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“Hajimeeee…give it baaaaack…”

Chiaki was jumping up as she tried to grab the game console out of Hajime’s hands as he held it high above her, out of her reach.

“You haven’t cleaned your room like I asked.” He said, seeing bags of chips, chocolate, and random games and consoles strewn about her cabin. He told her she had by the end of the day to clean up or else he’d take away her games, and she apparently hadn’t listened. She needed to be punished.

“Please, I’ll do it if you let me play for just five more minutes!” She begged, jumping up to try to grab the console, but being too short. Hajime was about to open his mouth to reprimand her when…he looked down further. At her…chest.

Every time she jumped, her chest bounced. Even with her bra and shirt and jacket holding them back, they bounced wildly with every leap. Up and down…up and down…Hajime could swear he could almost hear that cartoonish “boing!” sound effect. He found his lips becoming dry as he stared at them with intensity, feeling his dick beginning to stiffen in his pants.

“Hajimeeee.” She moaned as she jumped again, but this time, she tripped, and fell down onto Hajime. He caught her of course, but it didn’t stop her body from crashing against his, her chest pressed against his, and even through all the clothing, he could feel how soft her huge mounds were against him. He swore he could even feel a brief point of her nipples too. It was enough to make him pop a full boner, which Chiaki immediately felt against her stomach as she rested against him. Her cheeks flushed as she realized what it meant, and then her face became even more red when she realized how her movements might have stirred that. Her breathing became rapid. “Hajime?” She asked quietly and sweetly. Hajime found it hard to speak as she felt his breath on his skin.

“Y-yeah?” He finally got out. She looked up at him, her gorgeous eyes drilling into his with such intensity, as she parted her lips ever so slightly.

“We could just fuck instead…”

“OKAY!” He said with absolutely no hesitation, dropping the console onto the soft carpet as he tackled Chiaki onto the bed, the sounds of kisses, clothes being torn off, and moaning quickly filling the quiet cabin, showing no sign of ending any time soon.

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Kyoko watched as the boy jumped up and down, up and down. She’d finally managed to convince him to try working out to build some muscle on his small frame, especially after he’d demonstrated his inability to lift something for her, when it should’ve been fairly easy.

“How many do you want me to do again?” He asked.

“One hundred to start with.” She answered. He groaned, but kept going, silently counting to himself. She hadn’t been paying attention to how many he’d done already, but she trusted him to actually do the right amount. Instead, she looked down at his clothes.

It had taken some effort, but she’d managed to convince him to take off his jacket, assuring him he would get way too overheated. So instead he was wearing some thin black pants and a thin white shirt, which showed off quite a bit of skin. As for her, she’d gone with a simple black sports bra, and shorts. Normally she wouldn’t have gone in such little clothing on her top half, but…Makoto was a good guy, she trusted him, even with showing off some of her body.

With that, she started to do her own jumping jacks, bouncing up and down on her feet with little effort as she raised her arms. Makoto looked over at her, and she hoped seeing her doing the same would help to encourage him. Though something seemed weird with his expression, she didn’t question it.

She wasn’t sure why she did it, but after a few moments of doing this, Kyoko’s eyes wandered down, and went wide as she saw something. A very, *very* distinct bulge in Makoto’s pants. She wasn’t dumb, she knew immediately it was his dick. But…what she wasn’t aware of…was just how big it was. For such a small boy, she hadn’t expected him to be packing something so…big. It bounced visibly in his pants, almost as if he wasn’t wearing underwear at all.

Now, despite how Kyoko acted, the detective was still a teenage girl with hormones. Seeing that huge dick bouncing in his pants…immediately turned her on. She could feel her nipples becoming hard, stretching against the fabric of her sports bra, where she knew he would be able to see it. That made her question what turned him on in the first place, and it struck her. Her chest…of course! The movement of her body and lack of clothing led her breasts to be moving up and down just like his dick…she hadn’t even realized.

She started to slow down as her breathing became ragged, growing hornier and hornier as she stared at the dick bouncing in the boy’s pants, until she couldn’t take it any more. She stopped, looking directly at it. Makoto stopped as well, panting as he looked at her.

“K-Kyoko? Are you okay? Your face is red—AH!” He stopped when she suddenly ran up to him and put her hand on his dick. His body shuddered in response. He stared at her, shocked.

“Th-this…” She said breathlessly as she stroked his cock, feeling it throb underneath her fingers.

“A-ah, Kyoko! I-I’m sorry, I just…your…ch-chest, it…” He tried to speak, but she shook her head, and he shuddered once again when he saw the hunger in her eyes.

“We need to fuck, right now.” She said, telling, not asking.

“O-okay!” He squeaked. The next hour became a blur of thrown off clothing, sucking and kissing noises, and a lot of moaning…from Kyoko, mostly.

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Kaede jumped off of one foot and landed on the other, timing it to the piano tunes erupting from the radio she had nearby. At the same time, Shuichi sat reading one of his case files. You’d think that with the music and Kaede jumping around that he’d be very distracted, but given that it was classical piano music, and Kaede was surprisingly quiet on her feet, it actually helped him focus, not that he needed it. If anything, he could sometimes get TOO focused.

Kaede had suddenly taken up wanting to dance to her favorite classical music, and had started teaching herself (since they didn’t really have any other way of being taught here). Shuichi had, of course, supported her, and even allowed her to do it in his room as he looked stuff over.

“Man, this is tiring…” She said, taking a moment to pause. She was already getting overheated, not used to all the exercise. Without thinking, she grabbed the hem of her shirt and started to lift it, briefly forgetting Shuichi was in the room with her. Just before it reached her bra, she stopped. Her face burned a bit, but as she looked over at Shuichi, she remembered who she was with. He was probably the most pure boy she had ever met. Honestly, she was sure she’d be okay being in just a bra with him around. But just in case…

“H-hey, Shuichi?” She asked.

“Yeah?” He said.

“Is it okay if I…take me top off? I’m getting a little…sweaty.” She asked. She totally expected him to start blushing and maybe even say no, but…

“Yeah, sure.” She was happy with his response, even if she didn’t realize he said it because he wasn’t really listening, too engrossed in the case file. Without another moment to waste, Kaede removed her top and threw it onto Shuichi’s bed, and resumed dancing, now feeling sufficiently more cooled off. Of course she was still a little embarrassed to be in just a bra in the same room as a boy, but she trusted Shuichi. She bounced on her feet, moving around as she tried her best to make movements that matched the gentle music.

“Hey, Kaede?” Shuichi suddenly asked.

“Yeah?” She asked.

“Can I ask you for help with—AH!” He said, and suddenly stopped as he looked over and found himself immediately staring at Kaede’s bra clad chest. “Wh-what…?!”

“What’s wrong?” Kaede asked. Shuichi paused to let the situation set in. He remembered her asking something, and he’d just said yes, not really paying attention…this must’ve been the result of whatever she asked. He had to play it cool, pretend that he knew what was going on.

“C-can you take a look at this?” He asked, trying his best to be respectful and not stare. “I can’t figure it out and I thought maybe having another pair of eyes on it would help.”

“Oh! Sure! I don’t know if I’ll be much help but…” She said as she walked over next to him, and looked down, leaning over. Shuichi had to suppress a gasp as he was immediately subjected to the sight of her massive cleavage, very close to his face. His body shuddered, and he could feel an erection growing in his pants. He tried to subtly hide it by putting his hand over his crotch. “Hmmmm…” She said. He waited, trying to look away, but he couldn’t help but keep glancing back at her cleavage. “Nope, don’t get it, sorry.”

“Th-that’s alright. It was worth a try…” He said. She shrugged and went back to her dancing. Though now, he couldn’t help but glance over at her. When he did, he found himself looking at a beautiful sight: the busty woman’s chest was bouncing with every step she took. The two gorgeous mounds moved up and down, up and down, up and down…hypnotically. At first he just glanced, but after only a few moments, he was just completely staring at her chest moving.

And with that Kaede had confirmation of her suspicion. He’d only said that she could because he wasn’t paying attention. But his eyes…those dark calculating eyes on her tits made her feel…good. So good that she felt her nipples becoming hard, which he quickly honed in on. She was growing horny, which scared her, because when she got horny, it took a lot for her to calm down. Especially as she then noticed his obvious erection, which he wasn’t even trying to hide. She giggled to herself; he was so cute!

But she knew she’d have to make the first move, and so, she finally stopped, even as the music continued on. Shuichi noticed and tensed up, especially as she came right up to him, breathing heavily. She nearly climbed on top of him, pushing her chest against his, feeling his heartbeat thundering in his chest as her boobs squished against him, her hard nipples threatening to tear her bra. “Shuichi…” She said softly.

“Y-yeah…?” He asked, his voice squeaking.

“Wanna fuck?” She finally asked.

“Y-yes please…” He begged. Kaede smiled and lunged onto the boy. Soon clothes were strewn around the floor as Kaede brought Shuichi to a place of bliss he’d never thought possible, as they became lost in each other’s bodies for a very long time.

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“Huh…” Kokichi said to himself as he walked into Tsumugi’s lab, watching as she was standing behind a bar mixing drinks. He raised his voice as he came closer. “What are you doing there?”

“Oh, Kokichi…” She didn’t sound necessarily pleased to see him, but also not as annoyed as the others would’ve been, “I’m just mixing drinks. I used to have a side job doing this to help pay for things. I got pretty good at it, though nothing here is actually alcoholic.”

“Ooo, can you mix me something?” He asked as he sat down. Tsumugi knew even if she said no, he wouldn’t go away.

“What do you want?” She asked as she set down a short menu of drinks she knew how to make. Kokichi picked it up and studied it for way longer than he needed to, as if to purposely annoy her, before he finally settled on something. He even pointed to it like a child would, so she had to lean over to see it.

“Ah, I can do that.” She said. “Give me one moment.” She turned around and leaned over to grab stuff from a cabinet. Kokichi giggled to himself as he leaned over and poked her butt, causing her to jump in surprise and nearly drop the bottle she was holding.

“Wh-what are you doing?!” She demanded.

“Sorry, couldn’t resist!” He said with his signature smile. She groaned, but thankfully she had what she needed. She poured the right amount of each liquid into the shaker, closed the lid, and started shaking. As she did, she was taken back to her previous job doing such a thing, and a small smile appeared on her face. She shook the bottle vigorously as Kokichi watched with interest.

“Man you must give great handjobs.”

That make Tsumugi nearly drop the bottle. “E-excuse me?!”

“You perform that motion so…skillfully. It makes it look like you practiced doing something…other than mixing.” Kokichi said with a smirk. Tsumugi glared at him, but didn’t say anything as she kept mixing. Unfortunately, Kokichi didn’t know when to quit. “You know, I bet while mixing drinks, you probably got hit on a lot. Even when you told them you weren’t 18, that only made it more exciting for some of them.” Tsumugi could feel her anger starting to bubble, something she usually kept far down inside herself, but she still didn’t speak. “I bet…one or two of them were even ballsy or desperate enough to pay you for something. And I bet it would’ve been quite a large amount, so I’m sure you took it, and got quite good at it~” Tsumugi finally stopped, and looked Kokichi in the eyes.

“How about I just show you.”

“What?” He asked, the smirk still frozen on his face. She suddenly walked around to him, grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the room, down the hall, all the way to her dorm, and no matter how much he tried to talk her out of it and break free of her surprisingly strong grasp, she held on the entire time.

And in the next few minutes, Kokichi experienced the strongest orgasm of his entire life.

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“I’m telling you to stay away from Himiko, or I will not be afraid to beat your face in!” Tenko shouted in Angie’s face, who didn’t seem at all concerned.

“I do not understand what all the anger is about. Surely we can all be friends, can we not?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone like you!” Tenko said, getting right up in Angie’s face, so close that their chests touched.

“Oh my~!” Angie said, shivering. “Tenko! These are exquisite!” She said, stepping back before she laid her hands directly onto Tenko’s chest.

“H-hey, what are you doing?!” Tenko asked, her face turning a slight shade of red.

“I did not truly realize how big they were until I felt them against my own!” Angie said as she gave them a squeeze, making Tenko shiver.

“St-stop that!” She demanded, trying to step back, but Angie held on tightly.

“My my, even through your clothes, they’re so soft! I could squeeze them all day! Himiko, you should come over and try!” Himiko was standing off to the side, confused as to what was going on. Tenko shuddered at the thought of Himiko touching her chest, but she tried to focus.

“S-seriously, let me go now, or—AH!” Tenko tried to threaten her, but before she could react, Angie had removed Tenko’s vest, right out in broad daylight! Sure, she still had her undershirt, but…

“Why must you wear so much clothing?” Angie said, and then, while Tenko was still shocked, she pulled off her shirt, leaving her in just a bra from the waist up, out in public!

“WHY ARE YOU STRIPPING ME?!” She demanded. “You’re just as bad as any man!!”

“I just want to see your beautifully soft chest completely? What’s wrong with that?” Angie asked, seemingly completely missing why it was such a big deal.


“So?” Angie said with a shrug of her shoulders. “Now let me see that bra~” Angie lunged, landing on top of the girl. Tenko tried to fight back, but even with her skills, the small girl got the better of her, likely due to Tenko being thrown off by her own embarrassment. She forcibly removed the bra and threw it aside, leaving the poor girl completely topless! “There we are~!” She said cheerfully. “Now let me…” She reached down and squeezed both of her breasts with her hands, her fingers sinking into the soft flesh. Tenko couldn’t help but moan, making a bad situation worse. “My my, they are even softer than I imagined! And your nipples are so pointy~!”

“N-no they aren’t! Don’t—AHHH!” Tenko shouted, and then moaned as Angie rubbed her thumbs over the hardened nubs. “St-stop!!”

“Himiko, you need to try this!” Angie finally got up, walked over, grabbed Himiko’s hand, and pulled her over, placing her hand on Tenko’s chest. Tenko moaned as she felt Himiko’s small hand sink into her chest. At the same time, Himiko looked shocked.

“So…soft…” She said. Despite herself, Tenko couldn’t help but grin at the compliment, and moaned again as she felt pure bliss at being groped by Himiko.

“Why don’t we have a threesome?”

Both girls looked at Angie, with Tenko blushing profusely. “H-huh?!”

“A threesome! Sexual experiences are used in my culture to bring people together!” Angie explained. “Perhaps we can learn to become friends that way?” Sex…with Himiko?! The idea was enough to make Tenko want to giggle, but she was sure Himiko wouldn’t be up for it.

“If it’s to get closer to you, I’ll do it.” She said quietly, and Tenko couldn’t believe her ears. Angie clapped.

“Great! Let’s go now!” She said, and grabbed both of their hands, and pulled them to her room. The next few hours were full of stripping, teaching Himiko about sex, Tenko freaking out and worshipping Himiko’s body, and lots of “bonding”. Lots and lots of it.

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“Hahahahahaha!” Hiyoko laughed maniacally as she waved around Hajime’s trunks in victory. Meanwhile Hajime, who was now naked, stayed in the pool, at the edge, trying to coax the girl into giving them back after he had lost them from a poor dive. He knew he should’ve tried to find some tighter ones.

“Seriously, give it back, this isn’t funny.” He said.

“Oh I think it’s quite hilarious!” She said, and to demonstrate her point, she lowered them down just within Hajime’s grasp, only to pull them back as he lunged for them. She cackled as she played with him like this several times.

“Hiyoko, just give me back the trunks.” He said, wanting to punt the little brat as far as he could.

“You’ll have to come get them~” Hiyoko teased. Of course, she was only going to play with him for a while before she gave them back. But then, she saw him sigh, and swim over to the ladder, which only made her smile widen. Usually she didn’t really care to see those weird small things that guys had, but she did like seeing them get embarrassed over having them so exposed. “Wow, didn’t think you’d actually be man enough to come out of the water!” She expected to see him holding his hands over his small dick as he got out, and watched, waiting. But then, to her shock and horror, he stepped out, without bothering to cover himself at all. And on top of that…he was…BIG. Bigger than any others she had ever seen before. The way it swung from side to side as he raised himself out of the water, and how the water dripped down the shaft, catching the light as it hung on his head for a moment before falling off. It made Hiyoko’s body feel…hot. She felt…tingly, and was unable to tear her eyes away from it.

“Can I have them back now?” He asked, his cheeks a light red. Hiyoko found herself struggling to speak for a while, but when she recovered her voice, she tried to save face.

“Wh-what, are you an e-exhibitionist or something? Wh-what a pervert, showing a girl your…your…b-big…AH!” Hiyoko had to stop herself from saying more, and Hajime raised an eyebrow at her. She noticed it twitch, and she squeaked.

“Are you okay…?” He asked.

“I’m fuck—I mean fine! I just feel a bit cock—I MEAN COLD…no, wait I meant hot! Fuck!” She sputtered, still unable to look away from his dick as it twitched.

“Hiyoko? Are you…horny?” He asked with a smirk.

“N-no! Eww! P-pervert!” She shrieked, blushing deeply as she finally looked away. Suddenly, she felt hands on her shoulders and jumped at the touch. She looked up to find Hajime staring down at her smiling.

“You’ve been staring at it.” He said.


“If you want…I can show you what you can do with it.” He said calmly. Hiyoko glanced down at it, watching as it started to stiffen, the veins popping out against the skin, then looked back up at him.


The rest of that day was full of Hiyoko learning just how amazing dicks could really be, and all the wonderful things you could do with them.

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“Ugh, dammit.” Mahiru bemoaned as she looked at the picture of herself she had just snapped. She usually wasn’t one to take pictures of herself, but when one of her friends suggested a picture of herself jumping on the beach, she couldn’t resist. But she’d found that it was much harder said than done, and she was truly learning why it was hard to take a picture of a moving object.

It wasn’t her hair or her clothes that was the problem, even. It was her damn chest.

Even wearing all the clothing she had on, her breasts bounced with every jump, and it was visible with the pictures. It was not only annoying, but also embarrassing! But, she’d never let that stuff stop her before, so she started getting set up to do it again.

As she did, she didn’t notice Hajime coming onto the scene, watching as Mahiru set up her camera. Once it was done, she walked over and started silently counting, jumping at just the right time for the shutter to go off. She walked back around, a hopeful look on her face that quickly fell as she grumbled.

Now Hajime wasn’t usually the type to pull “pranks”, but he felt he was close enough with Mahiru in particular that he could do it and she’d forgive him. So after she set it up again, she walked over and just as she was about to jump, he rushed over and grabbed both her skirt and her shirt, simply expecting her to be pulled back and fall over, somehow, instead, her clothes were ripped to shreds as she jumped. And not just her normal clothes, her underwear, both bra and panties also fell apart, leaving Mahiru standing there in only her socks and shoes as she landed back on the ground. Hajime’s eyes immediately shot down to her ass, something he’d only seen in his daydreams. It was perfectly smooth and round, and in a single moment, he wanted to squeeze it.

Mahiru meanwhile, was left frozen in place, shocked at what had just transpired as she looked down to find her breasts completely bare. She slowly turned around to face Hajime, giving him a brief eyeful of the front. Her breasts were perfectly sized and shaped, looking like they’d fit perfectly in his hand. While she was still frozen, he glanced down at her pussy, where he found it nicely trimmed.

Finally, Mahiru recovered, her face turning the deepest shade of red he’d ever seen. “I’M NAKED!” She shrieked as she covered herself with her hands, though the pose she had now only turned him on further.

“Y-yes, you are.”


“Yeah so you probably shouldn’t shout.” He said, and Mahiru glared at him. She shivered as she felt his eyes run over her entire body. Sure, maybe she’d wanted to show her body to him, to trust him with the sight, but not like this! She looked down at her torn clothing. They must’ve been more worn than she thought…

“S-sorry…” He said, and looked away, but Mahiru’s own eyes trailed down to the very obvious tent in his pants, and she felt herself shiver again as her heart started to race. The entire situation sank in all at once. She was naked in public, in front of a guy she actually thinks she likes, and he’d been staring at her, and had seen every part of her. And to top it all off, the worst part?

All of that made her insanely horny.

“I-I’ll go find you some clothes, if you—“ Hajime said as he started to walk away, but she grabbed his arm and pulled him close, pressing her body against his as she grabbed hard onto his crotch, feeling the boy shudder against her.

“You are going to fix this.” She said quietly.

“I-I was about to go get you clothes—“

“No. What I mean is…I want you to fuck me. Right here. Right now.” She said, and Hajime gulped.


And so Hajime was also stripped down and the two made passionate love on the beach, each of them cumming several times before they were eventually found by Teruteru, who Mahiru punched in the face so hard that he immediately went unconscious.

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“C-Celeste! What is the meaning of this…this…indecency?!” Taka shouted as he covered up his face once he walked into the gym. Celeste was currently running on a treadmill, which surprised him, but what had surprised him even more was the fact that she was completely naked!!

“I am exercising.” She said matter-of-factly.

“I can see that! Or…I can’t, but you know what I mean!” He exclaimed. “But why are you doing it n-n-n…l-like that?!” Celeste giggled. She’d never seen the boy so flustered before. It was almost cute.

“I do it this way so I don’t get sweat on my clothes.” She answered. “Plus, anybody who gazed upon my nude form should consider it a blessing.”

“I consider it a violation! Stop it this instant!” He shouted, looking over at her again, and freezing at what he saw. As she ran on the treadmill, her modest breasts bounced around wildly. He’d never seen breasts in person before, and such a sight sent a wave of strange feelings though his entire body, coalescing at his crotch, which began to harden as he stared at her beautiful perky pink nipples. That feeling skyrocketed when his eyes trailed down the rest of her body. Her skin looked incredibly smooth and pale and perfect. Her hips were slim and her butt…it jiggled just a little bit with every single step. The erection he was experiencing was nearly painful. She was…gorgeous.

“I know you’re staring~” Celeste said, and Taka blushed as he covered his eyes, but yet…he couldn’t stop himself from peeking from between his fingers. What was he doing?!

“Y-you are tempting me with your body to get out of trouble!” He exclaimed. Celeste glanced over and noticed the bulge in his pants, and sighed. Finally, she stopped and turned off the machine, grabbing a nearby towel and rubbing herself down. She turned to Taka, which only gave him a better look at the gambler’s body. His eyes glanced down at her pussy, which was in full view, as she was clean shaven.

“So you are admitting that you’re tempted?” She asked, and he gulped. As she rubbed herself down, which caused her breasts to jiggle even more, she looked him up and down. “You’re very uptight, you know that? But…I’m feeling generous, and you’re attractive enough…perhaps I can give you a taste of what it’s like to feel true bliss~”

“Wh-whatever you’re suggesting, can we please move to a dorm?!” He asked. Celeste groaned, but grabbed his hand and started leading him back to her room.

Over the next hour, Taka was left to experience what sex was, and he was surprised by how amazing it felt, and how much his stress seemed to melt away. Afterward, even though they’d had sex, and it had been one of the greatest things Taka had ever experienced, he still reported Celeste for public indecency.

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“I must say, you make me feel like I’m back at home again!” Sonia said to the enthusiastic maid as she poured her some tea. Once Sonia had learned that Kirumi Tojo was in the same school as her, she immediately rushed to find her to not only become friends but also basically hire her.

She was pleasantly surprised to find that the maid was just as gorgeous as the rumors had said. She was elegant in everything she did, perfect and calm and collected, and after talking for a bit, the two agreed to hang out. Of course, through poor communication, that just led to the maid serving the princess all day, but both were fine with it. Kirumi had made her a fabulous meal just like those Sonia had back home, she cleaned her room, her clothes, and helped her do makeup. It felt so nice to be pampered again, much to Sonia’s surprise.

“I only wish to make you happy.” Kirumi said as she poured two cups, one for herself at Sonia’s insistence. Once both were poured, both lifted the cups to their mouths and sipped, both exhaling at the same time; delicious.

“I wish I could hire you permanently! You’re better than anybody back home!” Sonia said, and Kirumi smiled.

“I would like that, I think. But alas, I have other people I must also help.” The maid said, and Sonia stood up.

“Well then, before the day is up, I must reward you! Or somehow provide a souvenir to help you remember me fondly!” She said with enthusiasm.

“No, that’s not necessary-“

“I insist! In fact, I have the perfect idea for both!” She said, and walked over to Kirumi. The maid thought it over, and even just from the day she’d spent with the princess, she knew she was stubborn and wouldn’t be easily swayed. And perhaps…indulging herself every once in a while wouldn’t hurt.

“Fine, I accept. What did you have in—AH!” Kirumi suddenly shrieked as the princess latched her hands onto her breasts.

“Wow! So soft!” Sonia said, her eyes sparkling.

“E-excuse me, what are you doing?” The maid asked, shocked.

“I wish to take your virginity as a souvenir! That way you’ll remember today forever!” Sonia exclaimed as she quickly started stripping the maid.

“W-wait! Are you sure you want to lose your virginity to someone like me?” She asked. Sonia gave her a confused look, and then laughed.

“Oh, no no no! I’m not a virgin!” She said, much to the shock of the maid. “But even so, I would be perfectly fine with losing it to you!” Kirumi sighed, this wasn’t what she had in mind, but…

“You…really want to do this…with me?” She asked, and Sonia nodded. She took a deep breath, and smiled. “Alright, as you wish. I will do my best to pleasure you!” Sonia smiled back.

And so the two engaged in passionate love making, where Kirumi introduced Sonia to positions she had never heard of before in all of her research, and both did their best to make their partner remember this day for the rest of their lives.

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“1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4…”

Nekomaru counted as he and Akane did their daily exercises together. They’d found that doing it together was more efficient, fun, and motivating, seeing each other exercise. Though with how the two of them were, neither of them noticed how the movements of their bodies affected…things.

But Hajime did.

As the boy walked by the beach on his way to meet Mahiru and Hiyoko for a…”rendezvous”, he spotted the two of them, and immediately stopped in his tracks.

Now, it was hard to miss how well endowed Akane was, especially when she seemed so adamant on being naked at times when it really wasn’t appropriate, but…it had never been more apparent as it was right now. Her breasts, confined only by a shirt (since he was almost certain she didn’t wear a bra), bounced around wildly as she moved her body up and down, up and down. Hajime couldn’t keep his eyes off of them, and was surprised they hadn’t come flying out of her thin shirt yet.

But then he glanced over at Nekomaru and…wow…a similar effect was happening, except it was somewhere else. The bulge in his pants, as much as Hajime tried not to stare at it, was also flopping around wildly as the massive man jumped up and down. Hajime was somewhat disgusted but also…intrigued. He was curious how big the man actually was, and so he found himself staring as the bulge bounced around for a while. Eventually, he mentally slapped himself out of it, and continued on his way.

A while later, both Nekomaru and Akane stopped, efficiently warmed up, and were still completely oblivious to what was happening. Nekomaru started thinking about what he was gonna do when Akane spoke up.

“You know, I heard sex is a really great exercise.”

That stopped the man in his tracks. Of course, he wasn’t stupid, he knew how important something like that was, and how it shouldn’t be taken lightly, but did she know that?

“Y-yeah, but…Akane, that’s-“

“Oh come on, don’t look at me like that. It’s not like I haven’t done it before.” She said, and Nekomaru froze up, but before he could inquire further, she continued. “Of course, I haven’t done it with someone as massive as you in order to use it as a good workout, so why not? I’m sure we could push each other to our limits.”

“But…are you sure? Having sex is something that requires a lot of trust in your partner.” He said, and he could’ve sworn she blushed.

“I trust you.” She said. “So do it with me.” Nekomaru took a deep breath, sighed, and then gave her a smile.

“Alright. Let’s head back to my cabin, though.” He said, and Akane nodded, smiling back.

The two spent the rest of their day trying different sex positions to find the one that would give them the best workout, purely for that purpose, and nothing else.

Chapter Text

“Gundham! I have something to discuss with you!” Sonia said as she ran over to Gundham, who was busy creating a spell circle in the sand. Of course, as soon as he heard her voice, he stopped what he was doing and looked over at her.

“Yes, what is it?” He asked, and although she seemed enthusiastic, she was also blushing profusely as she looked at him.

“W-well, Hiyoko just told me something of grave importance!” She said. “She has warned me that one most frequently check the bounciness of your chest to determine how healthy it is!” At her exclamation, Gundham could feel his own cheeks turning pink.

“Wh-what? Surely that’s nonsense, isn’t it?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, but I figured…it wouldn’t hurt to check, right? And I trust no one but you with the task.” She said.

“I…I would be honored!” He exclaimed. He could already feel a stirring in his breast at being trusted with such a sight! …and…other places were stirring as well.

“Should we…go somewhere more private?” She asked. Gundham glanced at his circle, hesitant to leave it. But no, this was more important! He turned back to her and nodded. Sonia grabbed his hand and started leading him back to her cabin. Unbeknownst to either of them, someone was watching them, and followed them to the cabin.

Once they were inside, Sonia turned on the lights and the two of them sat down in the middle of the room. The two stared at each other for a while. “O-oh! I guess I must remove my clothes for you to best see me.”

“Right…” Gundham said, and watched in anticipation as Sonia slowly removed her vest, then her shirt, and finally, her bra, leaving her topless in front of the boy. Both of them were blushing deeply as Sonia sat half naked in the room. At the same time, someone peeked through the window.

“Aww, dammit! She’s facing away! I can’t see her!” Kazuichi said as he tried to stare inside, but he could only see the princess’s back. He growled in extreme jealousy. The stupid freak was staring at Miss Sonia’s bare chest!!!

Indeed, he was. He stared at her perky pink nipples that topped her creamy white mounds of flesh. He gulped as he felt the stirring growing more intense as his dick became instantly hard as a rock. “So, now I guess I…”

“Just…move up and down?” He suggested. She nodded and started bouncing up and down on her butt. Gundham had to hold in a gasp as the gorgeous mounds moved rapidly up and down, up and down, almost hypnotically. This seemed almost as powerful as any spell he could ever cast, as even he, the powerful Gundham Tanaka, was captivated and couldn’t seem to look away no matter how hard he tried. Sonia let out a small moan as she felt his eyes shooting across her entire chest as her breasts bounced.

“A-are they bouncing well?” She asked.

“Y-yes…very…very well…” He said, struggling to speak. Because he was staring so intensely, he easily noticed when her nipples became hard. She was…

“H-hey, Gundham?” She asked. “I-I, um…I also heard that…the volume of a woman’s moans during…s-sexual intercourse also could be used to determine how healthy she is. Would you…like to help me with that?”

“I would be happy to!” Gundham said without a second thought. Sonia smiled, and then had a realization.

“Ah! The window! I must make sure to close the curtains!” She said, before rushing to her feet and turning around.

Noticing her movement, Kazuichi ducked down, but he was given a very fleeting glance of her breasts swaying before she rushed over and closed the curtains. He cursed to himself, and waited, his ear up against the window. After a while, he heard loud sounds of moaning and the shaking of a bed. All color drained from his face when the full realization sank in, and after hearing her moan Gundham’s name…REALLY loudly, he sulked off to his cabin, where he spent the rest of the day and night crying himself to sleep.

Chapter Text

Yuta sighed as he stepped inside the house. Well, he was expecting to spend all day with his friends, but now that one of them had gotten sick, they’d called it off, so he had to come home early. He was disappointed, and so he wanted to do some swimming to take his mind off of it. Grumbling all the way there, he went to his room, grabbed his bathing suit, got changed, grabbed a towel, and headed outside to their pool.

Of course, Yuta was expecting Aoi to be there using it, as she liked to when she wasn’t at Hope’s Peak, just to get some practice in, but what he wasn’t expecting was to see her swimming…naked.

As soon as he saw it, he froze on the spot, watching as she came out of the water, her back arched, her breasts jiggling as she rose up. The water cascaded down her tanned mounds, droplets stopping on her nipples before plopping back into the water. Yuta instantly felt himself getting hard. You would think he’d feel guilty about it, considering it was his sister, but to be honest, he’d always kind of had a thing for her, at least for her body. He liked to sneak glances at it whenever he could, and even once accidentally walked in on her changing and got to see her bare chest. But that was a brief glance, this was full on in the sunlight.

She dove back into the water, her bare ass dipping up out of the water for a brief moment before she went back under. He didn’t know what to do, other than just stand there in shock. It wasn’t until Aoi surfaced again that she finally noticed him, and when she did, she quickly threw her body under the water, her face turning a deep scarlet.

“Y-Yuta?! I-I thought you were…”

“Plans…fell through.” He said, not looking away. “What are you…?”

“A-ah! This! I…um…I just…like to swim…n-naked…sometimes…” She said. “P-please don’t tell anyone!”

“I won’t…” He said, and then stopped. He knew he shouldn’t, but a terrible idea crossed his mind, and he couldn’t resist, “…as long as you let me swim with you.” Aoi went wide-eyed.

“L-like this?!” She asked, and he nodded. She sputtered. “B-but-!”

“That’s my condition.” He said, and Aoi scowled, looking away.

“Ugh…fine.” She said. He smiled, ran up, and jumped into the pool, surprising Aoi. He only stayed under for a few moments before he resurfaced in front of her.

“You could’ve warned me!” She said. “Just…try not to look, okay?” She said, turned around, and dived under. Yuta had to admit he was surprised she didn’t seem more upset about him blackmailing her into staying naked, but he wasn’t gonna complain. Sure, he may be a pervert, but he was also a teenager.

So the two swam around a bit, with Yuta trying to discreetly check out his sister, getting good views of her ass, her chest, and even her pussy, which he was surprised to see was shaved, but made him feel joyous. She quickly caught on that he was looking at her though, but other than a few glares his way, and a flushed face, she didn’t actually say anything, so he continued to enjoy her gorgeous naked body moving around everywhere, especially as she occasionally bumped into him.

At one point though, she accidentally brushed up against his dick, which was still rock hard. They out jumped, with Aoi turning around quickly, causing her breasts to bounce wildly.

“A-ah…” He said, and was about to apologize when he noticed her gaze. Her cheeks were incredibly flushed, and she was panting, more than she usually did.

“Yuta…” She said, and the way she said his name turned him on even more, nearly making him groan. “I…” She crept up close to him, and gently placed her hand on his crotch, directly over his dick.

“A-Aoi!” He exclaimed, then moaned as she started to rub it. He could feel her hot breath on his neck as she pressed her body against his, her breasts soft as they squished against his chest.

“It’s so…big…” She said, and he shuddered. “I…I didn’t realize how much I liked you…looking at me…” Was she…turned on? “Yuta…I want to…will you do it with me?”

“Yes!” He said with enthusiasm.

So the two left the pool, dried off, giving Yuta even more chances to ogle her, to her delight, and as soon as they were inside, Aoi jumped the boy, and the two fucked, multiple times. They did it on the couch, on the floor, on the table, on their beds. They did it all day until their parents came home. Of course, Yuta thought it would be a one time thing, but when Aoi went into his room that night, it became clear this was a permanent thing.

And he was happy about it.

Chapter Text

Fuyuhiko was surprised at first when he saw Peko training in her underwear, but that surprise soon turned into arousal as when she sliced down on a watermelon, her breasts, confined only by a thin black bra, bounced wildly. He could feel his dick stiffen immediately in his pants as he hid behind a tree.

Now, could you blame him? Despite the impression he gave off, he was still a teenager. He wanted to watch her, watch her body move and jiggle. She even turned around and gave him a great view of her ass moving around as well at one point.

He’d always found Peko attractive, but their relationship made it very difficult for him to really do anything about it, other than jerk off to his own imagination at night. But that currently left him wanting to take his dick out right now and do it while watching the swordswoman and her body. He knew he shouldn’t; if she saw there’d be no way to explain it, but…

He couldn’t resist. He unzipped his pants, and yanked his dick out from underneath his pants and boxers, and started to masturbate. He watched her chest move up and down with every movement she made, and got so into it that he leaned his head back and groaned, closing his eyes as he imagined his hands on those soft mounds. Yet, when he opened them again, she was gone. He felt a chill go down his spine that he couldn’t explain.

“Young Master?”

Fuyuhiko jumped and turned around, falling backwards onto the sand as he heard Peko’s voice from behind him. As soon as she saw his dick, still out in the open, she actually blushed a little.

“P-Peko! Th-this isn’t what it looks like!” He said as he frantically tried to stuff his dick back into his pants.

“Young Master? Would you like me to…take care of that for you?” She asked, and immediately Fuyuhiko froze, his mind grinding to a complete halt for a few moments.


“If you are uncomfortable, it is my job to make you feel better, so…may I?” She asked, seemingly unable to tear her eyes away from it. Fuyuhiko stopped thinking, and let his second head take over.

“Y-yes.” He squeaked. Peko nodded, got on her hands and knees, leaned down, and as Fuyuhiko laid there, she opened her mouth and gently put his head inside. As soon as her lips touched his skin, he groaned loudly, his body shaking. Peko smiled as she took in even more, sliding her tongue against the boy’s skin. Her warm breath and hot tongue made the boy squirm and shake with pleasure. He didn’t know it could feel this good!

She pushed him deeper and deeper inside her mouth, not gagging even a single time, having been rigorously trained against that, though admittedly for other reasons. Soon, his entire length was inside, and she wrapped her tongue around it, touching every spot she could, feeling it throb.

“F-fuck!” Fuyuhiko groaned. “That feels so…gooood…” He said, and Peko smiled more. She was happy to make him feel this way. She lifted herself up and then moved back down, never stopping at flicking her tongue over every inch of skin. Fuyuhiko could feel the familiar pressure building inside, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it back. It almost seemed like Peko was able to tell, as she took his entire dick in her mouth as he came, spewing his semen down her throat. Even then, she didn’t gag, swallowing up every single drop, feeling it slide warmly down her throat. He shook as it flowed out, until he was completely empty, and she pulled away, wiping her mouth.

“Holy shit…” He said. That was one of the best things he’d ever experienced.

“Young Master?” She suddenly said.


“If you want…I can make you feel even better.” She said, looking away with a slight blush. Fuyuhiko gulped.

“Yes please…”

The two went back to his cabin, where the spent the rest of the day with Peko relieving all the stress Fuyuhiko had been carrying through the power of sex.

Chapter Text


Himiko turned around to find someone running up to her, dressed in the weirdest outfit she had ever seen, and that was saying something. The boy had a low flowing purple scarf that stood out against anything else, waving around as he ran up to her.

“Mage! I have heard you are very powerful with your talents!” He said, not even introducing himself. “I wish to speak with you about a specific matter, as someone who also practices the arcane arts!” Himiko was dumbstruck, and she had to pull her hat down to obscure her blush at finally being actually acknowledged as a mage.

“V-very well. But first, please tell me your name.” She said, and the boy laughed.

“Very well. I have heard of your name and title, so it is only fair to give you my own, as a show of trust. I am Gundham Tanaka, the Supreme Overlord of Ice! The pleasure shall be yours~” Himiko couldn’t help but laugh, but thankfully Gundham didn’t take it badly. He seemed a little arrogant, but if he was actually acknowledging her power as mage, she could let it slide.

“So, what did you want to discuss?” She asked.

“Usually I am one who prefers to cast my spells and curse alone, but recently I have come across a spell that requires two people. Normally I would disregard this spell, but it promises great prestige and overwhelming happiness. Therefore, I sought out someone who may be willing to partake in the spell with me, someone else gifted in the arts.” He explained.

“A spell? Overwhelming happiness? Sounds like a lot of work…” She moaned.

“Oh I assure you, it shall be worth it. I only ask that you hear me out.” Himiko groaned.

“Fine.” She finally said.

“Fantastic! May we find somewhere private to discuss?” He asked. She nodded, and the two headed off to an empty classroom, where Himiko sat down, but Gundham remained standing.

“So, how does the spell work?” Himiko asked.

“We must combine our souls and bodies together in a harmonious dance, give each other to each other completely, revel in each other’s warmth and happiness, and end the spell with a release of pure magic from within!” He exclaimed. But when Himiko just gave him an empty stare, he cleared his throat. “The mortals have another name for it, and that is…sexual intercourse.” Himiko froze, her face turning an intense shade of red.

“S-SEX?!” She exclaimed.

“Yes, yes. That is the mortal term, but this is so much more than that! It promises eternal happiness and great prestige!” He said. Himiko stared at him, wondering if he was serious, and he seemed to be. Normally Himiko would’ve questioned his intentions, but the aura he had around him…seemed legitimate.

“Are you…sure about this?” She asked.

“Hmmm…you seem to be doubting. Very well. I have learned there is a method that may be able to convince you.” He said, and without hesitation, he reached into his pants and pulled out…his dick, which was…

“Oh…my god…” Himiko said. For some reason she couldn’t explain, as she stared at its length, she wanted so badly to put it inside her, even though it looked like it would hurt to do so. With great effort, she looked up at his face, and he smiled.

“You are convinced?” He asked, and she shook her head. “Then follow me, and I will lead us to eternal happiness!”

After taking Himiko back to where he lived, the two proceeded to do the spell, and although they did indeed feel extreme happiness in the moment, when that happiness faded, they felt disappointed. Though…Himiko told Gundham she was always up for another attempt.

Chapter Text

Kazuichi pouted as he emerged from his cabin, the stars twinkling above him as he sulked over to Sonia’s, where he put his ear against the wall, and heard the same noises he heard every night, Sonia’s moans and Gundham shouting. He sighed, and walked around to see if the curtains were open. Even if he had to see her fucking Gundham, he’d at least want to see her naked…

“What are you doing?”

Kazuichi jumped and nearly gasped as he turned to find Hiyoko standing nearby, glaring at him. Though something was off about her, her kimono was scuffed and wrinkled, sliding off her shoulder a bit on one side. Her hair was also a mess. But he didn’t really care why she looked like that.


“Trying to peek on ‘Miss Sonia’?” She said with a smirk.

“N-no! …yes…well, actually, Sonia and Gundham.” He admitted, knowing it was pointless. That made the smile fall from her face, though.

“Really? Those two? Wow…” She said. “That must suck for you.”

“Oh, screw off. What would you know?” He snapped. She growled.

“I-I’ll have you know I just came back from…y-yeah!” Hiyoko said with a huff, but Kazuichi just laughed.

“As if! No one would want someone who looks as small and childish as you! Especially with basically no breasts to speak of.” Kazuichi said. He knew he was being harsh, but he was upset. Hiyoko’s eye twitched as she turned red with anger. She walked over, put her foot on his dick, and grabbed his hand, shoving it inside her kimono. “H-hey, what are you—WOAH!” He stopped when his hand pressed against her breast. He was surprised by how soft it was, and…there was more there than he expected. Sure, his dick may hurt right now, but…somehow the feeling of her foot against his crotch, combined with how soft her breast was, started to turn him on. That only grew stronger when he brushed her hard nipple, so small and nice.

“See? You’re getting hard, you pervert! I know what I’m doing!” She yelled, then lowered her voice. “H-he said so…”


“D-doesn’t matter! I could totally rock your world if I wanted to!” She exclaimed.

“Oh yeah? Prove it!” He said, and she growled.

“Fine!” She said, got off of him, pulled him to his feet, and pulled him towards her cabin.

“W-wait! I-I don’t want to post my virginity to you! I’m saving it for Miss Sonia! Waaaaait!!” He tried to protest, but she ignored him as he was pulled into her cabin. Despite having already gone a round that night, she did indeed rock his world, and by the morning, she was all he wanted. But of course, when he asked for more, she laughed in his face and walked off, leaving him just as sad as before.

Chapter Text

“I’m a boy!”

When Chihiro had quietly asked Makoto to come to his dorm, he wasn’t sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t this. The statement Chihiro made shocked Makoto to his core. The idea that the person he’d spent all these months with was actually a boy was…shocking, especially since…he’d kind of started developing feelings for the small girl…or rather boy.

“I-I…ummm…” He stuttered, unsure how to respond. Chihiro seemed to take that as disbelief.

“I-I can prove it!” He said, to Makoto’s shock, he reached under his skirt, and pulled down the bloomers underneath, before throwing them aside and then grabbing his skirt. He seemed to hesitate, and so Makoto was going to tell him to stop, but before he could, Chihiro thrust up the skirt. Makoto gasped as he laid eyes on…a rather big dick. Even in the few moments he had between Chihiro removing his bloomers and lifting the skirt, Makoto would’ve expected a small one to match his frame. But he was…big, and it was flaccid!

“S-see?!” He said, wiggling his hips to accentuate it, causing it to bounce around a bit. Makoto felt an intense blush go over his entire face, and while you would’ve thought he’d be disgusted to look at another guy’s dick…something about it was mesmerizing. He couldn’t look away.

“Y-yeah…I see. A-all of it…” Makoto said. His throat felt dry. The dick twitched. “Wow you’re massive…” Makoto accidentally blurted. Chihiro’s already red face turned into an even deeper shade.

“A-ah! I’m sorry!” He said, and Makoto reached a hand out to settle him down, but it smacked into Chihiro’s own as he pushed the skirt down. Chihiro then grabbed Makoto’s hand by reflex, and became so flustered that he tripped on his own feet, falling backwards, pulling Makoto with him as both boys crashed to the floor.

The luckster laid there for a bit, stunned. But when he recovered, he realized he could feel something…weird against his face. He opened his eyes, and looked down, and was shocked to find Chihiro’s dick touching his cheek, and as he stared at it…it’s twitched.

“Ahhh!” Makoto said as he shot up, looking down at it. He forced his eyes away to Chihiro’s face, which was scrunched up with his eyes closed. His eyelids fluttered open, and when he saw Makoto, his face turned a deep crimson.

“Ah! Sorry!” He said. As Makoto stated down at him, he shuddered. Chihiro’s dick twitched and shook, the boy’s skirt and top was a mess, his face was…the expression was…adorable. Before Makoto could stop himself or question why he wanted to do it, he gently grabbed Chihiro’s dick, and held it. “A-ah! M-Makoto! What are you—AH!” Makoto started to stroke his cock, and he felt like he was in a trance. He watched as it started to grow, getting longer as it became stiffer under his fingertips. “Makoto…w-we shouldn’t be doing this…”

“Just…let me…” Makoto whispered. The two’s eyes met, and Chihiro nodded. Makoto looked back down at his cock, which was now very long, and made his hand look small by comparison. He stroked up and down, feeling it pulse and throb underneath his hand, his fingers running over the veins. Chihiro thrashed and moaned, the sounds only arousing him further. Chihiro didn’t last long before he came, spraying semen into the air, which landed both on Makoto and the floor. Makoto waited as he emptied himself, his body shaking. Once it was all out, he fell down, breathing hard.

“Sorry…I got some…on you…” He said, and Makoto laughed.

“I don’t care.” He said. “And Chihiro? It doesn’t matter what gender you are. We still…I still…love you.” Chihiro looked up at him with wide eyes. After seeing the genuineness in his eyes and his smile, he started to tear up, and Makoto embraced him in a hug.

“Th-thank you…” He said, and Makoto patted his back as the boy cried into his chest. Makoto wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that, but it didn’t matter. He would stay as long as he needed, and he did. Once Chihiro had quieted down, he leaned back, and wiped his face. He looked away from Makoto, blushing. “M-Makoto?”


“Can we do more…of that?” He asked, and Makoto smiled.

The two proceeded to strip naked, and as soon as Makoto saw the boy’s nude body, his dick already preparing for round two, he immediately pulled the boy to the bed. But he made sure to hold himself back and be gentle with him. The sounds and faces he made were like music to his ears, and when Chihiro returned the favor, it felt like pure heaven to the luckster. The two spent all night together, before falling asleep, nestled in each other’s arms, smiling.

Chapter Text

“Ugh I don’t understand how you were born with such measly tits when I was granted these beauties~!” Junko said as she poked Mukuro’s chest, making the girl jump. This wasn’t the first time the soldier had heard such a thing of course, but it was the first time Junko had gone so far as to touch them, even with just a poke.

“I-I don’t know either…” She said, never able to speak very loudly near her sister. “I just—AHH!” She cried out as Junko placed both hands over her breasts completely, squeezing them.

“I mean what man would want these tiny tits on top of your already butt-ugly face?” She asked.

“I…I don’t think…” Mukuro tried to say, but she stopped when Junko ripped open her shirt without warning, even pulling up her bra to allow her breasts to be completely exposed, her pale nipples hardening from the chill of the room, even as her face turned a deep red. “J-Junko! What are you—AHH!” The girl jumped again as Junko put her hands on her sister’s bare chest.

“Hmmm…they’re not even that soft! Man, how is it that you fail in every way?” She asked, pinching her nipples between her fingers and pulling, making Mukuro moan as her body shuddered. “Hopefully if you do manage to find someone, they’ll appreciate your easy reactions.” Junko scoffed. Mukuro wanted to speak, but was unable to as she felt herself becoming turned on by her sister playing with her nipples like this. So when Junko let go, it was almost disappointing, though it allowed the soldier to catch her breath. “Maybe you should get some breast implants! Then maybe you can at least somewhat reach this level!” Junko exclaimed as, without warning, she grabbed Mukuro’s hands and shoved them against her own chest.

Immediately, Mukuro gasped as her hands sunk into the soft mounds even through the fabric covering them. Junko laughed at her expression. “Hahahahaha! What? Can’t handle your sister’s chest? Or are you getting turned on by them, you sick pervert?”

“N-no! That’s not-“ Mukuro tried to defend herself, but Junko practically ripped open her own shirt, tossing away her bra and leaving her nearly topless in an instant, her large breasts bouncing free in front of Mukuro’s face. The sight of them, of Junko’s seemingly perfect chest and gorgeous nipples, made the soldier instantly horny.

“I knew it. You incestuous freak!” She yelled with a laugh as she grabbed Mukuro’s hands again and placed them against her chest. Mukuro moaned again as her hands sunk in even deeper, surprised by just how soft they actually were. She felt her body shudder when she saw Junko shake as she brushed her nipples. She squeezed the breasts, her hands unable to cover the entire thing as Junko laughed and laughed. Mukuro felt ashamed of herself. Junko was right, how could she get turned on by her own sister?! But as she was mentally berating herself, she was surprised as Junko pulled her close and kissed her. Mukuro went wide-eyed and groaned, then moaned as their chests touched, their nipples rubbing together, stimulating her further. Her lips were warm and rough as she kissed her intensely, but only for a few seconds before she pulled away.

“Incest…such a despairful thing.” Junko said, smiling. “When two people of such close relations come together, they violate the law of society. They can even sometimes come to create an abomination of a child, a child that society pretends to care about, but would rather they didn’t exist, and just put on a face of trying to “help”. What a pitiful lie from all of society as they secretly belittle and treat these abominations as the lower life forms they are. Ahhhh…but even so…if it’s between two men or two females…though it’s still shunned as taboo, even so they can do it with almost no consequences! How…beautiful~” Junko went on with her monologue with a dreamy smile on her face as she stared at Mukuro’s chest. “And to do it with someone as hideous as you…that is such despair~”


“AHHHHH!” She yelled as she tackled Mukuro to the floor and quickly ripped off the rest of her clothing, attacking every inch of the soldier’s skin with her tongue and her hands. While Mukuro fought back at first, she eventually realized…Junko hated this…which meant she loved it. It didn’t make sense, but that’s just how she was, so she simply let it happen, and tried to enjoy herself as Junko hate fucked her sister all night long, in the name of despair.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t really a surprising sight, seeing the Ultimate Gamer sleeping on a random bench near the school grounds, but while almost anyone else would’ve left her there to rest peacefully…Junko or course had a different, more evil idea.

At the moment, nobody was around, and the girl seemed to be in a deep sleep, so she was sure she’d be able to get away with it. So, with a smirk on her face, she reached forward and started unbuttoning the girl’s uniform. Almost immediately, it became evident just how big the girl was in the chest area. Of course, she wasn’t as big as Junko, but she was close. Once the girl’s shirt was completely undone, she pulled both it and the vest off, leaving her topless, except for a strawberry patterned bra, which Junko scoffed at.

“Of course she can’t be some closet whore, she has to also wear some girly underwear. Unless she’s wearing a thong.” The girl said to herself as she ripped off her bra, allowing the girl’s chest to bounce out wildly as her breasts were freed from their fabric confines. Junko could almost hear the cartoonish ‘boing!’ sound effect as she watched them jiggle before finally settling. Just seeing the girl completely topless in public was already making the girl feel aroused.

Next came the rest. She grabbed the skirt and yanked it down, showing a matching pair of cutesy pink panties. “Of course…” She bemoaned. She pulled the skirt off before she grabbed the panties and yanked them down as well, surprised to see the girl was shaved. She wouldn’t have thought the gamer would go through the effort of doing so. Either way, Junko smiled as she removed the lady of the girl’s clothing, leaving her completely naked in broad daylight. To add to it, Junko spread her legs, leaving nothing to the imagination. There wasn’t anyone around yet, but she was sure somebody would come by and either take pictures or rape her. Either way, it was sure to be humiliating. Just in case, Junko took out her phone and snapped a few pictures of the defenseless girl, getting close ups of her chest, her cute nipples, and her bare pussy. She even flipped the girl over to take a few of her smooth, flawless ass before setting her back into position. Though, while Junko was about to head off to hide and wait for somebody to show up, she couldn’t help but notice the girl still hadn’t woken, hadn’t even shown a sign of stirring. And as she stared at her bare breasts slowly moving up and down with her breathing, she couldn’t resist.

She reached out and placed her hand underneath one and lifted it up, before letting go and watching it bounce around. She did it again, watching with interest as the huge jugs jiggled and bounced. Even then, she still didn’t wake up, though her face scrunched up a bit. Junko slowly began to get more and more turned on as she grabbed both breasts and squeezed. This finally got a bigger reaction from the girl, whose body shook as she bit her lip. Junko laughed to herself as she squeezed the breasts more, moving them around and watching as they shook when she let go of them. Then, she pinched her nipples between her fingers and pulled, happy to feel them hard under her fingers. She stretched out the breast before she let go, watching with glee as it bounced around wildly. The gamer groaned, and Junko looked down to see her pussy was a bit damp, which made Junko’s smile widen.

“I’m gonna give you the best wet dream of your life~” She promised as she stepped up close, and placed her mouth over the girl’s nipple, while at the same time, she shoved a finger inside her pussy, feeling her inner virgin walls clench around her. The girl’s body lurched, and Junko was afraid for a second she’d wake up, not that she cared that much, but still. Though, her eyes didn’t open. She simply groaned, so Junko continued. She flicked her tongue against the hardened nub as she felt Chiaki become more wet as she thrusted the finger in and out of her pussy. Her body shook and shivered, and she groaned, shifting her head back and forth as her fists clenched and unclenched. Junko gently bit down on the nipple and pulled, before letting go and letting it bounce a bit before she attacked it again. Her thrusts became faster and faster, squelching noises filling the air as she slid in and out, eventually adding a second finger. The gamer moaned louder and louder as she shook violently. Junko felt every movement she made, and was about to slip in a third finger when the girl finally groaned as she climaxed. She sprayed her cum onto Junko’s hand and arm as her body jolted, erupting in waves. Junko kept her fingers inside as she finished, until she finally rested back, panting as Junko pulled her fingers out, and stood up.

“Happy you enjoyed that~” She said. “Because you won’t enjoy what happens when you wake up~” Junko decided to take a few more pictures of her cum-covered thighs and pussy before she walked away, smiling.


Chiaki awoke to the sound of lots of voices and gasps and the sound of cameras. She groggily opened her eyes, awakening from quite an intense dream, though she couldn’t fully remember what it was about. Her vision started out blurry, but eventually it cleared and she found Hajime staring concerned at her. Her face brightened for a moment, happy to see him, but then it turned to confusion as she noticed his expression.

“Ch-Chiaki?” He asked, looking around nervously.

“What’s…going on?” She asked as she noticed a lot of people gathered around her.

“I’ve been…trying to get you to wake up. You’re…uh…um…” He seemed to struggle to get the words out. Chiaki tilted her head in confusion, before shivering at a breeze. Why did she feel so cold? She looked down to see if there was a hole in her uniform…only to find nothing except bare skin. Her large breasts were completely out in the open, pale pink nipples pointing at the top of her mounds, along with everything else. Her pussy tingled in a weird way, and she realized her legs were spread, allowing anyone to see everything. Her face turned an intense shade of crimson, and as she slowly brought her face back up to Hajime’s, she finally noticed him continuously glancing at her…chest…and…her…

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” She shrieked as she tried to cover her assets, blushing furiously, while Junko watched from nearby bushes, smirking to herself as she recorded the entire ordeal.

“Beautiful~” She muttered to herself.

Chapter Text

Makoto wasn’t aware how much he liked lean, well-built girls…until he saw Mukuro working out.

Of course, he’d seen Sakura plenty of times working out and seen her six pack a lot, but…no offense to her, but her size kind of put him off. Mukuro though…he’d almost never seen the girl without Junko at her side, and when the boy saw her working out in the gym in a sports bra and shorts…something inside him turned on, and turned on hard. So hard that it felt like his feet were no longer under his control as they walked him into the gym. She didn’t seem to notice him as he walked to a point far away where he was able to watch her. He felt creepy doing it, but he couldn’t help it. Something about the way she lifted the barbell so effortlessly. Her chest rose and fell with every breath, her nipples poking out against the thin bra, her six pack extremely visible to him. Makoto could feel his dick throb hard in his pants as he stared at her.

As his eyes wandered more, he saw that her shorts were riding up a bit, giving her a slight indentation in the crotch, which only served to turn him on further. He wanted to run his finger over that indent, and over those perky nipples. Makoto had never felt this strongly before, and it took everything he had to hold himself back.

“Why are you staring at me?” Mukuro asked, startling Makoto out of his thoughts.

“A-ah! I’m sorry! I-I wasn’t-“

“Please answer the question.” She instructed as she set the bar down and stood up, walking over to a nearby bench, where a water bottle sat. Makoto gasped as he saw her tight shorts cling to her ass as well, leaving little to the imagination as her curves lay extremely visible, which only turned him on further.

“I…I, um…” He stuttered. She got a drink, and then finally turned to him, and started walking over to him. He couldn’t read her expression, but instead watched as her chest bounced a little with every step, leaving him trembling as she stood in front of him. Has she already been this attractive? The way her eyes stared through him, how her hair always seemed perfect no matter what. He gulped as he tried to maintain eye contact. “I…I think…” His eyes drifted to her chest again, to her nipples sticking out, and before he could stop himself, he blurted out, “…I want to see you naked.” He immediately covered his mouth with his hands as his eyes shot back up to her face. She simply blinked at him.

“Wh-what?” She asked.

“I-I mean! I uh…I think you’re…um…oh, screw it, you’re very attractive!” He exclaimed, and she seemed taken aback, something he couldn’t remember having ever seen before.

“Y-you think I’m…attractive?” She asked, dumbfounded as her face grew a light blush.

“Yes!” Makoto said with more confidence, and the small smile that he rarely saw on her face appeared, and she held her arm as she looked at him. He couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking as she stared at him, and as her gaze drifted down to his crotch, where there was an obvious tent in his pants, his face also grew a deep red.

Suddenly, her sister’s words echoed through the soldier’s mind: “Man you gotta be more assertive, or else you’re never gonna get a guy!” With those words in mind, Mukuro took a deep breath, grabbed Makoto’s pants, and pulled both them and his boxers down in one swift motion, allowing his large cock to spring free and nearly smack her in the face. It took Makoto a moment to realize what had happened, giving her time to look up at it in wonder, surprised at how big it was.

“H-HEY!” He shouted as he tried to cover up, stepping back and tripping over his own pants as he fell onto his butt. He groaned, and then turned a deep shade of red as he saw her crawling over to him as he tried in vain to cover his dick with small hands. She moved until her head was positioned over his dick.

“You’re the first person that has ever called me attractive, Makoto.” She said. “Thank you. Please…let me suck it for you, let me make you…f-feel good.” She said, her dirty talk partially ruined by how shaky her voice was. As Makoto stared at her, her face so close as she breathed down on his very exposed dick, his common sense lost, and his second head took over.

“O-okay!” He said, and slowly removed his hands, completely revealing it to her once more. She stared at it in awe as she reached out and gently placed her hand around it, making him jump in surprise as he moaned. Her fingers were unsurprisingly rough, but even then, she treated it so gently as she ran her warm fingers over the throbbing erection. Makoto was surprised he didn’t cum right then and there, and even more so when she wrapped her entire hand around it and lowered herself down to place her mouth over the head. Instantly, intense pleasure shot through his entire body as she flicked her tongue against it, slowly moving further down. He had to clench his fists as he shook and shuddered, moaning as his entire body felt the pleasure through every nerve.

He was surprised by how quickly she was able to take the rest of it inside, moving down his dick without gagging at all, before soon enough, he was entirely inside. Her tongue slid against his shaft and made him moan loudly, the sound echoing through the room. For a brief moment, Makoto returned to clarity, and hoped nobody heard them or found them. But then as she flicked her tongue around, those worries faded back into the ether.

Even though she’d only just started, he could already feel that familiar pressure building inside his body as his dick throbbed hard inside her mouth. He would’ve said something, but with adamant she’d seemed, he was sure she’d be okay with him cumming, then she could swallow it all up. As she was about to place her hands on his balls as she sucked on it, he finally climaxed. Most of his semen shot straight down her throat, which she happily accepted, again without gagging a single time. The rest that didn’t go down immediately, she swallowed up as he pumped her with everything he had. Eventually, he settled down and she pulled away, swallowing the rest of it and wiping her mouth as Makoto panted.

“W-woah…” He said. He looked up to find his dick slowly becoming flaccid again, and Mukuro staring at him shyly.

“Did I…make you feel good?” She asked. “Do you still find me…attractive?”

“Of course! A million times yes!” He said, reaching forward and grabbing her hands. She looked up and met his eyes, and saw his genuine smile, and she smiled back, a light blush on her face.

“Then…do you want to do…more?” She asked, moving one hand to her chest, where her nipples seemed to poke out even more than before. He gulped, and nodded vigorously, making her smile even wider.

And so, not wanting to risk getting seen, the two made their way back to Makoto’s room, where Mukuro bared her entire body, her entire self to Makoto, something she’d never done for anybody other than her own sister. And Makoto happily accepted her, the two of them becoming one as he returned the pleasure she had given him tenfold, giving her an experience she knew she’d never forget, leaving her feeling pure bliss for probably the first time in her entire life.

Chapter Text

As soon as Makoto saw the girl working out, he got flashbacks to his time with Mukuro the other day, and instantly popped a boner. This time it was a girl he didn’t necessarily recognize at first, but eventually he remembered she was in the class below his, and eventually her name popped into his head: Maki. She had a fierce look on her face that reminded him of Mukuro. He wasn’t sure what convinced him to try it, but he walked in, and went right up to her, looking down as she used the bench press. She was dressed similarly to how Mukuro had been, a sports bra and shorts, except hers were pure black. She didn’t seem to give him any sort of acknowledgement even as he cleared his throat.

“I think you’re very attractive.” He said, stupidly hoping that it would work. It did make her pause for a moment, and finally look over at him, but she only gave him a passing glance before returning to what she was doing. He frowned. “I…um…” He sputtered.

“Go away.” Maki finally said, her voice flat, but stern.

“But I want to…I think you’re…” He said, his confidence from his time with Mukuro quickly fading. She sighed and put the bar up and stood up from the machine, turning to face him.

“Spit it out.” She said. Makoto rubbed his arm as he searched for the words.

“Can I…play with…you?” He asked. She stared at him, making him laugh nervously, before scoffing.

“Whatever. Leave me alone.” She said, and turned to walk away, but…probably due to Makoto’s luck, her shorts became caught on the machine, and she tripped, causing both her shorts and the black panties underneath to become ripped nearly in half, leaving her ass completely exposed as she collapsed to the floor, but in the air. Makoto felt his boner throb as he was given this perfect view of her smooth, pale cheeks, even able to see her pussy as well. He badly wanted to grab that ass and squeeze her cheeks underneath his fingers. Maki groaned, but quickly recovered, flipping herself over onto her back as she gave a death glare to Makoto that made his entire body shudder. Her flipping over left her pussy exposed again for a brief moment before she shot a hand between her legs. Despite the death glare, her face had a slight blush to it, which only turned him on further.


“Don’t.” She said, and tried to pull up her pants and panties, only causing them to fall apart onto the floor, leaving her bottomless, her hand the only thing protecting her modesty. The pose…made Makoto shiver, this time in arousal. “Give me your pants.” She instructed, and he took a step back, but then thought it over, and smiled.

“Okay…but only on one condition.” He said, wondering when he’d become so devious. She raised an eyebrow. “You let me touch you anywhere I want for five minutes.” Her cheeks reddened a little more at that, her glare becoming even sharper.

“Do you want to die?”

The question threw him off a bit, but he tried to ignore it as he cleared his throat. “Well?” He asked. She stared at him for a bit, her eyes peering into him.

“Ugh…fine.” She eventually said, and Makoto had to admit he was surprised that worked. She stood up before him and he gestured for her to remove her hand. She slowly pulled it away, showing off her shaved pussy, lightly pink and beautiful. He stared at it for a bit before he shook his head and walked over to her, grabbing onto her chest. He felt her body stiffen when he touched her, but all he could focus on was how soft her chest was, even through the fabric of the bra. They were smaller than Mukuro, but still felt amazing, especially as he rubbed her nipples, feeling them harden under his touch. She remained stone-faced, though the red blush gave away her embarrassment.

He didn’t want to spend too long on that, so he let go of her chest and moved up close. She stiffened again in response as he reached behind her and placed his hands on her bare ass as he pressed himself against her, her chest squishing against his own. He groaned as he squeezed the supple cheeks, playing with them, massaging them, and moving them around, feeling them easily give way to his fingers. She could feel her shaking ever so slightly, and laughed to himself.

He wasn’t sure how long he spent groping her ass before he finally let go, and moved behind her. As soon as he let go, she visibly relaxed a bit, but then tended back up as he moved behind her and placed one hand on her breast again, her nipples still hard as he slid his other hand over her stomach and down to her pussy. He was happy to find it wet when he placed his hand on it. She huffed, clearly upset that he had found out, and he gently stroked her outer lips, feeling her shake, her ass rubbing against his crotch, rubbing his dick. He smiled to himself as he fondled her, pinching her nipple and pulling at it, and slipped a finger inside her.

“That’s five minutes.”

As soon as the last syllable left her lips, she was two feet away, her cheeks incredibly flushed as she stared at him. “O-oh…” he said.

“Give me your pants.” She said, and he sighed as he slowly unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his legs. Maki’s eyes seemed to widen slightly as the sight of his cock pushing against his boxers, threatening to poke out of the top as he handed them over. She nodded and took them, slipping them on and sighing.

“Goodbye.” Maki said, turned…and tripped again, getting caught on one of the other machines, this time tearing her bra in half as she fell onto the floor. She laid for a bit before she slowly pushed herself up, and turned towards Makoto again, not bothering to cover her chest, giving him a nice view of her modestly sized breasts.

“Jacket.” She said, and he stepped back in shock.

“N-no! The only way I’d give up this would be if you did something big like…have sex with me!” He said. She gave him that extreme death glare again, and for a brief moment, he wondered if she would actually kill him, but then, she sighed.

“If you tell anyone about this, I’ll kill you.” She said, and he stared in shock as she pulled the pants back down, and got on her back, looking away as she spread her legs, allowing him to see everything. He shuddered, and gulped.

“Alright then…” He said, surprised that it actually worked, and approached her, gently pulling out his dick as he did so.

They spent the next hour having sex right there in the room, where thankfully no one came in to see them. It was clear the girl was inexperienced, but spent the entire time trying not to give away how she really felt, which kind of ruined the fun at times, but when he finally managed to start making her moan…it was one of the sweetest sounds he’d ever heard. And once they were done, and she quickly took his clothes and ran off before anything else happened, even though he had to walk back to his room in just boxers, the entire experience, in his mind, was totally worth it.

Chapter Text

Leon stretched as he walked out of the locker room into the pool area. It had been a long, hot day and he was ready to jump in and cool off in the school’s nice waters. Plus, he went late so he was hoping there’d be no one around to bother him. While that didn’t end up being the case, he gladly took the alternative.

The boy stopped as he saw Aoi swimming around in the water, and was about to call out to her when he saw something. Or rather, two somethings. Two large somethings. Those somethings bounced around as Aoi emerged from the water, pink nipples standing out against her tan skin, only giving him a brief look before she fell back into the water.

Had…he really just seen that? Did he really just see…Aoi’s breasts?!

Even if he had, his first thought was that she’d lost her top, and hadn’t noticed, or that it had just happened. He had almost convinced himself that that was the case until she popped above the water again, her breasts swaying as water dripped off her perky nipples, and when she went back under, her bare ass stuck above the water for a brief moment. She was…she was naked!!

Instantly, he popped a boner, and slipped slightly back into the locker room, hoping she wouldn’t notice him. Apparently, she didn’t, as she emerged once again, and approached the ladder, climbing out. Leon let out a quiet gasp as her entire body was revealed in all its glory. Her large breasts swayed from side to side as she climbed the ladder, somehow looking even bigger than when she had clothes on. And when he saw her pussy, his cock throbbed in his trunks. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a sort of landing strip, leading to her glorious lower lips. Water dripped down her skin, reflecting the light and making her appear to glow. Leon had never seen something so beautiful before.

And then she turned, and he groaned. That ass! It was so plump and round, her cheeks jiggling as she walked towards the diving board, more water dripping down. He so badly wished he could place his hand on those cheeks and squeeze them, or bury his face between them. For now, he had to be content with just watching. And watch he did. He watched every one of her curves swaying and jiggling and bouncing. He even pulled out his dick and started stroking himself, unable to stand it any longer.

She walked around the pool to the diving board, climbing up the ladder and giving him even more opportunity to watch her hips move back and forth as she went up, until she was at the top. She took a deep breath, and started running, her breasts bouncing around wildly as she jumped and dived into the pool, crashing with a loud splash. His legs trembled and he groaned as he pumped his dick hard, watching as she re-emerged, once again showing off her breasts dripping with water. He was honestly surprised that she didn’t hear him, because he felt he was pretty loud with his moans. All he could imagine was sliding his dick between those large, wet breasts of hers and fucking them to his heart’s content.

Aoi did some backstrokes, her breasts poking out above the water, every movement causing them to shift. His legs nearly buckled as he masturbated harder than he ever had before. He could already feel his climax approaching, but he was trying his best to keep it at bay as he watched her breasts intensely. That attention switched to her gorgeous ass as she flipped out and swam that way instead. It was just so…

“Nnnnng!” He groaned as he finally came, spraying semen onto the floor as he nearly collapsed. It came out in waves, rocking his body as he experienced the most intense climax of his life. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed before it finally finished, and he was left standing on shaky legs, trembling. He gasped, and quickly shoved his dick back into his trunks, looking at the mess. He knew he should probably clean it up, but he really didn’t want to. For now, he needed to get away before she-



“Heyyyy!” He said as he stepped out, Aoi’s face was beet red as she threw her entire body under the water, leaving only her face exposed. Before he could come up with an excuse, she spoke again.

“P-please don’t tell anyone!!” She shouted. He was about to say he wouldn’t when an idea crossed his mind. An evil one, but even after just having masturbated, he was still horny.

“Do you…do this often?” He asked, and she grimaced.


“I won’t say anything…if you do as I say.” He said, and she growled. “If you don’t do exactly as I say, I’ll tell everyone.”

“You’re…wh-what if they don’t believe you?!” She said with a smirk. She had a point. He wasn’t exactly known to always tell the truth. He quickly tried to come up with something before he lost this opportunity.

“I recorded it.” He said, and her face fell.


She seemed to believe him. “Yeah, I was actually just about to leave with it before you caught me.” He said. “So? Will you do as I say?” She growled again, before sighing.

“F-fine.” She said, and in his head, the boy jumped for joy, but on the outside, he tried to retain his cool.

“First, get out of the pool.” He instructed, and she winced, whimpering as she swam over to the side of the pool. Trying her best to keep her hands over her chest and between her legs, she climbed out of the pool with some difficulty, the water dripping from her curves. Once she was out, she faced him, her body trembling, a blush extremely visible from ear to ear. He walked up to her, smirking.

“Let me see your breasts.” He said. She whimpered again, and slowly, slowly pulled her arm away, eventually revealing her breasts to him, this time close up, as she threw the hand between her legs with the other, trying her hardest to protect her modesty, even though he’d already seen everything. He stared at her large chest, moving up and down with her breathing, her nipples hard from the cold water. Before he could stop himself, he reached out and grabbed onto them tightly, making the girl moan.

“Holy…shit…” he said. They were somehow even softer than he would’ve ever expected!! His hands simply felt like they melted into her skin, his hands not even big enough to cover them entirely. He could feel her shuddering as she bit her lip to try to keep from moaning again. He moved them around, up and down, left and right, watching them move with fascination. He could already feel his dick stiffening once again.

“Nnnng! Mmmmm!” Aoi moaned, unable to contain it. The sounds were like music to his ears. With a smile, he pinched one of her hard nubs between his fingers and twisted it slightly. That little movement was enough to make her entire body jump, her breasts jiggling from the movement. It even looked like she was drooling a little. He pulled at the nipple, getting the same reaction, and did the same as her other nipple, her body shaking with arousal. He repeated the movements he’d done with her breasts, but now holding her nipples, which seemed to stimulate her more than just general groping. He stretched out her breasts in every way he could, before finally letting them go and watching her breasts bounce back into place.

“Haaaa…haaaaa…” She breathed, but he wasn’t done yet. He stepped forward, pressing his body against hers as he reached behind her and latched his hands on her ass. He assaulted her with several sensations at once: his hard, throbbing cock against her waist, his trunks the only thing between them, her breasts now squished up against his bare chest, which made him shudder, and the hands on her ass, squeezing the plump cheeks. It was all too much, and arousal shot through her entire body all at once, making her moan.

“God you feel so good~!” He said, referencing both her chest squished between them as well as her ass, which he happily played with, moving the cheeks around and feeling them jiggle under his fingers. Aoi’s hands clenched tightly between her legs, but they also touched the bottom of his cock, and she could feel how hard it was, feeling tempted to reach inside his trunks and grab it. Leon audibly groaned at everything he felt as well, almost feeling like he would cum again right there.

Eventually, he pulled away, and she almost seemed disappointed. Her body trembled as she panted, her cheeks bright red. Leon noticed liquid trickling down her legs, and smiled.

“Now then…” he said with a smirk, “…can you guess what’s next?” She gulped, and nodded, a hunger in her eyes. A hunger for him, one that she never would’ve expected to have.

“P-please…” She begged, and that was almost enough to make him finish, but he held strong, and led her quickly to his room, not even bothering to dry off or get dressed, Aoi was too horny for that. Thankfully they made it there without anyone seeing them, and they spent the rest of the night both cumming several times. And by the end, Aoi didn’t need to be blackmailed to be convinced to do more in the future.

Chapter Text

“E-Excuse me.” Mikan said as she entered the cabin. “I’m so sorry I’m late, I was busy helping Mahiru, and when I heard you were hurt I tried to get here as soon as I-AHHH!”

“What is it?” Nagito asked as he sat on his bed in just his boxers, pulled up a lot, a large gash on his thigh visible, which must’ve been what they meant when they said he’d been hurt.

“I-I…u-um…sorry! I-I didn’t think to ask if you were…” Mikan sputtered, but Nagito just laughed.

“Hey, it’s fine, really. I’ve been waiting here like this for you. I wanted to try to make it easier for you to see it, so, sorry if my appearance frightened you. I’d totally understand.” He said.

“N-no, it’s…” Mikan took a deep breath. She was a nurse. She was used to seeing people in their underwear and even nude! Just because it was someone she was more familiar with… “L-let me take a look.”

“Sure, go ahead.” He said, and she walked in with her bag. With a wound like this, she felt it would be better to give it basic treatment here, and once it was bandaged up, she could give him more complete treatment when she took him back to the pharmacy and prescribe him pain meds. Speaking of…

“D-does it hurt?” She asked.

“Oh yes, quite a bit actually. Almost excruciatingly so.” Nagito answered, though his smile said otherwise.

“R-right…I’m gonna put something on it, and it’s gonna sting.” She warned, and poured a liquid onto the wound. Nagito’s body immediately tensed up. “S-sorry!” Mikan shouted.

“It’s fine, really.” He said, his face even more pale than usual. Mikan nodded and gently rubbed the liquid over the wound, painfully aware of how close she was to his dick. It made her heart race and her breathing quicken, though she wasn’t sure why. Again, she’d seen people naked before, and had to treat their genitals even, but for some reason, right now, she felt super nervous. Mikan wasn’t aware that she was breathing almost directly onto Nagito’s neck, and he shivered.

“Sorry…” She said, thinking it was from the liquid again, but Nagito didn’t answer her this time. Being this close to his groin, she couldn’t help but notice when something…appeared. Her face heated up as she saw a small tent rising in his boxers, and her hands started shaking. They shook so badly that she bumped against it, feeling something hard and solid, and as Nagito shuddered, the tent grew bigger.

“Sorry, I…I’ve never had someone this close to me like this before, especially a girl.” He apologized as the tent grew bigger and bigger, drawing basically all of her attention. Her thighs shifted back and forth.

“I…didn’t realize you were this big…” She whispered.

“Thank you, I guess.” He said, and her eyes shot up to his face as her cheeks became even more flushed.

“I-I’M SORRY! I-I-I DIDN’T MEAN TO S-SAY THAT OUT LOUD!!” She exclaimed, throwing her hands up in a way that smacked his dick, making him groan, and she became even more flustered. She tried to stand up, but she tripped on her feet, and reached out for something as she fell. That something happened to be Nagito’s underwear, and she yanked it down to his ankles as she fell, causing him to groan in agony as they slid against his still exposed wound. “Owww…” She said as she got to her feet. “A-are you o-“ She froze as she saw it. Nagito was now basically naked, his cock standing at full mast, throbbing slightly as she stared at it, her body shivering as she stared at the veins visible underneath the skin, and the tiny bit of precum leaking out the top.

“I…am in pain…I can’t tell…if that was my good luck…or bad…” he said simply. When Mikan realized what had happened, she finally recovered and covered her eyes.

“SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY—!” She exclaimed, but Nagito gripped her arm, and she peeked through her fingers, trying not to stare at his dick…and failing.

“Just…please help. It…hurts…quite a bit.” Nagito was still somehow smiling, but his face was very pale as his body shook.

“R-right…u-um…” She tried to focus on the wound, still wet, and now slightly bleeding. “S-sorry but…i-in order to prevent further…contact, it might be better to…to…l-leave the u-underwear…down…” She struggled to get out the words, but he nodded.

“That’s fine…really. I doubt mine is the first you’ve seen.” He said, trying for a small laugh, though it was strained.

“O-okay…” She said, and so Nagito pulled his ankles out of the underwear and let it rest on the floor. For some reason, that tiny action…made Mikan feel…odd. While he’s been basically naked before, now he actually was and…was she…? “I’m gonna…wrap it now…” He nodded, and she produced the gauze she’d wrap around the wound, before turning back to him. Almost immediately her eyes shot to his dick again, but she tried to pull her gaze towards the wound. “L-lift up your leg.” He did as he was told, and lifted it, which now gave her a good look at his balls as well, which only made her heart race faster. She moved the gauze around his thigh, and brushed up against his balls and shaft, and he moaned, making her face burn even brighter. She wrapped around a few times, occasionally brushing against his genitals, every time being enough for him to moan a bit, and leave her feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and…

Finally, she finished, and cut it off, before sticking it together, where Nagito lowered his leg again. Mikan stood up and examined her work, satisfied with herself.

“I…I think I’m done.” She said, and he smiled at her.

“Thanks again, Mikan. I appreciate your help.” He said. Mikan nodded and turned to leave, ready to finally be finished with this embarrassing situation, but Nagito stopped her by grabbing her arm. “Uh…if I could ask for one more thing?”

“Y-yes?” She asked.

“Since you sort of caused it…can you help me with this?” He asked, gesturing to his cock, which twitched in response. Her entire body shuddered, and for some reason, she almost immediately shouted yes, but managed to restrain herself.

“If…if you…really want me to…” she said as she stared at it.

“Thank you, Mikan! Truly!” He said, and let go of her as she turned herself completely to him again, and knelt down, leaving her almost eye level with his cock. It throbbed and twitched as she stared at it, and after a deep breath, she reached out and gently grabbed it, feeling him jump as she gripped it. It felt so big in her small hands, and with another deep breath, she leaned forward and placed her mouth over the head, making him jump again. “I-I just meant with your hands…but this works too…” Mikan wasn’t really listening, simply focused on his cock. She slid her tongue against the slit, licking up his precum, shuddering at the bitter taste as she moved a little further down, taking some of his shaft inside as well.

Nagito gripped his bedsheets as he felt her tongue swirl across his skin, his veins pulsing as his entire dick throbbed inside her mouth. She moved further down, gagging for a moment as she sucked on it. Nagito could already feel a pressure building inside, but tried his best to hold out as she lowered herself further and further down, gagging a few more times before he was completely inside her. She simply sat there for a little bit as she flicked her tongue against him, before eventually moving herself up, and then down again, sucking on his cock, her lips sweet and gentle against his skin.

“M-Mikan…” Nagito groaned, trying his hardest to hold back his climax as he groaned, his entire body shaking from the effort it took, as well as the pleasure coursing through him. Her tongue just felt so good…it was intoxicating. She gently fondled his balls as well, and moved herself up and down, up and down as she sucked him off, his cock occasionally bumping against the back of her throat, though she didn’t mind. She was focused on his dick, and using her tongue and lips to make it feel as good as possible.

It was definitely working, as Nagito was slowly losing his battle, his head reeling back as his eyes also rolled back in his head as he moaned from the intense pleasure, the pressure growing stronger and stronger. He could feel it, he was about to give in. So, before he could stop himself, he grabbed her head and pulled her forward, shoving his entire dick inside her mouth as he moaned loudly, finally climaxing. His cum exploded out, quickly filling her mouth as it slid down her throat, making her gag again. She had tasted the warm, sticky fluid before, but now…she wasn’t as disgusted with it, instead she happily gulped it down, swallowing every single drop she could, relishing in its bitter taste. Nagito had a lot to give her too, but she was happy with all that he gave her, and once he was done, she pulled away and sighed, smiling.

“W-wow…that was…amazing!” Nagito exclaimed. “I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me today!” Mikan didn’t answer at first. She simply panted as she looked down at the floor. Eventually, she looked up at him and smiled wider.

“Can…you help me now?” She asked, her hand against her panties, which were dripping wet. Nagito smiled back, and nodded.

The two spent the rest of the day “helping” each other out in many different ways…in many different positions. Mikan did eventually leave on wobbly feet, her clothes a mess, and let everyone know how he was feeling, before leaving with a dreamy smile on her face.

Most of them didn’t really care how Nagito was very much anyway.

Chapter Text


Hiyoko cackled to herself, clutching her stomach as everyone stared at her in horror, except Mikan, who was clutching her own stomach, looking like she wanted to throw up.

Hiyoko had just shouted aloud the worst, most nasty, most vile insult towards Mikan any of them had ever heard. So bad it felt like repeating it would be a sin in and of itself.


A voice cut through the silent room, as well as through Hiyoko’s laughter. She looked over towards its source, ready to snap back, but was shut down immediately when she saw it was Mahiru reprimanding her.

“I…I can’t believe you’d say something like that!!” She shouted, shooting to her feet. Hiyoko flinched.

“I-I’m sorry, I-“

“No! An apology is not good enough!” Mahiru yelled as she walked over to Hiyoko’s desk and pulled her out of the seat. “You need to be taught a lesson!”

“A lesson?” Hiyoko asked, confused as Mahiru pulled her up to the front. Mahiru sat down on the front desk, with Chisa doing nothing to stop her. Then, the dancer was immediately bent down by the waist over Mahiru’s leg, and her kimono was lifted up. “H-HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THEY CAN SEE MY-“ Hiyoko exclaimed, her face turning red as her panties became exposed to everyone. But that was quickly forgotten as something even worse replaced it, and Mahiru yanked down her panties as well, taking them completely off of her and dropping them onto the floor. Now they could all see her ass! As well as…possibly… “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Hiyoko asked, thrashing around. She jumped and paused when Mahiru placed a hand on her bare butt.

“This is how I was disciplined, and so now I’m going to do the same to you. Maybe being spanked in front of everyone will make you actually learn something!” Mahiru said. Hiyoko shuddered as she felt over a dozen pairs of eyes on her small, pale butt, some hungrier than others. Mahiru lifted up her hand, and quickly brought it down on one of her cheeks, the sound reverberating through the room as Hiyoko cried out.

“P-please stop! I-I said I’m sorry!” She begged, and Mahiru answered by landing another slap to her bottom, the cheeks jiggling slightly. Hiyoko felt tears welling up in her eyes. She couldn’t believe all her classmates were seeing her ass getting spanked. And they still might even be able to see…

“Stop talking.” Mahiru said as she smacked the girl's ass over and over in front of everyone, the cheeks jiggling this way and that way wildly. “Or else I’ll do worse!”

“W-worse?!” Hiyoko choked out. What could be worse than this?!

“Well…for calling Mahiru a…a…s-slut…” Mahiru had trouble getting the word out, “multiple times over the past week alone, I…I’d show them everything!!” Hiyoko began shaking even more than before.

“P-please! Don’t show them!” She begged.

“Then stop talking!” Mahiru said as she smacked her on the ass once more, and Hiyoko whimpered. Hiyoko’s cheeks continued to jiggle as Mahiru smacked them over and over, with Hiyoko simply praying that nobody was able to see anything else underneath, until finally…Mahiru stopped. Hiyoko panted as she sat there, her ass cheeks covered in bright red handprint marks. Hiyoko would’ve expected she would be relieved that it was finally over but…instead she felt somehow disappointed. She almost wanted to ask Mahiru to keep going, but thankfully, before she could say something extremely embarrassing, Mahiru spoke. But what she was wasn’t necessarily something Hiyoko was happy to hear.

“I don’t think that’s enough.” She said, and to Hiyoko’s horror, she flipped Hiyoko over, and started pulling off her kimono.

“H-HEY! W-WAIT!” Hiyoko shouted, but it was too late, as soon as she was flipped over and Mahiru started pulling, her pussy was completely exposed. The dancer closed her legs as fast as she could, but even so, she knew they’d seen, and Mahiru was still taking off her kimono with surprising speed. “I-I’M SORRY! I WON’T MAKE FUN OF HER AGAIN, I SWEAR! JUST PLEASE DON’T STRIP MEEEE!” Mahiru actually paused, and Hiyoko looked up at her. Something was…up with her expression though, as she had a bright red blush on her face as she stared at Hiyoko with a strange sort of hunger in her eyes.

“I…I don’t believe you.” She said, and with one last tug, Hiyoko’s kimono was off and she was completely naked in front of the class, since she never wore bras. She screeched and tried to cover herself, but Mahiru grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her back with a single hand as she lifted her up on her leg. “You’re gonna…be punished…” Mahiru said, panting. Hiyoko could feel the girl’s heart pounding even through her clothes as she laid against her. Hiyoko struggled, but Mahiru simply tightened her grip. She wanted to run, but she was scared what Mahiru would do if she did.

“Now, if I let go and you try to cover yourself, you’ll be in even worse trouble and get an even worse punishment, alright?” Mahiru said. Again, how could it be any worse than this?! Hiyoko nodded, feeling tears come to her eyes as Mahiru removed her hand, before swiftly opening up Hiyoko’s legs. Hiyoko rushed her hands out to cover it up, but one look from Mahiru stopped it. The dancer pulled her shaking hands back and let Mahiru reveal her womanhood to the class, who all gave varying reactions, from disgust, to curiosity, to pure arousal.

Then, to make it even worse, Mahiru reached up and grabbed the dancer’s chest, making her squeal as her soft finger glided over her breasts. When they brushed her hard nipples, Hiyoko shuddered, trying to hold back a moan. After her nipples kept getting touched though, she couldn’t hold back, and moaned aloud to the class, her face red hot. She couldn’t believe Mahiru would do this! Had what she said really been that bad? Or was it for everything she had done previously? Either way, she was paying for it, and she wished Mahiru had just kept spanking her instead.

But even then, somehow it still got worse, as the photographer reached one hand down and spread Hiyoko’s lips, rubbing her middle finger against her clit, making her moan even louder. She could feel Mahiru shuddering as well, her heart still racing as she panted. Was Mahiru…enjoying this? Somehow…that made it simultaneously better and worse for the small dancer. Mahiru gently eased the finger inside, wiggling it around a bit before she started thrusting it in and out, in and out. Hiyoko gasped loudly as she came, spraying cum out onto Mahiru’s hand and the floor. Her body shook as it flowed out, until she was empty, and fell back against Mahiru, panting. The class was in shock, and Mahiru was quiet.

“Ma…hi…ru…” Hiyoko said, and then, to her surprise, the photographer grabbed her face and tilted it towards her, embracing her in a deep kiss. Hiyoko was stunned at first, but soon gave in and kissed her back, grabbing at Mahiru’s clothes to get them off as soon as possible. The two of them seemed to forget they were still in the classroom as they fell to the floor, making out and groping each other, their nude bodies bumping together and sweaty. Some of the students looked over at Chisa to ask how she could possibly allow this, only to find her very indiscreetly fingering herself through her panties.

So everyone simply watched as the two fucked right there on the floor, climaxing with loud moans, along with Chisa, before finally recovering, remembering they were in the middle of class, turning into blushing, stammering messes, and finally gathering up their clothes and rushing out the door, leaving everyone stunned…and turned on.

Chapter Text

“Hajimeee!” Hiyoko called out to the boy as she walked out of the school, pulling Mahiru along with her as Hajime was about to leave. She ran until she reached the startled boy.

“Yeah?” He asked, noticing how Mahiru seemed to be very uncomfortable, her face red.

“We have a question for you!” Hiyoko said.

“W-we really don’t need to ask him!” Mahiru pleaded.

“Well you didn’t want to do it the other way, so this is the only way!” Hiyoko said as she looked at Mahiru.

“We don’t need to know!”

“I want to!” Hiyoko exclaimed, and turned back to Hajime. “We have a question for you.”


“Which of our boobs are bigger?” Hiyoko said, cutting him off. Mahiru’s blush grew, and one sprouted on Hajime’s face as well.


“We can’t come to a conclusion, and Mahiru is being difficult, so we both agreed that you’re the most trustworthy for this.”

“That’s…twisting my words a little…” Mahiru added.

“Sooooo! Yeah!” Hiyoko said, not a hint of embarrassment on her face, while Mahiru seemed almost close to just running away.

“H-how am I going to-“

“Like this!” Hiyoko said as she grabbed Mahiru’s hand and started jumping. Immediately, her breasts began to bounce around wildly, and even though Mahiru was resisting, she was still moving enough that they also moved slightly.

“Hiyoko! I-!”

“Just do it!” Hiyoko shouted, and then, softening her voice, she added, “please?” Mahiru opened her mouth to say no, but after seeing her face, she sighed.

“F-fine!” She said, and with Hiyoko smiling, the two started to bounce, though Mahiru looked away as she did it. Hajime watched with earnest fascination as their chests jiggled up and down, up and down, bouncing as much as they could in their clothes. Hiyoko seemed bigger but he honestly wasn’t sure, so he said as much.

“I can’t tell. If it’s okay, I think I’d need to see them…directly.” He said carefully. Hiyoko simply sighed while Mahiru looked horrified.

“Wh-what?!” She asked. “I-I can’t show you my-“

“Come on, show him your pretty tiddies!” Hiyoko cried as, without warning, she grabbed Mahiru shirt and lifted it up, snagging her bra along the way and exposing her bare breasts, which flopped out, freed of their fabric confines, and lightly dotted with freckles. Mahiru screeched, but was unable to cover herself as Hiyoko kept pulling until her clothes were off completely, leaving her topless. Hajime stared in wonder as her thrashing caused her breasts to bounce around even more. Once her arms were freed, she covered herself.

“W-w-we’re in public!!” She yelled. “What if someone sees me! Not to mention…h-he’s seeing me…” Mahiru glanced at Hajime, blushing deeply. Hajime felt his heart pound. She was…so adorable!

“Alright, then let’s go over here!” Hiyoko said, unfazed by the turn of events as she pulled both Hajime and Mahiru over to the side of the Hope’s Peak main building. It was secluded but Mahiru didn’t seem to feel much better about it.

“I-I’m still…in front of…” she said, and Hiyoko sighed.

“You said you trust him more than anyone else.” She said, and Mahiru’s blush deepened.

“I-I didn’t say I trust him with seeing me naked!” She yelled.

“First of all, you’re not naked, second of all, close enough.” Hiyoko said with a smile. Before Mahiru could say anything else, Hiyoko grabbed the back of her kimono, and untied it, letting it fall to the ground, before she quickly undid her bra and slipped it off, finally revealing her own breasts as well, though wearing the large kimono meant she was left in only sandals and panties. Both Mahiru and Hajime blushed at the sight, and Hajime was once again surprised she was seemingly so okay with it. “So?” She asked. “Who’s bigger?”

“Um…” Hajime said, and Hiyoko looked over at Mahiru, groaning.

“Come on! Stop doing that!” Hiyoko exclaimed as she grabbed Mahiru’s arms and yanked them away from her chest. Mahiru screeched, but even as she fought back, Hiyoko held onto her arms. “Hold still! We need to see!”


“Do it or I’ll tell him!” Hiyoko said, and Mahiru stopped, giving Hiyoko a look of horror as she shook her head. Hiyoko nodded her head with a smile, before Mahiru finally sighed and stopped struggling. When the dancer let go of her arms, she didn’t cover herself, though she still kept looking away from Hajime, who was…a little confused, but decided not to question it. Instead he looked and now…he could definitely tell.

Without any constraints holding them back, Hiyoko’s were definitely bigger, hanging down from the terrible force of gravity while Mahiru’s stood perky. The whole sight made Hajime’s dick throb hard in his pants as he pretended to be judging. The longer he took, the more Mahiru seemed to fidget and blush, making him want to giggle at how adorable she was. And…attractive. So, now that he could tell, he should tell them that Hiyoko was bigger…but why end this when there was still more he could see?!

“You should bounce.” He said, and Mahiru flicked her eyes towards him.

“Wh-what?! B-but-“

“If he says so~” Hiyoko said with a slightly uncharacteristic wink, almost like she was in on what was going on. She started to bounce on the balls of her feet, causing her chest to jiggle and bounce rapidly. She looked over at Mahiru, waiting for her to do the same, and silently threatening her with that same threat as before. Eventually, Mahiru sighed and started to also move up and down, her face more red than Hajime had ever seen it before, even beating out the time he’d accidentally seen her panties. As for Hajime, this was far better than that could’ve ever been, and he was mentally taking a video of their breasts as they moved almost hypnotically up and down. He didn’t want this to stop, and the horniness was starting to overtake his rational thought as he kept staring, maybe even drooling a bit.

“So…can you tell yet?” Hiyoko asked. “Or do you need us to do something else?”

“What else could we possibly do?” Mahiru asked quietly. Hajime thought it over, and came up with one last thing he thought he might be able to get away with, his horny brain taking charge.

“Alright, stop.” He said. The two stopped bouncing and, without a word, Hajime took a step forward and reached out his hands, latching one onto a breast of each girl. Hiyoko cringed a little but kept a smirk on her face, while Mahiru visibly shuddered as she exhaled sharply. “This should help.”

“H-haaa…Hajime…” Mahiru said, her legs wobbling as he gave them a squeeze.

“I’ll allow it because Mahiru…” Hiyoko said quietly, trailing off to a point where Hajime couldn’t hear the rest. His boner throbbed painfully in his pants as he squeezed their breasts. His hands sunk into the soft flesh as his finger brushed against their nipples, making both girls shudder, though Mahiru in particular seemed extremely affected, even going so far as to moan as he massaged her breast.

“Nnnng! Mmmmm-!” Mahiru moaned. “M-more…” She practically begged. Hajime obliged and moved to pinch her nipple, basically completely throwing away any weak facade he had. Hiyoko smiled at the display as Mahiru kept groaning, sticking her chest out for further access. “Ffff…mmmmm!” She moaned, and suddenly she pounced on Hajime, knocking him to the floor. He looked up at her as she panted.

“Mahiru?” He asked.

“I-I can’t anymore! I like you! I want…I want…I want to have sex with you!” Mahiru proclaimed, and then placed her lips on his. Immediately, he kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her bare back to pull her close as she started undoing his pants. Hiyoko watched with glee as her plan had finally worked. She’d suffered a slight bit of humiliation to get it, but when she heard Mahiru liked Hajime, she had to help her best friend.

“I guess my work here is done.” Hiyoko said as she reached for her kimono. Suddenly though, Mahiru grabbed her hand.

“YOU TOO!” She shouted.

“H-huh?” Hiyoko got out before she was pulled to the ground. Both Hajime and Hiyoko were quickly stripped, a pair of panties and boxers flying into the air as Mahiru rocked their worlds in ways they never would’ve expected from the girl, right there next to the school.

Chapter Text

“I told you to do it three times!”

“Well sorry I forgot! I was busy!”

“What, thinking about Sonia?”

“Kind of, yeah~”


Kazuichi and Mahiru were doing their usual bickering. Mahiru had told him to do his laundry several times, but both out of forgetfulness and laziness, he hadn’t done it yet. “How many times are we going to do this?!”

“Ugh, you sound like a nagging mom.” Kazuichi said.

“Well sorry that I’m trying to help you not stink of oil all the time!” Mahiru huffed. “I swear, I’m almost tempted to rip that stupid jumpsuit off of you and do it myself!” Kazuichi paused.


“But you wouldn’t learn that way, would you?” Mahiru said, a light blush on her face. “Look, I’ll even come with you to do it if you want.”


“Come on!” Mahiru said, grabbing his arm and pulling him to his room, while he was still hung up on when she threatened to strip him to his underwear. The two of them gathered up his clothes before they headed to a series of laundry machines they’d actually found in the store, for whatever reason, and Kazuichi had hooked up for them. Mahiru then made sure to watch as Kazuichi unloaded all his clothes into the washer, even going so far as to remove his jumpsuit, leaving him in just his boxers. Both Mahiru and Kazuichi blushed, but neither said a word about it after he’d removed them. As he threw it inside, discreetly holding a hand over his groin, he paused for a second.

“I wonder if Miss Sonia has washed her underwear in one of these…” Kazuichi said quietly, but Mahiru still heard, and watched as a tent formed in the boy’s boxers. Her blush deepened, and she growled.

“OH MY GOD! Seriously? Can you really not think about her for five damn minutes?!” She shouted, and Kazuichi couldn’t help but cringe, since Mahiru wasn’t one to often use swears.

“Sorry, I just-“

“I don’t get it! It’s always ‘Miss Sonia this, Miss Sonia that’! I swear!” She shouted. Kazuichi never understood why, but Mahiru always seemed to get really upset when he mentioned Sonia, but it had never been this bad. “Why can’t you see that she doesn’t like you!”

“I-I just need to show her that I care, and that-“

“No! Someone as attractive as you shouldn’t be wasting your time on someone who actively ignores you when you could be actively going after someone who could actually make you happy!” Mahiru exclaimed. Kazuichi immediately met her eyes, with his being open wide.

“What…did you just say?” He asked incredulously. Mahiru raised an eyebrow as she replayed her words in her head. When she realized it, her blush deepened further.

“I-I…umm…anyway! You really should stop worrying about her and focus your love efforts somewhere else!” Mahiru said.

“No no no, we’re not just skipping over that.” Kazuichi said, standing up and facing her. “You…think I’m attractive?”

“I…” Mahiru blushed hard. “I-in a sort of…somewhat…masculine…punk, sure.” She admitted, swallowing hard. “B-but that’s not the point, the point is—AH!” Mahiru shrieked as Kazuichi stepped up to be right in front of her.

“Ah, sorry!” He said, taking a step back. “I just, um…nobody’s ever…called me attractive before.” He said, and the two went into silence as Kazuichi went and resumed throwing his clothes in the washer.

“And…” Mahiru eventually said, “…you’re…surprisingly gentle. Every time you handle my camera, you’re delicate.” Kazuichi kept going, but listened intently. “You…mean well, even if your actions are questionable at times. You’re a good person, and…I do see that. And I value you…f-for being able to fix my camera, of course.” Kazuichi smiled.

“Thanks.” He said, and kept going, leaving them in silence once again. Just as Kazuichi was about to finish, and turn it on, however…

“You should…d-do the underwear you’re wearing too.” Mahiru said, looking away. “I-I mean…it’s probably really dirty, too, right?” Kazuichi looked at her in shock. Was she…really? Normally he would’ve said no, but…that blush on her face, the way she kept glancing at him…he wasn’t completely dumb, he could tell what she really wanted. Or at least, he hoped he had it right. So, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down, immediately revealing his cock, which made Mahiru visibly tense up when she saw it. He lowered them to his feet, stepped out of them, and tossed them into the washer, before turning it on, feeling her eyes on his ass. “W-wow…” she said quietly, probably hoping he wouldn’t hear. He turned back to face her, his cock standing at full attention and making her tense up again. She fidgeted with her hands as she glanced at it.

“So…what now?” Kazuichi asked, his face almost as red as hers. Mahiru seemed to struggle with her words for a bit before she finally responded.

“Do you…would you be able to…forget about Sonia? For…a while?” She asked, biting her lip.

“I think…if I have a good enough reason to.” He said back. Mahiru felt a small smile creep over her lips as she turned towards him, walked over, and pressed her body against his as she grasped her hand around his cock, making him gasp. She gulped as she felt the warm organ throb in her fingers.

“I think…I can give you a good reason.” She said, hoping it sounded sexy.

“Nnnnnnnng!” Was all Kazuichi was able to get out before he practically tackled her to the floor, his dick poking against her belly as he kissed her, and was happy when she kissed him back. Before long, Mahiru’s clothes were taken off and thrown aside, to make sure they wouldn’t get dirty, of course, and as the washer cleaned Kazuichi’s clothes, Mahiru did indeed make sure he forgot about Sonia, even if for only a short while.

Chapter Text

Nagito was not expecting to see Chiaki when he decided to go to the beach, dressed in her tight swimsuit, practicing laps in the more shallow water offshore. What he also wasn’t expecting was the giant wave that suddenly appeared, something no one had seen since waking up here. Before Nagito could cry out, the wave caught up to Chiaki, and enveloped her. Nagito ran to come save her, but she was soon spit out onto the sand, face down. Nagito felt his cheeks flush, and he stopped as he found himself staring at the girl’s slightly plump, pale ass.

“Ow.” She said simply, and raised her head out of the sand, before she looked up, dazed, at Nagito, who was still staring at the girl’s butt. Of course, he couldn’t help his hormones, and his dick instantly became hard at the beautiful sight, and Chiaki’s cheeks reddened. She quickly got to her feet, her bare breasts bouncing around, drawing Nagito’s attention and exciting him further. He only caught a glimpse of them and between her legs before she covered them with her hands, looking cute with the blush and pout on her face.

“Hey.” Nagito said, his eyes still locked onto her chest, and a cute mole on her right breast.

“H-hey.” Chiaki said, looking as if she wanted to be anywhere except in that moment.

“So, what are you doing? Or rather, what were you doing, before the wave washed your swimsuit away so rudely?” Nagito asked, and Chiaki blushed deeper at the reminder of her nudity.

“I-I was, um…practicing.” Chiaki said, looking around, likely checking to make sure nobody else was nearby to see her.

“Practicing? For what?” Nagito asked, his eyes level leaving her breasts, watching as the water dripped onto her mounds, sliding over her pale skin before collecting on her arm, which she held tightly to her body.

“I-I was…practicing swimming. So I could…do it with Hajime…” she admitted, and looked away in embarrassment, shifting enough that one of her nipples slipped out from under her arm, which made his eyes go wide when he noticed, and his dick throb harder. He could feel it straining against his pants.

“That’s really sweet. How is it going?” Nagito asked, and Chiaki groaned.

“C-can you like…leave? Or just…I don’t know! I-I’m…” Chiaki stuttered.

“Naked?” Nagito offered. Chiaki nodded, sighing.

“Look…can you help me look for my swimsuit?” Chiaki asked. Nagito nodded, and Chiaki turned around to head back to the water. Nagito immediately stared at her ass, which was large, pale, and beautiful. It jiggled and bounced with every step she took, and his erection throbbed even harder as he followed her.

The two spent about an hour searching for the missing swimsuit, with it becoming apparent that Chiaki was not as aware of how exposed her ass was while she made sure to keep herself facing away from Nagito. It allowed him to constantly shift his gaze to her and the beautiful, bountiful cheeks moving around and swaying, and when she bent down, he could even see between her legs, though part of it was covered by her hand. He wanted so badly to whip out his dick and start stroking, but he resisted.

Eventually, she cried out as she thought she saw it, and lunged with both hands, temporality exposing her entire front. Nagito watched as her breasts jiggled around as she moved, and he could now see that she was completely bare down below, the water dripping down her body and off her lower lips. However, it was a false alarm, and when she saw Nagito staring at her, her blush covered her entire face as she covered herself again.

After a while of searching, the two gave up and headed back to shore, with Chiaki covering herself still.

“Sorry we couldn’t find it.” Nagito said, but when he looked over at Chiaki, she looked…off. She was looking down at him, her face flushed, and she was fidgeting, her thighs rubbing together. He followed her gaze to find her staring at the very obvious bulge in his pants. Nagito felt his own cheeks flush as he laughed nervously.

“Sorry. I can’t help it. I know it’s very terrible of me to stare, but…you’re quite gorgeous, you know.” Nagito said. Chiaki went wide-eyed as her face became somehow even more red. “I…guess I should probably go now, now that you’ve found out what a disgusting pervert I am.” Nagito turned to leave, but he felt a tug on his arm, and turned back to see Chiaki was no longer covering her chest. Her breasts moved up and down with her breathing, and she looked up at him.

“I-I…also…um…” she stuttered, sounding adorable, “…there was…other stuff…I’ve been wanting to practice doing…f-for Hajime…” She looked him in the eyes.

“Oh? Like what?” Nagito asked. Chiaki sighed, annoyed he’d missed it.

“C-can you just…take off your clothes?”

After doing that, Chiaki then proceeded to “practice” giving Nagito blowjobs, handjobs, and eventually, just having sex. She claimed the entire time it was so she could do it with Hajime, and even when Nagito asked if she had just given him her virginity, she didn’t answer. Either way, both of them enjoyed it greatly and Chiaki asked if Nagito could be her go-to person for “practicing” sex stuff, and he happily agreed.

Chapter Text

Chihiro trembled as he slipped on his swimsuit. With Mondo’s insistence, he’d started swimming laps at night by himself as a workout, since it was more fun than the other stuff he did with him and Sakura. Usually, since he was by himself, he went in just trunks, but after entering the girl’s locker room (which he used in case anyone saw him), and seeing Aoi’s stuff, he went with the female attire, having not told her yet. He’d never swam alone with her before, so he took a deep breath, and opened the door.

Immediately, Aoi shrieked, but then, it quickly died down.

“Oh my god, Chihiro! You scared me!” The girl said, her entire body submerged under the water, her head the only thing visible.

“A-ah, sorry. I’ve been…coming in at night to swim. Sakura suggested it.” He said. Aoi smiled, and lifted herself out of the water a bit. Immediately, Chihiro blushed deeply as he reflexively shot his hands over her crotch.

“I have too, though for…other reasons, as you can see.” Aoi said, a light blush on her face as she showed off her bare breasts to the boy.

“R-right!” He squealed, unable to tear his eyes away from the girl’s tan skin and pale pink nipples.

“This will be our little secret, right? I figured I might as well show you now because you’d probably figure it out eventually.” She said.

“S-so…you’re…n-naked?” He asked, glancing at the water. She blushed again, giggled and nodded. Chihiro had to hold the doorknob to keep from falling over. “Y-yeah…I won’t tell.” Chihiro promised, quickly walking over to the water. He wanted to get in as soon as he could so she wouldn’t notice his erection.

“You’re blushing so hard!” Aoi said with a giggle, despite the blush on her own face. “No need to be so shy, we’re both girls.” She thought it over for a bit before clapping. “You know, you should join me!”

“Wh-what?!” Chihiro exclaimed as he entered the water, watching as she started coming closer with a mischievous look on her face.

“Come onnn…take it offfff~! I bet you look adorable!” She said, and without warning, she lunged. Chihiro side stepped her, watching as her gorgeous plump ass sticking out of the water before it went under, and then she popped out, her breasts jiggling as she appeared again, and lunged a second time. This time, she managed to grab his top, and pull it off as he thrust himself away. Reflexively, he covered his chest, and she giggled as she flung the top away. “Halfway there!” She said. “Don’t worry, just because you have a small chest doesn’t mean you aren’t pretty. Now come on, let me see the rest!” She lunged again, and he dodged her, trying to swim to the edge and pull himself out. He climbed up the edge, but then he felt her grab his bottoms and yank them down. “Your butt is so cuuuute~!” She said. He tried to grab them and hold on, but she yanked hard, her breasts jiggling wildly as she moved. The movement pulled him back into the pool, and when he resurfaced, sputtering, he found he was completely naked! His still hard dick throbbed, and he covered it with his hands as she swung his bottoms around in the air triumphantly.

“A-Aoi! This isn’t funny! Give them back!” He shouted, his face burning red.

“Not until you let me see it~” she teased. He wanted to move closer to grab it, but that would risk revealing himself. He’d never been so simultaneously turned on and humiliated all at the same time. She started to move under the water, towards him, so he decided he had to do something. He took one hand off of his crotch to grab at the bottoms, but missed. Aoi resurfaced and gave him a confused look, likely having seen something. However, he used that confusion to his advantage and yanked the bottoms out of her hand, quickly throwing it over her groin as she gave him a disappointed look.

“Come onnnn…” she said, and started coming towards him. He backed away as he quickly slipped the bottoms back on, and turned to get out again. However, she grabbed him, and he shuddered as he felt her soft, warm breasts against his back, her hard nipples poking into his skin. “Gotcha!”

“Aoi! This…isn’t funny! Please stop!” Chihiro pleaded, his dick throbbing hard at how she felt.

“I’m just playing around!” Aoi said as she wrestled around with him even as he tried to slip out of her grasp. Holding him with one hand, she grabbed the waistband of his bottoms and started to pull them down, despite his eager protests. Chihiro felt the head of his dick poke out for a moment, and he screamed, leaping out of her grasp. As he leapt, he fell over, and his head hit the edge of the pool, where everything went dark.

When he came to, Chihiro was immediately met with the soft eyes of Aoi looking down at him, concerned. The first thing he noticed was her breasts hanging down, her nipples poking his skin.

“Thank god!” Aoi said as she sat up, her breasts swaying. “I’m so sorry!” Chihiro could tell he was still horny, his dick hard, and he began to panic.

“I-it’s fine, really I-“ he started, but she cut him off.

“I shouldn’t have kept going if it bothered you! I’m sorry! I’ll do anything to make it up to you!” She assured him. From this angle, her legs were slightly spread, and he could see her…

“I-“ Chihiro said as he glanced at his bottoms, where there was a clear tent visible. Unfortunately, she followed his gaze and gasped.

“THERE’S SOMETHING IN YOUR BOTTOMS!” She shouted, and before he could stop her, she reached into his bottoms and grabbed his dick. He moaned loudly as his body shuddered, and then he froze, looking up at her. Her face went pale as she stared at her hand, resting in his bottoms. Painfully slowly, she yanked out his dick, gasping as she saw what it was, and how it was attached to his body. Her cheeks flushed a deeper red than Chihiro had ever seen them.

“A-Aoi! I-I’m sorry! S-see, I’ve been…um…I wasn’t…trying to…” Chihiro started, but Aoi shook her head.

“I…will make it up to you this way.” She said, looking at him. Her body twitched, and, still able to see between her legs, he saw she was wet, but not from the pool water.

“Huh?” He asked, before he watched as Aoi pulled his bottoms off completely, leaving him feeling even more embarrassed as his dick twitched in response. She crawled on top of him, and, after some hesitation, grabbed his dick again, making him lurch as it throbbed in her fingers. She gulped.

“I’ve…never done this before, so…bear with me, okay?” She asked, and before he could ask what she meant, she leaned down, and placed his cock inside her mouth, her breasts squishing against his pelvis. Intense pleasure stronger than anything the boy had ever experienced before flooded his body then, and as she used her mouth, hands, and eventually, her body, to pleasure him, he felt like he had died and gone to heaven. Thankfully, Aoi seemed to really enjoy it too, especially when she was bouncing up and down on his cock, moaning his name loudly.

After they’d both come multiple times, they swore to never speak of it again…


Chapter Text

“Ah, Chiaki! There you are!” Nekomaru said as he wandered over to where Chiaki was heading back to her room, a game console in hand. She paused it and looked up to meet his gaze.

“Yes?” She asked softly.

“I had something to ask you. I’ve been hearing a lot of video games become more and more intertwined into the world of sports and competitions.” The muscular man explained. “I’ve never really had much experience with video games, so I was wondering if you’d be willing to show me what makes games so inviting to have these tournaments.” At his words, Chiaki’s eyes seemed to light up as she smiled widely.

“Y-yes! Please! Come to my room later, after classes!” She exclaimed. “I can get everything set up!” And before he could get in another word, she sped off, leaving Nekomaru standing there. Eventually, he laughed.

“At least I know she’s excited!” He exclaimed.

Later, after class, just as she said, he made his way to her room, knocking once on the door. Once he heard her call out “come in”, he entered, finding a dark room lit up only by the TV screen that Chiaki was sitting in front of.

“You can turn the light on if that makes you more comfortable.” He heard her say, so he did so, flipping the switch and illuminating the room. He looked over at her and opened his mouth to speak, but the words got stuck in his throat as he saw her. She was sitting cross legged in front of the TV, and in front of her bed…clad in nothing but polka dot pink and white underwear.

“U-um…” Nekomaru said. He wasn’t one who usually got flustered by women’s bodies but…he’d also rarely seen them in their underwear like this, something usually so…intimate. He tried not to stare as he spoke up. “Chiaki?“

“Yeah?” She answered absentmindedly.

“You uh…do know you’re in your underwear, right?”

“Oh…yeah, I know.” She said, never looking away from the screen. “It’s fine, I don’t mind it.”

“That’s…uh…” Nekomaru said, but decided not to say anything else. If she was comfortable, what could he do? So instead he asked, “May I sit on your bed?” She nodded, so he walked over and carefully plopped himself down on her bed and…immediately regretted it. From her he could basically see down her bra, so her cleavage was extremely visible. He felt a shiver run down his spine, and although he knew he shouldn’t be looking, he couldn’t help it. It was hard not to. He could see the exact curves of her breasts, as well as a little mole.

“So I think a good game to start with is Smash Bros, since there’s a lot of tournaments for the series.” Chiaki started, and he tried to force his eyes to the screen.

“R-right.” Nekomaru said, and although he was now looking at the screen, he kept glancing over at her chest. The way it moved up and down with her breathing was so hypnotizing, and from this angle he could almost see her-


“Y-yes?!” He asked, shooting to attention (though one part of him was already doing that).

“Were you watching?” She asked.

“N-no.” He said, deciding to be honest. She sighed, but didn’t ask him why. She simply kept playing, and he tried to force his attention back to the screen. Before long, however, his eyes lingered down, not to her chest, but this time, her thighs, which with the way her legs were crossed, were extremely visible. Creamy white and fairly thick, he couldn’t help but stare at them, feeling his arousal growing even further despite his best efforts. He wanted to grasp them, squeeze, maybe even lick-


“AH!” He exclaimed. “Yes?!” He asked. Chiaki pouted.

“Are you still not paying attention?” She asked. He sighed.

“No…I’m sorry, Chiaki, but…your body, dressed like that…it’s very distracting.” He admitted. “I’m trying not to stare but, I’m afraid I’m failing.” He waited for her to yell at him for staring at her while she was dressed so intimately, but she just sighed, set down the controller, stood up, and faced him. He could now see her completely, and despite himself, his eyes shot to her crotch, where the thin underwear slightly outlined what lied underneath. Once again, he braced himself for her to shout at him, but instead…

“How about we have sex so you can feel satisfied and less distracted?” She asked as she reached behind her back and undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. His eyes immediately shot to her breasts, pale and bouncing with every movement she made, moving up and down with her breathing, her perky nipples standing at attention just like him. She then grabbed her panties and yanked them down as well, and he stared at her bare pussy, mesmerized. She crawled up to him and looked down at the bulge in his pants, even bigger than usual, and he gulped.

“Uh…yeah, sure!” He said.

They spent the next hour have some very passionate sex, Chiaki riding the man’s dick hard as he got to let out all his pent up stress and arousal he’d been building up until Chiaki was left barely able to move, not that she really needed to move that much anyway. After that, Nekomaru was able to focus on the game and held Chiaki as she played it, explaining how it worked to him, and he eventually came to see the appeal of the game and could see why people liked playing it in tournaments so much.

Chapter Text

“L-look! I can explain—ACK!”

“The explanation is that you’re a fucking perv who spies on little girls!” Hiyoko said as she aimed her foot at Kazuichi’s dick, but he scooted back before it made contact. The girl, along with Mahiru standing behind her, had caught Kazuichi spying on them while they were in the bath. The truth was that Kazuichi peeked in while he was walking by, and just so happened to catch Hiyoko’s eye. He doubted she’d believe that though.

On top of that, while he usually wasn’t worried about the little pest…he was worried about Mahiru, who didn’t even seem to want to look at him.

“I…I, uh…” He tried hard to think of a reasonable explanation, even if it was a lie. “I-I just, AHHH!” Hiyoko once again tried to stomp on his dick, but he just barely managed to avoid the attack.

“Stop stuttering and speak! I’ll listen to one excuse before we strip you down and string you up got everyone to see!” Hiyoko threatened. Kazuichi whimpered. The thought of such public humiliation, and in front of Miss Sonia…it was scary but also somewhat arousing? He hoped that his growing boner wasn’t evident, but as his horny brain began to turn on, he started noticing some other stuff.

The girl’s clothes were ruffled, since they’d hurried to get dressed to chase him down. Hiyoko’s kimono wasn’t even fully tied up, and he could see all the way up to her thighs, where he was pretty sure she wasn’t even wearing panties. Mahiru looked similar, her tie being missing and her shirt only sort of buttoned up. He could see hints of the girl’s usually hidden cleavage, and the blush on her face was…absolutely adorable.


Hiyoko’s voice shook the boy out of his thoughts as he looked up at her. She seemed to be trembling as she looked down at him. He followed her gaze to where she was staring at the bulge in his jumpsuit. He shrieked and rushed to cover it, but it was too late. “I-I can-“

“Shut it! You’re staring at us with those lustful eyes because you want to fuck us! Think we’re some defenseless females subject to your wim, don’t you?!” She shouted as she slammed her foot into the ground next to him, making him jump.

“I-I swear I have a reason!” He desperately pleaded.

“Oh yeah? And what’s that?” Hiyoko asked, her voice filled with venom as she took a step towards him.

“I…I…!” Kazuichi struggled, and then shouted the first lie he could think of. “I…I’m in love with you!” The statement shocked all three of them, with Kazuichi freezing as Mahiru and Hiyoko took a step back in shock.

“H-huh?!” Hiyoko asked.

“Y-yeah!” Kazuichi shouted, trying to recover. “I-I’m in love with you! S-so I couldn’t help but peek when I heard your beautiful voice!” He said, and Hiyoko laughed, but he could tell it was a nervous one, her face red.

“S-sure! A-as if I’d believe that!” Hiyoko said. Kazuichi knew he needed to sell it, so, with a silent apology to Miss Sonia, he leapt to his feet, rushed forwards, and grabbed her hands in his own.

“I-it’s true! I…I know I seem to lust after Miss Sonia, but…it’s just so that I can try to distract myself from the love I have for you! I…felt like you’d reject me if I ever tried to go for you, so…I always focused on someone else.” He said, and the more he spoke, the more Hiyoko’s blush seemed to grow. Mahiru on the other hand, looked conflicted, seemingly unsure whether to believe him or not.

“O-oh yeah?” Hiyoko said, trembling as her face was frozen in a mixture of a smirk and a frown. “P-prove it!” Kazuichi took a deep breath, issued another apology to Miss Sonia, and pulled Hiyoko close as he kissed her. A shocked gasp left Hiyoko’s lips, as well as Mahiru’s, as Kazuichi kissed the dancer. Kazuichi was instantly surprised how soft the girl’s lips actually were. He was expecting them to be dry and disgusting, but they actually felt amazing. So amazing that he forgot got a moment who he was kissing until Hiyoko pushed him away, gasping.

“A-Ah! S-sorry…” he said, and was surprised to find her face was, for the most part, calm, even if her face was beet red.

“Y-you…really feel that way about me?” She asked softly. Kazuichi glanced over at Mahiru, who stared eagerly at him for his answer, before he looked back at Hiyoko.

“Yes.” He said, and then, seeing his opportunity, he went for it. “But…I’m not sure a relationship between us would work, so…I’m sorry for peeking, I really am, and I promise it won’t happen again. I’m also sorry that…it probably isn’t meant to be…” He let go of her and started to walk past her, “…but thank you for the kiss.” However, as he passed, she grabbed his arm and yanked him back.

“I-if you w-wanted to see so bad…” she said, shaking as she gently started to remove her kimono, “I…I’ll show you…”

“H-Hiyoko?!” Mahiru cried, her red face turning even more so as she stripped.

“W-wait, I’m not sure if-“ Kazuichi tried, but his words caught in his throat as he saw Hiyoko’s now naked form, confirming that she hadn’t been wearing panties. As much as Kazuichi found her annoying and proclaimed how he liked Sonia’s body and form…he had to admit she was really pretty. She almost looked like a doll, her chest barely protruding from her body, her nipples standing hard, betraying her arousal. Her lower lips were bare and slightly damp, and despite himself, Kazuichi felt his arousal skyrocket. “Wow, you’re…beautiful.” He accidentally let slip, and her blush somehow deepened further as she walked towards him. Mahiru just stood there in shock, shifting her legs back and forth as she watched. Once Hiyoko was in front of Kazuichi, she grabbed his collar, and pulled him down into another kiss.

Kazuichi, despite himself once again, felt himself melt into the kiss as his hands wrapped around her back to pull her closer. Her body was warm, and when his hand accidentally grazed her butt, she jumped, but didn’t stop him. He moved his hands over her butt and squeezed the cheeks, feeling her shudder against him. His clothes suddenly felt hot and heavy, and he wanted to remove him. A part of his brain told him this was wrong, that he was betraying Miss Sonia, but another part told him that she didn’t want him anyway, and that allowed him to give in almost immediately. Hiyoko eventually released him from the kiss so she could start removing the jumpsuit.

Meanwhile, as Mahiru watched them from the side, watching as Kazuichi was quickly stripped down first to his boxers, then to nothing at all, his dick on full display for them both. She found herself moving back against the wall, a hand sliding between her legs as she watched his hard cock press against Hiyoko’s belly as they kissed. It was surprisingly big, and as Kazuichi tackled the girl onto his bed and thrust his dick inside her, she couldn’t help but imagine it inside her as well.

She hasn’t even felt like going after Kazuichi like this in the first place, but Hiyoko had insisted they “get” revenge by publicly humiliating him. Thankfully it hadn’t gone that way but…she still wasn’t sure if Kazuichi was lying or not. If he was lying…he was definitely taking advantage of the situation, but at the same time, she would’ve expected he’d save his virginity for Sonia. So she wasn’t sure. So, instead, she just watched and quietly masturbated. Or rather, she did until the two finished surprisingly fast, and Hiyoko invited Mahiru to join them. At first she declined, but then…the girl spread her legs, and Mahiru could no longer resist. As soon as she saw those wet lips dripping with semen, she ran over and started stripping down, jumping onto the bed, and experiencing pure bliss as both Hiyoko and Kazuichi made her feel pleasure unlike anything she’d felt before. And once it was all said and done, even if Kazuichi had been lying before, he wasn’t lying anymore.

Chapter Text

“M-model for you?!” Chihiro asked with shock as Mahiru vigorously nodded her head.

“You’re such an adorable girl! I just have to take pictures of you!” Mahiru insisted as she grabbed Chihiro’s hand and started pulling him away. He tried to grab her wrist and pull himself away, but her grip was tight.

“I-I’m not so sure about this!” Chihiro said, but Mahiru just ignored him as she pulled him all the way to her room, where she had a mini studio set up. Chihiro gulped as she plopped him on the chair and walked over to her camera.

“Don’t worry, we’ll start with some nice, innocent photos.” Mahiru promised, but Chihiro caught the underlying meaning that they’d eventually do more than that. Yet even if he wanted to get away, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to do so before she caught him, so he had to wait and play along for now.

Mahiru kept to her word and had Chihiro go through several innocent poses, though feeling the white lights and camera on him, as well as Mahiru’s gaze, made him blush all the same. Before long, she had him doing more lewd poses, which surprised him. He knew she’d hinted at it, but what little he knew about the girl, he never pinned her as the horny type. He only felt that way when it was obvious how she ogled his body as she had him bend over, shake his butt a bit, grope his nonexistent chest, stick out his tongue while holding his hands over his hips, everything. Then…

“Take off your jacket.” She instructed, and he gulped. He still hadn’t worked up the courage to confess his secret to anyone besides Mondo yet, and the outfit was the only thing protecting his secret. Then, Chihiro shook his head, not to say no, but to snap himself out of it. She was only asking him to take off his jacket, nothing more. It was too early to start panicking. Again, not seeing another alternative, he slowly unbuttoned his school jacket and removed it, revealing a white shirt underneath as he tossed it aside. Mahiru giggled. He hoped she wouldn’t have him take off anything else, because even the lack of a bra might make her suspect something. He did a few more basic poses, but also a couple where she made him fondle his own chest, which was a little weird. He really didn’t like the look in her eyes when she instructed him to do it, but the next thing she said really sent a shiver down his spine: “Remove the skirt~”

“I-I’m really not sure if I-“ Chihiro tried to say as he started creeping towards the door. She immediately stepped in front of him and gave him a look that let him know he wasn’t leaving. If he was someone stronger, more headstrong and confrontational, he would’ve pushed past her, but he was just…him, so he made his way back to the chair and slowly started removing the skirt. He prayed to whatever might be listening that he wouldn’t get a boner during all this as he dropped the skirt and immediately sat down, his hands between his legs as he did his best to cover the crotch of his bloomers.

“Bloomers?” Mahiru asked. “Not what I would’ve expected but alright.” She smiled. “You should take off the shirt too, so we can get some underwear shots! It’ll look great, trust me!” Chihiro definitely didn’t trust her, and again, he didn’t want to reveal he wasn’t wearing a bra, so he shook his head. “Aw, come onnnnn, it’ll look great! Just do it!” He shook his head again, but her attitude didn’t change. “Please? For me?” Another head shake. Finally, while keeping her smile, her voice changed to be flatter and more serious. “Do it or I’ll rip it off.”

“O-okay…” Chihiro squeaked as Mahiru backed off, still wearing that smile. Chihiro was sure his secret was about to be revealed, and even if it wasn’t yet, he was sure Mahiru was going to force him to strip completely, and there would be no way to hide it then, and he knew he didn’t have the strength to oppose her. He was already resigned to his fate. He slipped off his shirt, revealing his chest, and Mahiru gasped. He waited for the revelation, but even though it didn’t come right now, it would eventually come.

“Oh, you don’t wear a bra either?” Mahiru asked, and Chihiro whipped his head to her in shock. She winked at him. “Alright, don’t hide it now, just because it’s flat doesn’t mean you aren’t pretty.” Chihiro gulped as he slowly lowered his arms. Again, he was resigned, and knew she was going to strip him naked. The girl had him squeeze his nonexistent chest and play with his nipples while leaning over, sticking his tongue out, making generally seductive poses. Chihiro almost felt like he would have enjoyed it if he wasn’t absolutely dreading the next words that would probably come out of the photographer’s mouth.

“Alright…now the bloomers~”

“M-Mahiru, I-I really don’t feel comfortable doing that, a-and I think I’d rather just…go?” He asked, but she simply stared at him expectantly. She wasn’t budging, and he was sure she'd grab him and rip it off herself if he tried to make a break for it, which would be even worse. “O-okay, but…it won’t be what you expect…” Chihiro said, before taking a deep breath and removing them as fast as he could, dropping them to his feet and stepping out of them as he brought his hands over his semi-erection. She’d seen it though, if her wide eyes were any indication. “L-look, I-I’m actually a guy, b-but I have a good reason for why I’ve been dressing as a girl if you’ll let me-“

“You’re so cute~!” Mahiru suddenly said.


“Move your hands, let me seee~!“ Mahiru said, and he slowly removed his hands, his dick twitching as he felt her eyes on it. “I love it! I’d…rather it be less stiff, but yeah! It’ll make for great pictures!” She said as she immediately started snapping. Chihiro felt a deep flush over his entire face as she directed him through several more poses, like sticking his butt out at her and spreading his cheeks with his hands, a pose that made him immediately stiffen more and grow even more embarrassed. She also had him spread his legs wide for her, though she seemed annoyed at his stiff dick. Nevertheless she led him to put his hands behind his back in a way that made him look bound as he puffed out his chest (thankfully she didn’t actually tie him up), and stroke himself as she snapped more pictures. She also encouraged him to keep sticking his tongue out and shift his body in several different ways. The entire time, his cock kept pulsing and throbbing with desire. Eventually, as he sat clutching it in his hand, she groaned.

“Alright that thing is kind of annoying me.” Mahiru said as she started walking over. Chihiro feared what she was about to do, but then she wrapped her hand around his cock and started pumping it. She proceeded to give him a handjob, which led to a lot of moaning, shaking, and groaning from the poor virgin boy, which then led to him having the biggest climax in his entire life. Mahiru made him promise to clean it up later, before they resumed taking pictures, with Mahiru much more happy now that his penis was limp…even if it eventually got hard again and she had to satisfy him with a blowjob.

Then, at one point, Hiyoko came in and threw a massive fit before Mahiru knocked the girl out and the two resumed taking pictures until Mahiru was fully satisfied, asking if Chihiro would become a full time model for her.

With the face she gave him, he couldn’t say no.

Chapter Text

Kazuichi gulped as he knocked on the door. He knew he shouldn’t be nervous, he was just coming to fix some broken sink pipes, but…the whole scenario felt like the set up to a porno.

Makoto Naegi, a lowerclassmen, asked Kazuichi for help, saying the water at his house wasn’t working right, believing there was a problem with the pipes. Him and his parents were busy, but his sister would be home to welcome him. Now that wouldn’t be a big deal on its own, but…Toko Fukawa only ever mentioned two things: Byakuya, and Komaru, Makoto’s sister. Enough so that even though they were in different classes, Kazuichi knew that much about her, and how obsessed she was with “Master Byakuya”. If Komaru was enough to pull the girl’s attention away then…she must be gorgeous right? That and he’d only ever heard other people describe her as “cute.” To Kazuichi, who watched porn more often than he’d ever admit, that sounded like a porno set up.

Especially when Komaru opened the door and greeted him with an enthusiastic “Hello!” and a wide smile…

…while wearing nothing but a towel.

Immediately, Kazuichi’s eyes shot to her massive cleavage that felt like it was barely contained by the towel before they shot down to her very attractive thighs, before he forced his eyes back to her face before she noticed him staring. “H-hey…” he squeaked out.

“Sorry about my state of dress, I just took a shower.” She said, a light blush on her face. “Come in!” She gestured for him to come inside, and as he did, he accidentally bumped her boob, which while he noticed that, neither of them noticed that that caused the towel to become slightly looser.

“S-sorry!” He apologized.

“It’s alright, it was an accident.” Komaru assured him. “Follow me, I’ll take you to the sink.” She started walking, and Kazuichi gulped as he followed her. His eyes were quickly drawn to the movement of her hips, the outline of the curve of her ass visible underneath the towel as she walked. Kazuichi mentally slapped himself, trying to only think of Sonia and her body, even as an absolutely gorgeous one was presented right in front of him with only a thin towel protecting it from his eyes.

She led the boy to their kitchen sink, which, as soon as they walked in, made a low gurgling noise that startled both of them. Komaru laughed. “Yeah it’s been doing that all day…can you fix it?” She asked.

“O-of course!” Kazuichi said as he lifted up his toolbox, before gently setting it down on the floor as he knelt down. He immediately got to work and started assessing the damage. He immediately was able to figure out what the problem was and started working. Komaru, meanwhile, watched the boy work with enthusiasm. Komaru had to admit that when Makoto had mentioned knowing someone who could come fix their pipes, she was slightly dreading someone who would bend over and have a plumber’s crack but thankfully the boy was wearing a jumpsuit, so that was a problem. But even on top of that…he was really cute. She decided to watch him for a while, and bent over to get a closer look.

“Alright, I think this won’t be too-GAHHHH!” Kazuichi looked over and nearly hit his head on the underside of the sink as he saw Komaru bending over in the towel, her cleavage even more on display. He tried to think of only Sonia as he felt the semi hard on in his jumpsuit grow to a full one, but couldn’t focus on it when he was faced with Komaru‘s lovely breasts. He also briefly noticed the knot in her towel, and tried to say something, but couldn’t get the words out. The girl simply tilted her head in confusion as she stood up and walked over to the cabinet.

“I was wondering if you wanted a snack.” Komaru said as she opened it and started searching.

“I-um…” Kazuichi found himself at a loss for words as he simply stared at her ass through the towel once again, as well as her luscious thighs. “I…I’d love a snack.” He finally said, and he had to suppress a gasp as she bent over to search one of the lower shelves, leaving him covering up the bulge in his suit. But then, just as he was about to open his mouth again, something wonderful happened. The towel became loose, and suddenly slid down the girl’s body. It felt like the world went into slow motion as the towel slid down, exposing more and more of the girl’s beautiful pale skin, until the towel caught on her ass, as if teasing the boy. But then, Komaru shifted her body, and the towel fell completely, leaving Kazuichi staring at the girl’s bare ass as she bent over. Kazuichi couldn’t help but groan as he stared at her flawless, smooth, soft looking cheeks. He then noticed he could even see her pussy too, the first time he’d ever seen one in person. His dick throbbed hard as he couldn’t speak. He waited for Komaru to notice and maybe shriek as she picked up her towel, but…

“What do you want? We’ve got crackers, some chips, some fruit snacks…” she asked, and when Kazuichi still couldn’t answer, his body frozen, she got up and turned to face him, making him gasp again. Now that he could see her front, his eyes locked on to her chest, which was massive. He wondered if they were bigger than Sonia’s. Either way, they seemed to jiggle and bounce with every little movement she made. Komaru asked again, but Kazuichi didn’t hear her as his gaze moved to her pussy. She was shaved, so it left little to the imagination as he was able to see her slit. The only thing he couldn’t see was inside.

“Hellloooo?” She asked again, and the boy snapped out of it.

“U-um…wh-what were the options again?” He asked again, unable to tear his eyes away from her body. She read off the options again. “Um…fruit snacks…” Komaru nodded, and turned back around, giving another view of her ass as she grabbed them, then turned back and walked over. Kazuichi felt hypnotized by the way her breasts bounced as she walked towards him and handed him a bag. Kazuichi quickly whipped around as he opened the bag and shoved snacks into his mouth as he got back to work. He kept waiting to hear Komaru yell as she realized she was naked, but she never did. In fact, when he looked back again, he actually did hit his head this time as she was bending over again, facing towards him. This left her breasts swaying down, pale pink nipples topping her mounds as they swayed. Kazuichi couldn’t take it anymore.

“U-uh…t-towel…” Kazuichi said.

“Huh?” Komaru asked. “What about it? It’s…” Komaru started as she looked down. As she finally realized her towel was no longer on, she finally shrieked as she frantically looked around, covering her assets with her hands as her face blossomed into a deep shade of red. He expected her to yell at him for looking at her, the kind of yelling he’d get from Hiyoko or Sonia, but instead… “I-I’M SORRY!” She yelled as she fled into the other room, leaving her towel behind. Kazuichi looked around, confused, wondering if he should do something, before deciding he should probably work on the pipes and get out of there as fast as he could.

He quickly finished up, testing the water for a couple minutes to see if it was working, and once he was sure he was, he gathered everything up and start rushing to the door. As he passed into the living room, Komaru suddenly grabbed his arm, and he whipped around to see her…still naked, covering herself with her hands, including the one she quickly removed from him.

“H-how much did you see?” She asked.

“A-all of it.” He said, though he wasn’t sure why he was being honest. Komaru’s eyes shot down and she gasped, her face a bright red. He followed her gaze and found he still had a boner. He yelped and covered it up. “I-I’m sorry, I-I just…” He tried to come up with an excuse, but Komaru shook her head, and, to his surprise, she lowered her arms, exposing herself to him once again.

“I…that was…” she seemed to be struggling to find the right words, so she took a deep breath before finally continuing. “That’s…really hot.”


“I…think you’re cute, a-and…I think it’s not fair that you got to see me, but I don’t get to see you, right?” Komaru said, and Kazuichi gulped again.

“Y-you want to…?” He asked, and she nodded, biting her lip as her thighs rubbed together.

“Very much so.” She said, her voice nearly begging. He sighed, looked up, and spoke softly.

“Forgive me, Miss Sonia…”

And so, with neither Makoto nor the Naegi parents coming home soon, the two went to Komaru’s room where Kazuichi stripped for her to “make it even”…and then they did a lot more than that.

And Komaru still gave him a very big tip afterwards.