runs up to Principal Brown and Gumball rips the silver tape off of his face.]


Principal Brown: (Relieved) Oh, thank goodness you two masked strangers are here! I've been in here for five hours without food or water...


Gumball: Who did this to you, Principal Brown!?


Prinicipal Brown: (Glares in anger) That lousy amateur psychopath... He and his goons came into my office, declared it as their meeting place, tied me up, threw me in here and... (Tears up; sniffs) m-made me feel really lonely...


Penny: (Shines up) That's probably where the bomb is placed! Quick, we need to get there before Darwin arrives!!


[Gumball and Penny runs off, leaving Principal Brown still tied to the chair.]


Principal Brown: Wait... (Yells) You're just gonna leave me here!? HELLO!?!


[Scene cuts to Darwin, as he keeps walking around the office. He approaches the desk and sees that some sort of map is seen under it.]


Darwin: (Raises eyebrow) Hm? What is this...?


[Darwin starts pushing Principal Brown's desk.]


Darwin: HNGHH!!


[When he moves the desk out of the way, he takes a look at what he found.]


Darwin: (Dismayed) N-no... wh -- what is this...??


[Upon the sight of seeing the map, Darwin goes into a state of distress. The Elmore map is marked with five red arrows, all leading to one point on the map, marked with a pin. There are also notes next to the arrows, with "CHEATING PAPER DELIVERY" and "BIG BUYER" written on them.]


[Darwin takes a few steps back, still with a nervous face. Suddenly, the notification sound on Darwin's phone rings.]


Darwin: (Fumbles in his pockets) What is going on??


[Darwin pulls out his phone and reads the text message. He reads it out loud.]


Darwin: (Reads) "It is such a shame that you have seen what you have seen. You cannot defeat the man dressed in green."... Huh!?


[Suddenly, as Darwin holds away the phone, a countdown begins with a loud alarm signal shouting. Darwin checks his phone again. The display screen is now red.]


Phone: FIVE...










Darwin: OH CRA–


[Darwin throws the phone away from himself.]


[The scene cuts to outside the office, back in the hallway again. Gumball and Penny are sprinting towards Principal Brown's office door.]






[Everything happens in slow motion. The door gets flung open off its hinges from the shockwave of the explosion. Debree and balls of fire flies everywhere. The blast also knocks Gumball and Penny off their feet to the floor. The fire alarm activates and the sprinkler system goes off.]


Gumball: (Cough) (Cough)!!


Penny: (Cough)!!


Gumball: Ugh... My head... (Gasps) DARWIN!!!


[Gumball quickly gets up on his feet again and rushes towards the office. Penny follows.]


[They enter the destroyed office and sees Darwin's passed out body on the floor. He is severely wounded, with several burn marks on his body.]


Penny: (Shocked) Oh my gosh...


Gumball: Darwin!!


[Gumball and Penny kneels down next to Darwin. Gumball lifts up Darwin's head with his hand.]


Gumball: (Worriedly) C'mon, dude!! Speak to me!


[Darwin starts mumbling a bit.]


Darwin: (Beaten) ...T-t-t -- th... -- the mall...


Gumball: (Pants) Wh- what??


Darwin: (Beaten) The mall...


Gumball: What about the mall? (Excitedly) Is there a sale on superhero outfits there??


[Darwin weakly slaps Gumball in the face.]


Darwin: (Beaten) No... that's– (Coughs) That's where they're having their next deal... You need to stop them...


Gumball: S-stop them from what...?


[Darwin closes his eyes and passes out again.]


Gumball: Darwin? Buddy?? (He shakes Darwin) Darwin, speak to me!! Darwin!?! Darwin!! C'mon dude, I need you to stay with me... DARWIN!!??


[Scene ends.]

At the infirmary


[Scene fades to the school's infirmary. Darwin is now seen laying in a hospital bed with his entire body being wrapped in bandages, everywhere except over his eyes. Ms. Markham is checking his pulse with a stethoscope and Gumball and Penny are standing in the opposite end of the room, both with unsure expressions.]


[Joan puts away her stethoscope on a cabinet and walks over to Gumball and Penny.]


Gumball: (Worriedly) Is he gonna be alright, Ms. Markham...?


Joan: (Flatly) Well, I'm a nurse, not a marine biologist... But from what I can tell, your friend over there is gonna be fine.


[Gumball and Gumball both sighs in relief.]


Gumball: Oh, thank goodness!


Joan: (Irritated) Now can I please go home!? I have better things to do than being called here at 7 in the evening to clean up the mess of a vigilante and his taller female sidekick!!


Gumball: (Embarrassed) Oh yeah, sure! G-go right ahead and leave if you want!


Joan: Thank you!!


[Joan takes off her nurse cap, making her blonde hair unravel. She then leaves through the exit and slams the door after her.]


Penny: Well, it looks like we lost, Gumball. We should probably get Darwin outta here then leave this case over to the cops... Gumball??


[Penny looks behind her and sees that Gumball has disappeared. On the floor, there is a note where Gumball stood before. Penny picks it up and reads it.]


Penny: (Reads) "Meet me at the school roof, we have something to talk about."



[Penny flips the paper and reads the backside, unsure if that was all to it.]


Penny: "... And be sure to be there an hour from now because I want it to be slightly darker for a more dramatic setting"...


[Penny looks at the camera and shrugs. Scene ends.]

Secret love at the rooftop...


[Evening. The sun is setting in the distance with a warm, orange light to it. On the school roof, Penny walks out opening the rooftop entrance door and sees Gumball staring out over the city dramatically, posing with his hands on his hips and facing away from her.]


Penny: (Walks up to Gumball) Um... you probably shouldn't be standing like that by the edge of the roof. There's a risk that you could fall down, y'know?


Gumball: (Intimidatingly) Us vigilantes always live close to the edge!


Penny: (Confused) ..."Living close to the edge"?? That sounds more like you make offensive statements on the internet instead of being a crime-fighter...


[Gumball jumps off the edge and walks up to Penny.]


Gumball: Really? (Irritated) Darn it!! I was thinking about that catchphrase for an hour now...


[Gumball and Penny stares at eachother in silence. Penny breaks it after a few seconds.]


Penny: Soooo... why did you call me up here for, then? Was it something you wanted to tell me?


Gumball: Yeah... (Sighs) I'm gonna do the rest of the case alone... I think it's for the better.


Penny: (Surprised) What? Why?? We already know where the next deal is going off, we could just get the cops on this instead of putting ourselves at risk!!


Gumball: (Angered) I can't put more lives in danger! You saw what happened to Darwin, now we're at risk of the same thing happening to us!! And besides...


[Gumball grabs Penny's hands, holding both of them with her.]


Gumball: (Softens) ...After our teamwork today, I want to make sure that you're safe too, random stranger.


Penny: (Smiles) Well... (Giggles) I think I may know why we were such a good team, then!


[Penny lets go of Gumball's hands and takes off her balaclava, revealing her face to Gumball.]


Gumball: (Gasps, exaggerated) Penny!? You were my sidekick all along!?!


Penny: (Sarcastically) Um... yeah. I'm pretty sure anyone over the IQ of 50 would've guessed that it was me under this mask...


Gumball: (Sighs, sadly) That gives me another reason why I have to do this alone...


[Penny puts her hand on Gumball's shoulder and smiles.]


Penny: Don't worry, I can take care of myself, my love...


[Gumball and Penny shares eye contact affectionately. Suddenly, Gumball's wristwatch beeps. He checks it and sees that it's time to leave.]


Gumball: (Dejected) Well, it's 8 AM, now... (Walks off) I guess I have to get there and be the hero that this city need–


[Gumball walks away from Penny, depressed. But suddenly, Penny grabs Gumball's arm and pulls him back...]


[...And finally, a kiss is shared between them, as Penny pulls Gumball close to her. A violin leitmotif plays as their lips touch one another.]




[After a few seconds, they stop kissing and share eye contact once again. Penny strokes Gumball's cheek.]


Penny: (Softly) And promise me that you'll be careful, alright...?


Gumball: (Whispers) I promise...


[They share one last kiss with eachother.]


Penny: (Smirks) See you around, superhero...


[Penny then lets go of Gumball and walks towards the rooftop entrance. She opens the door and leaves, but shares a quick eye contact with Gumball before walking down the stairs.]


Gumball: (Blushing) WOOHOHOHO!!


[And right as Penny goes out of the picture, Gumball finally gives in. He goes over from being intimidating to blushing blissfully.]


Gumball: (Dazed) I didn't know a kiss could feel so good with a cliché romantic plot twist in the mix~~!!


[Being dizzy, Gumball walks backwards and...]


Gumball: (Slips) WAOH–!!


[...falls off the roof, crashing right into a car off-screen on the ground as the car alarm goes off. End of scene.]

At the mall


[Scene starts at the parking lot outside the mall. It is dark outside, and no other cars are seen parked in the area. A white golf cart drives up and parks next to Billy, who is dressed in a beige trench coat and a fedora.]


Billy: (Gruff voice) Where's the rest of your crew?


[It is revealed that Banana Joe was driving the golf cart. He steps out of the vehicle and approaches Billy. He has a black bowtie for attire.]


Banana Joe: (Intimidating) The boss sent me alone. He's planning a new deal with the rest of the crew in the new meeting place!


Billy: (Gruff voice) And you got the stuff on you?


[Banana Joe reveals the cardboard box of cheating papers.]


Banana Joe: (Sinister) Hehehehehe... It's all here, my friend!


[Suddenly in the background, the headlights of a vehicle lits up. It is revealed to be Gumball sitting in the driver's seat, who also has his own golf cart but painted in black. Banana Joe and Billy turns around and stares at him, terrified.]


Gumball: (Smirks) Hey guys!! Mind if I join in on the business!?


Banana Joe: Oh my gosh... It's him!!


[Billy talks in normal voice.]


Billy: (Nervously) Ehehehehe... W-well it's been a wonderful evening, but I do believe that we should close this off! (Tips hat) Have a pleasant day, my good sir!


[Billy takes off his trench coat and fedora and runs away.]


Banana Joe: Wait!! Where do think you're going!?




[As Billy leaves, the engine from the black golf cart is heard roaring, as Gumball is revving up the motor.]


Banana Joe: Uh oh...


[Banana Joe panics and jumps back into the driver's seat on his own white golf cart and drives off. Gumball hits the gas and follows him.]

Golf cart chase!


[It cuts to Banana Joe and Gumball now driving on the highway. Gumball is seen being right on Banana Joe's tail. Gumball proceeds to ram into Banana Joe's car from behind.]


Banana Joe: AHHH!!!


[Gumball then drives up next to Banana Joe, having his golf cart lined up to his.]


Gumball: (Yells) Surrender, Banana Joe!! Let's make this easier for both of us!!


Banana Joe: (Angrily) NEVER!!! I was promised a Swedish banana and curry pizza if I went through with the deal!!


[Banana Joe proceeds to ram his golf cart into Gumball, making Gumball almost swerve out of control, but he manages to keep himself steady.]


Gumball: (Disgusted) W-wait a minute -- You EAT banana on pizza?? Wouldn't that be considered cannibalism!?


Banana Joe: (Stammers) Well... um... mmm... (Normally) Whatever! We'll take that discussion after we're done here!! HIYA!!!


[Banana Joe rams into Gumball one more time, this time making his black golf cart spin out of control.]




[Gumball proceeds to crash right into a lamp post, which makes the front bumper fall off.]


Banana Joe: (Distant) BAAAHAHAHAHA!!! See you never, Big-head!!


Gumball: (Growls) Grrr!!


[Gumball does a full u-turn and once again follows Banana Joe, despite his golf cart being in worse condition.]


[Meanwhile, Banana Joe picks up his phone and tries to dial the Eggler.]


Banana Joe: (Impatient) C'mon..!! Pick up the phone!!


Voicemail: (Female voice) You have tried to reach: The Eggler. Unfortunately, he is busy taking over the school right now. Please leave a message...


Banana Joe: GOSH DARN IT!!!


[Out of nowhere, Banana Joe once again gets hit from behind by Gumball who has made it back on the road. Banana Joe drops the phone into the glovebox, but he ignores it and checks behind him, to now see Gumball standing on the hood of his golf cart, with the golf cart driving by itself.]


[Gumball proceeds to jump over to Banana Joe's golf cart and lands up on the roof. Gumball's golf cart proceeds to lose control and flips over, exploding in the background with a mushroom cloud.]


Banana Joe: (Laughs, maniacally) HAHAHAHA!!! THIS GUY'S CRAZY!!


Gumball: (Looks down from the roof) Oh, I'M crazy!?! You're the one who is working with selling illegal products!!


Banana Joe: (Angrily) Well, at least it's better than the other products cartels usually sell!!

[It cuts to further down the street to a gas station, with a armored black bike parked outside. Surprisingly, Batman himself is exiting the gas station, holding a hot dog.]


Batman: (Humming) La-la-la-la-la...!Hmm-hm-hm-hm-hmm...


[Batman walks up to the Bat-bike parked outside...]


(*NYOOOM*–– *CRASH!!!*)


[Then suddenly the golf cart Banana Joe and Gumball are traveling on comes into the picture and rams right into the Bat-bike, completely trashing it into pieces. Batman is left in shock and falls to his knees.]


Batman: (Screams) MY HOOOOGGGG!!!


[Back on the golf cart again, Banana Joe is driving left and right repeatedly, trying to shake Gumball off. But Gumball is still keeping himself in place.]


Gumball: Dude!! Try to keep your eyes on the road instead of trying to shake me off! You're gonna get us both hurt!


Banana Joe: (Terrified) I'm not trying to shake you off -- I've never driven one of these vehicles before! It's driving by its own right now!!


[Gumball jumps off the roof into the driver's seat and takes over the wheel, pushing Banana Joe over to the passenger seat.]


Gumball: Here! Let me show you how it's done!!


[Banana Joe jumps and latches onto Gumball, trying to take back the wheel.]


Banana Joe: No you won't! This is MY vehicle!!


Gumball: (Irritated) What!? You just said that you don't know how to drive it!!


[They start fighting over the wheel, trying to push eachother away from it by kicking eachother in the face.]


Gumball and Banana Joe: (GASP)!!


[They then look in front of the cart and sees that the vehicle, driving by itself at insane rates of speed, is heading right for Elmore Junior High, as they're about to crash right into the building. Gumball and Banana Joe goes over to hugging eachother in terror.]


Gumball and Banana Joe: AAAAAAAAAAHHHH––!!

The Final Confrontation


[Scene abruptly changes to a classroom. The Eggler is there having a meeting with his crooks, which is Anton, William, the egghead Felix and Bobert. They're all gathered in a circle around a table with a map on it.]


The Eggler: Alright, so now when we've sold our last batch of false cheating papers for the day, how about we discuss if we should sell roleplaying cards?


[The crooks nod in agreement.]




[Their meeting gets interrupted by the golf cart suddenly crashing right through the brick wall. Debris flies everywhere across the room.]


The Eggler: (Coughs) What in tarnation...?? Who dares interrupt our meeting!?!


[Gumball's foot comes into the picture as he steps out of the vehicle.]


Gumball: (Acts pleasant) Oh, I'm sorry, Mister Eggler, for crashing your party! (Smirks) I guess I wasn't EGGSPECTED here!


The Eggler: (Gasps) Impossible!! How did you find our new secret meeting place!?!


Gumball: (Swaggered) Meh, I just used one of your crooks as a GPS tracker. Right, Banana Joe?


[Banana joe is seen being under the golf cart, as he has been completely flattened by one of the tires. All his insides has also been spilled everywhere.]


Banana Joe: (Lifts head up, beaten) I-I'm sorry, boss... I have f-failed you... ugh... (He passes out again)


Gumball: Now... (Cracks knuckles) Shall we wait for something interesting to happen, or should we get this egg frying!?


The Eggler: (Annoyed) Dagnabbit, why does he always have better catchphrases than me...? (Points at Gumball) GET HIM!!!


The crooks: AAAAAHHHH!!!


[And so, the fight begins. Felix, William, Anton and Bobert all charges at Gumball, who prepares by taking stance. Gumball starts by sucker-punching Anton right in the face.]


Anton: OUF!!


Felix: AAAAHHHH!!!


[Felix then comes running towards Gumball holding a broomstick, but Gumball responds quickly by karate kicking him in the stomach. It makes his shell slightly crack.]


Anton: ARGH!!


[Anton then latches onto Gumball and starts biting him in the arm.]


Gumball: (In pain) YEAHAHAHOUW!!


[It is then William's turn to make a move. He starts charging up his telekinesis powers and the entire classroom starts to shake.]


[But Gumball has already found a plan, as he grabs Anton and holds him in front of his face.]


Anton: Hey!! What do you think you're doing!?!


[William then unleashes a shockwave of telekinesis towards Gumball, but it hits Anton instead.]


Anton: (Screams) AAAAAaaaoooooohhhh....!!!


[The shockwave ends up making Anton's body completely rot, covering him entirely in mold. Gumball drops him on the floor, disgusted.]


Gumball: Eww.... Yikes...


[William tries to unleash another shockwave at Gumball, but Gumball somersaults out of the way. He takes cover behind a school bench.]


Gumball: Aha!!


[Gumball notices a spray bottle on top of the desk. He grabs it and stands up from behind cover, proceeding to aim the spray bottle at William.]


Gumball: Take this, you flying ball of mucus!!


[Gumball sprays some water right onto William. Since he is just an eyeball, the cornea reddens up and he flies around in the classroom, panicking.]


[Meanwhile, Felix tries to charge at Gumball again, now having brass knuckles on his fists.]


Felix: AAAHHHH!!!– OUF!!


[...But then William comes flying right into him, knocking both of them out.]


[Next on turn is Bobert. He charges a laser cannon right at Gumball's head. He fires at him, but Gumball jumps out of the way and the laser explodes into the wall instead.]


Gumball: (Panics) Alright, calm down! You can take him...


[Gumball takes cover behind the golf cart as Bobert fires more lasers at him.]


Gumball: (Pulls) HNGHHH!!!


[He then proceeds to completely pull off the golf cart's steering wheel and approaches Bobert with it slowly.]




[Gumball bashes the steering wheel into Bobert's head, caving his skull in.]




[Gumball hits him with the steering wheel again.]


Bobert: (Glitches) SANDWICH TUNA HAMSTER NUDE---...


[Bobert malfunctions and collapses in error. Gumball grabs his body and proceeds to throw him and all the other beat up crooks in a pile.]


Gumball: (Unamused) Wow... that was wayyyy easier than I expected it to be... PUAHH–!!


[Suddenly, Gumball gets punched right in the face out of nowhere by the Eggler. Gumball falls to the floor and gets the Eggler on top of him. He takes out a sharp pencil and holds it close to Gumball's face.]


The Eggler: (Sinister) Any final words, Watterson!?!


Gumball: Yeah, I have one question, actually! Where did you find that mask?? I have the same balaclava as you but I never found one in green...


The Eggler: (Pleasant) Oh! Well, since you're asking, I bought it at the Elmore mall. They have this really nice halloween shop there, and– (Realizes) GAH!! Don't distract me when I'm trying to eliminate you!! Say goodbye, Watterson!!


[The Eggler raises the sharp pencil, preparing to stab Gumball right in the head. Gumball closes his eyes, bracing himself.]


[...But then suddenly...]




[...Someone smacks The Eggler in the back of the head with a tray, knocking him out cold. That person is none other than Penny, who has appeared at the scene.]


Penny: (Intimidating) Don't litter on my partner, punk!


Gumball: (Gasps, happily) Penny!!


[Gumball gets up on his feet and runs over to Penny. He hooks onto her and hugs her around the stomach. Penny hugs him back affectionately.]


Gumball: I knew you'd arrive...


Penny: (Whispers) It was my pleasure...


[They stop hugging.]


Gumball: But why come back, even?


Penny: (Sweetly) Because I know my boyfriend well to know that he would get held at knifepoint doing this by himself!


[Gumball glares over at The Eggler.]


Gumball: Well then! Now let's see who is really hiding behind that mask...


[Penny and Gumball walks over to the knocked out Eggler on the floor.]


Penny: You ready?


Gumball: (Nods) Yup!


[Penny lifts off the balaclava from The Eggler, and his voice changing device installed in the mask follows. And the person is revealed to be none other than the egghead Colin: the one with glasses.]


Penny and Gumball: (Gasps)! An egghead!?!


Gumball: (Realizes) Oh yeah, that's right... I knocked out his other egghead brother during the fight before...


[Colin gains consciousness again.]


Colin: (Coughs) Our names aren't "Egghead" and "Egghead"!! Our names are Colin and Felix! And I'm the one who's named Colin!!


Gumball: (Surprised) Oooohhh! I always thought your names were like "Harry and Barry" or something...


Penny: (To Colin) But why doing this? Why putting innocent lives in danger??


Colin: (Rants, angrily) Isn't it obvious!?! I did what I had to do because I am sick of this oppression!! Us fellow goodboys do our homework and get good grades and what do we get!? We get outcasted by the rest of the school; by people who wouldn't care enough to give a darn about their future! So when exam week came along, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to seek revenge, by printing those fake cheating papers that would make you fail on purpose. It all worked PERFECTLY until you, Gumball Watterson, came along! And I promise... Once I get out of prison, I will strike again and again until EVERY teacher and student will fear me!! BECAUSE I AM, AND WILL ALWAYS BE, THE EGGL– MMPH!!??


[Colin's speech gets cut off by Gumball putting a piece of silver tape over his mouth.]


Gumball: (Annoyed) Alright, I've heard enough of you. Let's turn this guy in!

A happy ending!


[It fades into the final scene, and it starts by showing Colin, who is now handcuffed, get pushed into the hood of a police car by the Donut Cop.]


Colin: Ow!! Be careful with my sensitive shell, it is highly fragile!!


Donut Cop: Just be quiet until you get home to your parents!


[Alongside Colin and the Donut Cop, Principal Brown, Gumball, Penny and Darwin are also at the scene, as they're all standing in front of the school by the entrance. Darwin is seen still being in a bad state, as he is still wrapped in bandages and is now sitting in a wheelchair.]


Penny: (To Gumball) Well... I have no idea how, but you did it. You managed to actually solve one of the biggest cases in school's history!


Gumball: (Swaggered) Well, I guess one could say that I cracked the eggshell !! HAHAHAHAHAH- Hahahahah–...


[Penny and Darwin stares at Gumball unamused. Gumball quiets down.]


Gumball: Hehehehe.... N-no...? (Hangs head) Aw, man! I was really excited to say that joke...


Penny: Well, I guess it's time for us to go separate ways, then... I have to go home and get some rest, so...


Gumball: (Gasps, worriedly) You're leaving me forever!?!


Penny: Um, no... I just said that I need to go home to sleep.


Gumball: (Dramatically) Well in the movies, the partners always breaks ties with eachother at the end!


Penny: (Flatly) Gumball, we go in the same class together... We're literally gonna see eachother at school tomorrow again.


Gumball: (Tears up; whispers) It's still gonna feel like an eternity from now...


Penny: (Sighs, annoyed) Whatever...


[Penny shapeshifts into a wolf and runs away on all four down the sidewalk. As she does, the orchestral bit from the main theme of "The Batman" (2022) plays. Gumball watches her as she leaves, and sheds a single tear which goes running down his face while posing intimidatingly.]


[As Penny disappears, Gumball turns to Principal Brown.]


Principal Brown: Well done, masked student! You and your partners have truly made this school proud of you both!


Gumball: (Triumphed) No problem, Principal Brown! And thank you for cleaning up the scene so I wouldn't have to do it in detention.


Principal Brown: Well, now when this mess has been sorted out, there is only one thing left to do!


[Principal Brown turns to the Donut Cop and Colin.]


Principal Brown: (Pleasant) Officer, my student is free to go! Colin, I'll see you again tomorrow morning!


[The Donut Cop takes Colin's handcuffs off and Colin immediately runs away down the road. Gumball watches the whole thing in disbelief.]


Gumball: (Angrily) Are you serious right now!? That kid you just let loose is a walking threat to the community!! He is literally a CRIMINAL MASTERMIND !!!


Principal Brown: Ah. I forgot about that... Would you mind catching him for me again...?


Gumball: (Sighs) Curse word...


[Episode ends.]