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Hungry and Horny

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Taking down demons hasn't changed that much for Rin in all the years he's been doing it. Of course the demons have gotten stronger, but then again so has he especially now that he has complete control over his own demonic powers. He still gets that same rush, that pounding in his chest and that twist in his gut, as he takes down something twice the size of him. The only difference now is that he gets paid for it and the fact that he has Ryuuji by his side, which only makes the thrill that much more intense. When he's fighting he sometimes catches a glimpse of Ryuuji out of the corner of his eye and the look of concentration and determination on his face makes Rin's heart swell. Seeing Ryuuji like that and in the throes of battle makes Rin want to take him home and climb him like a tree.

Pushing the door of their flat open Rin feels as if he's on top of the world. He and Ryuuji took down an incredibly powerful demon and saved a monastery full of children and the nuns who care for them. Now he's ready to eat his body weight in food. Kicking off his shoes haphazardly he instantly heads towards the kitchen.

“Man, I'm starving!” he says as soon as the door is closed. “I know it's kinda late but I'm gonna go make us some dinner.”

“We ate before we went to work,” Ryuuji reminds him, “and don't leave your shoes like that. You'll trip over them.”

Rin laughs. “No I won't,” he assures him, continuing on to the kitchen.

“Oi!” Ryuuji snaps but Rin pays him no mind, knowing that he'll tidy their shoes up because he's a stickler for cleanliness. How he's survived being married to Rin, the messiest person on earth, neither will ever know.

“Thanks babe,” he calls before beginning to rummage around in the cupboard for a frying pan. “Hey, how do you feel about egg friend rice and that left over honey pork that needs eating up?” He doesn't wait for an answer, beginning to heat up the stove instead.

A few minutes later Ryuuji joins him in the kitchen, taking a can of beer from the fridge and sitting down at the kitchen island. He gives Rin a surly look but Rin doesn't seem to notice as he continues to cook.

“This should be good,” Rin tells him as he tosses some soy sauce and ginger paste in with the rice. “I'm trying some new flavours to make it extra special.”

Ryuuji grunts in response, taking another swig of beer. He's usually quiet when they get back from work. Sometimes that comes in the form of quiet contemplation on the sofa, sometimes it's throwing Rin over his shoulder to take him upstairs and fuck him against whatever surface is available and, sometimes, like tonight, it's drinking beer while Rin talks enough for the both of them. So Rin continues chatting away to him as he cooks, mostly getting nothing but grunts in response. That's fine by him, he knows Ryuuji will feel better when he's got some food in him.

“Here you go babe,” he says placing a plate of food in front of Ryuuji.

“Thanks,” Ryuuji mumbles and tucks in.

The two of them eat in silence before Rin speaks up. “Are you alright?” he asks, staring quizzically at Ryuuji. “You're really quiet.”

“I'm fine,” Ryuuji grumbles.

Rin frowns. “Yeah and that would have worked when we were seventeen but I know when something's bothering you so please tell me. I might be able to help.”

The sincerity in Rin's sapphire eyes makes Ryuuji deflate, sighing. “It's about what happened at work,” he says.

“What do you mean?” Rin asks.

“You were too reckless tonight,” Ryuuji scolds. “You shouldn't have exerted your powers like that!”

“It was fine,” Rin waves him off, “I got the job done, didn't I?”

Ryuuji glares at him. “Yeah but you don't have to go running into danger like that.”

They've had this fight before. Rin will do something Ryuuji deems too dangerous and, both of them being so hot headed, they usually end up having a blazing row over it but Rin isn't in the mood to argue tonight, not when he had been on such a high. Instead he offers Ryuuji a shrug. “I just wanted to help out somehow.”

Something in Ryuuji crumbles and he rubs a hand over his face. “You're half demon, I get that, and I know that means you heal faster and can handle stuff that normal human can't but I can't bear the thought of losing you.” He reaches across the table and gives Rin's hand a squeeze. “I know how much you want to help people and you're so amazing when you fight but sometimes I worry that the demon in you will take over again if things get too much. Please just think before you run head-first into danger like that.”

“I'm sorry,” Rin says, moving his hand so that he can link their fingers together. “I know I do a lot of stupid things when we're working but I promise I'll try to think things through more when we're out in the field.” With his food demolished Rin gets up, coming over to Ryuuji's side of the island and slipping on to his lap. His tail wraps around Ryuuji's waist and his fingers run through dark shaggy hair. “Sorry I made you worry,” he says, a small pout on his lips.

Ryuuji can't help but chuckle; he should have expected this. Whenever they take down a high level demon like they did tonight Rin wants food and then he wants to fuck. Fingers slip under the back of Rin's shirt to stroke the base of his tail, relishing in the visible shiver that ripples down his husband's spine. “You're a demon, you know that?”

“Half but who's checking,” Rin replies with a cheeky grin before diving in to press a messy kiss to Ryuuji's lips.

As soon as their lips connect all the tension that had been building up within Ryuuji dissipates. When Rin kisses him like this – his tongue darting past Ryuuji's open lips to explore every familiar inch of his mouth – there's no way that Ryuuji can stay mad at him. Sinking his fingers into Rin's hair he kisses him back with just as much passion. They're both alive; Rin is here in his arms and he clearly wants Ryuuji to pin him down and fuck him. A tug on his hair makes Ryuuji hiss and pull away.

“Fuck, Rin,” he groans. “You desperate for me?” He rolls his hips up ever so slightly so that Rin will be able to feel his dick beginning to strain against the confines of his trousers.

“Yeah,” Rin whines, wriggling in his lap. “Please fuck me.”

“Alright then.” Ryuuji's hands find Rin's ass, giving it a firm squeeze before getting to his feet. Instantly Rin wraps himself around Ryuuji, clinging to him as Ryuuji carries him to their bedroom. Rin's lips are a little distracting but finally Ryuuji manages to get to their bedroom where Rin instantly begins tugging his clothes off.

“Holy shit,” he gasps, eyes wide as his fingertips run down Ryuuji's chest.

Ryuuji chuckles as he takes off Rin's shirt. “What?” he asks.

“You're so sexy,” Rin replies, his voice more breath than word as he gazes up at Ryuuji in absolute awe. “Still can't believe how lucky I am.”

Ryuuji gently cups Rin's face and presses a long kiss to his lips. “You're amazing and I often think that I'm the lucky one.”

A cheeky grin spreads over Rin's lips. “Wanna get really lucky?” he whispers in Ryuuji's ear before running his tongue over the shell.

“I thought I was,” Ryuuji says, trying not to moan.

Rin presses another quick kiss to his lips before he sinks to his knees in front of Ryuuji like a knight before his lord. With quick and nimble fingers he undoes Ryuuji's trousers, pushing down both them and his boxers so that he can get to his prize. Smirking up at Ryuuji Rin lets his tongue fall out of his mouth so Ryuuji gets a good look at a sight Rin knows he loves. He doesn't let him enjoy it for too long before he runs his tongue along the underside of Ryuuji's cock. The plan was to tease Ryuuji, rile him up a bit with his tongue but Rin can't control himself. Wrapping his lips around Ryuuji's cock he takes as much of him in as he can. Every time he sucks Ryuuji off all he wants to do is choke himself on that gorgeous cock but he tries to control himself. Above him Ryuuji groans, gripping his hair tightly, which only spurs Rin on.

“Fuck, Rin, you're amazing,” he gasps, trying to hold it together when all he wants to do is come over Rin's face, marking him as his. His grip on Rin's hair tightens and his hips thrust his cock forward into that hot, wet mouth, chasing his orgasm. The sound of Rin undoing his trousers makes him stop; he wants Rin wrapped around him, writhing and coming on his cock. Using his grip on Rin's hair he tugs him off his cock.

“Ryuuji!” Rin wines, his voice already a little wrecked.

“I'll give you what you want angel, just wait,” Ryuuji tells him as he helps Rin to his feet and out of the rest of his clothes.

They fall onto their bed, hands and lips everywhere until Ryuuji grabs the lube from their bedside table. Pinning Rin down against the mattress he presses soft kisses to his neck before slicking up his fingers. A litany of the sweetest moans and whimpers leave Rin's lips as Ryuuji opens him up with his fingers. Seeing him like this – lips parted and a light sheen of sweat on his skin – drives Ryuuji crazy, especially when he nudges Rin's prostate and he clings to the pillow beneath his head.

“R... Ryuuji,” he gasps, face flushed and his lips parted.

“Yes baby?” Ryuuji asks as he crooks his fingers inside him teasingly.

“Wanna ride you, please!”

Ryuuji's heart stops. “Of course baby,” he says, trying his best to sound in control but before he has the chance to say anything else Rin flips their positions and grabs the lube.

“Want to feel you come inside me,” he moans as he slicks Ryuuji's cock up

He barely gives Ryuuji time to breathe before sinking down onto his cock and beginning to ride him. The look on Rin's face is absolutely wrecked and Ryuuji can't help but be spellbound by his beauty. He just about manages to pull himself together enough to stroke Rin's cock in time with his thrusts.

“Fuck! Ryuuji, I'm gonna come! Come with me please,” Rin cries as his orgasm takes over him, clenching around Ryuuji like a vice.

It doesn't take much more of thrusting into that tight heat before Ryuuji comes too, keeping up the movement of his thrusts so that they both ride out the pleasure together. As they come down from the high Rin leans forward to press a sloppy, blissed out kiss to Ryuuji's lips. Ryuuji wraps his arms around him, holding him close as if he'll never let him go. Once they finally part for breath Rin all but collapses onto the mattress, exhausted, and snuggles up to Ryuuji's side.

“Sleepy now,” he mumbles against Ryuuji's chest.

Ryuuji laughs, pressing a kiss to his temple. “The third of your three moods,” he says. “We should clean up.”

“In a minute,” Rin yawns. “Cuddles now.”

“Okay,” Ryuuji says. Under normal circumstances Ryuuji would force him up and into a shower before they made the sheets dirty but he'd rather just hold him instead. Gently stroking Rin's hair he kisses his forehead once more. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” Rin mumbles, snuggling deeper into his embrace and Ryuuji can't help but feel that he was right: having Rin in his arms, he really is the luckiest man in the world.