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My Big, Gay Persian Wedding

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Dani was having a very good Friday night.

Most Fridays since she'd met Gigi had been blissful, but this one was going to stand out in her memories - she was sure of it. In fact, the whole day had been pretty much perfect, starting from the moment she woke up next to her beautiful girlfriend, the sunlight streaming through their bedroom window.

The sight of her never failed to take Dani's breath away. Not even after all the years they had been together. Dani bit her lip as she watched Gigi sleep. She felt so lucky to be waking up next to this woman every day. Knowing how their mornings usually go, she knew Gigi would start to wake up in the next few minutes.

Sure enough, Gigi's eyes slowly fluttered open and she sleepily took in the sight of her girlfriend laying beside her in their bed, looking at her with a mischievous expression.

"Do you know what day it is?," Dani asked.

Gigi let out a drowsy chuckle. "Oh, I can guess."

Dani reached out and softly caressed her girlfriend's face. "And what’s your guess?"

Gigi shuffled closer to Dani, tucking herself under her chin. Dani's arm reached around her waist to tug her in even closer. Dani felt Gigi smirk against her chest as Gigi mumbled, "It's your favourite day".

As Dani’s body shook with laughter, Gigi pulled away from her cozy spot from under Dani's chin to look at her face. Gigi smiled sweetly at her, knowing what Dani was going to say next.

"I know a lot of other people have it as their favourite day too because of the weekend… but I like today because we first met on a Friday," said Dani quietly.

Gigi leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Dani's lips. Dani had said the same thing many times before, but Gigi never got tired of hearing it. She nuzzled her nose against Dani's and murmured, "I can't believe people think I'm the simp in this relationship".

Dani laughed again, and they kissed one more time before getting up to make breakfast together.

As she watched Gigi moving around the kitchen humming to the tune of “Friday, I’m In Love” by The Cure, Dani rehearsed her plan in her mind for that night. She tried to not be too distracted during breakfast with her thoughts, knowing that Gigi would pick up on her distraction right away.

Dani kept up the facade all throughout the day. Even though her mind kept circling back to that little box she had hidden in their apartment, Dani was able to appear focused on work. She ran her meetings with her usual aplomb, and fixed any little crisis that their employees and clients raised to her.

Gigi was also busy with her share of their workload as co-owners of their growing little conglomerate, but she whisked Dani away to have lunch together like they always did, as well as ensured all of their employees got regular breaks during the day like the great boss that she was.

As usual, random messages from family members and friends lit up their phones every now and then. Homa sending a picture of her latest kitchen masterpiece. Rodolfo asking them what time they were coming over for brunch at his house tomorrow. Gigi’s brothers and cousins filling up the family group chat with random conversations, gossip, bickering and memes. Nat, Alice and their other friends keeping their other group chats just as active and lively.

Every little moment with Gigi reaffirmed for Dani how she was the one. The way she made Dani feel so loved and cared for, even on busy and stressful days. The way she ensured there was a strong, supportive community around them, and that they would always have Dani’s back.

They’d had conversations about marriage before, just like they’d had conversations about many other serious topics. Before Gigi, such a deep level of communication in a relationship would have made Dani run. She would have baulked and felt resentful at the presumptions and expectations to get married after years of being together. But Gigi made it easy, so easy for Dani to be open with her feelings. Gigi never nagged, never pressured Dani into anything. Despite her nervousness about tonight, Dani felt confident that the prospect of marriage would be a welcome one to her beautiful, patient and understanding girlfriend.

It still seemed like any ordinary Friday when they finally finished work and went out for dinner. Gigi was in a nostalgic mood and said she felt like hanging out at the park with the food trucks instead of sitting down inside a restaurant. It was a place they still visited regularly even after they had graduated college.

For a moment, Dani faltered and wondered if Gigi was about to spring a surprise proposal on her on the same night. They’d had a few months playing of silly cat & mouse games with each other, knowing that they both wanted to move forward in their relationship. Gigi was no slouch when it came to doing things for Dani. She just simply wasn't the type to lay back and let Dani do all the work, so Dani was certain that Gigi had purchased an engagement ring like she did and was also hiding it in their home. This had fired up Dani’s competitive spirit, and she was determined to win this game, much to Gigi’s amusement.

Just a few weeks ago, Dani couldn’t help it anymore and had outright asked Gigi where the ring was. Gigi tried to suppress a grin and feigned ignorance at first(“What ring?”), then laughed and confessed when Dani raised an eyebrow at her.

“It’s in the last place you’ll think to look,” Gigi had said with a smirk.

At this, Dani had stepped forward into Gigi’s personal space with a smirk of her own, and slowly hiked up Gigi’s skirt.

Gigi had gasped before the giggles broke out. “Dani, that is the *first* place I would hide anything if I wanted you to see it. You would have found it on the first day.”

Dani had chuckled and her hand continued exploring under Gigi’s skirt. "Oh really? I just wanted to make sure. Cover all my bases."

Gigi's breath hitched and any talk of hiding and finding rings paused for a few hours.

In the present moment, Dani carefully observed her girlfriend as she ordered Dani’s favourite meal and seasoned it for her, just the way she liked it. Nothing seemed to indicate that Gigi was about to whip out a ring and hide it in the food for Dani to discover, nor did it seem like she was about to have a flash mob swarm over with a “Marry me?” sign in front of Dani. They sat down on a nearby bench and Dani relaxed a little as they ate their meals and enjoyed each other’s company as usual.

The moment they got home from dinner, Gigi made a beeline for the kitchen to make tea, their favourite nightcap. While her back was turned, Dani reached for one of the books on their living room shelf. She opened it to reveal the hollowed out pages and plucked out the the little black box hidden within.

Dani took a deep breath to calm her nerves before walking over to Gigi to stand behind her. Gigi was still fussing over the samovar and tea leaves when she heard Dani call her name. She turned around and saw Dani starting to kneel before her.

Dani almost laughed when she saw the cute little smile that suddenly appeared on Gigi's face. It was Gigi's "oh yeahhh, I'm about to get some" smile. She was clearly anticipating Dani pulling her pants down next, mistakenly thinking Dani was trying to initiate sex. The hilarity of it wiped any of Dani's remaining nervousness away, and she finally showed Gigi the box she had in her hands and opened it.

Gigi's mouth fell open in shock as she realized what was happening. She looked into Dani's eyes and saw pure love and sincerity shining back at her. Tears of joy sprang to Gigi's eyes, and for once, she was speechless. She almost didn't hear the words, but when she finally realized that Dani really did just say "Will you marry me?", she immediately said "Yes!", not leaving Dani waiting for even a second longer than needed. Dani gently took her hand and slid a beautiful gold ring on it. The ring had an elegantly cut diamond on it that was just the right size to not be cumbersome to wear daily, but also loudly screamed “fuck off, she’s taken and out of your league” to anyone that might have the audacity to hit on her future wife.

Gigi immediately pulled Dani up from off the floor and crashed their lips together, tongue sliding into Dani's mouth right away.

Dani moaned as she felt Gigi sliding her hand up her back and onto her nape. She pressed her body against Gigi's on the kitchen counter and began a slow grind of her hips. Hearing Gigi gasp, she pulled away from their kiss to look into her fiancee's eyes. Remembering that just moments ago, Gigi really thought they were about to bang in the kitchen, Dani couldn't help but grin at her. Her competitive nature was sated by winning their engagement game. She had planned this for weeks, deliberately picking out a Friday that didn't have any other occasions special to them, just so they could add "the day we got engaged" to their list of dates to celebrate. Gigi getting caught by surprise and not beating Dani into proposing first made her want to do a little victory dance. 

Gigi laughed a little at the smug and horny look on Dani's face. She squeezed Dani's bicep and said, "Okay lady, you got me. Now what are you going to do with me?"

In response, Dani picked her up in her arms and carried her to the bedroom to Gigi's delight. She set Gigi down at the foot of the bed and kneeled before her again. She made swift work of the buttons on Gigi's blouse and her pants, the years of practice in undressing her allowing Dani to perform this act as efficiently as possible. Once Gigi was in all her naked glory, Dani leaned up to kiss her, softly sucking on Gigi's lower lip and kneading her breasts, before pulling away to spread Gigi's legs and place her head in between them.

The moment she felt Dani's tongue moving through her folds, Gigi knew she wasn't going to last very long. The combination of all the emotion from the proposal, and the way Dani's strong hands were gripping her thighs to keep her legs spread open as she began sucking on her clit had Gigi climbing her peak quite quickly. She moaned as she moved her hand through Dani's hair, grinding her pussy against her mouth. The moment she looked down and saw Dani's eyes watching her intensely was what set her off. Gigi fell back onto the bed as her orgasm washed over her, hands still fisted into Dani's hair, gasping her name. Dani kept her tongue on her, gently cleaning up the wetness and letting Gigi recover before moving up to lay on top of her. They kissed slowly as Dani continued to let her hands roam across Gigi's body, soothing the skin with gentle caresses. She felt Gigi's hands tugging at her clothes, urging her to take them off. She pushed herself into a sitting position, her clothed hips continuing to grind against Gigi's naked body as she put on a little show with removing her shirt and bra. She felt Gigi's hand reaching up to cup her breasts and bit back a moan as she felt her hard nipples brushing against Gigi's fingertips.

She felt the cool metal of the ring on Gigi's left hand against her flesh and mused to herself how she had gotten very familiar with these fingers over the years, so of course she knew Gigi's exact ring size. Gigi sensed that Dani needed Gigi to get inside her soon, so Gigi moved her hands back to Dani's pants and tugged at the waistband, silently commanding Dani to take the garment off. Still straddling Gigi, Dani got up on her knees on the bed and unbuttoned her pants, slowly pulling them down and exposing herself to Gigi. Gigi looked at Dani with hooded eyes, putting the fingers of her right hand into her own mouth and made a show of licking and sucking them to get them ready. Dani felt her core clench at the sight, and she hurriedly moved to peel her pants down her legs and kick them off, before sitting back on top of Gigi, taking Gigi's hand that had been in her mouth, and tugged it in between her legs where she needed her the most. Those magical fingers slid through Dani's wetness with ease, teasing the sides of her clit before sliding in further to fill her up. Dani took her time slowly bouncing up and down on Gigi's fingers, the heel of Gigi's palm grinding against her clit. She felt Gigi's left hand reaching up to squeeze her nipples again, before moving up towards the back of Dani's neck to pull her down for a kiss. She felt Gigi's tongue gliding against her own and she sucked on it causing the both of them to moan audibly. She ground her hips down at an even harder pace on Gigi's hand, and soon lost herself to the sensations in her mouth and in her pussy, clenching and cumming all over Gigi's fingers.

Several rounds later, when they were both satisfied and spent, they laid in bed just talking and holding hands. Dani caressed Gigi's ring finger and the ring now proudly displayed on it, occasionally pulling the hand up to her mouth to kiss the knuckles sweetly. Gigi just smiled as she contentedly watched her fiancee, enjoying the post-coital cuddling and kisses they were sharing. She was filled with joy all over again at the thought that Dani really was engaged to her now.

After a few more moments, Dani looked Gigi in the eyes and smirked, again feeling good about being the one to propose first and surprise Gigi. She'd won their game! "So..," she drawled. "Where is it?"

Gigi laughed and said, "I've been changing the location every day so you wouldn't figure it out". She rolled over to the side of their bed and reached under to where she had taped a ring box to the bottom of the mattress. It was a miracle that it had not peeled off and fallen after their most recent activities on top of the mattress. They both sat up in bed as Gigi opened the box, revealing a beautiful, gold engagement ring within. It was a simple, understated design that would go very well with Dani's many suits.

Gigi looked into Dani's eyes and said softly, “Baa man ezdevaaj mikoni?"("Will you marry me?")

Dani wholeheartedly replied with “Bale!”(Yes!), and they kissed. Gigi took the ring out of the box and slid it onto the ring finger of Dani's left hand. Gigi had also gotten to be extremely familiar with Dani's long, strong digits over the years, so she had no problem picking the right ring size.

Gigi placed a gentle kiss on Dani's knuckles, then proposed again, this time being funny to make Dani laugh.
She wiggled her eyebrows at Dani and said, “Aroose nanam mishi?”(“Will you be my mom's daughter-in-law?”)

Dani laughed out loud at the ridiculous pickup line and it set them both off into hysterics for a few minutes. When they had both calmed down, Dani took a deep breath and said sincerely, “Man mikhaaham taa abad baa to baasham”(“I want to be with you forever”).

They held hands and kissed again, unashamedly being all soft and mushy, celebrating the warmth of each other and their mutual promise to commit to this love.

After a while, they laid back down on the bed to rest and continue talking, not wanting the night to end just yet.

"Dad is going to be over the moon when he finds out. He's been singing your praises to me even before we started dating."

Gigi smiled at this and said, "Same with Maman. If she could, she would have arranged for the two of us to be betrothed the day she met you". Dani chuckled at this, remembering that day she accidentally met Homa.

Gigi added, "She's going to be so happy when we tell her. Be prepared for the news to spread like wildfire."
Her hand stroked down Dani's arm and clasped at her hand, stroking over the ring, admiring the way it looked on Dani's finger.

Feeling completely relaxed, Dani let out a confession that she used to be unsure of revealing to anyone. "I... I used to dream about having a beautiful sofreh aghd someday."

Gigi's eyes locked back onto Dani's at this. She gently squeezed Dani's hand, letting her know she was listening.

Dani took a deep breath and said, "When I was young, my mom used to take me to some weddings with her. I think they might have been for her cousins or some of her Persian friends. I never really understood what was going on, but I just remember being fascinated by everything. Like I just really really wanted to know what each piece on the table meant. Like there was just so much and everything looked so good. Like the mirror, and the candles, and the spices, and the bread, and..."

Dani's breath hitched in her throat a little as she remembered how her mother had tried her best to teach her everything she knew about the ceremony even though Dani's young mind didn't really fully comprehend. Dani's heart ached as she wondered how her mom would have reacted to her engagement, and if she would have been excited to help Dani prepare the sofreh. She was certain her mother would have loved Gigi, but now she would never truly know.

Dani felt Gigi squeeze her hand again to comfort her, and Dani gave her fiancee a watery smile as she shakily continued. "I used to look at the brides and grooms sitting under the tooreh ghand. I imagined what it would look like with two brides sitting together instead. I wonder what my mom would have thought about that."

"I think she would have loved to be at our wedding. She would have been so proud of you, azizam," Gigi said gently. 

Dani nodded and shuffled closer to Gigi to let herself be wrapped up in a hug. She had told the story to Gigi years before about how she didn't even get to stay in touch with her mother's side of the family after her mom had passed away. They had always been somewhat distant ever since her mom chose to marry Rodolfo. They were disappointed that her mother had chosen a Chilean man she had met at work instead of agreeing to be set up with a Persian man selected by her relatives. Whatever connection young Dani could have had to her mother's culture had almost died along with her. A small thought that comforted Dani was that she was following in her mother's footsteps to honour her in some way; Dani was marrying for love, not obligation. This thought she kept very close to her heart whenever she thought of her mom.

Gigi rubbed her hand up and down Dani's back to soothe her and said, "You know my maman would absolutely love to help us with planning. She would be more than happy to help you organize the sofreh aghd of your dreams". She felt the shift in Dani's body language, sensing the rising excitement within her fiancee at the thought of planning, organizing and absorbing as much knowledge as possible under Homa's guidance. Gigi smiled as Dani nuzzled against her, feeling the waves of gratitude and affection radiating from her.

Dani rambled happily, "I wanted tonight to be just about us, and it's been perfect. I really want to tell our parents soon though, I can't wait to get started with the planning, it's going to be amazing! I know they might go a tad overboard, but I think we can handle it."

Gigi smiled and agreed, "We'll be fine, my love. No matter how big or small the wedding is, as long as we are together at the end of the day, then I'm happy."

Dani felt her heart swell with adoration again and she pulled in her fiancee for another kiss full of promises and hope.

-- A few days later… --

The Ghorbani residence was abuzz with activity. Gigi and Dani had broken the news to Homa, Rodolfo and Gigi's brothers first. Truthfully, no one was really surprised that they finally got engaged, but they were all still extremely excited and happy about the news. Many hugs and high-fives were exchanged. The warmth surrounding the two of them from their families almost had Dani melting with happiness on the spot. She clung tightly to Gigi's hand, almost as a way of pinching herself to remind herself that it was all real.

After the first round of congratulations and cooing over their beautiful engagement rings from everyone, the chatter swiftly moved to planning the next steps and the logistics for the huge celebrations ahead of them.

Homa was the first to make a comment regarding wedding invitations. All eyes turned to her as she announced, "Don't worry, I will invite just 20 other people".

On seeing the very skeptical expression on Gigi’s face, Homa added, "Okay, 50 people".

Still feeling like the number was unrealistically low for her mother, Gigi raised an eyebrow.

Rodolfo chimed in. "Yes, I understand Dani and Gigi may want just something small and simple, so I have invited only 100 people."

Homa replied with glee, "I agree with Rodolfo! See, I want it to just be cozy little gathering of 200 people total."

Rodolfo hurriedly corrected himself with  "Oh I miscalculated! I just remembered a few other people I need to invite, sorry! Just some friends and colleagues that have known Dani since she was little. It’s okay though, it will be max 340 people."

Homa nodded in agreement and said, "That's okay, my old brain gets forgetful too at times! I actually meant to say 580 people."

The two of them went back and forth with the numbers, until the final total between them got to 1000 people. Then they both shouted “It’s a deal!”, and Gigi’s brothers started loudly cheering.

Gigi and Dani had sat stupefied through the whole negotiation between Homa and Rodolfo, getting more and more nervous as the guest numbers for their wedding climbed up. They both squeaked out "Takhfif dare?" ("Is there any discount?"), and everyone around them just laughed as they got outclassed by their parents in this reverse haggling process.

By the manic grins on their family members’ faces, Dani and Gigi suddenly realized that this could very well turn out to be the biggest and gayest Persian wedding of them all...

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Engagement party, wedding planning, and unexpected results while shopping for asal(honey) and ayeneh(mirror) 👀