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Summary: Ashes. Ashes. We all fall down, when she fell, she didn’t realize the one-up option was something she could take. She realizes just who she really is- There’s only one solution. Get to All-Might and hope for the best. “My name is Shimura Tomoko, I’m Nana’s granddaughter, and I’m in danger of the man that killed her.” 


Tags: Drabble, Reincarnation, OC-Insert, Female Shimura Tenko, Dad!Might, 


Characters: Tsukauchi Naomasa, Shimura Tenko or ‘Tomoko’, Toshinori Yago, All Might


Pairings: Hawks/Tenko

Chapter One


Shimura Tomoko shifted, little legs swinging. She was so small, that she didn’t touch the ground in the precinct’s sofa. The precinct’s family room was bright, forcibly cheery with pale blue colors on the walls broken up by splashes of colors from various posters, and a toy chest in the center of the room, over-stuffed with hero merch. She tried not to flinch as the door opened. She had been here for a little over two hours, and the female officer assigned to her had finally given up and called the person she was demanding to speak to. Said Detective came into the room, face completely baffled. He looked her over, from her messy, dry blue-tinted hair to the deep circles underneath her eyes, this strange little girl dressed in dirty winter clothes. 

Wasn’t often, after all, that a little girl of four walked into a police station and demanded an audience with a very specific detective. It had taken her two days to reach this particular precinct, a couple of near misses, several trains, and all of the petty money she had been able to scrounge up. She only had her backpack, filled with a few changes of clothes, toiletries, some snack foods, water, and a stolen pocket knife. 


Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa looked at her with complete confusion. Because he did not know her. 


She shifted on the sofa, her scuffed mary-janes, oversized as a hand-me-down from her sister Hana, clanking together. She swallowed thickly.


“Hello, young lady,” his confusion didn’t translate to his voice. It was soft and warm.


She swallowed.  


“...Hi,” her voice was small.


Small and scared. She couldn’t help that. She gripped her dirty All-Might bag tighter to her chest, and he saw him furrow his brow at the strange-looking gloves on her hands. Self-knitted, badly, admittedly, mittens in similar colors. It was a precaution- she knew she wasn’t supposed to activate her quirk until she was five, a late bloomer- but she rather not kill someone on accident for assuming. She also wasn’t reborn a boy, so any certainties on her part could be pretty much thrown out the window. But most things seemed to be lining up, save for the gender swap, but she was being careful. What her foggy memories basically told her was that quirk required contact of all of her fingers until the modification surgery made to her male counterpart made her quirk stronger and more controlled. Solution?




Just mittens. Leaving just her thumb free, and preventing her own hand from making complete contact with anything. She vaguely remembers being an avid knitter. Something about keeping her hands busy and focusing. The memories made her ability laughable, but serviceable as a new child. Her clothes were a reflection of her fear of still dormant quirk- it was the middle of the summer, and she was dressed in tights, a sweater dress, and mittens. She even had a beanie over her head and a face mask. The only thing visible of her skin was around her eyes. Less chance of contact that way, just in case her quirk manifested in a different part of her body. In a different way.


“You asked for by name, can you tell me why?”


Because you’re a human lie detector and have a connection to All-Might.


She breathed. Tried to keep it steady but it already broke into a half-suppressed sob. The smell of her gum, mint and refreshing, was thick on her tongue. She chewed it, quickly, trying to count backward from 100 to calm down her racing heart-




He reached to touch her. Comfort her as any rational adult should. She flinched away from his touch. Because she had learned in this life that people reaching for you meant a blow- and because she knew she could hurt him back.


Don’t. I could kill you,” her whisper caused him to flinch back. His eyes went wide.


Because he knew she wasn’t lying.


“My name is Shimura Tomoko, I’m Nana’s granddaughter, and I’m in danger of the man that killed her. Can you please contact your friend Toshinori?”


He gapped at her.


She looked him straight in the eyes.






“We don’t have much time. I don’t know if he already has been keeping an eye on me.”


He blinked, quickly.


“You have to explain a few things.”


“This isn’t a trap, and I want to explain this with him present,” she said, flatly.


He swallowed.


“Alright. Alright. I’ll contact Toshinori.”


She releases a breath. Maybe she wasn’t utterly fucked after all.

Chapter Two


He strides in, confident and tall.




He isn’t the shadow she knew him as from her memories- not shrunken in, half-dead corpse. This is the man, the symbol, the peace that even someone from the year 2022 cannot comprehend. It is a touch depressing, how similar the world outside is to her own time period, but comforting at the same time. One man is enough to hold back the hoard of crime, since his official achievement of number one, crime statistics had drastically lowered. Even before she had made the connection to her nebulous memories, the law student in her had been so awed by him. Adored him no matter how many times she got smacked around for it.


He looks over. His blue eyes are steel.


She clutches at her quirk-suppressing choker like a lifeline. It was the only thing they had on hand that would fit her, actually a bracelet for a much larger arm. But it was a relief to be able to be out of her winter wear. She had gratefully taken a shower in the precinct locker rooms, and gladly taken a crisp, clean-smelling dress, underwear, and little sandals, fit for summer. Officer Nanahara Naoko had been kind enough to do a quick run to a nearby mall, and Tomoko couldn’t afford to be proud.


He stares her down.


She stares back. 


“... You have Nana’s gaze,” his voice is a whisper. But deep. Deep and warm and there is wounded breathiness to it.


She breathes. Her eyes are red. But her eye shape is similar to her father- and she supposes- her grandmother.


“My name is Shimura Tomoko, I’m Nana’s granddaughter, and I’m in danger of the man that killed her. Of the All for One. And- And I know things. I know that you were once quirkless until Shimura Nana passed on the One for All to you- I know that Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa is a human lie detector and your trusted friend. I know my- my quirk is decay. I know who will succeed you in the future- ”


“It’s all true,” says Detective Tsukauchi. His eyes are wide.


She breathes.


“Young Shimura-”


“I know that the All for One means to make me his successor in his quest to take back his brother’s quirk and to kill you. I’m scared. I’m scared of what he wants for me. I’m scared about what’s he’s gonna do to my family-”


He reaches for her. Doesn’t even hesitate to touch her. Careful and soft. Hand on her messy, dry blue-tinted hair.


“Never fear, I am here.


Tomoko breathes.

Chapter Three


“Protective custody?” she whispers.


She is clutching at the suppressor. It is a comfort.


She can’t deny that.


“With me,” says All-Might, voice firm.


His eyes shine. Does he remember her grandmother? Remember her, and think her an appropriate parallel? All For One had certainly that of her male counterpart.


“... And my sister?”


“With someone else… We’ll keep her safe, but its best if your both kept separate for now. Your father is now in jail for the obvious abuse against you, and so is your mother for neglect. Their trails are pending.”


She licks her dry lips.


“All I care about Hana and her dog… And I guess myself.”


He blinked at her. His brows furrowed.


“Hana will be safe. I promise. As well as the dog. And so will you, Young Shumura”


Tomoko breathes. And than she breathes again.


Thank you.