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Katarina and her motherfucking Shark

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"Same~ where are you?"

Scanning her room, she tried to find the familiar she had just recently summoned. Her friends are already here! She can't wait to show Same-chan to her friends!

Still, she did wonder why she got a cute shark for familiar, as her element is Earth, not Water. Though Same-chan doesn't need water, as he can swim on the ground and water alike. He can even float in the air sometimes!

Also, the shark apparently did not exist in this world.

"Heh, today's haul is a good one." A nameless dude says, eyeing the "haul" he and his group were able to snatch today.

"Two, Water and Air user, huh?" The nameless dude's friend says, "How much are we gonna get for this batch boss?"

"Hmm, I thi- what is that?!" The nameless dude exclaimed.


Checking under her parent's bed, and getting a bit disappointed when her beloved shark is not under the bed.

"Where is that boy?" she asked herself.

According to Anne, she is the last one that summoned her familiar amongst her friends. And somehow, she was the odd one in her group of friends, summoning shark instead of other Earth-Esque familiar.

"W-what the hell..."

The nameless dude is the one that remained. All his three friends are already dead or devoured by the monster. The only apt description for this... creature that attacked them.

No matter what they do, slash, stab, and even magic, all is useless in front of this monster.

"This...motherfucker!" He says as the jaw of death approaches him.

"Did we just get saved?" One of the "hauls" speaks for the first time after seeing the massacre of their captors. Everyone will be, given the level of violence these two "hauls" just witnessed.

"We did...we did!" The locket, a gift from the first "haul" for the second "haul" falls from her pocket. "Ah, the locket fell."

"Same-cha- ugyaa! My butt!"

"Kyuu! Kyuu!"

"Why do you always bite me in the ass? And why did you smell like iron?"


"Why did you bite me there then, if you say my ass tasted like shit? What, you say somebody got fucked? Where did you learn this type of language?"

"Kyun ️"

"Ah, a gift? Oh! What a beautiful locket! Where do you get this?"


"What? Normies? Why did shark like you know that slang? H- Bugyaa! Stop biting my ass!"


"Owowow...alright, alright. Anyway, let's meet my friends and their familiars, okay? And no biting them, alright?"

Oh, are you asking the fate of the "haul"?

Are you sure you want to know about their fate?

After, the "haul" can be considered normies after all...