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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey of Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 5


Nicholas got out of the shower in Helen’s Walk for a Cure shirt and musky shorts then looked at the mirror. He smiled. May say, they looked better than Ren’s streaks. They can both blend in as human and be purple at the same time.

Nicholas listened to Will’s brother’s notes. Mostly stuff about the father, Twins, shadow, and other archetypes. What Nicholas knew is that there are six hands of Wizeman went to the two first ranks, one most powerful, one muse, one in the water, and one wildcard. Nicholas knew Reala and them had one for each. Yet Nicholas went pale when they thought about the most powerful… The most powerful was very scary…

Nicholas wasn’t going to give such clues to Helen and Will, those were Nightmaren secrets. Nicholas may not side with the Nightmaren anymore, but they were still a Nightmaren. Some things needed to be respected.

There was a knock in the bathroom door, “you done Nicholas?”

“Yeah,” said Nicholas as they dried their hair with a ragged towel.

Madeline opened the door. Oh shoot, Helen’s mum! She’s going to hate their purple hair. Just like when Nicholas drew patterns on their pants and Wizeman was more cross about that than their constant escaping. Nicholas was about to run for it past Madeline, but he already grabbed a lock of their hair.

“It looks nice on you.” Madeline smiled, “But you know it’s going to contrast with your uniform.”

“Eh, better to be myself than matching,” Nicholas shrugged. They eyed Will and Helen looked into the bathroom door and giving thumbs ups.

“Well, I’m here to use the loo, so if you leave and clean up later…”


Ren finally got what was going on with this play, In both the story and what was happening at the movie theatre. They are recording the play in London, and showing it on screen in Bellbridge, and according to the director, all over the world. It’s a marvel how far technology went for Visitors.

It was a bit difficult for Ren to pay attention, since Pammy was getting awfully close to them. She was putting her arm around them, her head on their shoulder, and nuzzling them. It was weird. Ren understood that they’re human, but they didn’t know these customs.

When the play ended, Pammy had to ask, “are you not into me?”

“Oh, no, you’re great! I was just trying to pay attention to the play!” Ren blushed. They didn’t want to lose friends, especially once who helped them learn the plot of the play they are leading in and didn’t know the story for.

“Oh good, because I as thinking we should start dating,” Pammy also blushed, “you know, do more stuff like this? Perhaps become partners?”

Last time Ren had a partner was NiGHTS, and that didn’t go well. Pammy would really be no asset to Ren’s mission.

Pammy took out her phone then showed a text, “This is from my friend, Helen. She just dyed her foster brother’s hair.” It was no other than Nicholas with purple hair. Ugg, copycat! Yet it was suiting. Good luck looking good in their uniform though. Wait… Pammy knew Helen. Perhaps partnering up with her was an asset after all. That way, they’re in Nicholas’ social circle.

“Looks cool!” Ren smiled, “and we can be partners!”

Pammy’s face went beet red, “Really, so soon?” She went to her phone’s camera and stroke a pose with Ren, and took a picture, “Better make it official on Instagram. What’s your username?”

Ren shrugged, “I don’t have one, yet alone a phone.”

“Oh, well, don’t need to tag you then,” Pammy completed her post and they went off, “how about we go to the café?”

“Sure,” said Ren. They went off to the café, seems like this date has gone better than they thought. They can get to Nicholas faster, including their Hand of Wizeman


Nicholas felt something warm in their heart. They were sitting on their bed reading a book they got from the school library. There must be a Hand of Wizeman nearby. Nicholas looked out the window to see if Ren was attacking, but they only saw a rabbit hopping on the ground. No way that was a nightmaren of any kind, Nightmaren don’t like to be that low to the ground.

Only that they saw the rabbit bounce off into the distant and transformed. A giant smile came out of that transformation.

Nicholas counted their fingers. Two First Rank, One most powerful, one muse, one in the water, one wildcard. There was no way they were the most powerful… so it must have been.

“The wildcard…” This wasn’t good, NiGHTS thought they were never created; but wouldn’t be a wildcard if it wasn’t unexpected.