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“Hajimeeee…give it baaaaack…”

Chiaki was jumping up as she tried to grab the game console out of Hajime’s hands as he held it high above her, out of her reach.

“You haven’t cleaned your room like I asked.” He said, seeing bags of chips, chocolate, and random games and consoles strewn about her cabin. He told her she had by the end of the day to clean up or else he’d take away her games, and she apparently hadn’t listened. She needed to be punished.

“Please, I’ll do it if you let me play for just five more minutes!” She begged, jumping up to try to grab the console, but being too short. Hajime was about to open his mouth to reprimand her when…he looked down further. At her…chest.

Every time she jumped, her chest bounced. Even with her bra and shirt and jacket holding them back, they bounced wildly with every leap. Up and down…up and down…Hajime could swear he could almost hear that cartoonish “boing!” sound effect. He found his lips becoming dry as he stared at them with intensity, feeling his dick beginning to stiffen in his pants.

“Hajimeeee.” She moaned as she jumped again, but this time, she tripped, and fell down onto Hajime. He caught her of course, but it didn’t stop her body from crashing against his, her chest pressed against his, and even through all the clothing, he could feel how soft her huge mounds were against him. He swore he could even feel a brief point of her nipples too. It was enough to make him pop a full boner, which Chiaki immediately felt against her stomach as she rested against him. Her cheeks flushed as she realized what it meant, and then her face became even more red when she realized how her movements might have stirred that. Her breathing became rapid. “Hajime?” She asked quietly and sweetly. Hajime found it hard to speak as she felt his breath on his skin.

“Y-yeah?” He finally got out. She looked up at him, her gorgeous eyes drilling into his with such intensity, as she parted her lips ever so slightly.

“We could just fuck instead…”

“OKAY!” He said with absolutely no hesitation, dropping the console onto the soft carpet as he tackled Chiaki onto the bed, the sounds of kisses, clothes being torn off, and moaning quickly filling the quiet cabin, showing no sign of ending any time soon.