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Night Time Cuddles

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''Mm... we still good to go for that training session with Dobermann tomorrow?''

''Yeah, I double-checked with her. Ansel said he won't be able to attend due to his own training with Folinic, but he'll swing by to heal up any scrapes by the end of it.''

''Thank goodness for that, I wouldn't want to limp out of there again...''

It was night. That fact alone could be felt with how quiet it was in the dormitory wing, very few people walking the walls and next to nobody making any noise lest they attract the ire of the more tepid Operators trying to get some sleep.

Adnachiel wasn't one of them, but he was glad for the quiet; humming to himself as he stripped off his uniform and changed into a more comfortable pair of white sleeping shorts and shirt. Behind him Steward was doing the same, slipping into his own sleepwear before climbing into his bed, shifting about as he put on a pair of headphones as was customary at this point. Ever since he'd gotten them as a birthday gift from Cardigan he'd been using them, mostly listening to peaceful ambiance music to sleep to.

Adnachiel paid his male teammate no mind though; meandering around the room and doing some last-minute tidying up before at last flicking the light off, plunging their two-bedded bedroom into darkness. All too familiar with the layout Adnachiel managed to make his way through it on memory alone, helped by the faint glow of his halo that illuminated his way; allowing him to avoid bumping his foot on his bed, and slip under the cool covers with a blissful sigh.

''Mn...'' The Sankta murmured to himself, shutting his eyes.

He wasn't sure how long he laid there, head resting back against his pillows and just listening to his own breathing – when his personal phone vibrated. Against the firm wood of his bedside drawer it made a buzzing sound, prompting the Sankta to sleepily hum and pluck it up; squinting as he stared at the (1) symbol next to his message app. A quick tap opened it, and revealed the message waiting for him.

From Melantha, no less.

[Hey. Can't sleep. Can I come over?]

The message was brief and to-the-point, something that Adnachiel could appreciate. [Sure. You have a door key?]

[Yes. Be there in a minute.] Melantha texted back.

Adnachiel smiled slightly at the thought and turned his phone off, leaving it on the bedside table.

True to her word he didn't have to wait more than an minute before he saw a shadow move in front of their semi-glass door, and with a quiet hiss the hydraulic door slid open. Already asleep and with his headphones on Steward was none the wiser; fast asleep even as a shadow crept into the room and shut the door behind them with a swipe of their key card, the door clicking shut a moment later.

Only when they drew closer to him could Adnachiel make out their features, not that he needed to guess who it was. Melantha demurely approached his bedside with a slight smile playing at her lips, her long purple hair falling down her back and with an oversized black shirt hanging down to her thighs, a cartoon beige cat face printed on the front of the fabric. Without saying a word he pulled the blankets up and shuffled slightly to the side, enticing the cat-girl to slip her legs under the blanket and join him in bed.

''Hey.'' Melantha breathed, shuffling close and snuggling up against him.

Adnachiel's cheeks went pink at her closeness, her breath warm against his collarbone. ''H-Hey. Can't sleep?''

''No.'' She shook her head slightly. ''Cardigan snoring a lot.''

''She really needs to get that checked out...'' Adnachiel wryly remarked – easily able to envision the dog-girl sprawled across her bed snoring with a wide smile on her face, probably drooling as she dreamed about meaty foods. It wouldn't be the first time; far from it.

Melantha hummed lightly and nodded, staring deep into his eyes. Though some heat warmed his cheeks Adnachiel couldn't bring it in him to look away, perhaps only then realising how intimate their position was; noses nearly touching and bodies ever so close beneath the sheets. Melantha realised that too, breaking off the stare-off and blushing, but her gaze soon found its way back to him. Embarrassment was joined by an unspoken question, one made all the more enticing as she slipped her slender right hand down, running her index finger along his thigh.

Adnachiel responded by caressing her cheek and leaning in – their lips meeting in a kiss. It was a gentle sort but one that extracted a moan from Melantha all the same, her voice soft but ever so entrancing; encouraging Adnachiel to keep the kiss going until they ran out of air and were forced to part. The moment he caught his breath he connected their lips once more, devouring her soft groan and dragging out the intimate kiss.

At the same time he moved his free hand down to her lower back, pulling her waist closer and moving his left leg out – allowing Melantha to press herself against it. His team-leader shuddered and started rocking her hips, gently humping his thigh and moaning into his mouth, her voice carefully kept quiet lest they wake Steward up. The thought only made it more exciting though, enticing him to press on her lower back more, getting her to hump his leg faster – the panties she wore under her shirt doing little to stifle the arousal coursing through him.

''Mmph...'' Melantha shuddered, pulling back from the kiss momentarily. ''Hah... Adnachiel...''

The way she almost mewled his name left the Sankta shivering in arousal – said arousal growing when Melantha's slender hand stroked his swelling cock. She easily felt it through his sleeping shorts, her slim fingers slipping under the waistband and soon curling around his cock, her grip gentle but firm as she started to pump it; giving him a hand-job. Even though he got off himself many times having Melantha do it was far more pleasurable, her hand soft and slim against his swollen hardness.

Paying her back he nudged her off of his leg and slipped his hand under her shirt, having to feel about aimlessly for a moment before he shoved his hand into her panties – relishing the soft squeak he got out of Melantha. The cat-girl pouted at him for all of a few moments before he kissed her; melting the expression into one of embarrassed bliss, a moan arising from her throat as he pushed two fingers inside her sex. She paid him back by stroking him off more insistently, her hand sliding up-and-down his shaft with rhythmic strokes.

''Mn... ah...''

As one they got each other off; her slender hand stroking his shaft as his own fingers pumped between her nether lips. The covers contained their body heat and made it feel arousingly warm beneath the covers, only further fuelling their mounting lust – enticing Adnachiel to flick her clit with his thumb. The stilted whimper he coaxed out of his lover brought a slight smile to his face, one that melted as he moaned; courtesy of Melantha's thumb as it flicked the tip of his cock in return.

Twisting his wrist slightly the Sankta started scissoring his two fingers apart inside her, pressing against her hot walls and relishing the way Melantha shuddered, her forehead resting against his own and their breath intermingling. Up until he leaned in and claimed her lips in another kiss, devouring the cat-girl's shy moan along with his own as she paid him back, her hand squeezing his cock just under the head before she went back to stroking him off.

''Mm...'' Melantha drew away from the kiss first, breathless.

Her slim fingers uncurled from his cock, grasping his wrist instead and tugging his fingers out of her. The reason why became acutely apparent as Melantha shuffled down the bed, cheeks aflame as she disappeared beneath the quilt and dug her fingers into his shorts, peeling them down. Adnachiel blushed but didn't protest, intimately feeling her breath brush against his cock and see her lips draw near, brushing against the tip-

-and then without warning Melantha darted in, taking the tip between her lips. Adnachiel had to consciously hold back the moan that threatened to burst free from his lips; quelling the sound into a tight hiss instead. Peeking up at him Melantha continued, her lips sliding up the tip before she promptly pushed down, taking just over half of his dick between her pinkish lips. The sight, the slight pressure of her lips around his cock, the way she sucked along his shaft before diving back down again, all of it was borderline mind-melting.

And only became more so as Melantha got more into it. Bobbing her head the cat-girl started to use her tongue too; slapping it against the tip of his dick or swirling around it, sometimes sliding her tongue under his shaft and lifting it about as best she could. The barrage of sensations soon coaxed a tight groan out of him, his right hand landing on the back of Melantha's head and gently pushing her down, begging for more.

''Mmph...'' Melantha obliged; sliding down deeper and deeper.

Until eventually the tip hit the back of her throat – and then Melantha deep-throated him. The feeling nearly made him let out a sharp moan had he not quenched the urge just in time; releasing a strangled hiss instead as he felt Melantha's throat muscles clench around the tip. She didn't stay there for more than a moment before slurping back up his shaft, taking a moment to breathe and then plunging herself back down again – sucking him off from base to tip.

The feeling was intense, almost too much so. Her mouth was hot and wet, her tongue nimble and slippery, her breath ticklish and warm – the bobbing movements that slurped her lips along his cock was just the icing on the cake, fuelling the throbbing heat that surged up his shaft. Accelerated by her prior hand-job and the sheer naughtiness of their act Adnachiel quickly found himself unable to endure her mouth for much longer; heat curling up his cock and racing to the tip.


Until with a tight gasp he blew his load in her mouth. Melantha grunted in surprise but hurriedly swallowed, pushing herself halfway down his dick so not a drop escaped her lips – her repeatedly, wet gulps the only sound that registered in his ears for a long moment. Surges of pleasure shocked up his cock and calmed with erratic rhythm, coaxed by her soft lips as they pursed around his girth.

Until with a soft exhale Melantha slid her lips off his cock, panting. The cat-girl laid there for a long moment before shuffling back up to eye-level beside him, the heat in her cheeks visible even in the dark. Though she said nothing Adnachiel could sense the want in her; the way her tail swished hurriedly behind her betrayed that fact quite blatantly as well.

Thus without hesitation he grabbed her hips and gently rolled them over; laying Melantha down against the sheets. The cat-girl opened her legs without protest, cheeks aflame as he pushed her panties down and prompting Melantha to lift her shirt up for him, showing him her smooth stomach, slender thighs and wet pussy – her lips glistening with want. Pushing her legs apart Adnachiel got between them, admiring her bare sex for a moment.

''Myn.. Adnach- ah!''

Melantha didn't get the chance to finish before his tongue stroked her folds, taking a nice long lick of her pussy. The feeling alone made her toes curl and her right hand clamp over her mouth, muffling her voice as he licked her more – two fingers spreading her lips apart and letting his slick appendage tease her insides. She buckled at that, a powerful spasm briefly shocking through her, but that only encouraged him to do it more; teasing out more muffled moans from his lover with relentless licks.

Melantha whimpered at that, sticking a finger in her mouth and biting down on it to quiet herself, though all she ended up doing was leave herself with a bleeding finger. Adnachiel fixed that for her, shifting up her front and taking her hand in his own – guiding her bleeding finger into his mouth and sucking it better, all whilst staring straight into the cat-girl's eyes. A soft whimper escaped Melantha, shuddering as he sucked his lips off of her digit and kissed the bite-mark better; holding her gaze as he shuffled back down.

''Ahn...'' Melantha moaned softly as he kissed her clit – and then whimpered as he sucked on it, her toes curling. ''Adnachiel...!''

Her soft, rasping whimper made his cheeks burn – only growing more so when her fluffy cat tail curved under herself and rubbed his chin, as if to coax him back down to her pussy. He gladly did so, leaning down and shamelessly burying his tongue between her folds, eating his lover out with such vigour she squeaked; her palm the only thing stopping the sound from echoing through the bedroom and waking Steward up.

His prior fingering had weakened her though; every lick, every stroke of his tongue; all of his motions felt borderline electric on her nerves, making her hips jerk and her back stiffen; resisting the urge to bite down on her knuckles lest she make them bleed. Adnachiel made it that much harder to resist though with his tongue, swirling it around her pussy in ways that left her on the edge, her stomach tensing as the knot within threatened to unravel.

''Hah... ah...!'' Melantha gasped out shakily. ''I-I can't... M-Mm~!''

Lips pursed, her head pushed back into the pillows – and with a breathless whine Melantha orgasmed on his tongue. Her free hand pushed his face between her legs, the soft glow of his halo illuminating his face for her as he lapped up her honey. As her orgasm waned so too did his tongue slow, easing her down from her orgasmic high.

Until with a soft exhale Adnachiel pulled back. Wiping his chin dry of her juices he shifted on top of Melantha, giving his lover a sudden but not unwanted kiss – devouring her aroused moan with ease. She snaked her hands up his shirt and he moved his under her ass, lifting her slightly and easing her down the bed a bit, allowing him to press his erect cock against her quivering sex. The slightest bit of friction was enough to make both shiver and pull back from the kiss, staring into each other's eyes.

''...Mm.'' Was all Melantha said; demure as she slid a hand down and spread her pussy with two fingers.

Adnachiel didn't need more convincing than that, grasping his swollen cock and lining it up with her entrance, pushing the tip in – and with a mutual groan he sunk into her sex. With how wet she was it went in easily, almost sliding between her slippery walls and bottoming out inside her barely a moment later. That ease didn't dim how intensely good it felt for them both however; a loose kiss helping quietened their stilted groans as he throbbed deep inside her.

With a soft groan then Adnachiel started to move; sliding partway out before greedily pushing himself back inside Melantha. The cat-girl moaned under her breath and grasped onto his shoulders, her vaginal walls clenching around his shaft as he speared it inside her, bottoming out in her with quick, almost eager thrusts. His right hand soon joined in on the fun, sliding up her shirt until he found her braless chest, cupping her left breast and groping it.

''Mn~'' Melantha moaned under her breath, shivering as he flicked her nipple.

''Ssh.'' Adnachiel grunted out, kissing her cheek. ''You'll wake Steward.''

Melantha bit her lip and nodded, her hands snaking around to his back and pulling him atop her more; getting their bodies as flush together as possible. The closeness only encouraged Adnachiel to thrust more, grunts and groans bubbling off of his tongue as he sheathed himself between her wet walls, loving how she clenched around his girth – sending brief but powerful shudders through him, throbs of heat lancing up his cock.

Releasing a heavy exhale the Sankta buried his face into Melantha's neck, groaning into it as he pumped into her, listening to her softer gasps and whimpers. The cat-girl snaked her legs around his waist in return, her hands running wild over his back and gently dragging her nails across it, mindful not to dig in too hard lest she hurt him. Adnachiel responded by planting a chain of kisses up her neck, working his way up to the back of her ear and smooching her there too; relishing how Melantha all but melted under him.

''Ah, hah, keep going...'' She whispered, cupping his cheek until she could stare into his eyes – the dim glow of his halo reflected in her dark eyes.

Eyes that closed a second later, his lips mashing against hers and devouring Melantha's horny whimper, her insides clamping around him. Planting his hands on either side of her he daringly sped up; their flesh clapping together as he drove himself balls-deep into the cat-girl again and again, the fast, rough pounding making her gasp and spasm.

''A-Ah, yes, yes! H-Hurr- ah- mn- Mmph~!''

Adnachiel kissed Melantha just as a cry bubbled off her tongue, melting it into a muffled whimper as she orgasmed. He was just a second behind, managing two quick thrusts before he blew his load between her walls. Hurried thrusts smeared his seed between them and pumped it deep inside her, their flesh clapping with wet, uneven smacks, his hips losing their rhythm as orgasmic bliss locked his muscles up.

Until with a deep groan he hilted himself inside her and went still, panting. Melantha whimpered, intimately feeling his heat deep inside her and slowly leaking out, the sensation adding the icing to her orgasm.

''Ah... hah...'' Gradually Adnachiel pulled out, shifting onto the bed next to her.

And to his fond exasperation Melantha almost-instantly snuggled up against his side, smiling contently. Much like many of their interactions not a word was said, their actions speaking for them instead – his right arm looping around the small of her back and holding her close, his other hand stroking her hair.

''Sleep now.'' Adnachiel gently said, kissing her forehead. ''I'll wake you in the morning.''

''...I forgot we had training in the morning.'' Melantha murmured in realisation, covering her face. ''Sorry.''

''It's alright.'' The Sankta held back a laugh. ''We'll deal with it as it comes.''

At that Melantha could only murmur an agreement, snuggling into him for warmth and gradually drifting off, his pleasant scent in her nose.

The following morning Steward would wake to find the two of them exiting the shower together, ending with the usual embarrassment the teammates were all too familiar with.