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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth `~ReaWakeN~`

Andra Fable


NiGHTS went out of their art class, and to their music class. The next homework assignment was that to make something to give to a relative. Okay… NiGHTS is ostracized from their relatives, so this would be hard.

Traversing to next period, at the music room, NiGHTS put together their flute, when suddenly approached by Helen. She had a scowl on her face like something was the matter, but NiGHTS couldn’t decipher what could be wrong.

“I’ve been hearing that you like me!” Helen shouted out, “Pammy told me, and now she’s going to tell Reala. You’re like a sibling to me, how could you actually feel anything romantic towards me!”

NiGHTS didn’t get much of what Helen said, “but I do like you, I don’t hate you. What does romance have to do with all of this? Are all humans who like each other romantic?”

Helen sighed, “no, but when someone says they like someone else, it sometimes mean they love someone?”

That was when something jogged NiGHTS’ memory. “Oh, is that what Joy meant if I liked you?” Suddenly things made sense. Joy asked NiGHTS if they liked Helen, and NiGHTS said yes. Then Joy probably told Pammy and Helen was scared Pammy would tell Reala. “Rest assured; I don’t love you. That would be silly, I’m actually ace by Visitor’s standard.”

“Okay, but Pammy asked you and I to go to a pizza place with Reala. I think Pammy is planning a nice double date, but Reala may have other plans.”

“Well, I like pizza, let’s go,” said NiGHTS, “I’d be too suspicious if we said no. Just tell Pammy that it isn’t a double date; that we’re more siblings than partners.”

“Wish that was that simple,” Helen mumbled as she walked to her seat with the other violinist.


Reala looked at where Donbalon worked. It was a place with plastic booths, and pizza by the slice. According to Donbalon, looks can be deceiving with Visitor resturants. It’s not only the best pizza in Bellbridge, it’s also £1 a slice, and you can pay for pending pizzas for the homeless to get free slices.

Reala felt like they missed a major holder of an Ideya of Hope with that restraint owner.

Reala went to the bathroom, and changed clothes to a red button-down shirt and black skinny jeans. This place is casual, but might have looked good getting that Hand of Wizeman from NiGHTS.

When Reala got our of the bathroom, their cellphone rang. It was Pammy, so Reala answered. “Hello?”

“Nicholas and Helen would like to go, but ended up they’re not dating. I’m not buying it, since they both said yes.”

None of this mattered to Reala.

“Hopefully that’s okay,” Pammy implored.

“Of course, it’s okay, Nicholas and I go way back, and you and Helen are friends. This can be a friendly grab of pizza slices.”

“Oh, good,” said Pammy, “I’ll see you at 5 lovelies.”

Reala scowled, they really need to get used to this flirting thing. Pammy only liked them because they were dark and edgy anyway.


Helen and NiGHTS went to the pizza place, and looked at the prices, “€1 a pizza, must not be good.”

“Oh, this is a hidden gem,” said Helen, “They can make a profit no matter what the price per slice. Plus, you can pay for pizza for the homeless.”

Seeing NiGHTS was about to be homeless; they took out a twenty-pound note. They went inside to see Ren and Pammy already there. Ren and Pammy already ordered. Helen ordered two slices, three pending, NiGHTS ordered five slices, fifteen pending.

“That’s a lot of pizza,” Reala scowled.

“I like pizza,” Nicholas said, “and I bet you do too?”

“It’s been a recent food I’ve had, but it is very good. Seeing one of my guardians works here, I get it quite a lot. That includes the works in progress. I’m actually having a pineapple and haggiesone that used to be one if you want to get that one next time you come.”

Nicholas stuck out their tongue, “ew, pineapple on pizza? No thank you.”

“Let me show you the back,” said Reala to Nicholas, “if you want to see the other works in progress.”

Reala stood up. NiGHTS knew it could be a trap, but what choice is there socially? NiGHTS followed Reala to the back where… there was all sort of pizza. One with corn and raspberry sauce, one with chips and gravy, and one with pineapple and haggis. Yet that wasn’t that Reala wanted. They turned into their Nightmaren form and looked at their beautifully manicured nails, “ah, to be a living nightmare again.”

NiGHTS rolled their eyes, “okay, what do you want?”

“We know that prophecy of Wizeman’s resurrection, to you it’s something to avoid, but to me is a set of clues. Two First Rankers obviously are us, but I have one other.”

NiGHTS haven’t been paying attention to preventing Wizeman’s resurrection. They were honestly enjoying the waking world as is. NiGHTS thought Reala was doing the same, but apparently that party pooper wants everyone to have nightmares in what Visitors call their reality.  

NiGHTS decided to play this game, if Reala was going to, it will be soon enough that the two will have to fight regardless. So might as well collect the Hands of Wizeman to prevent Reala from having them all. Yet it’s also better to be coy, “I know where the wildcard is, so I may have an upperHAND in this game?”

Reala transformed back into a human tween, “That’s the one I really have no clue about. Three are objective, but three are subjective. That wildcard one being the most subjective of all. If you think you have the wildcard, there’s nothing I can do.” Reala grabbed a chip and gravy pizza and went back to the restaurant where Pammy and Helen were enjoying their cheese pizzas.

NiGHTS flipped their hair. It’s time to find a Selph.