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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 4


Ren had missed a good month of going through the material of the school musical. So, they went through the script and went through the audition song for determining which part they will get. Pammy said since they’re new, probably a Lost One, Pirate, or Islander would probably be one of the roles they’d acquire. Pretty much: the third rankers. Luckily, Ren could read music from their times playing the invisible lute with NiGHTS. The song was about not growing up, but they often wondered why growing up would stop anyone from climbing a tree? Wouldn’t climbing a tree be easier if they were taller?

Ren was the last to go so they’d have time to study context and song. They began to sing the song. Ms. Dandelion glanced at Ren the entire time as she played the piano. Yet tried to pay attention to the notes.

“Not I, not me!” Ren sang out. Then made a bow. They were about to leave the stage when they tripped over a wire. Ren made a boisterous scream but landed on their side with their arms securing them from any major injury.

Ms. Dandelion smiled, “Can even take a fall well. I think we found our Hook.”

“As in the captain of the pirate ship?” Ren asked. It looked like they would be a pirate, but not a third rank pirate, but a first rank pirate. Smee would probably be a second rank.  

“Yes, Captain James Hook,” Exclaimed Ms. Dandelion, “you’d be perfect for the role! I would have put you as a chorus pirate once I looked at you, but you’re fit as Captain Hook himself.”

Ren made a huge smile; guess they were powerful enough to get a lead role in a school plays the first time.

The other roles were to be determined. Pammy approached Ren and said, “Want to see Peter Pan at the cinema? They’re doing a live event from London tomorrow.”

That sentence confused Ren like crazy, he knew a cinema was, but a live play on the cinema, they’ve never heard of, “so is this a movie or a play?”

“It’s a play, like what we’re doing, just being live streamed around the world from London.” Pammy tried to explain to Ren, “You know, like a Let’s Play on Twitch.”

Ren had never heard of Let's Plays or Twitch, but they nodded their head like they understood, “Oh right, okay, yeah, let’s go! I’d like to see another performance to get a better idea of who I’m playing.”

“Then put your own spin on it, of course, that’s the fun of it all,” Pammy mused, “So it’s at 13:00, so how about we go to the Picture at 35th and Bangle at 12:30, so we can get popcorn and good seats?!”

Ren nodded his head, “Sure.”

“It’s a date!” Pammy exclaimed.

Ren didn’t know how seeing a play on a movie screen would pose as an advantage to their mission to revive Wizeman, but their gut said she held some sort of key to knowing Nicholas. They had a lot in common. She also seemed somewhat familiar…


The next day, Nicholas and Helen walked down Midland Park in Bellbridge with a backpack of bagged sandwiches and bottles of mineral water. Helen took out a blanket from the backpack and set it on the grass. Nicholas opened a bottle of water and began to drink. They liked the bubbles, and a little less bland than normal water. Plus, Helen said hydration was important.

Will approached the two as he waved. Nicholas waved back. Will was in a similar outfit he wore when dreaming. The red shirt, brown cargo pants, and sneakers. He wasn’t wearing his vest on account it was warm. Helen was in a similar outfit as well, minus the pink jacket and leggings. She worse a frilly white shirt and blue skirt, but the same side ponytail. Nicholas had gotten clothes. They were wearing a pink dress with purple polka dots. They were in sneakers, which were red. They look nice now, but Nicholas will see once they play enough football with Will.

Helen tossed Will a sandwich. Will opened the bag and took a bite, “Aw, that’s some good salami!”

“I know, right?” Helen exclaimed, “Mum found it at the butcher, and I knew I had to put it in a sandwich.”

Nicholas took out their own sandwich, and began to eat, the meat was very good. So was the cheese, it was lighter than most cheeses, but it went well with the rich salami. The lettuce added a nice cool touch to it as well!”

Will took out his tablet, “so my brother gathered some information from other dream vlogs and information from Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung about this situation.”

“You could have asked me about any other Visitor,” Nicholas said, “Not like I’m keeping any secrets.”

“Well, most dreamed about you, then you get captured by Reala and faded away, perhaps didn’t have their Ideya of Courage,” Will read in his brother’s notes, “Sam knows my entire dream journal by the way. The most interesting blog was one who gathered their Ideya of Intelligence, fell in love with a Nightmaren rather than NiGHTS then jumped into the Dark Ocean when they found out said Nightmaren didn’t return any liking of her.”

“Guess ignorance can be bliss,” Helen said.

“There were two like us, they even both met in a Nightopia that looked like their city, and defeated Wizeman. Yet Wizeman said that as darkness comes in their hearts, he cannot be destroyed. They never had nightmares again. They even dated at one point. Yet they broke up after secondary school. One is a physical therapist; the other is a musical theatre teacher at Twin Seeds East.”

“Wait, how did your brother find out their current careers?” Nicholas asked.

“Their named showed up when Sam typed them online and one’s office and the other’s school’s page showed up with their named on the employee’s list,” said Will, “If they weren’t working so publicly, it would have been harder to find.”

Nicholas could probably guess who those two were.

Someone caught the corner of Nicholas’ eye. It was Ren. Yet something was different about them. Nicholas got up and darted towards Ren to inspect them. Their hair… it had red streaks? “How did you do that?”

“Oh, Izzy; or Queen Bella as you might know her, found some red hair dye and bleach at a beauty store and did that for me.”

Helen and Will huffed as they saw Nicholas’ curiosity, “you know,” Helen took a deep breath, “there’s a drug store down the street with a royal purple that would fit you well. You’re blond, so no bleach is needed. We just need petroleum jelly and gloves, and wait half an hour.”

“You seem to say this like you’ve done it before,” Will took a glance at Helen.

“I wanted pink hair,” Helen took out her phone and showed a selfie of her shorter magenta hair from a younger Helen “what can I say?”

That explained a lot from some dreamers having that sort of hair. “Let’s do it!” Nicholas exclaimed, “Will, bring your brother’s notes, you can explain more as we wait!”