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The moon was bright and full

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The moon was bright and full. The night sky, normally full of stars, seemed dull in comparison. The night too, was dark. Beneath the trees, you could not make out the shapes of trunks, the fullness of the bushes and the height of the grasses. But out in the open, everything was illuminated.

Everywhere you turned, any part of the sky you looked at, it led you right back to the moon. It had a presence, an aura that could not be ignored.

The craters, big and grey, were clearly visible. It felt like you could reach up and touch every one of them. Feel the difference in the surface. You wonder what it would be like to roll around in them. Roam the surface of the moon. Learn its secrets.

The moon sees all, but tells none. Sees the awe-struck gazes, sees how people sneak in the night, sees some animals roam and others rest. It sees us, too.

Barda took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, bringing his gaze down. Lief and Jasmine were asleep in their sleeping bags, he had been up thinking. Just yesterday, they had been rescued from the Wennbar, defeated the mighty Jalis warrior Gorl, and retrieved the topaz. Yesterday, he had thought them and the quest doomed. That Deltora had fallen. But it took one brave young girl’s efforts, and there was still hope. Barda doubted Jasmine knew the significance. She would have no idea of the impact her decision made on the future of this country. Of the one chance Deltora had of freeing itself from the Shadow Lord’s rule.

How small we seem in comparison to the moon. Our size, our problems, our triumphs.

Everything was happening so quickly, but he knew this was not to last. Deltora was a large country, and it would take much time to traverse. More than that, it would take a significant effort from the three of them to defeat the unknown guardians. One down. Six to go. He wondered what was in store for them. Their first full day together had brought them out of the Forests of Silence, and they were camped in a grove of trees. Jasmine had been silent, only talking to Filli and Kree. Lief had hummed childhood songs. Barda had smiled, and reminisced old times.

He wondered what the future would bring. What enemies and danger lurked? What hidden allies awaited them? He stared at the moon again. It would keep its secrets.