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Hair Today

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Hair Today

By Aireira


Summary: Dorian, with a little coaxing, finally decided to go silver. Now he’s off to visit Klaus on the man’s birthday. Will Klaus love it or hate it? Will Dorian finally get Klaus to surrender? Only one way to find out…


A continuation of Telwoman’s “Silver Is The New Gold”.


Rating: T


Pairing(s): Dorian/Klaus


Tags: Humor, innuendo, foreshadowing, fluff, birthdays, Dorian has a dirty mind, Klaus would totally be a sexy silver fox, the return of the strawberries! Oh noes, I try to be funny


How do you do, fellow Klaus thirsters?! Sorry. Not subtle. It’s his birthday! And uh-oh, here comes Dorian! In this story, Klaus and Dorian are now foxy old men, so who knows what they’ll get up to…

Dorian was nervous, to say the least. It was Klaus’ birthday, and the last thing Dorian wanted to do was piss the man off. Still… Dorian wanted to see Klaus. It had been nearly a year and a half since they last met.


Last time, Dorian had run into the man of his nightmares, a certain Louis Cindlier, whom had tried to kill Dorian once. The man had, the first time they met, kidnapped Dorian and strapped a bomb collar on Dorian. Somehow, the French government had been okay with it! Or at the very least, Cindlier (or as Dorian preferred to call him, Crazy Q), had dirt on his superiors and a good track record. Still, to have put a bomb collar on Dorian!! And Klaus, as much as Dorian loved him, had let Crazy Q walk free! Dorian knew that had been out of necessity, but really! So when Dorian ran into the awful Pyreneesian man man last year, Dorian had been rightfully upset. And Klaus had collaborated with that nutcase! Again, out of necessity, but it was still quite upsetting.


Dorian wondered where he’d gone wrong over the years. About seven years ago, Dorian had felt as though he’d come a step closer to winning, only to have it ripped away. That time. an old queen had been calling himself Eroica The Great. The man had gone on one last heist with his boyfriend (or perhaps husband), and Klaus had shown what he really thought of Dorian (at least as a professional). Klaus had known immediately that Dorian wasn’t committing the crimes, because Dorian didn’t endanger other people during his heists. After he and Klaus had gone their separate ways, Dorian had started to wonder what it would take to get Klaus to finally give in. So close and yet... no dice.

Perhaps Klaus would change his tune now, if Dorian looked his age? Dorian had gotten his hair all grayed out when he’d found several streaks of gray in his hair. Dorian wondered how Klaus looked. He shuddered with delight at the thought of Klaus. Last he’d seen of him, Klaus had had a few minor streaks of gray in his lush locks. It had actually suited Klaus quite well.

Dorian went into a little bakery in Eberbach, hoping to find a treat that wasn’t too offensive (or at least get an idea of what to make Klaus). As Dorian waited in line, he started fantasizing about Klaus, despite all attempts to focus. Strawberry meringue angel food cake? He’s not too keen on cake, but... surely it wouldn’t be too sweet. Of course, I could always bring him some fried potatoes. I wonder if I put a few fried potatoes on my body like nantaimori, would he be interested? Maybe... ohh I want to but he might yell at me for being naked. I would have something between the food and me, but that still might not be enough... “[Sir? Would you like anything today or are you just looking]?” Strawberries and cream. Heheheh... His— Ohh. Right. I guess I should get something if I’m going to.

“[I think I will take home two slices of strawberry meringue angel food cake. Sounds interesting],” Dorian finally requested. The baker smiled at him and grabbed a knife, carefully carving out two slices from the cake. He carefully wrapped the slices and passed them to Dorian. Dorian thanked him and payed. As Dorian left the bakery, he bumped into someone. “[Oh, goodness! I’m terribly sorry]!” Dorian immediately apologized. He then looked to see the poor soul he’d bumped into. Klaus. Oh, be still my beating heart! Klaus was beautiful as always, and his hair was quite interesting.

A monochrome rainbow, from coffee brunette to silver, iron to lightening white, to midnight black— all tied back in a significantly shortened ponytail. Of course, Klaus’ eyes were piercing as always, brilliant as peridot jewels. One look and Dorian felt his heart beat a little faster at the sight of Klaus. Silver fox. So sexy. Must touch. So muscular, so tall, dark, and handsome. Heheheh. Still such a gorgeous face. Brilliant piercing Mosel green eyes... poor dear, with those worry lines around his eyes and that sharp, proud German nose of his. Thin, but still oh-so kissable lips. His high cheekbones stand out as always against that strong carved jaw... He’s got a little scar on his chin? Poor dear. Goodness, I wonder what happened there. It looks like it’s the remains of a scratch though, not a cut.

“[Watch where you’re—!! Oh. It’s just you],” Klaus huffed. “Happy birthday, Major! I bought you something!” Dorian beamed, holding out one of the wrapped slices. “Oh no. What did you get me this time? Should I be worried? I can see it’s from the bakery,” Klaus groaned, unwrapping the slice; “What is it?” Dorian just grinned before responding, “Strawberry meringue angel food cake.”

Klaus blinked; “Well... I suppose you could have chosen something worse. But it’ll have to wait. I have something important to do.” Immediately, Dorian asked, “Can I come along?” Klaus seemed to think it over first. I really shouldn’t push my luck, Dorian thought. Eventually, Klaus spoke. “Depends. Can you keep a secret? No-one must know about it,” Klaus inquired cryptically. “But of course, love!” Dorian reassured, leaning in closer— for once, the Major did not flinch; “Is it a dangerous mission?” Dorian asked in a low whisper.

Klaus sighed before responding. “Might as well be,” he huffed; “I don’t know if you should come along. The fewer people, the better.” Then he leaned back in to whisper into Dorian’s ear. Dorian shuddered as Klaus’ warm breath brushed his ear; “I need to go pick up my nephew. His father doesn’t know. Shouldn’t know.” Dorian nodded his understanding as Klaus pulled away. Dorian brushed his hair back with his hand; “Oh well, alright. Should I wait—” Klaus suddenly (and visibly) noticed Dorian’s hair color. “What the hell did you do to your hair?” Klaus questioned, pointing in his usual way.

“What do you think of it?” Dorian asked. I know that you look breathtakingly sexy as usual, but we can’t all age like well-polished steel! “You look like Baba Yaga,” Klaus responded. Dorian frowned. I knew he’d say something like that. Always the blunt killjoy, Dorian sighed to himself. “But...” Klaus suddenly drawled, catching Dorian’s attention. But?! But what?! Dorian screamed internally. “...But at least you look your age. Suits you. Maybe a little too well,” Klaus snorted. Dorian couldn’t help but smile. A compliment! Backhanded, but a compliment nonetheless!

“Alright, quit looking at me like that, this is a public place. If you want to tag along, whatever, but try not to corrupt him. I’m gonna get him a good lunch, and we’re gonna probably discuss some serious shit. Don’t butt in, got it?” Klaus told Dorian. Dorian nodded. Dorian suddenly realized what else Klaus had said. He’s inviting me to lunch?!! Oh yes! Finally! “I can come with you? You’re not worried?” Dorian gawked. But you’re always complaining about me being an incredulous pervert! Klaus snorted in what almost could be mistaken for amusement; “What are you gonna do to him? Ruffle his hair? Please, I know you’re perverted, but not that perverted. You may be a pervert, but you’re a pervert with decorum. Well, some decorum anyway. Besides, I know damn well you’ll be too busy gawking at my arse to look at his... Or anyone else’s, really. Now, are you coming or not?”

Oh, I’ll be coming alright. And if I have my way, you’ll be coming too! Hehehe!! “Oh, I most certainly am!” Dorian cooed, falling into step behind Klaus. “Please refrain from explicit comments around him. He’s a teenager but not he’s not a horny teenager. He doesn’t need to start now,” Klaus warned. Dorian just giggled. He trusts me!!!